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What is iron marines: rts offline game app? From the creators of the award winner, Kingdom Rush saga comes the most extraordinary space odyssey. Fight challenging real time strategy sci fi battles on amazing and unknown planets. Command brave soldiers, mighty mechas and powerful aliens against hordes of space monsters, swarms of insectoids and robot armies in a galaxy far far away.

PLAN, ATTACK AND BEAT ALL THE ENEMIES ADAPTING YOUR STRATEGY by changing the role of your troops even in the thick of the combat, from ranger to sniper, from flamethrowers to missile launchers.

ADAPT YOUR STRATEGY by changing the role of your troops even in the thick of battle, from ranger to sniper, from flamethrowers to missile launchers.

RECRUIT AND TRAIN THE GREATEST HEROES in the galaxy, lead them into dangerous territory against near-impossible odds and unleash their mighty powers and abilities.

TURN THE TIDE OF BATTLE with orbital strikes, intelligent mines, support troops, turrets and a wide array of special weapons.

Armies of robots, crushed starships, gigantic monsters, unknown races, brave assaults, desperate rescues, audacious sabotages... the galaxy needs your command.

The galaxy needs the Iron Marines


• 21 CAMPAIGN MISSIONS across three sci fi planets. Each action-packed challenge will have you improve your strategy to save the galaxy!
• 17 SPECIAL OPERATIONS that will test if you have what it takes to battle your way through space.
• 40+ UPGRADES to build the ultimate RTS army! Choose between Defense Drones, Napalm Rockets, Ricocheting Blasts, Lethal Weapons and many more.
• +7 UNITS to bring into battle and give your hero some extra firepower!
• 8 SPECIAL WEAPONS to unleash hell on your enemies and keep expanding your tactics like space itself! What’s better than a well-placed missile? An orbital strike of 50 high-explosive missiles!
• DEFEAT UNIQUE BOSSES in epic battles. They are green, mean, killing machines!!! Well… some are machines and these aliens aren’t green… but they’re all massive and determined to crush you. Suit up, Marines!
• 70+ ACHIEVEMENTS to complete and show everyone you’re the best RTS commander in the whole galaxy!
• NO WI-FI IN SPACE? No worries, offline play guaranteed!
• CHOOSE YOUR DIFFICULTY MODE: Casual, Normal or Veteran. Don’t get cocky! Or Do! Your choice!
• IMPOSSIBLE MODE. Only for the most daring, reckless, all-out-of-bubblegum marines in space. We dare you!

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Iron Marines: RTS offline game Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great Game Ignore Whining Plebs on Difficulty

I would first like to preface the review with the fact that I have beaten every single level in Iron Marines with Taggins, the first hero, on impossible difficulty without using any consumables and only a few of the levels I thought were very hard but I was still able to do it. I have a history of playing RTS games like Starcraft2 and Total War Warhammer and this game carries a similar theme. It's not gonna hold your hand as you shut off your brain and play through for fun. You are going to have to think, practice and plan in advance or else you will not succeed. That is not something for everyone mind you but if you enjoy that type of experience Iron Marines is very rewarding. With a decently large sized roster of units and a large skill tree it's gives you a lot of room to experiment. Visually it's fantastic, just as you would expect with any of the titles by Iron Hide and it has many many silly little Easter eggs to be found (something I always appreciated the amount of effort they put into in every one of there games). The sound design is great too as the characters and units never get annoying with a varied pool of quotes when you move them over and over and all the weapons and enemy units sound great too. Over all the experience was great it was fairly easy to pick up, played and looked great, was challenging if you wanted to really challenge yourself, and rewarding to finally complete.

- Great game. Ignore reviews of difficulty.

I have been a gamer since the early days of Atari, this is a fantastic game from iron hide studios. For five dollars you get a graphically rich incredible take on real-time strategy and tower defense rolled into one. Folks who are having trouble with the difficulty are probably not used to having to grind out levels or adjust strategy in wave driven games. This is absolutely necessary in a game like this. If you enjoy that sort of thing that this game is for you, if you want something that is not occasionally challenging and doesn't require you to adjust your strategy in order to win, then look elsewhere. Yes it is easier if you are able to purchase the higher level heroes, but it's more than possible to grind out boards in order to get all of the resources you need without having to pay for anything. I myself don't mind paying for the higher-level heroes, one because good game makers are in such rare supply on the App Store these days, and two I remember all too clearly what it was like to pay $80 for a 16 bit game on the Super Nintendo. The gameplay is fine even in a repetitive fashion, the graphics are incredible, there are Easter eggs everywhere and the sound is fantastic. All the things we come to expect from iron hide studios. I happened upon this while replaying the original Kingdom Rush, and I look forward to the continuation of that series as well.

- Good challenge not to easy or too hard

I am a big fan of strategy games. I also know a game is fun if the challenge is big. That being said, I rate this game five stars due to its vast amount of variety. What I mean by this is even without spending a single penny on this game you are still offered a ton of hero’s and units to make a working strategy. Just like kingdom rush this game has a great sense of challenge and strategy, all though I do find this game a bit harder. To address those people who say this game is impossible without spending money. I say to you, that when I say this game is a bit harder I mean that it took 2-4 tries to beat a level on impossible. Normally in kingdom rush I can do it first try or second if I’m unlucky. My point is that you scrubs who say this game is hard, you are simply incompetent, a strategy game, requires you to actually think and this game does a perfect job at that. If you lose it’s simply a mistake in your strategy. Improvise and retry. I say that this game is not too hard or too easy for a reason. It’s not too easy in the sense that it doesn’t require effort to win and it’s not too hard due to it actually being beatable within 1-3 try’s. Hard for me would be taking about 6-10+ try’s to beat a level. In summary this game a good challenge that is easily beatable if you use your units and hero’s correctly.

- Great game, albeit a bit short.

Iron Marines is one of the best games I've played via iOS and the best RTS on mobile. I've played hundreds and hundreds of games of all genres on my iPad, and this one is right up there with the best of them. I do have a few minor gripes, but for the most part I'm a happy customer. I didn't find the game too difficult. A few of the levels were tough, but starring up my hero made them doable. I'd rather a game be more on the difficult side anyway. Who wants a game of this caliber to be completed in an evening or two? This is a well crafted experience and do wish it were longer. That brings me to my only gripes about the game: As I said, the game as it is is far too short. But it looks like more planets will be added at a future date. A few more units would be nice (expansion pack possibly?). The game also needs a multiplayer mode. What's an RTS without multiplayer? Maybe it's in the works and I just haven't done my homework. And lastly, (and this is a very minor gripe) I wish the color palette would change from time to time and give the cute, neon hues a small break. In conclusion, this is a great game overall. It's got terrific gameplay, art style, humor and music. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up. It's worth the price and a whole lot of fun besides.

- No better game.

I have played all of Ironhide’s games and this is, by far, my favorite. The blend of tower defense/RTS is well executed, combining many of the best elements of each genre without some of the baggage, and while it may seem oversimplified upfront, trust me, it is anything but. The skill trees have depth and dynamism and allow for a lot of flexibility with how you choose to play. There are also, oddly, a crazy amount of passive boosts you can upgrade making various aspects of your armies and bases stronger. I feel like there are too many... kinda takes some of the challenge out of the game. It’s easily replayable, and often necessarily so. The side challenges are fun too and offer decent rewards for the work. I prefer Paragon as his abilities, when maxed out, can make a small group of soldiers basically invincible. The artistry behind the design is exactly perfect, both the graphic and audio elements. The only thing lacking is in the size of the levels that can often feel like they are too confined and wanting more room, and because navigation is well designed it could easily support larger levels that take longer to win without it negatively effecting gameplay. I am very eagerly awaiting more worlds because the last 4 levels released felt like a tease.

- Frustrating and a bit disappointing

I am a huge fan of the Kingdom Rush series, and was really looking forward to this release. I don't mind paying the $4.99 (some people really got mad about paying for it) because...that's how game developers make a living, right? I don't mind that there are still in-app purchases. The game is lovely, visually. Great graphics. The usual quirky, fun little hidden things you see in KR games. I like some of the weapons. Some of the baddies are pretty cool. Being able to change troops on the fly is long as you can find your troops (more on that later). Here's the thing. This game is just not fairly balanced. Playing on casual, the lowest setting, should be somewhat doable. You clear an area and move on, right? Nope. You clear it but baddies keep coming from offscreen. The number of troops you get is way too small, if you leave some behind to guard the area then your hero dies. If you take the troops, you have to keep running back to guard the area. In the thick of battle, it's really hard to see where all your troops are, much less be able to move them quickly enough. It doesn't feel winnable, and tbh it feels like a chore to try to get through a level. I'm glad I bought it, but it's not the game for me. Real life is hard enough. I thought it would be fun to be the victor on the battlefield of Iron Marines, but that ain't happening. If a game is too tough on the lowest difficulty, it's too tough.

- Did you notice?

So I’m a huge geek and a long time lover of this entire game company and how they tie some things from some of there other games into this. With that being said, who knows if you have noticed this but the game has been out a year so you might have. So you all know the hero shatra and if you didn’t know he’s also in kingdom rush frontiers as a hero. What you might not know is that one of shatras ability is to use the crystal from Kingdom rush frontiers. But here comes the really geeky part, if you played kingdom rush frontiers and beat the original levels on the last level it will take you to this cutscene about the crystal being lost in this cave and this alien picks it up. That alien is shatra and if you go to shatras hero room, (in ironmarines not kingdom rush) under the ability where it uses the crystal it says something about shatra traveling to another world and collecting this unique crystal from the world. Anything ring a bell? I’ve know about this for a while now but this is the first time I’ve shared it. Some of you may know about this and if you do then congratulations your as nerdy as I am.

- Great, Except...

This game has all the usual high-quality features of other Ironhide games, but for 5$ and a whole lot of expensive heroes and "coin packs", you'd expect a reasonable level of difficulty and obvious ways to start to counter other enemy strategies. That's not the case. Your best way to counter enemies depends on how much you're willing to spend. You can make it decently far, but if you even want to play on normal difficulty, it becomes apparent that the game is attempting to put up pay walls, and entirely too early. Other basic mechanics need some work as well. It's easy to lose your units in a sea of enemies, with no way to mass select all units and move them. And enemy onslaughts are entirely endless, even if you destroy what seems to be a unit production structure, endless waves of enemies will appear off-screen and continue to batter your weak defense on your own structures, forcing you to take the small amount of units you're using to complete an objective and constantly have them abandon the mission to save the base. You can give yourself zero breathing room which is why this is sort of failing as a strategy game. It's obvious that this would probably have faired better as another tower defense game rather than an all-out RTS style version of the same thing. Fun at times and feels decently well polished, but it needs some changes to really earn a 4-5 star rate.

- Excellent Mobile RTS

This is by far the best mobile RTS I have ever played. I'm an avid starcraft fan, and although I've only played iron marines for about 2 hours, I can already see the genius in the design. there are a few problems of bringing the classic rts system to mobile, mainly micromanaging without hotkeys, unit control, and commands. creating a squad system is a genius idea to both simplify unit commands, while still offering the strategic depth of choosing your own attack force. the ability to switch unit types mid fight is also an excellent and clever workaround, that really is just a unique feature to the game. group commands are excellent, the only changes I would make is adding an attack move. the bases being pre constructed/fixed capture points is a nice balance between the freedom of a traditional rts to build literally anywhere (unless you're the zerg) and a tower defense. you still have options how to build your base, and most tower build zones are already strategically place. Bravo Ironhide, you are my favorite mobile developer by far!!

- Amazing game!

I don't understand people's complaints about difficulty level? If you can't win change up your strategy. Have people not ever seen Starcraft played? While this is clearly no Starcraft or Warcraft (I mean this is a mobile game after all) it is by far a top of the line game. It is difficult yes, but you can go back and play any level to gain coins and xp for your heroes any time you want. If one hero isn't working on a level try a new one. For people who don't like that there are other heroes for purchase, well welcome to an ironhide game. They make quality heroes for free and then make some more that if you wanna give them extra support you can buy. If you don't wanna pay up it doesn't hurt your game experience. If your patient they always put them on sale on holidays and such. As far as coins I'm personally never going to buy coins but I'll watch videos that give me free coins and also support the developer. Remember the more support they get the more and the better games they will be able to put out!

- Too short for IAPs

I don’t normally write reviews for games that don’t deserve 5 stars but I felt it was necessary. The gameplay is ok or at least expected for the price...but the pricey IAPs do not add gameplay- only characters. After getting an update, we only got a few short new missions and...surprise!...we also get a chance to pay more money for 2 new characters. With all of these premium characters, you’d think that this would be a game that lasts more than a few hours but doesn’t. The strategy aspect is minimal and it the replay value is next to nil. Granted, I was super happy to play this game...even it only lasted a day but when the update only sells more characters and only gives you a few minutes of gameplay- the wallet gouging outweighs game developing. Why not sell DLCs loaded with maps/missions!? I would have gladly paid for more game! Who wants to play the same game 5-6 times start to finish? If the focus wasn’t on making more $$$ by doing the least amount of work, it could have stood with RTS greats like StarCraft. It quacks like a duck but it walks like a car salesman. :( Sincerely disappointing.

- The Pixar of strategy

Beautifully polished game. You guys did a great job of applying similar feel/mechanics as the Kingdom Rush series while making a fresh RTS experience. I've got a few small thoughts on the control scheme and the dizzying variety of enemy units but only one main comment I'd like to share: What made the difficulty curve of Kingdom Rush work was the two additional challenge modes per level, which allowed you to get more stars for abilities which would help you overcome the tougher levels. In Iron Marines, there is no way to really "grind" towards upgrades than just replaying the levels again. You have the Spec Ops levels, but it's really not enough. Now I'm stuck on the last boss and have no choice but to replay previous levels in order to get more upgrades for my units. I know more content is coming eventually, but I think you could have gotten more mileage - and more fresh pathways for players to earn tech points - with additional challenges per level like in Kingdom Rush.

- Micro transactions are ridiculous

So the game itself is pretty good. I'm a huge fan of the Kingdom Rush series and played the hell out of them. So when I saw Ironhide's new game, it was a no brainer. The gameplay is fun and I absolutely love the art style. My biggest problem I have with the game and why I only gave it 3 stars is the amount of micro transactions there are for a mobile game that costs 5 dollars. I would understand if the game was free, I mean they'd have to make money somehow. But you pay five dollars for the game and then they give you almost nothing in the game. There's a total of about 9 heroes I believe. But only 3 of them are playable from just purchasing the game. You have to pay for every other hero individually. And some of them cost even more than the actual game which blew my mind. There's a bunch of other micro transaction stuff that I'm not going to get into but the heroes are what annoyed me the most. I want to love this game like I did the Kingdom Rush series but to be able to do that it would cost way more than the price tag of the game. And for that I can't bring myself to rate it any higher.

- Great Game, Minor Complaints

When I was young I used to play the crap out of the Kingdom Rush Games, my friends and I would battle to beat the levels and be ultimate victor. Each level of those games was hard, it was almost never a 1 and done. I saw this game in the AppStore and thought hey, this looks good. For the most part it is. I love the game play but I think I am going to have to turn up the difficulty, it may be my amazing commandingship skills or most levels are just easy. Just keep that in mind. The length in this game I hate to admit is short. Compared to other KR games I has about the same amount of levels, but the ones here are just so much easier so it feels way shorter than it should. Now these two I would love to see but a multiplayer mode and a encyclopedia for enemies would make this game a great buy. I love this game and keep replaying levels. Buy this game. And Ironhide, if you are listening. Please consider what I have to offer.

- One of the best mobile games ever.

I’ll preface this by saying I’m a big ironhide fan. The kingdom rush title is probably my favorite tower defense series. But what they have done here is a step beyond. I’m not sure what to make of the critiques that it is too hard. Reports that you can’t get past a couple levels in casual mode without serious grinding don’t reflect my experience. I started on normal and didn’t wipe but a few times on the first planet. And that was mostly the last level while I figured out what to attack the boss with. The are varied levels, from rescue missions to base builds, that require a little strategy to be sure, but that’s why it’s a great game. The talent trees work well and the combat units complement each other. The alien units have a particularly beautiful synergy that rates among any I’ve ever played. Frankly, I would love to see this universe expanded as they’ve done a fabulous job with their story telling and world building. Five stars from me.

- A couple hints:

This game seems to have been designed with replayability in mind. That is to say: For those of you who have written reviews complaining about difficulty: you need to replay missions. Try each level with different heroes. Grind out their levels. Doing so will not only get you more familiar with the mechanics (like double tapping will select a wide area and all units within the radius. It’s a trick they don’t tell you about, which is annoying, but once you find that mechanic you will have a much easier time manipulating large troops) it will also give you lots of free upgrade resources. I am heavily into the upgrade tree now from simply enjoying the replayability of the missions. And once you get those upgrades for your units the difficulty takes a massive drop. I am currently working my way through the second world on highest difficulty and have only lost for the first time on mission 4 of 6. And you know what? All I will have to do is either replay some earlier levels to amass resources or simply lower the difficulty level back down. Easy peasy. All without spending a single dollar outside the initial price of the game. The initial content is actual somewhat small for a Ironhide game. Twenty or so missions isn’t a whole lot- but the bright side is that the levels are extremely fun to replay trying different strategies, units and heroes. Highly recommended.

- Don’t listen to the few low score reviews!

I have been anxiously anticipating this game since it was first announced. I scoured the internet for any and all information/videos I could find pre-release. Let me be the first to tell you that this game is well worth the wait and more! I see a lot of people saying the game is too simple, or that it requires no strategy. It is quite the opposite. The whole fun of the game is to try to find different strategies with different units to defeat all the enemies in a particular level. Yes, there may not be that many levels, and if you speedrun this game you will definitely “beat it” fairly shortly. But, it is not meant to be played that way. It is meant to be enjoyed, analyzed, and strategized. Trust me when I say that this is probably one of my top five favorite games of all time in the App Store, hands-down. There simply isn’t anything like it. 10/10, 5/5 stars!

- Fun RTS game. Solid start.

First, this is NOT a tower defense. It is NOT Kingdom Rush. So if you are looking for a space reboot of their KR series, this is not it. Second, this is NOT a pay-to win. You get 4 heroes for free and then pay for others, just like their other title and just like their other title they are NOT necessary to succeed. Yes, you can watch ads for free coins. That's the only way you see an ad, you watch it for free coins. Yes, there are packages for coins, however you can earn plenty of coins by doing the missions. There are ZERO pay walls. I finished the first campaign, on normal and NEVER used any coins to buy any extra items for the mission. And I am no tactical genius by far. I have plenty of coins from just playing. For $5 you get a complete game, there is no need to purchase anything. Third, the game has a short tutorial and plenty of tips on how to do things. I did not find the controls clunky or difficult at all. Fourth, I would definitely play on a tablet. There is a settings to lower the quality. On my older iPad mini I turned them down and had no issues. On my iPad Air it runs amazing at high quality. I really do not think this game would be as fun on the phone or an iPod, not enough screen real estate. Overall a great game and this is version 1. Guarantee they will add content and fix any bugs. Good job Ironhide!

- Love it

Ironhide changes their mobile strategy approach with a new setting and new mechanics. Iron Marines seems to borrow from warhammer 40k and company of heroes by keeping some level of base defense, but implementing a new core element: squad based unit tactics. A new tech tree, heroes, and purchasable items (using in game currency that can also be bought with real money) are essential tools for completing this game, as mission difficulty is increased greatly. As an example, normal difficulty in the opening/middle missions is equivalent to trying for three stars on the late game stages of their previous kingdom rush series on the same setting. I've been able to get to the middle of the second world without spending money and with a surplus of in game cash for items. This is definitely a game leaning toward the hard-core strategy audience while still having some appeal for casual mobile gamers.

- Great on the iPad

I initially played the game on my iPhone and the game controls were a bit frustrating on the smaller screen. I’m enjoying it way more on the iPad, the extra screen real estate makes a big difference to me. You’re going to get everything you’ve come to expect from Ironhide Studios: polished game, well balanced, great pop culture references, humor, basically an overall great experience. If you enjoy RTS games this is the one to get on iOS. Ironhide’s customer support is top notch as well. I had an issue with the game on my new iPad and sent an email to customer support on Christmas. The next morning I had a response, and after a few emails (they would usually reply within minutes) my issue was resolved. Great games and great customer support, Ironhide is a positive example for all game developers.

- Another great game from Ironhide

As a huge fan of the Kingdom Rush series, I was super excited to see Ironhide release another game and downloaded it immediately. All I can say is that they did not disappoint. Same high-quality gaming experience I would expect even though they moved to a new genre (RTS as opposed to TD in the KR series). I found the difficulty level to be similar to that found in Kingdom Rush. They create a nice balance between being easy enough to play casually and not get frustrated but challenging enough to keep me coming back and trying new strategies. Their IAPs are very similar to the KR series - inexpensive but wholly unnecessary to enjoy the game. I could easily play through to the end without spending a dime, even though I did pick up a couple of the IAP heroes during a sale just to support them and add some variety. This is not your typical ‘pay to play’ iOS game. As far as improvements, I miss the awards system found in KR (stars and difficulty level awards), and I find the lack of an encyclopedia puzzling. It’s hard to get a sense of the relative strength of each unit and enemy, so it’s hard to get a good perspective on useful strategies. The game feels a little short, but I’m hoping they release expansions soon! But none of those cons detract significantly from how enjoyable it is overall. Thanks for developing another awesome game!

- Difficulty: Hard, but way better than super easy. Price: Bad

All the comments on difficulty are a little much. I haven’t had to replay a level more than 3 times to beat it (and I’m not very good anyways). But the micro transactions are a slap in the face. $3, $4, $5 to unlock heroes in a game where you already dropped $5 to purchase is obnoxious. You can’t even grind the in-game currency to purchase the heroes. You HAVE to purchase them with real money. This is by far the worst part of the game. Maybe if there was a hero rotation every few months, or a way to purchase them with in-game currency it wouldn’t be annoying. You get 3 free characters with 11 behind a paywall. $49 dollars just to unlock 11 characters plus spending $5 to buy the game doesn’t make any sense. I’d rather spend $10 on the game with full content than do this nonsense. Plus they are adding even more characters that you’ll likely have to pay for. Great game, bad paywall.

- Fun concept but in app purchases disappointing

I love kingdom rush games so my hopes were a bit high. Concept is cool, and has the same “comic” feel and real time strategy is refreshing. The first issue is the in app purchases. I get it, you can buy stuff but I already paid $5 to have the game and I can only unlock 3 hero’s unless I spend more?? In addition there are multiple different types of currencies/points which of course can all be purchased, as the difficulty on certain levels is simply unreasonable. And I do love a challenge but there is a line between challenge and just unreasonable. Feels like a free to play that makes money off in app purchases rather than a polished stand alone gem. Disappointing because there is a lot of potential here but I find myself just wanting my $5 back. Also difficult to control groups of troops in battle and finding them all getting slaughtered as I desperately try to select the correct type in a crowd is frustrating. I did expect more...

- Another solid strategy game

As much as I'll always welcome another Kingdom Rush game there are three of those so it feels right that they've tried something new. Not too new though, Ironside are known for taking well-tested game ideas and polishing them into an enjoyable experience. So this game has elements of tower defense, elements of real time strategy, and some levels like the commando missions from C&C. Also a solid challenge, and as expected, a nice look to it. 10 seconds of video was all it needed to convince me I would like it. That and the fact I've been playing Kingdom Rush on and off for several years and still enjoy it. Look forward to the updates. If you're on the fence watch a video, but if you're even slightly leaning toward buying it, do everyone a favour and support one of the better developers out there.

- Top tier game, not for the real gamers

I have been an ironhide fanboy for years. Bought and played the crap out of all the TDs and then started this one two days ago. People who complain about difficulty are bad gamers and have no idea what they are talking about. This game takes strategy, patience and just gaming intuition. I never buy in app purchases for any of their games and you don’t need it if you know what you are doing. I don’t even use the coins since it offers an easy way out. I even play it on veteran the first time then grind the levels with casual. You can literally max your character and all the upgrades before going to the next level. All in all this game is amazing and one of the best in the App Store. I don’t even post reviews but after all these crying posts I felt like I needed to

- This game is awesome!

I love this game and I love this developer I’ve played all the kingdom rush games and I still play them to this day. I went in this game thinking it would be like the other, an awesome tower defense game but it so much more and soon as I started playing I laughed cause it felt very similar to Starcraft and I love Starcraft easily my favorite strategy game of all time and this game just hit everything I love in a video game. The only think I would change is maybe add some more units I would love to see some kind of mass up large number type of units and maybe a survival mode hordes of enemies come at you and you have to stay alive as long as possible. I can’t wait for more update to this game maybe more units more planets more crazy fun. Keep up the awesome work I can’t wait for what’s to come next!

- Ironhide, back at it again...

Huge fan of the "Kingdom Rush" series, this is a very dope and refreshing take at the tower strategy styled games. While not a traditional tower defense, it takes various elements from those games and creates a game all on its own. Defensive focused, the game gives you various tools to defend your points while trying to take others. Not going to lie, I was eagerly waiting for the next 'Kingdom Rush' installment but this game blew me away. Seriously. I mean, I'm still waiting rabidly for the next KR game, but this game simply made me a fan of your gaming studio, developers, story writers and overall the creative work you guys are doing. Keep it up, I'll gladly fork over my money for quality stuff like this and the KR games. Beautiful work guys, take care and get some rest, we'll be gladly playing this game to hold us over!

- I like it but don't love it

I was obsessed with all the KR games and was counting down the days for this release. It is gorgeous and delightful to look at but I just get annoyed with how you make it move through the game. All the drawing of lines, is hard to get used to and the descriptions of different weapons/troops are not as intuitive. Many reviews talk about "well -if you were a true gamer" ...this or that. Seems irrelevant to me, should be easy to understand and navigate for everyone. I just keep losing interest and going back to KR. Perhaps I'll play more and find it more fun. I'm sure part of it is that I really just wanted another KR. Totally get that they wanted to do something else and it's very cool. Just not as intuitive and addictive from my perspective. Deserves more than 3 stars but since there's no 3.5 I am too disappointed to do 4. I absolutley will still buy their next game. Love their artistry and creativity.

- StarCraft + Kingdom Rush = amazebwalls

(IAPs not mandatory) Simply put, They've done it again. 1st, I am a longtime Kingdoms Rush fan(atic?). Have been looking forward to this game for a very long time, and it was worth the wait! Having 100%'d every KR game, I'm familiar with Ironhide. This game is every bit as fantastic and polished as those. It has all the deep design, smart strategy, humor, and prefect blend of Game design to be another classic. It's a fantastic blend of Starcraft rts, and a sprinkling of what made KR so great as well. Outstanding game, and will easily be in the running for GOTY. Also; There've been some comments about the option for IAPs, including heroes...Ironhide has always had this option for their games, and they're never required for winning (but can obviously help). They're just there for people who want them.

- Great follow-up to Kingdom Rush series

I was a big fan of the original Kingdom Rush but was a bit disappointed with the sequels as they weren’t much different. I hoped the development team would try something new, and here it is. Initially I was disappointed as the early levels seemed easy and didn’t require much thought. Level 7 changed things for me. It was much tougher and I had to start thinking about strategy, which then got me going back to the earlier levels to replay and and get some upgrades. I really enjoy the game now, and I’m taking my time playing all the extra levels and upgrading different heroes. There’s a large amount of content and a lot of replayability in order to get upgrades and get achievements. Great game - thanks again Ironhide!

- 10/10 would bang

This is how you make an immersive game. In a way they moved over the kingdom rush formula; but, in this, allows you to take command of an army. And much like the kingdom rush games there are upgrades and heroes that keep me playing further than the introduction. I also like how they don’t explain the video game like it’s my first time using an app on my electrical doohickey. UPDATE: I would love if there there was an option for an endless wave. Or even upgrades to the troops. I love the design and easy navigating layout to summon. But I’d like to come across a couple of huge wars (20+ summons) or be able to do that in free mode where I can just enjoy the content of the game freely. I love the work of Ironhide, Kingdom Rush was fantastic and Iron Marines is a great campaign as well.

- Great game, but far too short

An interesting spinoff of the classic kingdom rush, iron marines takes all the graphics and fun we love and puts it into a rts. If the previous games were anything to go by, I knew normal difficulty wouldn't be too hard but at least take a little while to complete. But after only 5 hours of playing over the course of 2 days, I beat the game expecting another world to battle on. Nope, that's it. Only about 5 hours of gameplay for a relatively expensive mobile game (plus any in app purchases). Each kingdom rush game lasted at least 10 hours plus far more replay ability with multiple save slots. It feels like ironhide cheated us a bit on this game. Don't forget the occasional crashes! However, while it lasted, iron marines was a pretty fun game that I would definitely recommend buying if you take things slow. Ps: in response to all the "too hard" reviews, double tap on/near your units and drag one of them to move them as a group. Also, never leave units to defend at your base(s), just build turrets and shields/radars and attack the spawners with everything you have. If you still can't win because you're that bad at strategy games, then you probably shouldn't have gotten this game in the first place.

- Not on the par with KR

The graphic looks cool. That is the good part. The bad part is the experience is tedious. Unlike KR, which allows you to finish a mission in different ways, that is the best of KR, Iron Marines lacks that kind of variation. Most time you can only command two or three squads, plus a hero. There aren't too many things you can do with them, except move them. You can not even command them which target to attack. The worst part is in many cases the enemies come from every direction out of thin air. Which renders formations meaningless. So what is left for player to do is very little. You just drag a line, and squads move, they never shoot when they move, that is the weirdest part of Iron Marines, when they stop they start shooting. The shooting sometime takes a while. So you wait for the superpowers of heroes to recharge, and click. There is no control of any superpowers, so you watch. And that is it. It is only fun for three hours. I'm thinking a true RTS is too complicated to one finger. Ironhide made effort and I have to say they failed. Iron Marines is a hybrid of Clash of Royal, Starcraft, Kingdom Rush, but misses the essences of all three great games. The variation of units is poor. The upgrading system is confusing. In conclusion, this game is too far from KR. I'll keep playing, but I won't fall in love with it.

- Fun game, except for...

I've played through and enjoyed all the kingdom rush games so I was expecting to only get 3 heros and have the others cost extra money, and have the option to watch ads to get extra power ups, but really guys ? Since the last update there are now 3 different buttons on the map screen that take you to the micro transactions store ! Having the option to spend extra money on the game is fine , but I already paid the $5, I don't want it shoved in my face. Other then that the game is a lot of fun , controls better then expected , has great graphics, and I will still play through it. Also it's not as difficult as other reviews have said. Update: changed from 3 to 4 stars , game is still good fun and it's getting lots of unfair reviews , I still recommend it.

- Awesome game, not pay to play

I have read other reviews that complain that this is pay to play. Totally not true. It's different than kingdom rush and you have to adapt to the changes. The main way to progress through the game once you start getting stuck (which I did toward the end of world 1) is grind the other levels for experience points and level up your allies. This is huge and really makes it a fun game. The grinding isn't boring either because you can level up and try out the new heroes and levels are fun to play. I had 4 different heroes for free. The upgrades are expansive and helpful. It's satisfying to see how much stronger your team becomes over time. In a world of pay to play apps, Iron Hide is not going that way. Great game!

- Perfect use of micro transactions

This game is great. Not a dollar needs to be spent after purchase to fully enjoy this game. The only time you’d need to spend money is on more heroes, over what the game gives you already. After a year of owning/randomly playing I caved and bought a new hero in game. I figured this game entertained me for so long, isn’t greedy filling my screen with “buy more gold” pointless ads, the devs deserve the money. My only wish is that there was some kind of base defend mode. Where we can fight waves and waves of enemies and defend our base for as many rounds as possible. That would give an insane amount of replay value, and I’d definitely invest more money in this game if the devs bring that level of content to it.

- Insanely awesome game

My ideas are right with all the other five stars. I can spend hours with fun just playing the game without realizing how far I've gotten then I'm beat and then play the same level over and over. It appears to me that this game will be updated seeing that there is a new planet coming through. I had just pondered for a while and though hey maybe a multi player verses would be awesome if you could duel other players or even play as the fell or the robots ( eh sorry for got the name ). This game to me at least seems to be promising and more to come I just thought of some ideas so please consider if you finish doing what you are doing. If you like strategy, tower defense games then I absolutely recommend this game.

- This is why I love Ironhide

So, after the Ironhide team released Iron Marines, they had a third world that said “coming soon”. After a while, I began to loose hope they would complete it. But instead of saying“Hur Dur. We were kidding” and just failing to do it, they took me by surprise. They released the best one yet. It was by far the creative and most challenging series of levels I have ever faced. It cranked the difficulty up and gave Iron Marines the difficulty it deserved. Though, I cannot say the same thing for the final boss of third planet. For how hard it was to get there, he final boss was insanely easy to conquer. That’s not to say it wasn’t fun however. It was still colorful and the character design is just simply outstanding. Good job Ironhide team!

- Enjoyable, but short

An interesting mix between real-time strategy and tower defense that isn’t really great at being either of those things. There isn’t any real resource managing to do, and the tower defense side is very, very shallow. Not great as a RTS, and not great as a TD, but has its own unique flavor. Ultimately, this is a pretty great game that was fun to play through. Graphics are great, and the Easter eggs were appreciated. The production value is there. Not sure why many people are complaining about the difficulty, it was easy on veteran using the first hero you get (Taggins). I finished the game without buying extras/heroes, it’s honestly fairly easy. I did farm two hero levels to finish a difficult mission, but we are talking about repeating a mission twice, not days of grinding. I feel like the people complaining about difficulty are just younger kids who are used to vegetating during screen time while ‘winning’ games on autopilot. The only downside is the game is very short. Maybe four or five hours of gameplay, unless you want to repeat the game on impossible difficulty (I honestly don’t think it has much in the way of replayability).

- Addressing common complaints...

1. Micro-transactions Don't be fooled: paying $5 will unlock the whole game. There are some premium heroes, but they aren't really necessary and are for those who want to give some extra "thanks for the awesome game!" money to Ironhide. Every other Kingdom Rush game has premium heroes for purchase, so it's nothing new to get upset about. Everything besides these heroes can be earned. 2. Difficulty Some people are complaining about how hard the game is even on the easiest difficulty... and to this I say: you must have never played an RTS game in your life. I beat the entire game on the hardest difficulty in 2-3 days of starting it, so anyone who can't beat it on normal is probably just not good at strategy games. 3. Length This critique is legitimate, though more levels will be added later. The reason I'm willing to spend $5 on a game that's not super long is because Ironhide delivers quality games in terms of gameplay and, particularly, aesthetic. There are lots of fun references, and the art is polished and consistent. Finally, their games are intuitive, challenging, and simply fun to play.

- Its like mini Starcraft.

I've played the Kingdom Rush games before and when I saw this app in the App Store I knew it was going to be a slam dunk hit and it was. For a tower defense game I feel it has revolutionized the genre by making the strategies you have to employ more realistic with the resources that you Have in real time instead of a predictable Iine round after round you see in Balloon tower defense or Kingdom Rush. The graphics are very good and makes you feel immersed in every mission because you are in control and every action you make will have benefits or consequences for your forces. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that enjoys strategy games. Thank you developers for making this game!

- There's no pay wall!!

Come on, folks -- those whining about the difficulty on the easiest setting just aren't trying. I had never played a RTS game before and sure, I was a little perplexed as to what to do at the beginning, but eventually I figured it out. It depends on the mission -- sometimes you leave units behind to defend bases, sometimes not. Snipers are effective at a fair distance from the action. I haven't paid a cent beyond the download price and I've trained two heroes up to 10 and now "casual" is feeling too easy. I've finished a few missions on "veteran". Just keep feeding the coins and chits you earn into upgrades. This is a great game and I'll probably play it and re-play it like I did the KR series. Show a little persistence -- it will pay off.

- Kingdom Rush in Space...

(Finished first planet on Normal last night) Not a true RTS but close...I would have liked to be able to build turrets where I'd like and hopefully some sort of multiplayer will be integrated, maybe in the form of the endless levels from Kingdom Rush? Iron Marines and it's base management gave me heavy Dawn of War 40k flashbacks which I don't think is a bad thing. The art is BEAUTIFUL and heroes seem to fit the world. In app hero purchases are still too expensive at $6.99 for most expensive one seems like much...wait for 50% off sale if your interested. The last thing I wish was apart of the level design are interact able objects! KR: Origins did this so well! I was hoping to see if moved forward. Well done Iron Hide! Can't wait for the next planet! ;)

- Just Needs More Clever Missions & Upgrades

This is an awesome title without peer. And yet, after playing through it all missions available (first two planets) I’m hoping they can create some more clever ones, or bigger ones that require more strategy. Better still: give us the tools to make our own and let a thousand blossoms bloom! It also would be nice to have more options to trick out our bases. And maybe some day we could play the other side—the non-human characters? That would be big fun! Keep up the good work, people! (Sidenote: Funny that Star Trek characters make a cameo in the game because they are definitely not following the Prime Directive. :)

- So far, so good!

I insta-downloaded this game as soon as I saw it was available because the Kingdom Rush games were so good, I was sure they had cooked up another good one and so far (I've played the first five levels) it lives up to my expectations. Excellent character and level designs, interesting heroes and great art and sound effects and all the cameos and pop culture references sprinkled about that Ironhide loves to sneak in. The gameplay is like their traditional tower defense but with more elements of a realtime strategy game; heroes of course but now with resource management and unit tech trees to unlock. Lots of good stuff! If you liked the Kingdom Rush games and also like Starcraft, then this game is for you!

- Good game but buggy after this last new world

Game is great. Don’t get me wrong. But I can’t finish some missions because my game crashes at the very end. “Paths Of Frost” is the worst and I can’t finish it. 😕 currently three worlds about 20 hours of game play depending of your skill. Besides that if you like strategy and any other game from this company it’s worth the $5. Hours of game play and tons of upgrades to unlock to make your units stronger. The one issue with this company is they always want more and you only get 3 boring heroes to chose from. You have to pay real money for the 8 other cool heroes. Make some UNLOCK-ABLE! For example finish a world on hard and get a free hero of our choice. What’s so bad about that?

- Can this be a series?

Ever since the kingdom rush games, I’ve been a big fan of Iron Hide. The art, Easter eggs, and overall gameplay makes them so fun! I’ve always wanted to get Iron Marines, but always forgot about it. I finally got it this Christmas and have fallen in love! This game involves strategy and synergy of troops and heroes. The enemies and objectives make it challenging, but also make you never want to put it down. I have finished the game on casual and am now about to try impossible. A big jump, but it has so far been enjoyable! This game is so good, but is shadowed by the Kingdom Rush Series. A wonderful game series, but I think Iron Marines should get some more love too. Maybe at the end of the kingdom rush series, a new Iron Marines can be made. It would make lots of people happy! All I’m saying is that this game is so incredibly wonderful, and has peaked the interest of so many people! At kingdom rushes inevitable end, maybe Iron Marines can pick up as the new Iron Hide series. Either way, stupendous game, 5 stars, would love a sequel. Thanks for reading this!

- People giving bad ratings

Im not much of a review guy, but i was reading some reviews that lower their rating due to casual dificulty bieng too hard.... others saying that pay walls are placed so you spend money... thats definitely not true... the entire game including impossible difficulty is possible without buying stuff... if i did it, and im not an expert in games, for sure most of the people could do it... the only down side of this game is the fact you get to finish the entire game with all the unlockables within 3 weeks or a bit less. SO after waiting many years, im sad i finished the game... waiting for the expansion... good day people

- Amazing game, but we need more of it!

These frontier games I have been playing since I was 5 years old, they are super entertaining and a lot of fun to defeat and build new things, each time a new frontiers game came out I would immediately start playing it, that’s how exciting these games are to me. I feel like we need more variety of worlds or maps for more levels to play. Although I love this game I still think that it should be longer and have more varieties of characters and soldiers, as well as towers. If you have never played this game before I would totally recommend to people who like building and defeating games. Please make more games like these, they are so much fun! -SuperGirlyGamer

- Awesome game, one suggestion

The game is awesome and I wouldn't expect anything less from the creators of Kingdom Rush. One comment i have is because of this problem: whenever i'm moving a group of soldiers they are randomly assigned their positions so the snipers sometimes get in front of the heavy infantry when they should be in the back behind everyone. Is it possible to allow us to customize how the positions are assigned or make the heavy infantry and swordman (forgot their names lol) always to the front and snipers etc to the back? Most of the time i have to move them individually. I don't know, that's just my two cents. Well one cent it's not that big of deal.

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- Great game! Just one suggestion though...

I love the game, but can you add an endless survival mode on each planet where it gets progressively harder and harder? You start of with a super resource deposit base with no upgrades, your hero, a sniper and 2 marines. You also have a troop maker next to you. You can explore and find low-high resource deposits that don’t have bases, but the enemy will slowly make bases to produce troops, making it harder if you turtle. Maybe add an easy endless which is the same but the enemies don’t base, allowing you to much more freely... turtle? Ironic, but true. If you establish a new base you get a wave of enemy’s based on your current wave+the number of bases you already have. The starter base doesn’t count. Hard mode would just be harder enemy’s and more expensive upgrades, plus an enemy with the soul hole of establishing a base and kamekazi-ing into you spawns occasionally. In the event of expert mode, double hard mode, and a base/kamekazi-er spawns every wave. Thx 😊!

- Great Entertainment

I love this app. You can play straight away and not have to sink more cash into it. There are hero upgrades etc, but they are totally not necessary to have a great time. There loads of levels with different levels of intuition needed. The storyline is, like the Kingdom Rush series, filled with little nods to sci fi (pretty darned sure they’ve seen Starship Troopers 😀), which all add to the fun. It’s not just “Kingdom Rush in Space”, but for those familiar with that series, it will be a good evolution. 100% worth the purchase price.

- App developers, take a page from ironhide s.a.

This is one of the few, maybe only, game app that has been made to inspire and innovate within a heartless marketplace. Apps these days are boring, money grabbing and contain content locked behind thousands of micro transactions. Ironhide, please continue to inspire, create, and stay true to making apps that should be art. P.s. If you're reading this, do yourself a favour and buy the kingdom rush games ironhide has made if you haven't already.

- Great game also a q for the developers

This is a great game even though the decs have stepped away for the familiar turf of tower defence I think they've done a good job and the balancing is good ah so many memories of kingdoms rush frontiers overall if your looking for more then a tap and click game and something with more of a challenge this is most likely it (Btw is the devs read reviews a question do you have debs from the carbot Starcraft mod or inspired by it becuase that's pretty awesome If so)

- Kingdom R..... Space rush? 😁

The game pays respects to kingdom rush with a familiar feel to unit building and turret defence building, only now, your units are entirely free roam capable. Picture it if the exploration of age of empires had a baby with a tower defence. It's wonderful, unique and well worth the 8$. However, take it how you will, but in app purchases will always irk me. I've had no issues completing harder challenges without the use the "power ups". However some situations are frustrating without them. I'm yet to complete the game, but I have high hopes that these in game "power ups" will not be needed and are purely there to speed up gameplay for novice players.

- Far too short

I might have been silly to expect this to be the same as their other games, but boy was I wrong. The concept of micromanaging units on a tiny phones screen via touch is just a bit of a nightmare at times. The levels are good, although it gets a bit repetitive, they are lush and well designed. However for the price, this game is far too short. Took me about 4 hours to finish the entire thing. Until world 3 comes out, I’d recommended holding out buying this.

- Awesome game but

This game really is awesome and very well made but some levels are far to difficult even if I'm playing on casual, eg level 4 this level has taken me soo long to complete 😂 but overall this game is awesome and I definitely recommend buying it. Just look at the reviews not a single bad one

- Aesthetics come at a price

One of the better games on iOS. The art style and gameplay are phenomenal. The in-app purchases seem a little step after paying $8 for the app, though. So long as the game is playable without having to fork out big bucks, it's definitely a must have app for any Kingdom Rush fan.

- Iron Marines 2.

Hi. I love all he Ironhide games so far but especially Iron Marines... been coming back to play it again and again. I love the progression of abilities and having to choose the best combination for the level. I’ve worked my way through all difficulty levels and am (finally) on planet 3 Impossible difficulty... I really hope there’s an Iron Marines 2 in the works... or another epic game from you guys... I’d liked the Sci-Fi feel. Was a nice break from the previous Fantasy games. PS. I especially love all the cultural references hidden in the games... “Yippee-Kai-Yay Mother£*^%#...” LOL. Keep up the good work. Phil

- Nowhere near as good as kingdom rush

If you liked kingdom rush - you will not like this- it’s totally different- I feel sorry for the programmers who put hard work into this flop - hope the guy who designed it did not compare this with kingdom rush , if he did he needs to be sacked. Too many bad points about this game - needing to make purchases so early in the game especially if your skill level is average. Very disappointed because I would rather play any of the other kingdom rush games over and over than play this.

- Another Ironhide classic

Intuitive controls, amazing art style and animation detail, and more of the classic gameplay reminiscent of the Kingdom Rush series make this a game another title worthy of more awards to stack up on Ironhide's walls. This is well worth the small cost, and anybody who claims a game of this quality should be free is a spoilt little child.

- Online Multiplayer

The only thing that would make this game a 6 star would be online multiplayer, I know you guys never made an online multiplayer game before, but i would love an online multiplayer that would make this game like starcraft.


Is quite pricey but well worth it for amazing graphics and all the other good things about this game. Please add more levels asap, what it has at the moment doesn't feel like quite enough for how much we payed... no problems at all with game.

- Great game so far

Loved all the kingdom rush versions, think I slightly prefer this although it seems like you may need to eventually pay some extra money for upgrades as you progress. That's my only negative so far.

- Fantastic

Although the original kingdom rush is now gone iron marines is a amazing game and when I played it memory's came back and it felt spectacular if your a fan of kingdom rush you gotta try this out and trust me you'll love it.

- ''Twas alright

If I had never played the Kingdom Rush games, this game would seem a lot better. So I can't give 5 stars based on the fact that I feel this game would have been awesome as a Kingdom Rush game. However. It's quite fun. Only bone would be to increase the speed of extraction. Otherwise it's a good game!

- Buy this game

This in my opinion is a fantastic mobile game. It’s very immersive and you can lose yourself for hours in this world. The game has tons of levels and the graphics are great. Buy this GAME!!

- Needs an overhaul

This game needs something else to make it a ‘go to’ game like kingdom rush. Delays to any innovation make a player think the owners have lost interest....the intro of the third world is simply too late. Something cool has to happen to ignite renewed interest from players.

- Excellent stuff from the Kingdom Rush team

Just as addictive. Equally excellent graphics. Great story. Would like the ability to have different scenarios on same map as they did with KD. But sure those'll come.

- Best game ever

This game is by far the best game they've made like I was expecting something like the old one they've made but this is a step to a whole new level, don't believe me? Then try it yourself.


I just loved the old kingdom rush series and when I saw this game come out I was totally gonna buy it. It is worth to spend a couple of dollars on this game because I’ll tell you, you will not regret it friend 😆👍

- where is my heros

Sorry to give one star to this game,but i couldn't find my heros when i download it back. before i bought the iPhone X,I’m using the iPhone 6 Plus but it works pretty slow.....after I finished the game, I deleted it until I change my phone, sooooo, now I got my new iPhone, I wanna play again and buy new hero, but it just seems like doesn’t work, plz help me out

- Too much content is pay to play.

Love the game, good game mechanics, sound, design and art. So far happy with my PURCHASE. And that's the issue, I payed for the game to realise that more than half the heroes in the game require another investment. Some more than the cost of the game. Hence, the 3 out of 5 stars. A bit too 🤑 for my taste.

- Seems great but unplayable for me.

This looks like exactly the game I want to play. I loved the kingdom rush games. But this game crashes constantly on both of my iPad mini 2's. I can't get through a level without constant lagging and eventually a crash. If this gets fixed I'd give it 5 stars. If it works for you, enjoy, it's seems awesome :(

- Wow

Impressive game. I just wish instead of tapping one unit at i time you could do a tap or select all, that would help because its quite tedious at times

- Innovative and great

Really interesting game. It brings a a portion of the traditional RTS experience to mobile which is in itself impressive, the controls work well, the art style is cool and it’s quite fun. Definitely worth your money.

- Great

This is another marvellous game produced by iron hide games. Played all of the kingdom rush games and thought that were amazing so I got this to see if it was any better and it is.

- Amazing

This game is so good, from the bright vibrant graphics to the awesome gameplay, it has me completely enthralled. It even compelled me to write a review which I never do!

- Great Game!

Iv just completed the game on normal difficulty (including the spec ops) and it’s really fun game to play I can’t wait for the 3rd world, but I hope there are 8 or more missions not 6

- Iron marines

Iron marines is a clean polished game with excellent graphics, a creative story line and truly unique gameplay. I would highly recommend getting this fabulous game!

- Magnificent

I'm in hospital right now but since I am a huge fan of these games I had to get it and I don't regret it. This game is. Stunning. Exciting. Unbelievable. I recommend this game!

- Lost potential

In app purchases for a premium game is greed gameplay. Not being able to choose units and build them up for critical missions funnels players to buy upgrades...such an obvious cash grab gameplay tactic. Well done creating a game to join all the other play to win games out there. What are you teaching future game programmers?

- Great game

Great game but I think it'll be great if you could tap step. I find my hands getting sore fro, holding the same position of moving and pointing on my iPad.

- Best RTS mobile game!

So far for me the best mix of tower defence and RTS genre some of the heroes that are bought remind me of star craft 2 heroes and characters such as the Melee warrior hero which looks like a Protoss. But the game is so far the best for me!

- Awesome

Just like Kingdom Rush before it, Iron Marines doesn't fail to keep you happy and entertained. Filled with aliens and explosions, this game will glue a smile to your face as long as your playing. 👌

- Great Game

This game has the best graphics I’ve seen by far on iOS and not only that,the tower defence strategy theme of the game is like kingdom rush but better

- Great game but heroes cost too much

The game itself is great as always. But paying $11 for a hero is just ridiculous. Of course you can play without these OP heroes, but you get the picture.

- Needs more levels

Really enjoyed the game, wished there were more levels, passed it far too quickly.

- Great game

Overall good game but needs a mode where you can play against other people

- Restore Purchases?

I can't find an option to restore my purchased heroes...

- Fantastic game

Hope the developers add more campaign levels or make a second game its great fun for action and scifi fans in a different take on a RTS game love it!!

- Awesome

ironhide you have done it again - excellent - now hurry up and build more levels and another Kingdom Rush variant

- Good game but you need to spend extra cash

Paid for the game but you still can’t get level 8 unless you fork out cash to buy stuff. Already paid $7 for the game so expect being able to play without forking out extra cash. Biggest in app purchase is $149 which is crazy

- Only seen on PC now on iPad

I am impressed by the fast paced game play and the packed actions. Well done! If people like actions packed strategy game, this is the one not to be missed.

- Doesn't get better than this

Stunning art style, incredible gameplay, you won't find a better game on iOS.

- Loved it

Loved the game but alas,I have clocked it, Please bring in more planets to conquer and maybe a player vs player mode would be totally awesome.

- More levels needed

Really great game. Can appreciate all the work involved but I wish there was more levels for the price

- Star craft for the mobile

Just like a condensed version of star craft for the phone 👌

- Awesome game play!

Ironhide has always made tower games defensive, its nice to see offensive game play coming up! Keep that good work up guys!

- Hard but I can’t stop playing I tell everyone to play

Love it

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- Hi just asking

We’re are your Updates Ironhide we want more levels to Iron Marines plz and I love this game so much from the start that I bought this game please just give us more maps to play on

- Great game , in app purchase terrible

Great game like i said. Finally 3 planets instead of one. But unfortunately we need to pay 3.99 -10.99 for a hero in the hero selection (not in the shop). Thats why my low rating . In app purchase in a full paid game should be punished.

- Not great on an iPhone

This is too complex to play on iPhone.

- Best strategy game!

They should make more games like this!

- Awesomeness

I’ve played through twice now and love it. I keep coming back to play old missions. The levels are fun and give a challenge. I love this game.

- Fun game

Love the game but not much to do once I complete it, would love an endless mode or a new planet

- Rambos Revenge

Love this game please build more levels please thank you

- Iron marin best ironhide game

I really like rts game and this is clearly the best mobile/rts game

- Lacking of fun, its very boring while playing the game. I cant imagine it comes from ironhide.

Lacking of fun, its very boring while playing the game. I cant imagine it comes from ironhide.

- Great game, Bad micro-transactions.

Great game and had loads of fun with it, BUT micro-transactions on a paid app? Seriously? I get having them on free apps but this is a paid product where you have to PAY REAL MONEY for specific characters, tech points & coins in game...

- Sequel please!!!

Another fantastic game by Ironhide really hope they make a Iron Marines 2. So much fun and totally worth its price tag. Highly recommend to anyone who likes RTS or tower defense games.

- Meh

Not nearly as good as the original three Kingdom Rush games, but you can’t really compare them. If the game was just on the first planet in the game, and instead of going to the other planets the first one had more levels, the game would be 5/5. The first planet was so awesome that I replayed it 7 times before doing the next planet. The second and third planets didnt have the same, awesome feel as the first one, and were actually pretty boring. The music in the game wasn’t very memorable, and the game itself felt like a weird mix between an RTS game and a dungeon crawler. The level design is pretty cool, and being able to change the type of your troops in combat is something I’ve never seen before in a strategy game. Overall, probably not worth the price, doesn’t have enough content, has too much boring content, but is a decent game nonetheless. And don’t buy the IAP’s, you don’t need them to beat the game or even to 100% it. IronHide is notorious for their overpriced IAP’s and one should never waste their money on them. 3/5

- Great game!!!

Amazing quality and extremely addictive!!! Plz add more content though no

- Awesome game until I lost my progress

Hi I am a long time supporter of ironhide game studios.i recently deleted the game and when I got it back my progress and heroes were confused to what happened because I have deleted the game before and everything saved.i have emailed you about this issue please get my heroes back(fate,Darwin and sparas) and I will work on getting my progress back after you do.thankyou.

- Don’t Buy!

Pretty quick games and serval of the games I did buy from ironhide are not longer playable. Wants me to buy again. What a joke

- Microtransactions in a paid game.

The game itself is pretty good, all things considered. Basic RTS, decent campaign. My main problem stems from the fact that the game costs seven bucks but so many heroes (characters meant to command your team) are locked behind paywalls. It’s a game I paid for, why should I have to pay more for the full game? It’s not got an online component or any replayability so why make the characters cost more money? It’s not even extra levels that adds significant content to the game. Just characters. They should at least be obtainable through in game currency. It’s a good game but when I pay for something I expect to get the whole thing, not have to give more money for the full experience in an offline game.

- Funny idea

You should add a new mode that you control the ennemie

- Great game, bad value

I’m never sure how to rate games that are really fun but too expensive for the amount of game time they provide. Because I did have a lot of fun playing the three worlds in this game, but it was over way too quickly for how much I paid, and it seems clear no more worlds are coming. Not to mention, the in game purchases are very expensive as well. I’d have been happy to pay less for what I got, or to have gotten more for what I paid.

- Rip off

For a game that costs 7-8 dollars you would think that they would put in more content but no.... I also think it’s stupid that there is a unit cap but that’s just my opinion🤮👎🏿

- Worth it

Worth the money

- Amazing

Ironhide always delivers more than I would expect. Best out of the best

- Fun

But after awhile/ once you beat everything it’s kinda boring I’d like a endless like in kingdom rush

- Not as predatory in app as I thought it would be

I appreciate the effort of the developers staff and production studio for allowing this game to be free to play with very little hinderance if not spending money.

- Awesome game

No pay to win crap. You can spend money on some heroes but else you have one of the best rts made for ios. Great value!

- Great Game!! Worth It!!

This is the best game ever. It involves strategy, a little planing, and a lot of fun. You have the power to control/command a small army of different troops (which you get to chose and you can swap them out for a different class of troops at any time) and you tell them where to go and who to attack by tapping, & touch and drag. There are lots of missions and bonus missions, along with tons of upgrades which you can acquire. I rate this game 100/10 I just hope that the developers add even more content such as more troop classes, more defences, more planets, and more missions, so the fun doesn’t have to end. All in all, this is a beautifully crafted game and is worth the buy. 👍

- Add more missions i’m bored


- Somewhat too difficult

Final mission are very difficult.

- Great!

Amazing game, maybe not worth 7$, but overall great!

- Scam-like

Pay $7 to then get bombarded with them asking for more money!

- Why are there in app purchases?

When you pay full price for a game like this, I don’t expect there to be in app purchases. I get that you can play without them, but the fact there’s a way to buy gems ruins the entire game. 2 stars because the gameplay is OK but the IAP should be punished.

- Super duper!

This is awesome All of the kingdom rush games are the best tower defense ever Please make more :a

- Mislead of thinking it was like KingdomRush

When I first saw this game. I thought it might be like your other games, KingdomRush. But, with this type of setting. I was wrong and a little disappointed as well. Oh well :(

- Money

Yes it costs it but I don’t care. I love it

- Great game but...

Great game, but there is a bug on level 20 of Boreal World. Is that normal? Otherwise, it’s a great game. You’ll get value for your money!

- Keep on 🤘

I enjoy every Ironhide title! Thx!! It would be rad to put a Command & Conquer spin on it his game or Vengeance... ;-)

- To expensive

Bought the game for iPhone. Found out the game is available on steam for 20$ with all hero’s unlocked. It costs around $60 to own the game with all heroes unlocked on the iPhone what gives. Since playing recently I have not seen any sales on hero’s either.

- Really good game

The game is fantastic, but the heroes cost as much as the game. 4$ or 7$ is a lot of money for one hero.

- Pay2Win

Pay2Win garbage

- You have to buy characters with real cash. That aint right

Dont make us pay upfront if we have to put in more cash to play the game.

- no voice for the game

Good game but the software have bugs

- Scam. Got ripped off by them

Spent over $15, and my purchases are gone after update. Contacted support and nobody replies, contacted apple and they say I have to contact developer directly ( that refuses to respond).

- I was a big fan

How does it take a year to animate the new levels I didn’t buy this to have early access and there’s no where near enough levels to call it worth my 7$ imo

- Difficult Controls

Not really a tower defense like Kingdom Rush. Maybe I’m old, but the control mechanics can be difficult to use at times.

- Ironhide - don’t stop.

I love Ironhide games. I always get their latest. I am a big Kingdom Rush fan. What I like best about this iteration is that they can keep adding planets so we can keep playing. Please keep adding planets! I like the little easter eggs and the attention to detail and quality illustration. More please!

- Great Game

In game purchases too high.

- Masterpiece

Best strategy game on mobile device yet

- Not good

Controls are weird and the fact that there are ads and micro transactions on a game I already paid for make me beyond angry instantly deleted it from my phone wish I could have my money back too.

- It’s a great game but....

I love this game but I think it costs a little bit too much but the game is super fun and I really recommend it

- Bugs everywhere

Volume has never worked for me :/

- don’t waste your time and money

you will hate this game by the third level

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Iron Marines: RTS offline game 1.7.11 Screenshots & Images

Iron Marines: RTS offline game iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Iron Marines: RTS offline game iphone images
Iron Marines: RTS offline game iphone images
Iron Marines: RTS offline game iphone images
Iron Marines: RTS offline game iphone images
Iron Marines: RTS offline game iphone images
Iron Marines: RTS offline game iphone images
Iron Marines: RTS offline game iphone images
Iron Marines: RTS offline game Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Iron Marines: RTS offline game (Version 1.7.11) Install & Download

The applications Iron Marines: RTS offline game was published in the category Games on 2017-09-13 and was developed by Ironhide S.A. [Developer ID: 558612918]. This application file size is 1.14 GB. Iron Marines: RTS offline game - Games app posted on 2021-10-07 current version is 1.7.11 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ironhidegames.ironmarines