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RPG Scribe is a smart character sheet with built-in reference for Pathfinder and D&D 3.5 (PRD, SRD respectively*). Here are some reasons why thousands of players and dungeon masters love the app, and why you will love it too:

• SMART: RPG Scribe knows a lot about Pathfinder/3.5e and does the math for you. Change one thing and all associated stats are recalculated on the fly!

• STEP-BY-STEP: Character creation and level-up are performed step-by-step. It takes only seconds (instead of hours with pen & paper) and you just can't go wrong with it!

• MANAGE EVERY ASPECT: Every aspect of your character is covered: all basic statistics, skills, feats, spells, inventory, equipment, special ability and ammo tracking, class-specific features (like domains, bloodlines, etc.) and more.

• ELEGANT & EFFICIENT: With intuitive layout, attention to detail and extensive use of graphic icons RPG Scribe is designed to be easy and efficient to use while still being quite powerful.

• BUILT-IN REFERENCE: RPG Scribe contains built-in PRD reference that can be browsed and searched. Relevant information is always available when you need it!

• CUSTOMIZE: You can extend built-in content with your own races, classes, feats, spells, weapon types, etc.

• GREAT FOR DMs TOO: As a DM you can easily generate random non-player character or make use of quickly accessible reference.

• ALL IN YOUR POCKET: You will never want to go back to a paper character sheet again (nor any other digital)!

Check http://rpgscri.be/pf to learn more about RPG Scribe Pathfinder.

(*) Pathfinder Reference Document and System Reference Document. Check our website for information on included content.

RPG Scribe Pathfinder & 3.5 App Description & Overview

The applications RPG Scribe Pathfinder & 3.5 was published in the category Entertainment on 2016-06-16 and was developed by Rlyeh Industry. The file size is 83.25 MB. The current version is 1.19.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• [PF] Expansion Pack addition:
• New Wizard archetypes: Chronomancer, Exploiter Wizard, Instructor, Spell Sage.
• New Arcanist archetypes: Brown-Fur Transmuter, Occultist, Twilight Sage, White Mage.
• New Bloodrager archetypes: Rageshaper, Spelleater, Steelblood.
• Miscellaneous other additions: spells (Entice Fey (Normal, Lesser, Greater), Shamefully Overdressed); Oracle mystery (Whimsy); few new feats.
• Bug fixes.

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