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FIFA World Cup 2022™ Game Description & Overview

What is fifa world cup 2022™ app? Build an Ultimate Team™ of your favorite soccer stars and kickoff your journey to the FIFA World Cup™ in EA SPORTS™ FIFA Mobile today.

The new ‘23 season is here! This update includes updated players, kits, clubs and leagues to reflect the real world 22/23 soccer season! With over 15,000 authentic soccer stars to choose from including world-class talent like Kylian Mbappé, Christian Pulisic, Vinicius Jr and Son Heung-min, plus 600+ teams including Chelsea, Paris SG, Real Madrid, Liverpool and Juventus.

Relive the world‘s greatest soccer tournament. FIFA Mobile is the only licensed FIFA World Cup 2022™ mobile game where you can replay the official tournament brackets with any of the 32 qualified nations.

Build your dream team in FIFA Mobile - collect Player Items and put your favorite soccer stars to the test. Score goals with some of the world’s best players as you level up a team of soccer superstars. Compete against the best in pvp modes, including Head-to-Head, VS Attack and Manager Mode.

Champions are made in FIFA Mobile. World-class competition, realistic sports game thrills, real time 11v11 gameplay, and authentic soccer game action await. Kick it in the next generation of mobile soccer games.


Ligue 1 Uber Eats - Kylian Mbappé
Premier League - Virgil van Dijk, Son Heung-min, Kai Havertz & Christian Pulisic
LaLiga Santander - Vinicius Jr, Pedri, João Félix
Bundesliga - Jude Bellingham, Alphonso Davies
Serie A TIM - Dušan Vlahović

- Unlock soccer stars from all 32 qualified national teams with official licenses!
- Authentic World Cup national team kits and badges, the official match ball, and play in World Cup stadiums (Al Bayt and Lusail)
- Localized World Cup commentary to bring the most immersive match atmosphere

- Forwards, Midfielders, Defenders, and Goalkeepers - Build your Ultimate Team with over 100 soccer Heroes and ICONs
- Score big with world soccer ICONs like Paolo Maldini, Ronaldinho, & more
- Soccer legends from over 30+ leagues will level up your dream team from fan-favorite to a UEFA Champions League contender

- Experience new, upgraded soccer stadiums including several classic FIFA venues up to 60 fps*
- Soccer fans can experience realistic stadium SFX and live on-field audio commentary

- Be the soccer manager of your own dream team!
- Plan your strategy and adjust your tactics in real time or choose auto-play to enjoy an idle soccer manager game experience

For true soccer fans, there is no other game like FIFA Mobile.
This app: Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. Do Not Sell My Personal Information: Requires an Internet connection (network fees may apply). Includes in-game advertising. Collects data through third-party ad serving and analytics technology (See Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13. The app uses Game Center. Log out of Game Center before installation if you don’t want to share your game play with friends. This game includes optional in-game purchases of virtual currency that can be used to acquire virtual in-game items, including a random selection of virtual in-game items.

User Agreement:
Privacy and Cookie Policy:
Visit for assistance or inquiries.

EA may retire online features after 30 days’ notice posted on
*60 fps available only on certain devices. See for requirements.

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App Name FIFA World Cup 2022™
Category Games
Updated 18 January 2023, Wednesday
File Size 215.88 MB

FIFA World Cup 2022™ Comments & Reviews 2023

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Make this change to be fair... First off I’d like to say that I really enjoy this game. It comes in handy when you get that slight urge to play on your console but aren’t home to do so, so it fills in well enough to make you happy. I enjoy the events as well! Now, what I do wish to change are just a couple of things... first, if maybe the players could make the passes when manually playing as it does when it’s auto playing, that would be great. That’s the minor change though. The MAJOR change is when players forfeit... I’m up winning against players 5-10 points above my team’s overall, smashing them, then they quit and we’re left to fend against the AI format of the team which makes it near impossible to beat, so now I end up losing to my opponent because the AI are so much faster and my team, even on auto mode, is not able to keep up because keep in mind my team is 5-10 overall points weaker than theirs. Now, I wouldn’t mind if I lose against the AI as long as I get the full credit for winning, as my opponent forfeited, but instead I get deducted the points for loosing against their unbeatable team through the AI. It’s not fair at all. So if y’all could change it to where we get the full winning credits when an opponent leaves, whether we lose against the AI or not, that would make this game great. Auto 5 STAR!! Please!! Thank you!

This game needs many fixes.. I’ve been playing this game for a while now, and Once I’ve made it up to overall 112. But there are some things that makes it hard to progress through the game. When I started the current season, Mbappe popped up on the screen with a hour long tutorial and no freedom. I think you should give them a shorter tutorial and let them go from there. And let them have the option to disable the tutorial. 2, everything is so expensive, and people use lots of money on the game. I only want to use in game currency, and when you do that, it is very hard to get the best outcome in upcoming events. 3. Division Rivals. I think the matchmaking is very bad. It depends how many “fans” you have. I think it should depend on your rating of the team and find the pairs. For example, I do my first VS Attack match, after I’m ranked. Me, OVR 62, them, OVR 85. I don’t think it’s fair for teams like that to be facing off. 4. I always feel lonely playing this game. Only thing I hear on the field is the crowd. I wish there was broadcasters that spoke during the game. 5. I know there is red and yellow cards, but when the red card comes out, the player gets no 1 to 2 day suspension. Which also leads to injuries and substitutes, I think this game should have both. If your player is working too hard and is not substituted, it could get injured, so other players can get a chance to play and your team is not always at their best. I hope you take some of these ideas into mind, Thanks.

Amazing but two requests. Hey I love this game and all but one thing I’d like to see is a way to get your player back when you’re selling him. For example, I sold an 88 rated dele alli for 1,250,000 coins (at that time the lowest price was 1,251,000) and I posted it for 8 hours. Then I noticed that it had been like 2 hours so I checked on the market. There was someone who posted it for like 1,200,000. And now I want to take back my player and sell him again for a different price, but I can’t do that so I have to wait like 6 hours. Another thing that I’d like to see is the team heroes to get a lot easier. I know that there are people who have team heroes but the amount of time and effort that you have to put in just to get a player who’s not even 90+ rated is ridiculous and just not worth it. I wouldn’t mind it but what does bother me is that you need a team hero to unlock training xp for Ronaldo, I have almost everything unlocked but I don’t have a team hero, so it blocks the whole chain. Thanks for reading this and have a great day!

Campaign mode matches locked now!!!. I just tried to resume my campaign mode matches that I only had one or two left to get the elite player but now that they reset the vs mode I cannot access them because my vs lvl is too low. Hours and hours of work and now I can’t get to the elites because “EA” decided it was a great idea to reset VS mode. I believe you owe me at least 8 elites free for this blunder and lack of attention or care for us long time players. Played 14, 15, 17(recent season). 15 was awesome don’t know where EA went wrong. I do enjoy the upgrade ability but VS needs to be full matches in real time. And other than the issues with campaign and the VS lvl being reset and ruining campaign for me; and the non full length VS matches amazing game for tablets, iPhone, iPads. Will re-write and rank 5 stars if this issue is fixed. P.S.- I have spent actual money on this game that I worked my arse of for. Thank you for fixing campaign mode!!!! Great fix. Just a couple more adjustments to vs. real time matches. This would be a five star game.

Controls have gotten worse every year among other things. Well first, it’s a pay to win game so the best I could give this game is 3 stars max especially considering how great FIFA14 and FIFA15 mobile were. The controls this year are the worst yet. The assisted controls won’t pass to players I click on most of the time, trying to make short passes that are instead long balls to a player on the opposite side which 9/10 leads to the opponent taking the ball. Anything related to assisted controls or player switching usually doesn’t bode well and leads to multiple mistakes. The breaking point was today when I played and Literally every single pass I made via assisted controls were turnovers to the other team because the assisted controls did not want to pass where I clicked on the screen. Another complaint would be the movements are awkward sometimes if I’m close to goal and I have a defender jockeying my player, the player will do a skill move once I left go of the sprint button and it usually leads to a turnover with the keeper coming up. And definitely times where things should be a foul but aren’t called on both sides of the ball and times where I didn’t really understand where the foul was on both sides of the ball as well.

Glitchy Twitchy Crash & Money Grab. New Engine is visually nice. Player traits pretty cool. So new additions to game is good. Head to head is why I originally played the game so since the mobile started that has been missing. Definitely welcome the re-addition. However and this is it. It’s totally glitchy twitchy and crashes too much. When playing H2H it’s especially painful since games are about 6 minute long (3 vsa fit in the same timeframe) and the crash happens at the end of the match usually. On that point for something that takes 3 times as the reward is 3 times less. Back to it. Too many glitches were everything freeze and then you lose time in both vsa and h2h. At least you can see what (you didn’t do) in fast forward during h2h. Final point EA has officially found a way for loyalist to spend money hand over fist not because it makes sense but because it’s required. I guess if we didn’t want to do the best we can, we would not try to complete the events. But to complete them either we play all day long or spend ridiculous money. EA, if it’s in the game, we’ll break it. So frustrating.

New Season Not Updating. I am a very good FIFA Mobile player. I really enjoy the game, and unlike other people, I do not in any way, shape, or form think that you need to spend money to be good. I have never spent a single cent on FIFA Mobile, and in FIFA 18 Mobile I got my team all the way to 112 OVR. However, there is one thing I can't stand. It is very exciting when the new season comes out and I am excited to claim my rewards from Preseason, including my now & later preseason Cristiano Ronaldo. I was so excited to come home and play the new season, but when I went on to the app, it said UPDATE REQUIRED. I pressed ok and it took me to the AppStore, but it said that no update was available for the game. I reloaded it many times, but it never worked. At this point I have been trying to play the new season for about 3 hours- with no luck. This really disappointed me. The same issue happened last year to me with the update from '17 to '18, and my best friend had the same problem as me. We are both very frustrated by this, and would appreciate guidance on how to address this issue. If anyone else had this issue, let me know.

Bring back star travel. Every time I log on to this app, I have sad revelations of what fifa once was. Where did the good times go were any player could experience what should be in an ea game. Star travel allowed you to have a 100+ overall team and 1,000,000 coins in a couple events. Why troll us and add star pass where you have to pay 10 dollars for the good old times. Also don’t forget star forge aka the best thing ever to grace fifa. It is now grinding at 12:00 pm for a 80 ovr player. Also the carnival event is unfair the fact that you are losing at the start of the 2nd half to a 90 overall team is absurd. The only thing that could truly save this game is to nerf chemistry and to bring back star forge and star travel. Please update this game if you really care- thanks for your time Btw the vs attack un unplayable. I play 108 ovrall teams with 170 chemistry while I have a 91 ovrall with 82 Chem this leads the other team to have 5 times the greater chances and ruins the game star travel or a campaign where you didint have to play 120 overall teams would be ideal this review is coming from a player who once treated this like its a religion but now scoffs at what ea can get away with like selling expensive stuff. The tip however would be to reboot star travel and if the player is out of star energy they can pay to get more. I loved this game but hate to see what’s happened just update it please

GAME. this game is actually an awesome game with amazing features that are available while only being able to play while on the phone , however this game becomes soooooo annoying and not fun to play anymore , as fifa mobile has 0 skill based matchmaking , which means that when your team has an overall rating of 90 , all of your games will be against MINIMUM team with a 105 overall rating , as this problem keeps on going on and on and the opponents get harder without you advancing for months , this causes you to hate the game , rage quit , and even hurt yourself because of anger issues , as this game makes sure it has 0 skill based matchmaking in order to make its users very uncomfortable playing the game and not having fun which causes them to play the game more and more just in order to gain their ranks back , however after playing this game for a couple of months maximum people will understand how skill based matchmaking is the number one most important feature in an online game , as fifa mobile lacks skill based matchmaking this causes it to lose a lot of players and cause anxiety and anger issues to people that start to reflect in their character and personality in real life , which is what made me hate the game although I liked it , it’s because this game makes it soooo annoying that people spend 5 hours per day aging the game and not having fun just being anxious and mad trying to get their ranks back. Best regards ,

Make changes. The game is a fun game to past time but when you want to get better players and do challenges, they near impossible since the AI makes it impossible to score or complete the challenges. Second off the matchmaking is just down bad since if you win a few games against evenly matched opponents you go up against some insane player with an insane team. Making it not fun and you want to quit, then when you lose to that opponent you face insanely easy opponents that you crush. This makes you want to play more making a cycle of wanting to play and to not play. Also, there is another problem, which is pay to win since there are so many opportunities to get better players and many of them cost money and so other players that spend lots of money will have better players giving them an edge on live competition with others online. However, the graphics of the game are ok and there some good features in the game but they do not have enough customization in the game like other kits and cleats. So to some it up only play if you want to pass time, do not play to get good since it is unbalanced matchmaking and impossible challenges.

Drg honest opinion. I honestly like the fifa mobile game I honestly think EA you make A fifa 20 mobile game with manger career mode and player Career mode because i honestly I get bored playing the ultimate team fifa mobile and I want something different to play and being able to play a fifa career mode on my would be dope you bring new feature to since you already have fifa ultimate team mobile how about on the fifa 20 mobile you can create a team from scratch from the logo you can create your own manger have it where you start with off the a poor stadium and you eventually build it up and start your squad off with like a youth squad a build up the talent and competitive for titles and have to where you can put the in any league division the play wants to put them in and have to where we can do international jobs like on the console version I think it would interesting and could bring lots fun to fifa players who don’t always have time or who are always on the go they can play fifa 20 on there phones

Add a match making system and old events when the game came out. EA you should add a match making, so you can have the new player not have to face player that have have played the game before with the best teams and stats. When I was playing the game I match up to people that either spend money or played the game so much that I got frustrated of losing to them with my 81 rated with 28 chemistry team to a 91 or above with 100 or more chemistry losing by a lot of goals and wasting my time trying to get at least 1 goal for 1 minute and 30 seconds while on the other side they were chilling with 10 goals knowing they are going to win and that I won’t be able to catch up so what I am thinking is to add a match making system so your new players don’t go against maxed out players so it can be fair. Plus the old Fifa mobile gave new players the opportunity to have a better advantage to get better player before the star pass because fifa points were easier to get, not haveing to wast money ona star pass that gives you 200 fifa points for 10 dollars, that is a wast of cash. Instead add some of the old events and the starter Cristiano Ronaldo that you get when finishing the tutorial, because your players will have something that everyone had and won’t rely on the silver, bronze and gold players when some has elite player so at least they have a chance of winning.

Events are unbalanced and basically for the better people. Ok so like ur events are dumb u can’t really don’t anything in them without paying for items like make it grindable and reasonable for players who don’t/ can’t pay for things with money like with the football freeze how are u supposed to get 1200 snowflake points when you only get 2 from Laliga Santander event the only other way possible is to wait for another event and hope that they give u more or do challenges that the events give you. Like the premier Boxing Day event that gave u snowflake points but that was not enough to actually finish a branch. Many of ur events are ruined and boring over time. Plz plz plz add more events into the game every week or so, so us players actually have something to do and not sit around trying to build ur team up without being able to obtain anything from events make ur game better! Stop making it p2w if u need money just add like a lil events that can fix that issue for you or people can still buy all the crap in ur store for irl money you’ll be fine. Like I said make it so the events are more friendly for everyone in the community I hate that people abuse this power that p2w people have they make there teams really strong and just buy through the events while everyone else has to grind.

Played uninstalling. Started in December and played all events and programs on the reg. But now this free app costs a lot of money to be able to keep playing. I was working hard to push through Campaigns to get actual worthy rewards and then a reset to Vs Attack rankings set me back. It's impossible to get my Vs Attack rank back up because I get nothing but teams 3-5 OVR more than mine and they get more chances at goal and twice as many Great Chances. So now Vs Attack is unplayable, Campaigns are locked and events are periodic with the current one (St. Patrick's) not even being an event with skill events or games, just packs to buy. Is this a soccer game or a card game? Because at this point I can buy and upgrade player cards but have no game modes worth playing with those players. The game is utterly pointless in just four months of having it. It's really disappointing that EA has found a way to monetize something enjoyable and has let that quest for money take all the joy out of it. If you are thinking about starting FIFA Mobile...don't! You will likely end up wishing you could get back four months of your life Not to mention, all the money that you put in to try and get an advantage in a game that has predetermined that you will always be at a disadvantage. Could be so much more, but unfortunately it's a business with the end all goal of making a profit.

Downward spiral. Over the years, this game has embellished itself with more and more pointless vsa matches, with now several ranking tables that just make you angry and frustrated. Wonderful marketing strategy to try to sell more packs, but causal and more advanced users are not happy to have to spend hours per day to try to catch up with the rest of the pack. Which, by the way, is mostly formed by bots, cheaters, and players that use emulators -one wonders if this is also a strategy from the game staff to add some ‘Achilles and the Tortoise ‘ logic to the game so that more purchases are make. No satisfaction comes from building your “dream team”, as base cards are already obsolete after a just few weeks -the only way to remain competitive is to churn the team every week with cards obtained from expensive, real money-driven programs. Devs and PRs are a close circle of think-a-like people that show little respect and attention towards discordant voices, and adopt a blame-the-customer strategy on multiple occasions. Instead of fixing bugs and annoying programming errors, they launch new events every week so that high-spending players (but also casual, naive ones) can waste their money in useless packs as the chance of obtaining good rewards from them is quite slim. It is a pity, because the game has potential and could have been better thought and developed -but the team seems to be moved by greed and hubris. Disappointing.

Transferring players and transfer marker and packs. In the new update you need fifa points to get rid of training to sell a player. Plz fix. also how do i get this training transfer item is It's also hard to buy players I wish you could just sign like buy now it feels like its on bid mode whole time and the person forgets to agree to someones bid. Also its hard to sell players i've sold only one player but i think its cause its only gold players and one elite ive been trying to sell. Games fun tnx for giving us kit when we pick team Packs im assuming your gonna add more in the future to buy as you added a sbc for icon packs which nice thats cool. Will you add buyable like normal packs gold player packs or rare gold packs ? Edit: cool i've been able to get the transfer points altho any level higher then 5 costs fifa points but whatev also next season can we get better packs ? like coin packs and exchanges that get us better packs or more base exchanges it was a bit hard to get stadiums or uniforms this year but you gotta make money so i understand very very cool of y'all to let us keep uniforms we got last year.

This game needs many modifications and improvements. I personally believe that this game is decent and mediocre, I think there can be many modifications to this game that will have a significant positive impact to this game and make people more optimistic while playing. First, this game lacks in common sense, when you are putting in effort to cooperate with fellow teammates it occasionally just plays the ball to the other team despite all the effort you took to get possession of the ball. Secondly, this game can improve the market, when you are trying to purchase a player from the market with a reasonable price range, you are not capable of doing this because you can not costume the price range of these players to suit you. And lastly, I do not like to invoke the privilege to use the market. This is because of false information about players, when you are using the market all this spectacular information comes up about a certain player. And the nanosecond that you buy him for a absurd price and put him on your team, you realize first hand that you definitely should not have purchased this player for an outrageous amount of fifa currency. There should be a lot of simple improvements that can change this game for the better.

Shambles. Awful. Too often I get repeats of the same players. 4 times in a row I’ve gotten the same, bottom of the available players, Cole Palmer 84 rated CAM for Manchester City, in the Champions League event when I exchange group points for group stage players. 4 times in a row! And it’s not the first time. 6 times I exchanged in group E of the group stage of the same event, 3 times, in a row, I got the bottom player of the group, Lauper CB from Young Boys, 84 rated, and then 2 in a row Garcia LB from Young Boys, second bottom, rated 85. When it says it’s random, yet the same bottom players continue to get given in exchange, that is not random. I have a feeling that because I don’t spend tons of money on my account, I don’t get the good players even in the exchanges. Don’t try and tell me it’s not this, and that it is random, that there is not some algorithm that goes on how much money you spend. I’ve been playing FIFA mobile since 2016 or 2017, and it was not this way back then. It was random. You actually had the ability to make a good squad that could actually compete with other squads that were bought with tons of cash without spending any money. Now, it’s impossible to get some players without spending 100s and it seems that you are also at a disadvantage in the events to exchange for players if you aren’t one of the ones that spends big. Disgraceful

It needs balancing and more time on events. I’m getting happier with the game but still needs to have better balancing in vs attack the percentage is unbalanced for the chemistry and the overall. Also like in la liga rivals there is a little over a week left and I have only been able to get a top row of game one done and it’s unfair for me because I can’t just buy my way to get every part of the events done and in the market if I want a 90+ it’s all over 1,000,000 coins and it takes me about a week to make that amount of coins so I’m events and any challenge we need a major increase in gems and coins to buy packs. Like right now in carniball event the games need to be down 0-1 at halftime it takes forever to finish a game; also the packs in the events needs a decrease in cost in gems since you gain so little gems daily and can there be a high chance in getting high lvl players like in champion league lets say I finish a row I have such a high chance to get a lowish player I don’t need and will never use I am a 91 overall player and I have my left and right back the lowest number which is 87 players I want more players in that position available in events or have it easier to level up players because I hardly ever try to level them up I just save a huge fortune of money to buy a better player with coins and I probably speak for many when it’s hard to get good players at all

The update 2020. I enjoy this game I really do, but I understand now that every time they have drafts in real life the game updates and changes, so we have to gain players again! I made my peace with that but there is one major issue that drives me crazy is users charging massive amounts of coins for a player and makes it impossible to get players you want from the market. Example of this is Alisson goal keeper costing $43,000,000. There should be a cap on the price people can exceed that way people have a chance of getting players they want. I never get players I want in the game so I always have to get them in the market. Unless you have a lot of real money to get that many coins then you have no chance of getting it! Last year I was able to collect 8,000,000 in coins for Neymar Jr, but by the time I did the game updated and my legacy team didn’t have him in the line up because I had a second team I made my primary for an event and didn’t see the update in time to make the team with him on it the primary team. Maybe there may be a way to select the team you want to use for matches instead of me having to go and change the primary.

Fifa Is Going Bad. At the start of the year Fifa mobile was a great game and provided a lot of potential. However, over the months, things have changed. EA has recently only been gifting players who are pay to win. This concept has been greatly conversed about but now it has become extremely visible. Good players (AKA game changers) such as prime icons have been offered to free to play players in the past, such as in the champions league event. However, it’s now become almost impossible to boost your teams overall in any way because every good aspect or player in the game has to be paid for. One example being the new ULTIMATE TEAM OF THE SEASON. In the past, this event has treated FTP players with amazing players. Last year you could obtain Ronaldo, Messi, Salah, etc. without spending a single penny. However, this is not the case for this season. Even for obtaining 92 reserve havertz ( the worst player of UTOTS), you need an immense amount of luck, no matter how hard you grind, or, a fat wallet. Considering how many people have been looking forward to this event, EA has let the whole community down. Fifa mobile is nothing like it used to be. Instead of treating the whole community, EA only treats players who pay to enjoy the game. If you are reading EA please change UTOTS, or extend it, or make it easier in some way. At this point it’s the only way to make this game worth playing.

REPOST FROM SOMEONE ELSE BUT SAME PROBLEM IM HAVING. To start, this was an incredible game! It's been on my phone longer than any other game. At first, I ignored the glitches and the bad vs attack. Then we dealt with all of the updates which made the game not work half of the time. was still a loving fan of the game. Finally, with this new update all of the hard work I spent on creating my team was thrown away. The developers of the game basically said that everything I did was worthless. understand that this update could bring a lot of potential in the future, but in my opinion it is not worth the loss of my previous team I went from a 91 rating to a 56! If you are wanting to download the game now as a first time, then I have no doubt that you will love it. But as for us old timers to the game, starting over from scratch does not seem worth it. Developers, please return our old teams to us! truly loved this game. All of the upgrading features appear to be very useful, and can see how it is creating the next level of game play (I only went through the tutorial again to see if it would return my team post playing). But please, please return my old team to me. I don't want all of the money that I spent to get where l was to be wasted. It truly is disappointing especially from a game that I love so much. If I am missing how to get my team back developers please let me know.

New Update. This new update is absolutely horrible. Not only did I lose all of my old players and have to essentially restart at beginner, I lost actual rewards and players that I PAID for. On the new update I cannot receive the players that I purchased with coins nor do I receive the coins for players that I have sold. I lose coins and cannot claim the player or I lose the player and cannot receive the coins. This was my favorite mobile game for many years and now I doubt I will ever play it again. EA sports, this is quite disappointing considering I have owned every single FIFA game on console since 2003 and was enjoying the ability to play it on the go as well. Hundreds of dollars spent on this franchise and I am disgusted with how EA has destroyed the mobile platform. Don’t waste your time trying to build a team, DO NOT spend any actual money on the mobile version because they WILL reset your squad at some point. Absolute disgrace to this franchise. 0/10, 0/5 stars, would not recommend, don’t waste your time and don’t think they won’t do it again because it will happen again and they won’t care. EA sports, you are dead to me. P.S. The new update is trash and nowhere near as good as it was.

Disappointed user. To start, this was an incredible game! It's been on my phone longer than any other game. At first, I ignored the glitches and the bad vs attack. Then we dealt with all of the updates which made the game not work half of the time. I was still a loving fan of the game. Finally, with this new update all of the hard work I spent on creating my team was thrown away. The developers of the game basically said that everything I did was worthless. I understand that this update could bring a lot of potential in the future, but in my opinion it is not worth the loss of my previous team. I went from a 91 rating to a 56! If you are wanting to download the game now as a first time, then I have no doubt that you will love it. But as for us old timers to the game, starting over from scratch does not seem worth it. Developers, please return our old teams to us! I truly loved this game. All of the upgrading features appear to be very useful, and I can see how it is creating the next level of game play (I only went through the tutorial again to see if it would return my team post playing). But please, please return my old team to me. I don't want all of the money that I spent to get where I was to be wasted. It truly is disappointing especially from a game that I love so much. If I am missing how to get my team back developers please let me know.

THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE. Let me start by saying I’m giving this game one star and that is a lot more than this game deserves. I’ve been playing this game for 5 years, and each year it becomes a little less enjoyable and much more frustrating & disappointing. This year has been the worst by far. The market is literally a total failure I could buy and sell goods in Cuba more easily and without having to pay a 10% transaction fee. VSA is broken, GK are virtually useless as they don’t stop anything, and most players are able to score all of their basic chances. You can easily lose a match against a lower overall team if you miss 1 or 2 chances. H2H controls are horrible, you can’t control your players freely, and passes and shooting are wildly inaccurate. Finally the events… they’re not bad but don’t expect to get anything decent by just grinding through them. I’ll be honest I am a Pay to Win player, and I am beyond shocked by how greedy this game has become this year. You could spend hundreds and not get an Icon, not a Prime but a regular icon. This year the game has been designed to make players spend a lot of money. So if you are still reading this review, do yourself a favor and DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME……you will be a lot happier.

Bugs galore. A potentially great game constantly compromised by an incompetent development team. Have no issue spending on the game but the value for money is questionable at best. Currently the game has crashed for some players (myself included) and continues to be down for 24 hours up till now. If this were the only glitch encountered it may be excusable but it is not. Although on smaller levels, there is constant bugs and glitches with this latest crash being the worst. It is unreal that a game which depicts the worlds most popular sport under the name of the worlds top sporting organization could be this full of glitches, bugs, hackers (yes they are abundant) and crashes. Surely better can be done but I’m sure it won’t. The reality is that those who play the game are captive customers as there are no other football games that are comparable considering the image rights FIFA holds. So much of us will suffer through this latest disaster and maybe receive some nominal next to nothing compensation when EA are able to put two and two together and get back online. Truly unacceptable!

Great game converted to pure money grab. I have been playing this game and had given it 5 star tastings each year. This year the entire format changed and, though I have daily spent significant time playing the game, I am frustrated with ones inability to significantly improve one’s team without spending money. In years past this was never a significant issue. Last year I had a 120 OVR team of players I liked. This year, I have only been able to get to 107 OVR and my team is a mishmash of players many whom I have never heard of. The most recent fiasco is the Team of the season who as been going on for about 2 months. In that time I was able to purchase 2 level 95 players and 2 level 94 players. This was about all I got out of an event that required you to play redundant training games twice a day and matches once a day. After all this effort, my OVR went from 106 to 107. If you didn’t buy the special pass each 2 weeks, you got significantly poorer rewards and had no chance to got more than a couple for decent players. The reserve tokens that I cashed in daily yield some coins and a bunch of 89-90 OVR player I couldn’t use. I received one 91 player out and of the 20 or so I received. They had a trade in option but it required you to have received at least 1 93 OVR player - which I never got close to. The game still plays well but it is no longer fun when there are no rewards for one’s efforts.

EA is just stealing money. This joins the long list of recent failures by what was once a respectable developer, showing just how utterly incompetent and amoral they have become under Andrew Wilson’s “leadership”. They just need to give up licensing rights to these sports games if they are unable to release anything better than this. There are too many bugs and glitches, server connections issues are constant, events are entirely way too long and filled with boring/repetitive tasks, the reward system is nonsensical, they messed up the market so that it’s impossible to buy and sell the players you want (destroying the main reason a lot of people actually played the game), there are too many hackers and VPN abusers messing up PvP matches, they try to trick you into spending real money on the app, and on and on. The biggest issues, however, have to do with EA being blatantly unethical. Items disappear from player accounts, and EA makes no effort to assist. Plus, you would have to be a complete idiot not to see that the results of most of matches are clearly scripted/rigged, you can even look at EA’s patent for this, trying to dictate player behavior. And this doesn’t even get into the underage gambling openly taking place and cheating programs being available online. It shocks me there are still people paying to keep EA in business at this point.

Please change some things. This is a great game but there are some small problems that aggravate me quite a bit. First, in vs. attack, please take out counter attack those are kind of stupid because even if u block it sometimes it will say that they scored because it is just bots. Also, in vs. attack, make it to where we face people based on rating not fans because when we go off of fans, there are poor 82 overall teams that have to go against 90+ overall teams and that is just not fair. Next, some people spend money on this game for some things that they really want to have and then at the end of the season they just get all of it erased to start over and spend a whole other year of work on this game and then it all gets wiped again, DEFINITELY DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ONE. Last, on the Griezmann event there are bonus players, we should not have to spend so much to get those players when we can get the first one for free, just make the challenges a little harder for the bonus players because I don’t think anyone should be about to spend 1000 fifa points and extra coins just to get a overall 80 player. This game is fun but please make these slight adjustments.

Worth it if you have the money. So first off I play this game religiously, and it has all the players you could ever want to play. The chemistry aspect gives you a bonus while playing H2H or VS attack. The downfall is you have to have players of the same nation league or team to get the chemistry. The beauty of FIFA is having all players from all around football being able to be on the same team. Ex having a team with Messi, Ronaldo, De Gea, De Bruyne all on the same team. And if you don’t have the chemistry it’s a strong disadvantage in the H2H or vs attack. Another issue I have is all the events unlock cool players, which is great but the longer the event goes on the lower your resell value is in the market. For example I used to resell my team every so often and end up with 200mil to rebuild a new team with new players. I like to change up my team to play new players and keep my chemistry maxed out (since the chemistry is so important). Now if I did that I’d maybe have 120 million since all the players I have now have been unlocked by more and more people. As each event goes on the more people unlock the same character and the price keeps dropping because everyone sells their player just a bit lower than the next one to make sure you buy their character. I feel like if the event ends and all the players for that particular event were deleted from the market those of us that still have them in our line ups could resell them and play a stock market type game within the game

Has potential, but not delivering now. Lots of fun potential, but there are way too many gates that stand in your way. You have to grind for months for many decent rewards. Several events in particular are a total mind numbing grind (TOTW, POTM, La Liga, Champions League), and the VS and H2H modes are basically unplayable due to impossible matchmaking. In VS you effectively cannot beat a team +3 in OVR, even if you have higher chemistry. The breakout of actual chances are always, without exception, worse for you than projected when you are playing against higher OVR teams. Every single time. So why even have chemistry if it doesn’t actually deliver results? Your matchmaking algorithms are an absolute dumpster fire. It’s absurd to play 80% higher OVR teams when the impact of higher OVR is so difficult to overcome from useless chemistry. It makes progress nearly impossible. I can forgive the glitchy H2H play because you’re dealing with different mobile devices and different connection strengths for each player, but matchmaking again is hot garbage for H2H. Unless chemistry is improved, we should never play more than +/- 1 OVR in any pvp game. It would also be nice to have more pve game options (you know, since the pvp modes are so broken). Most pve options are very fun to play, hence the comments about lots of potential.

It's a GREAT game, BUT it needs A LOT of improvement. I think the game is great. All of the new events and campaigns are so fun to play. But the reason why at the same time I think this game is also horrible is because of all the horrible pack openings and glitches and reboots. I opened about 15 scout mission packs hoping to get Ascensio, but from all of those pack openings I didn't even get an elite. For TOTW I had enough tokens to play against the team of the week. But when I tried playing it, the game froze. After I logged back in all of my tokens were gone. I got very frustrated so I stopped playing the game that day. The next day when I opened up the game it froze again so I restarted it and then when it was loading it asked if I wanted to use my old account. Not sure of what happened I chose to load in my old account, and then it started everything over. All of my players were gone. Everything was erased. I don't understand how such a great game is undergoing these problems. Not only am I having all of these glitches, but now my old account is gone. I WANT MY OLD ACCOUNT BACK. And I know that my device is not causing these problems. I'm also positive that others are having the same issues. Please, I'm begging the FIFA developers, fix these bugs that are causing this game to be much more under rated than it has to be.

Many things good game overall though. It’s a great game but there’s still some to fix I should now I’m 92 overall team but first is Lag: I know what you’re gonna no lag but it’s true I have iPhone 8 I lag out every time I play no what WiFi I use second the people you play it’s outta control I’m 92 overall and they make me play a 70?!?! It’s just wrong to obliterate people that are trying so hard to be good Also leagues I don’t understand why do the worst leagues never show up I made league nobody has joined yet and the tiniest amount of people leagues should be first it’s herendous if I’m honest and also this legacy stuff it’s not right why can’t I upgrade the legacy team that’s so wrong let’s just keep the team eternally altogether it’s that’s the case. One more thing is the events I don’t understand how do we long one on under 2 days it’s worse the the console FIFA problems it’s just herendous to start and see six things to do in 2-4 days it needs a fix but like I said good game if this was fixed I’d slap 5 stars on it and others people too but until all of this changes 4our stars good job and please listen and read it’s the right thing to do. Peace out ok 🤝👌

Game is completely p2w. So many issues. While the gameplay can be fun at times, it has seemingly gone downhill over the last couple of years. The worst aspect of this game though is how utterly pointless it has become to try to play and enjoy u less you happen to have a ridiculous amount of disposable income that you don’t mind handing over to EA in hopes of making your FIFA Mobile experience anywhere comparable to a few years ago. They unroll these ‘big events’ that give you about 10 minutes of playing time and then you get to wait and stare at all the reward prizes and players you will never be able to afford for the next couple of days until EA unlocks an exciting 10 more minutes of new event gameplay, then rinse....repeat.....waste $20 here and there if you are feeling generous but will most likely regret it immediately, and then it is back to normal h2h attack/ versus modes where you’ll most likely have goals taken away from you mysteriously, get logged out in the middle of a match, lose against an opponent who is not even playing but just letting the AI control his monster team, and get plenty of fun VS Attack attempts where the screen goes completely black for the duration of your attempt and you get to depend on the sounds of kicking the ball to try to score blind. Game is broken

Great game, but.... First of this isn’t going to be any rant or anything just a suggestion on how to make the gameplay a bit more enjoyable. To start of everything is greet in your game. Your really generous in giving in game energy, skill boosters, tokens, and many more things, and I really love how I can create teams with correct positioning and chemistry and then play with those teams in vs attack and world tour, but here comes the problem. Often times in vs attack you face people with much higher OVRs than you, also they always have a higher chemistry then you. Take me for instance I’m nearing world class division two with an OVR of 88 and a chemistry of 120. Now you may be thinking that’s not half decent, but can you really think that when you are going up against people with OVRs of 93 and higher, and not to mention they always have 130 to 140 chemistry compared to my 120. I always get really frustrated when I just need to win one game to rank up and then I ended up going down then up then down then up until I just end up at where I was before all of it, and for this instance I propose some type of match making system not on trophy’s, but on OVRs and people’s chemistry. This is all I really had to say and complain about, but in the end I’m just happy to play the game IGN IAmAGremlin

Pay to play & fatal glitches. Stopped playing this game a couple years ago as it was clearly a pay to play system. Would take countless hours playing all year to finally form a decent team weeks or even days before the season reset. After taking a break from the game I thought I’d give it another chance. Played the last few months in free time specifically building points in the TOTS event. On past experience, I knew it was probably best to build up points and maximize using the points within the league in addition to transferable tickets where I could get the best players. Suddenly, today, i find the event gone- with no notice. I contact EA customer service over this issue and was told that the failure of the app to indicate the TOTS feature was expiring was “a glitch” and that I needed to delete the app and download it again. However, this would not return my tickets accumulated (over the past few months) or give me any support in lieu of their mistake. In other words, I was told to kick sand- the event is over, there is nothing that can be done. My advice would be to not waste your time on this app. I used it to kill time and thankfully never put any money into it. EA has a historic reputation for being money-centric for a deserved reason. These critics don’t even address the many other glitches in game that cause gameplay to be frustrating.

EA being EA. This game just like most of other EA games, is pay to win. I’m a fifa fan since 2012, but I got to say that the mechanism and depth of the game haven’t change (even declined) since fifa 2014. The skill barely take apart of this game, but the stats of players do. In fifa 2014 the game allow you to choose your free kicker and captain, as well as strategies like the fifa on console. It wasn’t allow in fifa mobile. The game is full of promotions and pack opening. You cannot have a full match with your friends and other players, but instead you compete with them in some sort of attack mode, which the player with a better team stat have much better chance to win. The goalies in this game are broken as usual, that they can block every shots include penalty if you willing to pay for a good one. I download this game during the World Cup, and thanks to my experiences in Fifa and stamina glitch, I was able to build a 80 overall team and got into world class III in two days, however when I play against 90 overall team, it just impossible to win. You can not even find a chance to shoot playing a team that is much stronger than you. In conclusion, this game explain why EA have such a bad reputation when it come to pay to win.

Below average. Ok so I have quite the problems with this game firstly the joystick is infuriating and bad it goes all over your screen and as soon as you let go of it the ai plays for you and you go auto. Secondly the ai defense is really bad you can run in a straight line and shoot and you score its that simple and not that hard. Thirdly the ranked is unfair when I was up against a professional and with my bad team I got crushed why not just set people against each other with similar skill level. Fourthly when you pass it can be very annoying because it can go where you didn’t click or want it to go. My fifth point when you dribble or move around it is very difficult to control and annoying to control. And lastly the offside and fouling rule are the most bull crap I have ever seen it’s annoying and inconsistent because when I’m not offside it calls it and when I am sometimes it doesn’t not only that when you get a foul it can be stupid because me sliding and the player clearly faking then when they get up and fall then I get a yellow card is annoying. Besides that it’s a pretty nice,fun, and addicting game

I don’t like it. This game used to be awesome seriously, but now it requires you to pay for a lot of things to get a good team I have a 92 Over but still it’s very hard to win in head of head and attack. I believe there shouldn’t be chemistry mode. I think that’s screwed and that shouldn’t effect what player win but it does. If you don’t know what chemistry mode is, it requires you to have players from the same country or from the same event to win attack mode and if you don’t your screwed. Even you have the best team ever and you have 0 in chemistry mode and you play attack mode most likely your going to lose and in head to head it gives the other team an advantage because of chemistry. Personally I think that’s 100% screwed. Around the country players could be friends with other people across the world it doesn’t matter that they live in the same country, but of course it matters to fifa. Also I got put into the bottom of the good players and because I don’t have a good chemistry it’s almost impossible to win. Also the world tour is rigged. It says I can play one part but it doesn’t let me play that’s absolutely disappointing. Also some events they do random chance to win good players. It should be skill not chance, and fair not rigged like what fifa is doing. If they ever want me to play again they are going to have to change a lot of things. And when I say lot I mean lot.

FIFA REVIEW. Wth is this game. It’s fun and everything but I spend hours and hours playing and grinding to get nothing this isn’t fair I wish you could play with controller and if the was carrear mode and the overall was based on actual fifa. Keep this in mind that purchases need to be much cheaper. Also I love the game but it gets me upset that I have to open a UCL player box 8 times for a player and out of those 8 times not a single player above 90 my highest overall player was a 89 Phil Foden don’t get me wrong it a cool player but after all these years and money I’ve spent on this game (I’ve been playing fifa since Fifa 12 and I’ve spent over 300 on micro transactions) it just disappoints me that I can’t receive better odds or luck. You probably don’t care about what I’m saying but overall love the game and please fix the graphics 😂👍 also when I was younger I would play fifa 16 on my iPad it would be the same thing as fifa 16 same soundtracks same color scheme and same game modes / events I have a nostalgic feeling thinking about that please bring it back if the community agrees do packs but please lower the price by at least 15% I understand this company needs money to carry out their new ideas but would you prefer to have 5 people giving you 100 dollars each (500) or 10 people giving you 75 dollars each (750)

It’s good but it’s not 5 star or 4 star. I think this is a great game overall! But the most awful thing is that you have to reach mobile master part 4 to get team hero’s and leagues the team hero’s were free in 18 but now it’s stumbled also LEAGUES were free in 18. The most awful thing is “drum noise” the market because i and you have to complete the mobile master PART 5 like really in fifa 18 (Mobile) it’s free after you have done the tutorial so yeah. 8 EXTRA THINGS YOU EA CAN ADD EVEN IF YOU DONT SEE ME HERE ARE THE EIGHT. 1. Add the player ratings a slight bit more like +1 or +2 for most of the players. 2. You EA can more numerous more campaigns for example “Ligue 1 Campaign for new things or just national campaigns 3. Make the Late Beginning less boring 4.make the 15 second freeze in vs attack less frequent 5. Add slightly more events like 1 or 2 and probably The CL or Scouting 6. Add in the GK Diving Skill Boust because it was in 18 7. Make the market,leagues,and Team Hero’s more accessible 8. Make International Teams and not just Leauge Clubs. Thanks of whoever reads this script!!!

Best soccer game I’ve ever played!!!!. Electronic Arts, what have you done?! I’ll tell you what, you’ve created the best soccer game on a mobile device. I’ve played all kinds of other games like Pro Evolution Soccer for example, and it just doesn’t have the potential in it as Fifa Mobile does. I have one suggestion for the app, however. In a later (hopefully rather soon) update can you start putting in the women players as well? Because even though I am a guy, I love to watch women play soccer as just as much as I like to watch guys play soccer (maybe even a little more than guys, hard to say). I’m even going to try and watch all the women’s Fifa World Cup games in 2019 in France!! I just think it would be a huge update for Fifa, especially since no other game has women players, and because I think there would be a bigger variety of better players. Also, it could even get more people to play Fifa instead of other games because of their liking in women players (like myself). But like I said, just a suggestion. Great game otherwise, no complaints whatsoever!!! Keep it up EA

Really great. I think this game is awesome and I know that it cant have all the things that FIFA has on a console but it’s would really like for it to have some things that I think would be great. For example being able to play with the team that you want to play with and I’m not saying get rid of ultimate team but to also allow playing with a real team. I would also really like if the app had controller compatibility, this means with a Bluetooth controller (like play station controller or a Xbox controller) you would be able to use it as if you were playing on your console. Some other large games including Minecraft, Fortnite, call of duty have all added controller compatibility. The next two things are about the game play. On FIFA console you had a cross button. There is now cross button here so adding that would be great. Last thing being able to use team management when playing against A.I. This means I can switch some of my players if they get a yellow card or something. Other wise a really great game.

Love FIFA Mobile but still needs work. Been playing FIFA mobile for years and I love it. I don’t have time to turn on my console and play. So much easier to take out my phone and start playing. Breaks at work, waiting area at restaurant or doctors office... it’s perfect. Graphics have improved a lot over the years, features are better, events, tournaments and player cards. My frustration comes in the head to head option. Which is the one feature I was most excited about when announced. I understand internet connection has to do a lot with it but I have strong home internet and strong cell signal and even then I get disconnected and end up losing the match and fan base. When I get matched up against someone with a similar team rating, it’s a great match. Back and forth action. Can’t understand why I get slaughtered when it matches up against a team over 10 points lower than mine and way lower chemistry level. If the developers are reading this, please look into this ASAP. Overall you’ll enjoy playing this game. It’s a great alternative to playing FIFA on your home console.

A lot of improvements over last 2 versions, still way behind FIFA 14, 15 and 16. The current version has lot of improvements over last 2 versions. Huge improvements on graphics. And finally FIFA is coming slowly back to real football games. Last two versions were full of meaningless mini games heavily relying on micro transactions. It absolutely does not make sense when FIFA 14, 15 & 16 provided console level gameplay with good graphics and full audio commentaries, running quite well on iPhone 6, iPad mini 2 etc., EA comes up with a heavily scaled down version of the game only to make money off micro transactions. Just to force people to play the meaningless FIFA Mobile, they stopped the FIFA 14 and FIFA 15 servers which backfired and benefited their rivals PES. Finally this year EA came up with options for playing real football games and actually went up one step ahead providing multiplayer head to head games. Most people come to FIFA to get a football playing experience, not the meaningless mini games which we only play to rank up players etc.. A great step up for sure but it still lacks key features like audio commentary, mirrored second halves, substitutions, etc. that games from 3-5 years ago used to have.

I love this game, but will always need improvements. EA I love that you made Fifa a mobile app! Complete with just about every footballer. I have been playing since season 1! The themed limited time events such as carnival, winter, and Easter are always fun. I enjoy having lots of options for kits and clubs, but I do miss being able to choose national teams especially with the World Cup so close. For this type of game I feel the mobile controls work, but could still use some fine tweaking for more through balls than crosses. I thought the addition of squad building challenges is nice, but ultimately not fun because there are not a lot of free opportunities to open packs that contain multiple players ranging from types of cards in order to complete those challenges. It just becomes pay to win essentially and I don’t have that kind of money. I hate how you decided to make icons apart of squad building challenges because for my budget it is almost impossible to get icons. Also I was so close to making my squad contain 6 Brazilian players while keeping it at the required rating to claim icons, BUT THEN you changed it!!!! However, overall this is my favorite mobile game. Thanks EA!

A module for draining the soul of football. Weak servers and bogus VSA ruling are just a fraction of this game’s mediocrity! This game suffers from a dozen of fundamental flaws. When you want to play the world tour in order to improve your team, you have to beat a 100 overall team in order to get a 79 overall player! If I had the power to beat this kind of team, then why would I need a 79 overall player? This represents a ridiculous system of rewarding. After that, you enter VSA attack and that’s where you collide with the game’s philosophy. There you find a world overran with emulators and investors who cheat their way up to achieve success. Effort and hard work is not even defined in this game because no matter how much you try to improve yourself, you see a horde of players who just pay money to climb the mountain. The game is all about money grubbing. When you want to achieve a player whom you’re interested in, you have no other way but to pay a huge amount of money, something which is already impossible for the third world players. Even if you neglect the lunatic physics of this game which makes you very angry when you collide stronger enemies, you have to regulate your team chemistry which absolutely hinders you from developing your team of dreams. Therefore, you have a very limited domain of choices if you want to play with your bare hands (not wallet) even After months and months of hard work and time investment.

Shamelessly greedy. Not meant for user entertainment everything is meant for profit , get better player you have to pay , the better the worst they play on the field and the worst your able to control them Give them 2$ real money and they give you 150 fifa pointless points so they finesse you for 50 fifa points like at least give me 200 fake points and say it’s to switch training level to another player that’ll cost 175 so it’s not even enough so you have to go put 2$ more dollars for 1 player so that’s 4$ for 300 points and 1 player cost 175 which leaves you with 125 so you will not have enough for a second player having to put 2$ more , that’s outrageous and that’s just one example of so many more , like I get it they want money but at that point I’ll rather pay for the game when downloading it cause it’ll be way cheaper then them say it’s free but when playing it to do anything there charging you because to enjoy this game it is not free at all Been playing fifa since I was a kid , and I’m not hating on there hustle but if your gonna sell the game sell it , don’t say it’s free because the greed will catch up when someone else creates a new game that they’ll sell but once bought you actually enjoy it , not say it’s free but charging money for everything in the game

I think this game is depressing me. Sorta good but can you make the game fair in regards to gameplay/AI and not give us the equivalent of suicidal military missions for soccer match challenges in this game I’ve struggled so badly with the final match of chapter two in the adventure path in the national heroes because your down 0-3 start of the second with no tiebreaker oh and you need to score with a defender and get a brace I’ve only even tied the game twice and like I said it’s painfully hard for absolutely no reason I mean the final match of the whole adventure path seems easier than the final of chapter two it just feels like I’m trying to fill an abyss because my striker will run out of bounds with the ball even though I told him to go the other way my striker with a goal actually stays away from the penalty area the opposite of what a striker is supposed to do and during corner kicks my defenders either don’t jump for the ball or are in the back side of the penalty area away from the goalkeeper and my defenders should be really good at heading my 98 overall CB who’s 6’5 and has 120 heading is diving for the ball to get headers it just feels messed up man and my defense to sum it up my defenders and GK allowed a CAM to score from outside the penalty area just need to fix the AI and gameplay but other than that I would like a feature that allows you to skip one game or skill game per event so this doesn’t happen often but it can only be used once and yeah that’s it

Ratings. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF THIS GAME, FIX THE OVR! When in divisional rivals, what is the point of having a high OVR and Chemistry rating if you keep losing fans every time you play someone with a lower rating? This game is far from the reality of real fifa. No team REALLY LOSES FANS. I’m a fan of Real Madrid even though CR7 left, I’m a fan of Juventus even though CR7 left, I’m a fan of MAN UNITED even though they don’t win many games. Be more realistic. Also, both timers should end at the same time, my timer end but my opponents keeps going for another 14 seconds….how is that fair? This has been the plague of this potentially awesome game. Also, when in the store…when we trade our points or fifa $$, give us a player, not possible scenarios that we “might” get one, what a money tease, that’s not fair either. Why can’t you developers give us a game play that’s like a regular league season so we can qualify for Champions league and as such the FA CUP/SUPERCOPA/COPPA ITALIA/ etc based on your preference of league? Instead we get this constant run a round. Chasing the game for higher players. Honestly this game has amazing potential but you guys are getting it wrong. It’s fun to play but so frustrating at the same time. Oh and can you please fix the chat? It’s constantly censoring and we aren’t even being disparaging towards our own team. There’s a lot to consider but it depends on how much you’ll care to make any changes.

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Gambling app masquerading as a football game.. I’ve played FIFA mobile for a few years now but this is the worst I’ve seen it. Yes, the graphics are a step up from the last edition but this has become a gambling app masquerading as a football sim. Football is just the lure to get people in. Then it’s all about the grind of training and opening packs. The need to spend real money has also been ramped up in this update. There’s a far greater emphasis on the in-game currency. How do you get them? Only by spending money. If you don’t, you’re consigned to mediocrity. I know this game and the FUT feature on the console are a cash cow for EA Sports but it’s gone beyond a joke. For children this has become a dangerous gateway. Don’t believe me? Let them try it for a bit and see how addicted they become to logging in, doing tasks and getting the all important packs. I won’t even go into the way you get robbed of millions of in game dollars at the end of each season, which would normally cost $40 or more in real world currency if you wanted to buy it. EA you’ve lost your way, the essence of the game and what football is really about.

PAY TO WIN MOBILE. FIFA mobile 21 is a game developed for those who have the ability to spend thousands to have the best experience, without money the game is boring and outside the very limited free to play content there is really no way to compete / enjoy the gameplay as the matchmaking will constantly push you into fixtures against teams much more equiped then yours as a scheme to make you spend to even have the ability to compete let alone have the best players ...... the gameplay is boring and the two main game modes you build your team for h2h and Vs attack are boring and unimaginative....... there’s no rewards for being f2p that even compare to the experience they present for the wealthy.... the overall experience even with p2p is lacking as they don’t present any competition that actually represents the amount they want you to spend to enjoy the game in its full entirety.....

Transfer Market. Hey EA, Fifa Mobile is such a great game and I have been playing for a few years. One of my favourite parts of the game is the transfer market. With the latest edition of the game, the transfer market has changed a lot and not in a particularly good way. I think a lot of people would agree with me that it is very confusing to use and the older market was a lot better. The new market is complicated and there isn’t even an option to adjust the price ranges of the players you are looking for. There wasn’t anything wrong with the old market and I would appreciate if it could go back to how it was or at least slightly changed. Thank You

Greatly improved, a must for football fans on the go. The changes that have been made to this game have made it so much more enjoyable, the World Cup update got me back into playing it after my regular team stagnated. Love how much there is to do now, however I’ve had an issue where it won’t allow me to select the matchup winner for the WC semi finals. I’d like to see the players defence improved a bit against the CPU, because my team gets torn apart through poor defensive positioning, I.e. my CB’s spread out wide for no reason and leave a huge gap for the ST to run through. players not making tackles and just allowing the CPU forwards to run past them and score. Like if I’m going to concede can it at least be a good goal and not just flawed defensive programming. Aside from that I don’t have too many other complaints, hoping the World Cup is staying in the game so once I’m down with Germany I can move on to other countries.

I love soccer but this game well…. I also play the FIFA 20 on the Xbox and fell in love with it. It makes as if you are really there at the game! However with the mobile version, the crowds are a bit boring and not well made. If you could make the crowds not delayed when being disappointed that would be great and also that you can add more graphics to them. Anyway that’s all! PS we really like your new game It takes Two

Unstable and badly maintained. First off, where is the commentary? It was there and it’s off and you advertised it again, yet it’s still off. Things in the game is like the commentary, features have been developed but not well maintained. It feels like the manager who runs the game don’t really care. Game play and control are good but events and modes in the game are boring and time consuming. Oh, the head to head game is fun and competitive, but the management of the game decides to save money on servers so you are stuck to crash or pin up to 300 during rush hours. Every mode crushes, I suffer about 3 crashes per day. The engineers did a decent job for developing the game but the management of the game simply failed.

This Game Gets Worse and Worse the More You Play. Before this game was fun, scoring goals and winning. Now I’m here with the screen all covered in VS attack and the enemy is 130 OVR. Look I don’t know what you are trying to attempt EA, but you need to fix this game. When an enemy is about to score, when I try to switch to another player, it doesn’t work, my teammates don’t defend and suddenly, they’ve scored. Also, the amount of internet required to power this game is absolute absurd. Loading screen, loading screen, loading screen! Can you stop the loading screens for once!? If you don’t fix these problems, I’ll have to deem it for once in my entire life, one of the worst games ever played.

Don’t end national challenge. I have played this game for months. The best part of this game is national World Cup challenge. Not ultimate team mode. Why? It’s simple. You can have only 11 players max. What’s the point of collecting so many players if you only use 11 of your best on ultimate team? On the other hands, national World Cup challenge gives us chance to collect players from different nation and allow them to play as national team . That’s the fun part and makes us addicted to this game. I know World Cup is over, but ending all our hard work collecting different players from different country is such a shame. I am sure millions of players who play this game will agree with me. Just a suggestion, think of doing the same format for club competition. It will be fun if we can collect players from current club league we choose and play them for champion league with similar format competition and make transfers more exciting instead of using it to redeem quests. Kind of boring isnt it..

Overpriced Cards Problem. As soon as I started playing it I became addicted. Great graphics and easy to learn how to play it. You can buy players by using coins and add them to your team, however you can use other currencies to buy players, like how I used League Tour Points to buy a 97 rated Goalkeeper. You can also buy coins by using Daily Training Points and save up until u get 5 to buy 80K coins. Overall a great game however some players are a bit overpriced like how a TOTW (Team of the Week) Cristiano Ronaldo cost 7 million coins while a cheaper version costing 6 million coins has the same stats of the expensive one. This has also happened to other cards so please delete the expensive cards and stay with the cheap one to not confuse us.

Great Game. FIFA Mobile is a really good game and this season in my opinion is the best so far, but there are some features I’d love to see! Features: FUT Draft - Most FIFA youtubers are famous for play the more FUT Draft, fans have been really hooked to play but it takes a while to get 10,000 coins. I think the price should be like 100,000 coins and fans could get rewards for beating other squads, the reward could be higher for the better the squad is. (For example, an elite for an 85 rated squad, a Master for a 95 and a Legendary for 100+) Maximum Prices - Prices in FIFA Mobile are a huge problem! I’ve seen a bronze go up for 60,000 coins, these expensive prices need to stop. They’re stopping users to upgrade their squad for the proper price. (For example a gold’s maximum price should be like 10,000 coins) FUT Champions (Mobile Champions maybe?) - FUT Champions is something everyone wants to do, 100 participants with the best squad! (VS. Attack Record too) Then afterwards they can get awards. Well that’s it for these suggestions! You don’t have to include these but these are just a few things that I’d like in FIFA! Best Regards! -Aidan

So unfair in the campaign, and horrible in every thing else. I am up to chapter 4 in England campaign, and my team is 91 our with a 101 rated modric as my best player. Though my team is strong, many countless campaign matches, especially in the later chapters, you have to come back from like 3-0. It’s is so horrible! Plus, the matches are so expensive, costing 8 stamina to attempt one game, where you have 0 and the other team 4 goals. Also, the fifa points are not worth it at all, as people sell for example: a Sergio Ramos who is 92 ovr, for 16 million coins! The offer containing the most coins only gives you 2.5 million, and it cost ten thousand Fifa points, and to get that many fifa points you need to pay a huge 80$! And that only gives you like an 8th of the price for a 92 ovr player. So please make the campaigns a bit fairer, and the offers in the shop more worth it, but overall, it’s a ok game

FIFA Mobile (What must change). I thought this was the best game in my life until a new season started. For a second I thought there would be amazing updates, but my team is gone???? My friends have spent lots of real money on the game for nothing! Please make an update when your team doesn’t restart when a new season is updated. Also add an actual league, a tournament. Make this just like fut 19. Very disappointed, I had a great team until I had to start again, I don’t want this happing or else I won’t play FIFA mobile ever again!!!! This should be just like fifa on console. Please EA listen to this

Please help, very fun game but.. I wouldn’t say I have been playing this game for too long but I have 90 rated and 120 chemistry, so yes I do love this game. The problem I need help with, is the fact that With this new update I cannot access the game. Like literally. This glitch is basically where it’s loading and it’s black background and it has the little logo spinning. Then all of a sudden the sound stuffs, up it goes slow, and then I am back to the home screen. I have an iPhone 6 so I don’t think this is a quality problem. Although this is a very game breaking glitch I am not too concerned as I can see other people are probably having the same issue. Please fix soon thank you.

Not as good as previous version. I don’t Think the upgrade is as good as the previous version. Seem to have been robbed because of all the money invested in the previous game have not come across. There’s still a lot of technical glitches in this version such as some of the drills where you complete the drills such as dribble to avoid the opponentWhere are you completed but it doesn’t end. You get duplicate players but you can’t do anything with them not even selling so they are a kind of waste. The buying and selling of players is ridiculous. The game at self is not as good which is sad because the previous version was fantastic and I had more to it. This is a whole lot slower and a lot more time-consuming to play

It’s actually terrible. I’ll keep this short. I myself agree that fifa on console is much better than pes, but on mobile it is a completely different story. I’m honestly shocked by the people who think this is a good game. Pes on mobile is literally the same as on the console and the gameplay is way better than this measly product. It perplexes me as to how people think this is better than pes on mobile. Seriously, do yourself a favour and at the very least try out pes mobile. You will not be disappointed. PS. I know this seems like a hate speech against fifa mobile, and in ways it is, but comparing this to pes mobile is like comparing fifa mobile players IQs to Albert Einstein’s. There simply is no comparison and pes does so much better on mobile.

YNWA. Great game so many things to do I like the amount of energy that’s available chemistry is awesome for those that don’t know you need players that are minimum 80 ratings and then they must match via nation league or team, I like how my lower rating team can still have a chance against a stronger team with lower chemistry some bugs to fix with the game especially the new head to head mode is tricky with server issues there are times I lose up to a minute in total of playing/ controlling because of connections are lost between players I think the leagues should be customised to h2h with players in the same continent then the top 4 qualify to a champions league

Pay to win. This game is completely pay to win. As in, in online matches, if the opposing player has payed even a small amount of money they will have better chances of winning their players will play better and your players will suddenly become terrible and not be able to pass, shoot properly, or dribble the ball. The game is setup so that you’re put into unfair matches and makes your players bad so that you spend money on the game. The game gives you only small amounts of money for completing things as it wants you to spend real money on the game, graphics are okay, controls are mostly clunky and are worse vs a money spender. Don’t install this game it is just a scam for money

Pay cash to keep playing. Two days in a row that the AD OFFER is not working and I can’t get ENERGY OFFERS...!!!! Since I’m not a user that will use real money to play a game, you will notice that regardless your team overall and chemistry increase due to packs that you can obtain using coins or wining players from skills games or anything else, but never using real money, the algorithm of FIFA will decrease your skills and your players will start playing dumb. I have the worst Messi ever, where he can’t dribble a player or other player that usually was good passing the ball (Beckham Ronaldo, Koke), now he can’t do it... I’m the same, with a team of overall 107 and chemistry 132 and I can’t win a single VS Attack or H2H if the opponent is a team of at least 99 overall and 115 chemistry... FIFA: I don’t care that the algorithm is making me play worst... I WILL NOT SPEND A SINGLE DOLLAR IN THE GAME AND I WILL CONTINUE TRYING TO WIN GAMES UNTIL BORING ME AND DECIDE TO LEAVE THE GAME.

Please EA respond. So I just started the game. The graphics and physics are amazing and had a huge improvement but sadly there is one thing that is bothering me. When doing the mobile master challenges to unlock certain event and even the transfer market. So I’m at mobile master 4. I’m on the last part which is to claim the second reward in gold campaign. The part 3 mobile master told me to complete gold campaign HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CLAIM THE 2ND REWARD. How am I supposed to continue on with the game. Please fix this. I’d rather play PES 2019 and recommend it to others. One thing why I’d play pes is because it transfers your DATA! I had a 89 OVR team I was happy with it but all of a sudden you just mess everything up. I think you should respond.

Cash grab, download PES instead. The game is good at the start, but the higher you go the worse the game gets between game scripting and match fixtures that are set up for you buy more packs, and the packs are waste of money you will end up with the same useless players each time, team of the week players packs are a scam to get you spend your coins overall this game is just a cash grab. The events are also set up to squeeze you for as much as they can well done EA what had the potential to be great mobile game you ruined by trying to bleed your players. play PES instead it’s a much better experience as it’s about how good player you are not how much cash you spend

Worst game of the lot. I thought I would at least give this new version of FIFA a try, but I wish I hadn't. Whatever you enjoyed about the previous mobile versions has probably been taken away. There a whole new bunch of different types of cards with zero explanation provided regarding what each of them mean (ignoring the fact that ratings of 100+ are now possible). The camera angle is all messed up and there is no way to change it. There are no ways to change a players natural position and the match-making system is so poorly designed that I've been forced to watch on and lose games because my opponent received an extra three chances to score in the 15 seconds it takes to "process results". I don't know what this game is, but it isn't Ultimate Team.

Do not play with short temper. Mostly this game is fun but like all games the computer cheats at just the right times. Here are a few examples that have almost cost me a new phone screen. It will not recognise you pressing the screen to pass to another player, it automatically selects a defence player no where near the ball play, it switches to auto control while you’re still holding down the manual button which slows you up allowing the opponent to catch up, it will change your goal kick screen swipe to a short lob, pass or just a general kick to no where, the opposition goal keeper blocks it when it should clearly be a goal.

Zidane. Before you ignore this review, please read it. Please. I’m on the last milestone to getting zidane but it feels like a nightmare. It’s impossible for a free to play guy like me with an 122 ovr team to get into fifa masters for VSA. And H2H is literally the most frustrating thing ever. I have to go up against cross spamming and my opponents always get an advantage. Like the player with the ball got tackled, then the player somehow gets it off the defender while he was on the ground and scores. I call those goals “fluke goals.” Like they legitimately got the goal through pure luck. I really want to get zidane, please. I beg you. On behalf of all those people who just want to have some fun and get zidane without paying and buying stuff, I ask you politely to please change the fifa masters milestone and make it so that people in fifa champion can get zidane.

Trash. FIFA listen prob not gonna see this but if u do delete this game it’s a disgrace to the society no one likes a $2 game copy ur trash I’m not a hater I used to love this game but u know u ruined it so bad of a game you made it was not worth the hours I know that ur not gonna care but still not only that this game and you are a disgrace ea I know ur making money but it’s a trash of a game I would rather play the slime game than this trash I I could I would pay to not play but idk why I still do.

Career mode. I think personally that ea you should bring back the career mode back to FIFA mobile FIFA 13 was massive for mobile with the game modes like normal play and career mode. I know that lots of players around the world would like this added please make this happen. But onto the game right now it’s good similar to ultimate team and has good game physics. Now onto graphics I know I am asking for a-lot but possibly better graphics to mobile and if that means paying $15 for the game on mobile you will get lots of sales. It’s a win-win situation thanks for reading this if you do and have a good day.

Not good enough. Often in vs attack matches I tend to verse player higher than 90. My team is 83 overall and I actually play decent against them. But when I verse a team my own rating i get even worse luck and less chances. Head to head is very slow and bad and the respond time is awful. Honestly ea, stop making everything so expensive and tbh if you want to succeed in this game you have to pay 1000 bucks at minimum, it just annoys everyone. You should try and work so it is more flexible and actually works ok on older devices. I have tried to play on my 5s and it is so incredibly bad. I can’t pass a ball and the graphics are awful. I also recommend just binging back ultimate team it’s a lot better and more fun.

Change some updates ea!!!. It is a great soccer game and the best I have ever played. Some good things coming from the last updates were gems which were a good resource to have to buy packs and players as well as quests and campaign has improved. Some things I would like changed would be able to earn FIFA bucks considering I don’t spend money on games both 2017 and 2018 FIFA mobile games could get FIFA bucks. Totw should have a drill there to pick up extra points and domination should have more players. Chemistry has been added and it has been great getting players from same leagues and clubs. Overall FIFA mobile is a great game and family friendly so everyone can play a few bad updates from previous games but some good ones too.

FIFA is just a money grab. The game has become something more akin to a gambling app. There are whole sections of the game that are only open to those willing to shell out an exorbitant amount of money for merely a chance at a half decent reward. The only real challenges are in the tournament, vsa and h2h but these are beset by bugs and can often be frustrating. It use to be you could reach the end of a special event if you are willing to devote your time to it (and maybe a bit of cash). A case in point is the new Round of 16 Champions League event. By a rough estimation you would need around 9 months to play the mind numbing skill games to complete the event - the event will only run for just over a month. So that equates to spending ALOT of money and even then the purchases you make don’t give you a clear indication of what you will receive. Join the revolution and don’t spend any cash on this app.

Glitches,bugs,expensive players and make the game fair. Like my tittle there’s teams higher rated which means we can’t score because they play better we might but they will score like 5-0. Also there’s glitches that may not be offended a lot but when my player is near the Dutch line the opponent kicks it out and it’s there throw in I don’t know if that irrelevant but I pretty annoying also another thing game expensive lower the value,time stop for 40 seconds get that out even if I have full connection to the game and also make a game fair, what I mean is like ur level 30 make everything in the shop the gameplay level 30 under or same level that will make the game a lot more interesting Thanks from ramen to E.A sports

It’s okay but. You can’t get progress from previous seasons where you might have spent hours and hours and hours of your life into it then there is the fact of skill boosts which don’t really boost your player there is poor connection in head2head and vs attack and control on your player should be increased also you should have put Neymar in the tutorial like Ronaldo in pre-season because by the time I got to Neymar I already had a better Left Winger other than that it’s a good game with potential so I hope you take this on board to make this game the best fifa game ever

An irritating lack of control. It’s a bit of an irritating game, because you seem to have limited control over your players. The worst aspect of this is the auto-switching between your players. Instead of being able to choose which player you want to defend with, the game chooses for you. So it’s normal for you to move a defender up to make a tackle, and suddenly the game switches you to a defender who’s not even on the screen. This can become quite comical as an attacker runs right through your team because the game keeps switching you to different defenders who are nowhere near the attacking player. Players also screw up simple tasks far too often. Top-class players regularly make mistakes that would be sniggered at in a schoolyard kick-about. The frequency that it happens is not realistic, and makes me wonder whether EA’s business model is to force you to grind to improve your players’ stats so that your €50m player doesn’t continually miss-hit passes.

What happened! This ain’t football. Moving passed the ridiculous timing of the update to wipe people’s teams. This update has good and bad points. Getting the good out the way first, I prefer the games structure now it seems more clear what you are trying to obtain. The bad side: 1. Still not very responsive whether on the menus having to tap three times before anything seems to register. Or belting the ball off the pitch in error because you can’t stop the auto movement. 2. The actual matches are down right terrible. I played better iOS football games 5 years ago it feels like. No fluidity, goals are basically scored in one way run at the goal and swipe to the left or right, simple. Total football is out the window with this one. 3. Goalkeepers- why do they insist on running out passed the defenders for no apparent reason! 4. Penalties are terrible can’t place shots at all. 5. Camera angles are useless you can’t play out from defence as you have no clue what’s in front of you. I could probably go on with more thoughts but seriously EA did anyone actually test the game play!

Enjoyable but a question for developer. Have enjoyed playing the game but am frustrated by how little of the special events can be completed without spending significant cash. I’m no idiot...I understand the need to generate a return from what is initially a free game but the balance just feels wrong. Question for developer: how much of the TOTSSF event could be complete without spending cash? I have played every day, completing the daily challenges and have completed each weekly challenge yet I am still nowhere near being able to pick up expensive players from the weekly trail and have managed to get one TOTSSF reserve player.

Good. I have played fifa mobile for years and I really enjoyed it but this season is too disappointing. Most features now drag on and on and for you to make progress you have to spend significant money. The market is much much worse. It used to be fun to be able to chose how much you would sell your player for, now it is restricted. The star pass marathon of 100 is way too long , so progress is slow. The division rivals is not great and the leagues only gives you league points that does not give you much benefits. Also I have lost 75% of my players around the World that were in my league. All data from the last 5 years (history) are gone and I spend significant amount of money on that game. New events are fewer than previous seasons. I am done with the game and feel disappointed.

Game premised on how much money EA can siphon from you. Compact and fun mobile football game. BUT here’s the bad part. The games’ two main game modes H2H and VS attack mode are based purely on which team is higher rated (I.e. how much money and/or time you spend). VS Attack mode against lower rated opponents is only the slightest degree above mindless two button presses. H2H is more skill based but the lag and delay that comes with it makes it almost unplayable. Naturally the more you lose the more you are urged to spend money on the various ways to increase your team rating. At lower team ratings it’s not even noticeable but once you’ve spent considerable hours into it that’s when devs know they have you and matchmaking naturally becomes more competitive and pushing team rating higher becomes more difficult. Really a big money grab. Gotta respect EA for putting minimal effort for big profits.

Force you to play by designing to frustrate. Impossible to win Beckham III versus Barcelona when they set you up as losing 3 goals, and they have overall 95 with the whole Barcelona team and expert computer no lag one pass, also we have to use a defender to score. And to score 2 goals with the same player. All we have to do with only 45 mins. When the ball goes out of game or fault you have to let 2 mins go. How can you score 4 goals with particular requirements in around 40 mins? Game designer didn’t bring a brain to work when they set this out. Or they are trying to frustrate you to get you purchase more to improve your team. Bad UX. Loading time is long.......

Pleas Help Me!. Could somebody please help me with this annoying glitch I have in my game. Every time I press into the World Tour game mode and go into the premier league, it has a text in the bottom left corner that says ‘TIP. Let’s go play your first match to start your journey!’ or something like that and it won’t allow me to press the game I’m up to on the journey. Please tell me how to fix it, it’s really annoying and I am not able to play World Tour.😢 Overall Fifa Mobile is a really fun game and I enjoy playing it but I only play Head to Head and Vs Attack because of the obvious issue I have with my World Tour.🤗😅😊

Learn what a penalty is. Great game I’ve had for a year now I’ve a lot of joy and some mad moments there is won problem to this game. The other team can brutally slide tackle you and it will just be play on when it should have been a red card but nope it’s a play on. The same thing with offside you don’t even touch it and it says offside apart from that on of the best mobile apps and also please just please make goalies better if your inside the box and you shoot you don’t even think about the goalie saving

Potentially great game ruined by greed. This game has the potential to be a great mobile game, but is ruined by a gameplay model that pushes players to spent significant money to make meaningful progress, without spending decent money this game is simply a frustrating and boring grind. The multiplayer modes are frustratingly stacked towards the player who has spent more, as opposed to being a skill-based game. You are often paired in multiplayer up against players with a team OVR 15-20 points higher than your own where winning is essentially impossible due to how the mode works, not only are the opponents players better - but they are also given easier chances to convert, seems like an unnecessary overkill that is designed to frustrate players into spending. Additionally, some of the world tour challenges are impossibly difficult to complete with a team that you have not spent cold hard cash on, there are some where you start 0-2 down deep in the second half against a team with over 5+ OVR on you, oook? TLDR: this game is not designed for fun by the casual player, it’s designed to frustrate people into spending lots of money.

BEST GAME EVER!!!. This is my absolute favorite game EVER!!! I started playing and within a month I was already 80 OVR. I have so many good players and was a bit disappointed when I found out they where erasing my progress because of a new season because I have players like hazard that I have not leveled up enough to bring through and he has been with me since the start. My team also include players like Alex Sandro, Iborra, Matić, Coutinho and many more of my favorite players. The only problem I have ever encountered is that VS attack should be based of team OVR because I am only 88 OVR and I was playing against a 111 OVR team! Besides that though(which isn't that big of a deal anyway) I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys soccer.⚽️ RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Just one more thing.... Fifa 18 is by far one of the best sports games ever! I love the players, the details, the realistic people and objects, and most importantly, the game. I really like how you gain more fans when winning a match, but lose fans when losing a match. I think that playing this game may give you more knowledge of soccer skills and can definitely encourage ANYONE to play soccer (even if you’re not that good at it, which is me). The only problem which is actually quite minor, is that because Cristiano Ronaldo has now moved from Real Madrid to Juventus, i must now change my team crest, but there is no Juventus team! I know this isn’t an actual problem, which is a good thing, but please add in Juventus. Thank you for reading this❤️

EA makes another pay to win game. EA has done it again and made another repetitive, boring, pay to win game. It was too much to make a fun soccer game that was FREE and only the fun items are available to the players who are willing to spend hundreds of dollars (REAL MONEY) just to get one prime icon. The grind in order to get one player ruins the fun experience and the packs are a joke. You grind this game for a year only for your team to be completely erased at the end and starting at the bottom. Some games are so hard to beat but when you do it, the 2,000 coin reward isn’t worth the time and effort. If you want to play a fun soccer game that is fun for more than a week, look somewhere else.

Amazing game. The game is amazing I love football games that allows players to be able to unlock the stuff that others buy by taking a bit longer it just makes it fair to everyone but I do have one suggestion for the next game/update which is substitutes being able to have substitutes would be amazing as it a lot of players that don’t fit in there team chemistry wise but be able to play them like in campaign you should be able to sub players if there tired and need to come off which would be a great way to bring in like subs and tiredness otherwise the game is great I really enjoy and hope to see the game keep improving

Poor update. -WARNING- It erases your entire team from Fifa Mobile! I'm very disappointed with the latest update from EA, the Fifa Mobile charm is still there but drowned out by bad gameplay, idiotic decisions with the store, and dead marketplace. The camera angles are AWFUL, especially in defence. I always run into attackers because they are cut off the screen. There is no way to adjust the screen. They cut seasons mode, where you could play real life teams in your league of choice. The ball does not go where I swipe, and it is inane to keep doing the same activities over and over. The AI are broken, you can't pay for packs with coins, and there are barely any players in the marketplace. I can't find any IF Fernandinhos in the marketplace but tons of Ronaldos added in by EA. The decision to erase our teams is a horrible one. My awesome team is gone forever. I also used all my Fifa Points before the update, only to have my purchases nullified with the update. Don't buy if looking for a realistic, fun football/soccer game!

MONEY PIT. When you first start playing great game to play. You will only get so far then won’t be able to get any further unless you throw hundreds of dollars of real cash to get the best players. You build a fairly good team then it’s end of season, update game and loose all your hard work and your back with a team of 60 ratings players. All they want you to do is throw hundreds of dollars a couple of times a year to play this game. Save your money, go buy a PlayStation and a football game. At least then you can progress through the seasons and not have to spend money every couple of months. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS GAME.

Second review. Once again I’m writing a review for this game. I only want to discuss one issue today. It’s in the Beckham category, in career 2, at the 3rd last game you have to win by scoring 3 goals within the last 25 minutes of the 2nd half, which I find impossible at my stage, and I’m at 100 OVR, so I think a way to fix this would either to make it so that you start at 1nil down instead of 2 or make the team easier, please take this into consideration as I’m sure many other people have this issue.

Fifa 21 mobile>22. This update is very good with fantastic graphics and new features, but there are a number of things that make the game not fun. The transfer market is the worst idea I’ve ever seen, it doesn’t even make sense and you can’t even immediately get your purchased player. Another bad thing is the training, it’s the most meat up training ever. You can barely train a player up to the next overall which is just absolutely stupid. Please add back the old training and old market back because those two make the game extremely bad. Also you can barely play offline stuff cause they removed campaigns which is very bad because after playing a lot of online stuff it gets very boring so offline is the way to go. But there’s barely any offline stuff, I think it is a very bad start to then new season and the transfer market and the new player training system should be fixed immediately.

Classic FIFA. I’m not quite sure how but whenever a new game from this company comes out you can’t help but think ‘this cannot be any worse than the previous one.’ And yet here we are, they have managed to do just that. They somehow manage to copy and paste each game, release it again as a completely new game and still make the game worse. It truly does deserve a reward for beating our expectations every year. If you are looking at the reviews and the ratings and you come across this one, please, for the sake of your sanity, don’t download this game, EVER. Literally any soccer game is better than this abomination. And FIFA and EA, even if they do see this complaint, will they do anything about it? No, they have too much money to care about what the consumers desire and so I say to the consumers, don’t spend money on this game in any form, mobile or console and other forms this game comes in. It will bring more harm than good to your life and since it brings no good to your life I guess that’s a pretty poor thing to compare it to but I thought I’d make the comparison about has good as this game.

Clunky Game Play. Graphics are pretty good but the game play is very clunky and not smooth or fluent at all. Very hard to keep possession when your players are out of screen and you can’t see them. Also, when defending, if you’re not controlling that particular player, he just stands there and doesn’t even stay with his man, so the opposition always have free space. Time and time again, my own players get in each other’s way. Instead of moving and creating space, they just run where the ball is and either get in my way or block my pass. Improve the game play and this could be an amazing game but until then, it’s just an average game.

Love the game apart from.... I love this game, it is an awesome way to play against your friends and make as good a team as can. But there are some things that need to be fixed. 1. Camera Angles: the camera angles NEED to be fixed. Whenever I am running down the wing on the far end, the camera moves and cuts off that area making me not know where I'm going. 2. Vs attacks: there are a few things wrong with vs attacks. In some games, you can be playing against someone with an overall that is double yours and when playing both players should get the same amount of shots, great chances, counter attacks, ect. Apart from these two things, this game is GREAT!

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This sucks. How are we supposed to do the gmr because I’ve been playing soccer matches and yet I didn’t know how to get it like honestly

Garbage service. Read your feedback, bring back fifa 15/16 type game

FIFA error. Look I like this game so much not just cause I play,its because i have the passion the spirit to be on the field.Well the point is that this game has some glitches and says so long error code.And just kick you out of what ur doing just because they’re can communicate with the server? Like what? I need help and pls fix the problem.

So convoluted, just let me play a game. FIFA mobile seems to have lost the actual football. There are so many annoying little off shoot games or tasks that you can’t actually play a game of football. It seems impossible to actually play a full game. And the so called leagues are just more token grabbing exercises designed to push you towards purchases. What a bizarre set up for a football game. I’m less than a week after installing and I open and think this is just boring. So many stupid tasks and buttons to click without being able to just play football. When I do play something its stupidly easy. Like I’m scoring 10 goals. Even though there is the cumbersome link between the run button and the need to pass or shoot. Completely lost its way this game. Seems designed for teenagers with ADHD.

Garbage. This game sucks. Impossible to get good without spending money and I’m versing like 90 rated players when I’m like 80 rated. Unfair game.

Underdeveloped game. I’ve played this game in console, mobile, Nin Ds, switch. over 10 years. even if I sometimes had a same version per year. I don’t even want this game improved. Just stay as much as FIFA 10~14. How could it be getting worse??? Why do you think three touch buttons are comfortable? Where has the camera setting gone? Why is it still 30fps on these days? Look other games.. You guys, the programmers or developers, don’t give a sht about what people like me are just insulting what you made??

Figure it out. Why am I always playing against opponents who are way way better than me? Ruins the experience. The game favors players who are already superstars. I love fifa, but this is frustrating.

Old fifa was better. The old fifa on mobile was much better the gameplay was way more fun and looked much better. BRING IT BACK AND TAKE THIS SH*T OUT!

Please. It is a fun game but can you please add a change kick taker because I’m trying to do challenges and I need 3 goals with a cm but the cm I need to score with is taking the corner and it’s really annoying

Can I just play the game. Why’s it always telling me to do stuff n you have to do the academy why can’t I just play the game how I want

Players r way 2 expensive u can't even get a good player 4 50k. Otherwise really fun

YOUR KIDDING ME. OF COURSE IM GOING TO LOOSE TO SOMEONE THATS AN 89 overall!! Why am I playing against people by the number of fans anyway???!!!!!

Zidane mode. Make the challenge matches more easier because it is close to i possible to beat teams that are more than 10 overalls higher then you! Please fix this!

Weak. Those games with weird ads have better gameplay then this update =trash lag+++++ it doesn’t matter the complaints I right yall don’t even read reviews better delete this game it’s so trash :3

Trop Nice. Je trouve que c'est un joue avec beaucoup de bonne caractéristique car il est bon pour notre avenir parce que on doit acheter économiser et vendre et en plus le jeu nous donne des très bons joueurs dés le début ( sa fait 4 jours que je joue et je suis déjà 87) et vous pourriez faire mieux si c est possible car je suis un des meilleurs sans me venter

Garbage match making. Im 89 overall and my opponent is 120.. guess who won, Yall want us to keep losing to these clowns or what

Was a good game. There was a time and you could just quickly play a game…….not possible anymore. Thousands of clicks between games, upgrade here upgrade that…. Seriously ? Let me play a game when I want to with the team I want to…then lets go on with live….

So bad. Please recreate the game like fifa 16 ultimate team mobile

I lost my account. After the new season it made me restart I tried getting back through FB and gamecenter but it kept overriding

I miss the old FIFA. Why did EA changed the game?? I remember when ultimate team was just like the one in console, and you could actually interact with other players, I really hope that for the next one they change it to the way it was

Won’t load. The game won’t load it’s bad I miss the old fifa

Bring old fifa back. I don’t really like this one. It is very confusing. I remember before when they had an actual Ultimate team on it and it was very similar to the one on console. I just really hope they bring that one back.

Scam!!!. I got addicted to this game, it was so fun at the start!! I even spent 15$ on this game but then they’re was too many updates and when I paid I didn’t get my pass and I want a refund! This game is fun for a while but they scam!!

POSTS. Ever since the new update, i’ve hit more posts in the last week, then I have the entire past year! Fix this

very boring. id rather just pay for a normal fifa iphone game than those stupid energy points

wasting my time. too much trainer at the start

I can’t login to my account. So I download the game and play on one day it kicks me out and now I can’t log back in if there wasn’t this issue it would be a really good game

Good game. Divertissant mais difficile de progresser rendu à un certain niveau

The real deal. What’s really going on is some young white Canadian economists are using manipulation and gaming theory to get you to pay money for a tiny bit of affirmation and joy that is pre ordained and programmed. And the house always wins. It’s ok if that’s what you what to do, but know what’s really going on. Maybe pick up a guitar. It won’t betray you or lie to you. And it’ll get you real friends. Seriously. In a few years games like this will be exposed for what they are. Lowest common denominator gambling for under 18s. It’s a racket.

Lost 10 million right now when sold a player the game has a bug I think. Please correct the bug ASAP I sold 104 Kevin de Bruner for 16,384210 but got only 3+ million coins only

Make the game possible. This game is literally impossible because you have to have an overall 100 for a team score if you want to finish an event and if you don’t have an 100 overall you can’t redo the match that us possible for your overall score. Also 10% of the time it changes the player for you and if you don’t see the ball the player goes toward the ball. The other 90% of the time it doesn’t. I hope they fix this because if the events matched you overall score it would be more fun and I would defiantly play this game more often.

So annoying. How does a player with 100 pace get out run by a player with 70 pace??????? Sooo dumb, fix this

Can't win vs attack. When I scored 8 goals and was winning it said I scored 1 goal.

Too complicated and stupid...what happened to a simple and fun soccer game?. Is there no regular manager mode ??? This game doesn’t make sense and is too complicated...what happened to playing a regular career mode? Is that too hard to ask??

Buggy and laggy. Players on tablet version show different prices than on the phone for the exact same player levels. Also quite laggy especially on content update days.

Bruh. My opponent got TWO red cards in a match AND he still had ELEVEN PLAYERS

awful game. fix your stupid game, if the other teams fault you, there is no fault, but if you touch the player very lightly, it’s a red card, stupid game, fix it , it sucks

Good. Good game

Outrageously expensive. This game is turning out to be a money pit. I have played for over 2 years, and I must say now EA is fleecing with our money.

Are you kidding me. This is a fun game… last year. You can’t even score when your right in front of the goalkeeper, the curves are horrible the chip shots are week. They have downgraded their game. Super bad.

Terrible. The minute you can actually play a full game you’re paired up against people who’s overall team is over 100. We have no chance at winning.

Why it does not support controller yet ?. So iPadOS has already out and no PS4/Xbox controller support ? EA please explain yourself

C’est nul. C’est plate de perdre contre des bots même si tu joue en automatique

EA. erreure après la miss a jour y’a pas de fifa World Cup ile reste comme que tu n’as pas faire la mise à jour sur mon iPhone 5s version 11.3 32 Gega

Not worth it. Your point will be lost and your investment somehow disappeared. Very disappointed.

Very annoyed. I just lost a 162 ovr all team

Not like it used to be. Even the soundtrack music used to great. Spanish commentators etc etc

Load of rubbish. Absolutely a load of rubbish. Terrible gameplay. Don’t waste your time on this bum wipe of a video game

Elf league 1. The first thing in league one you can’t get 2000 points because you can’t shoot to get 750 points. Pls fix

So bad. Please I like fifa 15 and 16 back him

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Extremely disappointed. I don’t know even where to start. Let’s see about gameplay it’s feel good until u go against stronger CPU teams seems like their level no just go up, it’s seems my level go down my team do stupid stuff even I do the right move and the goalkeeper turns suddenly stupid and don’t stop any balls. Well moving forward (campaign mode)no commentary on game is so boring to play like that, can’t save or share replays, you can’t see personals team scores, and speaking about that they way you set your team is stupid just let people chose no only formations also let me chose if I decide counterattack mainly or defend, or prioritize ball possession like Other previous fifa. Another stupid feature, vs match !!! Let people play, le me play full time against people like on ps4 or regular that how you can se if you r good or not, vs match turns in whoever is better has the better chances so I have to spend some real money to get decent team and have decent chances, let me play!!! I remember on fifa2015 I won against far strongest opponent thanks to planning and skills no because of money. This if a money grab fifa and if you a fútbol lover want a fútbol game to play I do not recommend this one you’ll get disappointed to the max thanks

FIFA review. I’ve read most of the reviews on here and I have to disagree with most of them. The first complaint is how much you have to pay in order to have a good team. Why complain when you’re playing a FREE app. If you’re lazy, then I could see why you’d be mad about this but from experience, I built my team to a 95overall without spending a dime. The second is the graphics and glitches. While I can agree a with the few glitches this game has the overall graphics and game play is better all the others. I believe that the negative reviews are either coming from people are extremely lazy and want everything handed to them without putting in the hours to obtain players/rewards and/or the reviews are coming from friends, family and members of other soccer games in the market. With that being said, EA need to figure out the crashing issue. I’m not able to play on my after updating both the app and my iPad. I hope this issue can be solved soon because I do enjoy the game.

I returned to FIFA. Back in 2009 I played FIFA. It was a skill based game with good matchmaking. I was one of the best players on the mobile app. I stopped playing because it got boring just winning all the time. I took a break and just downloaded this game to see how the new game is and restart my love of the game. This is by far the most ridiculous thing I have ever had on my phone.. yes the graphics are good and the game play is good.. BUT. There is NO MATCHMAKING. I started playing head to head with an OVR of 77 I was getting match up with people that have an OVR 130. That like taking the worst team in MLS and playing against Barcelona. Their lineups are with guys like Messi Cavali Eto’o. And my line up is with base players. This is completely unplayable. There is NO chance of winning these matchups. You are outpaced and outskilled al,ost 100% of the time. So spend the money to get better players. Now you buy your way up to having an OVR 98…. Good right? No…. Now you are being pitted against players with an OVR 150. So the rage begins. You spent the money and you are still not competitive. Add insult to injury this is a STAT based game. So your Stats suffer. Complete Garbage. Complete waste of money.

Steadily declining. Where to start. At the beginning and middle of the year the game was really good, you had a lot of freedom to do as you choose and some moderate grinding could get you a good team. Now however, the game is far worse. To get anyone worthwhile for your team you must pay money... extortionately for very little actual reward. You could spend $1000 on one event and not be guaranteed every player from that event. I am a rigid free player and it is even worse for you in this situation. I have given up now, with WC mode being about as fun as kicking a couch and the regular mode having all the freshness of a month old lasagna. Definitely do not start now and next year will be touch and go as well. Serious improvements are needed to convince me to play again. You’re far better off with something like FM mobile, because although you have to pay to get it, once you do, you have everything there and can still build the team you want - granted you cannot control the team during games and it is more mentally intensive, but it is far better in my not so humble opinion.

Developers clearly don’t read reviews. The developers clearly don’t read the reviews left by posters over the past years’ editions of this game, otherwise some basic gameplay issues would be sorted out by now. Auto-switching off a player you’re currently controlling, passing in the wrong direction of where you select, not to mention VSA mismatches which are a total waste of time and energy. You’d think the developers cared more. This game has so much potential, and when the game doesn’t completely screw you by not following basic input instructions it’s actually pretty fun. The challenges are pretty good, and I enjoy trying to make it through them. But the lack of consistency in gameplay coupled with terrible matchmaking leaves this game with much to be desired. These complaints have all been registered before, so I doubt any change will happen. So if you’re up for disappointment from a game controlling things, and still make progress throughout the season then this may be the perfect game for you.

Great game. This is a really great game but why do you let other really good stuff to the only people who pay money . I mean everyone would love to get the stuff that some people cannot get. Also I think that you should bring the gold that we used to have in the last season and we should use are legacy team for everything even the events that say the legacy can’t play. Also you should not put the really good players so high I mean common we also want to buy those players so don’t put them too high. I think we should get the chance to buy icons in the market again. I also think that the games that we face should not be given an extra start like they are winning already 2:0 I think it should be a normal game. Also I think the packs to get players should not be so hard to get. I think that it should be at least 60% chance to get a really good player. Well don’t change the game format ok.

No. Everything about this new update is awful (it was not great before but at least playable). The new physics make you feel like your player is kicking around a bowling ball and can’t control it, the vs and h2h modes are riddled with glitches and delays, I’ve been in 3 different leagues and have yet to play a match in tournament and I don’t know if there is a problem with it or if the people who create the leagues just don’t know how, when you play a game in campaign the computer team gets to kick and push you down and make you lose without ever getting a fowl but if you bump into them it’s a free kick/penalty, the corner kicks are a joke, and on and on. Just so incredibly frustrating. I would be more than happy to just straight up pay $10 (or more) to just get a great version of FIFA like 11, 12, and 13 were but I realize that’s not happening now that it’s turned into a pay-as-you-go thing there’s no trying back. This version isn’t work investing anything into, tho.

LIARS. I was promised over Roberto Carlos 101 card if I buy the star pass. It literally said “get a Roberto Carlos 101 card if you buy the star pass.”. When I bought the star pass, the card was nowhere to be found. I contacted support and they were absolutely useless. It takes them at least one day or two days to respond back asking the same questions and asking for the user ID. It took them about two weeks going back-and-forth and finally asking me for proof. Now, I know their strategy is to drain you out but I’m taking screenshots of everything from now on. Absolute joke. On the other hand, you do the event matches which are extremely fast, and if you want to play more, you have to play online divisions where everyone has crappy connections. What happened to the offline leagues and rewards? After you finish your daily matches for the event, that’s it. Their rewards for the events are absolutely crap. Other sections in the events, how are you supposed to get those rewards if you cannot get the tokens for them in the first place besides just buying using gems and watching ads? WHAT A JOKE!!!

Love it and hate it. I love this game! The football is so fun and It’s fun to build your team and stuff. I have a few problems. One of my biggest problems is with the ref AI. The ref does not know when to call the game, and sometimes I will have a chance and the ref will call the game. For some reason, that never happens with the CPU team! They always score because the ref does not know when to call the game. Another problem with the ref is the fouls. I was playing a World Cup Match and the ref called a horrible foul where I walked in front of somebody and stole the ball. They scored off of this free kick. I tried a test to see how bad the refs foul calls were. I slide tackled the keeper and got a yellow card. What??? That’s an instant red card in any footballers opinion. I really like the game but just a few tweaks would make me like it more. One last thing is that I would really like a place like daily training but you can do it infinitely... but you don’t earn anything it’s just a place to test your skills. I think it’s a great game, and thank you for taking the time to read this review.

Bring Back FIFA 14-15. The biggest criticism is that in H2H some goals are way too unrealistic. For example, a 102 ovr Ronaldo will be sprinting away from the net outside of the box and he’ll shoot and will still score. The Goalkeeper will not even try to save it. And it is way to easy to score on corner kicks. No matter how many players you position in the box a 100 ovr Van Dijk will score a header from outside the box. They are way too OP. Also, the players who you don’t control in H2H don’t take advantage of spaces to make a run for a through ball. One time, one of my players ran at the goalkeeper. The gk bought it and ran toward me. Then I made a pass to the other player hoping for a tap in goal. But he stopped running and the defender stole the ball. The fouls are too inconsistent. Injury time is even more inconsistent. One time in the 90th minute, I was on a 2v1 counter attack about to get the game tying goal and then as I made the pass near the box they blew the whistle. Another time, they didn’t blow the whistle for 40 seconds which allowed the opponent to score the game winning goal. You can’t reach the top in H2H unless you pay your way to the top.

Needs Improvement. In theory, it’s a good game but in execution, it’s terrible. The servers are weak and even if you do manage to stay connected, the match-ups are completely unfair. Half the time I get matched up against some 125 rated team who probably paid $250 just so they could win. EA basically made this game to steal people’s money. Only if you pay $50 or more you would have a chance of actually getting something done and having fun. I try and play but then I get the whole ‘You can’t play anymore’ because you’re out of energy. And then it takes an hour to recover a SINGLE energy unit. So your options are either pay so you can win and keep playing, or wait a whole day just to play for another half hour. If I were you, I’d get a different game and spend your money on important things, and not video games. If you really want to play FIFA though I would HIGHLY recommend playing it on PC or console. It is much better and even though it’s still basically a game designed to steal people’s money , there you don’t always have to put up with the people online who pay 100 bucks just to win.

Yikes.. My pass button doesn’t always work. Sometimes it requires 3-4 taps to get my player to pass and as you can assume yes, yes I do lose possession when that happens. My analog stick also messes up. I don’t even lift my finger and it goes into auto play. When I try to go back to manual it takes a few tap and holds. This game is very expensive as well. If you just grind it out (like I do) it gets tough. Credit Card FC team are all over this game. I got to FIFA MASTER on both H2H and Vs Attack but it took so long because I went up against teams who dump all their parents money into the game. La Liga Rivals only benefits you if you have money. People who tried to grind it out didn’t get anything good unless you got lucky. UTOTY is mad expensive, Starter point are expensive, 10 points or 1000 fifa points really? Lowest starter is 100 points. In order to make it faster you’d have to try and claim a few nominees to get more starter points but that takes time and attacker, midfielder, and defender points you’d want to spend on nominees that you actually want. Some events ask for waaaay too much for a decent player and that basically FIFA’s way of saying “buy it”. If you have the money this can benefit you but if you wanna grind it out...GOODLUCK!

The New VSA Tournament and SBC Event. I don’t like how the tournament is set up. If you want to play a VSA tournament the maximum overall you have to be is 90 with 11 VSA PLAYERS IN YOUR TEAM BEFORE YOU CAN PARTICIPATE. I think this is really unfair because not everyone is going to be part of the tournament and you having 11 VSA players is hard because you mostly get gold players as VSA only and all golds don’t even get you to an 80 Overall. Another thing is that you do get a 91 Overall ST Aubamyang and 88 Overall LW Sane. STOP RIGHT THERE BEFORE YOU EVEN GET EXCITED. You have to do SBC which is something that I really hate. In SBC, you have to use only reserves as your challenge. Yeah they might’ve made it see exciting, No. It’s a lot to explain but at the same time a lot of people hate because you have to do the challenge first before you earn the players out have to do the challenge first after playing more than like 6 or 7 games and do other stuff when all you want is a new player in your team. Despite the SBC and the VSA Tournament, the rest of the game is awesome

Tons of bugs and disconnects and freezes!. I've beem playing fifa mobile since 2017 or 2016, have always been a fan and enjoyed the game, but this new game in 2019 is terrible! graphics are improved and it's really amazing but what's the point if you face too many freezes for about 10 seconds in both H2H and Versus match? Also that delay in H2H match makes it really a pain to play, it's so bothering that I almost can never hit a header cause the ball just passes and I have to predict players movements and try to react 2 seconds earlier so I can take the ball or pass to a teammate! Also as others have mentioned, there are some bugs with goal scoring like the curls players give to the shots from closed angles and no keeper can save them! I've waited for updates long enough till now but seems these are not going to be fixed! The recent update just made everything even worse that I have delay even in game's main screen! It takes 2 seconds for the game to realize where I have tapped to open that part! It's not what I have expected from a company like EA!

EA needs to be de-monopolized. FIFA mobile players were lied to during a 2 month long event (the only event during that time span) about how many tokens the “Ultimate” players at the end would cost. Just flat-out lied to. I played religiously, and still won’t be able to afford KDB. Apparently they couldn’t make up whatever they saved on firing a bunch of developers except by transparently screwing people over. Systematic across all their sports games. Well-known exploitive business as usual for EA. They’ll continue to be the only game for sports in town, though, as long as people keep playing. So... as someone who loves soccer (but hasn’t even been able to play in my team’s home kit for 2 months either because the game is also Incredibly glitchy), I QUIT. Unfortunately, that means quitting soccer games period for now. I eagerly await any real competitor’s arrival. But for those of you still playing: THEY WON’T ARRIVE UNTIL ENOUGH OF US QUIT FIFA TO MAKE THE PROSPECT LUCRATIVE. Do your part, inconvenient as it might be for awhile. We ALL know this is broken but it won’t change unless enough of us do. Enough is enough

Fifa 2022. Every time I log on to this app, I have sad revelations of what fifa once was. Where did the good times go were any player could experience what should be in an ea game. Star travel allowed you to have a 100+ overall team and 1,000,000 coins in a couple events. Why troll us and add star pass where you have to pay 10 dollars for the good old times. Also don't forget star forge aka the best thing ever to grace fifa. It is now grinding at 12:00 pm for a 80 ovr player. Also the carnival event is unfair the fact that you are losing at the start of the 2nd half to a 90 overall team is absurd. The only thing that could truly save this game is to nerf chemistry and to bring back star forge and star travel. Please update this game if you really care- thanks for your time Btw the vs attack un unplayable. I play 108 ovrall teams with 170 chemistry while I have a 91 ovrall with 82 Chem this leads the other team to have 5 times the greater chances and ruins the game star travel or a campaign where you didint have to play 120 overall teams would be ideal this review is coming from a player who once treated this like its a religion but now scoffs at what ea can get away with like selling expensive stuff. The tip however would be to reboot star travel and if the player is out of star energy they can pay to get more. I loved this game but hate to see what's happened just update it please

COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY. I used to be a big fan of playing fifa on ios, and once worked my way up to a 94 rated team within several months without putting any money into it. However, they’ve completely ruined the game over the past couple years. The gameplay is either super easy, or rigged so it’s impossible to win. Players with 70 pace outrun players with 100 pace, opposing defenses make impossible tackles, passes go in the opposite direction than they’re aimed, players sometimes don’t pass or shoot after you press the buttons (the bar even shows up which proves the button was pressed), keepers dive the opposite direction as you swipe in penalty shootouts, as well as tons of other incredibly frustrating glitches. The game is always coming up with new ways to make you lose. There’s no way to progress quickly through the game; in order to improve your team you have to buy fifa points using real money or spend hours doing mind-numbingly easy drills and matches. Actually being good at the gameplay doesn’t expedite the process of improving your team, it’s purely based on the amount of time or money you put into it.

Unrealistic. Hello, I’m writing this review after spending months playing this game. The conclusion is that this game is not for entertainment if you play online and it’s rather for making one angry and unhappy with his gameplay although he may be a very good individual at this game. First, there is still a problem when you face an issue of bad internet, and it’s just in the game. It becomes so bad and so hard to play. Second, the goals are impossible sometimes and they still get through. Also, the way defenders deals with the ball most of the time is a joke. Finally, you are not in full control of your player, a LW or RW player is always at the center after the start of each game. Plus, if the opponent perform a skill move, we’ll guess what, you lose him so easily and most of the time he would be able to score. I’ve always wanted to write a review after each game I play, every time I notice unusual thing in it, but this time I’ve made sure to write this review though I know you don’t care about what we think, it’s just a game ( a mobile game after all.) As for me, there are always alternatives.

FIFA 19 Mobile (Season 3). I really do enjoy the new version of FIFA 19 cuz I think it does look and feel a bit more realistic and like the actual game. However, there are waaay too many bugs, especially in the Leagues and Team Heroes. In Leagues I can’t play in the Tourneys because every time I play there’s a bug that prevents my goals from being added to the tallies. In addition, the Team Heroes has a glitch in the third token that uses up all 4 chances of the player before they can even do anything, which uses up Stamina. The controls do feel better, and the players are much more dynamic and can do more things than in Season 2. I worked very hard to get my team to 110 OVR last season without using money, so I do believe that with time and planning this game is very engaging. What I would like to see is a way for players to sell cards that they really don’t need, such as some reward cards that aren’t auctionable. In conclusion, FIX THE STUPID BUGS. Also for people who are raging about the new Season, they did announce beforehand. like two months beforehand, so there really is no reason to complain.

Terrible. I know EA is a garbage game company and i shouldn’t expect much from a sh**typhone game but jesus christ is this game bad. You can’t control your players with the stick and if you try to they don’t run in the direction you turn the stick they just keep going to wherever the ball is located. Not to mention you can’t seem to control the keeper at all! The matchmaking in Head to Head games and Vs Attack are garbage, i either get matched with someone who’s overall is 50 higher than mine or a team whose overall is 50 lower than mine and somehow those teams that are ridiculously lower rated, always win. Even in the cpu events and minigames a team 30-40 overall lower than me somehow plays like Brazil’s national team against my high school sophomores. I know my review won’t change anything because EA doesn’t care whether we like the game or not, just that they make money at our expense, but i hope they know they and everyone who works for that company is a disappointment to their family name and the entire gaming industry for the crimes against humanity they commit with the absolute dogs**t sports games they put into the world.

Unfair calls and bad refs for game. I have playing EA sports for a long time and this game is very bad . The ref never called any calls when it’s supposed to be a foul. I have been very mad I am I am writing this text from the preseason and when I play icon for the main one am I I always lose, because I have a 120 overall team I play the second one and there’s always unfair call. I think you we need to fix your game EA and a sports I think you need to update because this is unfair and this is not acceptable. Please put a block on the game so we can fix to the game because I am just done I’m gonna stop playing for like two months because of this,this is a really are not acceptable please. Just fix your game and I’ll be fine please because I am just done with this game it’s unfair I’m always losing my love if I can’t I mean it’s just trash I thought if I play madden NFL 2019 and it’s EA sports right but guess what everything is fine you just need to fix FIFA please I read this choose the FIFA two please just FIFA my text might not make any sense but just fix your game this is why I waited to start

Below average. Ok so I have quite the problems with this game firstly the joystick is infuriating and bad it goes all over your screen and as soon as you let go of it the ai plays for you and you go auto. Secondly the ai defense is really bad you can run in a straight line and shoot and you score its that simple and not that hard. Thirdly the ranked is unfair when I was up against a professional and with my bad team I got crushed why not just set people against each other with similar skill level. Fourthly when you pass it can be very annoying because it can go where you didn’t click or want it to go. My fifth point when you dribble or move around it is very difficult to control and annoying to control. And lastly the offside and fouling rule are the most bull crap I have ever seen it’s annoying and inconsistent because when I’m not offside it calls it and when I am sometimes it doesn’t not only that when you get a foul it can be stupid because me sliding and the player clearly faking then when they get up and fall then I get a yellow card is annoying. Besides that it’s a pretty nice,fun, and addicting game

FIX PLS. This game is so biased, I am getting cheated of goals every single time I go into matches, the ball is rolling in and it cancels my attack, the ref somehow blocks me from running b/c he runs into me, I get kicked from game when up three zero. Not to mention I can’t even do reg matches against players because 75 percent of time they are 90+ and only 25% they are 70s. It makes no sense how could that many 90+ be in such a early game league. Finally when I do vs mode when I am same overall team I would get a worse chance(before I unlocked chem) the only reason why this game doesn’t have one star is b/c I know I would lose all luck in packs. Also I forgot to mention that when I get battery percentage update my joystick gets stuck in up position, happens during actual matches. IF U FIX THESE THINGS THIS GAME WOULD BE GREAT. I GAVE YOU 5 STARS MOSTLY BECAUSE OF THE POTENTIAL SO PLS HELP MY GAME EXPERIENCE. I WROTE THIS REVIEW VERY ANGRY BECAUSE A LOT OF WHAT I JUST MENTIONED RECENTLY HAPPENED. Good Luck, with this amount of glitches u have a lot of work to do.

Good game and I strongly recommend it. The game is great and fun and addictive but it’s very pay to win and some people aren’t willing to spend $1000 on the game for enough in game currency for a 115 player. Secondly on the vs attack modes if I play someone better than me and one of my shots hits the post and bounces by the out of bounds line on the edge one of my players has to go get it and by the time I get the ball and put cross it back int the box the other team has already scored 2 or 3 goals and I have no chance of a comeback because my chances of scoring aren’t as good as my opponents chances. I would love it if you could stop the chance when the ball will take to long to get to so I don’t waste 5 seconds getting the ball to not score and get scored on twice. I would also like it if you made it easier to gain chemistry because league tournaments take to long.

Good Enough With Lots Of Problems.. This game has good gameplay but that’s about it. Their online match ups are horrible. Your team overall can be 95 and they will match you up with a 120 overall team. Their events are mostly just point and money based. You don’t actually play to get rewards for events. You depend on different kinds of currencies to win rewards. The game is filled with stupidly annoying glitches. You can have 3 watchable ads to get certain events’ energy and even though you haven’t watched anything at all it won’t let you watch ads to get energy points and the only other way to get it is if you spend red gems or spend real money which is ridiculous. So it’s either the ads or money and if you think you can wait hours to get points, it’s not gonna be worth it because by the time you get enough energy points they will refresh and the reward you really wanted will be gone. Their seasons are also horrible. No real rewards or anything at all.

Fun game but has poor algorithms and lots of bugs. It feels like the app crashes every time I try to play. When it’s not crashing the algorithm they use to match players in “vs attack” mode is horrible and always matches me against plays 2-4 ratings above me which makes the game dreadfully unfair and boring to play. Oh and don’t forget that the game play is not realistic at all...the computer passes to the goalie who picks it up with their hands all the time. The computer tackles players from behind and fouls them to the point the player is hurt on the ground but no penalty. The games will time out/end when you’re just about to shoot leaving you short changed while you then sit and wait as you see your opponent score 1-2 goals. It’s like why am I timed out if my opponent is still playing and scoring. Also, when the computer steals the ball it kills the turn and resets another scenario. However, sometimes the computer dribbles for a long time wasting your time to score before it resets while other times your turn will reset when you still have the ball or are closer to the ball than a computer player...

Tie games bug. I was playing a master campaign game where my 89 overall team was playing a 95 overall team. It was very hard to score and I kept on losing. Then in one game I was able to score around the 80th minute and didn’t score for the remainder of the game. I was ready to play extra time when the game over menu popped up saying I lost in a tie game. It doesn’t make sense that I have to work really hard to get one goal to do or the game and for it to say I lost is complete bs. This needs to be fixed immediately. Other than that it is a good game. Another thing is the team chemistry. It shouldn’t be a thing in the game your team should just be based on the overall. It makes attack and head to head unfair. I keep losing games to lower overall teams just because they have a higher chemistry. That is like saying a team of all stars won’t be able to beat a regular club team just because the club team has people on the same team. This needs to be fixed I’m sick of losing games to lowers overalls

Missing player / players. It's starting to get very annoying that I keep losing players that I purchased using FIFA green currency disappear that's 2 players that I purchased from the store from the tropical tour bundles where you buy the 1st to unlock the next then the next ultimately being able to purchase the final pack which is the player I've lost 2 in the last 24hrs and nothing's been done about it us I lost about 15 60's players that I had in my roster and nothing gets done about it my main issue is losing 6 90 something OVR players the last 2 players I sent $100 to buy the green currency to purchase I'm hoping someone of importance is going to read or find out about this review cause I've contacted EA support and nothing's been done about it all I get is wait 24hrs and see if they reappear and they haven't I work hard for my money and just to lose it just like that is disappointing especially when the last player I purchased was only in my roster for an hr the one before that only lasted a few hrs that's not right I'm very disappointed with FIFA MOBILE at the moment

Great potential, but falls flat.. Updated: to 1 Star and deleted the app from both devices. Again, free is the only saving grace. I can forgive the virtual stick from being unresponsive at times, but the attack mode showing my team has scored goals then when the match ends showing I have scored none and the opponent showing multiple goals that never showed up?!? It would be better if they removed the times competition and instead a turn based attack competition. That is a major glitch and it is happening more frequently. ORIGINAL review: I have this loaded on my iPod and my iPhone. Two completely different experiences, yet many similar glitches. For a free game it is awesome. Had I paid for it though I would be upset. Like many others I have lost the points used to access games due to restarts on both devices. On my iPod though I have no ability to watch ads to earn points for playing. That would be nice... Especially when I lose so much due to restarts. The time is inconsistent on the VS Attack mode as well. Enjoy the game, but again, if I spend money on this I would probably rate this as a 1 star.

Waste of time and money. I’ll be honest. I’ve spent a larger amount of time on this game then I would’ve liked. It was even addicting at some point as I am a huge soccer fan and wanted to play a game that would be a great comparison to the actual sport itself. I had one of the best teams that anyone could’ve imagined, and then poof. As soon as the season ended, everything was gone. All my players, money, gems, etc disappeared without a trace. I know some people who have spent money on the game and we’re devastated when they found out that this game made us all start from scratch with only our FIFA points staying the same. When we looked up what had happened and saw that this was a regular thing, we all uninstalled it with no hope of downloading the app again. It would’ve saved FIFA and EA a lot of customers and players if they had just left everything the way that it was and didn’t have every single person start back from scratch. If you’re hoping to download this game, just be aware of the consequences because if you spend your money, there’s no way of getting it back.

I’d give this 0 stars if I had too. This game is so bad. First the passing makes absolutely no sense bc I pass to someone on my team and this man kicks out of nowhere to where the ball is out like WHAT. Next auto omg AUTO. Auto is so bad because you can’t score using it and when you are afk and you are in a match auto will just make it worse. Next rage and anger and pain whenever you play. Normally whenever I feel angry I’d think of happy things and positive things but in this game I’d never I’d hurt myself or won’t hurt and anger and rage from losing to a weak team has got worse and worse to the point where and punched my phone so hard and my phone case got destroyed. Finally how rigged this freaking game is. When you play against a weak opponent while I’m way stronger in attack battle is always lose. And the rigged part about it is the fact that when I don’t even try to win I win but whenever I actually try my hardest with my sweat and blood to win I lose which makes me so angry like omg. FIFA your game used to be so good in the past but now this game is rage pain and anger. Please change the stuff that I said to do.

EA being EA. This game just like most of other EA games, is pay to win. I’m a fifa fan since 2012, but I got to say that the mechanism and depth of the game haven’t change (even declined) since fifa 2014. The skill barely take apart of this game, but the stats of players do. In fifa 2014 the game allow you to choose your free kicker and captain, as well as strategies like the fifa on console. It wasn’t allow in fifa mobile. The game is full of promotions and pack opening. You cannot have a full match with your friends and other players, but instead you compete with them in some sort of attack mode, which the player with a better team stat have much better chance to win. The goalies in this game are broken as usual, that they can block every shots include penalty if you willing to pay for a good one. I download this game during the World Cup, and thanks to my experiences in Fifa and stamina glitch, I was able to build a 80 overall team and got into world class III in two days, however when I play against 90 overall team, it just impossible to win. You can not even find a chance to shoot playing a team that is much stronger than you. In conclusion, this game explain why EA have such a bad reputation when it come to pay to win.

worst game ever.. im just gonna cut to the chase, this game is the absolute worst game EA has put out, first of all, you'd have to spend the same amount of money you use to buy a house, to buy a player? its so annoying and extra to put a players value as 100M?!? thats like buying 3 cars!?!? second of all, 0 skill based match making, im a 104 OVR player and i lose to an 84 OVR team?!? how does that even work?!?! and its not even me being a bad player, i could have the best fifa team and still lose to a 84 ovr team just bc the players are "faster". this is a p2p game thats rigged so you can continue to keeping spending money, its literally a claw machine, third of all, whenever im struding down the side of the pitch, when i do a sharp turn, it makes my player do a whole skill move?!? and it makes me lose possesion of the ball!! its so frustrating, and forth of all, the controls are literally somehow rigged too, whenever i want to pass to someone, it wont let me! i have to literally double tap to pass, and i still end up passing to the wrong person. imo, fifa mobile is fun, but why? just why? and sadly EA hasnt even took the time to see these bugs and fix them.

Great game but. I enjoyed this game for the most part. I even spent a little money on this game which I never do. The game always has a lot of different games and challenges that can keep you busy. I usually bought the thing where you got the top line and bottom line of the stars for $9.99 as you did the daily challenges. That said it starts new seasons without warning and I had a nice collection of gems that disappeared when this new season started. And my team that I had worked so hard to build up is gone and I had to start anew so I guess that money I spent was wasted. Went form a level 125 team to a level 65 team overnight. And you will get sick and tired of always being placed against teams that are higher levels. It’s frustrating. Since I just played against a team that was at least ten points higher than me and got blown out it made me decide that instead of spending money to improve my team that I am giving this game up. It’s been a pleasure to all the the other players I’ve met and good luck to you

Great Game, few suggestions. This game is a really great game and I enjoy it. I know that it is kind of paid to win but I haven’t bought a thing with real cash and I’m 106 overall with 170 chemistry. But there are a few things I wish was in the game - Bring back the FIFA 16 (mobile) version of this game. I LOVED this version, it was well made, very advanced at its time and it was literally EXACTLY like playing on console even better, but since FIFA Mobile (FIFA 17 mobile) officially came in they started to make the games like other ea games like madden, or NBA live which kind of ruined the game, the graphics were pretty trash, then FIFA 18 mobile came out (the one with Ronaldo) it was okay, I was doing pretty good until I lost all my players in SBC but overall it was good, FIFA 19 mobile is legit the same thing as this year and there is nothin different. So pleasseeeeeee bring back the FIFA 16 version of this game. - Add trading, if you ask me, this will make the game a lot better, I know this completely ruin the market place but it would be good to at least try it

THE EVENTS ARE HORRIBLE. Okay so I love this game so much and I won’t even deny it, but literally the game just completely loses it whenever there’s a new event. For starters, when I swipe toward the goal when doing a free kick drill for some reason my player idiotically ends up kicking it in the direction of the seating area... I’m sorry, WHAT?? And this happens constantly, no matter how fast, slow, accurate, or inaccurate I swipe toward the goal, it’ll end up in the seats. I wouldn’t mind if this happened once, or maybe twice but this happens ALL the time. You give me 5 attempts to complete a drill but by the 3rd try, I’m still at 0 points, the player keeps kicking the ball into the seats and have no possibility of passing the drill. I don’t spend my money on the game because I never believed in it but it’s annoying when a drill I can repeat five times (which should take 10 energy points) ends up taking 2-3 times the amount of energy because of the stupid fail rate.

SMH Game resets every year ...idk that. Let’s start off by saying the game is really fun and addicting (At least FIFA mobile 2018 was). But if your one that likes to keep your hard earned players and coins that you either paid for or earned putting quite a bit of time in getting forget about it. Some vote at EA Sports made it so each year the game will RESET. Yes, literally how it sounds. If you put money into the game it’ll be like throwing away money. You put hours in (I strongly advise that you don’t) because You don’t get to keep anything once the year is up and they decide its time for the update. For those who say everyone knew... that’s how they keep it from becoming boring... i sure didn’t. I would’ve never DL’d this game if I knew that at the start. It’s never boring getting to keep what you earn and paid for. Just add on to it and create new drills and goals within the games we play, make each player have something special about them in a more Unique way that differs from the previous year. They do in real life. How awesome would that be. I hope this helps the next person and peeps at EA. Cheers... over N out

Wow. Ok do first off, this is an AMAZING game. I’ve been playing for like 9 months now and it’s just… wow. I do have one thing to say though; god dang it I keep seeing people who use their money to get amazing players and just have an amazing team. Like I have an 112 Ovr team and sometimes people still win against me. Here’s the thing about the new World Cup update; it’s amazing you can play as teams you love and get far, but I hate that if you win the whole entire thing you get a 99+ player and you can put it on easy mode. So it’s just an automatic 99+ player so you can’t make any money on the transfer market because no one be buying 80+ players no more. It’s pretty much the same thing with the scream team update. I know it’s over now but still. The first day all you had to do is watch an ad, do the main and have a Tinsey bit of luck and boom, you have an 96+ player. But still this game is really fun and me and my friend do head to head a lot and it’s makes us laugh and everything.

Basic chances. Great game I love everything about it except for the gameplay it’s perfect other than the basic chances. EA I’m directly asking you to completely remove the basic chances because I cannot do anything with my players all the way back in the field while my opponent is constantly in the clear and scoring like 4 goals while I’m just trying to score one. Also one more thing that’s just outright terrible about the gameplay is the timing in between the plays, if my opponent does score a few goals I am not trying to wait 10 seconds just for the ball to reach one single guy to kick it out or wait until the game resets itself to get to the next play; I want to already be in the next play trying my best to catch up to my opponent. All of this stuff fixed would set a skill gap and that’s what makes a good game so good, when the good players can be good when they want to. Thank you for making a good game that I enjoy there are just a few gameplay flaws that’s all. Sincerely, Colton.

Beckham issue, offside issue, the future. Alr foe the beckham issue, at the last stage for career 2, you need to complete two challenges score three with mid and perform hat trick, Ive been doing this challengefor the las two months and i cant deal foe the many hat tricks i done with the midfielders to make it easier and somehow fifa didn’t count it. Its stupid, and lets not get started with beckham himself, i upgraded him to 93 to at least not be that bad, and holy cow the match made him look like he just came out of basic training, cant shoot accurate, pass accurately, dribble well, and cross. And another issue is the offside, there was ao many situations where there are like 4 players of mine in the opponent’s side and decide to pass the ball to them, and somehow the red called it a offside which made no sense to me if theres only one person and I’ve passed it to them, then ill accept the offside, and lastly the future, there are these glitches and fifa does nothing about it and instead decides to add old players to store for 14 bucks even know people damm well know their obsolete to the better and newer players and its just a waste of money.

Good game but improvements needed. While I will say this is probably the best game EA has put out for mobile in a while, there are allot changes that need to be made to make it a great game. We all know at this point you can only get so far in a EA game without paying actual money which is what is at this point, but there are lots of issues with gameplay that need to be addressed. Matchmaking; I haven’t run into this issue as often as others but sometimes you will be out with someone two levels ahead of you early on, which isn’t fun for anyone involved. Secondly, for some reason the AI just disappears at points and you or your opponents players will stop running, turn the other way or not pass a ball no matter how many times you hit the button. Also the keeper situation is horrendous, you could have 115 GK and they couldn’t stop a wet fart. Speaking of buttons they are way too big on the screen and cause more then their fair share of bad shots. But as long as EA is making the money they make I don’t think we’ll see any of our pleas heard.

My opinion and things EA should add.. I would rate this a three because the game is really good and the gameplay is alright but I do have a few things that EA should add. For the goal celebrations ea should add more different types of celebrations. Also, the player who make the goal should also celebrate with their teammates. There is one more thing I’d like ea to add to fifa. I don’t know if it would be too much work but I think that they would get more people to play it. Career mode is a good thing to add in there. You can do many of stuff in career mode that it fun. I don’t know what else to say about career mode but I really recommend ea to add it. One last thing they should do to the game is when the player wins the World Cup there should be an animation at the end. It would also be cool if they added a championship league so that there could be another animation of the players celebrating it. Finally was my opinions on the game and the things that I think they should add. Other than that the game is really good I have lots of fun playing it.

Depleting Quality. This game is continuing to get worse, ignoring what the players want and focusing on ways to milk more money. There are already a variety of issues with the gameplay, such as unrealistic shots going in, headers finding the back of the net from near outside the box (the OP-ness of headers has also led to cross-spamming), and lack of consistency in foul calls. Aside from these fundamental issues, the events, which are the meat of the game, have become repetitive and bland. EA simply introduces new players in these events, and has the same format copy-pasted. This is a significant downgrade of quality from previous seasons when the events were unique in gameplay and f2p friendly. And as the previous sentence suggests, this game, to a significant degree, is p2w. The best icon cards in the game require enormous amount of money to get. If you look at some of the top VSA squads, you’d probably realize you could buy a decent car with the amount of money spent on them. The game is qualitatively dying, and many are starting to quit. I probably won’t play anymore after the end of this season. If EA care about their users’ satisfaction, these issues must be addressed.

This game needs fixing. 1) The defense mechanics are terrible, at least make it so when a player presses they aren’t charging in randomly 2) Ball physics need to be better, sometimes u can literally see the ball curving yet the ball does not rotate at all 3) Sometimes players would glitch out. For example my player and ai would clash against each other both falling to the ground and the ball lands closer to my player. Magically the ai teleports up and outta no where is running to my goal with the ball while my player is trying to stand up 4) Idk if it’s cause I haven’t gotten that far in the game and it later becomes a reward or smth but I prefer a normal football pitch. Not one that has so many circular lines. 2/5, it’s fun in the beginning but not worth investing time into because you’ll just end up in a pitch of rage after you lose to scripting or accidentally press a skill move when you were trying to sprint and lose the ball. Could have been a good game if more time was put into the actual game mechanics and controls

Worst version yet. The ai is horrible. Your computer players have open space and don’t move towards it. You tap to pass in front of a teammate and it sends the ball who knows where, usually behind the player. Kills any potential speed. When the opponent has the ball it randomly selects a defender for you to control (sometimes off the screen) and will jump between 3 players in less than a second. Swipe fast one time and its going into the rafters, swipe the same the next time and it’s a lollipop for the keeper. Team ratings when you play versus make no sense even with “Chemistry”, play a team one point below you and they have 30% better chances to you, and play a team 5 point better than you and they are almost equal. The way it picks opponents in versus makes no sense. One time you are playing an opponent 6 or 7 points below you. The next 5 games you will play teams any where from 5-9 points above you. The events are repetitive garbage that bore you to tears. It seems the goal is to drive you to spend money so you can improve your team. And then just when you build a solid team through repetition and completing the challenges, they will reset and you are back to crap.

AI in the game seems to auto control my own players. At first I was really enjoying this game and progressed really fast through to a 100 overall team. However I have realized that there is an AI system involved that does not allow me to control my own team players as I’d like to i.e. when I try to run for the ball while holding down sprint the player will not begin to sprint until the opposing player is almost to far away to stop/delay the play. Another issue I have is not being able to switch between players easily while the ball is in the air i.e. during an opposing teams corner shot, it automatically places my player at the front of the shot and does not auto switch when the ball is in the air. Yes, I understand I can just click the player the ball is headed towards but I feel there has to be a much simpler way to do this. Overall this game is decent but I would never purchase in game credits in this game as it feels like I have to do it to enjoy the game. I hate games that make you do this. I wouldn’t recommend this to my friends and I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone else.

Gameplay. So far it’s been pretty good except when it randomly changes the player you are playing with and then puts you behind the player with the ball running. Pretty dumb. It should change players to who ever is closer, and it doesn’t always do that. Pretty frustrating if you ask me. Or sometimes you playing and your player with the ball randomly kicks the ball for no reason. Every time the other team gets the ball and are heading to your goal the computer starts switching your player and then you end up behind the player with the ball trying to play catch up when initially your closer player was in front of them. If there was an option or button to switch your player to the nearest player with the ball that would be great. Also don’t make them fall in behind the opposite player with the ball creating a breakaway when it shouldn’t have been in the first place. If those things are fixed I would rate 5 stars.

Needs a few minor changes. When I first got this game I couldn’t stop playing! It was awesome. This was around 2 or 3 months ago. At this point the only thing I didn’t like about the game was that when you sell your players you have to wait for another real player to buy it. When the TOTT players came out I tried to sell it right away, but it didn’t sell and the value decreased so fast now it’s worth like nothing. But recently I’ve been having even more issues. One is that now you need to spend a ton of real money to training transfer. This may not be important to some people, but it is a big part of the game for me. Now I’ll never be able to sell any of my players. I also can’t grind this game, I’m not even aloud on during week days, so unless I grind my but off when I’m aloud on I can’t finish star passes and it’s harder for me to progress in shorter events. Because of this I don’t play anymore, I really hope these things can be fixed. Other than that this game is really fun. If you don’t mind this stuff then you should definitely play.

Almost.. Almost a great game, but the matchmaking system is absolutely broken. I would tell them to fix it, but it’s pretty clear it has been set up to be a pay-to-win game (unless you want to invest a year or so). There are some great aspects of the game that could make it one of the best apps, but you will lose to terrible players just because they have paid for a good team. The worst part is the advantage they give to the person with the higher level team. In PlayerVsPlayer, you can match with someone twice your level which basically spawns them in front of the goal for all of their shots, meanwhile you have to try and score on their better players while ALSO getting spawned at midfield. A slight advantage based on overall level is understandable, but when you make it impossible to beat someone just because you are an OVR 92 and they are an OVR 100 it ruins the game. I understand you are a business and want to profit off of children who steal their parents credit cards, but you should seriously consider fixing your broken game. I would rather watch more ads than get cheated out of wins against bad players.

EA are 🤡🤡🤡🤡. First off The Gameplay and graphics are amazing but certain elements need to be improved for ex the controls are dreadful joystick randomly moves on its own making you pass to a wrong teammate or shooting a cross sometimes the attackers will completely ignore the ball and let it roll out of bounds and of course I gotta mention the micro transactions the game heavily encourages you to spend money to get fifa points for a good team but the chances of you getting a good player are slim to none the pack odds are terrible but this is EA so I really can’t say I wasn’t surprised but really the main issue is the controls like even NBA LIVE MOBILE has better controls then this if the controls are gonna be that bad at least make the game controller supported so we don’t have to deal with these bugs that u can’t fix Also Their is no point in getting a really good team because in a certain amount of time the season will reset forcing you to start from the beginning so realistically don’t give EA Money for these fifa points cause at the end of they day they aren’t worth it SMH

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FIFA World Cup 2022™ Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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FIFA World Cup 2022™ 18.0.04 Games Screenshots & Images

FIFA World Cup 2022™ iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 18.0.04
Play Store com.ea.ios.fifamobile
Compatibility iOS 12.2 or later

FIFA World Cup 2022™ (Versiyon 18.0.04) Install & Download

The applications FIFA World Cup 2022™ was published in the category Games on 2016-10-11 and was developed by Electronic Arts [Developer ID: 284800461]. This program file size is 215.88 MB. This app has been rated by 879,286 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. FIFA World Cup 2022™ - Games app posted on 2023-01-18 current version is 18.0.04 and works well on IOS 12.2 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ea.ios.fifamobile. Languages supported by the app:

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FIFA World Cup 2022™ Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We've turned on the stadium lights, mowed the pitch, and the fans are buzzing with excitement. Download the latest FIFA Mobile to join in the match! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @EAFIFAMOBILE and Instagram @EASPORTSFIFAMOBILE to join our community, keep up with our latest news, and let us know what you think.

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Find this site the customer service details of FIFA World Cup 2022™. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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