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The world of scales and modes just got more interesting! Tessitura Pro is a powerful tool for students, Jazz players, Arrangers and Composers. Study scales and modes like never before.
Tutorials and example videos available from within the app

In 1959, John Coltrane revolutionized music with his melodic pattern cycles in Giant Steps. Schoenberg defied tonality with his tone rows and Messiaen found the symmetry hidden in music structures with his modes of limited transpositions.

So who is going to be the next pioneer to change the course of music?
We don’t know but we’d love to help. That’s why we’ve created Tessitura Pro, an amazing tool that brings the entire world of scales, modes and melodic patterns at your fingertips.

Tessitura Pro is much more than a thesaurus of scales, modes and melodic patterns, it’s an interactive tool to study and practice like never before.

In Tessitura Pro you can create your own melodic patterns and include different kinds of approaches. Tessitura Pro comes loaded with collections of pre-made step-skip patterns that will make the creation of new music a breeze. Tessitura Pro will apply any pattern to the scale of your choice and write the music for you. The possibilities are endless.

Study the relationship between source structures and modes, learn about their interval distribution and find upper structures for jazz improvisation, chord voicings and arranging.

Tessitura Pro will help you become the master musician you’ve always wanted to be.
Get Tessitura Pro today and take your music theory knowledge to the next level!

Discover which Upper Structure Triads, Quartals, Sevenths Chords to use for improvisation and chord voicings building.

Do you want to learn where you can use the Major or Minor Pentatonics in a solo?
or how to use Upper Structure Triads in chord voicings or improvisation?
Do you want to practice technique and scales: Imagine Hanon in all keys, scales and modes, and then raise it to the power of 10!!
It's all in Tessitura Pro.

An endless source of materials to study and practice. Learn music structures from a new perspective. Understand the relationship between modes in structures over the circle of fifths or the circle of fourths. Tessitura pro includes hundreds of scales and modes.

Develop your ears and practice scales with or without approach notes, arpeggios, chords and any structure you can imagine. Use it as a source of inspiration for improvisation and composition. An app that takes on the world of music structures in a unique and profound way.

Some of the concepts you can study and practice with Tessitura Pro are:
Scale and Source Scales
Triads and 7ths chords
Approach notes
Upper Structure Triads
Upper Structure Quartals
Step Skip Patterns with Inversion and Retrograde
Chord-Tones vs Tensions
Rhythmic Variation and Hemiolas

Tessitura Pro App Description & Overview

The applications Tessitura Pro was published in the category Music on 2016-09-09 and was developed by Ariel Ramos. The file size is 9.80 MB. The current version is 3.8.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Bugs fixed that were causing the app to crash (when no rhythm was used in patterns, when substructure were not found and the user wanted to see one at a time, on the guitar tabs when the note was out of range for the selected frets range)

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Tessitura Pro Reviews


Constantly crashing  algarhythm  1 star

I like the layout, You could really benefit greatly from this app if would stop crashing...geez!!


Really cool but...  &?!kkll  2 star

This app is really nice for what I do, but it crashes far too often


Could be great  Jspotts  2 star

The idea of and the concept of this app is truly great. I believe it could help with learning music and music theory, but I'll never know because it crashes every time I change a setting.


Keeps shutting down  Mrbrentbt  1 star

$6 is a lot for a app, can I get a refund?


Fixed the issue  egd3hr  3 star

The issue below was fixed by an update, and I appreciate the attention. It still needs improvement on the ease-of-use. App crashes after I change the clef to Bass on the assistant. Also incredibly difficult to learn, not intuitive at all. Needs work!


Rapid developer response  zr1bill  5 star

I purchased this app and it crashed when changing to bass clef. I gave it one star. Within a few days, I got a response and it was fixed. That is great support!


Great Idea, needs some improvements.  jrg828  4 star

Love the mobility and experimental aspects of this app. Great scales and shapes to play with. Lots of Messian structures to try, along with the basic modes and such. Layout is alittle confusing, some things are spelled wrong (Musically and the way some are written. "Dorain #9"?) Would love an update in the guitar panel, as Its impossible to navigate while all notes in the corresponding scale you select luminate at the same time while moving. After some time I can construct the typical 3 note per string run, but for students this may be alittle daunting. Maybe consider adding a "position" option for those who want to digest each scale piece by piece along the fretboard. Like I said, fantastic app, great for experimenting if you already know your common scales/modes, and fantastic for learning the basics too. Make this THE scale app for teachers and students by including user friendly functions and expanding. Has lots of potential!!


Still in development.  yesiamgoddd  3 star

Contains a ridiculous amount of scales and chords, but crashes almost every time I use it. Should probably function better for $6.


Music Scales Amazing!! Great update  Yurima73  5 star

This app is getting better with every update. The option to view the circle by fourths was a great addition since I have always used the circle that way. Thanks Now with guitar tabs! The simple yet effective graphing of the scales and how you get all the related modes by just rotating the graph around the circle is brilliant. I've been looking for an app like this for a long time. If you want to understand and practice scales this is the app. I can practice any scale in any mode, even scales I did not know existed. The circle of fifths with the scales in it is awesome. And the patterns are really useful. The fact that this app does not have thousands of reviews, puzzles me. I guess people just want to play games on their phones It is among the best apps for scales and modes I've seen.


First victim  matth3w8D  5 star

Well the app does have a lot in it, although I like the way it looks some things are mushed up and in small letters. Hopefully and update comes soon where this can be fixed. The app does also take you to YouTube for tutorials on how to use the it plus help with the music theory If you are new to it.

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