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Airtime is the only group video app that lets you hang out with your favorite videos, live TV, movies, music, and more.

In a world of social platforms that ask us to filter, share, and curate our lives, Airtime gives you and your friends a space to hang out and just be yourselves. No feeds, no algorithms, no liking, no commenting - Airtime is about you and friends jamming out to your favorite new music or watching your friends lose it to that video you made in third grade. Airtime is unfiltered, unedited, uninterrupted time with your friends.

Why you should get Airtime:
- Watch and listen to your favorite videos, tunes, live TV, and movies -- together in real-time.
- Create rooms with up to 250 people messaging and 10 people live on group video.
- Share your own photos and videos for everyone to see while chatting.
- Say what can’t be said with emoji reactions, animated stickers, and chat masks.
- We don’t divide people between green texts and blue texts - bring the whole group together across any type of phone.

Airtime: Watch Together App Description & Overview

The applications Airtime: Watch Together was published in the category Social Networking on 2015-10-12 and was developed by Airtime Media Inc. The file size is 194.94 MB. The current version is 4.1.1 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

We’ve fine tuned your watching experience, so that even if you’re late to the party, you won’t be left behind.

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Airtime: Watch Together Reviews


Potential  Mr.FlapjackSupreme  2 star

Let me watch movies I’ve bought from the itunes store


Disappointment  Sharkb8girl  1 star

I wanted to use this. But you have to have 9 friends. I do not have that many friends. So my friends and I will go elsewhere.

Manayja Eddins

It’s decent  Manayja Eddins  4 star

The app is nice, but I was really disappointed in the movie options. The whole purpose of me getting the app, was so that my boyfriend and I could watch movies together. They have a great selection of tv shows, and you can do a lot of things on there, but I really did hope that they had a better selection of movies. If they didn’t, at least they could’ve given us the option to open our Netflix on the app, and upload things from there. But overall, the app is pretty cool.

Master of the Knights

The update is disappointing  Master of the Knights  2 star

I loved this app when i fist dowloaded it. I could easily see my conversation with my friends along with the past videos we posted in the same box. I loved how it used to be more about video chatting than watching videos. Because now at some moments my friend and i would be sitting there not watching a video, just talking, and we can’t even full screen to talk to each other. we sit there staring at a black screen talking to a little tiny picture in the corner. i’ll be honest, my friends and i absolutely hate the new layout/design/functions of this app. we loved it before, even if it did lag and force closed the app. we liked the easy to use functions. Now the app seems inconvenient to use and we never bother getting on this app anymore. Thank you for the memories Airtime.


Dope idea but  Kool_Kid_Khan  4 star

Yo this app’s pretty dope. i just have 2 things: Better sound quality (obviously if this can’t be fixed that’s cool) and try to partner with Netflix or something and then just have the host of the party sign in for each session. this would only be allowed in private parties and has a max of like 4 people


How do you get netflix?  Cool_superkitten1  1 star

i want to know how to get netflix 😹😹

I don't think so..

No  I don't think so..  1 star

You need to add 9 friends from your contacts. Is this legal? Reported to Apple.


Please fix  ggjesuiy  1 star

So if you could go back to the old format for people who like to video chat that’d be kool. Being able to move yourself (the live feed of you) the old square box where ever you want on the screen.. the new version your just a bubble and you can be in the way... also if you turn your screen sideways it makes the other person your chating with super small.. how am I supposed to lay in bed and chat to my gf.


Go back  Kevius3  2 star

I don’t like this new version it’s really complicated can you guys please go back to the very first version please please


Airtime💕  Milayah🔥💕  4 star

I think that airtime is a very amazing app.Im able to connect with my friends.But I think that if we could play games together also it would be nice. Hope you like my suggestion. Thank you 😊


Hello  hisheishqiehw  4 star

It took my friend so long for it to download so that should improve thanks. I would like to say I need so new friends with better internet


Horrible  kae15530  1 star

I tried to make account so I could what he videos with my friends but every time I tired to make an account (6 times) it kept saying “Total Bummer, we were unable to to process you registration at the moment. Very disappointed.


Noice  reyrey_LOVES_ISSA  4 star

It is noice

Jordan Diamond

Amazing  Jordan Diamond  5 star

Fun amazing app best app to talk to your friends,listen to music and also watch YouTube at the same time


This app is so cool  Pigpants2  5 star

I love it cause i can FaceTime with my freinds all at once and react to videos and etc.... this is soo COOL you should get it :D


Why  MysteriousSkeleton  1 star

I hate how you have to add friends I don’t have that many friends and sure the whole point is to add friends and all watch whatever but what if you only want to chat with one person and I wouldn’t really wanna spam my friends to an app that I don’t know is good or not. 😒


great app!  jemwickk  5 star

i absolutely love this app and how personal it is! you can change the colour of the room and the name. you can send gifs and watch youtube videos together! 100% WORTH ITTT

Layga ;) :) :)

Sick  Layga ;) :) :)  5 star

I love it


Waste of time  weelotti  1 star

Before you even use it yourself you have to send an invite to 8 contacts. Not happy. Too much hassle when it's meant to be better than Spotify.


Don’t trust  Benjamin2856  1 star

It was so much pain to set up I just uninstalled it. I also hate how it made you add friends. I DON’T HAVE 8 FRIENDS IN MY CONTACTS, nor do I feel like spamming them or my relatives with invites to join an app I haven’t even used.

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