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Sweat daily to the 7-minute workouts or get beachbody ready with unlimited access to My Fitness’ award winning personalized health, fitness, and diet plans, calorie counter, weight loss programs, and our Advanced Meal Planner System (AMP)!

Join now to unleash your potential and get a free 7-day trial of Premium Access!


Includes over 800+ exercises shot in HD video and multiple Premium customized workout programs from HIIT, Kickboxing, Pre and Post-Pregnancy workouts, 5K & 10K running with GPS tracking, Weight Loss workouts and Yoga!

These workout plans build around you and allow full customizations including:

• Select fitness levels
• Swap exercises
• Ban exercises
• Adjust transition times
• Select available equipment
• Play your own music
• Let Beat Sync adjust the beat of your music to the pace of your workout

From Beginner to Advanced plans, My Fitness has everything including the My Fitness Workout Generator to build unique targeted workouts anytime with 10, 20, 30 or 45 minute options to target abs, legs, back and more!


My Fitness by Jillian Michaels is also your own personal diet coach with our A.M.P. system that takes the guesswork out of the equation helping you reach your weight loss goals or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Going beyond just planning your own meals, the A.M.P. System features tools to help plan meals for the whole family!

• Omnivore, Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo & Gluten Free, Pescatarian, 5-Day Jumpstart, Keto Plans
• Filter out ingredients for food allergies or foods you don't like!
• Grocery lists to check off the items in the app as you shop
• Dynamically adjust recipes for weight loss, maintenance or muscle gain.
• Pick the meals and days to eat on or off plan
• Dynamic recipe adjustment based on number of servings
• Options for batch cooking so you can plan to eat delicious leftovers!
• Mark Favorite recipes so they appear more often in your plan!

Jillian's Advanced Meal Planner System is a Premium feature and literally built around you and by you with 100's of recipes and more being added all the time.


• Siri shortcuts to open, pause and stop workouts
• Daily custom health tips from Jillian
• Fitness tests to help tailor your plan
• Earn and share badges for completing programs
• Jump between workouts on your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad
• Compare weekly side-by-side progress pics with the selfie photo tracker
• Compatible Bluetooth devices and Apple Watch for Heart rate tracking
• Apple Rings and Apple Health heart rate and activity integration!
• Calorie and exercise tracking shared with apps like My Fitness Pal, Lose It! and more via Apple Health integration!


The My Fitness app is free to download so you can browse all the app features. Upgrade to a Premium subscription with a free 7-day trial to access all of the custom workouts, Advanced Meal Planner System and more.

We offer 3 Premium subscription plans including Monthly (1 month), Quarterly (3 months), and Annual (12 months). Unless canceled or auto-renew is turned off 24-hours before the end of subscription term or the 7-day trial period, you will be billed automatically at a rate based on your chosen subscription plan at the end of the free 7-day trial or on your subscription renewal date.

You can manage your subscription and disable auto-renewal in your Account Settings after purchase or trial start. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when subscribing to a non-trial plan. Refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of your term.

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My Fitness by Jillian Michaels App Description & Overview

The applications My Fitness by Jillian Michaels was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2017-01-04 and was developed by EM Digital. The file size is 206.28 MB. The current version is 3.2.5 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

- UI changes for simplification
- Fixes issue with music tempo during stretching exercises
- Various minor fixes and tweaks

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Great workout no matter your fitness level  I LOVE DRAGON CITY i luv it  5 star

I have been using the Jillian Michaels app on and off for 6 months. My fitness level has dropped since I aggravated a slipped disc unrelated to the workouts. I just started working out again and am starting with the Beginners workout. It’s still intense, but less impact while acclimating to becoming fit again. It’s so easy to start a workout. Just select your level and hit start. Right in the comfort of your home. Highly recommended.


Audio Guidances  KRTSJK  4 star

Need to be able to hear her instructions more clearly. Otherwise so far so good!


Meets you where you are at  Keeton72  5 star

I am way out of shape (but am trying to change that). The programs have you assess the completed work out for difficulty. Then your next work out is perfectly tailored to your fitness level. I make progress and am challenged but also feel accomplished completing work outs that meet me where I am at. Thanks Jillian!


Love the variety  YMTTM  5 star

These workouts are challenging and targeted. I love the variety given in each routine and the opportunity to always target at least two area with every exercise


My favorite app  Ashley092987  5 star

I’ve been using this for months now! It is the best work out app I’ve tried. There are several work outs to choose from, I started with the one for beginners, and then moved on up as I became stronger. They even have work outs for pregnant and postpartum women. You can also generate your own workout based on how long you want to work out and what part of the body you want to work on. During the workouts you can upload your own playlist to listen to, so you can hear your own music. If that wasn’t good enough it also comes with a daily meal plan!


This is it!  SallyMcG  5 star

The only health, fitness, and or diet app or program you’ll ever need. I’ve been doing this app for over a year and it’s totally worth it. What are you waiting for? The excuses end now!

At Home Exerciser

Love this app!  At Home Exerciser  5 star

I love this app!! I really enjoy the workouts! My only suggestion for improvement is related to the words that are on the screen between the different exercises. When the screen displays what the next exercise will be, the font is tiny. Since I am exercising and not right next to the phone, it’s difficult to see what it says.


Five star!!!  Shamsiya50  5 star

I weighed 153 pounds when I started working out with Jillian Michaels. And I am 50, that is really hard loosing weight in my age because of hormonal system disorders. However, in spite of this , after 2,5 months workouts I lost 13 pounds weight and continue loosing it. Application is comfy and amazing, it has soo many recipes for variety my menu . Every day Jillian advices to do something for getting energy and eating properly. Her program is really working well. Thank you very much for your work Jillian!!!


Love the app, it just needs some tweaks  Kaleesto  3 star

First off, I want to say that I've been a Jillian devotee since she first hit the scene. I have all of her DVDs dating all the way back to *GASP* the Biggest Winner! (good luck finding those now) This app and all the work put into it is incredible. But... It could still use some tweaks. For those of us who have worked out with her for ages, the lack of mirrored consideration is a tiny bit annoying. (So when she calls out left arm stretch, it's her left arm and our right arm of mirroring her.) Totally minor, I get it, but still gets me every time nonetheless. I would imagine it could be any easy labeling fix on development's end...? The lack of a quick intro before diving into the 30 second set is also difficult for a transition. I know you can pause, but sometimes I can't even hear what she calls out because I'm working out on my phone so my 4 year old can watch on the TV. Lol! I wish there was a way to up the workout time (if I wanted to). There are some days when I'd love to do a 45 or 60 minute workout, but I haven't found the option to adjust it. Now... In the food part. I LOVE the menu for 6Keys, but QC needs to go over the recipes. There are often missing ingredients on the list that are described in the recipes and for obvious reasons, it messes up the meal planning or prep. Also, I would love to see an option to quickly swap out one of the meals for another on the plan. If this option is there, it's buried. If I delete a meal, it only let's me add a new one by typing in a name and calorie count. Pain in the butt when you're in a hurry. If Jill could add a water counter or a push notification option to remind us when to drink water, that would be amazing. (Just a recommendation, not a complaint.) Lastly, why-oh-why has this app not been approved to sync with Fitbit? 😭 Okay... Beyond all that, I am thrilled to be using the app this year and will continue to push through, despite the mild annoyances. It's a great app, from an amazing trainer. Plus, if you've got her new book, the added bonus of the 6Keys workout and diet are friggin cool. 😁


Excellent app!  Mz–Malybu  5 star

I love it! I recommend to anyone that want to start a healthy lifestyle! Every workout is fantastic!


Fantastic  JFGibsonWriter  5 star

This is the next best thing to having Jillian Michaels in your home. Great range of exercises combining strength and cardio that mixes it up so you get a great work out without getting bored. And for some reason I find Jillian’s voice both motivating and soothing. Works for me and I’m seeing great results.


You can’t find a better fitness app  hollyflanery  5 star

The beauty of this app is that you can use it absolutely anywhere! The POWER of this app is you have Jillian Michaels with you each and every step of the way! I couldn’t recommend this app more. Even as a money conscious university student it is TOTALLY worth it! Thank you so much JM ❤️❤️


Keeps me motivated  mermaidsinc  5 star

Great app always a different workout, lots of different programs and options. Love Jillian’s style of coaching and... because she keeps me motivated it works.


Fantastic App  CypherLovesTacos  5 star

Fantastic app! Would love some different workout music choices but otherwise perfect!!


It was good  Didilovexo  1 star

it was motivational, but I unsubscribed ages ago and for some reason they still took money for some reason


Love it.  LuieV83  5 star

I find Jillian and her energy motivating, and her body a fit, toned, healthy example to aspire to.


Amazing value, easy to sync with other apps  lucyedee  5 star

This app is such good value for its price. I’ve been using it steadily for a year and it is its own gym without the price tag. Heaps of variety, options to customise everything to your own preferences and needs and attention span! I love how you can change the music (use your own playlist on device or on Spotify etc) sync other apps to it (myfitness Pal, health, sleep monitor etc) and customise the length and difficulty of workouts. Lots of options to generate your own workout or go along with a program. Highly recommended. One edit - Jillian can you please bring back the motivation tidbits! I want more personalisation!


As much as it’s possible for me to like exercise, this isn’t bad at all  Apples🌃  5 star

I have the free version. Exercises change rapidly so I don’t get bored. Part of my regular routine now.


Jillian Michaels is awesome  #transplant_fit  5 star

Best. App. Ever. For fitness. The variety will keep you motivated and if you really want to change your health habits this app will help you as Jillian covers it all.


Love it to bits!  NiqNiq369  5 star

I used Jillian Michael's Body Revolution 12 weeks program last year and lost 10kgs. Now I'm looking to lose another 6kgs. I so believe in Jillian Michael's workout, and this app just makes my goal so much feasible. I like how it keeps track on your progress, it automatically ticks the calendar off once you've done the workout of the day, keeping you motivated.


Great fitness app  JulieS76  5 star

Started out as a free trial. Well worth the subscription!


Great app  60Clipper  5 star

It keeps me coming back and keeps me working out. What more could you ask?


Five Stars but...  Constellationleo  5 star

I’m giving this five stars so you get the app. This app has been very motivating and educational for me. I’ve been more on track with exercising than ever before. I’ve exercised on a regular basis and have been an active person since I was a child. I always feel like Jillian Michaels’ methods and advice are practical and long-lasting so I’m thankful for this app. That said - there are some things I wish it could do like multi-task workouts i.e. allow me to choose levels per workout vs set it for my profile. Also, I would like to build a shopping list ahead of the week, not on the first day of the week. In addition, if I skip a workout day or it doesn’t sync with another app (which it won’t in terms of workouts) then I would like the option to push my rest day. Otherwise, I use the app 6 days a week at least and listen to Jillian’s podcast and read the blog. While I’m very much the type of person who makes up their own mind and choices, I find this a very motivating and useful app!


Great but sometimes hard to load  Gleespen  5 star

Sometimes it keeps lagging out, but other than that, I love this app!

Lost 5 lbs in One Week

Great Workout  Lost 5 lbs in One Week  4 star

Amazing workout but I wish the app on your phone and the one on the tv were the same so it would sync together as the same account. I am not tech savvy so that just may be my bad but I also had trouble getting it to work with the app suggested to record food.


Need yoga sequence generator  SaundraM  4 star

I really like this app because it is so easy to customize your workout. I also love being able to play whatever music I want. The workout generator is terrific, but I would love to see the option to generate a yoga sequence.


Fitness  ginahairwitch  5 star

Love these workouts Just push i need constant changing workouts love the burn hopefully i loose last 40 I’m trying for Gym gets morning after a while this doesn’t !!!!!! Love you Jillian


Love it  kduprey  5 star

I’m not the biggest fan of the gym... Jillian brings the gym to you and motivates you along the way. Some days I hate her hahaha but most days I LOVE her!!

Well wisher 234578

Highly recommended  Well wisher 234578  5 star

Awesome workout... No need to go to the gym.


Loving it!  Chelle9307  5 star

I’m new to the app and love it. I love that you can take it anywhere. I also love that you can switch out moves. Bye bye Rockstar jumps! Can’t wait until the DVD’s are available, then I literally be able to do any Jillian workout anytime, anywhere!!


Brilliant and short workout  Ciab15  5 star

Love these workouts, and that time is made for stretching after. And that you can play music podcasts etc in background; I am struggling with my usual 4-month boredom with any exercise I do so more motivational talks from Gillian would be cool. This is my usual issue with any exercise and I really want to continue this program. One comment: it asks for a review before you get to hit the finish workout button and I haven’t reviewed for fear of losing my workout. Can the review option go somewhere else. I will have to check now if I have lost today’s


Jillian always delivers!  Adele7986  5 star

I have been a fan of Jillian Michaels for years and I can honestly say, I have never gotten results from any other trainer like I do with Jillian. She just knows how to get results, and get them fast. The meal plan is so easy as well and has so many options, which was a pleasant surprise and doable as Jillian doesn’t deprive you but helps you make smart choices instead. I am just in my 3rd week and I am already noticing big changes. Go download this app now!

Hollie Mehta

Personalised workouts take too long to load  Hollie Mehta  3 star

Love the workouts on this app but the only problem is that when I go to do the personalised workouts they take up to 15 minutes to prepare!! In 5 minutes it might have only loaded 3%. Please fix this

My Fitness by Jillian Michaels Comments

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