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What is five nights at freddy's 2 app? NOTE: Remastered version from the PC version. A device with at least 2 GB of RAM is required for this game to run properly.

Welcome back to the new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!

In Five Nights at Freddy's 2, the old and aging animatronics are joined by a new cast of characters. They are kid-friendly, updated with the latest in facial recognition technology, tied into local criminal databases, and promise to put on a safe and entertaining show for kids and grown-ups alike!

What could go wrong?

As the new security guard working nights, your job is to monitor cameras and make sure nothing goes wrong after-hours. The previous guard has complained about the characters trying to get into the office (he has since been moved to day-shift). So to make your job easier, you've been provided with your very own empty Freddy Fazbear head, which should fool the animatronic characters into leaving you alone if they should accidentally enter your office.

As always, Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for death or dismemberment.

NOTE: Interface and audio in English. Subtitles in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish (Latin America), Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean.


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Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Version 2.0.415 February 2022

- Subtitles in 11 languages (see app description) - Minor fixes and improvements.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Comments & Reviews 2022

- Excellent

Amazing job scot. This game is intriguing and unpredictable. I’m currently working on fazbear fever and well they weren’t kidding. Personally I thought it be exactly like night six, but boy was I wrong. Its night six on steroids. Here’s some tips for the more problematic animatronics .T chica: approach’s from left vent if you see her in the office put on the mask for at least 3-5 seconds or until you hear reciding footsteps. Bonnie: when you see him in your office put the mask on immediately if you see him as you put down the camera. Or else he will strangle you. Bb: this little son of a nightmare is annoying. He follows the same pattern as T chica so follow the step for him until you here departing footsteps or if you hear his obnoxious laugh. Foxy: he will appear in the hallway when you see him flash twice and check your vents, if someone’s there flash foxy thrice deal with whoever’s there then flash him twice after putting the mask down then wind the music box then repeat the steps until he leaves. The puppet: this ones simple but really annoying. Wind that music box as much as you can without getting killed. If you’re getting red warning signs on your screen head to the music box hold the light down and wind it up. I find this very effective against him and use this strategy when someone’s really screwing me over. These are tips I can offer. Hope you survive these five/six long nights!

- Best game ever!

I have been a huge FNAF fan sense November 2020 and learned literally EVERYTHING about the story and characters. I love the game and the creepy vibes you get when Toy Chica is starting at you in the main hall. BUT, I think you made it A little too adorable when Mangle is in the main hall. Not saying that’s a bad thing. Also I really like that strange noise that plays at random times. It really makes me cautious and be like “Oh no is someone in my Hallway?!”. Also I think it’s really cool how you have to be very cautious when winding up the music box for the puppet if someone is in your hallway because you have to just trust that nobody is there. Although it’s kind of like you’re like “Oh I can just want to Wind it up little bit more” but then you get jump scared! I love all the unsolved mysteries like shadow Bonnie, the paper pals, shadow Freddy, and JJ. There is only one problem with the game though. BALLOON BOY IS WAY TO ANNOYING!!! Oh wait? You can’t fix that? Oh OK. I guess I can deal with it with a couple more hundred years. Recently I’ve been trying to see if I could find balloon boys pathway to your vents. I think it’s strange how you can’t see him very well on his way to you. Same with foxy who I still can’t stand I love him so much! Also why does Chica lose her beak when she goes off of the stage? Please do (not) fix this! Great game and please continue to make more awesome games.

- I finally got it!

After ultimately completing Five Night’s at Freddy’s 1 by indie game creator Scott Cawthon, I decided it’d be my special reward to move onto the next game! Whenever I start the game I put the speaker to my ear because I just can’t get enough of that eerie opening music! It’s wonderful! Although the multitasking part is one that I seriously struggle with :0 but I’m getting better! After all it’s only night 4 and I’ve had plenty of practice with FNaF 1 and all the other FNaF 2 nights so I think I can make it through and keep the music box wound up, flash the lights at foxy, and put on my mask when needed. I just need to practice a bit more. Overall, the game has outstanding graphics, not the most realistic that you’d think that your actually there compared to Special Delivery, Augmented Reality (AR), or Help Wanted Virtual Reality (VR), but it certainly gives me a good scare because of the type of headphones that I use on some occasions or when I have my volume turned up all the way and I completely drop my guard 😅 Scott has certainly outdone himself with this game! My favorite FNaF character has to be Ft Freddy (Funtime Freddy) and Bon Bon (his hand puppet). I can’t wait to move on to FNaF 3, 4, 5, and finally SL (sister location/FNaF 6) so I can finally meet and head Ft Freddy! Review Over. Cya!

- Fun, but really scary

This game is really fun but scary at the same time. I’m going to give you some tips on this game. Night 1: it’s pretty simple, you only see Freddy chica and Bonny. For me I saw chica a lot. Chica goes in the hallway and the left vent. Bonny goes in the right vent and Freddy he goes in the hallway. Oh and by the way I didn’t really use the cameras. All you basically have to do is look in the vents and the hallways. Night 2: in this night you see more animatronics😭. Ok so if you see foxy and mangle in the hallway at the same time you have to shine the flashlight at them three times. Mangle can go in the hallways and the right vent. Then you, I think have balloonboy he goes in the left vent. Night 3: I died in this night. You see a lot of animatronics in night 3. This is how I died in this night, I died from chica, like withered chica. I used the mask, but it didn’t work. And I’m so sorry I keep on forgetting thing the mask helps by, so if you see one of the animatronics in the vents you put on the mask. If you see Freddy in the hallways and one of the toy animatronics you put on the mask. I forgot something again, I forgot the music box. The music box is for the puppet, the puppet will come kill you if it’s not on. I hope my hints helped you. Good luck and have fun😊

- You should install this game

This a great game ok I like five nights at Freddy’s since I was in 2014 and this game the best one and I have reasons for you to buy this game reason number 1 is because of the gameplay it lets you troll the animatronics to make them think your Freddy Fazbear and reason number 2 is because of the plushies you can get plushies for free by beating custom night presets and get a big collection and reason number 3 is because you can get a survival kit if you want to get the nights 2x faster with unlimited battery and you can see all the animatronics so when a withered animatronic is in your office while your on the camera it will be above YOU in the cameras so if your bad with toy Bonnie and stuff just look at the camera to know when he’s there and reason number 4 is because of the characters designs they look awesome and reason number 5 is because the graphics it’s nice to look at and reason number 6 is because of the story and the backstory off all the animatronics it’s so scary and it’s like a movie it’s great backstory of five nights at Freddy’s pizzeria and that’s why you should get this game five nights at Freddy’s 2

- Fun,but scary!

I'm on night five so I know a ton! Night1: not much to do, but! You can die. So be careful! Most active I would say is Toy Freddy, because at first, when I had no idea on how to play he killed me twice! Toy Bonnie is tricky too but There's a way to make all of them go away ( but the puppet ) put the mask on ( the red button ) wait 5 or 4 seconds and take it off. ( or if there in the office put it on immediately! ) The Puppet you need to wind up the music box. Night2: You may not like it but there are 5 more animatronics! Ok lets get you set up with the hardest one ( well to me ) Mangle! She ( or he ) is a little bit tricky! Because he/she is the broken down one. ( her/his name makes sense ha ha ) She shows up in the right vent and the hallway in front of you. If it's Foxy and Mangle are both there than flash 3 times and put on the mask for 3 seconds repeat. And the rest are different all the Freddy's can't squeeze their fat buts in. ( please don't hate that joke I was just trying to make this a little funny ) Withered Bonnie shows up in both vents and the hallway in front of you. Withered Chica only shows up in the right vent I will update this soon

- Big fan of Fnaf but...

Hello! I have loved Fnaf since Fnaf 2 first came in 2015. Not a big fan of the mobile port, however. The A.I is messed up. Toy Freddy hardly moves. I have only seen him in the hallway once through the period of 3 nights. Two of the nights, however, he never moved. On night 2, Balloon Boy glitched. He laughed, indicating he moved. Not even two seconds later he moves again, and so on. Balloon bo has a messed up A.I... Foxy appears way more often then he did in the 2015 version. Sometimes, the A.I messes up, and the character stays on a camera the whole night without moving. Like one time, Toy Chica was in the hallway the WHOLE NIGHT.. Toy Bonnie was in Party Room 4 the WHOLE NIGHT for my night 3. Mangle hardly moves at all, even through all five nights. In conclusion, the A.I coding needs a lot of work. I don’t think Balloon Boy should be in your office literally 27 seconds after the game started... Freddy should not be on the stage the whole night. He moves rarely, but only to the hallway. And he never even comes into my office. He stands in the hallway for about two minutes, than returns to his stage for the rest of the night. Toy Chica should not be standing in the hallway the whole night too. Foxy should NOT be coming into my hallway in Night 2 every 17 seconds. A.I needs a lot of work...

- Amazing Game, Way Too Easy!

Ok, so this is definitely in my top 3 favorite FNaF Games (1. FNaF 3, 2. FNaF Sister Location, 3. FNaF 2)! It has super good graphics, jumpscares that are scary but not over-the-top like FNaF 4, AMAZING gameplay mechanics, and I love how there’s a certain process to get rid of each animatronic. However, it’s just a bit too easy. I got past nights 3 and 4 on my first try. (Currently on night 5)[EDIT: Night 6!] I feel like the ways to get rid of the animatronics should be more complex instead of just using the mask for a certain time to make it more immersive and challenging. Also, Mangle and Foxy are a little too active. Five seconds after I get rid of Foxy, guess what? He’s there again! Also, I understand that Scott cut out a lot of mechanics from the PC version because it’s, well, on mobile. But it would be nice to at least have some mechanics and part of the jumpscare animations on higher end divides such as the iPhone X or iPad Pro. Like at least add the thing where Toy Bonnie will move around your office in front of your mask! Other than that though, it’s a great game! Good luck, Scott!

- Test your wits and might!

This is probably one of the best FNaF games in the original hexology (I butchered that) this game is really a test of your skills. You have to have good reaction time and be great at multitasking. (I am neither of those) which is what makes it hard and fun at the exact same time. It crazy how different this is from the first game: The mechanics, The noises, The visuals, The strategy, The struggle, The size of the building, the cast of characters, And overall the feeling. Now, I know that each game has a different feel from the last. That’s why having a collection of all the games is something that someone could want instead of each game almost feeling exactly the same. COUGH, COUGH, MODERN MARIO GAMES and is also one of the many reasons why people like these games. Everything I stated that was different about this game from the first one is another reason why people people like these games, the noises, the visuals, the feeling, an so-on. All of the things I said before are the reasons people like these great games. So, Scott, keep making games and keep annoying Matthew Patrick!!

- AMAZING!!! But a little room for improvement

This game is amazing i have to say scott you impressed mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This game is awesome but a glitch with the puppet il tell you this the puppet came out of the music box when it was wound up i dont know how this happened fix that night 1 was easy night two is hard i am on night 3 i finally beat night2 i realy like the withereds there cool i want to talk about the jumpscares in fnaf 2 the withered freddy is scarier then the toy freddy and heres why is the Wfreddy the w stands for withered the withered has the beat up creepy look and the creepy teeth. The toy 🧸 has the playful teeth witch make it less creepy. hope you like my review scotttttttttt your the best. Here are emojis of the animotronics 🐤 is chica 🐰is bonnie 🐻 is freddy 🦊 is foxy 🐮 is mangle I just beat night 3 so im just saying im on night 4 i had to change my review the Witherered freddy was annoying on night 3 i got jumpscared by him once when i was so far . please make the toy animotronics more active in later nights like 3 and 4 please so i can see them attack me more often.

- Great update but need some more changes

Out with old and in with the new Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 update and I have to say this update is definitely better than the version before but it’s has some issues 1. The screen never turns unlike the new version of FNAF 1 it honestly uncomfortable to hold the IPad like that and I wish there’s the function of turning it. 2. The controls in the office are TOO DARN LOOSE when I’m try to face forward the screen just throws itself to left/right and not the directions I want it to unlike the new update for FNAF 1 and the PC version of FNAF 2. 3. This is a minor problem but why is this game in full-screen while the first game uses wide-screen? It makes no sense, at best it’s a little odd and at worst it’s a bit of a distraction but other than those big problems this is a Faz-tastic update and I cannot wait for Freddy Fazbear and friends’ next journey on mobile devices: The Brand Spanking New Update for Five Nights At Freddy’s 3! Springtrap’s Reawakening In Fazbear’s Fright.. He will come back! He always does! He will make our adventure in this horror attraction in a roller coaster of screaming scares! (Right Scott?)

- Amazing, but could use at least one change

I love this game. I have beaten this game to its entirety, including golden Freddy mode (where all of the animatronics are on their hardest difficulty). It’s great in almost every way. Jump scares, great. Graphics, great. Mechanics, good, but could be a little better. Specifically, Toy Bonnie’s mechanics. When I was playing the custom nights featuring toy Bonnie, I noticed he stayed in the vent longer than the other vent animatronics. This has led me to multiple foxy, puppet, and toy Bonnie jump scares, and it’s just irritating. I also noticed that his animation moving across the office is faster than this, and would make it easier and better for others if it was applied to this version of the game. Nothing is perfect, but this game is very close to it. If you do take the time to read this, Scott, please take the time to fix this minor mechanical problem, if possible, because I don’t want to put you through something that can’t be done. Otherwise, the game is great. I would recommend others getting this game.

- FNaF 24/7

This is an AWESOME GAME but... jk there is no cons about this game. This is worth the three dollar price. What I love about this game is the horror and Night after night the game gets harder and you have to act fast. Right now I have downloaded almost every fnaf game on iPhone. I have FNaF 1–special delivery including UCN. Scott this game is really my life it is very fun. But I probably have to buy that survival kit to get past night three lol. Thank you so much for these games you have created. I also have a suggestion how Bout a FNaF 8! I know sounds crazy. Or an even better suggestion is maybe create a game that is also on mobile where you get to play as an animatronic and have free roam around the pizzeria. I really suggest that. Another thing I really like about this game is the story behind. How the mini games you play after the nights put together a story about FNaF. You know the story on how purple guy killed the innocent children. Again thank you so much for this game and if I could rate this 7 million I would.

- Scott… Listen up!

I love this! Much better than the first one. Well There’s a some sort of glitch on my Nintendo switch saying that I beat Golden Freddy. And now there’s a Golden Freddy plushie on my desk. So it’s saying I beat Everything Except Fazbear Fever. It’s hard man. I love number three too but this is about number two. Also I’m working on number four and I got JUMPSCARED. IT WAS SCARY. 😱Anyways I’m an expert on this game. But please add Custom Night to part 3. Do that for number four also if it doesn’t have it either. One more thing. I like Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica and all but about them… Should Toy Bonnie take Toy Chica out? Like knock her out and ban her from the pizzeria? Or what if I mean the other thing? Yeah. You’ll want to think about that. I was thinking and laughing about it since I had that Idea. If you know what I mean you should work on that. But if you’re more interested in scaring people I understand. Are you retired yet? I dunno. But if you didn’t keep up the good work. See ya!

- Can’t beat 10/20

Great game I really do love it recently I have gotten into FNaF and I’m trying to beat Golden Freddy mode to receive the third star which really is hard but I think it’s overly hard than it should be for people like me who jumped on this game rather late because when I look up strats to beat this most of them are all outdated and don’t really work effectively I honestly don’t really give up on games often and I am taking a break and coming back to it but what I’ve realized if you were here before the 2.01 v you could most likely beat this mode and get the third star Scott could you rethink hard difficulty I’ll stay play FNaF 2 to hopefully to beat Golden Freddy might even come up with my own strat and the only thing that I personally don’t like is that how well your following your strat this game is based knlucj alone not skill but it’s something used great game to play on the go when your bored I hope your next game can come to mobile port instead of VR good luck

- SO FUN!!

When I’m playing this game I can see things really well and how much effort they put into this game they definitely deserve a five star rating this game is extremely hard but I can give you a few tips don’t look at your cameras until 2 AM but only pull up your cameras to wind the music box 2 AM is when most of them start working until it becomes night three they start moving on 1 AM I have all the five nights at Freddy’s whoever invented this should become famous for life if you need any more pro tips I will probably post more in five nights at Freddy‘s one I hope the tip helps you I also forgot about Freddy and chica you have to put on the mask and they will not go into your office unlike Bonnie considering once he is in the air duct once you use a light and see him immediately put on your mask foxy is the most hardest considering BB is toys coming right on foxy Peers but BB moves away whenever you put on the mask but every anima Tronic will move for BB

- Phone guy

"Hello, hello? Uh, I wanted to record a message for you to help you get settled in on your first night. Um, I actually worked in that office before you. I'm finishing up my last week now, as a matter of fact. So, I know it can be a bit overwhelming, but I'm here to tell you there's nothing to worry about. Uh, you'll do fine. So, let's just focus on getting you through your first week. Okay? Uh, let's see, first there's an introductory greeting from the company that I'm supposed to read. Uh, it's kind of a legal thing, you know. Um, "Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. A magical place for kids and grown-ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life. Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for damage to property or person. Upon discovering that damage or death has occurred, a missing person report will be filed within 90 days, or as soon property and premises have been thoroughly cleaned and bleached, and the carpets have been replaced."

- A bit confused

It is a great game and very fun but I am a bit confused as to what I am expected to do in a specific case. So I made it to night 6, I am at 5 am, things are going not good, but not too bad, then the flashlight did that thing to where you cans turn it on Because there is movement in the front hallway and I understand that there are no movement animations for that hallway, so it makes the flashlight not work for a few seconds to let them move without an animation. The problem though is that it was doing that, nothing out of the ordinary there, but it lasted quite a while, but it was still making the sound to let you know the flashlight was disabled for a few seconds, it lasted a decent amount of time of me pressing the flashlight before foxy jump scared me. I wasn’t able to flash him but he still jumpscared me. So I was wondering if there was another way to handle him that I am just missing or is this a bug.

- Great scary game but a few things

I just finished night six which was so much harder than the original fnaf 2 night 6 Scott Cawthon made for the mobile port and I was happy with that because it felt more like the PC version. It was scary and fun to play through the game again in its updated version. I’m most happy with the fact that you can customize the custom night now instead of just only being able to do the challenges. However I was wondering a few things. Sometimes I like to screen record myself beating night 6 or 7 in these game just to keep the accomplishment on tape. But now screen recording doesn’t work in the updated versions of the games. It records one small part of the full screen. So I was just wondering if that’s intentional or not. Also, I’m just wondering if Shadow Bonnie/Freddy are in the game and even that endo 2? Anyways that’s all. Great game overall and I really like this updated version!

- Fun and tips

Hi! In my personal opinion this is a great game. And I’ll have some tips to share with you! Be noted, I am only on night 4 so I may not get everything right. On night 1, there’s really nothing to be worried about. Just keep the anamatronics out of your office. Night 2 was hard for me. But to tell you old foxy and BB are the most active. Mangle will move around from time to time. And for me the only old anamatronic that came out for me was old foxy. Night 3 was easy for me. Old Bonny and old chica came out of their room, but were not a big problem. The toy anamatronics ( not mangle ) will move around less and are not much of a problem. I’m still working on night 4, and the only thing I can say for sure, is mangle is the most active. But old foxy and BB come in as a close second. I haven’t had a problem with old Freddy, but I guess he’ll become more of a problem on night 5. Well, that’s all I have!

- Love the game, only one small problem...

I am a huge fan of the FNaF series and out of all the games, I love FNaF 2. $2.99 isn't a terrible price for a mobile game and I did look up that the mobile version is harder than the PC version which was exciting. I'm on night 5 right now and I’ve been doing great, the only problem I have been having is the mask. Even on night 1 it seems like there is some type of sensitivity with putting on the mask. It is frustrating with the sensitivity because it gets me killed by withered chica or withered bonnie almost every single time. I don't actually understand if there is a sensitivity or if there is some type of cooldown between the time of when you put down the camera and when you try to tap on the mask. There have been many times where I am directly tapping the button to put the mask on and it just refuses to put the mask on and boom, I'm dead.

- This game is too hard.

I’m not scared by the atmosphere or the jump scares or anything, but this game, especially on my super small phone, is just TOO HARD. I know every mechanic, flash foxy 5 times, mask withereds quickly, mask people in the vents, wind the box, simple. But this game throws so many things at you at once unlike other games in the series. It makes you constantly switch between so many things and the music box unwinds way to fast on night 5. I got through every night except this one and I can’t do it. Night 5 and 6 in the original I only died once on 5 and twice on 6 before winning. In fnaf 2, I’ve died more than 30 times on night 5 because it’s luck based, requires nearly perfect timing, and requires you to do more things at once than you can handle! I like the game except for the difficulty. Long story short, if your not into hard games, it’s bad.

- Tips

This is my first FNaF game, because I heard the best about this one. Here is what I have learned so far (I'm on night 2) Night one: never use your flashlight on cams this night. Check the vent cams, and if an animatronic comes immediately put on the mask. Once you get the music box warning sign wind the music box then put on the mask and count to 5. After that check and they should be gone. Night 2: Only use cam flashlight on kids cove for mangle. He normally moves to the room with ballon boy at about 1:30. Mangle: Will approach from the right vent or front door. Use mask. Original 3: Freddy usually comes to the front door frequently starting at 2:00. Watch out though, foxy follows most of the time. Bonnie enters through either vent. Check vent cams for him. Chica enters through the right vent or the front door. USE MASK FOR THEM ALL. Foxy: alone all you have to do to him is spam your flashlight a few times and he'll leave. Sometimes mangle will appear with him. If so, flash your light 3 times then use mask and count to 3. Repeat. Whenever someone is at the front door, foxy might switch out randomly. Be sure to check the front door frequently. Balloon boy: He is the easiest. He always enters through the left vent. Check vent cam for him. If he is in the vent entrance, use mask. I think I covered all of night 1 & 2, I hope this helped.

- Fun & Challenging

This game is super fun and has many fun things for you to do. In this game there is no limited power (yay!!!) yet there is a limited amount of flashlight batteries. There are 11 characters that can jump scare you This go-round including Toy Freddy, toy Bonnie, toy chica, foxy the pirate, withered Freddy, withered Bonnie, withered chica, puppet, ballon boy, ballon girl, and Mangle. Some rules of the game: the puppet sleeps in a music box that needs to be wound up between every 45 seconds- 1 min 10 seconds and you have a Freddy mask that can disguise yourself from the animatronics but it doesn't work on the withered animatronics, the puppet, or foxy. Though you can flash your light at foxy to keep him away. Why this game was challenging: of course Night 1 & 2 were easy but Night 3 is so hard! It's impossible to keep foxy away and the music box needed to be wound up CONSISTENTLY leaving no time for you to focus on the other animatronics. Overall this game is fun but if you get it be up for a challenge!

- Some advice how to play

I’m on night 6, so I guess I would be called a pro. On night one toy bonnie and toy Chica are active. They both attack once during the night. On night two that’s when the older versions come. So you have to do more work, but they are barley active. Night three that’s when things start to get a bit hard, honestly I never look at the animatronics, I only sometimes check the vents to see the animtronics then switch to the music box and wind it up, then put the mask on every time I put the camera down. you’ll need to do this if you reach night 6 trust me. But anyways at night 4 that’s when things start to get fired up, and foxy moves more which is the most annoying thing for me. The animtronics start to get fired up. Night 5 just repeat the Strategy I said. night 6 I can’t beat I usually get to 5 am then die from a dumb mistake.

- These games are beautiful, Definitely play them!

These games have been around for a while, and I have been playing them and following the lore for about six years now! I downloaded it once when I was a little kid, and little eight-year-old me couldn’t get past night two. So if you are an eight year old, It might be tricky ^-^. But upon downloading it again, and bringing back some nostalgia, I found the games to be beautifully designed, the graphics are amazing, It has little to no bugs, fun minigames, a beautiful plot, and lovable characters. The jump scares still get me every time, and I love every second of wonderful gameplay. I recommend this for any thrill-seeking gamer, or anyone who wants a great game to play! I’m going to be re-playing all the games now, and bring back some good memories. Thank you Scott, for my childhood! 😁

- This is awesome I love this so much but

OK this game is like the kind of Game that you need a lot of skills for like it’s really hard the withered animaTronics don’t come out much and I’m OK with that but the OK it’s another one of the problems The new game and the continue button are so close together i made it to night 4 and I accidentally pressed new game so please Scott move them apart i Tried to get get to night five but now that’s dead so please just move them and also withered foxy OK so heShows up randomly like come on also The alarm when withered foxy shows up it’s very annoying like I hear it I always forgets wind up music box like it’s very annoying so play this at your own risk if you like being scared OK go for it but other than that it’s really fun so I recommend this it’s really fun game and I hope you know super fun

- 2.0.3 fixed major issues but...

FNaF 2 is a great game. I loved that 2.0.3 has fixed major issues in the game and it’s well done. But the thing that kind of bothers me is where the position of the music box button is moved to the left of the screen to where you click to wind. It would’ve been better if it was still on the center of the screen where it usually was like on ver. 2.0.1. And whenever a night starts and you go to the prize counter cam, the music box doesn’t start playing until 2 second later. I don’t know if that’s a bug or something that was meant to happen. Also the custom night screen sort of looks poorly made. It feels like everything is crowded and it doesn’t look like the original or doesn’t feel like the original game like 2.0.1. Overall it’s a great game and I’m glad most of the bugs have been fixed.

- Tips

1st night: The first night is really simple and your able to relax. Just make sure to always wind up the music box. You’ll mostly see Chica, Bonny, and Freddy. They won’t actually attack you. The most important rule is to remember the music box. The puppet will get “mad” and kill you. 2nd night: This night i died. I died twice because of foxy. Foxy mostly goes in the hall and left vent. If you happen to see him in the hallway, just keep flashing your flashlight at him. Remember the music box! 3rd night: The 3rd night starts to get challenging and you’ll start to see more animatronics. Foxy is the one your certain to die from. Be careful and remember the music box!! 4th night: It’s really challenging but manageable. In this night chica and balloon boy start to come sooner and more often. Chica’s endo skeleton might appear in the main hall. She “likes” to be there for some odd reason. Well that’s night 4 for you. Remember! THE MUSIC BOX!

- Great but difficult

Hi Scott! Thanks for reading this review everyone, because I think this app is definitely entertaining and fun (it’s also a good tool for waking up in the morning lol). I was able to pass all five nights after a week of trying, because I must admit it was pretty difficult to pass them. I’m now stuck on night four once again. I haven’t experienced any glitches yet, and I was even able to figure out an extremely helpful tactic to handle Balloon Boy. So, usually when he’s moving from room to room he laughs or says something like “hi” or “hello”. Well, he appears in the vent every 4th laugh or hello sound he makes. If you count every time he does this, he will always be there as soon as he says hello for the fourth time, so drop the mask as soon has you hear it, and it will work everytime guaranteed. Hope that helps, and great game! :)

- I’m an idiot. LOVE THIS GAME!

This game is absolutely amazing. Everything about it is great except one thing... as you can tell from the title of this review I’m an idiot wanna know why? It’s because I accidentally clicked new game when I was on the 3rd night and I had to restart from the beginning. I wish that there was a button that popped up saying are you sure you want to do this? But no it didn’t. Besides that though I absolutely love this game 20/10 P.S I made it back to night three and was playing with some friends I died and it took me back to the home screen I needed to grab something so I told my friends to play.. they accidentally clicked new game..lucky for me though I went full on focus mode and made it back to the third night on my first try. I hope something like that doesn’t happen again cause it takes a while to come back.

- Here are some tips on how i beat night 1 and 2

night one is pretty easy but you have to make sure to wind that STUPID music box. once you see toy bonnie in the right vent put on your mask and he’ll go away but put it on for a good 5-10 seconds then quickly check your music box and wind it up a bit to save time always check to see where the animatronics are to make sure you know what you’re doing. that’s pretty much it. night two it’s definitely a bit harder. both foxies come out and kill you. balloon boy comes out and prevents you from turning on your lights. the music box automatically freddy doesn’t really do anything just make sure to flash your lights on the animatronics and they should go i said put on your mask when you see the animatronics in the vents or if you see foxy in front of you...good luck..


Oh my god, I couldn’t believe it when this came out, I feel bad for balloon boy though- he was getting hated on... Anyways, I love the toy animatronics and the “older and worn-out” Animatronics known as the Withered animatronics. This game is interesting still even today! I still play the custom nights from time-to-time even though I finished the game. There’s just something about it that keeps pulling me back to play it! I just think that it’s so interesting and THANK YOU SCOTT CAWTHON. Your the best game developer (and also a troll) you keep hiding important clues, easter eggs, and new animatronics! Help Wanted is AMAZING and I can’t wait for the new fnaf characters known as the shamrocks. I have done lots of theory’s myself along with watching Dawko, Markipliar, Game theory, and more. Hope you make this new fnaf game as godly and amazing as the others...I have a feeling it’s gonna be something

- Fnaf 2 is fun and scary and hard

So Fnaf 2 is hard I mean hard you need to wind the music box and use the mask but the foxy and the puppet can’t get fooled by the mask but night 1 simple but toy Bonnie and toy chica and toy Freddy and the puppet will get you wind the box at cam 11 and you did it on to night 2 so foxy and mangel and balloon boy will get you use the flash light to get foxy out and balloon boy use the mask but don’t shine the light at him he steals your batteries that’s all night 3 it’s hard all the animal Tronics are here so Freddy put the mask on to fool him Bonnie he is the same chica she is the same so that’s what you need to know but on night 6 if you see golden Freddy up the mask fast so that’s what you need to know so have fun this game is 2.99 it’s cheap it’s scary but try it it’s fun and hard if you love hard games like cuphead this one might be for you and enjoy pls

- Great game! Except...

so I think the game is great and wonderful but the problem I have is night 6. Imo night 6 takes a big leap from night 5. On night 6 I can only get to somethin like 2-3 am and then all hell breaks loose. The music box is going down really quickly and while I’m trying to do that a whitherd comes in my room and makes me have to wait to do the music box and then another whither sometimes, sometimes it’s all 3 at once pretty much to make matters worse all while this is happening foxy is appearing every 10-30 seconds so I have to flash him wasting so much flashlight (flashlight not a big deal really I only use it against foxy) and then I got balloon boy and mangle climbin in my cents making me put the mask on and waiting so the music box is usually always low/dead. Please maybe nerf night 6 just a tad bit, just a lil lil bit.

- Tips and tricks to beat fnaf 2

First let’s start with the toys toy Bonnie if u see him in the vent then put the Freddy mask on he will appear like and move if u dont here the noise he’s gone. toy chica is simple flash the light a couple times and go on cams then put mask on quick that’s what I did it worked. Toy Fred bear Is at the hall and can come up to u all u have to do is keep flashing and use ing ur freddy mask when he’s close to ur office be very careful to put ur mask on if u do it to slow he will jumpscare you. The withers are the same just put ur mask on in time then there gone. Last but not least mangle and bb with mangle just shine ur light like foxy and put ur mask on. With bb flash him in the vent the put ur mask also bb doesn’t jump scare you he just makes u can’t see the light vent or the hallway light how this helped.

- Needs to be tweaked for the mobile version

The game is good, everything about it is great, except for the formatting. It’s basically a copy and paste from PC and that doesn’t fully work. The main example of this is coming off of the camera and immediately putting on the Freddy mask. Most of the time when you come off of the camera and have to put up your mask, it’s doesn’t read your finger tapping the mask button, so you get killed. They need to make the button bigger, move it, or make a screen ratio available to where the button is not right by the bottom of the screen (playing on the iPhone 11, where there’s no home button, so there’s a line to swipe up on the bottom of the screen. Like I said, the game itself is great. It’s just not formatted well for the newer iPhones. It’s practically impossible to beat the more difficult nights this way.

- REALLY GOOD! I recommend it.

It’s really scary and fun, at the same time! So, first night, you probably will see the toy animatronics, and you may see foxy. Well, lucky for you, I know how to beat the game till night 3. So, for foxy and mangle, flash the light 3 times, if they didn’t go away, you keep flashing 3 more times. For the toys, you need to wear the mask including the withers. Now, at night 2, a lot of animatronics come. But don’t stress! It’s quite simple, you just need a little practice. Now, at night 4, I did not beat it, but the puppet probably shows up. You need to keep the music box wind up. If you don’t? The puppet master will show up and probably kill you. Good luck!🙃 I hope Scott Cawthon sees this. Scott, I’ve been a huge fan of Five Nights At Freddy’s! I played it since I was 4, I know, funny.

- Very hard but fun!

I mean this will give you a workout especially night 4 omg it’s so hard on night 2 i was like ooooo it’s getting tough because i had to keep on putting the mask on and whenever withered foxy was in the hallway i was like omg because i knew the flashlight could run out then i have to wind the stupid music box and I’m like cmon baby cmon!!!!!!!! Then i had to quickly do the flashlight at foxy then my flashlight didn’t work then chica came then i had to put my mask on, while i had the mask on........ I HAD TO WIND THE MUSIC BOX AGAIN I’m like: Puppet looks like you really like music so, i just decided not to wind it and, chica was gone so i took the mask off, and went on cams, Old puppet was just sticking his head out. And that’s all i have to say about this game! Really fun but hard!!!

- Great job scott! (Plz read before download!) (Scott read this 2 tho!)

I am I big FNAF fan and I was going to see how many trash copy’s of this game were on the App Store. I’ll have to admit, I was pretty surprised when I saw all the games FNAF 1-6! I tried it and- bugs? Yes- but what game doesn’t? So... about gameplay. I would really like to have that feature where u hide under the desk to avoid withered Freddy like in pc version, it doesn’t rlly make sense that Freddy is just looking at his own face an is like, hmmmmm.... pretty sure that’s Freddy. Or at lease get a TOY Freddy head to repel the withers. Scott, I would really appreciate it if you added a help section on there. Ik that Freddy head and flashlight and all, but what about people who DON’T know how to play and wanna play a horror game? Thanks for reading my review!

- Fun,Scary, Challenging,Some Tips

So this is my first favorite FNaF Games I’ve played. The other ones are awesome, but this one has more challenges. On Night 1, it’s scary because you don’t know what’s happening and some animatronics come after you. On Night 2, you should be aware of the Toy Animatronics, But the old Ones Start to roam, also, you should be used to how the music box works. On Night 3, This is where you need to start focusing, Cuz, you are gonna face Withered & Toy Animatronics at the same time. On Night 4, All you need to do is Act fast and think fast, Watch Out For Balloon Boy And Withered Foxy And Mangle as they go for YOU! Night 5, YOU NEED TO BE FAST AND VERY AWARE OF WHATS AROUND YOU,WIND THE MUSIC BOX PUT ON THE MASK AFTER THE MUSIC BOX AND CHECK THE VENTS AND THE HALLWAY FOR FOXY. I am currently on Night 6 so wish me luck to get that Custom Night and One More thing DO NOT FORGET THE MUSIC BOX EVER!

- Hello! Hello,Hello!

“Uhh, so your the new night Guard! So uhhhh, I really like this location,I think it’s, uhh better then the previous location, in other ways you know? I can tell, you nothing bad will happen. This is uhhhh, the safest place on earth. As long as you follow these instructions you’ll be fine, ummm see that empty Freddy head beside you, uhhh this will help you the most on your shift as it fools most of the animatronics. Well..... do you know who Foxy the pirate is? Yeah, he was always my favorite. The uhhhh Freddy head won’t work on him, ummm just flash your light at him and you’ll be fine. Also, there’s this music box uhhhh keep that thing wound up. Or that Puppet will come. I never liked that thing. It was always thinking. There’s also this g0LDeN~~>~>~> OnE ~~~~~~. Okay That’s ummmm about it! You’ll be fine! Talk to you tomorrow.

- Great game/w later nights tips

Great game night 4 onwards very hard and lots of fun it almost took me a month to beat night 5!/now the later nights are very hard but possible it’s mainly about you’re play style what I did for night 4 and unsuccessfully night 5 was I never used the vent lights I just put the mask on THAT IS NOT A GOOD STRATEGY what you want to do is never use camera lights or check cams just keep the feed on music box to wind it up and when you drop the cam throw the mask on IMMEDIATELY and take it off of nothing is there if you hear vent sounds take it off and check vent lights VERY QUICKLY and while switching from vent to vent check the hall just quickly flash foxy to delay him and repeat this sounds like it takes long but if you can do it it is very good hopefully you find this helpful


This has been one of the most fun and compelling games that I’ve ever played. It’s new features with the mask and the music box ante really fun add-ons although the music box could be annoying. I love the custom night so you can explore the office even more! The mini games were a great addition because it was a reward if you died. I’d sometimes find myself really mad because I had almost beat the night to find that a mini game had started and i would be lost in its amazing lore! I love all the Easter eggs and without knowing I got shadow Bonnie in my office! It was super cool and love how mysterious this game is! The game is really difficult with a greater challenge he after each night although I don’t know if I’m going to do the golden Freddy challenge🤣

- Funny story

So everyone knows balloon boy also I'm not hating on this because this is my favorite game whenever balloon boy randomly comes in you office he is soooo annoying also him and foxy will make a great team so on night 3 I'm thinking ok I can do this only 3 more hours left then flipping foxy come and so does balloon boy while I'm trying to see where all the animatronics are going now I don't know where the heck I'm looking then the withered Bonnie comes and does that thing he does I don't know what it's called the I have to go to the music box and then foxy jump scares me and then I get triggered and my mom can hear me and she's like "sweetie are you ok" also I'm writing this on my fathers iPad so yeah and also my mom has a headache so that makes I even better and it happened today and thats the end

- Good game👍👍👍👍👍

Good game I played it one year ago in 2018 but I am stuck on night 6 so here is my review for nights 1 2 3 4 and 5 night1 so easy only wind up music box and watch out for toy Bonnie and toy chica night 2 a bit hard for me because the toy animatronics becomes a lot aggressive night 3 also a bit hard but withered foxy keeps on popping out every minute I flashed the lights at 5 times but he stays there the batterys of the flash light are finishing up real quick so withered foxy is the only animatronic who is aggressive in the game night 4 the same as night 3 but withered foxy becomes a lot aggressive and I know I cannot just flash the lights at him I need to wind up the music box because I know the puppet is gonna come and kill if I don’t wind up the music box and keep an eye on all the animatronics night 5 all the animatronics becomes way al lot more aggressive

- Fun but scary

It’s super fun but scary here’s some tips so on Night 1: you only see Bonnie Freddy and Chica Bonnie moves to the third and seventh camera a lot and Chica moves to the fourth and seventh Freddy moves but I didn’t see him and when the screen glitches that’s when one of the animatronics move Night 2: You see more animatronics you will see Mangle and Foxy this night They usually go to camera 9 and 7 Foxy killed me But if you see Bonnie in one of the hallways put on the mask and if you see Foxy and Mangle right in front of you flash your flashlight 3 times and make sure to wind up the music box or puppet comes and kills you but make sure to do this every night but only wind it when there’s a warning sign and that’s all I know because I didn’t make it to night 3 but I hope this helps!

- A masterpiece of gaming horror

Though not the best fnaf game It gets almost everything right. Where the first game was simple and pretty hard with some creepy characters, this game is complicated and increases the difficulty from hard to very hard and there are more than twice the amount of characters the 5 main characters return with 6 new ones. It is fun scary and above all new. It isn’t just the first game rehashed instead of closing doors to keep them out you must where a mask to trick them, and you can’t just where the mask the whole game. You need to take it off so that you can wind the music box and flash foxy because it doesn’t trick them. And once balloon boy comes out your done for. A great sequel to one of the greatest horror games.


I’ve been a fan of five nights at Freddy’s ever since it first came out and I always loved playing the games till I heard the were coming to mobile. A few years later after downloading all of the games I saw that FNaF 1 got a really Awesome update to make it look like the pc version and I was so excited to see that. I was wondering if you guys were going to remaster the 2nd one and the rest of them and then I heard that the 2nd one was in the works for the update a while back till today when I went to update my apps. I saw that this was updated last week and I screamed. Please remaster the rest of them because the graphic now for the 1st and 2nd game are Amazing and the effects are super cool they would make the rest of the games even better. You guys are Awesome

- 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I love this game! I’m writing for FNAF 1 and 2, because it wouldn’t let me review for FNAF 1. I started playing the mobile version the moment it came out, and let me tell you, I completely fell in love with this game. FNAF 1 is the best one because it’s the original. FNAF is a great boredom killer, but not for the faint of heart! The jumpscares still make throw my phone, even after years of playing! FNAF 2 is a great game as well. I got so excited when it came out! Its a fantastic add on to the first game, and the graphics are a lot better than the first. I love how I can use the cameras to my hearts content without having to worry about my power. And twice the animatronics makes it even better! Its a great challenge. I haven’t beat this game yet, but I will!

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- Definitely the extra challenge,

Ok now, the other fnaf games are hard, I gotta say but! I think this one is EXTRA, scot, if your reading this I’m a big fan of your games. The fact that you have to take care of the music box and but the Freddy head on (but ya can’t don’t it at the same time) it’s a real challenge, and I L-O-V-E the mini games, and if you take DEEP DIVE into the fnaf books, and other games… the tragic backstory of puppet really pulls together, I would recommend this games for, ‘ages’ perhaps a challenge would be harder, but I kinda think If there’s a challenge higher than this it would be impossible. Scot, you’ve really started something new, I mean with hundreds of other fnaf games it must’ve been a lot of work, and the bite of 87?! How did you do that one?! What I’m trying to say is, it must be a lot of hard work doing this stuff, but I’m here to support you!

- Night 6 is bugged? 🤨

Since FNAF 2 has been updated on mobile and iPad it’s been my favourite game to play to pass the time however I have an issue with night 6, I was at 4AM or maybe 5AM where I was probably about to win Toy Freddy was in the hallway and the vents were clear and NO sign of foxy around so I casually started to wind the music box and I lift the camera down and Toy Freddy was still there and I thought I was safe but then out of the blue Foxy just jump scares me when he wasn’t even in the hall, night 6 on PC compared to mobile, PC you just spam CRTL on foxy and your fine however for mobile you have to tap your screen like crazy until he leaves, in my opinion night 6 is ridiculously hard so I would like to say maybe make it less harder but other then all of that I still love the game keep up the good work Scott and click team. 😁❤️

- Great! But, a few things...

This game is very fun! I recommend it to anyone everyone, but the gameplay is very repetitive because once you have a strategy, that strategy always works almost always without fail. What made the 1st game so good was the randomness in it. It wasn’t always so unpredictable that it was impossible, but it at least had a bit of randomness to it like Bonnie and Chica disabling your doors, or Golden Freddy, boy, he can really put you out of sequence. See what I mean? It is very repetitive and easy. Also, one more thing, like the PC version, you should be able to change the A.I. difficulty on the IPad version, but you can’t please fix that! Anyway, awesome game. Keep up the good work, Scott!

- My favourite one!

This was the first fnaf I played and in my opinion, it is frickin amazing! I liked the other games, but I think the fourth and fifth ones were way too different. Sister location was good because u could move around, but It was like a campaign instead of a survival game. I haven’t had a go at 1 and 6 yet, but they look amazing. 3 was also decent, but I hated the nightmare animatronics😂. I recommend the second one (or first, but This is a review for the second one) for those who want to start playing the series. There are some good thrills, jump scares and don’t forget the music box!!! Also Scott, please give the game a remaster. Thanks!

- This game is AMAZING but has a few issues...

Firstly, this ISN’T a bad review. I love this game it’s one of my favourites but it has a few weird things that don’t make sense. The animatronics move in really weird ways, for example one time withered bonnie was in the hall but he left, he wasn’t in the vents or the hall so I wind the music box, pull the camera down and he’s in the office somehow? Also animatronics in the hall sometimes obscure others (mainly foxy), which means you sometimes get jumpscared without knowing someone was even there, which should be fixed. Again, this isn’t a bad review, I love this game, but it has issues that should be fixed (:


bro night four is a challenge can't pass but getting there so lots 5pm but bonnie got me 😡😡 but still get the game it is so fun really hard though but still fun with there were things that would reset them to a low AI setting like 2,3 or 4 so by this game awesome five star always helping me with my mind and it makes me think really hard very good game just remember to keep winding puppets box other wise dead so remember that wand you know what was cool bonnie jumscared me and it turned 6 am!!! so ya buy the game but first get number one so that you get to know the animatronics

- Amazing game but a few issues

First of all this game is amazing I love it but I have a few problems. First of all the mask is disabled for a second and sometimes it’s more then one second, this leads to withered Bonnie or withered Chica killing me. Second thing foxy is really hard, a lot harder then the pc version. Like on The pc version you only need to flash him once or twice where as on mobile/iPad you have to flash him 5+ times meaning my power will go down faster. Other then that I really love this game you did a really good job Scott. 👍

- Foxy Jumpscares Without Warning

I've managed to complete all the way up to night 6 without being jumpscared but please fix Foxy! He is far too aggressive and jumpscares out of no where even if he isn't seen in the hall, how am I supposed to know if he's there if another animatronic is already there? I have to put the mask on to ward off the animatronics that enter the office via the vents, wind up the music box, and flash Foxy. That's fine but please don't make him so aggressive that he attacks when he doesn't show up in the hallway. I just want to be able to make it to the custom night! Please fix Foxy!

- I love this new update

For years on end, I have re visited this game and it’s law and it’s awesomeness in general, because of the challenges that this game brings to you every night. Ever since this game released in 2014 I have played the series for years, and I definitely think that Five nights at Freddy’s 2 is my personal favourite. Most animatronics, most danger and most amount of counting factors to watch out for, and this new update has made the game so much like the pc version and way, way better than the version before.

- My favourite fnaf game, but the new update makes it hard to beat the withered

On nights 3,4,5,6 before the newest update, if you double tapped the lower left corner (where the mask icon would normally be) it would instantly bring up the mask, saving your bacon. But in the latest update, double tapping has SERIOUS lag between the mask and the camera system, making the withered harder. If you could please remove the lag and make it instant, that would be swell. -yours truly, a fnaf fan

- New update

Hi, I loved your game and have gotten to 5 am on night 6. This is a great game, but I don’t like the recent control changes. The button to wind up the music box is now on the left, which feels weird and gets in the way as is near the mask button. I feel like it makes this easier on pc but not on mobile. Also, if I try pulling up the mask as soon as I take down my camera, nothing happens. I have died multiple times due to this. I would have rated this game 5 stars, but I feel that the recent update needs to be reversed

- Very good

This game is probably the best out of the series (in my opinion). I like having the mask to actually make the animatronics go away. But I have to complain about foxy. Foxy is very annoying and he needs to be nerfed. He also needs to be visible when Freddy and toy Freddy are in the hallway. But I still give it a 10 out of 10 because it is very easy to play on mobile. Thanks a lot scott because you were outstanding with this game.

- My Final Reviews

Five Nights at Freddys 2 is everything a good sequel needs: more characters, more customisation, and more duties. Five Nights at Freddys 2 is very chaotic and hard, more harder than the first game. With 9 animatronics looking to kill you, it’s easy to see why. The reason why I didn’t rank 5 stars is because the game is a bit too hard. It even took me quit a while to beat cupcake challenge in custom night and don’t even get me started on night 6... In my opinion Five Nights at Freddys 2 is an excellent game, but just a bit too hard.

- I love the game but I can pass the second level in one two and three

I totally recommend FNAF one two and three but it is so hard to get pass the second level I haven’t got pass the second level in FNAF one two PS it is really good get it and I hate when I put on the mask and toy chika comes I put my mask on and foxy also comes while my mask is on and then I don’t know that he’s there and ps I don’t know why but FNAF just makes me emotional 😢

- Night 6 six is way to hard

So I love five nights at Freddy's but there’s one problem with night 6 it’s way to hard when chica comes in my face I wear the mask everything is alright but then I’m always too late so she jump scares me and foxy and Bonny combined is really difficult and the worst party is foxy (mostly) he wastes my battery and I have to wind that dang music box up and yeah all that so can you make night six a bit easier?

- Very nice!

I bought this game a long time ago and decided to play again, and now it’s 10x better and way more accurate to the original game! One problem that i have is the fact that the screen is flipped upside down while playing. I don’t know if anyone else has been getting this problem, but the game is still playable.

- FNAF is great

FNAF 2 has always been my favourite personally. I’ve had no problems with this game and it’s just a great game to play. I’m currently on night 4, apparently night 6 is meant to be very hard so I’ll try my best attempt. I remember playing this back in 2015 with my class in our computer room when we had free time and it brought so many memories. Thank you Scott for this amazing masterpiece! Keep it up! 👍🏼

- Best FNaF Game

Ive Had This Opinion For Years, Ever Since Number 2 Came Out. And Yet It Is The Best FNaF Game By Far. Its Challenging But I Wouldnt Say Too Hare Or Too Easy Like The Other FNaF Games, Plus There Are Lots Of Animatronics. Yes, More Animatronics, More Hard But It Actually Is Fairly Normal. If There Were Less Animatronics It Probably Woulve Been A Bit Too Easy. I Definitely Recommend This Game And I Dont Think My Opinion Will Change Any Time Soon.

- Update!

this game desperately needs an update! just like fnaf 1 got one about a week ago with higher quality jumpscares, better sound, and most of all, an addon menu! (oh and also make it so if you started a new game accidentally and you deleted all your progress please make it so we can recover the progress without having to start ALL OVER AGAIN!) sincerely -Jazzy

- Only one problem...

I liked it before the update, but it’s almost perfect! Only one problem. I’m requesting the ability to change the button sizes (on the camera, including the “Wind Music Box” button) and decrease the sensitivity of looking left and right in the office. It’s thrown me off, and I’ve been struggling to beat Night 6. Overall, a good game. Although, the button sizes and office looking sensitivity can throw off veterans.

- It’s good but I’m angry

Don’t get me wrong this is a great game. It’s just they moved down the new game and continue down so when I went to press continue I pressed new game accidentally! Surely you can see how frustrating it would be for me being on night 4 and all. I was just hopeing you guys could send me back to night 4 because I worked so hard. I still recommend the game it’s just my personal experience was not that great. Esther.

- Good Game, Night 3 is too hard…

First of all, FNAF 2 is a great indie kids horror game. It has lots of jumpscares and I’m a big fan, But you need to fix how easy withered Bonnie spawns at 3-4 AM. Second of all, How can you counter withered Bonnie? I put the mask on and he still jumpscares me, it’s what I don’t understand so on night 3 3-4 AM Please lower the spawn rates of both Bonnie’s. Thanks, Mythical HunterYT

- Really good but something that I can’t do

Hi I really like your game but One night 3 I can’t get past because Bonnie and foxy both go at the same time and I have the music box no hate I really like it so thank you for making it I also have a Ultimate Custom Night and sister location and FNAF6 Thank you very much👏👏👏

- Great game but…

Great game but can’t get past night 4 keep getting jumpscared by whithered Chica mangel keeps annoying me and I don’t no how to avoid mangel when she’s in the right vent foxy is also annoying because he showing up in front of me it’s annoying because I also need to wind up the music box


But can you add a cheat that make it so you don’t have to wind the music box if you do then I will buy it no matter how much it costs just please add it I’m dying to play the custom night in this game please add it! Also when withered Chica enters the office I put the mask on then she leaves and then 2 seconds later she kills me and I put the mask on at the right time please fix it and please add the cheat

- Great game...repetitive..!

I only recently got this game -Though I'm impressed by the actual gameplay- and I've found that Scott has gotten a little lazy..there is no camera static or the lights when you change it, there's no flickering with Toy Bonnie in the room, small details, I know...but if you put in the extra effort, it would have made it that much better...4 stars

- Hi

The only issue I’m complaining about is foxy.... wince I’m on custom night p, I’m trying to do ladies night but foxy just killing all the fun. He just comes in even though he’s on zero he’s still active and ready for revenge on william afton. Overall the games good. Idk how I did night 6 maybe it was easy.. and hey, that’s just a theory, a game theory!!!

- Horror I love it 😍

This game is really really really really really really really really really good but I still get scared from some of the jump scares one of the scariest for me is wizard foxy like boi he scary but sometimes you need to be careful playing this game although it is a really good game if you like horror games


Ok, I’m gonna get straight to the point. I just played night 2 and the toys already left there stages, balloon boy was already there, mangle activated and withered foxy was there?!? Already in night 2?!? I’ve played night 2 two times. On the first time only mangle and withered foxy activated! Please fix this because I’m stressed about this and cannot pass the night.

- Challenging but fun

I love this game so much but what I am mostly enjoying is that the nights get harder and harder. And Im stuck on night3 because on some parts on night3 you have to deal with foxy and bonnie. But Im trying my best to beat Night34 and 5. And I really want to encounter Freddy and Chica. But that is all.

- Good game as always

But the new update yesterday was very very cool loved it so much with like the pc effects and stuff but.. one thing that bugged me is that I can’t flip my screen to what I want it to be like it’s stuck on the same one I tried everything looked at settings and I didn’t have screen lock or anything on so please fix.


This franchise of games has changed my life every single day I play this game I even think of new characters and then draw them and make them from clay. Thanks for your work with out fnaf I don’t know what I’ll do! Please don’t leave.

- Bug Report

It’s a great game, but I just want to report a bug. I have beaten New And Shiny 2 times and the star is there, however Toy Bonnie does not show up on the desk. Minor bug but I’m trying to complete all the games 100% so if this bug could be fixed that would be great

- Awesome game

Loved it best game I have ever played I want fnaf 1 3 and 4 but my mum said no :( keep up the good work my friend and when will fnaf 6 be out on iPad??? And will ther also be a fnaf world in iPad and are u making more p.s on night 3 can u make it so ur flashlight dose not go out so quickly be cause that darn fox

- Best Game Ever

I absolutely love Five Nights at Freddys 2, from the creepy atmosphere to the scary jump-scares, I love it all. The creepy music box mechanic keeps the players on their toes. I love playing this, it’s perfect for Halloween or just casual for. For the people who are reading this, you should buy this game. If you’re ready for Freddy.

- If this comes up as a review nvm

Ummm...It's a well great created game! But there are some difficulties random people are thinking, If u see withered foxy at the hallway. People just stand there put the freddy hat on... or sometimes people get doomed sometime by BB..And sometimes Puppet just comes to get you in trouble! :3 I like this game alot X3

- Awesome game!! Always wanted to play

Awesome work Scott, it's just like the other one, I think night 2 was a little hard though, Foxy is a little bit of a pain though, keep up with the good work!!! Hopefully another one will come out soon

- Annoying glitch fix it up plz

I have recently occurred that whenever I want to play night 6 it takes me back to night 1 and now I don't get into night 6 as quickly as I used to because of this Cheers SuperGhost 01

- It was nice I guess

Can you put alittle more detail to the killing part but from that, this game has been going good!!! I like night 6 or 5 hehe but the hard part is when puppet comes out you can’t put him back in......I always forget.....but I’m on night 4 hope I get onto night 6 cause golden Freddy comes then.

- Me needs approval

Hey Scott!! Just wondering if u could help me and my friends with our own version of fnaf. Our characters we came up with are; Papy the fox (my oc), willow the lizard and crackie the crocodile. We where thinking if this was after purple guy became spring trap and Jeremy is the killer in this story. So is it good so far?

- New update is annoying

I love FNAF 2 but this new update does something really annoying. When on a monitor you can’t double tap the bottom left corner to quickly put on the mask, which makes it next to impossible to beat night six and custom night. Please change it back!! Otherwise it’s a great game. Keep up the good work

- Great game but one thing

There’s this glitch when a withered shows up and I put my mask on and wait for it to go when it does I don’t take it off until I know it’s gone but when it’s appears and disappears it pulls the mask off but I didn’t do it

- Pretty well done 👍

It was a fun game foxy was kinda hard at night 5 idk if I have any asking you to do better with stuff cuz it was good you did very well done 👌 so yeah good game I enjoyed fnaf 1 2 4 6 those are the ones I played and there amAzing! Keep up the good work!

- Great game great fun

So I made it up to night 4 without dying then I forgot all about the music box because of foxy in the hallway up to night 5 now still stuck but anyway your keeping me occupied so all people reading this download

- Best game ever

Omg this is one of the best games I played in my life. I love all the jump scares but my favourite would be puppets. But I honestly think it could really use an update. Like it isn’t fare that you have to do night 1,2,3 and4 twice. Apart from that this game is so good.

- Great

Great game,im up to night six and it seems as if it is the same as 10/20 mode also plz fix this bug: I beat night 5 and i heard the kids celebrating but my screen was black and it was stuck like that until i swiped it up which caused me to restart the night

- What the heck

Scott if you are listening to this please fix this because when I play fanf 2 Bonnie has a weird smile like this 😄this is a good game but when I get jumpscared by Bonnie it’s annoying because that smile I think the it’s a glitch

- Foxy is bugged on night 6

Night 6 is bugged when it comes to foxy, I was putting the mask on because Bonnie was gonna kill me. Then I flashed foxy then toy Freddy came. Then had the mask on for 2 seconds then foxy kills me. Fix this bug

- Good! but problem…

Ok so on night 3 it’s ok but foxy keeps coming back and back and back so i never pass the stage because withered bonnie comes too at the same time witch makes it so much harder and i have to keep the music box winded up so yea :)

- Great game

I loved this game it was really fun. But the only thing 8 reckon would have made it better if we were able to look at other cameras. Because once you reach night 3 after that you really only have to focus on the Music box camera

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- Excellent

I still just cant say how awesome it is. I'm a big fan!

- Five nights and Freddy’s is awesome!

Hey this game is really awesome and I just got up to six night and I started sisters location and there like the best games on the App Store keep up the good work for making games! -from bob JK It’s Cassidy but still keep up the good work!!

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟

10/10 IGN (I'm not from IGN) but I love the game

- Great game

Wow this game is be honest its kind of weird when the jumps are happens because it seems that i jump but don't scream and I don't really feel very scared like a second after it happens...hmmmm eh maybe its just me. But really. This game is AWESOME i love the mask to. Oh yeah and a question i had when Toy Bonnie is at the vent and i put the mask on should he pop up and into the screen then go back or just go back because when i put the mask up in front of him i cant see him pop up all i really hear is the sounds of the vent so i guess my question would be if since this is the mobile version I'm guessing it wasn't added in? But anyway GREAT GAME!!!! : D

- Plz fix this

Plz fix how fast it moves to the vents because I can't flash the hallway

- I love FNAF

This is my fav FNAF game it is so good

- Not bad but

Foxy and balloon boy are very annoying and the 6th night is so hard and frustrating pls just make it better and easer . All and all very fun just make it easer and beatable

- I love you Scott

Thank you so much for the awesome series. I loved the purple guy and Freddy and the gang. (especially foxy) The crazy ride with Game Theory (MAT PAT)and all the mystery that mostly solved (Talking about orange guy) I hope you read this thank you Scott thank you.

- Great game but why are the first anemichronics not moving



Awesome and super fun but make sure the puppet does not need the music its boring doing that

- Amazing Game ❤️

Even tho I die and die it’s still so fun, Good Graphics. I’ve been reading the bad reviews and they were angry because they kept dying 😂 Don’t rage, Have a Good Day, Get this Game✌️ Peace.

- Night 2 not possible

I love all the fnaf games but fnaf 2 is hard!! Pirate foxy and balloon boy their combo is impossible balloon boy takes your flashlight and then pirate foxy comes from the hall and kills you

- Make it easier for mobile

Since I’m on mobile it’s not fair if Bonnie or chica come in my office other then pc players who can go on cams and switch to mask very quick I always do that and it doesn’t work and I’m just stuck on NIGHT 3!

- Great game

Really good game, a classic🤨👍

- Amazing

Really well done 👏 The only issue for me is that there are no jumpscare sounds or hinting noises (vents banging). Does anyone know a solution to this? I am on an iPad


This game is my world I’m such a fan of Fnaf and everything about it!! Thank you Scott for creating this game it’s amazing in so many way!!🐻🦊🐰🐥💜💜

- Amazing game

This game was so amazing and awesome because it’s so fun and cool

- Not bad

It’s a good game and I think it’s a great second game it’s just that withered Bonnie is kinda broken he still kills me even when I have the mask on

- This game is very good!

This game is very good I beat night 1 and I’m on night 2 now and for people who are saying that night 6 and 10/20 is hard just keep trying and have perseverance you will get it eventually!


I have been a fan of fnaf since I was 5 fnaf 2 has always been my fav!

- Very nice

I’m not good but it is a fantastic game the only thing is you need to do too much but is super good awesome!

- Amazing

It’s AMAZING, thank you so much!!!

- Amazing!!

10/10 couldn’t be better!


I love Fnaf so yeahh

- i want to return this game

i want to return this game

- Best game ever

I don’t understand why people are saying it’s bad. Their opinions but still what’s wrong with the game?? This fnaf series is the best series ever

- Feddy 2.0

Feddy 2.0

- Still one of the best Five Nights at Freddys game in 2022

I Still Love this game up until this day.and perfect font to fit it into mobile I would recommend,and worth the money.And personally one of the best Five Nights at Freddys in the franchise.


Wow you did amazing job on all the other games

- Yes

I love fredy

- 10/10

Love this game so much I’m on night seven almost gave up on 10/20 mode but still pushing until I beat it one of best fnaf

- 5 star

This game is amazing it’s just that I can’t get past night three amazing job Scott

- Fnaf lover here 👈! Its so hard and so easy at the same time!! AND super duper fun! Plz download now! 💖💖💖

- Awesome

Great so good!😃but night 3 is so hard

- Decent game

I have my mask on and I still die🤨

- Pooped in ma pants

Absolutely exquisite

- Great game

Great game but please add option to make the mask and camera buttons bigger because my fat fingers keep missing them and I keep dying

- Fun Game!

One of the best fnaf games out there!

- Fnaf

It’s great just not made for a mobile game, it’s not very fluid as it is on pc.

- Very cool

This game is awesome

- let me restore

i purchased the survival kit a few months ago and it won’t let me restore it🙄

- 4 stars

It’s only not 5 because for whatever reason the most important button has to be so small with no way of adjusting it. It makes me so mad when I do everything right and would have beat the night but I tap too high and lose.

- Audio Glitch but love the game

I have always loved this game and it’s always worked very well but today I went into the app to play and the audio would not work at all, and it wasn’t any of my settings. My audio worked in all apps except for this one! I even tried deleting the app and re-downloading it and it Still didn’t work.

- Hi

I haven’t played it yet but I like the pictures.

- 💀💀

I love it so much


Great game Scott and great job steak wool studios on security breach well I gotta say this game is very hard and it’s supposed to be so I don’t know why everyone complains but great game Scott

- Best game ever

This game is so amazing thank you Scott coffin thank you

- This is amazing

I love this Fnaf game I think it’s one of the hardest of them all and it’s very challenging. I love th game and thank you Scott😁

- Fred

A disable sound option would be nice so I can listen to podcasts

- Well I can’t play it

So I was on Night three and withered Bonnie and Chica are easy but when withered Bonnie entered my into my Office I put on the Freddy mask but he jump scare me for no reason can you fix this please

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Five Nights at Freddy's 2 2.0.4 Screenshots & Images

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 (Version 2.0.4) Install & Download

The applications Five Nights at Freddy's 2 was published in the category Games on 2014-11-20 and was developed by Clickteam, LLC [Developer ID: 1438432084]. This application file size is 117.98 MB. Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Games app posted on 2022-02-15 current version is 2.0.4 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.scottgames.fnaf2