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Noticing that other "sleep trackers" on the App Store claim to accurately track sleep with Apple Watch automatically — using only your heart rate — is misleading, and a better updated app needed to be an option for Apple Watch. Because our sleep is more complicated than just our heart rate, our movement is also part of the picture. These "auto track" apps don't use motion, as it is something that needs to be processed directly, not in the background on watchOS**. Hello, Sleep Pulse 3 Motion.

Sleep Pulse 3 is the only native Apple Watch app that can additionally support* Nap Tracking with "Power Nap", and Sleep Talk recordings with "Sleep Talk". All trackable from within Sleep Pulse 3!

watchOS 5
• Bold Design, the app opens to your last sleep report with your sleep goal, sleep analysis, heart rate, and motion. The new Sleep Goal Ring and Analysis Donut Ring can be tapped for additional information.
• Sleep View, designed to provide context while you sleep including when you went to bed, how long you have been in bed for, and your live heart rate.
• Resting Heart Rate, upon wake your resting heart rate will be measured — a good measurement of your overall health.
• Sensitivity Level, because we all sleep differently and in different places (cars, boats, planes, camping etc) the sensitivity level for analyzing your sleep may be adjusted from the watch app.
• Complication Support, for best use add Sleep Pulse 3 to your watch face with a complication and see how much of your sleep goal you complete each night.
• iPhone Independent, away from your iPhone for a night? No problem Sleep Pulse 3 analyzes your full sleep without your iPhone, when connected it will sync the data. Get your sleep report directly on your Apple Watch.

iOS 12
• Bold Look, Designed to provide a cleaner and clearer look at your sleep with vibrant colors, haptics, large text, sleep ring and sleep analysis charts.
• Sleep Metrics, metrics to explain your sleep include: Light Sleep, Deep Sleep, Restless, Slept Duration, In Bed, Fell Asleep, REM Estimate, Night Steps, Resting Heart Rate, Fell Asleep Heart Rate, Range of Heart Rate, Mode Heart Rate, Average Heart Rate
• Analysis Charts, see a breakdown ratio of how you slept on the sleep analysis donut chart. Also see detail of the type of motion that occurred during your sleep on the motion analysis donut chart.
• Track Trends, track Fell Asleep Duration, Slept Duration, and your Resting Heart Rate changes
• Power Nap Add On, with the "Power Nap with Health Sync" app installed on your device you can now save and track your daily nap durations in Sleep Pulse.
• Sleep Talk Add On, to provide you with potential sleep talk recordings from your night — View the app "Sleep Talk" for more info.
• Sleep Wake Mood, save your sleep mood to the sleep report

HealthKit is used to save your sleep data to the Health app on your iPhone.

watchOS 5 and iOS 12 are required for use, 5.0 and 12.0 are recommended for best use.

*Extra purchases required, discounts through the Sleep Better with Watch Bundle*

**Sleep must be started when In Bed, and not before each night, Sleep Pulse's algorithm tracks only sleep and any attempt to try and "auto track" your sleep before being In Bed will provide inaccurate results of your sleep. » Sleep Pulse 3 has no alarm or auto track function, SLEEP MUST BE MANUALLY STARTED WHEN YOU ARE IN BED and stopped from the watch (allows for the most accurate analysis, and fell asleep time), any other app that claims it accurately tracks your sleep automatically with motion is falsely claiming that feature. watchOS 5 requires motion be manually started and stopped — then processed with the app active**


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Sleep Pulse 3 - Sleep Tracker App Description & Overview

The applications Sleep Pulse 3 - Sleep Tracker was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2015-07-08 and was developed by Spencer Brown. The file size is 45.04 MB. The current version is 3.11 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

• Fixes the sleep chart bars to display the relative widths of each sleep phase

Recently Updated:
Series 4 Apple Watch Updates!
• Supports the new Infograph and Infograph Modular watch faces with beautiful new gradient complications
• See your recent sleep motion chart on the new Infograph Modular center complication
• See your recent sleep goal progress via the new circle, corner, and top bezel complications for the Infograph and Infograph Modular watch faces
• Updated UI for the larger screens

iPhone XS Max
• Updates the UI for the larger device

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Sleep Pulse 3 - Sleep Tracker Reviews


Poorly written app  rgomer67  1 star

Waste of money this app freezes and doesn't function


Master  Ffffffttttttyyyyxxzxzxzxzxzx  1 star

Terrible do not buy this app. Same thing happened to me. Terrible terrible terrible


Terrible!!  phoenixnyrak  1 star

After purchasing the app, the notification window keeps flashing and freezes the screen in blinking notification window. And the only way to get out of that is to turn the phone off. Terrible!!


Waste of money  sueozzy  1 star

Absolutely waste of time. Faulty app, doesn't synch, doesn't open properly, doesn't work. Don't waste your time or money.

Brains for me

Waste of money  Brains for me  1 star

Made at least 20 attempts to sync. with iPhone but only worked once. Continually crashes. Very disappointed, should have spent the money on a coffee.


Perfect if heartbeat worked properly  tizzip  2 star

It's in the title people. Great app. Really informative. I've found it to be pretty accurate as I pool data from three different apps. For whatever reason though it took my heartbeat the entire time on the first night (via Apple Watch). Then every night after (1 &1/2 weeks now) it either shows up as no heartbeat detected so I've manually taken it with my Apple Watch just before bed so I have some idea and that's the only heartbeat that will come up in the data. very frustrating! Tried fitting band tighter. Same result. No heart beat detected.


Good but needs work  Stickman76  3 star

Syncing with iphone is just poor. Just needs to happen automatically. Not with 5 steps Be great if it could have auto sleep. Seems pointless to have to tell it when you go to sleep and wake up. Apart from those 2. It's a good app


Would not download  Minxymeerkat  1 star

I paid and downloaded this app, it will not load on my watch at all. I tried all the FAQ options. No luck, other apps have worked fine. A waste of $5.00. Refund requested......


Good but could be better  LazzDogg  1 star

I've been using this app for a few weeks now, so far so good. I've used many apps over the years. I find this one definitely shows me useful information regarding nights sleep however I find it very frustrating unlike a lot of other apps this one does not have a smart alarm and or just a general alarm. At least twice since I've been using it ive forgotten to notify the app I've woken up. I find with other apps being it allows you to set alarm nips this fuss in the bud. May I also add this app cost $$ were as other apps that offer many more features are free


Waste of money  Junes004  1 star

App constantly crashes.have tried everything in the troubleshooting guide but nothing works. You press to sleep and it puts in the asleep time, you press awake and it's supposed to come up with a summary of your sleep but this is where it just crashes. No info is recorded or anything. Waste of money! Wish it worked!!

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