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Airtime is the only group video app that lets you watch YouTube videos, hand-picked TV shows and movies, or listen to music with multiple friends. With Airtime, you create true moments of togetherness from anywhere in the world. We’re redefining what it means to be social and putting the power back in your hands. Share unfiltered moments, laugh out loud with friends, and get lost in your favorite content - together, on Airtime.

Why You’ll Love Airtime:

- Create your own Rooms with different groups of friends to hang out, and feel comfortable being yourself.

- Watch YouTube videos, hand-picked TV shows and movies, or listen to music with friends. Add a personal touch by sharing your own photos or videos as well.

- Video chat with up to 10 friends at once and see your friends’ reactions to priceless, hilarious, laugh out loud moments in real time.

- Fire up your video chats with animated stickers, sound reactions, and masks to express yourself however you wish.

- Choose your own privacy settings with a Secret room, or create a Party room where all friends of room members are welcome.

Airtime: Watch Together App Description & Overview

The applications Airtime: Watch Together was published in the category Social Networking on 2015-10-12 and was developed by Airtime Media Inc. The file size is 104.48 MB. The current version is 4.13.0 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

We’ve made some Signal improvements, allowing you to get a hold of your friends quickly and easily. As always, we’ve also fixed a few bugs, so please let us know how we’re doing and what else we can improve for you. Happy Airtiming!

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The Login Setup  Pckjtca  3 star

This app is great for friends and everything and is overall fun to use, but the login is actually terrible. I don’t know how many times I had to request a code till is sent me the requested code TWO DAYS LATER!!! This is a huge issue to deal with and I feel that this entire login setup should be changed to help newcomers. Other than that, this app is quite astonishing.

you love your life

I love this app  you love your life  5 star

So I love this app but how do I get more followers


PHONE GETS HOT🔥  Kalit2105  2 star

My phone gets too hot from using this app, this is the main reason I don’t get on it if you could fix this issue it would really help and I would use it more please fix!!!


Useful  DyinginLA  3 star

I find this app very useful. The only issue I have w/ it is that there’s no tools to text, which is pretty inconvenient for me. If there was a form of texting (even w/o pictures or something) very simple, I would definitely give this app 5 stars. The video chat itself is perfect. But having conversations in all one place (both calls & texts) would be easier, and I’d spend more time on it & support the app overall, better. :))


Its not letting me download it  hesjnsbshsjs  1 star

It’s not letting me download it


Ehh  factfiction11  2 star

For me i don’t have a number so it connected to my moms contacts and not mine so if you have an email it might not work but it might work if you have a number


Best social app ever!!!  TheGhazt930  5 star

I love how you can watch and listen to music and be with more than 1 person but there’s just one thing I wanted to say is that if you can also find people in Snapchat and other social media platforms. Thank you so much!!!


And I thought I was the laziest person?????  SnakeGirl202  2 star

For the first two movies that I was broadcasting, the app worked perfectly. It made life really fun. Then when attempting to watch the third movie in a row this app stopped using all sound. No communication was possible which means many witty comments were lost to the void that is time and space. This could have been saved by the messaging system, but unfortunately someone was too lazy to add notifications. I felt like the teenage girl who gets left on read and sends too many messages in a row. Also, to add on to my inner turmoil, y’all decided to play Rango instead of Paranormal Activity 4. Now don’t get me wrong Rango is great, but I was looking to kick it with my homies and watch some scary tv. And it wouldn’t have been such an issue if IT HAD NOT STARTED PLAYING IN THE MIDDLE OF MY MOVIE. now I’ve recommended this app to many a person, and I would love to continue to do so, but unfortunately I will not be doing so if there are not changes made to the programming. Thank you for reading this slew of words that I typed in a Mountain Dew fueled rage.


Crashed  STANK BUSSAY  4 star

My boyfriends app won’t load please fix this !!! Tysm for you’re time. I love using it but this has really made me mad, it destroyed the point!


Can you add Netflix?  Lanierhh34  2 star

This is a great idea on how you can FaceTime friends and watch things while your bored.. and enjoy and watch movies together.. but can you add Netflix because there nothing to watch on YouTube and we’re getting pretty bored... please add netflix👏🏽


Life Saver  TheDevil666TEB  5 star

Lol, Everyone here is like: “This was such a pain to set up I uninstalled it” or “Don’t get it it takes way to long”. Bro, it’s just YOUR phone playing up, not the app. I definitely recommend this to everyone. I have a Fortnite team and now we can all play together without either one of us out, or one of us not being able to hear the others because the gamer mic couldn’t pic up the FaceTime noise. All our problems are gone now. Definitely recommend.


Hello  hisheishqiehw  4 star

It took my friend so long for it to download so that should improve thanks. I would like to say I need so new friends with better internet


Horrible  kae15530  1 star

I tried to make account so I could what he videos with my friends but every time I tired to make an account (6 times) it kept saying “Total Bummer, we were unable to to process you registration at the moment. Very disappointed.


Noice  reyrey_LOVES_ISSA  4 star

It is noice

Jordan Diamond

Amazing  Jordan Diamond  5 star

Fun amazing app best app to talk to your friends,listen to music and also watch YouTube at the same time


Why  MysteriousSkeleton  1 star

I hate how you have to add friends I don’t have that many friends and sure the whole point is to add friends and all watch whatever but what if you only want to chat with one person and I wouldn’t really wanna spam my friends to an app that I don’t know is good or not. 😒


great app!  jemwickk  5 star

i absolutely love this app and how personal it is! you can change the colour of the room and the name. you can send gifs and watch youtube videos together! 100% WORTH ITTT

Layga ;) :) :)

Sick  Layga ;) :) :)  5 star

I love it


Waste of time  weelotti  1 star

Before you even use it yourself you have to send an invite to 8 contacts. Not happy. Too much hassle when it's meant to be better than Spotify.


Don’t trust  Benjamin2856  1 star

It was so much pain to set up I just uninstalled it. I also hate how it made you add friends. I DON’T HAVE 8 FRIENDS IN MY CONTACTS, nor do I feel like spamming them or my relatives with invites to join an app I haven’t even used.


Just minor issues  PIKACHUBAY BAY  5 star

So I don’t know if it is my phone or my boyfriends phone but when we get on the app it continues to kick me off of live and bring me back on. His microphone stops working after awhile and I can’t hear him. Idk if this is our phones or the app but When I text him the message doesn’t pop up on the screen when it should other than that it is a really cool app.


Ugly  LowkeyKayla  1 star

This Stupid thing is not even useful like u can just regular FaceTime and and still watch YouTube THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME AND A WASTE OF STORAGE


Why not this stuff  Queenaforever  1 star

It does not let u delete people that u added as your friend


E-mail problems  sope23bts  1 star

It sounds like a good app, but I’ve multiple times to get in. But I can’t. So I keep deleting it and getting it again but nothing works. First it was because my email was duplicated and now it says my email is already in used. This is getting me irritated and getting me worried.


My app won’t open at all  mippysapian  3 star

My app was fine until two days ago. It started to freeze and glitch and I reinstalled it and it won’t open now. It literally only opens to the loading screen and that’s all. I can’t see anything at all, just the airtime logo screen and I have waited for more than 5 minutes for it to load and it doesn’t.


Not what it says:/  kyleigh-_-  1 star

I saw this app on Snapchat (like most people) and I thought it was an awesome idea until I downloaded it. The audio and camera quality both sucked:/ and you couldn’t hear the other end of the line it sounded like a tv without cable. The only thing that I would say worked without a problem was the youtube part, and that still had bad audio quality. Would not suggest to get the app, At least til they fix it anyways.


Why this is crappy  pancakefranco  1 star

I just got this yesterday because I watched an ad on YouTube that we can watch videos while we are FaceTiming. So I sign in and it says you are not eligible to use air time. But what does that mean. Why am I not eligible to use airtime. I thought I would just sign in and watch videos with my cousin Iker. But thanks to that now I can’t. So please fix it.


I CANT HEAR ANYTHING!  Gaga_Gates  1 star

I can’t hear my friends and they can’t hear me either. We can’t even hear the videos either! Fix it!

The App Is Horribleeeee

I need to send a link to friends just to register 😤😡  The App Is Horribleeeee  1 star

I don’t understand why you have to send a link to so many friends just to register like just want to get in the app and that’s it I don’t want to have to send a link to friends that don’t want to register and do the same thing just for me to be able to get into the app and start watching stuff with friends. Not worth the install in my opinion.


Please help me  antondeg  1 star

It doesn’t let me use the app. It says I have to invite people to use the app , when I pick people to invite it still doesn’t let me send a message

Upset child☹️

Netflix  Upset child☹️  4 star

I think Netflix should be added.

Mimic posh

Good work  Mimic posh  5 star



Lots of good features  Gyyjbcqi  4 star

Really loved airtime. It is much better than other apps I have used before such as skype and FaceTime, because you can have multiple people and there are added features like chatting, sending videos, playing music etc. Its really fun to use. The connection can be a bit choppy occasionally but usually better than other apps overall.


Disappearing messages  Dracularua  1 star

Messages disappear once sent. You’ve to leave the chat to make them show again a tad inconvenient when on call

Doubt software

Extremely unsatisfactory  Doubt software  1 star

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone !. It is overloaded with adds ! Always trying to get you to do stuff. Constant stuff popping up. It's not worth the stress !


Not interested in the app.  Fizz20  3 star

This app is ok. I don't really see the point of it and it constantly wants you to invite friends into the app. Won't be downloading it again. Not interested.

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