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RPG Scribe is a smart character sheet with built-in reference for Pathfinder and D&D 3.5 (PRD, SRD respectively*). Here are some reasons why thousands of players and dungeon masters love the app, and why you will love it too:

• SMART: RPG Scribe knows a lot about Pathfinder/3.5e and does the math for you. Change one thing and all associated stats are recalculated on the fly!

• STEP-BY-STEP: Character creation and level-up are performed step-by-step. It takes only seconds (instead of hours with pen & paper) and you just can't go wrong with it!

• MANAGE EVERY ASPECT: Every aspect of your character is covered: all basic statistics, skills, feats, spells, inventory, equipment, special ability and ammo tracking, class-specific features (like domains, bloodlines, etc.) and more.

• ELEGANT & EFFICIENT: With intuitive layout, attention to detail and extensive use of graphic icons RPG Scribe is designed to be easy and efficient to use while still being quite powerful.

• BUILT-IN REFERENCE: RPG Scribe contains built-in PRD reference that can be browsed and searched. Relevant information is always available when you need it!

• CUSTOMIZE: You can extend built-in content with your own races, classes, feats, spells, weapon types, etc.

• GREAT FOR DMs TOO: As a DM you can easily generate random non-player character or make use of quickly accessible reference.

• ALL IN YOUR POCKET: You will never want to go back to a paper character sheet again (nor any other digital)!

Check http://rpgscri.be/pf to learn more about RPG Scribe Pathfinder.

(*) Pathfinder Reference Document and System Reference Document. Check our website for information on included content.

RPG Scribe Pathfinder & 3.5 App Description & Overview

The applications RPG Scribe Pathfinder & 3.5 was published in the category Entertainment on 2016-06-16 and was developed by Rlyeh Industry. The file size is 82.25 MB. The current version is 1.18 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• [PF] Expansion Pack additions:
• New archetypes: Cloistered Cleric (Cleric), Feral Gnasher (Barbarian), Corpse Hunter (Ranger).
• A few new Investigator-specific feats.

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Comparison  unknownpersob  3 star

I was looking for a hero lab equivalent but was disappointed. If your looking for a hero lab equivalent this is not it. This app lacks some of the feats and gear in the pathfinder books. Was disappointed in this regard. The Layout is ok but not great. Not a bad app but doing pen and paper will get you a better character in the end.

It does Yeah?777

Incredible app, and a must buy!  It does Yeah?777  5 star

This has helped myself and friends through a bunch of campaigns through many different worlds. It’s also amazing for last minute characters and random npcs. 10/10 recommend to buy. My only question is when will you make one for 5e? Thanks for all the hard work you put into this, it made the game way easier to play


Great app  Vaughnve  4 star

I absolutely love this app! It does need a couple more things though. A more complete item list, spell list and mythic stuff for pathfinder.


Impressively Consistent Updates  xXZombieGamerXx  5 star

While this app doesn’t have every class or archetype, the creators are doing a fantastic job of slowly completing the massive catalogue of choices. Definitely worth the premium price. Can’t wait until they add the Investigator or Skald.


I love this app  NickTrep91  5 star

I bought a brand new iPad for me and for my son so we both could have the pleasure of using this app. Please add ranger archetype hooded champion and slayer archetype sczarni executioner


Great app  digeratidave  5 star

This app really helps me enjoy Pathfinder more and is great tool for someone who has severe dyslexia like me

Satisfied User2121

Indispensable App for Character Management  Satisfied User2121  4 star

This is indispensable for rapid character creation and experimentation. It won’t disappoint. It gets all the stats right and calculates weapons, armor, effects, etc all automatically! Amazing! The one thing I WISH this app had was dice rolling! This is the ONLY reason I don’t give it 5 stars. If this feature were added it would definitely be a full 5–easily!


Great  ShortOliver  5 star

Great app. Updates with new characters. I sent an email to the group about adding the brawler class. And it’s here now I am ecstatic. Best app I’ve downloaded as of today.


Not good for pfs  WindFreak  1 star

Hard to use, hard to shop for equipment. Cheaper than hero lab but that is no reason to use. No journal entry system.


Great app, but maybe not if you like tons of non-standard options  Truebluegeekgirl  5 star

I’m not normally one to pay for an app, but I think that this one was worth the $2.99 for the app itself and the $4.99 for the Pathfinder upgrade. I play in a play-by-post group and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out somewhere and unable to update because I needed to refer to something on my character sheet, which I keep at home on my computer! I especially love that it makes all most of the calculations you need for you. That said, it does not have every single Pathfinder option ever released. Among the things missing, I noted story feats, animal companion-specific feats, the elemental arcane schools for wizards, as well as most magical items that aren’t worn in one of the slots and many of the mundane items, though you can add some of those yourself. I also could not figure out how to add magic properties to weapons, though that may be a user error on my part. But if you don’t need to venture too deeply into every PF option ever offered, this app should work just fine for you.


😱  Trader117  5 star

Amazing app, but I’m curious will you do a Starfinder one of this?


The Best Character Sheet App I've Found  xXMuttXx  4 star

I tried a bunch of different ones and this is the easiest and most comprehensive app I could find. They're constantly updating, which is excellent. I have given it 4/5 because there is not yet a way to track companions, but they have said that they are working on it.

Sgathaich Fey

Awesome!  Sgathaich Fey  4 star

As the healer in my party with almost no PF knowledge this has saved the lives of our party numerous times! Love the regular updates, would love to see the option for gestalt characters down the line!


Why combine 3.5 and PF apps?  Jimbadabing  1 star

I want a refund this is unacceptable


Solid helpful app  Bloedtarnen  4 star

As a relative newbie to Pathfinder, I am enjoying the app, and how it can help me manage my characters. It has got a lot to it but as they say, they are continually adding new content. Would benefit from cloud synching and traits which may come in the future.


Great app  Baxters117  5 star

A great app, works perfectly, it would be great if the authors added support for mutliclassing beyond level 20


Good but missing Oracle  MisterISTJ  2 star

This looks like a really good app. However, I purchased it mainly to use for an Oracle character. Unfortunately, this character class is not supported. I hope this will be remedied in a future update.


Good, handy app  |.|.|.|  4 star

The app is handy. It would be great if some other races and classes were added as it can be a bit difficult to do it manually. I would love to have an area for a character picture, too. Even just a small tab on the main page.


All you need  TheTreavor  5 star

Stop looking at other apps - this is the only one you need for Pathfinder or 3.5


Out of date  Drewwik  1 star

Not updated with content published years ago, an incomplete character builder is useless if you're not doing vanilla.


LIES  DrJaeg  1 star

Missing a ton even with the expansion. It’s second rate and free versions are better. Seriously lacking in content.


BIG BUG  Kerilyn10  5 star

With last update there appears to be a big problem. Almost all the 3.5 spells have completely disappeared, including ones my character already knew. I can’t level up, I can’t use the character sheet at all. Please please fix this asap! I’ve got a session tomorrow!


Hey can you add A few things?  XDSX  4 star

Tabaxi and Dragonborn are my favorite races. You haven’t added both of them yet. Also can you please allow us to add pictures to character profile? That would be amazing!


Wish I could give it 5 stars  ChaosThery13  4 star

The app is well put together and easy to use. I like be the ability to create races and home brew feats. My only problem is that the developers constantly update the pathfinder half of the app and have not added any new 3.5 content recently. I’m aware that 3.5 is an older system but there are tones of source books full of content that are not added. Overall a great app and though it doesn’t come with all the feats, races, and classes of 3.5 it allows you to add them manually.


Great tool, but lacking an option that would let it truely be everything you need  Preiman790  4 star

Let me start off by saying it is a wonderful app that has greatly sped up my character design process, and even made playing at the table easier. All the time they are adding classes and bloodlines and feats and the like but lacking the ability to handle animal companions, familiars and special mounts really keep it from being The perfect character builder. If we get that functionality, would change to 5 stars in a Second.


Great App, will be better as more is added!  XxOkami45  5 star

Avid Pathfinder player and DM, happy to see all this compiled in one location, but I’m thrown off a little because it seems half of some books haven't been implemented! I see some hybrid classes from the ACG but not all, much to my dismay as my main PC is a Brawler :( the all is still feat and I’m happy to see the last update was only a few days ago so it gives me hope!! Keep doing what your doing!

Gen. Orion

Great Detail and Options!  Gen. Orion  5 star

Thank you for adding Slayer!!! Getting back into PF after a couple years away and this app’s been a great help. It’s still missing alternate racial and class variants(i.e. Human-raised half-elf, Fiend Flayer Magus, Kinslayer Inquisitor, etc.), but the ability to add to the database yourself and port the DB between devices is easy and is why I’m still rating this 5-stars. Thanks for your hard work and I look forward to further updates!

the reej

Great for new and experienced  the reej  5 star

I’m new to PF and I love this app. Not only is character creation and tracking excellent but it’s great for use as a reference as well. New content is being added all the time. My single complaint is I’d like samurai archetypes to be implemented so I can try a sword saint in my next campaign. :)

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