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What is smart cleaner・clean up storage app? What can Smart Cleaner do?

• Delete similar photos and videos

In today’s world, where huge amounts of data are constantly circulating, you often want to get rid of unnecessary pictures that have piled up on your phone. This is when Smart Cleaner comes to your rescue! With our app, you can search and delete screenshots, similar pictures, Live Photos, burst photos, and videos.

• Organize contacts

Does it annoy you when you see several identical contacts on your contact list or unnamed contacts? Smart Cleaner is a real lifesaver when it comes to organizing your contacts—they can be merged, backed up, and removed quickly and effectively.

• Help you save your battery life

Besides cleaning up your device, Smart Cleaner also takes care of your battery. Check out our Battery section to read tips on how to make your iPhone’s charge last longer or choose a cool charging animation. You can also add a handy widget to your Home Screen that will let you check your battery level and charging status at a glance.

• Protect privacy

Smart Cleaner excels not only at deleting and organizing, but also at creating a safe space in which to keep private information. Stash photos and contacts in your secret spaces. Rest assured, your privacy is carefully protected with our app.

But don’t think that this is all Smart Cleaner is capable of. Our app is a real gem for any active smartphone user, amateur and professional alike.

Here’s what Smart Cleaner can also help you do:

• Clean up your device in a few taps with a Smart Cleaning feature
• Get rid of old calendar events quickly and easily
• Test your Internet connection speed
• Remove all photos taken in one location
• Add Storage, Battery, and Contact widgets to your Home Screen

The phone cleaning process may seem scary and time-consuming, but with Smart Cleaner, you won’t have to spend hours looking through your photos. You don’t even have to search for Smart Cleaner in the long list of your apps to open it. You can start it via Siri or Shortcuts. It is convenient, fast, and effective.

Start a free trial to familiarize yourself with all the app’s features.


• You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features within Smart Cleaner.
• Subscriptions are billed weekly, annually, or through a one-off upfront payment at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan.

By using Smart Cleaner, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:

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Smart Cleaner・Clean Up Storage Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Smart Cleaner・Clean Up Storage Version 4.5017 November 2022

Keep your iPhone neat with Smart Cleaner! In this version, we’ve added an app bundle—get 4 apps in 1 plan! Besides cleaning up your device, you’ll be able to record calls, hide photos, and make worldwide calls from in-app numbers. We would appreciate it if you took a moment to review our app on the App Store!.

Smart Cleaner・Clean Up Storage Comments & Reviews 2022

- Read reviews and know what you’re getting

After reading a lot of the reviews, I was skeptical about downloading this app. I just wanted to use it during the free trial to clean up my photos. I selected a plan and it clearly stated the date in which I’d be charged (3 days from the day I chose a plan.) After I cleaned up my photos, I canceled the subscription in iTunes settings and still had access for the 3-day trial. If you don’t want to be charged, either do what I did or set a reminder to cancel 24 hours prior to the date given for the subscription to start when you select the plan. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it didn’t clean up all of my burst photos (it did get a lot) and I had to delete them myself from my photo app. It would be cool if it could recognize extremely blurry pictures and pictures of nothing that your toddler takes😉 but otherwise this app delivers.

- Please Help!!!

I downloaded this app yesterday and used it to begin the cleanup by starting with eliminating/ merging duplicate entries in my phone contacts. That seemed easy enough. It completely screwed up my phone book. It merged many entries that were for completely different people, eliminating one of them in the process. It eliminated my own entry and merged it into my husband’s entry, despite the fact that we only have our home phone number in common. It took many entries from different people at the same firm and combined them, eliminating one of the people’s contact so I can’t even find them. These completely wrong changes in my contacts then caused changes in all emails associated with that eliminated contact, and changed the name of the sender to the name of the surviving contact. So I can no longer search for emails by sender. It is a horrendous mess!! I My entire work life is on my computer and I can’t believe it’s messed up both my contacts and my emails!! Please can some one from this app tell me how to reach you so you can help me? I’m really desperate! Is there any way to undo what has been done? I’ve deleted the app for fear something more will happen, which I know is irrational but I was in a panic. Please help.

- Great App

Met my needs so well! I had numerous contacts between my work and personal phone. When I upgraded my (personal) phone and transferred my info, all of my phone contacts were duplicated 10 times each!!! I had over 1000 contacts in my phone! My wireless store did not have anything to help me. Plus I retired and did not need my work contacts any longer so I needed to delete those too (x10!). I was able to clean up almost everything in about 15 minutes. I had been working almost a year deleting numbers when I had a few minutes to spare and would remember. The only thing is it put the deleted names in the notes of the phone number I kept and listed all of the other 9 I deleted. Not sure why, probably a safety net, but it was so much easier to go into a fraction of the phone contacts I kept and delete the notes as opposed to deleting the numbers one at a time. Thank you so much for making this cluttered part of my life easier to clean up!

- Time and money wasted

I take lots of photos and videos, so my storage is almost full. I thought this app would quickly help me clean up my storage to make more room for more memories. The idea is good, but the delivery is poor. I have so many cherished photos and videos that I have to go through them one by one so that something important doesn’t accidentally get deleted. I’ll spend 20 minutes reviewing 100 photos and then click the “delete” button, but the app glitches and it won’t delete them. This causes me to have to start the whole process of reviewing photos over again. And when you finally get it to delete something, after every step, there’s a message congratulating you on making more storage. This is a serious time waster, which defeats the purpose of the app in the first place. I’m very frustrated because I paid $10 up front to avoid ads and a monthly subscription fee. I’ve already spent two hours on this app and only gained one percent of storage. I do not recommend this app.

- I would give it five stars but…

This app is great and all, but I really don’t like the fact that it only deletes photos and videos. We can already delete the photos and videos ourselves without downloading this app. It helps just a little bit by letting my know that I have duplicates or letting me know what to delete. My phone has a problem where I can’t delete my apps. If more people have this problem then smart cleaner should upgrade there app so that it doesn’t just delete photos and videos but also many other things like apps that we don’t use much. Please update the game to make it that way. I need a developers response ASAP to see is they did it or not. Thank you

- This is app is great

I purchased this app because I’ve had an iPhone for almost 11 years, with the obvious purchase of a new iPhone everything just transfers. I had duplicate contacts, photos and my calendar had some misc. appointments I honestly didn’t even know were there. I used this, cleaned everything up nicely. Another added plus is when you synch your contacts, you can mass delete certain contacts. The only other way to do this (that I know of) is to either have your MacBook synched or do it from the cloud. So that was nice. I liked the app tracker as well to tell you the last time you opened or used an app, if I hadn’t used an app in a while I just deleted it. Overall, great app and highly recommend if you’re wanting to clean your iPhone.

- Really!? Please move on and don’t waste your time here.

Intrusive crap! They say free then inundate you with weekly or yearly fees that you hopefully will forget about after the trial. Harass you with and absurd amount of ads and within seconds, then ask you to rate the app. How about ZERO. After you try and actually “use“ the app in the free section just to get a feel for it now it locks up and will not allow you to go any further without actually purchasing something. Here now I’ll rate the app, junk, complete CRAP. I’ll go onto something free and try and delete things myself rather than feel like I’m put into some kind of moron trap and forced to buy something. It’s not that I don’t mind purchasing something obviously I’m using Apple products, it’s just that I want to chance to see what I’m using like the rest of the real apps out there that aren’t maybe hiding something and luring me into a weekly or monthly rate that I forget I’m paying. Sucker somebody else but not me today.

- Does not work.

Be careful! Even though I cancelled on the first day, I still got billed, through PayPal for $5.40 $4.99 plus tax I guess. I tried out for about 15 Minutes’s and did not understand it. It looked like it was going to delete. So I responded back, where it said I should to cancel, and no I had to talk to an Apple support person overseas for about 20 minutes because she didn’t understand me, and I didn’t understand her. I think she said that this company may take up to 48 hours to acknowledge this and maybe take one to two billing cycles to get the charge removed. I could be wrong about that because of the language barrier. I don’t think there is anything else to say except, if you’re a senior citizen, be vary wary of free come ons and telling you that you have 3 days to use the product for free, which I used for less then 20 minutes and properly cancelled the product as it was no use to me, and then get billed a few days later.

- My Opinion

I downloaded this app a while back. I needed the secret album to save photos because I was running out of storage. I lost a good amount of photos on there that I cannot get back more than once and I am still very panicked and caught off guard by this. I hope that they will come back but the truth is I’m not so sure. They didn’t last time and I don’t know what to do about that. Photos of my friend who I haven’t seen in a year was lost and I can’t get back those photos or memories. The only reason I put them in there was so that I could have extra space to hold them (for the time being at least.) FaceTime photos, even documents were lost. Graduation photos etc etc. The only reason why I give it 3 stars is because it was a good holding space for a bit.

- An app designed to rip you off.

You wanna be scammed? Just download the app, you'll see. All that you'd want from an app designed to help tidy your phone, is NOT in this app. And guess what? You're not getting your cleaning tools, apparently it's $3 weekly (It's not, people like myself got ripped off for $12 on the FREE TRIAL) or nearly $13 a month if you just wanna give them some more of what is rightfully yours, noting they don't hold their end of the bargain when it comes to reliability of the app. You have to PAY in order to actually clean your phone at all, meanwhile I did the apps job on my own, only taking 10-15 minutes of my time. But it was worth not giving this app any time to charge me for doing the job. Developers, you deserve the worst possible outcome to your company's "future" you think is good from taking peoples hard earned money by selling an app that doesn't do a simple task that is FREE... Sorry not sorry.

- Not worth it

This app offers some unique features however not in my case. I downloaded and opened app with an ad wanting you to subscribe right away. So I gave it a chance and subscribed. With high hopes of accomplishing saving and freeing up space on internal SSD. To my disappointment the only thing this app under paid membership did for me, was offer to delete old calendar info like old events. Then mergers a few of my 500+ contacts, that by the way was not really a concern. That was pretty much it besides a few other utilities. Such as the all mighty Wi-Fi speed test, and tabs that open up with well known information and cheesy graphics. What I’d like to know, is why this is one of the number one utility apps. I’d say this app is pretty useless, as I have everything this does, and do not pay for it. Other apps offer this freely 😑😑

- I had over 32,000 pictures on my phone.

I had over 32,000 pictures on my phone. I'm that friend that is taking pictures of everything when out. Im notorious for taking the same picture several times. It was always so time consuming going through my pictures to try to delete some. This app does it for you. It looks for duplicate pictures along with ones that are similar. I just started using it and have been able to delete over 3,000 pictures so far. Can't wait to see how many more I'll be able to delete. I'm hoping to be able to open a lot of iCloud storage, I was using over 180 GB in iCloud storage alone.

- Cool App

The app is pretty good. It does what it says it’ll do anyway. What I really like are the screen savers. They go on when you begin charging your phone. There’s a bunch of them, maybe even 2 dozen or so. What ever your preference, there’s a screen saver you’ll like. I use the guy with lights on, dancing in front of a dark background. There’s others that are a sparkling version of the Apple symbol or a sparkly battery symbol. Whatever you prefer, there’s one in there you’ll enjoy. Again, the app is a cleaning app. It does it’s job. If your phone is full and you need to clear a lot of junk, this app is great. It has a couple cool extras too!!! Enjoy.

- Please don’t download

Its not worth your time. Not downloading this app will save more space than this app will help get rid of, unless you get premium, which seems pretty stupid if you think about it. It was asking me to select photos to delete, and I went through and selected all of the ones I didn't need, which took around 10 minutes, and clicked the clear photos button. It told me i needed premium to delete the photos. I can do that on my phone for free already, so why do I need to pay to do it on an app thats taking up a bunch of space anyways? So i clicked cancel, and looked around for other things to help clear my storage space, and there was nothing but “secret contacts” and “secret photos” which aren't helping me save storage space at all, so if you really want to clean phone space, please get a different app or just do it yourself.

- Could be 5 stars!

Love the functionality. The free version lets you clean up a handful of things each day. There is a costly subscription, but also a “pay once” option. I would pay FULL PRICE and give it 5 stars if the full version could be shared with my wife and daughter in my family iOS setup. Please consider this. Out a full version out there we can use with our family sharing instead of making it an in-app purchase that cannot be shared. You would have my money. After developer response “blaming” App Store rules: thank you for the response. Developers rarely do that lately. I see what you are saying, but you know you can make a paid version of the app in the store. You are choosing to make it unshakable by making it an in-all purchase. I’ve lowered my rating and will seek out another app that can work out such things.

- App Crashes

Downloaded the app and purchased the year subscription. After it went through the process of scanning my phone, it allows you to choose how you would like to delete your files (duplicated photos/videos is what I was interested in.) For instance, I had 503 duplicate Live Photo’s and you will manually go through and select the ones you’d like to keep or discard. After only getting halfway through of selecting them, the app crashed. I restarted the app and tried again, Same results! So I tried the video folder hoping it would be better. I had over 1000 videos. Taking the time and going through them and selecting the ones I wanted to trash, about halfway through, it crashed again. Twice it happened, so I’ll give it one more try... nope same problem. I would not suggest purchasing this app for this reason alone. A lot of time spent for no results. So 1 was the lowest I could score to his app, but I would have given it a 0 if available! Hope this helps with anyone trying to decide to purchase or try this app. My phone info: iPhone XS 256gb - fully charged - WiFi and cellular enabled - WiFi has full bars with 956 download and 925 upload speeds - cell was at 3 bars ATT service- no vpn’s turned on - no other applications open or running.

- Not actually free

Yes, it’s true. Just like every other review says, you need to pay $7.99 ($8) subscription weekly to actually use the app. Yes, it does in fact seem to clean your phone and make more space, but it’s a little pricey. It’s a bit of a scam considering you can download the app for free, but end up having to pay anyway. App developers, if you’re reading, instead of having a subscription, it’d be better if you just had to pay for the app altogether and not be somewhat scammed. I didn’t actually test it out myself, because I am young, I don’t have a card, and my parents wouldn’t be willing to pay $7.99 subscription weekly. I would have liked to be able to clean my phone, but the subscriptions are a little much. If you are willing to pay a weekly subscription of $7.99, then go ahead and download.

- Not for me it’s bad

In my opinion this is one of the worst apps because it leads on to tell you like there’s plans that you can do and you’re like no thank you I want it so then you go through like all your photos and everything like that and you have to be careful because I’ll delete some of the photos that you absolutely love so I had to re-go through all of the sections I did and also after you have went through all your sections and they have picked them all out for you they won’t clean it until you select a plan and Me was not a lot of money but still having a job it’s not my priority to spend five bucks a week or a month or $30 a year or monthly it’s not easy so if you’re like me with a lot of money don’t get this so I gave it a one star rating and also it’s very laggy.

- There went two hours of time

Sooo I really wanted to like this app because my pics are out of control- like 15k on my phone I manually went through and selected/deselected the ones it marked as duplicates or similar. It does not intuitively know what photos are best… you have to look yourself. I still didn’t mind because it at least narrowed down similar ones. I spent two hours going through the thousands of similar ones the app identified as “similar”… I get to the end to hit delete and thankfully I double checked and it had just defaulted back to the ones it chose to delete and did not remember the ones I deselected to save. If I had trusted the delete button I would have lost thousands of valuable photos. Deleting the app. Cancelling subscription. I found this app through an Instagram app.

- charged 3x in one month

why on earth was i charged $5.99 three times in one week?! i understand automatic renewals... once would’ve is fine. but three times?! utterly ridiculous. i wouldn’t download this app. Edit: thank you, but this response fails to address my concern. I chose a weekly sub and I was charged for each week all at once, 3 weeks in. The point is that some of us sign up for a weekly sub instead of a monthly sub due to financial reasons. Charging $6 vs $20 is not the same thing. I would expect to be charged on a WEEKLY basis, if I’m paying for a WEEKLY sub. Not to be charged $5.99 for 3 weeks, all at once. If I wanted that, why would I subscribe for a weekly subscription? I’ve already resolved the issue with Apple and deleted the app. My feedback is to be more transparent in how the transaction will occur. Thanks again, and have a great day.

- Not so sure...?

I downloaded and used the Smart Cleaner app for my iPhone 11 ProMax. It has been frozen on step 4 “duplicate photos” at 93% completed for over 12 hours. I have let it try, then after hours finally paused it, restarted it, closed and reopened it - every time it gets to 93% and just sits there. The phone is plugged into a charger, and is on WiFi. Idk what is going on. (I DO have duplicate photos, so was looking at cleaning that up...but 12 HOURS?). If it doesn’t resolve today I’m deleting it. I don’t want to pay for app that doesn’t work.

- Wiped out my contacts and can’t get them back

So I did the sweep and all my contacts were removed and I have no way of getting them back.I emailed them and they said to go to contacts and restore. But there were no contacts in there to restore. I’ve lost years and years of contacts. And they cannot help me. I went to Gmail to see if they could help me get my contacts back and they want $169 to restore my contacts. I am a senior on a fixed income and I didn’t lose my contacts sweep clean did, they should probably pay this $169 so I can restore my contacts on my phone. I would have to say this was the worst experience I have had on a app. And it’s almost impossible to get a hold of them, with no phone number only email if you can find that. Be aware!!

- This app is horrible. DON’T DOWNLOAD!!

I gave this review a one star for the reason listed below, but I believe it doesn’t even deserve a star. In the AppStore and on social media, where I originally found it, everyone stated it was free. Not really though! It’s only free for three days then they charge you automatically. I signed into my iCloud so it could access my photos to clear out, but no where in the terms and conditions or policy did it say I would have to automatically have to pay. I downloaded it back in November and just noticed that it has been making me pay $4.99 a month. I even I downloaded the app and I still have to pay, which is ridiculous! It’s an absolute waste of money and it says I’m still subscribed in the AppStore but there is no unsubscribe button?

- Really Great

I’ve only been using it for a few days and it actually helps! I didn’t have any space left on my phone for nothing but I seen an ad about “Smart Cleaner” and I’m like “This might actually work” So I downloaded it and here I am, Writing a review talking about how amazing this app is! It cleaned up some of my space and gave me a bit more privacy! To Whomever, Is reading this Right now. You need to get this app! It won’t cost any money unless you get premium, But it’s still very helpful without premium. Thank You, Have a Nice Day/Night/Evening/And Or Afternoon.


Hi! I was so excited to get this app cuz i have alot of photos ive been wanting to delete I spent at least an hour in self cleaning making sure they dont delete videos and photos i wanna keep and then i press the clean away button and it says i have to pay!!! Are u kidding me if u only got this app for the cleaning and dont wanna pay pls trust me and dont get this app also i rated two stars because i rlly like the charger image feature some are locked but the one i wanted (the bubble one) was unlocked and it works rlly well so yay! Also the widgets they only let u make three contacts which is super duper annoying but its fine its fine 😒 so ya just beaware of all this before u get it thanks for reading byee ✋


Okay so I got an ad on insta for this and I thought, sure, I need to do some digital spring cleaning anyways… IT HAS HELPED ME DELETE OVER 2000 PHOTOS I DIDNT KNOW I HAD MULTIPLE OF! There’s also really nice descriptive tips on how to save battery with settings that apple just auto turns on. And the free trial is PERFECT to just get my crap cleaned up, because even if I go over my time, it’s only like $6 for a month… like, I can definitely get my crap cleaned up in a month, vs apple making you pay way too much for more space. 10/10 would highly recommend.

- It doesn’t actually clear your photos.

I sat down and went through all of their categories (similar, screenshots, duplicates, blurry, etc.) thinking that when I deleted the photos, they’d delete off my phone. After, I went to my photos and they were all still there. After I did it a second time, it worked. But I discovered that only maybe 20% of my photos actually showed up on the app, so there were tons of pictures I didn’t even have the option to delete. If you want a little bit of help clearing up a small amount of your photos, this app is OKAY for that, still glitchy though. If you want to actually clean up all your photos, just do it manually. Not worth the subscription.

- It feels so safe

I feel like this app is safer than other apps and because and reason why is other apps that have crappy design and everything is colorful and way too much designs put in and way to epic texts that have over excessive fonts that are bold, huge, way too colorful, animated. And the point of battery and phone saving app is to make it faster, safer, smoother, better battery life, and simple. And That’s a better way to use a phone saver app. So I recommend this app, it is the best and I’m proud to say it.

- Falsely Billed

Yes, I’m rating this 5 stars so people can see it. I got this because I was running out of storage on my phone and this seemed like a reasonable app to use. I didn’t want premium so I X-ed out of the offer. Now, I see that I have no money in my apple account so I checked to see what it was spent on, and this took the little amount of money that I had left. It really wasn’t worth it because I barely use the app and I don’t know if I can get a refund. However, I wanted to buy something and now I can’t.

- Not free to me

When I first saw this app I thought it would be helpful since I needed more storage but when I downloaded it and used it, it kept on saying “Limit of 20 exceeded” when I counted and was exactly 20. I was very confused so I decided to use another feature, too bad said the same thing. You have to pay to actually use the app if you don’t it’s just useless. It’s also a scam 7.99 a week? Normally it would be 7.99 a month at least. Every possible way I try to use this I need to pay. So developers note this, if you are not going to make an app free don’t let people download it for free and get disappointed, I recommend you don’t use this but if your actually willing to pay that much a week then do it.

- Really?!

So I got this app and I was also excited, but when I entered the app if you didn’t start the free subscription you couldn’t use it. The free subscription was the only way to clean your phone! And it stinks b/c I am in 6th grade, ok? And I don’t have a lot of money, and even if I did I would not spend it on this! It’s $8 per week for the subscription! That is not something to spend your money on! Just do it yourself if you have to, yeah it will take a while, but it’s free to do your self. If I could rate 0 stars I would. B/c they are just taking your money to clean your phone! And they might miss things, how would you feel if they missed things?! Horrible. B/c you are spending $8 a week, $24 a month, that’s $288 a year! My advice. Don’t get it unless you are willing to pay $288 a year...

- Photos!

I deleted smart cleaner app accidentally and now when I went to re-download it MY PHOTOS are GONE! There were a lot of pictures that I needed and I don’t know if it’s possible to get my deleted photos back? I need some help getting those pictures back. But anyway it’s a good app for storing your photos BUT don’t delete it as it may delete your photos you deleted so you can save room and put it on smart cleaner. I need help with this getting it back if you guys can.

- Good but also bad

So I downloaded this app thinking it would help me but nope. I went to go delete some photos and I had the option of “delete all 43” and “delete 9” so I chose the “delete 9” one and it deleted 9 so I pressed delete 9 again just to realize I only get to delete 9 photos everyday or I could pay to be able to delete the ones I wanted. I feel like it’s kinda stupid, I get you guys need to make money but seriously? Only 9 photos?🤦🏻‍♀️ It’s a good app if you wanna pay money to be able to delete photos and after seeing all the reviews almost everyone is saying they payed.

- Unless your paying for the subscription don’t download it

It would be somewhat useful, but as most apps do, they advertise it as free then the subscription page pops up non stop after you actually open the app. It only let me delete 14 out of the 23 duplicate photos I had and I couldn’t delete anything else without it saying I needed to pay for the subscription. I could’ve just did that myself so this all just wasted my time. If you got the money to spend tho I guess I’d recommend it, I can’t really say cause it only let me use the app for 5 minutes before saying I had to pay to click anything else.

- really good if photos is your problem

This is really good for deleting pictures and videos if that’s what’s taking up majority of your storage. I was recommended this app from an article i was reading about how to lower my “other” section taking up my storage. Unfortunately this app didn’t help with that. My “other” section is taking up majority of the space on my phone with a whopping 29gb. I deleted my emails, voice memos, notes, cleared safari cache. Idk what else to do, nothing works :-( This was a good and easy to use app, just didn’t help in my case.

- Smart Cleaner

This app is seriously great I was able to get rid of 3,000 duplicate/similar photos on my phone and it was amazing. It works really well and you can either manually go through the list of similar/duplicate photos and delete them yourself or you can simply press a button and the app will delete them for you while keeping the best pics out of all of them. It does this with videos and Live photos too!! 10/10 would recommend.

- Unbelievable scam!! Don’t waste your time or money

First they bait and switch you, offering you a free app then you can’t use any of the features without signing up for a subscription at 7.99 a week. You get a three day trial which is just enough time to make you lose your money after you clean your phone. That is if the app can even help you clean the phone. A bunch of useless features like delete old videos and pics delete empty contacts. Like seriously who can’t do this on their own. Especially for 8 dollars a week. I mean so much better software out there for less money then this. Biggest scam on the App Store I have yet to see in almost a decade. Do your self a favor and don’t waste your time and money in this garbage.

- It would search, and then crash

I have a lot of duplicates from many years in the Apple world. It seems that each device makes its own iCloud copy of photos and videos. I really was hopeful this app would work to help manage duplicates while keeping at least one. After each search the app would crash and disappear. I tried doing one simple search for extra contacts, crash. I finally gave up and removed it. I am giving it 3 stars because I hope this is a bug and can be fixed.

- No bad experience with the app just annoying that you have to pay to get it set up

No hate to the app. But I was looking for a completely free app but when you start setting it up you have to pay for it. I don’t have money to waste on apps just for it to clean out your storage and every storage cleaner apps all have in app purchases. I just want to be able to clean out my phone storage without having to spend hours deleting photos. But I can’t pay for it. If it’s going to make me pay then don’t make the app free in the AppStore

- Could have been better on NOT DELETING YOUR MEMORIES

This app deletes your memories for nothing it’s just so stupid having this app. When it deletes your memories and photos you can’t remember what you did anymore. This app could have been better if it deletes everything from your cloud, sure it can delete some trash that was on an app but fricken not like take your memories away from you! So please children and young adults... do not download this app at least is dose not defeat your memory. Oh and one more thing WHY DID THEY ADD A FREE TRAIL! It’s pretty useless because you won’t use the app. Well that’s it for this note... Certainly Pei Chang.

- Expensive

(Probably useful) I just can barely use it from the expensive premium plan, 4.99 a week, that is 20 bucks a month! Other apps are less than 5 a month. Change the charge from weekly to monthly and then I will probably be willing to pay for it, until then, I will when total world peace becomes reality.

- My complaint

Up front: I loaded this app just so I could leave this review. I have not tried it and won’t: read on … This company advertises with a deceptive advertisement. Every so often I get an advertisement from them that appears just like a warning that my iPhone’s memory is full and encourages me to load this app to fix it. MY MEMORY IS NOT FULL. In fact it is mostly empty. They are counting on users not knowing how to check their own memory usage. Deceptive advertisement! I say if a company is willing to run deceptive ads I can’t trust them to not do other deceptive things in the app. I have to assume the worst. Shame on them. My next keystrokes are to delete it.

- I don’t think this worked at all…

I let this app access my contacts and photos. It said it merged a bunch of contacts but I still have tons of duplicates. I thought deleting photos and videos would be easier but after going through my duplicate videos, deleting them, and checking my photo app, I still had TONS of duplicates including many that should have been easy to identify because my toddler took them and they’re entirely black 🤦🏻‍♀️ This app doesn’t do what it advertises so it’s absolutely not worth paying for. Try the 3 day trial to see if it works for you 🤷🏻‍♀️

- This app works very well But..

I love this app a lot but it doesn’t annoy me that you have to pay for it to clean out your phone or computer or tablet whatever electronic you’re using you might as well just clean it yourself if you aren’t looking to pay for anything even though it will save time you might as well do it yourself it’s kind of a waste of money but it does save a lot of time so if you don’t really care about wasting money on this type of stuff it will be a perfect app for you

- If you have photos you care about, this is not for you

This app randomly deleted 1,034 photos. Some were duplicates, some were one of a kind shots that I really wanted for personal reasons. The deletion of some and not others seemed completely random. I had to go through everything it deleted and reinstall half of the photos. If you have photos that you care about, this app causes even more work than if you just went through all your photos yourself. If you don’t care about your photos and just need more space, then go for it. Otherwise save your money — and time!

- Beware

I downloaded this app thinking it would help organize the 12k + photos I have on my phone. It gives you the option to do photos, screenshots and contacts. I chose not to touch my contacts because I, like most people, have my life stored in these contacts and I did not want to take a chance of losing my information. Well somehow this app has managed to delete all of the notes I had inside my contacts and it has merged contacts that shouldn’t be merged. And I don’t know how but the app somehow deleted my iCloud backup of my contacts, what a friggin mess 😐 I hope customer service can help me get this information back.

- Works fine, took my money

This app worked well for me though I didn’t use it very often. Today I decided to see what apps were taking up my space only to find that this app, a storage cleaning app, was taking up an oddly large amount of storage. Upon deleting the app, I get a pop up notification that asks me if I would like to cancel my subscription, a subscription I had never signed up for. So apparently I was paying 5 dollars a week for a subscription I didn’t even want. Needless to say I am extremely frustrated.

- Scam

Why do I pay 30$ for something that dont work. It says duplicate photos and dont delete it. Theres no option on the app itself. Also it says clear calendar appointments and it wont clear. Is this a joke? Also why do i need to go to each my iphone app to clean it up not from smart app as if I don’t know how to clean it myself: this is so dumb! l need my refunds. Thank you’

- Customer Services Not Helpful

I bought this application through Stocksocial. I attempted to redeem it on my iPhone and When I attempted to redeem the link following the instructions given, a web page opened up stating “Invalid Dynamic Link” . I contacted customer services and the responses they gave me were inadequate. No solutions, just telling me that it looks like I open the linked in another application. I am not stupid, I know how to read and follow instructions. I did ask for my money back but no answer nor a solution. I strongly recommend not to buy this application. The seller obviously do not care about taking care of its customers. After the review, they will probably try to take care of the problem but only because the issue has been brought to light on a public forum not because they genuinely want to do the right thing. It shouldn’t take several emails to take care of your customers.


i downloaded this app and canceled my subscription shortly after due to it not working. i deleted it and continued to be charged $3.11 per week. i searched my billing information to try to find out what this mystery charge was but nothing appeared. i then realized it was this app after reading other reviews, and found that others have had a similar problem. currently i have no idea how to shut the subscription off and upon trying to download the app again to sort this out, i am taken to a loading screen that does not budge. i don’t know what to do.

TransferWise 💸

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- Intelligent app

Very clever app for sorting photos; it picked up the same scene I had shot from multiple angles. Able to delete 50 (fifty) photos a day with free version.

- don’t waste more storage by downloading this app!!

so i have been seeing this app on adds so much and i thought “well i have tonnes and tonnes of duplicate photos let’s try it” so i did. i pressed the get button and watched it download excited, that feeling was overrated. i opened the app and the first thing that came up was the in app purchases which was fair enough i said no i am not paying $9 a month! then i went to delete my duplicate photos but because i said no the the in app purchases i could only delete 6 of my 50 duplicate photos. so i just left it. then i decided “wait they said that they had aesthetic charging animations” i opened that and guess what?!?! all of them but two were unable to be used!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD YOURE WASTING MORE STORAGE DOWNLOADING IT THAN HAVING DOUBLE PHOTOS!! 🙄🙄🙄

- Nice

If you can get everything done within the 3 day trial then cancel, you can use this as a free app. I like how it brings everything for you to click and delete. The only problem is if you want to save two or three of the selected photos there is no way to save just the few and delete all others, you gotta delete the whole lot.

- Hell no do not download

I downloaded it and like I kept seeing on adds so I downloaded it and in the add it never said you have a trial so I was like sure seems good cause It said fast charges so I tried downloading it and it literally did not work at all so I do not recommend to download it because it is so expensive like you would not imagine how expensive it is like that and if you want to pay like $70 for a trial for a lifetime then you can download it like I was just like no this is way too expensive I’m not doing it so I give us one star rating I was just like no so yeah I do not recommend downloading it you just as I said it’s really about up so yeah don’t Buy it

- It’s a con for money

So I got the app for a 1 week trial. On the last day I was going to cancel the subscription because to be honest you wouldn’t need a year subscription of this app to clean your phone. Anyway, I wanted to cancel but there’s no way to directly cancel the subscription from the app itself. You have to contact the developers for the instruction to cancel the subscription. This is where the trickery lies. While waiting for those instructions, my free trial subscription ended and I got charged $38 for a year subscription for an app I have no use for! I emailed the developer and they said developers cannot manage/refund me because it’s iTunes who controls that.

- Mr

I have had a bad experience with this app. An auto payment deduction after a short trial period unless I do something to stop the payment. What about you contact me and ask me to initiate payment. You might have got my business. I might have a good reason why i didn’t contact you. In hospital, lost my phone, forgot etc. The business model is bad. It may well be a good product but the developers are locked into “let’s grab their money before they change their mind”. To the developers, go and reread the reviews and adjust your model to be more user friendly and less your way or the highway. Do you realise for every bad review there are dozens of others who don’t even bother to write a review. And those of us who do write a review probably have told dozens of friends. Who in turn will tell others. You couldn’t possible be proud of the way you do business. Stay away from this product until it’s payment system is changed.

- Ok but no grouping for screenshots

The main junk taking up space on my phone are screenshots of food orders and trips n stuff like that. Unfortunately this app mostly can only group photos and not much else; some basic recognition of “photos notes” (which includes most screenshots), but can’t group screenshots any further based on, say, similar background/colour (app). Also a lot of hard-to-close long ads everytime you click on a category (rather than just, say, every 5min). Also seems to have something for battery widgets and animations??? Feels like one of those apps that’s trying to do too much of everything except what you actually want it for. I won’t give this app a bad review cause it’s probably useful to someone. But this ain’t the app for me chief.

- Don’t be fooled- check your space before paying

When using a different app, I was told I’d run out of space on my phone & had to immediately remove files. The link went to this app, which I naturally downloaded thinking I had a problem? I had 3 things to remove then was hit with the costs. When I checked space in settings I found my phone still had 40gb free! Turns out the “warning” is a sneaky ad that’s trying to scare you into subscribing 😡😠🤬. The tactics used by this company means I’m deleting it. Fake advertising!!

- Shameless scam

The whole point of this app is to lure people into a meaningless and useless subscription by offering 3 “free” days to use the app. It basically does nothing really useful, it doesn’t clean any system logs or any other useless data on your phone, and it just counts on you forgetting that 3 “free” days are followed by AUTOMATIC weekly payments of $9.99 for absolutely NOTHING! Shame on Apple for even allowing this kind of garbage into the App Store. NOTHING for a weekly payment that is, say, the same as a monthly Netflix subscription. UNSUBSCRIBE and UNINSTALL as fast as you can.

- Extreme disappointment

I do not recommend this app. I downloaded and subscribed. I’ve tried to complete the “sweep” about 6 times and it has never worked. It went through the first three steps ok but then it never progressed past the 99% mark of the fourth step, identifying duplicates. I then went to check the Live Photo marked and to make some manual changes. It then reset itself. So after numerous failed attempts I cancelled the subscription and have deleted the app.


I got this app, when it was finished downloading, I went on it straight away then seconds later I deleted it. I was on the app less then a minute and ever since I have been charged $12 a week even though I never purchased it and I don’t know how they got the money because I don’t have my money account on iTunes so I don’t accidentally buy something. I have cancelled it and reported but overall I have been charged $48!!!!! With a app I don’t even have!!! $48 literally thrown in the bin DO NOT GET ITS A SCAM!!!

- My review

The app did select all the photos and videos I didn’t need but to delete them I had to pay $9.99 which I think is a bit much. I didn’t pay it because I could go and get rid of them myself, maybe for someone doing it for the first time it should be free or cost less. Thanks

- Waste of money

Thank god you get a free trial because I would be livid if I actually paid $13 a week for this. Crashes every 5 seconds. In app it asked for a rating and it crashed before I could even submit it. I’ve been attempting to delete photos through this app for the last 15 minutes and have probably deleted 40 photos at the most because it will just crash if you take too long to go through them!

- Used it for less than a min and uninstalled it

Why?? Kept on playing 4 ads in less than a min that I was trying to use the app for the first time!!! Also at the end it just shows bunch of photos and your only option is to delete them without even knowing if there is another copy of them in the phone or not!!

- How do I?

So when I was loaded into the app I wanted to have like a free version because I had this like 2 months ago and it was a free version but now I cant actually do anything cause I have to pay for it, so if you could make a free version that lets you have the charging screens things thanks

- 1 star Do not download this is a waste of time

One star do not download this this is a waste of time and effort everything is hidden behind a table for you to do anything and it claims to be a Smart Cleaner but all the does is go to your photos and select duplicate ones which is pretty pointless to me so do not download this it is a waste of time and effort one star review

- Disappointing

This app was so promising but turned out to be a waste of time. It cons you into dloading the free app, then tries to charge you every time you try to clear more than 50 photos at a time. Unfortunately you can’t even buy the app outright, because it has a weekly subscription model. I understand the need to monetise your app, but their aggressive tactics were very off-putting. Deleted.


i downloaded this app because i thought you could delete all the similar photos for free, and that the subscription was for other features. it never said directly you needed to pay to delete photos until i already spent 30 minutes selecting the ones i wanted to keep. disappointed

- Useless without subscription

Instead of cleaning duplicate photos it prompts you to subscribe straight away. Without subscription it won’t delete anything. Thanks but I would prefer to see it working before committing to subscription… After watching useless advertising didn’t clean any space but asking for subscription… Not a good policy…

- Scam

I downloaded this app and then my iPad got all messed up the colour app I mean I could only use Netflix and it will kick me out of any thing within 10 mins and it will freeze on a app that I’ve been on to long and if I go into another app it will just have 2 app lapping over each other and it’s so annoying so I believe if you wanna download a virus go ahead but please don’t download it😊

- Scam

Hey People - I recommend you do not download - it is a free download but to trial the program will sign you to a subscription (as I have just been notified by my bank). App itself is not what is said, it doesn’t work as displayed and is a waste of time. How these programs can be advertised on Facebook so deceptively and in games is a farce - do not waste your time, I will be seeking a refund for my “3 day trial”.

- Why a subscription?

Why would I want to subscribe to an app, when it’s only purpose is basically clean up double ups and old photos that are ALREADY in my phone? Also, doesn’t work with anything that is already backed up in iCloud I just don’t see what the point is if a costly monthly subscription if all the photos go to iCloud and can’t be removed anyway?

- Do not recommend

The calendar clean up function is a disaster!! It went back through to remove all of my old meetings and instead of just deleting them it “canceled” them. This triggered the sending out of thousands of emails to colleagues canceling meetings from the past 8 years! Absolutely mortifying.

- The only think this app has done for me is wasting data

It looked rlly good so I went into the app and tried to clear all junk files but when I pressed finish it said I had to give a subscription to be able to do anything. If u r willing to PAY ACUAL MONEY EACH MONTH then I would recommend this app. But I’m not paying an app to delete stuff for me... this is a money hungry scam!!!

- Takes too long

I bought it for a week, but the cleaning never ended. It takes too much time to process the info.

- Must have

Every devise needs support to function at it’s maximum capacity, cleaning gives you such support.

- 142GB moved to photos and cannot remove

as soon as i used this app to ‘clean’ my storage, most of it was passed to photos. i deleted most of the items on the photos app but my settings still came up with 142 GB in my photos which it certainly did not have before i downloaded the app.

- It’s a fail

Haha this is so bad, obviously if you want a clean up for storage space then you need to be able to at least load the app. I don’t have enough storage for the app. And 10 different names to post a review all taken.


After researching this app extensively, it is a money grabber who preys on people being misinformed with the info provided. This is a monthly or yearly subscription, what ever you select.. you get 1 week free, but after that.. you pay through the nose It’s a shame that Apple and iTunes let these types of apps rip people off. There will most likely be a response from developers below, and I also urge you to read all replies to other disgruntled downloaders. They don’t care and once they have your money... you are screwed. I strongly urge EVERYONE DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP. It will cause you nothing but grief.

- 😐

Really disappointed. Spent an hour going through my photos/videos then went to delete my picked images/videos when it told me I had to pay to delete them. Wasted my time when I could of just done it without this stupid app!

- Deleted perfect pictures

Took me hours to go back and check what’s been deleted to find perfect photos and so many great shots deleted. Needs to have some sort of feedback to what it should delete and keep. Did not work for me and I will be deleting the app.

- Don’t download!

I downloaded this thinking it was free as no price was given or clear until after I had subscribed. I am unable to cancel this in my subscriptions as it is not listed there. I was happy to do the 3 day trial or even 1 wk to trial, but now am not interested as it is con worthy. How can I cancel now other call my bank & report?

- Disappointing

Downloaded with a lot of promise as i have 8600 contacts and many duplicates but it never even got to that stage and kept crashing never getting more than 3% through the analysis. Would have paid for it if it worked. Tried so many times to get it to function.


Brilliant at assisting to sort photos, terrible at managing contacts. It totally ruined my contacts merging and making mass changes without discretion. I tried to restore from the iCloud backup and it didn’t work. Then was charge an exorbitant fee for the 1 week subscription with nothing gained but a mess of all my contacts and a heap deleted.

- Worst app ever! Ineffective and poor customer support

I have suffered because of this app, which is ineffective. I’ve lost a lot of contacts, the app merged contacts that had no relevance to one another and when I went looking for customer service it was non-existent. Even the App Store customer service didn’t help. Pathetic. Please do NOT download

- JG

Amazing app, have been looking around how to delete all my millions of duplicate numbers and photos, here is the answer.

- idk lol

I can’t actually download it because I don’t have enough storage but I’m sure it works great!

- First time using

I was recommended this app for my iPhone by my daughter

- Quick & Easy!!

Downloaded. Sorted. Free space!!

- Cannot cancel

Downloaded the app, didn’t like it, tried to cancel it via Subscriptions as per the guidance BUT the App doesn’t appear there! Taken a screenshot. Even harder was trying to find a nickname not already taken, so I could submit this report!!

- Clean Away

The actions this APP have taken I could independently perform my self . Such as deleting duplicate items in 3 sections of the phone. I need a support system that cleans out viruses potential threats and unwanted items in email etc .

- Photos and contacts only

Didn’t realise this is for photos and contacts only, thought it would help to free memories

- Don’t work

I wanted a free trial to see if it work and now I have a suscribtion to something that doesn’t work and it charging me every week and I can’t get help to stop this subscription I don’t want

- Not good app

I’ll not recommend this app as it doesn’t ask that which photos we want to keep and which want to delete so it deletes automatically some of good pictures and deletes the good ones. So it deleted my good pictures too.

- Useless unless you pay

Bare minimum functionality unless you pay for a subscription. Seriously? Only being able to delete 5 photos a day?? Avoid this.

- Unexceptable

You can’t actually see what you are deleting so they could be deleting some important stuff when it smart cleans it for you and you have to pay a subscription

- Shiii app

This app literally is so trash I want to end the subscription but I don’t know how if the developer reads this can u plz leave ur email/phone number down because I want to end the subscription of this app thank you

- Charged me after cancel the subscription

I downloaded the app and find out that it will cost me money to run. So on same date I cancelled the subscription. Today I been charged $11 !!!!! What a shame way to steal ! Shame shame

- Worst app ever

I tried to download the app but it immediately took money off my card and now it’s not even downloaded it just says “purchased”

- Iremover nothing

As soon as i opened the app it asked me 3 questions that i couldnt untick. 3 being a 3 day trial then $12 a week. I dont think you should have a free download. Its deceiving and a time waster. Just charge up front or tell ppl its an ongoing charge.

Payoneer 💰

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- Pretty ok app

I like the app BUT one thing that ANNOYS me is that whenever I delete a video, screenshot and photo, it send a me a notification that I have a lot of pictures to delete. So when I go to the app to delete the photos it’s the same ones from last time and it’s the ones I’ve said that I WANT TO KEEP. But otherwise it’s a pretty good app it helps you how to keep ur battery up and all the ✨JAZZ ✨

- $40/month. Laughable

I don’t understand why anyone would make their business practices based on taking advantage of someone not knowing how to cancel a ridiculously priced recurring cost app.

- Poor customer service

They took my money and didn’t help me when I asked for refund They have the option of refund But when I asked for refund they didn’t refund

- Scam!

Total scam! They charge right away when it says trial and won’t answer when you message their support.

- Useless

Not worth the money or time

- Absolutely garbage

There is no way to cancel this, so pretty much you are stuck paying for an app that is garbage, and expensive as hell.

- Comedy not cleaning app

$10/ week for running this app. Seriously ?

- Scam app Not Free

My daughter downloded because it was free but it charged her $10 per week for nothing. your welcome

- worst cleaner app

when it scan my photo it say to all my photos are duplicates and they are not it doesn’t even know how to scan properly

- What

$40 omg you don’t even know if it actually work like😟

- Merging Contacts is a Nightmare

Very poor logic for determining which contacts to merge. Not clear as to how to undo merge. What’s mess!! Do not let this app touch your contacts. They also don’t respond when you email for help!! Still not really reply yet my contacts are messed up. Don’t touch this app

- Gouged!

This app lies to you saying how easy it is to sign up for 3 free days. As soon as you hit accept they charge you $40! Not the $8 dollar trial fee. I tried to cancel it immediately. They replied saying the can’t offer refunds!! Don’t waist your money. Besides it’s truly over priced!

- Expensive

Too expensive

- Fusion

Très mauvais Tous mes contacts avec un numéro en commun. Il les a fusionné sur un nom. Perdu tous les autres non et maintenant j’ai 10 numéros de cellulaire et je ne sais pas à qui.

- Terrible app

Merges contacts from the same company. Backup won’t restore. Completely messed up 25 years of business contacts unrecoverable. No support They contacted me said they would help but weeks have gone by with no help or response Over 6000 contacts messed up. Multiple contacts from same company were merged into one restore still does not work. Do not buy

- Money returned to me!

I want my money returned, I had no idea there was a charge and am reporting this...I want every penny back now!


Without your approval, they charge you their subscription for their application which is very, very expensive. They also don’t give you the functionality of their app. It’s sometimes $40/month or $24/day. It’s a fraud! A number of people have gone through this and we could take action against this application.

- Scam

Please don’t even download this stupid app . You will get charge every WEEK . I just try it did not like it so I deleted. Guess what I got charge for two weeks on up going recorring subscription. It’s a pain to cancel . Big scam . Return all the money you guy still from people . And shame on you apple to let this scammers get away . Never had this issue before . Time for a Samsung Go to settings than click on your name I cloud,Apple ID, than go to subscribsion than scrall all the way down cancel . And take out payments to be sure not other app will charge you $ just for downloading

- Forces You To Use Free Trial

I don’t it, I want the free version :/

- Warning, don’t download this app

I think this app is some kind of fraud, Trying to charge you with multiple attempts. It should only ask once. I just closed it and deleted it right away before it asked me to pay again. If you have linked your touch id with apple store, as soon as you touch the home button you will be charged as your intestines may have been just to exit the purchase mode. It is not user friendly.

- Don’t waste your money

Ridiculously overpriced and essentially useless.

- Moi mamamam

Ї'ӎ ҋөꚍ ҏдұїҋԍ ғөя ꚍӊдꚍ

- “Deleting app”does not cancel subscription

They make more money scamming people than providing a service. Nice business model guys.

- Scam

They say 3 days free then charge a week and no way to get out.

- Charged twice in 2 days…??

Not sure if this is actually helping to keep phone clear and clean… Jury is out…

- Useless

Makes you go through a bunch of photos, then only lets you delete 20 a day. It’s a lot easier to just go through your camera roll then spend a large amount of money for a useless app

- This Is fk app use 10$ clean photos in1 weekend

1 start app

- Poubelle

Ne sais pas reconnaitre qu’il peut avoir plusieurs contact avec le meme prénom et nom . Cochenerie

- don’t buy it !

It’s a cheater

- App is okay

It work well regards to cleaning up old photos and contacts fast. However you will have to pay a monthly fee after your 3 day trial. And it does not allow you cancel right away. No where in the app has a man ge you subscription option, you have email them!?!?

- Appalling flaw

The app makes you go through e.v.e.r.y p.h.o.t.o i.n y.o.u.r r.o.l.l before you are allowed to delete them with a certain feature; you can’t just delete them along the way. I spent over an hour going through doubles, only to navigate to another app for too long and when I came back, the app reloaded and all my progress was lost. I almost threw my phone. What actual appalling time-wasting garbage.

- Avis sur application

Les actions à effectuer devraient être expliquées plus clairement. Exemple : supprimer/conserver.

- Ça fait bien le ménage

Ça fait bien le ménage

- Just started using

So far it makes sense ☺️

- Nothing without purchase

Not worth

- waste of time

spent about 45 minutes going through and deleting duplicates and when i was finally done i clicked delete all and it brought up a paywall

- Free ap


- Garbage

Downloading the app is free but you can’t clean your phone so in fact this app becomes unnecessary. And takes up space on your phone when it’s supposed to help clear it

- Smart Cleaner

Very good service

- Be careful!

Be careful! It does not work if you do not allow to collect data from your contacts. It is also very dangerous to allow to scan contacts for such an app.

- Waste of money

This stupid app merged all my separate contact who happened to share a first or last name as one contact. So if you know more than one Bob they will all be lumped together. Don’t buy - useless


I thought that this damn app was RIDICULOUS and wasn’t gonna work but I was desperate af and my storage was at 63.5GB/64GB so I was like what the hell so I downloaded it and was immediately angry bc I had to buy it to do anything😭 but then I just did the free trial and immediately cancelled it after I went and did what I needed to do and let me tell u mawma this app took my storage to 35.2GB/64GB like GURLLL! The only thing is when ur deleting things you can’t have any emotion ESPECIALLY for the screenshots just select all delete sis trust me. And remember CANCEL THAT TRIAL like even right after u buy it cancel it and it still gives u 3 days free. U just go into settings then your Apple ID then subscriptions then select this app and then cancel subscription- CLEARLY some of y’all didn’t do ur research before subscribing 🙄

- Says free

It says its free but you cant even try it without paying and giving all your credit card info.

- Too expensive

If you don’t pay for a subscription you can only delete 9 photos a day. Not worth it.

- Amazing app

It is very helpful to Clear up your iPhone

- .

Why do I have to pay for everything its so stupid

- Pics


- Allo

Je suis le pape jean pol 4

- Too much money

Hi, just wanna say that the app look really good but imma not going to put my money on this app and not knowing what’s going to happen after.. so I was wondering if you could put the first free try.. so we can see if it worth our money 💰..

- 😡😡😡😡😡

It is perfect for cleaning up your I phone but you could do it yourself then wasting money on this ap hmm

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Smart Cleaner・Clean Up Storage 4.50 Screenshots & Images

Smart Cleaner・Clean Up Storage iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Smart Cleaner・Clean Up Storage iphone images
Smart Cleaner・Clean Up Storage iphone images
Smart Cleaner・Clean Up Storage iphone images
Smart Cleaner・Clean Up Storage iphone images
Smart Cleaner・Clean Up Storage iphone images
Smart Cleaner・Clean Up Storage iphone images
Smart Cleaner・Clean Up Storage iphone images
Smart Cleaner・Clean Up Storage iphone images
Smart Cleaner・Clean Up Storage iphone images
Smart Cleaner・Clean Up Storage iphone images
Smart Cleaner・Clean Up Storage Utilities application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Smart Cleaner・Clean Up Storage (Version 4.50) Install & Download

The applications Smart Cleaner・Clean Up Storage was published in the category Utilities on 2017-01-26 and was developed by BPMobile [Developer ID: 1085442365]. This application file size is 127.01 MB. Smart Cleaner・Clean Up Storage - Utilities app posted on 2022-11-17 current version is 4.50 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: