Emoticons Keyboard Pro - Adult Emoji for Texting

Emoticons Keyboard Pro - Adult Emoji for Texting [Shopping] App Description & Overview

* 3000+ Adult Emojis including Static and Animated!
* Express yourself with any emoji you want in this Amazing App!

You can always find an emoji to express your mind in this app. We provide 3000+ static & animated emojis included in Naughty, Funny, Love, Games, Dirty, Mood etc. You can copy & share these emojis & gifs to friends via iMessage, Mail, Twitter, Facebook Messenger.......

You won't believe how powerful this emoji app is until you download and use it!

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* Add more emoticons & bug fixes.

Emoticons Keyboard Pro - Adult Emoji for Texting Comments & Reviews

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- As they said it was

Just upgraded to the pro version, and now have no ads and tons of new emojis. Easy to use, like copy/paste or direct input to other apps. Nice product. I just downgraded my rating to 4 stars because I keep getting the request for a rating on the app. It will continue to go down if I keep getting the rating request. It's a major nuisance. Please fix this and my rating will go back up.

- Emoticons

Some nice faces to dress up messages. Haven’t been able to get it to work like it says though. I downloaded three different of these emoticons from App Store. Deleted them all. Then I remembered I had paid $2.99 for the no ads and other specials that come with that. So I went back and tried downloading three of them again. Couldn’t tell which ones I had downloaded like you usually can when you download apps and erase them. Don’t know which ones they were. I downloaded just two of them. This one of them. I wouldn’t mess with them again. Save your time. After having this app for a period of time now I cannot give it anymore than 1 star. I paid the extra $2.99 for no ads so I’ll keep it. If I send a message through it like you are to be able to they fail to send. I have to right a message through my iPhone app that phone comes with. Then if I want to add one of the Emoticons from this app I have to click over to it add it, click back to my my app already on my phone and send. Or write my message on my iPhone app then then to Emoticons and back. It just comes to that I haven’t been able to send a message using just Emoticons. With my iPhone already having the 11.3 it already has enough faces and motion emoticons it’s not worth the trouble. And it said it was compatible with my iPhone.

- Nice graphics

STOP ASKING ME TO RATE THIS EVERY TIME I OPEN IT!!!!! My biggest complaint is that this author seems to have several different programs similarly named. And they all have the same icons. I'm pretty sure this author is raking it in from people like me The by two programs thinking they are two separate programs but then find out it's just the same program renamed something slightly different. I'm going to request full refund for everything purchased at the App Store and never purchased from this particular author again. Plus the blog is in Chinese. So you can't even contact them for support.

- Great programs!!!'

I too agree about the asking to write a review. It never stops. Almost like the writer of such is afraid that he want cover every ones grips. He or she can't please all the folks all of the time. Some folks some of the time maybe. As far as I'm concerned I think it does a great job. The only thing I would like to see fixed is to make it easier to integrate the upgraded app into I-text. Like the first emoji program. Easy peasy, I believe. Just my thoughts. I love the little fellers. Tell lots of stories without getting into too much trouble. Keep up the good programming. My hats off to you.

- Awesome

Love it just wish it would work in my smule app. Yet still fun UHHUH. Rated it and it keeps stopping me from using it say if you like this app rate it. That's annoying and I'll have to delete if keeps up. Yet love the app besides that. Sent that along time ago. Well I wonder if I bought everything like twice why does it show me to have to pay 299 for the other one? This one says to get not that I own it. Yet if that’s my review and it still on my phone I think I’ve been charged a few times for this adult emoji apps

- Annoying. Stop asking me to rate

Updated. It crashes many times and part of ap doesn't work and it continually asks you to rate it so each time I will rate it negatively until they fix it. Old review :Ap forces you to give it good ratings. Very cute emojis. But app annoyed me to rate it before I could enjoy it and figure out how to use it. The ads were annoying so I purchased it. Then first run it froze so I had to delete and reinstall. It's not easy to use like a keyboard and there is no explanation how to store favorites. Annoyed I bought it.....so it's asking me to rate it again after it crashed again. It's aweful. So to add after having it a month: I love it but it crashes all the time and I have to reinstall and then have to rate it again


I bought this quite awhile ago then lost my phone and lost the app. When I repurchased, the emojis were far less racy and much more generic....definitely not Adult like the previous version. They no longer include those emojis you would expect to find in something labeled "Adult". This version isn't worth the $2.99. It is entirely G Rated. Boring, boring , boring. There aren't 3000 or even close to that number. And the constant popup to rate the app every time it's opened is more than annoying. (I hope I never have to see it again now that I've sent my rating!) Time to reintroduce actual ADULT emojis and give your users what is promised for purchasing this app!!

- Emojiologist....

As much as we pay for our phones and service, I want to use all these different captions and emojis as much as I want, I love that it's easy to load, clear, and large prints to actually see, and all the funny xrated and standard things to send... my only issue is emoji w animation , they hav to keep year current, if the emoji is holding up a sign.... they add new things but never change year on things that hav year to date on them ...

- LOVE this app!

This is by far one of my favorite apps of all time. It’s so easy to use, and I use it all the time! Everyone always comments on it and asks me where I “come up” with all these cute sayings and responses to texts. I’m partial to the animated ones, but there are more to choose from in the other ones, so I use both. Hopefully they’ll keep adding to this app! So glad I purchased the full version!!!

- About purchase

I downloaded free version and loved it so I paid to get more emojis said there was lots more around 3,000 But when I paid $ 3.99 and download there might be about 50 more different if lucky along with all free ones and downloaded to different app screen not same app that was on phone! Please the purchased one does not have some that is on the free one! I would not have bought it if I new would not be more emojis plus same emojis from free app as well!

- Keyboard

For any reason this app can not add to the new keyboard. I like so much the app but is difficult to use it because i can’t access in my keyboard and I must copy and paste to my mms. and I have back and forth from the application and copy and paste to send a messages. The rate app’s message is also to much frequent. Maybe you can update the app.

- I was a little surprised you have to pay more for all Emjojis

This has some really ecellent animated Emojis and Gifs, but it never alerts you to that fact until you're trying to use one of those animated emojis. I'm only giving it 3 stars based on the non-notifications of added money to be spent. i may change my review based upon the quality & quantity of emojis & gifs. Also expect an additional update if it purely isn't worth the extra $$.

- Fun app

I really like this app, it gives you many options from emojis to words to use. I am using the free version now with the app but plan to get the ad-free app soon without the ads. I Gabe four stars instead of five just because you have to go to the app, select the emoji you want then copy and paste. Other than that, I think it’s a great app!!!!

- Disappointed

This app is a perfect example of why I don’t want to pay for them. It makes false claims of having so many great and numerous animated gifs. Yet after purchasing only to find out it has limited numbers of lame and unappealing content. All app purchases should be just like store purchases. You should get to try them for a day and if you don’t like it be able too return for a full refund.

- Adult fun without being nasty

Works super easy, some of the reviews are unbelievable it's like can't be any simpler, I use iMessage you just touch and emoji and it instantly gives you the choice of many different ways of using it, and has never glitched on me once, never glitches and it's not vulgar, Needs allot more graphic adult content

- Cute ☺️

Well, I just have the paid version to save time by not having to go through ads. They’re very cute but not a whole lot of difference between the two versions. Nice variety of emoticons but paid version should be a little more interesting. SUGGESTION - It would be nice to have some more “greetings” emoticons like the “good morning/night” type or “have a good day”, “happy Monday/hump day/Friday/weekend”. Thanks 👍🏻

- Free us worth it not premium

Don't bother with premium for $5. I downloaded the free app. The premium has the same emojis as the free no more naughty or sexy than the free one. It implies if you get the $5 version you will get more adult and sexy emojis. You don't. You just don't see adds. Its a little clunky you have to leave messaging to open this app select your emoji then select send in message then type in who you are sending it too it then sends it. You cannot just stay in messenger and select the keyboard etc. but some nice emojis.

- Ads

I paid to get rid of the ads, then the Rate It continues to pop up until you’re basically forced to rate this app. Plus it claims you get thousands of emoticons when you buy it. I don’t see any more emoticons than I did before I purchased it. They wanted me to rate it, now it’s done. Wasn’t worth the $3.99. I had another app that provided me everything this one did, but purchased it because I thought I would see new emoticons. Wasted money. I guess they needed the money more than I did.

- Hiya

Guys are gonna be mad at me and said that they were gonna be able to come outside and get cigs. I'm not doing anything with the residents of the house and then we will be able to come outside and get cigs yesterday but sometimes it's hard for me and my mom said you were gonna have the boys until we can do that?

- Biggest and best selection ever!

Seems like there is an emotion or a remark or face for any situation you can think of. Personally, I like the sarcastic and adult-natured, humorous ones the best. Those are hard to fine. I did upgrade to the paid one in order to avoid the annoying advertisements.

- Doesn’t work...freezes

Doesn’t work. Just avoid. The pay version just freezes after you send. And as others have mentioned you have to go back and forth between the app and the messaging service to send. Then the app freezes after it sends the emoticon. Freezes 100% of the time. You have to completely close the program. So, you finally have the rating you were begging for, 1 Star. It’s garbage. Walk away and don’t look back.

- Adult??

After paying for the app so I could get rid of the adds I thought I was good to go. WRONG! Then came the constant Rate Me! So not cool. I was also hoping for some ADULT emojis with the paid version. NOPE! Wrong again! Very disappointed to say the least. Let’s get some truly Adult emojis. I’m pretty sure that better stuff can be on the app. Why can’t the app be linked to the IPhone messaging app? Like “Fallout Shelter”, “The Weather Channel” or some of the apps. That would be awesome.

- Would be great, if

...it didn’t freeze so often, and if I could access it while I’m texting instead of having to go back and forth between apps. Other apps show in my text app, but I can’t get this one to even appear on the list. I also think I was overcharged for the ad-free version. Waiting for a reply from the developers.

- Mike K.

Have many great emojis. Would like to see more animated ones. Would even be willing to pay for some really cool ones. Also, would be nice to add the ability to just change keyboards while typing rather than to go out of your messaging to send.

- paid version

I bought the paid version to get rid of the advertisements which drove me crazy. I did not see many new emoticons after buying the paid version which was disappointing but I still like the ones that are there. I haven't had any issues with the app itself. I guess I am happy for the most part

- Free version vs paid version

I had the free version and buy the paid version, first I do not see where the 3000 figures are, there is no difference between the free version, only the ads. I have sent several messages and so far they have not answered me, I lost the investment, but I let them know that it is not worth buying it. On the other hand the figures with movement do not serve for Whatsaap are of very poor quality.

- Love it

It serves my purpose. Seeing someone in the service and we communicate via text. The animated texts are delightful. I am not looking for anything really filthy. Just something to spice things up a bit. These do the trick. The rest I can take care of.

- Why not copy on this version?

Your other comparable program had "copy" included as a choice and this version does not! Why? Update it and I will give you five stars! Thanks for allowing us to copy and paste! Now you get the five stars I promise you! Thank you, Steve A Rosá Now I'm constantly getting your pop-up message in your program asking me to rate your APP!!! I'll be taking off a star Plus I will keep adding paragraphs upon paragraphs while pluging your system with the frivolous reviews of mine until you fix this in your PRO edition!!!

- Very Annoying

There are very cool emoticons but even after you get suckered into buying the ad free version, lol, you still get pop up ads and even after writing several reviews they keep asking for more reviews, grrrrrrrr!!! I’m just about ready to delete this app just because the b.s. is very, very, annoying and it neve stops...Believe me, add free after paying....nope!!! Nothing changes except the money from your hand to theirs!! Borderline scam!!!!!!!!🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮There’s my five star rating!

- Great app. Pushy for reviews

The paid app gets rid of the ads but they bug the crap out of you for a review. Other then that the app is great. It would be better if you did have to open it all the time to use it on other apps. Great app though👍

- So far So Right!

I have used this app for going on two years, at the beginning I wasn’t impressed that much. Then I bought it “Ad Free”, It was Fantastic. But as time passed they NEVER UPDATED THE EMOJI’s. It’s Okay now and Then to use. I gave a 4star rating at the beginning but NOW a couple of years later I can’t give that rating due to the lack of customer support in UPDATES AND CHANGING THE PRODUCT! CombatNam🤔🎖

- So far so good

I paid to get rid of the adds and to have more emojis. The adds are gone but dont see any more emojis than were already there. As for now I will give it 5 stars. My stars will go down if I keep getting blown up to review.

- Just right!

Just what I wanted. Not too racy or vulgar (... OK, maybe a few). Gives a nice way to "spice up" a message, send a giggle, or make a point. It's fun. Thanks. (I recommend buying the ad-free versions. Cheap and well worth it. This is a very fun App. Some others get a little too "adult".)

- Don't bother buying...

I thought this could be used in iMessages or the keyboard but you can't. It asks you to rate every time you open it and constantly while using the app. I bought the app but no difference really. If buying it would get rid of the constant annoying request to rate the app then I would say buy it. But it doesn't. You get the same emojis free or paid. That ain't cool!

- Review

I have the paid version expecting do get new emoticons to use from time to time but there are the exact same emoticons available in the unpaid version. The only difference is there are no advertisements in the paid version. It said there was suppose to be more emoticons available too.

- Love the Animation

The moving emojis are great they say so much in one motion, people enjoy them. I use the app when I want to send someone something different or special after a message every once and a while. 5 Stars 🤩

- Give me a little more time

I like the app and have fun with my wife sending back & forth. She really likes the emojis and chuckles while using them. I'm waiting to see if it keeps asking me to rate the app. I hope NOT! I'll be back with the verdict soon.

- Very disappointed!

I could find no way to easily get the emoticons into an iMessage, let alone get more than one emoticon at a time into a message. Very disappointed as for me the ability to get more than one emoticon into an iMessage is really the only reason I decided to pay for a no ad version. Sending multiple messages each separately just to get one's "flirty" intention across defeats the purpose of sending a flirt in an iMessage.

- Fun

I’m finding this app to be a lot of fun and I’m sure my friends and family will agree. Sometimes you can’t find words to express how your feeling but there’s always a emoji that can relay it for you. Yes these little guys are fun!

- Very cool and worth it!

This is a very cool app! In my opinion it is very well worth the little the developers are asking for the complete access! If you are lucky in love in a good relationship this app is very " fun " to play with back and forth! Thanks fellas, great job ok this app!

- Best Large MeMe's out there

The large memes are the bomb and you can ad your own text to each message!! Works fast and flawless so far on IPhone. Kill the ads when you purchase app. Good buy!

- Ratings are earned not coerced

Constantly asking me to rate the app. Each and every time I try to use the app. Stars are for the emojis. I purchased all of the upgrades and think that would be an indication of what I thought of the app. After posting this if I'm asked again to rate app, it will be deleted.

- App doesn’t work

I totally agree with the previous review. I can’t get this app to work properly even though I ‘ve paid $2.99 at least three times.

- Nice faces, but it’s room for better ;)

There are nice emoticons to choose from; but I’d love to see more options for female faces; there are many stereotypical associations- female emoticons for cheer leaders, but not for volleyball, or basketball players; male emoticons mostly for funny faces, or jobs, while the female emoticons show up for flirty looks.

- Great Fun

My wife and I are so filled with love for each other. We flirt in text all day long. This app is really fun and easy to use. What fun we have with this app as we grow closer and closer, even after twenty-six years together! 😉

- Persistent. I want to review later!

I get pop ups asking me to rate the PAID app. I hit "later" and move on. The next time it doesn't give me the "later" option. I want it to STOP annoying me after I rate it or I'll be back to downgrade my rating.

- Good app

Would give it 5 stars, but annoying pop ups... & why can't I share stickers from within iMessage? Shouldn't I be able to send from messages instead of having to open the app

- So far so good

Works great so far. Why does the free version get weekly updates but the paid version doesn’t? It’s in serious need of an update. After updating my iPhone it doesn’t seem to work right. I have to keep closing and reopening it several times to do anything

- Fabulous fun!

I have really enjoyed this app. Everything has worked when sending in text message. Haven’t tried other venue yet.

- Adds spice to couples

It's a great app. My husband and I use it for spicing up our text messages and just one animated emoji says it all. It asks to be rated all the time but it's not more aggravating than it is fun! Try it

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- Bit of fun

Good for a laugh!!

- Fun


- Awesome

Awesome App there's heaps. Needs more Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhghg

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- Good Stuff

Friends love seeing these🦋

- Fun Aoo

Freezes too often.

- Awesome

Everyone loves getting these sent to them.

- Disappointed

I like emojis and would be better if the screen didn’t freeze up all the time. If they fixed that, I think it would be awesome.

- Disappointed

When I use/send a emoticons sticker after the screen freezes ?!?? I have no choice than to shut down the app completely. So I can continue to use my phone. I do like the emoticons choices. I am just hoping you are able to fix this problem. I don’t like wasting money....

- Phyllis

My friends love it it needs more naughty emoji‘s

- Emojis.

I love the app even without pro. I use em all the time.

- Grizhogo

Everyone I send to wants them. Thanks

- I love it! Paying for the “no adds” was great! Awesome!!

I recommended this app for my friends as well!

- Glitches ALOT. Not worth $5 +

Glitches ALOT not good selection. For money. SUCKS. WASTE OF MONEY FOR SURE

- Cool

😎kids love it

- Awesome App

I like the variety of icons!

- Funny.

Awesome emojis

- Bought the app

I like it, but bought the app & it freezes on my new IPhone 11 Pro Max.

- Crashes

Can’t use it it has great emojis but crashes and freezes every time I try to use it????

- j’ai toujours des commercials avec l’aversion payante

annonce même sur version payante test ok

- Yikes

Thought this would integrate better with iMessge. Virtual useless without intergration. Bummer, good emojis tho.

- Love/Hate

I love the variety of emoticons and animation. I HATE that I paid for the extras and...NOTHING.

- Disappointed with full version.

I thought the free version was ok and hoped that the full version would be better with a lot more options. POOR integration between iMessage and App. Very few new features. UNLESS THEY COME OUT WITH MORE, it’s not worth the money.

- Very nice

It does its job

- Save your money

No support. Can only insert one emoji per text/email. Cannot load into keyboard function. Gave it an extra star because of animation.

- Oops

Should’ve read the reviews and saved both money and time. When I want to use emojis I want them accessible within the text, not have to move around. You want fun go ahead, you want user friendly, hard pass.

- Crap

Crap crap crap I want my money back

- Great App

This is cute and lots of fun, with seemingly thousands of emojis, you can use as stickers or animation. I recommend it, and it’s worth the price. Good work guys. I made an err, the paid version has no advertisements

- Emoticons

OK ..... but not the cats’s meow....

- Emoji

I wanted this to add it to the reg emojis I use everyday what a waste of money

- L3xxi

Paid for this app and didn’t receive the extra emojis.

- Review

Pain to use as copy and paste is required.

- Review

Not that great just okra

- Merci


- Great app!!

Love it

- Cool


- Poor App

Not a good app. Doesn’t connect to the actual keyboard. Want my lonely back

- Scam

Not worth to spend money.trust me.don’t buy it

- Rip off.

I bought this app caused I thought it would have more emojis but the exact same as free. And to top it all off they charged me 51.10$ for this app. Bull crap.

- Love it

Works great - posts right onto iMessage - no problems!

- Terrible

I updated to the paid version and it’s exactly the same as the free version! Huge rip off

- Crap

Paid $4 and it’s the same as the free version

- Not bad

Fun to play with.

- Good

Not bad

- There are better apps !

For the price it's not worth it beware!! 😕

- Emoticons not available - RIP OFF!!

The ones I bought it for are no longer there 😡

- Disappointed so far...

Sux that it doesn't work in iMessage directly... have to exit conversation to use app Advertising gives impression you can use it from inside iMessage Make it accessible from within iMessage please

- Text Master

No better than the free one.


What a joke!!! Download and pay and it's the same as free one. This app is ran by crooks!!!

- Great!

Love it. Lots of selections.

- Cute


- Decent

Would be better if it linked to i message

- Do not buy!

Paid version, same as demo!!

- Ok

Cute. But pain to use cause it won't go directly on iMessage

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- One thing would make it better

One thing would make it better & that would be to add an intergration of the app to the iMessage window for easier use. It has lots of fun emojis & makes messaging fun again.

- Fun!

There are a lot of cute emojis to choose from. I hope you keep adding more. Luv the animated ones. It is however, really annoying to be asked to rate it constantly.

- Great but...

Great but there's no need to buy the version. The free version has the same thing just with the ads it leads you to believe you'll get more so I bought it however I don't see any additional ones!?

- Nice app

Needs a search button but icons are worth the $2.99 Buy the full version as the ads are annoying bit app is great!

- Emoticons Keyboard

Love it, but needs to be categorized a little better by topic. Fix the “rate this app” which keeps coming up even though I have already reviewed and got the paid version.

- Fun way to communicate

Visual communications can often express quickly and exquisitely when words fail. And this app adds some spice to the picture.

- I like it but...

The app locks up after each use for me. I have to restart it after I send something. I want to like it and hope it gets fixed. I also did pay to remove the ads and get the extras also ( I’m using iPhone 11 Pro Max 256 gig )

- Best app EVER!!!

I love this app! I use it every day. I sent my wife funny emojis. Lol love it love it love it!! There is always an emoji for any occasion and they keep updating it. Thank you for making my text messaging more alive. Two Thumbs ups!!!

- To much

It will ask you to rate it every other day this is very annoying. Once you have rated it once that is enough I think I am going to delete this app because of that. Other than this issue for re most part okay.

- Kewl stuff

An okay App. just wish you had the ability to copy it right away instead of thumbing through options first. Animation is cool.

- Descent app, annoying rating prompt

Pro app seems to work well, lots of good emojis. Bad decision from the developer to force you to rate the app every time you open it.(Bought the pro version so I wouldn't be harassed by ads) So, Mr Developer, you loose 2 stars for this!! Are you happy I was forced to rate it?

- Love It!

Cute emojis. So easy to use. So far I haven't had any issues using this app...but I did purchase it within just a few tries because of liking it so much. I definitely recommend.

- Just ok

This app freezes every time I use it. It doesn’t have as many emojis as I thought it would. Kinda limited for the price you pay for it. And it asks for a rating every time I open it. Here’s your rating. Fix the freezing and add more emojis. Make your app worth the $3.99 that we paid for it.

- Awesome

Good app I love all of the selection of emojis!! Just wish the emojis were accessible when sending or writing a text like the original apple emoji icon is on my keyboard?!! How do I put these emojis on my keyboard??

- Really

Got the free app, but hate adds and the paid version was supposed to have more. So I paid for it and I have yet to see the difference. In fact the free app has more! Pretty disappointed. The paid version should have a lot more. Only gave it two stars because they have some great emojis.

- Love the App, But

I love this app. It is simple to use and fun, BUT I am really tired of constantly being asked to rate it. I have already rated it. I will update the rating to 5 stars when it stops asking me to rate.

- Cute Variety

Very cute and useful emojis. I just wish there was an X symbol to erase previous copied and pasted emojis as they keep repeating themselves. Takes a really long time to cut, paste and erase several characters within the same email.

- Emoji s

Love, love, love these apps. Use them all the time. Because the emojis kind of speak for themselves without speaking, often they speak for me with their emotions without my typing words

- Fun

I am enjoying this communication tool. I really enjoy the animation. I do not like continually being asked to rate the app - right in the middle of a text to a family member. Very irritating. Overall good. PS: under celebration no "Happy Mother's Day" :(

- It works

Should be able to search instead of looking through...

- Review

Just upgraded and so far everything seems to be wordiness. Will continue using and will get back if I have any problems.

- Waste

Some of the images are okay, most are terrible. And they’re not emoticons at all. They’re images of emoticons. Can’t use them as if they were in a keyboard. I can only save them and post as an image. But any time I even try to save one the app freezes until I force close it. No happy that I spent money on this at all.

- Improvement

Only wish is that you could send multiple emojis in the same text

- Needs Search

App is good and does what I expected, but unlike bitmoji, there is no search feature so hard to find what I want sometimes.

- Paid for the app for nothing!!!

App said to download additional animations in the Sexy category, needed to pay for the app. Paid for the app and there were no additional animated emoticons available to download in that category than there was in the free version. Extremely annoyed by this deceptive tactic.

- Emoticons

Nice pictures just wish I can bring up in messages while I’m texting

- I like it, works fine and a lot of fun.

This app is so annoying asking to rate it every time you open it.

- Already voted

Already rated quit making me do it I'm about to ask for my money back because it constantly asks me to rate the app. I've already rated the app. Leave me alone!!!!!

- Where's the difference?

Upgraded to the $2.99 version to get more emojis, where did you hide them?

- Emoticons App

I love the app, one question please. I pay the extra $2.99 to remove the ads, WHY am I still bothered with them ALL the TIME?

- JDub

I've had fun with it so far. There are lots of icons that are feminine and a few that are masculine. There's a need for more of both. Very annoying to continuously be asked to read this app, even though I've already done so.

- Very nice

Nice options, very stable app, but I wish it would stop asking me to rate it after I already have!

- How many times are you going to ask for a review??

Enough already!!

- I dig it

Got a few funny ones on here. Wish it went straight to my keyboard instead of having to go through the app though

- Harrased into upgrading .. waste of money.

The free app harasses you constantly to upgrade, actually makes it difficult to use .. the promise of more (and more explicit) smilies pops up even when not using the app .. Truth is it's just more of the same and nothing better then the free version. So it's not horrible but it's not worth upgrading either.

- Ratings Pop UPS

I like the emojis but those pop ups for rating requests every time I open the app are annoying as heck!!!. They also cause my screen to freeze up. Can you do something about that. I don’t need to rate the app every time I open it. Thanks EW

- Fun

Simply said- fun!!! Love to send especially on special occasions. My grandson now likes to see my text messages to my daughter- looking for great emojis

- Tons of emojis

Thought I would download this because I was getting bored with the stock ones. Worth it!

- Stop asking me to rate it

It's ok , I have the paid version which did not offer much more. It's annoying because of the constant pop up to rate it. I wouldn't buy it again

- Not as naughty or as many

Not nearly as many different emojis as it says I don't think. Also not very many naughty ones as I would have wanted. Allot more generic ones or repeats with a small change.

- Outstanding

Great product and a fun way to change up boring messages

- Very nice app!

I enjoy adding these to my text messages. I wish that they would add a few more categories to the animated section and of EACH holiday.

- Transcendent

Using it all the time and sets and example for other app to take notice in how is done.

- Emojis

Being enjoying them by sending to girlfriend she likes them having a blast

- The app is fine

I have no complaints about the app, but being asked to review every 30 seconds is driving me insane!

- Ok

I've only had the app a short time. So far it's nice to have something other than the standard emojis. However, you can't do anything without being basically begged to rate the app. Also, there's nowhere near 3000 to use. Not enough for the price.

- Good app, going to keep dropping stars for every time u ask to rate you!!!!!

STOP ASKING ME TO RATE YOU!! I gave a good review, I like the app... but your killing me with everytime I use it I get asked... also u need to link to keyboard... Zillow and Starbucks are linked, why is this not...

- Emoticons

Annoying, your always asking.

- No Ads???

I also paid the 2.99 for no ads, but am still getting ads.

- Great and Fun App

I use it to humor my wife and nieces. Would have gave more stars but apps can always improve right.

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Emoticons Keyboard Pro - Adult Emoji for Texting 1.1 Screenshots & Images

Emoticons Keyboard Pro - Adult Emoji for Texting iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Emoticons Keyboard Pro - Adult Emoji for Texting iphone images
Emoticons Keyboard Pro - Adult Emoji for Texting iphone images
Emoticons Keyboard Pro - Adult Emoji for Texting iphone images
Emoticons Keyboard Pro - Adult Emoji for Texting iphone images
Emoticons Keyboard Pro - Adult Emoji for Texting iphone images

Emoticons Keyboard Pro - Adult Emoji for Texting (Version 1.1) Install & Download

The applications Emoticons Keyboard Pro - Adult Emoji for Texting was published in the category Shopping on 2016-07-15 and was developed by Ganger Cai [Developer ID: 1175460462]. This application file size is 95.73 MB. Emoticons Keyboard Pro - Adult Emoji for Texting - Shopping app posted on 2016-09-15 current version is 1.1 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.konglin.EmoticonsPro

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