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What is goat – sneakers & apparel app? GOAT is the global platform for the greatest products from the past, present and future.

Shop new and used sneakers, apparel and accessories from around the world. Discover exclusive drops, new releases, vintage finds and archival styles. Now shipping to over 170 countries.

Explore over two million listings from streetwear and designer brands including Nike, Air Jordan, adidas, Yeezy, Off-White, Comme des Garçons, Supreme, Gucci and more.

Find the right products at the right price. Track upcoming releases, get notifications, save your most-wanted styles and place offers.

Shop street style looks, try on sneakers in AR and read GREATEST, our magazine featuring stories of emerging artists and industry veterans paving the way in fashion, art, music, design, entrepreneurship and beyond.

Discover the greatest styles from the world’s leading boutiques, retailers and selected sellers with buyer protection guaranteed on all purchases.

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GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel Version 2.52.224 June 2022

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GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel Version 2.51.225 April 2022

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GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel Version 2.50.421 February 2022

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GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel Comments & Reviews 2022

- horrible customer support

It’s hard to not call these guys con artist. They will pick apart all kinds of problems with shoes you send them so that you are forced to offer discounts or pay for return shipping. Don’t fall for the idea that their shoes are a little less expensive, they will tax you in every way they can in every angle and drive that price up by the time the transaction is completed. Buy a pair at a good price good chance they’re going to say they are fake with no verification. Makes it hard to believe they’re not doing it in their own self interest to drive up prices. Definitely not on the side of you the small guy buying a pair of shoes or two. They’re going to tear you in every direction possible and try to tell you your shoes aren’t good enough. Multiple times they have sent me horribly damaged boxes when they were advertised as good condition while telling me brand new shoes I had bought and never even tried on were used and forced discounts. Find a different company as this one has gotten really bad over the past year

- Bad app to use as a buyer

It is extremely annoying that customer service takes so long to get back to you on an active order, especially when I’m spending $2500. I received an email saying what I bought were replicas, I had every intention of buying what I knew were in the pictures, asked customer service if the seller sent the sneakers in the pictures, with no reply for 48 hours and they automatically cancel my order and refund me my payment without me being able to have knowledge on what’s going on or my own input because I knew what I was buying. The variation of the sneakers I wanted arnt even listed on this app and they’re being deemed as replicas most likely. As a buyer I am highly upset on how this transpired and I would not recommend doing business with this app. I will post updates if this is resolved. Now I have to wait 5 days for a refund when I was waiting for a response for customer service to proceed with the order… I finally get a reply 3 days later, and customer service is saying they “do not provide details that outline why the sneakers are relicas”. I ordered Zen yeezy promo samples, which arnt even listed on the stupid app. These promo samples are being deemed fake most likely because this company does not have the knowledge of the sneaker… or the seller didn’t ship the pair in the pictures. I find something VERY suspicious going on here when I’m trying to order a rare unknown sneaker. DO NOT USE THIS PLATFORM AS A BUYER OR A SELLER!!

- Most unreliable sneaker app.

i’ve tried to order several different pairs of sneakers on this app and they seem to get cancelled by the seller within the matter of a day or two. Even after i’ve paid for the “instant” shipping. The seller shouldn’t post a price out on the app and when someone matches the price and is willing to pay the price that the seller requested give them the option to cancel it whenever with out any consequences. Now having me the buyer wait again for a 3-5 buisness day refund. i also used my $10 off coupon that i got from the scam of a black friday drops / raffles that they were doing and i won’t be getting that coupon back neither. it’s not like $10 meant anything because it doesn’t even cover the processing or shipping fee. speaking of the “black friday drops” this app had going. every time i tried to enter one of those drops the app always seemed to crash which seems like another problem this company won’t seem to fix. i gave this app multiple chances to redeem itself and after countless failed orders by a horribly ran company i will most certainly be sticking to stock x. as this app is completely unreliable so if you do manage to confirm an order for a pair of sneakers on this app don’t be too excited as you’re odds of the order actually going through is probably slim. a solid 1 star and thank you for you’re time.

- You can’t be the G.O.A.T. if you allow this to happen.

I ordered a pair of Jordan 4 infrared that were listed as “New” and “In the box”. When I ordered them, I received a notification stating that they were being sent to be verified before being sent to me. When I received them, there was a card in the box that appeared to indicate that they had been inspected. When I pulled the shoes out the box to try them on, I noticed that the shoes had been worn. The shoes had been cleaned up really well, but is was obvious that the shoes had been worn several times. I found it extremely disappointing that the person reviewing the shoes didn’t catch the obvious flaws in the shoes before they were sent to me. To make matters worse, instead of giving me a full refund, I was only giving GOAT credit. When i asked the customer care agent what would be done to prevent the same thing again, they never responded to my question. This means that I am potentially going to have to deal with the same issue with the next pair of shoes I am forced to get from them because it is obvious that the inspectors they employ either don’t take their responsibility seriously, or simply don’t know what they are doing. If and when they get me a pair of shoes that haven’t been previously worn, I won’t spend anymore money with this company. (Can’t call you the GOAT when you do business like this.)

- Extremely poor customer service and experience

Since April 13th 2021 I’ve sold multiple shoes on this app. I’ve accumulated funds from selling on the app and on the 29th I wanted the option to transfer the funds from selling on the GOAT app to my PayPal account. Upon doing so they sent an email message confirming the funds have been cleared and have been transferred to my PayPal and to give the payment 3 business days to clear. 3 days pass and still no funds transferred into my PayPal account. I contacted PayPal and they confirm that no payments have been transferred from GOAT into my PayPal account and said I need to contact GOAT to fix the issue. I then contact GOAT via email because there’s no way to actually speak to anyone through the phone and play email tag about this situation. Now they send multiple emails asking me to provide screen shots of my GOAT credit account and I also provided screen shots of my PayPal activity statement showing that I never received funds from the 29th through may 3rd. They say that the payment cleared on their end but still no PayPal confirmation on payment of funds. Now all communication or updates have now stopped with no solution to this issue. I had to open a BBB case against GOAT to get any kind of response. Be extremely cautious buying or selling on this app. It’s not a matter of if but when this will happen to you.

- I should have stuck with StockX

Poor customer service!!!! GOAT is money hungry and could care less about its customers. I have ordered from GOAT 4 times but have had an issue with half of my orders. One order I received Seemed to have been worn although I order and paid for a shoe described as new/ unworn. The bottom of the shoe was dirty and scuff marks on the sides. They wanted me to send the shoe back and only give me a particular GOAT credit smh. My most recent order is what did it for me. I placed a bid and won and after a week of waiting for my shoes to arrive, I was informed that I would be receiving a refund due to the shoes not passing inspection. Some people would be fine with a refund but I wasn’t. I mean I had already been waiting over a week. And GOAT has this particular shoe in its own stock so why couldn’t they just replace it with one of theirs??? That’s what good customer service would do. Not give me back my money after 2 weeks? I could have bought the shoe else where in that time. Now I will not have the shoes for my photo shoot and GOAT could care less about how inconveniencing this was. I asked two different reps why couldn’t it be replaced. I never got a straight answer. I’m sure they keep the shoe from the seller. Or saw that my low bid won and decided to keep the shoe to sell it higher. I’m sure that’s what happened

- Horrible customer service.

This is a great app in theory but their customer service is terrible!!!! The app is set up so you don’t bother them, and trying to get in touch with an actual person is next to impossible. I followed up on an order that had not updated after 11 days. In order to reach customer service you must send an email with your order number. Fine…. I emailed GOAT saying my purchase was taking longer than their website discloses and they have yet to receive the shoes to authenticate…the autobot informed me that they found some issue with the shoes but they were locating another pair for me and the new seller has another 10 days to ship the shoes to Goat. Huh???? But I thought you didn’t receive the first pair…. And why wasn’t any of this shared with me… A “hey this is why your order is taking longer than usual” email would have been nice. I informed the autobot that I am no longer interested in the shoes but the autobot says I’m locked in for life and cancellations don’t exist in the world of GOAT. How can this be? I don’t get a choice? No transparency??? Would you like us to locate another pair for you? Do yourself a favor. Don’t, I repeat DONT use this service!!!! Stay away!!!!!! Horrible, horrible, horrible, nonexistent customer service. Most importantly this company is dishonest…..

- Shoes purchased are not promised

Paid for a pair of sneakers that were confirmed by seller. Seller never sent the shoes after I received a confirmation that the shoes were on their way through UPS. Seller basically reneged on the deal and now the shoes cost way more and the Goat says they'll refund me. Now they expect me to pay more on a new bid when I'm already paying a premium on the shoe, instead of them paying the difference on the new order after confirming that the original shoes were in transit. Why should I miss out after they confirmed the shoe was coming. If they had a better system I could've possibly bought the sneaker from another seller the same price or lower. I already have purchased other sneakers and want to buy more but this left a sour taste. Poor customer service because in a store if something you bought was damaged or misplaced you would get the same item at the price you bought it, might I add, a discount. I'll edit this review if it turns out that they did the right thing and honor my initial purchase.


Of all the times I’ve tried to buy shoes from GOAT, I’ve only had ONE successful transaction. And that’s only cause GOAT already had them in their storage. So one time, after buying shoes and not hearing anything for a week, the seller canceled the order and put the shoes back up for a huge markup. So after wasting all that time I had to go over to StockX and I got them without a hitch. Another time, a seller sent the wrong size of used shoes to GOAT when the shoes that were pictured were the correct size! I waited weeks until customer service notified me of this. Right now, I’ve been waiting a week for these shoes to ship after the seller had confirmed them, but now it’s showing that they’re unconfirmed. I already know I’m getting flaked yet again. It’s absolutely appalling that simply buying a pair of shoes has to be this difficult and irritating. Customer service has been little help, taking forever to update me on these situations on what’s going on. If you’re reading this, STAY AWAY FROM GOAT. The marketplace is full to the brim with flakers of every kind. Every purchase from StockX on the other hand went fine and the shoes got to me FAST. So I wholeheartedly recommend using StockX over GOAT. They may not have as great of a variety as GOAT, but you can rest easy knowing that you will surely get your shoes without any problem.

- Good Luck, you will be ripped off.

One more than 1 occasion my offered bid was accepted. My money was taken while GOAT did their “authentication”(basically a window for them to see if the market goes up and they are able to sell to someone else for more money), then after holding my $ for 5 or 6 days, send an email saying it’s can’t be completed and the seller will get a “warning” (oh no, a warning. We must be in 3rd grade), then my funds are released a day or so later. So, I lose out of that purchase, I can’t shop another place because they have my money, I don’t get a shoe that I paid for, the price of that shoe is now a lot more to buy everywhere, GOAT makes more money on the next sale(because they are paid a commission % of sales price) so why do they care. The only purchases through GOAT that have went through were items I overpaid for because I wanted that specific one and nobody else had it or I wasn’t informed of other ways of getting them. I know better now. This is a sellers app and they, along with their partner GOAT, will rip you off. So just know, if you found a good deal, and thought you found a steal, it WILL be cancelled and refunded after holding your money for 6 days, THIS SITE IS OBVIOUSLY OWNED/CONTROLLED by the SELLERS. Us buyers are like cattle waiting to be slaughtered.

- BUYER BEWARE! Only offer credit even if not your fault for return

I was a loyal customer to GOAT up until recently. I was ordering a gift for my boyfriend on GOAT and I placed it about a month before his birthday. The shoes were still stuck at GOAT 3 days before his birthday. I reached out multiple times and multiple people “looked into it” and I was running out of time. They informed me they lost my package and I told them it was unacceptable. I was running out of time, so I purchased another pair of sneakers thinking they were going to refund me for the ones they lost so it would even out in the end. They “miraculously” found the shipment and it arrived with the second pair that I bought. The one I paid for expedited shipping on came in bad condition. I told them I needed a refund for one of the pairs of sneakers and sent them back. They only gave me credit. $600+ in CREDIT! When I explained the situation they admitted they were in the wrong but weren’t going to honor it by refunding to my card as I would be an “exception” to the rule of no original payment refunds after purchasing and said they were sorry but better luck next time. So I am basically financing through affirm for no reason, I am financing CREDIT for goat. So ridiculous. Will not be buying from them ever again.

- Horrible Customer Service

I recently sold a pair of shoes on Goat. The shoes were new, but for some reason had a white marking on the sole making it appear that I had worn them outdoors and lied about their condition. When they reviewed it, they identified the problem, labeled them to the buyer of the shoes as “used”, and said they’d send me pictures of the issue. I never received pictures and yet I was pestered to lower the price of my shoes to convince the buyer to follow through with the purchase. I asked why they wouldn’t tell me what the issue was and still didn’t get pictures. Again, they didn’t give me any reason as to why they said they were used. Finally, after asking for a third time, I got fed up and selected the option to not lower the price. Of course, the buyer being misinformed by Goat, decided not to buy the shoes. At this point I had the option to consign them, or have them returned. I chose to return them and they charged me $16 for shipping. This is absolutely ridiculous seeing as I wasn’t given any good option after they had already screwed me, on top of the fact that the original shipping was free on my end. Not only did they waste my time, but my money as well. I do not recommend selling through Goat because if there’s any problem that arises, I guarantee they will handle it horribly.

- Great app!

Placed my first order! Love the app and it’s design. Very simplistic and minimalistic, but easy to figure out and use. Excited to see how this order, and hopefully more, turns out. Only feedback would be I wish there was a way for a buyer to connect more with a seller (e.g. seller contact information, short bio, previous sales history, etc.) it would make the app much better and promote safer sales; but I do understand that GOAT wants its app to be a basic “browse and buy/sell” only. Will update soon! Here’s the update!, My order came in 11 days, due to weather conditions along its route, but only a one day over the promised 7-10 day delivery. Was happy and excited to open the package and it contained everything as promised! A brand new pair of shoes in a pristinely handled box, with a tailored note to prove authenticity. Couldn’t be more satisfied! Will be ordering another pair very soon. Definitely recommend if you’re looking for a way to shop sneakers of any type with out all the hassle of stores, lines, or scams! Big thanks to the GOAT Team!

- Data Breach + Robbery

I was ROBBED over $500 on GOAT, and GOAT blacklisted me. I take myself a credible seller & buyer with a 106 pt seller rating. Being just an average sneaker head, Goat had been my go-to platform for shoe trading. I didn’t always cash out immediately after sales in case I found something I want to buy with points. But that turned to a massive regret about two weeks ago, when I found in my account an over $500 worth delivered order, not placed by me. I quickly let Goat know what happened and asked for help through submitting a request—the only way of contact they offer. After a day or two, a representative replied and said she escalated the ticket and I should receive an update within 48 business hours at the latest. I NEVER received any update after that. I tried to reply to the email thread (as they suggested), and submitted another two requests to their “24/7,” “always here to help” customer support. Both in vain. I didn’t even receive a petting on the back like I did the first time. I will continual to try reach them out, while making myself aware the fact that the platform I trusted doesn’t give a shoot. My advice: if you don’t want to risk your money and your precious shoes, stay away from Goat.

- Horrible Customer Service

GOAT at this point is a major consignment company with many obvious competitors, so at this point the customer service should be held to a higher standard. It’s absolutely horrible. I’ve had situations where I would have a buyer, but couldn’t sell the sneaker (hitting sell would crash the app) because of an error with the app which wasn’t fixed until the app was updated hours later. You guys send out LATE email response messages hours later encouraging customers to do the regular old trouble shooting (restart your phone, Erase and re-download the app etc.) when the issues are within your app. The response time has been really bad. If not hours days later. The latest issue is sellers doing everything that is asked (shipping out on time etc.) and when it’s time to transfer their payments the app is not sending out verification codes. You don’t offer email verification and you can’t change or update the number without contacting GOAT via email and ironically enough, you guys are horrible at responding to emails in a timely matter. Definitely considering deleting the app once and for all. Issues are too common as of late and it’s a headache reaching out and receiving help or simply getting a response when there’s issues.

- Customer service is terrible. Simply horrendous.

I have sold maybe 4 pairs of shoes through goat, and let me say it’s ease is better than StockX, buying I’m not so sure. Yet the questionable thing is, why is your customer service so terrible, a well known company has no Customer service number? What so ever? And it took me unprofessionally getting belligerent to get a email back after i proved to them they were wrong? Terrible i hope you all consider this as clearly there are more than enough people telling you how bad there customer service is. I sold a pair of shoes and confirmed that i shipped them. The order was apparently cancelled on a Friday when i shipped them on a Thursday and confirmed it. How do i know because another pair that i sold went out and was confirmed this same day..so how does that work. They proceed to send me a late email i repeat a late email saying they’re cancelled two days later which i saved and sent to them to which they gave no reply until i got belligerent and told them off. It’s a shame really

- Too slow and too many fees

My overall experience was not terrible, however here’s what prompted me to write a bad review. Goat took over 1 week to authenticate My items after it arrived to their NJ location via UPS. Once items are authenticated, the “GOAT Credits” become available to you. That was the second part that was surprising and disappointing. So basically after you sell something on Goat for CASH, they keep the cash and issue you “GOAT Credits”. It’s basically store credit. You can use those credits to purchase other items off of Goat, or you can have the balance direct deposited into your account. Here is the part that really disappointed me. On top of GOAT charging over 9% to sell the items, they scam you out of an additional 2.9% in order to do an ACH transfer. So you basically have to surrender another three percent, to wait another 2-3 days, just to get your money. Many other apps charge that fee to immediately deposit funds, and issue ach transfers for free (it’s like the bank taking 3% from you depositing a check into your account... SCAMMMM). So overall, prepare to pay 12-18% of your overall proceeds to GOAT, leaving your profit margins on the floor, or 6 feet below depending on the item you sell.

- Official👍🏿👍🏿

My 1st time shopping with goat for the hyper royal 13 retro’s size 12 was better than all the times I stood in line for the jay’s! I been rocking jay’s since the early 80’s and when I saw these coming soon on another app I wasn’t impressed but on the day of the sale I was tuned in and had to have them but they sold out everywhere I usually get a ticket in 2 different states and 99% of the time my name get pulled so I remember a friend of mine put me on to goat and I thought it was cool back then this was in August of 2017, didn’t think I would ever pay more than regular price but I did and the process took less than a week the emails were on point keep me updated and my joints official!!! I will be letting all my people’s know that goat so far in my book is top of the line I look forward to future business with them I wanna create a good reliable relationship with them! it allways feels good when your money is well spent and in this case I’m completely satisfied with my purchase thanks Goat!

- New more like restored /goat credit?🙄

Ordered the Air max 90 viotech original color way , was just 2 weeks ago called footlockers all around they all claimed they didn’t have them (even though footlocker owns this app)so I decided to go online couldn’t find them on the footlocker or Nike app so downloaded other shoe apps GOAT ,stadium goods and stock x looked at vids on all just to make sure they where legit an they past the test. so I decided to order a pair of the viotechs from Goat Ordered new shoes and express shipment they came pretty fast no complaints there. But when I opened the box my heart sank , one shoe was completely damaged on the front clearly visible and the other was leaning off center! I ordered brand new shoes and appeared they sent restored, so not even 15 min after getting them I’m returning them filing complaints etc. they take days to accept my return , no explanation as to how these passed a quality test and they won’t send you your money back you can only get goat credit (why would I continue to buy from you guys with a screw so badly) not only that 30 dollars was deducted from my credit for “shipping” because of there lazy screwup. Hopefully I can get sum in store somewhere because the other apps seem to be just as shady. Be safe people 💯

- Reseller customer support services are disappointing

I have sold 35 pairs of shoes and counting so far in 2021 via the GOAT app. I have found the app to be very user-friendly. Do I wish the fees were lower? Of course, but I can wrap my head around the “cost of doing business”, and the fees aren’t enough to cause me to use another app, at least not yet. However, a couple of instances when I have emailed customer support in response to issues they have notified me about, I received the typical response that there is a back log and they are working through it as quickly as possible. My recent issues have occurred more than six months apart from each other, and my first issue wasn’t resolved until I sent several emails over the course of two weeks just asking for some sort of functional feedback. I basically had to beg to get details. My current issue is currently on day three of waiting to hear from somebody. I have zero faith that I will hear from somebody in a timely manner. Pretty disappointing.

- Scammers!!!!! Thieves!!!

I have been fighting with goat to give me my refund for over 6 months!!!! Goat sent a pair of Yeezy blue tints that were supposed to be dead stock but the soles were yellowed very badly so of course I sent them back because for one that’s not what I paid for and for two I paid $500. After two months of sending email after email and never getting any answers as to when I would receive my Goat credit I finally contacted my credit card company and filed a dispute. Three days later I have my goat credit. Convenient right?! But now they send me an email stating that my account will be disabled due to filling a dispute. So they gave me the goat credit just to not let me use it. It has now been over 6 months and I’m still fighting with them. I hope this company burns in hell and chokes to death on a hard 🍆on their way there. I’ve never been scammed like this from an actual company before. And I wondered how they were getting away with stuff like this? My suggestion is to just stay away from this place do you don’t get your hard earned money stolen from you and if they already have then contact your bank, credit card company, and the Better Business Bureau.

- Always on point

I’ve recently jumped in to the sneaker game and as everyone in it knows the level of fakes is getting to be off the charts. You can’t just go and buy a sneaker on eBay or other outlets without being nervous about its authenticity. This site gives you the go around to take that worry off of you. The level of insane profit that can be generated in basically 24 hrs after a shoe releases opens the door for the best fakes . Some of the shoes are going for 1000x what they are retailing for so the fakes are just about perfect and are getting to be harder to spot . If I’m going to throw $500 on a shoe I definitely want what it’s supposed to be. I tried this site before I had ever heard a great deal about it and always been beyond happy with the results every time. I have never not got exactly what I was supposed to and for that this is my main go to and will continue to. I’m waiting for a pair off OFF-WHITE AM97 now and I know they will be perfect when they get to me without question.

- Bruh

Bruh. Package was promised in 7-10 days. At the time I ordered the shoes there was no closures or delays due to Coronavirus. Their FAQ at the time of the order said they were open for business. I even triple checked after I ordered my shoes if they were open, and was told by Nia they were indeed open. The day after nia told me they were open, I received an email from GOAT saying my package was delayed. Annelyn, then told me that they were trying to find someone near me who could get me my shoes. It has now been 9 business days, and they just found a new seller, and it hasn’t even been sent to GOAT. Felt misled, and was very upset I paid this much in taxes and shipping just to have trash service. Never ordering from GOAT again. UPDATE: it’s now been 13 business days since my order. I have emailed 5 different people and all have given me the same generic response about delays. The hilarious thing is my friend, who is a seller on GOAT, shipped shows on the 30th of March, and they got to the buyer by the 8th of April. So obviously they are lying about delays. I tried to be courteous in the beginning, but I’m absolutely floored with my experience and the customer service at GOAT. STAY AWAY FROM GOAT IF YOU WISH TO BUY SHOES.

- Sold Fakes

Do not trust this app, they sold me fakes and I contacted them and they kept saying they were real and wouldn’t even offer me a refund. I showed them pictures and they kept saying they were real AND not used. The last thing I got from them were definitely used. I bought 5 pairs f shoes in the last month and I let them know I was very good customer for them and the best they could say to me was that it was real and not used and that all sales were final. I want my money back, I have spent a lot on shoes within the last month and a full refund is the only way I will continue to be a customer. I also asked to speak to someone who was important and had more power than the people that respond to the emails and they wouldn’t connect me with someone. Literally last week I was saying how much I preferred Goat over StockX and this definitely makes me want to shop at StockX more and on top o that they have clothes that they sell and the best part is they have refunded me my money the full amount when I had a problem. As of now until my problem is resolved I highly recommend to NOT buy from Goat, instead go to StockX. I would love to change my review to help the picture of Goat but as of now do not shop here.

- Awful- beware

Bf and I have been using goat for a while. Over the last year everything had gone downhill. Ranging from issues of shoes not coming on time and sellers cancelling after over a week on multiple occasions. Being aware of the no return policy on used shoes we have always been very wary of purchasing used shoes. Photos are studied heavily and they need to be good photos. Purchased a pair of used Yeezy Turtledoves the other week for a steeper price because they looked almost new, possibly worn once or twice. There was very little wear in these photos. The shoes were clean, the outsole had paint still on them. Suede panel was black. Shoes came in and they are NOTHING like the images. They were dirty, been clearly used since the photos were posted (with no note in the post), the suede was a light green. Been a constant back and forth between bf and customer service just to hear about the no-return policy and being able to sell the shoes on goat. Even if he sold them, we’d be out $500 at least because of how much they’re worth in this condition and the cut goat will get from it. Will no longer be purchasing from this company. Don’t believe all the positive reviews because when something happens they will not help.

- Not impressed!!

I made my first purchase through goat last week. Didn’t have any problems ordering or receiving my shoes but I do have some questions regarding authenticity. My shoes were sent from Hong Kong directly to me so when did they get verified to be legit? Also, if I would’ve known they were being sent from another country I would’ve avoided the whole transaction completely. Now, about the shoes, I ordered some all white Jordan’s which I have seen in person and the inner part of the shoes along with the tongue are more of a gray then white. Giving them more of a dingy look than anything. Like I said, I have already seen these shoes before and they are supposed to be completely bright white. I’m glad I didn’t make an expensive purchase to try these guys out but I don’t think I’ll be making another purchase through them until they make it available for you to know where your seller is located.

- The truth ✊🏾🐐

I’ve been dealing with the GOAT for over three years now .. I’ve purchased over 78 pairs of Jordan’s from this app . NEVER.. EVER.. once ☝🏾 had a problem receiving good quality product from them .. now however since COVID the delivery times have been a little wait which is understandable.. THE GOAT are not the law makers of this country .. and since then it’s been 2 times someone tried to sale me scuffed and worn shoes .. and THE GOAT contacted me VIA email with pictures asking if I approved or wanted them to go and search for another pair the scuffs were not bad but I still had them find another pair . So it did actually take an extra week for that but everything work out.. I knew once I decided to buy shoes only that it has to come with patience.. this is not like walking in a mall and just picking something up.. I really recommend and have recommended THE GOAT to anybody who are real sneaker heads .. 💯💯💯💯

- Rip off

I bought a pair of glow yeezy a and a pair of cloud yeezys. Both pairs did not fit. I paid for the “fast ship” I paid 290 for the cloud yeezys. When I returned them for the correct size they only gave me goat credit for 200 dollars. So I asked them where the other 90 went. Apparently that fast shipping you paid for to get them quicker is non refundable PLUS you have to pay for it again in order to exchange the shoe for the correct size. Complete rip off will never do buisness with GOAT ever again. So they took 200 from me just for shipping and I don’t even have a pair of shoes in my hand and I have 800 in GOAT credit from the shoes I have to pay another 200 in order to get the shoes on time. So 400 dollars JUST IN SHIPPING! Be careful spending the money on “instant ship” because if you get the shoe and it doesn’t fit and you want to exchange... you don’t get the money back. So when you exchange them you have to buy that “instant ship” all over again. But they don’t tell you that. I want all my money back. Oh and not to mention! Even when I paid for the instant ship it still took forever. Don’t reccommend buying from goat. Read the reviews for yourself. First and last time ever buying from GOAT the JOKE


My husband‘s birthday is fastly approaching and I had to do some last-minute shopping being that all the major shoe stores in the mall were out of stock for the shoes that I was looking for. luckily I was presented with the opportunity to shop on GOAT. At first I was a little apprehensive about buying shoes online but I went ahead and bought the shoes anyway. In less than a weeks time, I received the shoes via UPS. I was also able to get tracking along the way which was very helpful to ease my anxiety. When I opened the package the shoes were absolutely perfect. I love the way that they were wrapped the presentation alone was an all-star situation. I also loved the authenticity card that they place with the shoes and the sticker from GOAT was cool as well!!! It shows that they take pride in what they do and are serious about their brand. I would highly recommend this Company !!!!!

- Terrible Customer Service

I gave GOAT 2 stars instead of 1 because I understand that the coronavirus is causing a lot of stress to businesses. I can also understand that there may be minor delays during this time. But my most recent GOAT order had a delay of over a month and then the order was cancelled. The worst part of this was the terrible customer service. I would email them and they would take weeks to respond. When the staff would finally respond, I would never get messages that were specific to my order, but very generic and unhelpful ones instead. Plus, my account had already been charged during this whole process, so I had paid for the shoes but was given no information on where they were. Since my order was cancelled by GOAT, I will now be getting a refund, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that takes a while to process. Long story short, I understand that businesses are going through difficult times right now, but this horrible ordeal with GOAT’s customer service is the reason that my recent order will be my first and last with GOAT.

- Return and Refund Deficiency 🚮

The biggest fault that GOAT has is the return policy. A seller has 72 hours to opt out of a deal where as a buyer only has 3 hours to cancel a bid. I understand the fluctuation in pricing but if you’ve already agreed to sell somebody a shoe at a certain price unless that shoe sells out a seller should not be able to back out of any deal. I ordered a pair of Vapormax Fly Knit Lasers and 4 days after my bid was accepted I received an email saying that the seller backed out. So I have yet to try and purchase them again. At the same time I also had a $345 bid on the Travis Scott Catcus Jack Retro 4’s that was accepted. Again with no notice at all was I told that the seller backed out of the deal yesterday. I am now reading everyone else’s reviews to find out they’re not being refunded money, they’re being sold fake shoes, there’s damage done to brand new shoes and the overall customer service is absolutely horrible. I am terribly afraid that I’m going to be sold a fake shoe, will have no way of being refunded my money and I will have no one to speak to about it. Whether everything works out or not after this purchase I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM GOAT AGAIN and the app will be deleted from my phone.

- Air Max 1 “Caught In A Riptide”

There was a bit of a dilemma with the delivery process. The shoes were supposed to be delivered by UPS and according to the email I received from them, they delivered the shoes to the front door of my apartment. When I went to check them out, they were not there. This was upsetting. So I emailed Goat to check on the status of the delivery and told them that UPS sent me an email confirming the package had been delivered, when it had not been delivered to me. Goat responded within minutes to my email and told me to sit tight because sometimes the delivery companies often say it’s been delivered a few days before the actual delivery. I decided to wait, hoping they were right, and the next day the shoes were delivered. I’m so thankful to God for putting my mind at ease and thankful to Goat for their awesome customer service. They responded immediately to my questions and concerns! I couldn’t be happier with shoes! Thanks Goat for an awesome experience all around!!!!

- Worst service ever

I had listed my pair of yeezys on this app because I heard a lot of good things about it. So I list them and everything thing was going smoothly. Someone offered to buy them off of me and I accepted. I go and drop off the shoes at the goat drop off location instead of shipping them. The next day I get an email saying there was in issue with my shoe. They told me that the shoe was used and they had sent me pictures of the shoes. The shoes are literally deadstock. I’ve never worn the shoes while I had them. I only took them out the box to take pictures of them. So the buyer refused to buy them because they were “used” so I basically lost a sale. I had them consigned listing for a day and took it off and ordered them to ship it back to me. They charged me $10 just so they can ship it back to me. I ordered the shoes OVER A WEEK AGO and haven’t gotten a single email on an estimation on when I will be receiving my shoes. I contacted customer support about the issue and they said they would reply at the latest in the next 42 hours from when they replied to the email. I haven’t gotten ANYTHING at all. Worst service ever and I won’t EVER list another pair of shoes on this app

- Great App, Unwanted Notifications

I’ve been a dedicated Goat buyer for a few years now. I like it much more than StockX to the degree that I actually refuse to cop from StockX. But lately I’ve been getting notifications about sneakers I did not request and am not interested in, and there’s no way to disable it without disabling all notifications from the app, eliminating notifications about price drops and available sizes for the sneakers I actually want. This annoyance is pushing me to remove the Goat app from my phone for the first time in like 3 years. There really should be an option to disable the unsolicited ads. I think most people who’d be buying on a resell market would already clearly know what they want and don’t want. I don’t see the point in notifying people about sneakers they aren’t interested in, since anything they are interested in they’d request such notifications for. Goat is essentially spamming their users now. I wonder if StockX does the same, maybe it’s time to switch.

- I love the app

I love this app! At first I was a little worried about being cheated, not getting the right shoes, or losing them along the way, but now, I love this app! I recently just bought a new pair of Adidas For a great price. I think they find the cheapest shoes on the internet and sell them, because the shoes I got were a third more expensive in stores than in the GOAT app. Overall my shoes came with amazing quality, my only complaint is the shipping time, which is 13-14 days. So whatever shoes you are thinking of buying, buy them two weeks earlier. Another great thing about this is app is the simple order form. When you buy the shoes it gives you all the details (except when they arrive). It’s like a pizza delivery app that gives you the step by step process of your shoes being shipped. Would highly recommend this app to anybody who is looking for shoes at a great price!

- Overall Totally Classy

I am always wary about purchasing anything online—esp shoes. I did a little research first and based on what I read, I chose GOAT and STOCKX (I found the latter company to be very disrespectful and overall unprofessional!). Every sneaker I have ordered from GOAT has been processed and delivered in a timely manner. One order I declined after purchasing bc the Sender did not specify a missing box lid (this was reported during the Authentication process)-GOAT gave me an immediate credit which I used immediately to purchase a different pair. Every package I have received in the past has been tip-top. Unwrapping each new box I receive, I know that I don’t have to worry about what’s inside bc I know it’s exactly what I ordered. I find GOAT to be a very professional business that delivers a classy package. I love the quality of product and that little signature card they put in every box. I strongly recommend this company!

- Waste of time AND money

I purchased some shoes from GOAT. They sent me shoes with a yellow sole, when the sole should’ve been white. Evidently whoever shipped out the order didn’t care or didn’t inspect what they were shipping. This was my first order with this company and I paid it through AfterPay. I have contacted GOAT so many times about trying to send them back and I got no response. It literally took 20 days to get an authorization to send the shoes back. Then I was authorized to get the credit once they receive the shoes back. I did not want to Credit I wanted to be refunded because I paid in installments. But today are fine, but I have to use GOATS credit because they don’t do refunds. I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever order from this company again. They have bad business practices and ever Denteley they do not do quality-control. I will gladly spend my 100+ dollars somewhere else. Before ordering please read the fine print before you order because they are very sneaky and tricky. Our use after pay all the time and have never ever ever had a problem until I ordered from this company. Please be very cautious. Try eBay or somewhere like that. I hate GOAT!!

- Bad customer service

I ordered a pair of sneakers on the 6th. On the 7th my purchased had reached the second stage which is when the seller confirms and sends the merchandise for verification of authenticity. I purchased another pair of sneakers on the 8th which I have received. It is now the 11th and for the sneakers that I purchased on the 6th I am back at square one which only says purchased. Yesterday I decided to purchase another pair of sneakers for which I was told that the order was canceled due to insufficient funds however the money was removed from my account and I received no confirmation of my order that I placed. I’ve been emailing support and trying to get a refund for both of my purchases however it is extremely hard to get into contact with their support team. I’m trying to get my refunds before the price of the sneaker goes up. It wouldn’t make any sense for me to purchase any more sneakers until this matter is solved. Be careful ordering with them. Their customer service is extremely slow and their website is misleading. The shipping dates are not accurate as well as their response time.

- Never Buying From This Company Again😤

Although some people may have had luck from purchasing shoes from this site, I did not. I ordered the Nike Air Max Plus in Metallic Gold for $185 after shipping, which I couldn’t find anywhere in stores where I live so that’s why I bought from this resell site which I normally never do. 2 days later I got a tracking update saying “a shipping label was created for your item on July 26th” , it’s now August 21st and I still haven’t received my shoes or gotten any other tracking updates besides that one. I also contacted them 3 times with no response, so finally I got in touch with USPS to figure out if it was something on their part. They confirmed that the shipping label was created but that the package was never even handed over, and told me to contact them again and see about getting my money back; but of course no response again. So basically they scammed me and took my money and I ended up having to contact my bank and do an investigation on the transaction to try to get my money back which I’m still waiting for. This may not stop you from purchasing from them but I would just be careful.

- BEWARE If you like being treated as a valued customer…this app is NOT for you!!!

I’ve been a seller and an occasional buyer on GOAT for about a year. They consistently have some of the worst customer service. There’s no phone support, so you’re always depending on them replying to your email inquiry. They take forever to respond (pre and post Covid). When I finally do get a response, the reps have no problem solving skills or ability to resolve any issues brought to their attention. Sometimes I wonder whether or not they even read what is written as their responses have nothing to do with the email I sent. I have tried really hard to stay with them because I’ve been able to sell sneakers with them quite easily … but the minute I need to make contact for help it’s a disaster. I finally had to pull all my sneakers I was selling and am looking for another option. You would think that paying such expensive fees, sellers and buyer would be provided with quality service, this is not the case with them. They do not value their sellers or buyer. Would love recommendations of other apps?!?

- Never buying from GOAT again

Extremely BAD customer service, they don’t resolve any problem you are having with an order. I ordered a pair of sneakers and had to return, then bought two more pair of sneakers (one box without lid) and had to return in order to exchange for another size and they didn’t accept the return for one of the sneakers because they had “signs of use”. I returned sneakers right away they arrived, which means sneakers already had the “signs of use” they were talking about. Also, they don’t return shipping money back. Each time you want to return you are losing the $10 they charge you for shipping. Last but not least, sneakers can take FOREVER to arrive, they don’t even update the tracking. NEVER buying from GOAT again and would defiantly not recommend it to anyone. You’ll loose money, wait forever for an order, and won’t get issues resolved if needed.

- Poor

This store is the worst, I bought some tennis shoes and they were big, I admit it was my mistake because I bought a men's size and not a women's size, but in less than an hour after making the purchase I realized what happened, but they since At the beginning they had already obtained my money and obviously they did everything to keep it, because I tried to cancel the order and they told me no because the order was processed, although it was also delayed in arriving, supposedly after returning it they would return my money to me , which is not entirely true, because they only gave me the credit for the amount of the purchase and they refuse to return it to the payment method, that is, I have the obligation to buy from them, even though there is nothing to want to buy I only have the option to buy in your store or lose more than $ 350! this will be the last time you shop with these scam people! Before making the purchase I recommend you visit other pages that have better prices and you do not want to touch your money

- Great app, past events disappoint me

The app is great, I use it whenever I need shoes or whenever I need to clean out my sneaker closet. But unfortunately my birthday was a little bit ago and I had 3 sellers cancel on me. Resulting in no presents for me. Thankfully I used another app and they shipped the same day. I definitely recommend the app but this was just very frustrating and very time consuming. Each cancelled order took around 5 days to tell me, I kept getting excited over a pair and then having them tell me nvm. I’m hesitant to keep spending my money without knowing I’ll get the shoes because I don’t want to wait for something that isn’t going to happen. This app needs the ability to contact sellers!!! I cannot stress this enough this would’ve made my experience better and it wouldn’t have been canceled orders.

- If your going to buy online use stockx

Let me tell how bad the customer service is first of all. I have sent out multiple emails over a period of 2 weeks today is April 29th 2020 I still have not heard from them regarding an order I placed in March they are using the covid 19 as an excuse, so when you email support they send out an auto reply for a statement of covid 19 so no matter the subject line you put you will get the covid 19 auto reply nothing else that would answer your questions, because if they are the direct competitor to stockX they would be on they A game just like stockX is doing during these unprecedented times I will never use goat again in my life for the simple fact that customer service is straight trash and I have used stockX plenty of times before so I will continue to use stockX even with their new fees because I know I will get great customer service when I need it. So to anyone who wants to use goat be my guest I can’t tell you not to use just giving you my 2 cents but apparently others are having the same issues so let that sink in

- Stay away from GOAT at all costs. Scammers.

Sold a brand new, never even unlaced pair of Concord 11s. They didn’t pass their authentication “due to signs of wear”. They sent me pictures of them. They unlaced my shoes for the pics, but they still showed no signs of wear at all. From the date they ruled them no good, it took over one whole month for them to ship the shoes back to me. They take 1 week or more to respond to any inquiries, and they don’t care about the customer at all. They don’t listen to you. They just keep repeating the same thing over and over to you. Scammed me on my brand new shoes I sold, and they charged me to ship them back to me. The buyer most likely didn’t want to go through with the order anymore since the price went down after they purchased my ask, so GOAT screwed me over as the seller. Such a shady company, headache to work with, nonexistent customer service. I didn’t think any company could have worse CS than StockX, but GOAT far surpasses StockX in how bad they treat customers. Never selling or buying again on this ridiculous platform. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

- Terrible.

They send shoes that are damaged but listed as new first of all. I bought some shoes that were at goats facility that had went through “inspection” but when I got them the left shoes was completely defective. It was like the left shoe was a display model. That was the first red flag. If the shoes aren’t instant ship, you better have some time on your hands. It will either take weeks to ship or something will fail along the way. You buy a shoe and wait 3 days for confirmation from the seller and they go ghost. I waited a week after I bought a pair of shoes that were used and in the description it said “NO BOX”, That didn’t bother me I just wanted to the shoes to fill my collection. When the shoe arrived at goat for “inspection” they said it didn’t have an OG box so they wanted to ensure me I got the best deal. So they said they’d find a compatible match, they couldn’t because it was the only one left so they said oh well good luck looking. That screwed the seller over and the buyer(me) over. It was a terrible customer service move on GOATS behalf, you made me miss out on a shoe I really wanted. Probably will never shop again.

- Trash

Worst app and experience. I bought a pair of shoes for a Christmas gift, spent close to $200. Had them delivered and my boyfriend sat down, put one shoe on and realized they were slightly too big. Never walked in them or stood up. So we decided to return them to get the store credit and purchase the same pair shoes from GOAT but in a different size. Was told my return had been denied because of shoe scuff and could either consign the shoe with them or have them sent back to me for $14 in shipping. I asked them to explain to me how there was shoe scuff if we never stood up or walked on the shoes. No answer or explanation. I asked them to show me actual pictures of the shoe scuff which they couldn’t explain and said their experts said there was shoe scuff and that’s the final decision. They also noted that the pictures they send you to show you the issue sometimes doesn’t properly show you the issue. So now I spent $200 on shoes that we can’t use and no gift because they ripped us off. Highly advise no one to use them. No integrity and honestly just poor customer experience.

- Do NOT BUY from here

Customer service does absolutely nothing. I’m not sure if they’re trying to handle request or just smoking weed all day at home. I exchanged 19 emails. With the need to change my delivery address because they went way past Christmas and the expected delivery time by 3 weeks. The worst part is they replied in gibberish making me believe I would be able to fix this issue. Just for today to come and then send my package to the wrong address. I reached out 3 weeks ago before they even received the shoes for that request, somehow they were unable to change the address in their system that entire time even though the shoes weren’t even close to the shipping part yet. Exchanging 16 emails over the last 3 weeks constantly looking waiting everyday for their reply is one of the biggest regrets of my life I have seriously lost hair over these people. They talked me in circles about options and made themselves look good just to end up doing absolutely nothing for me and my order. Never using this app again.

- Worst Customer Service!!

I bought a few pairs of Air Jordan 1’s and placed them in Goat storage to resell them later at a higher price, and to also skip the whole shipping my shoes out to them for verification. To anyone thinking of placing their shoes in Goat storage, Do Not!!! My first two pairs sold without any issues, although I feel like Goat uses our stored shoes for their “instant ship” option and keeps the difference because there is no option to list your shoes at a higher price for having your shoes stored with them and you are always competing with other sellers who are shipping their shoes in for verification. Very smart on Goats ends! My last shoe that I had stored with them sold and it has been on hold for 72 hours now! They haven’t released my money or relisted my shoes for sale, this is ridiculous! Considering that I have my shoes consigned with them. I emailed their customer support and they haven’t been able to give me a straight up response about why they are holding my sale. If it is an issue with the buyer, that should be resolved between Goat and the buyer not me. Their customer service is the worst!

- Please Beware - Don’t Deserve 1 Star

Beware .. The worst by far. I’m a seller and my most recent transaction with them was a complete disaster. First of all, it takes a week to get there, no problem. Then it’s stated that their authentication process is done by specialists. Which is a lie. Any fashion curator would know that Off White sneakers comes in only whole sizes. So, after waiting a few days I was told that they cancelled the order stating that I sent the wrong size shoe. I listed a (44) which is equivalent to a US (11) and I was told that I sent a 10.5 .. Really! You waited this long to tell me that. Insane! The customer service is pathetic. I reached out to them several times to see how they were going to clear up the matter and they stopped returning my messages and also told me that I had to pay for the return shipment. Really! Even though this was an error on your part. STAY AWAY and sell your items on another site. Great app functionality but everything else is poor from the customer service to the reliability guarantee. DISASTER - DISAPPOINTING - STAY AWAY

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- Goat is the goat

There are several things I could comment on that are good with goats practice but I’ll mention the best. Goats system of authentication is very tight and well done so there is almost a guarantee that it is a legit purchase and if it is fake, then they offer a full refund. I ordered a pair of Air Jordan 1s for my dad and when we were told that they were fake, they gave a full refund without hesitation. I adore that goats system is so good for the customer and I’m happy to use it as my way of purchasing and selling sneakers because of its good policy.

- Consitent Poor Service

Basically bought 2 pairs of shoes from Goat. 1st pair were fake OFF white unc which I had to pay import duties. Than has to pay the return shipping even it’s there fault. Customer service takes for ever to reply. Took at least 2 months to get approved to send back. Second pair I received were damaged and had scuffs marks everywhere. Again same thing had to ask to get them sent back. Being in Australia shipping shoes is $60 dollars a pair. Do they care? No compensation not even a refund. No you just get credit, which I used up thinking I would be done with this terrible excuse of an app. Than I use my credit only to have to spend more money again to send them back and still have credit. They have a lame policy, where basically as a consumer you are not looked after. Fakes and damages are coming through there app and yet they do not take responsibility for this. I’d love to give them a 0 for rating if it were possible. Stick to stockx at least if they mess up, you can get your money back.

- Goat

Amazing app these guys are super reliable, they have made sure all of my LeBron’s have been quality checked.... they even cancelled and refunded one of my orders because the sellers quality wasn’t up to scratch. Since then I have now bought five pairs of new LeBron’s through Goat, at ridiculous prices, especially what I have to pay OS to Australia great to be able to finally wrangle a decent price. This app is awesome and does exactly what it says... GOAT 🐐

- Start

I’ve only just started using this app and I already am loving it and don’t want to put it down. It’s very usable and you could use it for just 5 minutes while your waiting or you could use it for hours and be up all night. My brother showed me this app just now and it’s the best app ever. This is a great app and I would highly recommend it.

- Mad app

Non bias review coming up I’d never heard of this app till a few days before I post this review my friend referred me and it instantly had the shoes I had been looking for for ages just like that no hassles involved and by what I can tell they have the shoes you’re after. Also easy to use and clear display of products just a great app

- Patience, just for my Nike’s!!

Dam best runners I’ve came across, I am still waiting to purchase my first pair of Nike,s from goat. Gotta love ya Nike.s I have a pair that still look like new and they are ova 7 years old. But I do take pride in looking afta them and wearing the symbol. Next review will be about my purchase from GOAT here,s hopeing. Cheers anne( tassie)

- Confirmed $80USD, charged $110USD

When you use Apple Pay to confirm a purchase it displays your address, but it doesn’t change the shipping - I used Apple Pay and confirmed $70 for shoes and $10 for shipping, but then I got charged $110 because of international shipping. This is very misleading and if I didn’t have my bank app sending notifications of when I spend money I wouldn’t have known it was $110USD till it was too late to cancel. DO NOT recommend if you live outside of the USA unless you’re willing to spend on shipping

- Great App!!!

Awesome, clean and user friendly app. Have purchased multiple times and I must say I’ve had a 5 star experience. Great collection of sneakers, all legit, or will run through there pre verification before shipped, also an awesome place if you want to sell your own kicks.

- Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)

I love this app I have bought multiple pairs of shoes on this app and they're great. I like the filter for it but if you could add one of those price sliding bars for a price range that would make the app even better! Highly recommend this app if you like nice shoes.

- Fantastic App and Excellent Service.

Easy to use app. Buy sneakers, they get authenticated, express shipped to your doorstep! Legit sneakers and an excellent service to ensure you get authentic kicks. Approximately 10 day turn around from purchasing, authentication and delivery to Australia. Highly recommended!

- Worldwide

Great app makes buying easier but would be better if for people outside of the US you could show the price in the country they are in for example I’m in Australia show the price in aud so I know how much I’m paying straight away, If this happens it’ll be perfect and worth 5 stars for sure

- Great, easy to use app

The Goat App is by far my favourite sneaker app to use. It's simple, easy to navigate and very aesthetically pleasing. The purchasing process is simple and the customer support was fast and effective. My only complaint is the lack of combined shipping which does make it rather expensive for overseas shipping.

- Sneaker Candy Store

Living in Australia, we didn’t have access to some of the gear released in the USA. GOAT is the only place I shop for vintage sneakers. I’ve purchased absolutely stunning Jordan 11s, vintage Kobe’s and will scout and buy more. Easy, reliable and credible.

- Great Shoes App

I love buying shoes from here. I have bought multiple pairs of shoes and will continue to do so. Shipping was quicker than expected. Extremely happy and I would highly recommend anyone to use this app.

- Mad Ting

This app is mad. I bought Skepta Never Sleep on tours and it was obvious that goat had secured me the real pair. The app itself has such a large data base filled some shoes that imma bout cop, much easier to use then the website as well.

- Money

GOAT needs to tell you what currency you are using. I live in Australia and bought new shoes that were $420 since when i made the account i said i was Australian i assume that the currency is in AUD so i just spent $700+ on some shoes that i did not know were that price! Please state what country the currency is!

- Convenient

Goat is so convenient for everyone whether they are at home or in office. You can buy sneakers in this app as a gift for your parents on anniversary.

- 4 weeks still no item. Expensive

It's been 4 weeks & I still don't have my order. Tracking shows out for delivery for the last 4 days & still nothing. No response from Goat Customer support Prices are expensive. Better service & cheaper prices on Stockx. I've ordered 4 pairs of kicks from Stockx which were cheaper than Goat & all arrived with no issues I won't be using Goat again

- Its amazing

It has literally every shoe but it for example if you are scrolling through shoes and you see nmds for like 110 you go on it and it says like 200 but other then that it’s a great app and has female male and kids.

- I love goat

I have just ordered a pair of NMDr1 and I have had a lot of troubles recently with ordering shoes off of the internet and apparently this is the right place to go :)

- It's for me

Instead of buying in stores,I use this app to buy my favourite sneakers easier. It has changed my shopping habit.

- Excellent!!

I have now bought 2 pairs of Nike’s from GOAT and they have both been great! Really happy to be able to get ahold of styles I can’t get in Aus directly.

- Blissful

I bought adidas shoes for $ 400, which is $ 50 cheaper than the web-based price tag. I feel very happy because of that :)))))


It has been OVER A MONTH since I submitted an application to sell a simple pair of NMDs for $70 and yet IS IT STILL BEING PROCESSED???? Very slow, do not recommend, haven’t bought from them before but it’s probably no faster than selling? You’ll probably have to pay now and get your shoes two years later when you’ve grown out of em or they’re old 😒😒😒

- Easy to use

With Goat, I can find various types of shoes by several clicks. So easy.. And I can also sell my used sneakers for anyone need them.

- Interesting app

GOAT makes my shopping becomes easier and more interesting. Really really nice. I'll invite my brother to use it.

- Scam

I bought $980 pair of shoes for my daughter and when they arrived they where to tight so I returned them she only put them on to see if they fit she didn’t walk in them just like you would in any store When I returned them they said that they where worn so I said yes she tried it on to see if they fit then they said yes because you tried them on to see if they fit that means they are warn so we can’t refund you What a joke how are people meant to see if they fit without trying them on Had no reply from them just the TC Will never use this company again Mark

- Waste of time

This whole scam is a waste of time when you can agree a price and then not have an order fulfilled. Ruined my birthday, as my wife had organised a pair of sneakers I really wanted through the app and it ‘couldn’t be fulfilled.’ Saw the shoes go back up with an extra $100 on the price tag. Don’t waste your time.


I live in Australia and we can’t get everything that can be easily bought in the US. So I want to Thankyou for the variety the wide variety of shoes and clothing. THANKS!!

- Free yeezy

This is a question would you be able to give these to me for a low price

- Why you should buy at goat?

It’s same as the name goat. Very convenient and legitimate place to buy sneakers. Their customer service is excellent.

- Best app ever

A best place to buy auth shoes, easy to use, and easy to create an order. This items will deliver to u on time or as soon as possible.

- Try it now

If you are looking for an app to buy real sneakers, I think GOAT will suitable for you. It's so great, easy to use and user-friendly.

- Pricing tags

Hey can u please add price designation tabs for people who are limiting purchases, so if your looking for smthn for $300 you can get all the shoes that are in the $300 section

- Shipping costs!

$60 for shipping to Australia is way too much and it would be appreciated if you guys could somehow drastically lower the cost of shipping thanks.

- Import tax

Not worth using of you are an international buyer. The import tax related is too high. If you had to return, you wouldn’t get the tax back and have to pay again if you ordered again. Imagine if you had ordered a fake pairs and had to pay the tax for for something that is worthless and wont get the tax back

- An useful app

Useful for both buyer and seller..If u want to get your favourite sneakers but don't have to go to stores, GOAT is made for u ! I recommend it.

- Language

The app is completely in Chinese which means I can’t even find the settings to switch language...

- Great app, one suggestion

I really like this app but I with you could filter the prices from low to high.

- Easy to navigate, even from Australia

Took the parcel to my local DHL warehouse and it was shipped and authenticated with 3 business days (from Australia!!!)

- Suuuuper app

my sister likes using this app to buy her favourite sneakers and either do I. All sneakers which I and she have bought in GOAT are authenticccc. Love it

- Excellent Service

Can’t be complementary enough of this site. Ships on time and has all the freshest kicks 👊

- Helpful

An interesting app help users choose and buy authentic sneakers with good price. Shipper is friendly and delivery is quickly.

- A good app should have

All sneakers which are supplied by Goat are authtentic and have a reasonable price. So, when shopping on GOAT, i'm very excited and happy.

- A good place to by shoes

I bought supreme vans and they came with no problems shockingly fast, the app does glitch out when I’m looking at shoes a lot so I hope that they do something about it

- Expensive and long time shipping

It’s worse and more expensive than StockX. StockX is not everything authentic as well. No sneaker apps are reliable. I am so disappointed about it. See you and I will delete it owing to poor purchasing experience of long time to wait and more extra fee.

- disappointed

I was charged 330 when it said 250 so i tried contacting them to get a return and i’m yet to get a response from them. I tried through the ticket system and email and have gotten nothing back from them. extremely disappointed

- Simplicity works

Using the Goat App is great, I always can find whatever shoes i want without any fuss!

- My review on goat

I love this app i love shoes and finding them I honestly find this more entertaining than instagram

- Disappointing

Ordered a pair of used off white shoes at a great price. After 2 days my shoe was not shipped, so I contacted support to ask if they can contact the buyer to ship my order. The support team went ahead and cancelled my order, still waiting for a refund. This is disappointing, so terrible!

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- Fix the app icon

I love the app I buy a lot of my shoes from goat but since recent app updates the icon is just black can you switch the icon back to the old icon it looks really stupid with an all black icon

- Shady ?

I installed it because I'm a sneaker head and they kept appearing on my Instagram ads so I figured why not give it a shot. Firstly this is an American based app so what I thought was a decent deal turned out to be in US. Not even including shipping. I couldn't even see the shoes without it taking me almost straight to check out, I'm just supposed to assume someone will send me a pair of legit shoes for all this money I'm spending ? Come on guys, your app barely has any reviews.

- Shipping

‼️People ordering in Canada, DHL will charge you $75 more for shipping than what it says in the payment review‼️🤬

- Okay

Shoes are decent in the app and seem to be okay priced if you live in the US, saw a pair I really liked for $50 and ended up paying $115 with some hidden fees, this app would be amazing if you lived in the US but if you live in Canada it’s not great, the process they do is cost of shoe+tax+shipping+exchange rate+hidden fee=price of shoe, instead of getting a killer deal I paid average price if not more, the shoe told me it was $80 CAD final cost but turned out to be $115 CAD final cost, we will see how the shoes turn out.

- NO

The shoes were 140$ so i get to checkout and all of a sudden shipping is now $45. So i decide to pay the shipping. It takes 2 1/2 weeks to get ready to be picked up by DHL express. I’m waiting for the shoe then i get a call from DHL saying i owe $80 in “fees” and if I don’t pay they won’t send them to me. I pay the $80 more so then i’ve payed $125 in fees for only $140 shoes. To top it of my shoes were supposed to be here yesterday and i needed to sign for them. So i stayed home all day waiting AND THEY NEVER SHOWED UP. Now it say “delivery day unavailable”. Absolutely horrible shipping prices, hidden fees, takes forever, not accurate times, and terrible customer service.

- garbage

waste of time and money. could have ordered the shoes and got them much cheaper and faster anywhere else.

- No Goats for sale

Searched for Boer and Nubian and both turned up zero results. All I see is running shoes. :(

- Banks?

anyone here from Banks

- Bought from Canada

Just have to say that as a Canadian I was hesitant , with the duties , tariffs and everything on top of everything. But I’ve had a great experience with GOAT. If you look for it there’s so truly awesome deals to find on this site, and although it’s in American currency, simply asking siri what it was in Canadian was very helpful. The bad reviews from Canadians, are because people are stupid, and expect that paying 230 us and shipping to Canada will be as advertised. It’s not, if you buy intelligently (I.e the VERY consistently surprising used shoe section which are very advantageous) you can buy some dope kicks that you can find anywhere. Copped some dope kyrie 2s that retail for 350 cad for only about 170 after shipping! Try this out northerners, and do yourself a favour and request them to ship to you with USPS. Customer service will hopefully be as consistent as they have been with me


I WOULD GIVE 0 STARS IF I COULD. I ordered on April 24th, we are now June 18th and I haven’t receive anything. I asked several times for help, but they keep answering the same thing: be patient. I think I’ve been patient enough ( 55 days!!). I keep on telling them via emails (only way to contact them) that I didn’t received anything and that I want a full refund, all they could answer me (after 2 weeks of my refund supposedly being issued) is that they will give me 70$US which is half of what I paid (130$US). I am not the one in the wrong, yet I still haven’t got an answer and will start legal procedures because in a legal point of view that’s called STEALING.

- Goated👍🏾

No cap slatt

- Scammed

I got completely ripped off by this company. I was charged $90 on my credit card more then I was suppose to. I reached out to the company and they told me it was because the currency was in American. However when I checked out I made 100% sure I was checking out in Canadian dollars. In addition they use a shipping company (DHL) that charges ridiculous customs and fees. I was charged another $90 for custom fees. The company gave me no notice how expensive these fees were and they are aware this is what happens. Terrible customer service, they did not help me in any way.

- Don’t bother

This app used to be fairly decent and in fact I’ve previously bought from goat using their app but after updating iOS I was forced to update the app to the newest version… what a waste. Can’t even figure out how to search for a specific item anymore. After ten minutes I gave up, deleted the app and went to StockX instead. Someone needs to hire some UX/UI folks cuz this app is useless

- Goat>>>>>StockX

Don’t even holla at me

- Hidden border fees

Bought a shoe for $190 or so, shipping was $30 and fees at the border (not shown at checkout) were $67. Let me know how much I’m going to be paying before I make a commitment.

- Don’t buy unle

Imagine buying shoes thinking shipping is $40 until DHL comes and your paying another $65 GOAT has no support line or anything to call so your basically f**liked if you need help in anyway don’t buy shoes here if you live in Canada cause you’ll be paying over $100 in fees and it doesn’t even tell you about the hidden fees upon ordering😂

- Apparel disappeared

The apparel section in the app has disappeared out of no where

- bruh

fr don’t buy i bought 313$ shoes and the customs were 122$ a waste fam don’t do it

- 100% not great

If you don’t believe me go to they’re Facebook comments on any post. No returns of funds just refund in goatbucks. Not shipping included

- Too much extra fee

Saw a pair of $100 shoe available for 170, ok. I can afford that. Extra $42 handling fee, fine. Another $66 customs fee, so I spent $300 for a $100 pair of shoe. Yay

- Trash

Been dealing with their customer service for over a month and when I finally got tired of dealing with them they threaten to suspend my account because they said I need to be professional, they didn’t answer anything they actually re directed our conversation like a 14 year old girl instead of dealing with my complaints I’ve boughten many pairs of shoes from them and now I’m treated like flaming trash good job at having THE WORST customer service possible! If you’re canadian or anywhere not in US don’t even bother they don’t care they use the worst shipping possible they hide fees I bought 190$ shoes and paid 78$ in fees and taxes that’s not the going rate on our taxes but keep lying to customers as you go forth. Complete garbage stay away

- Dissapointed

Bought a pair of zebra yeezy’s for my brother for his birthday. Opened the box and noticed spaghetti sauce color spots on both shoes and one shoe had scraped off letters in the soal. These shoes were definitely not new. Also, when it arrived In Canada, I got destroyed by a 217$ charge for duties. Only star given was for fast shipping. Will definitely never buy from them ever. I was able to take off the sauce from the shoes with some cleaning products but when you pay 800$ you should never get this product quality.


If you are in CANADA I strongly suggest NOT BUYING on goat. The shipping is too much. I ordered 3 PAIRS of shoes and got charged a total of $292 just for SHIPPING. I contacted goat asking if they could change the shipping provider to usps instead of dhl and they didn’t do anything. Save your money and buy on kijiji or letgo.

- Horrible shipping

I live in Canada, and in their website is said it’s 40$ for shipping, a lil too much, if u ask me. But whatever. The they decide to ship it by DHL, forcing you too pay extra 78$, making it a total of 118$ just for shipping, bruuuh💀

- Terrible

This app is one of the worst shoe apps out because it’s American based and you have to pay extra after the delivery too

- Shipping and customs fees are RIDICULOUS

I love the way tge app is set up but for people outside the US (im in canada) the shippibg and customs fees almost cost the same amount as the shoe 🙄. Almost 100$ in customs fees and $40 for shipping which is crazy considering customs is not covered.

- Don’t download

Worst customer service ever- Do not recommend

- Great shoes, awful duty fees

Would recommend finding another source to buy sneakers. Ordered a pair of jordan’s and the import cost was $172. Not Goats fault but they could use another company instead of DHL

- Horrible App

Bought shoes that were listed for $350 and ended up having to pay over $700 for them when everything was said and done. Such a scam. Wish I never used this stupid app.

- Order never received

This app is useless. Ordered my product a month ago and never received it. I sent them an email and they give me useless reasons like, “it must be stuck on customs”. They don’t specify a date on when I receive it . Please never order here!

- Hidden Fees to make the sale

I put in an order for a $289 shoe with 14 dollar shipping. They changed the quoted shipping price from 14 to 41 dollars after i put in the order, and I just got hit with a 126 dollar customs fee. An order i expected to be $303 turned to over $450. I totally understand that customs and shipping are a part of the process, but my problem is two things. Firstly, GOAT completely lacks transparency in reporting these values to the customer, I dont even understand how my shipping price changed from 14 to 41. For customs, theres apparently an option to ask for a different delivery service to bring the price down, they dont inform you of this option. Basically, it seems like they want to make the price *look* as cheap as possible to make the sale. And to make it all worse, when I tried communicating this to customer service, they showed no understanding or willingness to help or understand or anything. AWFUL service, I do not recommend, especially to Canadian sneakerheads.

- Communication between buyer and seller

The app is really goodbut the only thing that bothers me is the fact that you can’t text the seller. Would be great if change.

- The best shoes ever

I have never seen a better place to buy beater shoes and cheap air jordans with verified authenticity 10/10 would recommend.

- Amazing

If you are simply in to fashion in the slightest, you would LOVE THIS APP

- really good

prices can be bad compared to StockX but stockX doesn’t sell used shoes so GOAT makes up for that. it’s also way easier to find nice shoes cus the interface and the design is alot better, but it’s really annoying how it sometimes shows you the lowest price, not price in ur size. it should just say that there isn’t ur size, not tell u a random price. also it’d be great if the “SAVE WANT” button on the bottom of the screen was a little higher up so that i wouldn’t have to worry abt accidentally quitting the app cus i have an iphone XR. really good for looking and finding new shoes, i’m gonna buy shoes soon from here but i haven’t bought any yet.

- RiceGum

I'm here because of RiceGum lol

- Hard to rate experience

I ordered Jordan 1s from this app. They went to verify and said the box was damaged. I inquired through the ticket system to see if the shoes were okay still. I waited for a response before asking for a refund or accepting a discount they offered. Instead they never got back on that issue and offered only two refund options. I chose putting it back on my credit card instead of a credit on the app. *if you are an international customer, be aware that when this may happen, you could get less money back because exchange rates change.* I ended up getting a refund of 12.50 less than what I paid originally. Thankfully I was able to solve that with my bank, but other people may not be as lucky. Also when I did end up getting a pair of shoes shipped to me at a later date. I ended up paying a bunch of duties and taxes, it was 40 dollars Canadian. Overall it’s not a bad experience, but some information could be more transparent.

- Are u high

Why when u search dunks high tops come up

- Do you want your shoes?

I know what you’re thinking *yes*, well too bad. I have recently ordered two pairs of shoes from goat, I did not receive either pair.

- Pretty awful

Trying to buy some shoes? Good luck, checkout never works. Trying to reset your password without having to contact support? Goodluck. Once you do contact support, looking for a quick and easy solution? Expect to wait 2 weeks. Finally buying the shoes you wanted? Expect to pay an extra 40$ if you don’t live in the US. This app was good at one point but now its just absolutely awful.

- Hidden fees, poor cancelation

Tried to cancel the shoes but process was not easy. Received the shoes and had to pay another 75 dollars. Deleted app, never going to use again. Canadian shopper

- Overpriced

The Shoes were at a normal price but the taxes for shipping once they got to my city were immaculate. I paid another $200 just to receive the shoes in my hand.

- Don’t bother using this app if you’re canadian

I never write any reviews but I just had to. If you’re from Canada don’t even bother (hiddens fees). First they charged me more than they were supposed to and Fedex charged me 144$ in duties. Can you believe that ? For SHOES. Never again

- Beware!

This place will sell you brand new claiming they are originals, when the craftsmanship is horrible. Stitching was poorly done on my sons Jordan’s No phone support, will not give any refunds only credit

- Goat

It’s really good

- Very Misleading

I love shoes and against my better judgement I decided to order a pair of so called new shoes. I assumed that GOAT would verify the shoes to be real and in fact new as per their policy. I knew I would have to pay for shipping which I was good with but what you are not told is that the verification is in Hong Kong. I’m in Canada. Shoes were $172+$40 for shipping. A week later I’m emailed to pay $75 for duties otherwise you won’t get anything. Okay I did and then the shoes come and their crap. I will never purchase from here again. You have no idea where the seller is so you have no idea what surprises are coming. Please be careful. Better yet don’t download or order off this app. Very shady and misleading !!!

- Nope 👎

Yeah don’t get anything from here lol. I bought something and made me pay 75 in customs and I couldn’t even cancel the order:/ I know I should have checked first but I’m writing this so nobody else has to pay 100 for it to get to you. Also if you return once it comes to you you have to pay for shipping back

- Okay🤷🏼‍♂️

It’s alright, I mean it’s kinda annoying there are no Boxing Day sales and if there are it’s all like size 3-5 in men’s like idk anyone who’s older than 13 that has a size 5 but ok.

- Worst app to use

It’s a scam don’t do it they got me , just trying to help someone else out


Was so hyped to get my shoes and they sent me the shoes in infant size and their return policy is garbage just to ship it back to them costs half the shoe. Not worth it at all.

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G.O.A.T. - Buy and Sell Authentic Sneakers & Apparel

GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel 2.52.2 Screenshots & Images

GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel iphone images
GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel iphone images
GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel iphone images
GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel iphone images
GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel iphone images
GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel iphone images
GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel iphone images
GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel iphone images
GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel Shopping application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel (Version 2.52.2) Install & Download

The applications GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel was published in the category Shopping on 2015-04-16 and was developed by 1661, Inc. [Developer ID: 492155025]. This application file size is 111.28 MB. GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel - Shopping app posted on 2022-06-24 current version is 2.52.2 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.airgoat.goat.ios