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RPG Scribe is a smart character sheet with built-in reference for Pathfinder and D&D 3.5 (PRD, SRD respectively*). Here are some reasons why thousands of players and dungeon masters love the app, and why you will love it too:

• SMART: RPG Scribe knows a lot about Pathfinder/3.5e and does the math for you. Change one thing and all associated stats are recalculated on the fly!

• STEP-BY-STEP: Character creation and level-up are performed step-by-step. It takes only seconds (instead of hours with pen & paper) and you just can't go wrong with it!

• MANAGE EVERY ASPECT: Every aspect of your character is covered: all basic statistics, skills, feats, spells, inventory, equipment, special ability and ammo tracking, class-specific features (like domains, bloodlines, etc.) and more.

• ELEGANT & EFFICIENT: With intuitive layout, attention to detail and extensive use of graphic icons RPG Scribe is designed to be easy and efficient to use while still being quite powerful.

• BUILT-IN REFERENCE: RPG Scribe contains built-in PRD reference that can be browsed and searched. Relevant information is always available when you need it!

• CUSTOMIZE: You can extend built-in content with your own races, classes, feats, spells, weapon types, etc.

• GREAT FOR DMs TOO: As a DM you can easily generate random non-player character or make use of quickly accessible reference.

• ALL IN YOUR POCKET: You will never want to go back to a paper character sheet again (nor any other digital)!

Check http://rpgscri.be/pf to learn more about RPG Scribe Pathfinder.

(*) Pathfinder Reference Document and System Reference Document. Check our website for information on included content.

RPG Scribe Pathfinder & 3.5 App Description & Overview

The applications RPG Scribe Pathfinder & 3.5 was published in the category Entertainment on 2016-06-16 and was developed by Rlyeh Industry. The file size is 85.47 MB. The current version is 1.22.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• [PF] Expansion Pack additions:
• 40 new alternate racial traits including traits for uncommon races from Advanced Race Guide plus 'Dual Talent' (Human), 'Dayrunner', 'Feral' (Orc), 'Exotic Weapon Training' (Tengu).
• Bug fixes.

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Definitely worth it!  JAV671  5 star

I love this app. It makes character creation much easier. The developers also seem to make additions to it regularly. I wish they would continue to add more items and gear but you can create custom gear, so this isn’t a big deal. I have been using this app exclusively in my new campaign and it has made keeping track of everything so smooth. I bring my iPad to the table and everything else is taken care of.

Geri EC

Samurai Archetype  Geri EC  4 star

Really like this app, but was hoping that the Yabusame archetype would of been included with the added Samurai class


Powerful Player Tool, keeps getting better  AnnoyedAbroad  5 star

This app solves quite a few problems I’ve run into with tabletop roleplay. I don’t have to bring all of my pathfinder books to every session, and My players don’t have to take turns looking up spells/skills/feats/etc. An entire database is available for them and they can easily toggle between that and their character sheet view. Character creation and leveling up is a complete breeze and you can have tons of characters. The app handles the vast majority of races, classes, and archetypes for pathfinder (which is a LOT), and they seem to be regularly updating the app with more pathfinder content. Before getting into any caveats I just cannot stress it enough that this is THE app to use for playing pathfinder. It’s totally approachable for new players, much less intimidating than having to do all the math yourself with pen/paper. And it is even more useful in the way that it helps your magic users track their spell lists, spells known, prepared spells, available spell slots, etc. Appreciated for any spell casting class but especially so for prepared spell users with massive spell lists. Your players can easily review all their options during the game and plan for the adventure without having to flip back and forth through your books with their Cheeto dust fingers. It as adds handy trackers for several other class/race features, which is great for all those spell like abilities that your players don’t want to have to write down. The classes and races from occult adventures and ultimate wilderness are not yet added, so if your group is using those it might be tricky. Thankfully you can use a custom class/archetype creation within the app to work around that until they add it in. Other than that one of my only pain points is the lack of search functionality in the database portion of the app. When your PCs select new spells and feats they can search by name easily enough but it isn’t an option if you just look at the database outside that context. The UI is otherwise really clean. Another thing that would be nice to have is support for alternate racial traits as per the advanced race guide, but I could see that as being a high complexity effort for functionality that might not be used by most players.


Good start  Usmcguy0811  4 star

I’ve started messing around with this app and as a guy who uses pcgen a lot this isn’t the best but it is definitely helpful. The expansion definitely provided more options and is fun to play around with. I’d like to see the CMB broken down to each skill and the ability to enchant equipment properly not with just spell like abilities. Then there are the missing combat styles that should be there, as well as possibly adding in support for templates and everything revolving around 3.5 which in my opinion is still way better than 5e. It is what it is though and I do like where this is headed.

That one guy Evan

Cool app but I payed money and I am missing some archetypes I really enjoy  That one guy Evan  4 star

I bought the expansions for pathfinder hoping I’d have access to all the SRD content. I sat down and got ready to build a stone lord but it looks like I’ll have to on paper. All and all a useful app but if you have a specific build in mind it may be missing some things

Sleepy Commuter

Awesome resource  Sleepy Commuter  5 star

I own all the pathfinder core rulebooks but find myself doing more research in this app than in the original documents. There are monthly updates when you buy the expansion. Great app, I love it.


Wishes  D&Dnerd  4 star

I love the app, but I play a Kineticist in one campaign so it’d be really nice to get the occult classes added.


Good concept, has some holes to fill.  Zsmcclune  4 star

Rating this for the Pathfinder expansion. This app is good for making basic NPC’s and characters that don’t have too many complex alternative rules going, such as archetypes and alternate racial traits. Play pretty well stay on top of updates, and are constantly looking to expand what the app offers, which is much appreciated.

MR. A (Clan E.W.!)

Customization needs help.  MR. A (Clan E.W.!)  4 star

The 3.5 section needs lots of updating, but just providing the ability to better customization would help overcome these problems. . With Improved Familiars out there it would be nice to be able to create our own, especially when the current list is so small. . There is no access to all the “Special Feats” in the program file such as the Paladin’s Lay on Hands/Divine Grace, a Monk’s AC Bonus, Ranger’s Combat Style, or Mystic Theurge’s Spells per Day . Creating a custom character class or copying then editing an existing class is not currently possible. It makes playing in a customizable world with a flexible DM difficult. . I’d even pay for a Customization expansion pack, please make this happen! . Don’t take this review the wrong way, this is still the best character app for D&D 3.0-3.5!! . I’d start dropping more cash if I could spell out the changes I would like added!!!


Awesome app  Jaws05grad  5 star

I have been using this app for almost a year and love it. The regular updates are great. And I love the customization I am able to bring to my campaign as a GM. It makes it easy for me to track my players progress and allows me to customize some of my more meaningful bosses. Great job and keep the good work and updates please.


😱  Trader117  5 star

Amazing app, but I’m curious will you do a Starfinder one of this?


The Best Character Sheet App I've Found  xXMuttXx  4 star

I tried a bunch of different ones and this is the easiest and most comprehensive app I could find. They're constantly updating, which is excellent. I have given it 4/5 because there is not yet a way to track companions, but they have said that they are working on it.

Sgathaich Fey

Awesome!  Sgathaich Fey  4 star

As the healer in my party with almost no PF knowledge this has saved the lives of our party numerous times! Love the regular updates, would love to see the option for gestalt characters down the line!


Why combine 3.5 and PF apps?  Jimbadabing  1 star

I want a refund this is unacceptable


Solid helpful app  Bloedtarnen  4 star

As a relative newbie to Pathfinder, I am enjoying the app, and how it can help me manage my characters. It has got a lot to it but as they say, they are continually adding new content. Would benefit from cloud synching and traits which may come in the future.


Great app  Baxters117  5 star

A great app, works perfectly, it would be great if the authors added support for mutliclassing beyond level 20


Good but missing Oracle  MisterISTJ  2 star

This looks like a really good app. However, I purchased it mainly to use for an Oracle character. Unfortunately, this character class is not supported. I hope this will be remedied in a future update.


Good, handy app  |.|.|.|  4 star

The app is handy. It would be great if some other races and classes were added as it can be a bit difficult to do it manually. I would love to have an area for a character picture, too. Even just a small tab on the main page.


Wonderful!  mike.ninja  5 star

Although not quite complete (at this time), all the core stuff is here and they are actively adding more. This is by far the best character generator and sheet index I have found. Love using it!


Great for people who know how to play  Arrille  5 star

It handles everything for you. All your modifiers and what not. It won’t help new players learn how to play, but it handles all the math for you. It makes character creation nearly instant.


Comprehensive  wheretorobert02  5 star

So great as a guide as well as a character-maker. Wondering when Ultimate Wilderness will be added?

Gamemaster E

Best RPG character app  Gamemaster E  5 star

My party and I exclusively use this app for any pathfinder games we play. It has a great interface and everything is extremely easy to use. The constant updates are also a huge plus. One thing that i would request is some expansion on the custom class option. While it is fantastic it only allows for basic feats to be selected and no class abilities. If that could be added or allowing us to make custom archetypes it would be amazing. Keep up the good work!


Fantastic  LGDRAGON886  5 star

Now the only way I do Pathfinder!! Great organization, now I can efficiently go through feats and leveling characters without feeling overwhelmed! If anything I could suggest is add more classes more often

Wilfrid the Wise

Great Pathfinder app!  Wilfrid the Wise  5 star

I love this app for helping me make accurate and detailed npc's for my pathfinder adventure that I DM for. This app also helps me make accurate items for the adventurers to loot from slain enemy boss fights. It is also updated often which is great!!! Thanks guys for making this app!!! Also will you guys ever make a D&D 5e character sheet? That’d be amazing!!!!!

Taylor #6

Amazing app  Taylor #6  5 star

This app is pretty great, especially if your DM likes to run limited games. Developers are doing great work here, and even respond to your questions quickly and efficiently. I can’t wait to see the future additions to this app.


Love this app!  Spiderman22567  4 star

What can I say about this app. I found it about 3 or 4 months ago and I was pleasantly surprised by the content and volume of references it had. From fighter to hybrid classes, to races, to equipment and weapons to racial weapons. This app has it all and has my friends who use HeroLab mad at me because they like the layout of RPG Scribe more than the app they have. Good job guys, keep up the good work!


Witchcraft!  Anonymonyous  5 star

I don’t know how you do it, but you always come out with the class features I’m interested in. It’s amazing. Thank you for making this app great!


Soon to be must have!  Jexyo  5 star

With an update nearly every week and the quality of the app, this will be a must have for any pathfinder player!

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