LightX is fun and easy way to remove background, create perfect selfies, add color splash effects, blend for double & multiple exposure effects and apply selective editing effects and blur effects.
It has all advanced editing tools like Color mixing, Curves, Levels with options to adjust Saturation, Contrast, Exposure, Hue, Shadows, Highlights and numerous other adjustments along with array of filters like Vintage, Retro, Drama, Glow, B&W, Paper texture and many more.

LightX removes hassles of using multiple apps to edit a single photo. Just use LightX which provides an advanced Photo Editor with most comprehensive advanced photo editing tools in a very clean and easy to use interface.

Take pictures from your camera, edit these pictures to transform into interesting images and share these images with your friends and family.

LightX offers:

1. Background remover
• Lasso tool to recognise similar regions
• Smart erase tool to remove unwanted regions
• Finer control to get perfect cutout

2. Selective Editing
• Selectively edit your image to give different effects to different regions in your image
• Improve your photo with various adjustment tools to change brightness, contrast, exposure, hue, saturation, intensity, shadows, mid tones, highlights, temperature, tint and color
• Powerful brush to selectively edit images

3. Unlimited social fun
• Create your own stickers and cartoonize them
• Superimpose stickers on different background images to wow your friends
• Instantly share on Facebook,Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat,Instagram and other social networks

4. Be Creative
• Blend multiple images to create impressive surreal effects
• Multiple blending modes like darken, lighten to create double exposure, multiple exposure and numerous other effects

5. Professional Tools for image adjustment
• Curve Tone: Adjust tonality of your image using multiple control points in all color channels
• Levels: Adjust image histogram to get desired effects in different color channels.
• Color Balance: Adjust tonal range in shadows, midtones and highlight regions in all color channels

6. Create Selfie to look your best
• Smoothen and rejuvenate your skin
• Sharpen your selfie
• Remove spots and marks like pimples and blemishes from your face
• Change hair color and apply different shades
• Whiten your teeth
• Reshape your face, body

7. Edit your photos with free, custom designed filters
• Daily filters: Different instant filters like Clarity, Grunge, Punch, Lomo, XPro and others
• Paper filters: To create different texture and paper looks
• Vintage filters: Add different vintage shades to your image
• Retro filters: Apply retro shades and different scratch effects to your images
• Drama: Give different drama effects to your photos
• Glow: Give Glow effects to your photos
• B&W: Get classic B&W look in your images

8. Advanced Photo Transform tools
• Crop image to preferred aspect ratio
• Rotate your image at desired angle
• Apply perspective transform to your images and auto fill the regions

9. Artistic
• Convert your image into artistic pieces
• Create urban/modern artistic image by blending predefined modern arts with your image
• Apply amazing water paint,oil paint effect to your image
• Add Black and White artistic effects to your image by using stunning black and white photo conversion tool
• Add artistic touch to your image by adjusting image intensity, saturation and hue in your image

10. Standard Editing
• Apply global adjustments to your image by changing lighting, tonality and color of your image
• Apply different focus effects like lens blur, tilt shift and mask blur
• Add texts to your image

11. Shape Manipulation
• Refine shape of your image using symmetric and point selection
• Reshape specific part of your image touch and pinch
• Adjust perspective of your image as if taken from different angle

Download LightX. On the go photography was never so easy, fast and fun.

LightX App Description & Overview

The applications LightX was published in the category Photo & Video on 2016-06-08 and was developed by Andor Communications Private Limited. The file size is 50.94 MB. The current version is 2.1 and works well on 8.1 and high ios versions.

1. Updated Paper,Vintage and Retro filters with various options
2. Added vignetting effect
3. App crash fix for iOS 8.0 devices
4. Crash fixes in Cutout and Object Selection
5. Updated in-app tutorials for Cutout and Object Selection

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LightX Reviews


Great app for the price  Skeletron2011  5 star

I also have the competitor's app and this one is way better. I highly recommend LightX!

Liceo ver

Update  Liceo ver  3 star

I've been using it a lot and shuts off automatically whenever you try to edit change to many colors still needs a lot of work


Great app  DeKAde73173  5 star

It makes editing easy when I can't be at my computer.

MaximumMark1426 (mxm1426)

Great photo editing app but just one thing  MaximumMark1426 (mxm1426)  4 star

This is one of the greatest photo editing apps ever created! Especially with cutout features and blending all in one app. But there is one issue with the cutout feature, the cutout is very choppy and cannot get the precision cutout that I was hoping for like in the screenshots of this app. Please fix this because I really want to use this feature but just can't right now. This app deserves a 5 star rating but the cutout needs to be fixed, great job and thanks!


Very hard to use.  willowcove  1 star

The app is very hard to use. Maybe it's for professional, not for normal average people to edit photos


Wow!  Snowbear5  5 star

It's got many tools. They all do. But I've never been able to USE them before. This is so easy to use even I can make it work!!!

Pissy queen

Misleading advertising  Pissy queen  1 star

This app is advertised a lot on instagram and leads you to believe that it's very intuitive and very easy to change colors, cut out objects and add them to other photos. This is not the case, the app is difficult to use and gives you mediocre results, I'll be asking for a refund...

Averagesexy Nerd

LightX  Averagesexy Nerd  5 star

As someone who takes photographs of my action figures with app helps add another dimension to pictures. This is my first experience with photoshop & found this app very easy useful. The video tutorials are a huge encouragement to try new techniques. I found myself having tons of fun taking pics & playing around with the backdrop, lighting etc. So glad to report that this isn't a waste of money & only motivates me to take more pictures.


I love it!  Jrraven23  5 star

The best filters ever! I haven't even used all the features yet and this became my no. 1 app within the first 5 minutes of using it. The only thing... my music shuts off when I open the app. Still 5 stars!


Great  Skeeta123  5 star

Great app

Eliasib Marin

Perfect  Eliasib Marin  5 star

The best app to edit photos in a professional level! Easy to use and fantastic results!


I was hasty at first!  Ovaltene  5 star

The development team is clearly 100% engaged with the users and the more I've played around with it the more I've learned. Definitely a great value for all of the features! I'm excited for the blend size scale 😍! Keep up the great work!


I was skeptical  Cable312  5 star

Was skeptical at first saying this top the charts made me buy it but once you have the time and patience and you really get to make some pretty awesome photos with it very simple and easy to learn like the pop-up explanations a must buy for every person that likes to take photos That should be everyone LOL


What Happened?  jhallstrom76  3 star

I've been using this app for a while now, and it was my go to app for all things photo editing. However, in the past update the color shade adjusting button has disappeared and has not been replaced or added to another feature within the app. Without this feature it's very difficult to edit photos with only their preset filters that are provided. Please bring it back!!!!!! With those features this app is an easy 5 star. With out that fundamental feature this app is no longer the premiere photo editing app.


Low quality  Basedxkid  1 star

I'm not sure why when I save it even on high the picture turns it to be lower quality than before I saved it.. please fix this as I want my pictures to remain the high quality that they were when I shot them!


Does NOT do what it claims  Ranger113  1 star

The short of it: I took screen shots of the exact same photos used in the tutorial videos. Doing the exact thing, the results were poor. Do not recommend this!


Let Me Just Say.. "Wow."  DrPickTay  4 star

I have to say, I absolutely love this app. If there was one app for all of the photo apps that you would ever need, it's this one. Although, I do find some imperfections within the app. When using the "Blend" feature (after I have merged two photos) I attempt to erase the overlying image, only to find that the erased outline doesn't come out as precise as I would like. Maybe this could be improved upon by adding a zoomed-in, magnifying window to this Blend feature? Another few drawbacks that I have noticed: the brushes are sometimes not small enough to receive "detailed" precision (but this can also be due to a lack of an increased zoom.. which should be updated to zoom as close as we would like. Also, when the magnifying glass appears when I'm attempting to whiten teeth (among other edits), the magnifying glass will not show any changes that I make in real-time, making it hard for me to see what I'm actually changing in the picture (as my thumb is in the way)--> please update these features? Preciseness is the only aspect of the app that I would wish to be improved upon. LightX has set a new engineering standard for all photo apps! That being said, I have deleted every other photo editing tool on my phone (save for my stock camera app). Keep up the hard work!


Doesn't work even after the update  Killinbeavers  1 star

Every time I pick a picture from my album I get a message saying oops something went wrong. I got jacked for 2$


It OK  ManiacalMatt  3 star

I find the cut option to be extremely painful to use. I wish it would accept what I highlight and stop trying to think for me.


Yay  InfamousGriffon  5 star

Im 16 and ive always wanted to photoshop and this is easy and funny to use to "mess" with my friends faces 😂😂💯

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