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Noticing that other "sleep trackers" on the App Store claim to accurately track sleep with Apple Watch automatically — using only your heart rate — is misleading, and a better updated app needed to be an option for Apple Watch. Because our sleep is more complicated than just our heart rate, our movement is also part of the picture. These "auto track" apps don't use motion, as it is something that needs to be processed directly, not in the background on watchOS**. Hello, Sleep Pulse 3 Motion.

Sleep Pulse 3 is the only native Apple Watch app that can additionally support* Nap Tracking with "Power Nap", and Sleep Talk recordings with "Sleep Talk". All trackable from within Sleep Pulse 3!

watchOS 5
• Bold Design, the app opens to your last sleep report with your sleep goal, sleep analysis, heart rate, and motion. The new Sleep Goal Ring and Analysis Donut Ring can be tapped for additional information.
• Sleep View, designed to provide context while you sleep including when you went to bed, how long you have been in bed for, and your live heart rate.
• Resting Heart Rate, upon wake your resting heart rate will be measured — a good measurement of your overall health.
• Sensitivity Level, because we all sleep differently and in different places (cars, boats, planes, camping etc) the sensitivity level for analyzing your sleep may be adjusted from the watch app.
• Complication Support, for best use add Sleep Pulse 3 to your watch face with a complication and see how much of your sleep goal you complete each night.
• iPhone Independent, away from your iPhone for a night? No problem Sleep Pulse 3 analyzes your full sleep without your iPhone, when connected it will sync the data. Get your sleep report directly on your Apple Watch.

iOS 12
• Bold Look, Designed to provide a cleaner and clearer look at your sleep with vibrant colors, haptics, large text, sleep ring and sleep analysis charts.
• Sleep Metrics, metrics to explain your sleep include: Light Sleep, Deep Sleep, Restless, Slept Duration, In Bed, Fell Asleep, REM Estimate, Night Steps, Resting Heart Rate, Fell Asleep Heart Rate, Range of Heart Rate, Mode Heart Rate, Average Heart Rate
• Analysis Charts, see a breakdown ratio of how you slept on the sleep analysis donut chart. Also see detail of the type of motion that occurred during your sleep on the motion analysis donut chart.
• Track Trends, track Fell Asleep Duration, Slept Duration, and your Resting Heart Rate changes
• Power Nap Add On, with the "Power Nap with Health Sync" app installed on your device you can now save and track your daily nap durations in Sleep Pulse.
• Sleep Talk Add On, to provide you with potential sleep talk recordings from your night — View the app "Sleep Talk" for more info.
• Sleep Wake Mood, save your sleep mood to the sleep report

HealthKit is used to save your sleep data to the Health app on your iPhone.

watchOS 5 and iOS 12 are required for use, 5.0 and 12.0 are recommended for best use.

*Extra purchases required, discounts through the Sleep Better with Watch Bundle*

**Sleep must be started when In Bed, and not before each night, Sleep Pulse's algorithm tracks only sleep and any attempt to try and "auto track" your sleep before being In Bed will provide inaccurate results of your sleep. » Sleep Pulse 3 has no alarm or auto track function, SLEEP MUST BE MANUALLY STARTED WHEN YOU ARE IN BED and stopped from the watch (allows for the most accurate analysis, and fell asleep time), any other app that claims it accurately tracks your sleep automatically with motion is falsely claiming that feature. watchOS 5 requires motion be manually started and stopped — then processed with the app active**


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Sleep Pulse 3 - Sleep Tracker App Description & Overview

The applications Sleep Pulse 3 - Sleep Tracker was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2015-07-08 and was developed by Spencer Brown. The file size is 45.04 MB. The current version is 3.11 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

• Fixes the sleep chart bars to display the relative widths of each sleep phase

Recently Updated:
Series 4 Apple Watch Updates!
• Supports the new Infograph and Infograph Modular watch faces with beautiful new gradient complications
• See your recent sleep motion chart on the new Infograph Modular center complication
• See your recent sleep goal progress via the new circle, corner, and top bezel complications for the Infograph and Infograph Modular watch faces
• Updated UI for the larger screens

iPhone XS Max
• Updates the UI for the larger device

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Sleep Pulse 3 - Sleep Tracker Reviews


Doesn’t work.  Lyndzee13  1 star

I feel like I completely wasted my money. This app doesn’t work at all.


Awesome for the most part  spiritjunkiemom  4 star

This app has crashed on me twice after tracking all night. When it happens, it doesn’t record the sleep. For a paid app, I expect more. Please update and repair. Otherwise I love this app and the data it provides!


Can’t get it to work  jennyc08318  1 star

Can’t get it to work

Dirty Jc dash

Sleep  Dirty Jc dash  1 star

I know for a fact I sleep more than this app gauges. It’s too sensitive to my movement.


Doesn’t work  toad7186  1 star

Awful!! Paid $7.99 for an app that doesn’t work. If I could give it no stars I would. Highly NOT recommend!!!!!!!

Be Motor Wary

Won't load on watch  Be Motor Wary  1 star

I purchased the three app bundle. They all loaded on my phone but none of them loaded on my watch. The apps on the phone say to launch the apps from the watch which is not possible because the apps won't load on the watch. I'd like my $7.99 back please.

New Watch Users

How use operate and configure  New Watch Users  1 star

Difficult to use and understand to setup The results are not know when woke up How to cancel the purchase?

tico en canada

good but needs some work  tico en canada  3 star

2 main problems - it doesn't detect when i'm awake during the night unless i stand up and walk. i tried others sensibility setting but only get worse results. my old sport band can do a better detection when i'm awake during sleep time - from time to time, the app in the watch cannot read motion activity and the only option to continue is to cancel the session so all sleep data for that night is lost. 1 great feature is that you can press on the sleep bar graph and see exactly start and end times of each bar.


Never assume anything when purchasing an app...  newsoulwhodis  1 star

I assumed that this app automatically tracked my sleep. Nope. You have to push a button every time before you fall asleep and it calculates it in the morning. Usually when you’re in bed, you’re... well... sleepy. I always forget to “Start” a session, which makes this app completely useless to me. Yeah the UI is pretty, but if it doesn’t do what I expect then it is a waste. Emailed the developers weeks ago to ask if this was the only way tracking could be done, and/or if they would be adding the feature in the future. No response. Deleted. Waste of my money.


Love this app!!  Nixbrew  5 star

I just got an Apple Watch and wanted to monitor my sleeping patterns. This was is the best and I tried a few!


One year plus of use and just marginal  Zelphone  2 star

I purchased this app shortly after buying my watch in Feb 2016 and have been using it nightly since that time. In the last year I have watched as it has gone from good to bad with crashes, sync failures and most recently the condition where it will throw out the most recent data. The data set I have is 1.29 Gigs in size and as of the last few weeks i have noticed it drops or looses the synced data for one or more days at random. Update: 05-Oct-2017 The prior issue with dropping data seems to be related to size and number of records in the database. I’ve since had to delete app and all data to start anew and it’s been working well with the exception of the random sync failures and a one time crash. I. Is know that when it starts to get sluggish on the syncs I will need to delete older data or suffer the same issue again. This was once my favorite sleep app but others have now surpassed it.


Not a happy camper  rbyrd29  1 star

After IOS 11 update the app it hasn’t worked. I have tried all the troubleshooting steps multiple times and nothing works. There has been no notices from the developers as to action taken.


sleeppulse2  Pic-maniac  1 star

Since there seems no way to contact the developer directly,(I've tried), I will share my issue here. I believe this began to occur after the last update. It's the graph, it has chopped my sleep up into 15 pieces. Awake-asleep-awake, etc. UNACCEPTABLE! Very disappointing when a paid app goes wonky, and you can't even get direct contact with the developer!


What happened to this app???  MrsPaxton  1 star

This app used to be pretty spot on. Now it only tells me I'm in deep sleep or awake, no more light sleep. It has me "awake" for half the night. I'm about to uninstall if the next update doesn't fix it.


Not a happy sleeper  SkRand7  1 star

This used to be 5 star app but now it is awful! I hate to change because I bought this one but a free app my daughter uses is better.


Doesn't perform as promised  Mnickey  1 star

It won't sync with my phone. Tried all their troubleshooting tips, nothing. Flawed.


Poor analytics  Neotessa  2 star

Likely just me, but the app has been reporting bad data since the recent "upgrade." Pulse record looks fine while sleep / awake is flawed. Unreliable.


Waste of money  Lloyd101  1 star

Doesn't work well and hard to understand the data. Save your money.


Constantly freezes upon analyzing  JR1185  1 star

Often have to sync multiple times to try to get the analysis to run and then load on my phone. With recent updates, this has also been causing my (nearly brand new) iPhone to freeze for 1-2 minutes while opening/loading. The metrics are helpful when they run, but that's been happening less and less often lately, even after syncing 2-4 times.


Doesn't work, please refund  Quazarjones  1 star

Can I please have a refund? What contact information do I need? The app does not do what it says it will. Very inaccurate. Please provide a refund or Apple credit ASAP!

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