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Orbitrack App Description & Overview

What is orbitrack app? Orbitrack is a brand-new, Augmented-and-Virtual-Reality satellite tracker and spaceflight simulator! It's your pocket guide to the thousands of spacecraft in orbit around our home planet.

1) More than 5000 spacecraft, including all active satellites, classified military satellites, the International Space Station, and SpaceX's Starlink communication satellites.

2) Rich new graphics, rewritten using Apple's Metal graphics API, show atmospheric effects, city lights on Earth’s night side, and highly-detailed 3D satellite models.

3) Voice-controlled Virtual Reality mode that works with any smartphone VR viewer. iPhone only.

4) A true "augmented reality" mode that helps you find satellites in the sky by blending the sky chart with video from your phone's camera. Works with Orbit and Satellite views too!

5) Radio frequency data for amateur radio satellites.

6) Updated descriptions for hundreds of spacecraft. Every satellite now has a description from n2yo.com.

7) Supports the latest Apple hardware and software: iPhone 13, iPad Pro, and iOS 15. Check the Mac App Store for our MacOS version!

8) Requires at least iPhone 6 or iPad Air with 64-bit processor and iOS 12 or later.

9) New sound effects and ambient background music.

10) New Time Flow controls let you easily set the date and time, and animate the view.

If you're new to Orbitrack, here's what it can do:

• Track thousands of satellites. Orbitrack will tell you when spacecraft pass overhead, show you where to find them in the sky, and let you track them across the planet.

• Teach you about the International Space Station, Starlink, and hundreds of other satellites in orbit, with comprehensive mission descriptions.

• Show the view from any satellite, and see the Earth from orbit just as the “bird” sees it! Orbitrack includes detailed 3D models for dozens of satellites – see them up close from any angle!

• Stay on top of the space race. Orbitrack updates its satellite data from n2yo.com and celestrak.com every hour. When new spacecraft are launched, maneuver into new orbits, or fall back into the atmosphere, Orbitrack shows you what’s happening up there, right now.

Orbitrack isn’t just powerful – it’s incredibly easy to use! You don’t need an aerospace degree to become an expert satellite tracker. Orbitrack puts advanced capabilities at your fingertips, with the same intuitive touch interface you use every day.

The new VR mode is an out-of-this-world experience. Become an astronaut without ever leaving Planet Earth!

And if that’s not enough, Orbitrack includes detailed, built-in Help – and expert, responsive technical support.

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App Name Orbitrack
Category Reference
Updated 09 March 2022, Wednesday
File Size 134.8 MB

Orbitrack Comments & Reviews 2024

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Attention to detail. I love how this app has a lot of features and attention to detail. For instance, it has menu items for “news” about objects—what’s brightest, what will be visible tonight. I also like how if you zoom in on a object, there’s animation to show you how its position is changing in real time. I like the various perspectives it offers too—one lets you see objects with the constellations as a backdrop, or you can see the earth from the objects’ perspective. Very feature rich. Nice, educational app!

good job. best app i love it :)

Great app. Works exactly as advertised and shows super cool info

Recent update fixed issue. My last review pointed out that the Iridium data was outdated, but the recent app update fixed this issue. I’m happy with the app. The Sky view is a little confusing, but it works.

Really great way....... To see the satellites flying overhead. If you’re into the night sky and the “stars” you see moving across it while the others stand still this is what you want. From the app, your location is shown and everything that is coming your way is visible. Just go outside and look up and it’ll be there. Very cool. I’ve used several different satellite apps before but this one is very well written and executed.

Accelerometer fails to track. What a joke. I wanted to track stars in the sky as I moved my iPhone XS pointed up and nothing moved unless I repeatedly force closed this app. Don’t even bother with this. Uninstalled.

An outstanding visual experience. This is a tremendous amount of live data packed into a really well organized visual application. Opening this on a large screen, the image quality is amazing, with multiple points of view in active detail. From a distance we see everything that is in orbit with clickable details. We can move forward and backward in time, gather information on each item and toggle day and night views around the world. The view of the sky from my specific location was also packed with star patterns, moving objects and visible planets. This is a really well-crafted app with beautiful views and detailed live information.

New user excited about the data. As a new user with no technical knowledge of satellites I am amazed at the details and the ease of use to help me explore this knowledge base!

Fantastic app!. Makes satellite watching easy and enjoyable.

Great full-screen views. I've used this app on the iPhone before, and I love the full-screen view on the Mac version! The larger real estate is great for seeing detailed satellite animations in the Orbit view, and I also like the close-ups of satellites such as the International Space Station in the Satellite view. Fun app to explore!

Great except for the cheesy music that you cannot turn off.. I absolutely loved Satellite Safari, and was recently very excited to learn of this new incarnation. It is a wonderful app. Great design and incredible for finding satellites as well as identifying celestial features like planets and stars. However for the life of me I cannot imagine who came up with the idea of adding automatic music that plays, and that there seems to be no way to turn off. I just can’t even…🤦🏻smh.

No good. I think the company marketing this one must write its' own reviews. It's tiny; hard to read and makes a disturbing noise. Sorry I bought.

Fantastic. This had been a very useful tool for checking satellite positions while I’m on the go. Being able to set alarms is very useful. However it would be nice to be able to favorite satellites.

Excellent App on iPhone 12. Excellent tracking software for the money! I am new to app tracking software, but it awesome so far!

It works well!!!. This app works well. I would have given it 5 Stars, but when you search for newly launched satellites, it is very limiting in what it displays if anything at all.

Geo sat distances?. Great app! Is there a way to get the distance between ow satellites?

Motion off by 15 degrees or so.. Outstanding app. It seems off by 15 degrees or so when I use motion. Any solutions? Is there a mag var adjustment somewhere in the app?

Interesting but could use some work. Interesting app which is worth it if you’re into space but it’s a little clunky. I noticed here’s a delay when switching to satellite view. I also noticed some typos, for example in the info of Iridium-7 it says “Air face base.”

Above and beyond. Very accurate. Simple to use. Shows what satellite shows the orbit (as a line) and shows what the satellite looks like. I thought it was the ISS but it was a Starlink.

Imperial / metric toggle?. I’ve in every nook and cranny of the app, and am unable to find a toggle to display measurements in metric or imperial. Where did it go?

Track pinpoint location. Can you actual pick a spot on earth and allow tracking passes be displayed via time estimating and pick stuff in the sky accordingly?

Love it with bonus: no InApp purchases!. I give this app 5 stars for 2 reasons: - the augmented reality feature: see the satellite against your sky, and see the Earth in realtime from the satellite. - all the satellites are included. Not sure how many, but hundreds if not thousands. No inapp purchases which drives me nuts. Some time ago, a bright satellite flew overhead, but I didn’t know it was the ISS. I had to search NASA.gov to confirm it. This app solves that problem for ISS and every other satellite that appears. Incredibly, the aug reality feature doesn’t just show you the satellite against your night sky; it also simulates and animates the view of Earth passing below. Very cool. It would make a great screen saver.

Orbitrack. Been waiting for an update for SatelliteSafari. Southern Stars does it best and this app gets it done right with ease of use and great functionality.

Easy. Great app that allows you to see what’s out there.

New customer. It’s not easy to navigate/ not user friendly

BEAUTIFUL!. I rarely write reviews. An hour ago, i received what I though was a spam email and deleted it without opening it. Something caught my eye about it and I recovered it and realized it was a satellite tracking app that had no in app purchases, and was good across all of my devices for one price. AMAZING app! Worth twice the price! GOOD JOB! Thanks!

Super cool. I used the app to track the fly-by of the International Space Station a few days ago (in addition to following all the SpaceX satellites). Not only was it accurate, the app is also easy to use and beautifully rendered. Highly recommend.

Incredible. I just moved to the Rockies with clear skies. I absolutely love this app. I wish I knew why it locks up so much though. Have to uninstall then reinstall. Other than that, it’s spot on.

Great space app. Wow! I had a lot of fun with this app. The 3D effect in the VR mode is out of this world! I had no idea there was so much stuff up there, floating around, and being able to see it “from up there” is totally cool. Lots of great material in here too, the author’s done a lot of research. From everything I’ve seen, it’s a huge improvement over the old version.

Something wrong with Iridium-flare predictions?. Truly excellent app !!! Lately I resumed watching for flares for the first time in s year or so, but I keep missing them for reasons I can’t figure out. Clear nights, perfect vantage points, but no flare to be seen. Any ideas?

Bright Rocket Body Satellites Not Included. Why?. Nov. 2018, Im still very disappointed, even with the update! But I’m increasing my rating from one to two, because the developer responded to my previous review and included several satellites . But still, I do not like this Orbitracker app because it does not include space “debris.” The developer said to me in a written communication that a majority of the satellites visible to the naked eye are not included because they have finished their active mission and are now space “debris”_ But The only reason I bought this Orbitrack app is for the large database and all the “brights” are included, satellites so big and so close to earth they are naked eye visible! I’m sorry to say Orbitacker does not appreciates rocket bodies as I do. Sept. 2018 old review.... Very disappointed, all the hype about all the Satellites included, was hype and not accurate. I found this out immediately. , , The majority of bright Sats visible to the naked eye, are mysteriously not even in the Orbitrack database because they are space debris, but I like my satellites like My girlfriends, they must catch my eye and it is ok if a little on the trashy side. A Satellites inclination will tell you how far North it goes. For example, 745 X 746; 52. is Satellite that 745 KM above earth at perigee and 52 degrees latitude when turns and goes other way, never flying over 53 Latitude. For example; Breeze M (28116), Atlas Cen (38770), ARGOS (25634), Each Sat has its’ own specific number, the name changes, just like you might call a Toyota Tundra a pickup or a truck or a 4x4, but the license plate number never changes. When search for Satellites, search by number, but do not search in Orbitrack because bright Sats are only there in the marketing hype! I bought the Orbitack app specifically for watching the naked eye Sats and now I want my money back so I can keep hunting for an Satellite app.

Hours of fun!. I can use this app to know when a bright satellite is coming at night, and my kids and I can watch them go across the sky with our eyes - they get so excited! Especially the ISS - have to admit I get excited about that one myself 😄 Plus the graphics are really cool, and we can hold it up to the sky to see where satellites and constellations are in between the big satellite sightings. Love this!

Amazing App. I’ve been looking for a satellite tracking at... I’ve found it! All of the information on these satellites are just a tap away. The app even show the downlink frequency information, I’ll be able to communicate with these satellites now by knowing when they fly over my house. Thanks again for a amazing app!

Best App for Constellations and Satellites. Saves you time!

Confusing. I wish I had instructions on how to use

Nice!. Perfect companion to my iPhon app on the big screen :)

Best app ever!!. Great app to find out what is above you in the night sky!!!

Stuck. I love this app but for some reason my copy always get stuck in a particular time and I can never seem to get it unstuck.

An neat discovery.. Immediately after downloading, I discovered the satellite array called Starlink. Wow! I knew SpaceX was deploying Internet in the sky, but seeing the positions in orbit is stunning. My first thought was, “Is this real?”. The opening window is small. I had to manually resize it. Once I maxed the window to my 36" monitor, the experience was quite immersive.

Well written. Orbitrack is a well written app. It makes it easy to view current positions of and details about an amazing amount of satellites orbiting Earth. The tool makes it easy to navigate and view these satellites from space or ground. Love the night vision view!

Not that useful. The magnitude estimates for Starlink is far too bright. Also, I have watched several bright satellite fly-overs that don’t appear to be in the database. Overall, not very useful. SkySafari does at least as well.

Incredible app. Probably the best app for iOS for satellite and star tracking. Only thing that could be improved is the visual magnitude. A simple descriptive word could make this a lot simpler. It’s still easy to figure out with a quick google search for “visual magnitude” so not a huge issue. Overall amazing app!

This has it all. My favorite parts of this app are the detailed app descriptions and the views of the satellites. They help you get a sense of why each satellite was launched and what it looks like.

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Absolutely brilliant. This app has exceeded my expectations. Easy to use, and the visuals are fantastic.

Needs magnitude update. Excellent way of keeping track of satellites and operates very similar to SkySafari. Satellite magnitudes are way off - satellites listed as being say, mag 1 often need binoculars or a scope to find so they’re more like mag 7 or 8. Updates should rectify this. Would be greatly assisted by having a ‘field of view’ reference in the Center - ie: a circle of 5 degrees which can be adjusted- that would make the alt/at readout more useful rather than having to guess the Center of the iPad screen. It’s a good start and some improvements over time will make it a terrific app.

8731。. 8731。

Magical. I love anything to do with space, and this app lets me keep an eye on everything flying overhead. Just hoping to see a UFO.

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Is. Have seen ISS flyover when in proper area

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Orbitrack 2.6 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Orbitrack app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Southern Stars Group, LLC and other users?

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Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.6
Play Store com.southernstars.SatelliteSafari2
Compatibility iOS 10.0 or later

Orbitrack (Versiyon 2.6) Install & Download

The application Orbitrack was published in the category Reference on 21 March 2018, Wednesday and was developed by Southern Stars Group, LLC [Developer ID: 437108146]. This program file size is 134.8 MB. This app has been rated by 855 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Orbitrack - Reference app posted on 09 March 2022, Wednesday current version is 2.6 and works well on iOS 10.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.southernstars.SatelliteSafari2. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Orbitrack App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Ability to show country borders on Orbit, Ground, Satellite views. - Ability to select time increments of 10 seconds and 10 minutes for animation. - Ability to show or stop Earth rotation in Orbit and Ground views. - Ability to show satellite visibility circle in Orbit and Satellite views. - Virtual Reality mode in landscape is no longer enabled by default in new installations. - Fix inability to load startup announcements due to insecure http URL - Removed double-top-to-center-satellite functionality. - Removed Flurry Analytics.

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Find on this site the customer service details of Orbitrack. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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