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Automatically track your sleep from your Apple Watch like Fitbit. No buttons to press, just wear your watch to sleep. Automatically log your sleeps and naps and wakeup to see insightful sleep analysis.

- No manual start/stop tracking your sleep. It is all automatic, just wear your watch to sleep.

- All day sleep tracking. Sleep during the day? Take naps? No problem! No need to configure sleep window, no need to set when you wake up, the app auto figures out when you fall asleep. Even works for naps.

- Tunable detection. Is the detection off? You might be moving more or less than other people, you now can adjust sensitivity if our detection is off.

- See details of each night's sleep, including when you get in bed, when you fall asleep, when you wake up, when you get out of bed, and your restless/restful period during the night.

- Add notes, use #hashtag to categorize sleeps so that you can see trends and what (e.g., #coffee #party) affect your sleep.

- Manually edit sleeps up to 7 days in the past.

- See history of your past nights, weeks or months, at a glance

- Integration with HealthKit, store detected sleep data in HealthKit.

Just wear watch to bed, and in the morning get a sleep report. For Tutorial and Diagnostic guides, click "App Support" under "Reviews" tab.

Sleep Tracker: by Sleepmatic App Description & Overview

The applications Sleep Tracker: by Sleepmatic was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2016-12-01 and was developed by Vimo Labs Inc.. The file size is 57.72 MB. The current version is 3.6.4 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

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👍👍👍👍  blacgal  5 star

I love this app.. it actually works well.. very accurate ☺️☺️


Worked great until it didn’t  Longspot  1 star

Loved the app until a few months ago when it stopped communicating regularly with phone. Wear watch every night, but data only occasionally gets recorded now. Problem started a few months ago.


Great app  Sahbe87  5 star

I use this app to track my sleep and have found it to be accurate in tracking my sleep. I compared it with another sleep tracker but found SleepMatic to be closer to tracking the time awake, restlessness and sleep times


Records separate sleep time  BeBeHut  5 star

The other apps I’ve tried do not record my afternoon sleep.


Not a fan  korynderella  1 star

I really wish this was better because the Fitbit sleep tracker is fantastic. The directions are extremely unclear, which makes using this app so hard to use, and doesn’t give any where near accurate information. I wish there would have been a trial period before purchasing, because I would not have bought it.


Just like Fitbit  ReallyFrustrated7777  5 star

If you have transitioned from a Fitbit to an Apple watch, this is the sleep tracker for you. I found Pillow and AutoSleep both way too complicated after the simple tracking I was used to with my Fitbit. The layout of this app is just like what I had with Fitbit, and the tracking is more accurate than it was with the other apps too! Definitely get this app and don't waste your time or money on the others.


Accurate  ggam73  5 star

This app works well with the Apple Watch. I registers when I’m awake in bed vs asleep.

Alison JH

Not accurate  Alison JH  1 star

I did not find this App to be accurate. AutoSleep is a more accurate App. I was glad I had them to compare.


Great app  SimplySnaptastic  5 star

Definitely recommend!


Best Sleep App  Esco242  1 star

App hasn’t work since mid March. I would give 0 stars if I could, this is a complete waste of money.


Could be better  Dani011194  1 star

Could be better. When relaxing, it reads you are sleeping..


Amazing app  LeapOfFaith89  5 star

Love the app. I have heart issues so knowing what my heart rate has been at in my sleep is great.


Great app  Julzrulz2014  5 star

I love this App. Shows exactly what I need.


Sleepmaatic  1968KEZZA  3 star

The app is good but it’s hard to under stand and most of time it’s wrong I adjust the time but it goes back to the wrong date the time I go to bed and when I wake up it needs fixing but other the wrong date & time and so it does work but I will for a better SleepMatic app it really need fixing ASAP I am about to delete it, being wrong all the time fixing the date and so I am really over it


Works well  mr.mepis  4 star

I like the summary that pops up during the day. The data is understandable. No problems.

Freezing ALL THE TIME!

What app???  Freezing ALL THE TIME!  1 star

This app has not worked for me since the 19th of October! It crashes when I open it, doesn’t show ANY data and doesn’t work on my Apple Watch either! Have tried deleting and reinstalling the app... still nothing!


This is how they should be  melbantw  5 star

Love this app. Accurate and easy to use and understand. Seems to accurately measure my sleep and awake times. Can’t find anything negative. Well done. Highly recommend.


Sleep  otty42  2 star

Struggling to understand its accuracy. I am awake more often and longer than it is recording


Cat  catoutback  5 star

Great app, I’m very glad to know how much I’ve slept, a good nights sleep is a reason to celebrate


Nigh night  michaeldine  5 star

Works well, easy to use and accurate


Haven’t slept in days  rbrbrbdyffkgjdysu  1 star

Or so this app is telling me. Impossible to calibrate to my actual sleep.


No reset? This needs to reset automatically at 12am!  LBL93  1 star

This app should automatically reset at midnight. Instead it keeps the previous nights sleep data on it. Please fix.


Doesn’t work  todkeyth  1 star

Says no data - no sleep detected. After I have wore it to bed 2 nights


Sleepmatic  Flyboy2016  5 star

Works great!!


Spotty  Jess_masters  4 star

I love this app, however, at least once a week, my sleep isn’t tracked. It just skips days


👍🏼👍🏼  Dhppbo  5 star

This app is the best one out there. Correct on the time I fall asleep and how many time during the night I toss and turn!!

Ross Capo

Didn’t track sleep  Ross Capo  1 star

Can’t figure out how to make this work, but I think it’s suppose to work on it own and it’s not. Disputing charge.


Doesn’t work!  DragonQueen101  1 star

This app doesn’t even track the right time I sleep. Comes up with these weird hours every day. Was really hoping for better as I loved the sleep part of my Fitbit and was hoping this would be like that.


Misleading  vikingking7  2 star

I am a former Fit bit user to Apple Watch. This is NOT the app for you.

Good Ol Hank!

Easy sleep tracking is back  Good Ol Hank!  5 star

I love my I watch but I hated the fact I couldn’t get my sleep numbers unless manually started and stopped the app. This does all those things and more automatically










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