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myFitnessSync downloads your entire Fitbit history from and stores it on your iPhone in Apple Health. After syncing your data manually for the first time the app will auto-sync your data in the background multiple times a day.

Works with your Fitbit Ace, Alta, Alta HR, Blaze, Charge, Charge HR, Charge 2, Charge 3, Flex, Flex 2, Ionic, One, Ultra, Surge, and Versa. Also work with you Fitbit Aria scale.

You can now sync any of your Fitbit Workouts to Apple Health. Running, Hiking, Walking, Cycling, Elliptical, Swimming, Strength Training, Yoga, Stair Climbing, Calisthenics, Circuit Training, Aerobics and many more.. This is our first release with support for workouts. If you run into any issues or have improvements ideas please contact support. We will address you questions right away.

myFitnessSync syncs up to 14 fields. You can customize the app to only sync the fields you want
- Steps
- Weight
- Resting Heart Rate
- Walking + Running Distance
- Active Energy
- Resting Energy
- Dietary Energy (Food Calories)
- Sleep Analysis
- Time In Bed
- Time A Sleep
- Body Fat Percentage
- Body Mass Index (BMI)
- Lean Body Mass

- Flights Climbed
- Water / Hydration

NOTE: Fitbit restricts access to all-day heart rate data. We hope to have access to intraday data soon

Over 700 5 star reviews! The app is syncing Fitbit data to Apple Health for over 50,000 people for last last 2 1/2 years. Rock solid syncing technology.

Looking to sync your Apple Health app or Apple Watch data to Fitbit app? Try our other myFitnessSync app: Apple Health to Fitbit Sync -

5/5 "This app is awesome! I have an iWatch but I love the Fitbit! Finally an app that puts all my info in the iPhone health and does it correctly! Thank you" - TTWalker57

5/5 "Hard to beat software that works well!" - ican'tthinkofagoodnickname

5/5 "This is the Best app to Sync Fitbit data to Health and it works perfectly. Auto sync feature works great. This is the best sync app I ever used. Best Buy!" - Karthikeyan

Sync your Fitbit data to your wellness and rewards programs such as Go365

Syncing your Fitbit data everyday with myFitnessSync for your iPhone allows you to use the Apple Health app to view your Fitbit data and any other fitness or medical data in one app.

App Instructions -

We want hear from you!! We cannot respond to your questions or comments in review posts. Instead of posting questions or comment as a review please send them to [email protected] or visit our support page - Thank you.

To remove all your Fitbit data from Apple Health and resync - delete our app, install it again, launch the app and click "Sync Now"


"Myfitnesssync" - "Very easy to use with my fitbit app and health app"

"Does what it says it does" - "So pleased to have my Fitbit info sync to My Health app on my iPhone 6. No problems at all so far"

"Does what it claims" - "The amount of money and time that have been wasted could have been saved if I had come across this app first. Thank you!"

Data is synced using 3 easy steps. After your first sync you can use One Click Sync

1. In the myFitnessSync app, sign into using your account credentials
2. Pick the fitness fields(steps, sleep, etc..) you want to sync with Apple Health
3. Click the "Sync Now" button to start syncing your Fitbit data with Apple Health

To avoid seeing duplicate activity data in the Apple Health app disable fitness tracking on your iPhone. Go to Settings->Privacy->Motion & Fitness and disable "Fitness Tracking"

Please Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life. Our tests have shown that our app only uses 1% of your battery while running in the background

Fitbit to Apple Health Sync App Description & Overview

The applications Fitbit to Apple Health Sync was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2016-07-18 and was developed by Bickster LLC. The file size is 6.69 MB. The current version is 1.6.3 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

- Apple Health resting heart rate field is used instead of heart rate!!
- Download & Backup all your Fitbit data to Apple Health and your iCloud account. Never lose your data and sync between multiple devices with iCloud. Download now!
Please do not post issues with the myFitnessSync for Fitbit - Fitbit to Apple Health as a review. Report issues to [email protected] or so we can help you resolve them. We have resolved every issue that has been reported.

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Fitbit to Apple Health Sync Reviews


Beware the app doesn’t work !!!  Mrs.Doss  1 star

The app doesn't work it was a waste of time and money.


Doesn’t work  ALMG2019  1 star

Doesn’t work! Don’t waste your money! Ugh.


iPhone 8, iOS 12.2, Fitbit Versa, MyFitnessPal  JBelford44  5 star

Works perfectly. Has synced ALL previous years’ worth of data from old FitBits and old Android and iPhones logging MyFitnessPal and MapMyRun, Headspace—literally every bit of data from every health/fitness app I’ve ever used and synced it to Apple Health. I understand some people seem to have issues—but this worked very well for me. It was easy and took not time to set up. Great app.


Really does work as expected. Worth the price.  italianxidiot  5 star

All I wanted was for Fitbit, Apple Health, and CARROT to have access to the same information. Thanks to this app, now they do! It was very easy to do but you have to follow the instructions, as with anything. Thanks!

Mc. Wizzie Wizzie

Using Apple Watch to replace Fitbit  Mc. Wizzie Wizzie  1 star

Data doesn’t sync to my Fitbit app at all. Tried following instructions, faq, and reviews. No luck. Mostly want to use it for heart info and sleep tracking but no luck


Does exactly what it was supposed to!  NightAngel1228  5 star

About 5 minutes of my time between downloading and installing then synching and I migrated all my Fitbit data from YEARS past to Apple health and it matches up. Thank you for a reliable transfer app!

Eric Ballinger

Not sure the problem.  Eric Ballinger  5 star

Saw the bad reviews and was hesitant. I got an error message when I first tried to sync. I tried a little trouble shooting on my own and that wasn’t the problem. Went to “help” and the answer was the first thing that popped up. Synced right off.


Does Not Do As Promised  f&dm  1 star

App does not sync the information from my Fitbit to Apple Health as it should. I use my Apple Health for my WW app. Not worth the money nor the time to set it up. Wish I had my money back.


Doesn’t work  megcoffey05  1 star

Data is going to apple health app but not to Noom which is what I needed it to do.


Just started  Maxkoey  5 star

My friends use it and I could have used it before but I decided to wait

Nick E2

Finally, a solution to FitBit foolery  Nick E2  5 star

I have been waiting for years for the ability to export my FitBit data easily, including being able to share it to Apple Health. This app performs as advertised. Imagine how happy you will be to see your FitBit data in Apple Health & buy this app. Worth it! FitBit’s short-sightedness has finally been fixed, many thanks to the developer team. 5 stars.


Poor  RCH1984  1 star

Not was described. Waste of money. Want my $7.99 back!!!

Ecrim mahaly

Can’t sync Apple to Fitbit  Ecrim mahaly  1 star

Doesn’t do what it says. Waste of money


Handy But Bare Minimum  thejaf_04  1 star

I’m not at all happy I had to pay to use this terrible app, but it does do the job... I wish they could just automate the data transfer so I don’t need to do it manually daily!


Great support  juleswolak  5 star

Initially I had issues with syncing all the fields but got in touch with the app support & they were fantastic! Troubleshot until we found the issue, which was the Apple Health data priority list. Now it works really well. Very happy!


Doesn't auto sync  Sammie.sea  3 star

It doesn't auto-sync like it says it does and I wanted… it does sync every field I have selected manually with no problems.


Misleading  UnderTheOath  2 star

I bought this app because it promised to do what the app I currently use doesn't do -- sync resting heart rate. Imagine my surprise when it doesn't actually perform as advertised. This was a waste of money for me. It works perfectly well for most Fitbit fields, but I'd spend your money on more honest competitors instead. I recommend Sync Solver.


It's great!  Tree958  5 star

It actually does sync your Fitbit to Apple Health!


Does exactly what it's meant to every time.  MoreThanDanny  5 star

Worth the price.

Laily Bug

This APP WORKS  Laily Bug  5 star

I am so skeptical of these types of apps and seriously didn't think this would work well. I'm nearly a week in and I've been proved incorrect! This app works and is easy to use. Love it!


Works well  Weathergyosu  5 star

It doesn’t map all of the fields, but it correctly imports data for the fields it does.

WPA Supplicant

Complete Crap, save your money!  WPA Supplicant  1 star

Won’t sync keeps giving me an error. The other app is way better and cheaper. Can’t believe I wasted my money on this crap.


Counterintuitive and would not recommend purchase  Heygiggle  1 star

I purchased both this app and the myFitnessSync Health to Fitbit version, paying nearly $10 for the pair. I was firstly enthusiastic about this purchase because it does assist with conjoining all health information to the Apple Health app. However, the supposed automatic communication has yet to function, despite tweaking permissions. By my experience, syncing only occurs manually by pressing the “Sync Now” button. In addition, because I had not manually synced my information through the Fitbit to phone prior to going to bed, when I synced in the morning, it only registered my movements when my phone was on my person. As a result, over 8,000 steps and 78 active minutes, etc. recorded by my Fitbit are missing on both my iPhone Health app and Fitbit app. I tried syncing with the Health to Fitbit as well to remedy the error, and it did nothing.


Not great  perksofbeingnatalee  1 star

It doesn’t sync my Apple Watch steps, just my iPhone steps and those are considerably less (like by 3-4K). Help!

Mama's Moonshine

Worthless  Mama's Moonshine  1 star

Complete waste of money. I thought this app would offer SOMETHING that the Fitbit didn’t. Yup - it syncs with the health app - THE SAME INFORMATION THAT THE FITBIT HAS. What a waste.

Funtime Ben

Error getting Fitbit Profile RESOLVED  Funtime Ben  4 star

Turns out when you set up the app allow access to all data and then just choose what to sync in the app.

1st Second

Pretty Weird  1st Second  1 star

Received a Charge 3. Of course, no user manual but I expected that. Tried to set-up Fitbit acc’t from iPhone 6S but wouldn’t connect. Downloaded the App for $5.95. Couldn’t use App without Fitbit acc’t. Rambled on over to the computer. Set-up acc’t and found that the Fitbit App should not be downloaded before acc’t set-up. Too late for that tidbit of news! Still, tried to work thru the problem. Went back to iPhone, opened App, and logged into acc’t. Selected ‘Fields’, etc and chose ‘sync’. Said no. Asked me to download ‘Health’ App. Did so. Of, I know there’s nothing in health App to Sync but it tried. Told me my device was sync’d. But nothing in iPhone, nothing on computer, and the Fitbit won’t turn on. Somehow I don’t think it matters. I’m pretty sure it won’t work either! Now I’m no technophile but I’m certainly no amateur at these things either. My take is this: if the manufacturer of a product doesn’t care enough about their customers to include a “Getting Started” instruction manual in the product box, I don’t think they deserve my business. Unfortunately, this Fitbit is going in the trash.


Syncs my Fitbit data to apple health  tom11234567  2 star

The app does what it says it supposed to do. Which is nice as a most apps don’t live up to the promise. The app makes it really simple and easy to download your Fitbit data to Apple health. With one click it sinks all my fields to Apple health in seconds. It’s great to see apple health perspective and presentation of my Fitbit data. I also get to see other data like my weight in one app instead of using multiple apps. I have years of Fitbit data that synced in under a minute which was amazing. And now the app syncs every day so I can continuously track everything.This app is a bargain as I Love my Fitbit and would have paid a lot more to have my Fitbit data sync to Apple health everyday. I hope this review helps someone who is deciding whether to download the app or not.


Steps disappear  [email protected]@99  1 star

Whenever I sync my app to my Fitbit, I lose all of my steps. I repeatedly go from 15000+ to 1000 when it syncs.


Manual is fine  muckw  3 star

Works manually, but has never synced automatically.

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