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What is smart cleaner - clean storage app? What can Smart Cleaner do?

• Delete similar photos and videos

In today’s world, where huge amounts of data are constantly circulating, you often want to get rid of unnecessary pictures that have piled up on your phone. This is when Smart Cleaner comes to your rescue! With our app, you can search and delete screenshots, similar pictures, Live Photos, burst photos, and videos.

• Organize contacts

Does it annoy you when you see several identical contacts on your contact list or unnamed contacts? Smart Cleaner is a real lifesaver when it comes to organizing your contacts—they can be merged, backed up, and removed quickly and effectively.

• Help you save your battery life

Besides cleaning up your device, Smart Cleaner also takes care of your battery. Check out our Battery section to read tips on how to make your iPhone’s charge last longer or choose a cool charging animation. You can also add a handy widget to your Home Screen that will let you check your battery level and charging status at a glance.

• Protect privacy

Smart Cleaner excels not only at deleting and organizing, but also at creating a safe space in which to keep private information. Stash photos and contacts in your secret spaces. Rest assured, your privacy is carefully protected with our app.

But don’t think that this is all Smart Cleaner is capable of. Our app is a real gem for any active smartphone user, amateur and professional alike.

Here’s what Smart Cleaner can also help you do:

• Clean up your device in a few taps with a Smart Cleaning feature
• Get rid of old calendar events quickly and easily
• Test your Internet connection speed
• Remove all photos taken in one location
• Add Storage, Battery, and Contact widgets to your Home Screen

The phone cleaning process may seem scary and time-consuming, but with Smart Cleaner, you won’t have to spend hours looking through your photos. You don’t even have to search for Smart Cleaner in the long list of your apps to open it. You can start it via Siri or Shortcuts. It is convenient, fast, and effective.

Start a free trial to familiarize yourself with all the app’s features.


• You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features within Smart Cleaner.
• Subscriptions are billed weekly, annually, or through a one-off upfront payment at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan.

By using Smart Cleaner, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:

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Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage Version 4.4027 June 2022

Keep your contacts and photos in perfect order with Smart Cleaner! We've made some changes in the new version: – Bug fixes and performance improvements We would appreciate if you take a moment to review our app on the App Store!.

Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage Version 4.3509 April 2022

Keep your contacts and photos in perfect order with Smart Cleaner! We've made some changes in the new version: – Bug fixes and performance improvements We would appreciate if you take a moment to review our app on the App Store!.

Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage Version 4.3225 February 2022

Keep your iPhone neat with Smart Cleaner! - This version is all about design changes—Smart Cleaning has been polished to become clearer and simpler. - We have also slightly enhanced design throughout the app to make your experience even more enjoyable! We would appreciate it if you took a moment to review our app on the App Store!.

Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage Comments & Reviews 2022

- Read reviews and know what you’re getting

After reading a lot of the reviews, I was skeptical about downloading this app. I just wanted to use it during the free trial to clean up my photos. I selected a plan and it clearly stated the date in which I’d be charged (3 days from the day I chose a plan.) After I cleaned up my photos, I canceled the subscription in iTunes settings and still had access for the 3-day trial. If you don’t want to be charged, either do what I did or set a reminder to cancel 24 hours prior to the date given for the subscription to start when you select the plan. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it didn’t clean up all of my burst photos (it did get a lot) and I had to delete them myself from my photo app. It would be cool if it could recognize extremely blurry pictures and pictures of nothing that your toddler takes😉 but otherwise this app delivers.

- Great App

Met my needs so well! I had numerous contacts between my work and personal phone. When I upgraded my (personal) phone and transferred my info, all of my phone contacts were duplicated 10 times each!!! I had over 1000 contacts in my phone! My wireless store did not have anything to help me. Plus I retired and did not need my work contacts any longer so I needed to delete those too (x10!). I was able to clean up almost everything in about 15 minutes. I had been working almost a year deleting numbers when I had a few minutes to spare and would remember. The only thing is it put the deleted names in the notes of the phone number I kept and listed all of the other 9 I deleted. Not sure why, probably a safety net, but it was so much easier to go into a fraction of the phone contacts I kept and delete the notes as opposed to deleting the numbers one at a time. Thank you so much for making this cluttered part of my life easier to clean up!

- really good if photos is your problem

This is really good for deleting pictures and videos if that’s what’s taking up majority of your storage. I was recommended this app from an article i was reading about how to lower my “other” section taking up my storage. Unfortunately this app didn’t help with that. My “other” section is taking up majority of the space on my phone with a whopping 29gb. I deleted my emails, voice memos, notes, cleared safari cache. Idk what else to do, nothing works :-( This was a good and easy to use app, just didn’t help in my case.

- Could be 5 stars!

Love the functionality. The free version lets you clean up a handful of things each day. There is a costly subscription, but also a “pay once” option. I would pay FULL PRICE and give it 5 stars if the full version could be shared with my wife and daughter in my family iOS setup. Please consider this. Out a full version out there we can use with our family sharing instead of making it an in-app purchase that cannot be shared. You would have my money. After developer response “blaming” App Store rules: thank you for the response. Developers rarely do that lately. I see what you are saying, but you know you can make a paid version of the app in the store. You are choosing to make it unshakable by making it an in-all purchase. I’ve lowered my rating and will seek out another app that can work out such things.

- App Crashes

Downloaded the app and purchased the year subscription. After it went through the process of scanning my phone, it allows you to choose how you would like to delete your files (duplicated photos/videos is what I was interested in.) For instance, I had 503 duplicate Live Photo’s and you will manually go through and select the ones you’d like to keep or discard. After only getting halfway through of selecting them, the app crashed. I restarted the app and tried again, Same results! So I tried the video folder hoping it would be better. I had over 1000 videos. Taking the time and going through them and selecting the ones I wanted to trash, about halfway through, it crashed again. Twice it happened, so I’ll give it one more try... nope same problem. I would not suggest purchasing this app for this reason alone. A lot of time spent for no results. So 1 was the lowest I could score to his app, but I would have given it a 0 if available! Hope this helps with anyone trying to decide to purchase or try this app. My phone info: iPhone XS 256gb - fully charged - WiFi and cellular enabled - WiFi has full bars with 956 download and 925 upload speeds - cell was at 3 bars ATT service- no vpn’s turned on - no other applications open or running.

- Not actually free

Yes, it’s true. Just like every other review says, you need to pay $7.99 ($8) subscription weekly to actually use the app. Yes, it does in fact seem to clean your phone and make more space, but it’s a little pricey. It’s a bit of a scam considering you can download the app for free, but end up having to pay anyway. App developers, if you’re reading, instead of having a subscription, it’d be better if you just had to pay for the app altogether and not be somewhat scammed. I didn’t actually test it out myself, because I am young, I don’t have a card, and my parents wouldn’t be willing to pay $7.99 subscription weekly. I would have liked to be able to clean my phone, but the subscriptions are a little much. If you are willing to pay a weekly subscription of $7.99, then go ahead and download.

- charged 3x in one month

why on earth was i charged $5.99 three times in one week?! i understand automatic renewals... once would’ve is fine. but three times?! utterly ridiculous. i wouldn’t download this app. Edit: thank you, but this response fails to address my concern. I chose a weekly sub and I was charged for each week all at once, 3 weeks in. The point is that some of us sign up for a weekly sub instead of a monthly sub due to financial reasons. Charging $6 vs $20 is not the same thing. I would expect to be charged on a WEEKLY basis, if I’m paying for a WEEKLY sub. Not to be charged $5.99 for 3 weeks, all at once. If I wanted that, why would I subscribe for a weekly subscription? I’ve already resolved the issue with Apple and deleted the app. My feedback is to be more transparent in how the transaction will occur. Thanks again, and have a great day.

- Really?!

So I got this app and I was also excited, but when I entered the app if you didn’t start the free subscription you couldn’t use it. The free subscription was the only way to clean your phone! And it stinks b/c I am in 6th grade, ok? And I don’t have a lot of money, and even if I did I would not spend it on this! It’s $8 per week for the subscription! That is not something to spend your money on! Just do it yourself if you have to, yeah it will take a while, but it’s free to do your self. If I could rate 0 stars I would. B/c they are just taking your money to clean your phone! And they might miss things, how would you feel if they missed things?! Horrible. B/c you are spending $8 a week, $24 a month, that’s $288 a year! My advice. Don’t get it unless you are willing to pay $288 a year...

- Not so sure...?

I downloaded and used the Smart Cleaner app for my iPhone 11 ProMax. It has been frozen on step 4 “duplicate photos” at 93% completed for over 12 hours. I have let it try, then after hours finally paused it, restarted it, closed and reopened it - every time it gets to 93% and just sits there. The phone is plugged into a charger, and is on WiFi. Idk what is going on. (I DO have duplicate photos, so was looking at cleaning that up...but 12 HOURS?). If it doesn’t resolve today I’m deleting it. I don’t want to pay for app that doesn’t work.

- Unbelievable scam!! Don’t waste your time or money

First they bait and switch you, offering you a free app then you can’t use any of the features without signing up for a subscription at 7.99 a week. You get a three day trial which is just enough time to make you lose your money after you clean your phone. That is if the app can even help you clean the phone. A bunch of useless features like delete old videos and pics delete empty contacts. Like seriously who can’t do this on their own. Especially for 8 dollars a week. I mean so much better software out there for less money then this. Biggest scam on the App Store I have yet to see in almost a decade. Do your self a favor and don’t waste your time and money in this garbage.

- Not free to me

When I first saw this app I thought it would be helpful since I needed more storage but when I downloaded it and used it, it kept on saying “Limit of 20 exceeded” when I counted and was exactly 20. I was very confused so I decided to use another feature, too bad said the same thing. You have to pay to actually use the app if you don’t it’s just useless. It’s also a scam 7.99 a week? Normally it would be 7.99 a month at least. Every possible way I try to use this I need to pay. So developers note this, if you are not going to make an app free don’t let people download it for free and get disappointed, I recommend you don’t use this but if your actually willing to pay that much a week then do it.

- Smart Cleaner

This app is seriously great I was able to get rid of 3,000 duplicate/similar photos on my phone and it was amazing. It works really well and you can either manually go through the list of similar/duplicate photos and delete them yourself or you can simply press a button and the app will delete them for you while keeping the best pics out of all of them. It does this with videos and Live photos too!! 10/10 would recommend.

- Be smart. Know what you need to do first.

Downloaded knowing I needed to do everything I wanted to in 3 days. The app works very well and I only needed it for a few hours. After I was done I went and cancelled my subscription through iTunes and I can continue to use it for 2 more days. Shady they charge 7.99 a week but the app works very smoothly.

- Beware

I downloaded this app thinking it would help organize the 12k + photos I have on my phone. It gives you the option to do photos, screenshots and contacts. I chose not to touch my contacts because I, like most people, have my life stored in these contacts and I did not want to take a chance of losing my information. Well somehow this app has managed to delete all of the notes I had inside my contacts and it has merged contacts that shouldn’t be merged. And I don’t know how but the app somehow deleted my iCloud backup of my contacts, what a friggin mess 😐 I hope customer service can help me get this information back.

- How do I cancel

The app ran and said it found a bunch of duplicate photos videos that should be deleted and other things but he did not tell me exactly what they were so I could decide before I delete them. I am not going to delete a bunch of stuff and not know what I’m deleting. Also it said I could cancel anytime but there is no cancel button anywhere on the app. If you’re comfortable letting the app decide what is the reading without you knowing exactly what it is then I guess yes this does work but I would like to know exactly what it’s getting rid of before it does

- Not very useful...

I get the idea behind the app and, theoretically, it can come in handy, however, there is a slight risk you take with having an app like this delete contacts and files for you. You don’t know which ones are being deleted. Make sure you check which ones it deletes because I’ve had lots of important photos deleted. When they mentioned that it deletes duplicates of photos I thought it meant that all but one will be deleted. It deletes ALL of them. Just wanted to warn you guys. Plus I don’t see the point of paying $8 a week for something I can do myself and for that reason, I’m out (Shark Tank reference 😉).

- Be extremely careful with this app

If I were you, I would not use the smart cleaner function on this app. I used it and while it deleted duplicates with the same name/phone number, it also merged my parents contacts because they share a home phone and addresses. Despite putting the “Dad” contact back in manually, it still says “Mom” when I text or call my dad and it seemingly can’t be undone since when I tap into her contact to change the name, it has only her contact information, not my dad’s. Would not recommend.

- Deleted my contacts ;(

I’m so bummed. My phone contact are the key to my business and I thought this app would help me not hurt me. I’m now a prisoner to it. Unfortunately it deleted most of my contacts and despite backing up, when I realized and tried to go back to the first back wouldn’t work. I’m now fungi g out who is not in my phone when they reach out to me. It’s awful. I then go back to the app and can reload one contact at a time. It’s crippling. I have/had I should saw 13,000 contact because my 4,000 tripled. It’s a nightmare as a real estate broker I’m devastated. RUN FROM THIS CLEANER APP.

- Not worth it

I was going through selecting which photos to delete and then it crashed! Opened it back up and started over again only to realize there is a 5 per day limit on deleting!! WTH?! Why would I even use this app to delete photos if I can only delete 5 a Day, when I can instead just go through my camera roll and delete all I might take longer to sort through...but only deleting 5 a day would take even longer!! I know this is the free version but definitely have no motivation to pay for this app. DELETING!!!

- Very angry I want my money back immediately!

This smart cleaner I promise to get rid of the viruses on my phone but instead it just deleted my contacts and all my pictures I’ve been spending weeks recovering all my photos in my Apple cloud I’m very angry I need my money back! Took two payments for me for two months I need my $16 back I don’t have a lot of money and now my account is almost nearly negative because they’re taking money from me and I’m not even satisfied with the service and fact I’m completely dissatisfied it didn’t do the job it promised and I want my money back now!!

- Do NOT use only a scam

I downloaded the app and the first thing that comes up is a subscription and I read it and you basically have to buy it to even use the app, of course, I skipped it because I thought I could still use the app but when I tried to clear some of the unwanted photos the same thing popped up and you have to buy the app to use it may seem free but it's not I can't even see what it's deleting and some of my stuff is important and may look similar but they are not by a slight difference so I do not recommend

- Really????

I think this game is HORRIBLE for people looking to get this game DONT! I mean as you as you get in the game, it forces you to buy something you CANT EVEN USE THE APP WITHOUT PAYING!!!!! Thatt is RIDICULOUS!!👎👎 so if your looking to buy this game then the creators better fix it because I was not wasting that much money 💴 for something to clean 🧽 my phone 📱 FOR ME! Please take this notice and advice!

- Poor app, don’t get free trial

I had thought about buying the Smart Cleaner app but after one day using it I found it to be super slow and poorly laid out. I’ve tried to contact customer service but there is still no response. I cancelled my order on day 2 since there is supposed to be a 3 day free trial but that wasn’t honored so I am very upset at being charged for a product that made promises it won’t deliver. Don’t repeat my mistake by downloading this app.

- Crashes every time

Crashed every time and apparently didn’t save when canceled the 9.99 subscription so have a month of a app that doesn’t work. When tried to take SS of Apple website, it loaded the 3.99 a week as the subscription page, and my thumb when on the home button and power button for the SS, this was the subscription page not seeming to register I clicked until I left the page. I know the subscription popping up isn’t their fault but the app that doesn’t work is. Maybe just doesn’t work with so much storage.

- Actually works

When you first enter the app it says free trail I didn’t do it and I got the app because my storage was full so I used it and it worked now I have 11.5 gb out of 16 you don’t have to pay only for the whole thing that will do it itself but you can do it yourself for free and it works

- Subscription problems

In order for the app to work you have to pay for a subscription but I had 7 days free. I canceled the subscription and it popped back up later. I cancelled it again and it was in my pending payments. I then was unable to download any free apps until I paid the pending subscription of 10 dollars since it tried charging me twice, even though I used the app one time not even during the time I was being charged for the subscription. I then contacted support and waited for no response at all. Thanks for that

- Costly app but no use at all

It’s one among the app that charges weekly $8 subscription to cleanup duplicates . Big joke in a open source era . And once you do pay they do not even refund if you do not like the app as it does not do they way it’s described to delete duplicates . For me once I did a run I see tried to delete most of the pics and video be it duplicate or not but I found its not appropriate to relie on this app and cleanup the videos or pics . So uninstalled and asked for a refund however app support denied any refund stating any purchase is final here . For me this app is a big no .

- Don’t Waste Your Time/Money

I tried the free version before signing up for the paid subscription (which is very expensive at $34 a year) when it’s an App you may use once a month at the most. The free version allowed me to delete 4 photos. After that (same day), every time I attempted to delete a single photo the App rolled to the Up-Grade screen asking me to sign up for the subscription. Nope, I deleted the App. (Sent it to TikTok heaven.) P.S. there are free Apps that performs the exact same functions. Look around before agreeing to pay for this App.

- Difficult to use Update; it is a pain to use now

Whatever update they’ve done now makes deleting photos super duper manual and stiff it’s gotten more complicated. The version before this was better and allowed for simple deletion now you have to click delete over and over and manually view the photos by clicking only in certain areas etc. Then there’s this smart cleaning feature that took 20 minutes of time to load and I had to keep my phone awake and it was only to sell something.

- Not Worth the cost

The app is nothing special after purchasing the application I realized that I could actually do everything I’m paying $5 for the app to do....matter of fact I have gotten a few glitches on my phone since I have had this application over 5 months so I have given it a’s not so easy to cancel your subscription.....🙁 I have written the application for help to cancel haven’t heard back but they make sure to swipe my account for the 💲

- This one Actually Works!!!

I have downloaded and tried several others. This is by far the best! I rarely do reviews, but this is worth it. The duplicates and similar are the best matches I’ve seen. It also automatically picks the BEST photo for you, although not always correct it is fairly accurate. It is absolutely not worth $4.99 a week, however once you cancel the trial there are several other purchase options available. I canceled the trial and purchased a 1 year subscription. It’s that good! Bonus: Contacts, Video, Burst & Live Photo cleaner.

- Shady

I downloaded the app just for it to ask me to immediately download the free trial after I put my cc info in. Shady business practices. What's wrong with you guys geez RESPONSE TO DEVELOPER RESPONSE: I get that. BUT I shouldn’t have to be FORCED to put CC info in to use a preview. That’s just a shady way of hoping people forget to cancel and you keep billing. Put a 3 day limit to try and buy if satisfied or else opt for the free version. It’s crap like this that gives all apps a bad name. Why do you want my CC info if there’s a good chance I’ll just opt for the FREE version ??!

- Spent time for nothing

You don’t need to pay to get the app, but if you try to clear your cell phone, you will spend a lot of time seeing what photos you want to delete or not from the ones the app picked, but, after all that time it will say that you need to pay to do that and than all that 30 minutes selecting photos is going to be for nothing. The app should say that you need to pay before you do all that work!

- Overpriced, AND unusable- crashes every time

First... some of these reviews are unbelievably hilarious. (People are actually offended that some apps aren’t free, huh?) Anyway, that said, $8/wk is crazy- BUT- I figured I’d clean house, then unsubscribe. Thing is, the app crashes whenever I try to use it. Every single time, every function. So I willfully and knowingly paid for the app, and it’s unusable because it crashes. FYI- y’all, deleting an app doesn’t unsubscribe you. Are you new at this? Go back to the App Store, to “manage subscriptions.”

- Don’t do it.

I downloaded this app because like most people I have a bunch of pictures on my phone that I don’t want to scroll through and delete. Essentially this app does it for you. However, it is not free. You get three days free and after that, weekly cost of $7.99. They say you can cancel at anytime by going into the settings but, when in the settings, there is no way to cancel the subscription. Scammy? Yes. If you can spare $7.99 WEEKLY then go for it.

- Seriously??!?

Normally I don’t write reviews but I couldn’t stop myself First I installed the app and booom you have to pay 8$ per a week or continue in limited version Alright I don't want to waste money so I try limited version The app takes like 20 seconds for analyzing my phone and it recommends that I have to delete 368MG videos Alright good I want to free-up some space but at least show me which videos you want to delete!!! So in this case you have to trust the app Alright lets do this and booooom again for deleting this videos you have to pay 8$ per a week Whaaat ? I dont know which videos are getting deleted I have to trust the app and I cant use limited version and the only way is to trust the app without any kind of test and just pay 39$ ?!? Seriously?!?!? Zero star for you I hope you make it better

- I was hoping this would be helpful...

I had my fingers crossed that there was something that would help me sift through my many images and would work, however, it just. keeps. crashing. I’ve only had it for two days of my three day trial trying to see if I even want to pay the $7.99 a week but I haven’t really been able to use it without it crashing on me every other minute. Bummer.

- Don’t listen to this scam!

It’s a classic, promoted free then you gotta pay way to much money just to use. Ratings are lies too! Please don’t get this app, it greedy and useless! Edit: Also for the developers saying that you can use it for free, LIES. No exit available. I have also seen reviews saying that the app is very untrustworthy, ruining their phones and complaining about the two main features, duplicates and merging. Also that one review about the untrusted refund page. Yeah, don’t EVER use this app and don’t pay for it. It’s a utter lie! >:(

- Not really sure.

I gave this 3 stars because it does clean up your phone a bit as promised. I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription however & I can’t seem to find anywhere on the app to do so & I’ve only seen an option to message them asking for a refund but I have yet to hear back from them about how to cancel the subscription.

- Didn’t like

I found it hard to figure out how this works. I thought it would help clean up space on my phone but looks like it only does contacts and photos and that’s it. I can do that on my own as my biggest issues with my storage is the “other” category taking up about 80% of my storage and I can’t figure out how to delete it or get it down. Very frustrating.

- Not as powerful as I’d hoped

I was thinking it would have a mode where EVERY single picture I have ever taken would be looked at and very similar ones would be grouped together. I have over 3000 pics and was taking a daily picture of my beard and hair growth progress but would forget to put them in an album. Ultimately the project failed and I was hoping this would find all of the beard pics. It did not. Everything it does you can do in iOS for yourself. No need for this.

- Click bait click bait CLICK BAIT!

So there was an ad when I was playing a game it was called do you know the title of this game well I don’t think it is called a game so the ad was aboutA low battery and I was like what’s so good about that and when they put charge on the charged it’s self. And I was so shook so I bought this game and when I try to do it because my battery was on low it didn’t do it this is actually disappointing so that’s just my review about this game so yeah bye

- Randomly deletes photos and contacts

It said it would “organize and remove duplicate photos and contacts” all it did was randomly delete my stuff! Contacts in my favorites and ones that I call daily and weekly were gone but ones from years ago are still there! Deleted 400+ random photos too.. luckily I just went to my recently deleted photos and recovered all of them but RIP to my contacts AND to this app. Canceled the trial and deleted the app, complete garbage.

- Had to get new phone

The first time I got smart cleaner on my IPad my IPad BROKE well I kept getting notifications that will appear in the front of my screen and when I would press no it toke me to the app I had tell my mom and dad and even when I uninstalled it I still got the huge notifications so my mom and dad had to give me my older brother’s old phone in replacement of the iPad I do not recommend getting smart cleaner I had to get a new phone

- DONT DOWNLOAD (unless you want to pay $35 for a useless program)

This app is a cleverly disguised scam and will trick you into subscribing at exorbitant rates- the full yearly rate for $35 isn’t the worst. You could end up subscribing for $5 a week ($260/year). For junk. Downloading this only encourages these sorts of shady developers who know very well their subscription practices prey on those who fail to notice how the subscription works when they purchase it (especially the elderly, low literacy population). So don’t encourage them. Don’t download it. Stand up for grandma. Also if you have been scammed by this app don’t take it lying down. Tell Apple. Write the BBB. Write your government representative so these predatory practices get addressed via legislation. We’ve gotten scammed too long. Time to speak up.

- Overcharge with auto renewal

Beware. The auto charge subscription is very high. Over $50 per year or a high monthly charge. I thought it would be a one time purchase but it’s not. I cancelled my subscription once I saw this and wish I had a refund as even one week for $8 is too high. I wish I never bought it because it’s not worth the price or hassle. The app works but for the surprise price I wish I stayed away.


This app fused contacts just because they had similar sounding names but were completely different people with different things. If I didn’t have my contacts backed up I would be totally screwed. The software behind this app is not trustworthy. The only reason it’s even recommended in anyway is because they probably pay a lot of money to Apple to be advertised. It fused all contacts with the middle initial M, male and female. This is ridiculous and annoying to have to fix this.

- The Worst App Ever

I HATE 😡 THIS APP!!! Only put the app if you what to destroy your contact list. I test on a trial bases it did this to my phone I still trying to fix and restore my contact list that just one example. Paid? Not!!! Really!! Geeeeshh!!! Don't try it don't test it just don't do will thank me later now I'm left here trying to figure this mess out. I would change my review if I could even firgue out how to get tech support or some help 🆘... IPhone I'm sorry I did this to you.......

- Would not recommend unless you want to spend money

If you are okay with spending the subscription fees then this app should be great for you. But otherwise don’t be deceived by the free download. If you stay on the limited version it only lets you delete 50 things a day manually. You might as well not even download the app and just go through all your contacts, pictures, and videos yourself. I would rather just buy more storage.


It only took about 20 minutes to cleanup all of my photos on their end. Afterwards, I had spent about 30 minutes reviewing the cleanup by selecting/unselecting photos I wanted to either delete or keep. I had gotten through about 300 of the 4,700 in that category when the app shut down completely! I tried to open the app again after shutting down the app completely and restarting my phone. It won’t even start back up.

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- Intelligent app

Very clever app for sorting photos; it picked up the same scene I had shot from multiple angles. Able to delete 50 (fifty) photos a day with free version.

- Hell no do not download

I downloaded it and like I kept seeing on adds so I downloaded it and in the add it never said you have a trial so I was like sure seems good cause It said fast charges so I tried downloading it and it literally did not work at all so I do not recommend to download it because it is so expensive like you would not imagine how expensive it is like that and if you want to pay like $70 for a trial for a lifetime then you can download it like I was just like no this is way too expensive I’m not doing it so I give us one star rating I was just like no so yeah I do not recommend downloading it you just as I said it’s really about up so yeah don’t Buy it

- It’s a con for money

So I got the app for a 1 week trial. On the last day I was going to cancel the subscription because to be honest you wouldn’t need a year subscription of this app to clean your phone. Anyway, I wanted to cancel but there’s no way to directly cancel the subscription from the app itself. You have to contact the developers for the instruction to cancel the subscription. This is where the trickery lies. While waiting for those instructions, my free trial subscription ended and I got charged $38 for a year subscription for an app I have no use for! I emailed the developer and they said developers cannot manage/refund me because it’s iTunes who controls that.

- Mr

I have had a bad experience with this app. An auto payment deduction after a short trial period unless I do something to stop the payment. What about you contact me and ask me to initiate payment. You might have got my business. I might have a good reason why i didn’t contact you. In hospital, lost my phone, forgot etc. The business model is bad. It may well be a good product but the developers are locked into “let’s grab their money before they change their mind”. To the developers, go and reread the reviews and adjust your model to be more user friendly and less your way or the highway. Do you realise for every bad review there are dozens of others who don’t even bother to write a review. And those of us who do write a review probably have told dozens of friends. Who in turn will tell others. You couldn’t possible be proud of the way you do business. Stay away from this product until it’s payment system is changed.


I got this app, when it was finished downloading, I went on it straight away then seconds later I deleted it. I was on the app less then a minute and ever since I have been charged $12 a week even though I never purchased it and I don’t know how they got the money because I don’t have my money account on iTunes so I don’t accidentally buy something. I have cancelled it and reported but overall I have been charged $48!!!!! With a app I don’t even have!!! $48 literally thrown in the bin DO NOT GET ITS A SCAM!!!

- Extreme disappointment

I do not recommend this app. I downloaded and subscribed. I’ve tried to complete the “sweep” about 6 times and it has never worked. It went through the first three steps ok but then it never progressed past the 99% mark of the fourth step, identifying duplicates. I then went to check the Live Photo marked and to make some manual changes. It then reset itself. So after numerous failed attempts I cancelled the subscription and have deleted the app.

- Waste of money

Thank god you get a free trial because I would be livid if I actually paid $13 a week for this. Crashes every 5 seconds. In app it asked for a rating and it crashed before I could even submit it. I’ve been attempting to delete photos through this app for the last 15 minutes and have probably deleted 40 photos at the most because it will just crash if you take too long to go through them!

- Disappointing

This app was so promising but turned out to be a waste of time. It cons you into dloading the free app, then tries to charge you every time you try to clear more than 50 photos at a time. Unfortunately you can’t even buy the app outright, because it has a weekly subscription model. I understand the need to monetise your app, but their aggressive tactics were very off-putting. Deleted.

- Scam

I downloaded this app and then my iPad got all messed up the colour app I mean I could only use Netflix and it will kick me out of any thing within 10 mins and it will freeze on a app that I’ve been on to long and if I go into another app it will just have 2 app lapping over each other and it’s so annoying so I believe if you wanna download a virus go ahead but please don’t download it😊

- Scam

Hey People - I recommend you do not download - it is a free download but to trial the program will sign you to a subscription (as I have just been notified by my bank). App itself is not what is said, it doesn’t work as displayed and is a waste of time. How these programs can be advertised on Facebook so deceptively and in games is a farce - do not waste your time, I will be seeking a refund for my “3 day trial”.

- Why a subscription?

Why would I want to subscribe to an app, when it’s only purpose is basically clean up double ups and old photos that are ALREADY in my phone? Also, doesn’t work with anything that is already backed up in iCloud I just don’t see what the point is if a costly monthly subscription if all the photos go to iCloud and can’t be removed anyway?

- 1 star Do not download this is a waste of time

One star do not download this this is a waste of time and effort everything is hidden behind a table for you to do anything and it claims to be a Smart Cleaner but all the does is go to your photos and select duplicate ones which is pretty pointless to me so do not download this it is a waste of time and effort one star review

- The only think this app has done for me is wasting data

It looked rlly good so I went into the app and tried to clear all junk files but when I pressed finish it said I had to give a subscription to be able to do anything. If u r willing to PAY ACUAL MONEY EACH MONTH then I would recommend this app. But I’m not paying an app to delete stuff for me... this is a money hungry scam!!!


Brilliant at assisting to sort photos, terrible at managing contacts. It totally ruined my contacts merging and making mass changes without discretion. I tried to restore from the iCloud backup and it didn’t work. Then was charge an exorbitant fee for the 1 week subscription with nothing gained but a mess of all my contacts and a heap deleted.

- Disappointing

Downloaded with a lot of promise as i have 8600 contacts and many duplicates but it never even got to that stage and kept crashing never getting more than 3% through the analysis. Would have paid for it if it worked. Tried so many times to get it to function.


After researching this app extensively, it is a money grabber who preys on people being misinformed with the info provided. This is a monthly or yearly subscription, what ever you select.. you get 1 week free, but after that.. you pay through the nose It’s a shame that Apple and iTunes let these types of apps rip people off. There will most likely be a response from developers below, and I also urge you to read all replies to other disgruntled downloaders. They don’t care and once they have your money... you are screwed. I strongly urge EVERYONE DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP. It will cause you nothing but grief.

- Worst app ever! Ineffective and poor customer support

I have suffered because of this app, which is ineffective. I’ve lost a lot of contacts, the app merged contacts that had no relevance to one another and when I went looking for customer service it was non-existent. Even the App Store customer service didn’t help. Pathetic. Please do NOT download

- Don’t download!

I downloaded this thinking it was free as no price was given or clear until after I had subscribed. I am unable to cancel this in my subscriptions as it is not listed there. I was happy to do the 3 day trial or even 1 wk to trial, but now am not interested as it is con worthy. How can I cancel now other call my bank & report?

- JG

Amazing app, have been looking around how to delete all my millions of duplicate numbers and photos, here is the answer.

- 142GB moved to photos and cannot remove

as soon as i used this app to ‘clean’ my storage, most of it was passed to photos. i deleted most of the items on the photos app but my settings still came up with 142 GB in my photos which it certainly did not have before i downloaded the app.

- First time using

I was recommended this app for my iPhone by my daughter

- They charged me for free trial

I had only installed app for 1 or 2 hours when I noticed they took 7.49 out of my bank account. All I wanted was the free trial. Is there a way I can get a refund?

- Cannot cancel

Downloaded the app, didn’t like it, tried to cancel it via Subscriptions as per the guidance BUT the App doesn’t appear there! Taken a screenshot. Even harder was trying to find a nickname not already taken, so I could submit this report!!

- Useless unless you pay

Bare minimum functionality unless you pay for a subscription. Seriously? Only being able to delete 5 photos a day?? Avoid this.

- Unexceptable

You can’t actually see what you are deleting so they could be deleting some important stuff when it smart cleans it for you and you have to pay a subscription

- Shiii app

This app literally is so trash I want to end the subscription but I don’t know how if the developer reads this can u plz leave ur email/phone number down because I want to end the subscription of this app thank you

- Charged me after cancel the subscription

I downloaded the app and find out that it will cost me money to run. So on same date I cancelled the subscription. Today I been charged $11 !!!!! What a shame way to steal ! Shame shame

- Not good app

I’ll not recommend this app as it doesn’t ask that which photos we want to keep and which want to delete so it deletes automatically some of good pictures and deletes the good ones. So it deleted my good pictures too.

- Buggy

Crashes before scan completes. Unusuable.

- Iremover nothing

As soon as i opened the app it asked me 3 questions that i couldnt untick. 3 being a 3 day trial then $12 a week. I dont think you should have a free download. Its deceiving and a time waster. Just charge up front or tell ppl its an ongoing charge.

- Even after unsubscribe why payment done

Kindly please refund and please don’t proceed payment without user subscription. Such a waste of time now even to follow up for refund. Plz get back soon.

- 5 Star? I will give 0 if I can

Keep ask you to pay, I don’t even try! Lucky I saw other complain, just want to know how so many 5 star come from? Useless app if you don’t pay, don’t download.

- Horrible app

When I first got this app, I thought I could clean my phone easily. But you have to buy a subscription in order to fully clean it.. This really frustrates me

- Don’t buy this app

Purchased this app only to discover none of the features work without purchasing a further subscription.

- Fraudulent product

Do not touch this fraudulent product . It is sold as a trial but there is not way to cancel the trial and it does not work and is expensive. How apple allows this to be sold is just wrong.

- Only 5 pictures daily

They only allow u to delete 5 photos daily , or u have to subscribe for 11$/ week which is too mich

- It costs money

This app is the worst because you have to pay for it to clean your device which you can do for free.

- It’s not free

Seems free at first but it’s not, you have to pay for it and it only shows you that in the app once you’ve already downloaded it

- Not great

Free app to download then they want to charge you monthly fee! Disappointing. Limits you to only deleting 50 photos a day. Easier to do it myself in photos

- Fooling people

They claim they have a free trail, after i spent 1 hour working on my photos .. a note appears says it’s only allowed to delete 5 pictures a day!!!

- Bad

I was going to get this but read the review of not escaping from a subscription. I don’t buy subscription apps I’d rather buy it once off.

- Removed names from contacts

Trialled and used to remove duplicates. Certainly did but deleted the copy with name attached. Saw pricing and way too expensive to keep long term.

- Bad application

Not a good idea to use this application as it stuff up the whole contacts and photos in your phone.

- Useless

Makes you buy a subscription but even when you do it’s useless

- Useless

The free trial last for all of merging about three phone numbers. I honestly don’t know whether the app works as the trial is so short. Complete waste of time.

- Don’t want to be unfair but

I used the cleaner and it did the job Couple of months later all Contacts back and app wouldn’t open !!!

- Very Bad Service and Scammer

Do not buy this App... the trial activated my 1 year licence instead of one week. Contacted customer support for refund but no response. I think this a very crooked company !

- Useless

There’s nothing you can do in free version of this app. You have to pay for it to do anything. Waste of time


It won’t let me cancel my free subscription anywhere! You con artists! Cancel my subscription now before this goes way too far!

- Bad

I don’t like to enter my details before the free trial so I forgot to remove the app it will start charging me automatically. This is ridiculous.

Payoneer 💰

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- Great app

I wouldn’t say it’s worth 40$ a month since it’s not something someone would use often but I do think it’s a great app - although I am a little confused about why they deleted some features - a great app overall.

- $40/month. Laughable

I don’t understand why anyone would make their business practices based on taking advantage of someone not knowing how to cancel a ridiculously priced recurring cost app.

- Poor customer service

They took my money and didn’t help me when I asked for refund They have the option of refund But when I asked for refund they didn’t refund

- Scam!

Total scam! They charge right away when it says trial and won’t answer when you message their support.

- Useless

Not worth the money or time

- Absolutely garbage

There is no way to cancel this, so pretty much you are stuck paying for an app that is garbage, and expensive as hell.

- What

$40 omg you don’t even know if it actually work like😟

- Merging Contacts is a Nightmare

Very poor logic for determining which contacts to merge. Not clear as to how to undo merge. What’s mess!! Do not let this app touch your contacts. They also don’t respond when you email for help!! Still not really reply yet my contacts are messed up. Don’t touch this app

- Comedy not cleaning app

$10/ week for running this app. Seriously ?

- worst cleaner app

when it scan my photo it say to all my photos are duplicates and they are not it doesn’t even know how to scan properly

- Scam app Not Free

My daughter downloded because it was free but it charged her $10 per week for nothing. your welcome

- Terrible app

Merges contacts from the same company. Backup won’t restore. Completely messed up 25 years of business contacts unrecoverable. No support They contacted me said they would help but weeks have gone by with no help or response Over 6000 contacts messed up. Multiple contacts from same company were merged into one restore still does not work. Do not buy

- Money returned to me!

I want my money returned, I had no idea there was a charge and am reporting this...I want every penny back now!


Without your approval, they charge you their subscription for their application which is very, very expensive. They also don’t give you the functionality of their app. It’s sometimes $40/month or $24/day. It’s a fraud! A number of people have gone through this and we could take action against this application.

- Scam

Please don’t even download this stupid app . You will get charge every WEEK . I just try it did not like it so I deleted. Guess what I got charge for two weeks on up going recorring subscription. It’s a pain to cancel . Big scam . Return all the money you guy still from people . And shame on you apple to let this scammers get away . Never had this issue before . Time for a Samsung Go to settings than click on your name I cloud,Apple ID, than go to subscribsion than scrall all the way down cancel . And take out payments to be sure not other app will charge you $ just for downloading

- Forces You To Use Free Trial

I don’t it, I want the free version :/

- Warning, don’t download this app

I think this app is some kind of fraud, Trying to charge you with multiple attempts. It should only ask once. I just closed it and deleted it right away before it asked me to pay again. If you have linked your touch id with apple store, as soon as you touch the home button you will be charged as your intestines may have been just to exit the purchase mode. It is not user friendly.

- Don’t waste your money

Ridiculously overpriced and essentially useless.

- Waste of time

This app is a complete waste of time! Do not waste your money, do not waste your time, just don’t get it. You’ll be better off just looking over your photos and videos and deleting what u can by yourself

- How to cancel trial whopps

How do i cancel. I did a trial bu mistake and dont want this app at all. Anyone?

- Great Clean up app!

Fast, convenient and easy!

- trash

if you’re not going to allow someone to use an app without paying advertise that beforehand

- Worst App EVER!

I’m not gonna Waste my time downloading fake app that charge me money..

- This app is a catfish

This app is horrible, I thought I could get some photos easily deleted but, sadly the harsh reality set in. The price is so I high I think I might have heart attack (the price being 40 dollars a month).

- No free trial. Free fake.

You go through the whole process it loads forever finding your pics then you spend about an hr or so going through them to make sure everything u want/don’t want is properly selected. Then you go to clear all selected and it makes u pick a plan. Like really? Why even let me get that far and spend 2hrs on this just to have to get a plan. Ugh.

- Absolutely useless

this app charged me money without asking me and wouldn't let me cancel. very poor customer service. If i could give them a -100 star i would. Wouldn’t recommend.

- Still getting charged

I cancelled this service weeks ago and have been charged now 2-3 times even though I unsubscribe!

- It’s very useful

My storage is so low but I don’t know what to delete and this app finds an organized way to free space knowing what to delete and what not


This is arguably the worst cleaning software application you can download on your device, it is way overpriced and doesn’t even work as well as the other cleaning softwares. Joke

- Poor business practices

I cancelled my subscription well before the expiry of the trial period yet I continued to get charged the weekly rate. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!!

- App is horrible

Never download this app ever period

- Paid

When it comes down to it, it’s a paid app, that’s not the problem. The problem is that it acts like it’s free. And who in their right mind would pay for an app that just cleans out your phone?

- Fraudulent practices

Weekly charge to use an app. The weekly charges are vague and misleading. $7.99 a week once you subscribe!

- READ⚠️

don’t trust these 5star reviews. this app is so horrible they trick you, scam you, lie, and use/sell your info. don’t get it. biggest regret

- well

not as good without the full version, i don't want to pay $8 a week for this

- Totally useless unless you pay too high a price

I downloaded the app, and started using it. After two hours of validating the photos and videos that I wanted to delete, that's when I was told that I had to pay $ 8 per week to do it !!!! I call it taking the consumer hostage. If there is a charge for some functions, it is totally unacceptable not to mention it when opening the app. You won't get a token from me...there is free apps making the same thing...

- What a joke

All the hype , just ti read the bad reviews.

- Can’t cancel subscription

The whole gimmick is that it’s free, except it’s not… without premium access you can’t “clean” your phone. With premium access it loosely scans through your photos and contacts and implores you to delete all your screenshots as well as “duplicates” that are very clearly not the same. This feature is what you pay for. There is no way for the user to cancel the subscription on their own. Users have to contact support to figure out how to cancel subscriptions and support doesn’t respond to its users.

- Subscription require for anything - $50 a year - no thanks

Too expensive


Il faut payer un forfait, sinon on ne peut supprimer seulement que 5 photos ou vidéos par jour !!! Totalement inutile, long et l'abonnement est très cher !! Très déçu, j'aurais accepter de payer un montant raisonnable, mais là c'est du vol.

- It doesn’t even work

Sure it locates the files, but it crashes before it deletes them. If I could give negative stars I would. This is like paying for a headache.

- Awfull

Worst app ever

- 🤢

it took me 1 hour to selec photos and you tell me to pay???

- Used to be free and now...

Look at the rates yourself. Greedy devs. Will boycott. Shame on you

- Don’t waste your time

Doesn’t even allow you to delete a picture without signing up for free trial. I would give a minus rating for this crap

- This is awful

I can’t do my work with too much storage your making it worse! THIS IS THE WORST! 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢


Well, I needed to clean up my phone and used a few months ago. I just realised they are charging me 6.99 a WEEK (not a month like normal apps) A WEEK!! $7.90 with tax. I haven’t even used the app since August. I requested a refund from apple and hope I get all my money back....why would you rip off people like that? Who charges $7 PER WEEK for an app?? I feel bad for all the people that haven’t noticed or didn’t get their money back. Losers Update: save your dumb copy and paste answer. It’s clearly a problem. All your reviews say the same thing. This is a disgusting business model. You’re only making money off of people who don’t know what their spending. If you want to make money- make it $10 a month or something. I have never seen an app so expensive. And you don’t even bother apologizing for the confusion. I am Pretty sure it is illegal to automatically take money from someone’s account after doing the trial like that. Any other app will say “times up- move forward with payment” not just quietly take your money....

- NOT free! LIE

Can’t stand apps that advertise free when they are NOT.

- Its bad

It terrible don’t get it

- Why pay?

I honestly wanna know why we gotta pay.

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Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage 4.40 Screenshots & Images

Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage iphone images
Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage iphone images
Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage iphone images
Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage iphone images
Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage iphone images
Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage iphone images
Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage iphone images
Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage iphone images
Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage iphone images
Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage iphone images
Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage Utilities application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage (Version 4.40) Install & Download

The applications Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage was published in the category Utilities on 2017-01-26 and was developed by BPMobile [Developer ID: 1085442365]. This application file size is 116.89 MB. Smart Cleaner - Clean Storage - Utilities app posted on 2022-06-27 current version is 4.40 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: