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Invest in stocks, options, and funds with Robinhood Financial. Buy and sell cryptocurrencies with Robinhood Crypto. All commission-free
Other fees may apply. View Robinhood Financial's fee schedule at to learn more.

When you join Robinhood:

• Learn - We’ll help you understand financial markets so you can confidently invest in stocks, funds and options, all commission-free.

• Manage - Before buying a stock, coin, or any other investment, you can access real-time market data, read relevant news articles, and get notified about important events. And of course, you can manage your portfolio on the go.

• Customize - Set up customized news and notifications to stay on top of your assets as casually or as relentlessly as you like. Controlling the flow of info is up to you.

Plus, we’ve got a full range of products to help make your money work harder for you.


New to investing? We have the tools and services to empower investors like you to participate in the financial market. Learn how to invest and trade smartly and get in-depth financial info - in lingo that makes sense. To get you started, get your first stock on us. Certain limitations apply.


With Robinhood Financial, you can invest in stocks, funds, and options. You can also buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Dogecoin (DOGE) with Robinhood Crypto.


Your security is our priority. Robinhood uses cutting-edge security measures to help protect investor assets and personal information.


Earn money with competitive interest* on your uninvested cash and get more flexibility with your brokerage account.

*Cash Management is an added feature to your Robinhood Financial LLC brokerage account. The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is paid by program banks and may change at any time at the program banks’ discretion. Interest is earned on uninvested cash swept from the brokerage account to the program banks. Neither Robinhood Financial LLC nor any of its affiliates are banks. The debit card is issued by Sutton Bank, member FDIC, pursuant to license by Mastercard® International Incorporated.

Securities trading offered through Robinhood Financial LLC, member SIPC and FINRA. See our Customer Relationship Summary at

Cryptocurrency trading offered through Robinhood Crypto, LLC. Robinhood Crypto is licensed to engage in virtual currency business activity by the New York State Department of Financial Services and is not a member of FINRA or SIPC. Cryptocurrencies are not stocks and your cryptocurrency investments are not products protected by either the FDIC or SIPC.

The reward stock offer is available to new users only, subject to the terms and conditions at Reward stock randomly chosen from the program’s inventory. Individuals must sign up through promotional page advertisement to be eligible. The receipt of a share of stock through this program does not constitute a solicitation of the security or a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold the security. Robinhood Financial does not provide investment advice and does not hereby recommend any security or transaction.

All investments involve risk, including the loss of principal. Investors should consider their investment objectives and risks carefully before investing.

Recurring investments do not ensure a profit or guarantee against loss. Not all securities on Robinhood are eligible for recurring investments. Recurring investments may result in a purchase of fractional shares, which are illiquid outside of Robinhood and not transferable. For a complete explanation of conditions, restrictions and limitations associated with fractional shares, visit

Robinhood Financial LLC and Robinhood Crypto, LLC are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Robinhood Markets, Inc.

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- Excellent, but improvement idea

First off, using the app now for years and loving it. Excellent idea also to add option trading and crypto. I very much enjoy the margin account under Gold (well done and conditions are fair) and I see how Robinhood is constantly improving it. However, definitely problematic are the following aspects: 1. Power usage, the app is draining my battery. Idk if it is because I have a lot of stocks on the watch list and every time I open the app it’s loading in all data for each of them or something, no idea. But my phone gets very warm after a few minutes of using the app (iPhone Xs with 96% battery health and iOS 13.6). 2. Technical issues at order placing. Low volume products such as certain options or even for high volume blue chip stocks sometimes the order confirmation page is loading for 5min before it’s placed. Same thing for cancelling an existing order sometimes. Usually though this isn’t much of an issue. 3. Robinhood has the “replace order” button for placed but pending orders for options. Why not also make it a button for placed but pending stock orders? Would be so convenient. 4. I just wish you’d see some more data next to the list where you see PE and yields. Beta coefficient and payout ratio would be absolutely lovely to have there. Important metrics and convenient to see at one glance. Hopefully you’ll take this feedback into consideration when improving the app. Other than that, keep up the good work! Thanks.

- Experience Improvement Suggestion

This has been a fantastic app in all the time that I’ve been using it. Since about 2017. There have been many new additions since then. One of them being analyst ratings where we can see how many analysts provided a rating, and what percent said said buy, hold, or sell. This has been quite a useful gauge (along with others) for investing. That being said we all know time marches on and opinions change. Unfortunately I have not noticed any relevance to time in this analyst ratings feature. Perhaps these ratings are updated weekly. However, without knowing at what time the ratings were made it’s hard to tell how a stock, like GOOG, would be rated after some news comes out, like the antitrust inspection. Surely we can look at the rating description to see if it mentions anything about this news, but it still doesn’t address the main concern. That is when did each analyst rating actually happen. 30 could have been before a big news break and perhaps only 7 after. Making for a possibly inaccurate rating. Perhaps the news has nothing to do with these analysts ratings and it’s all about the companies numbers. In such case public opinion has no impact on ratings and thusly time is not as important. However it would still be nice to know when the ratings were made or last updated.

- Great App!

It’s easy to understand (once you get familiar with stock trading terminology), and it makes trading stocks feel simple. One suggestion I do have is when I’m looking at the line graph of a stock that I have shares in, I’d like to be able to see visually on the graph where I jumped in at. So say I bought some shares at $4.67/share and I held the shares for 2 months. If I click on the 3 month view of that stock, I’d like to see a little pin or something on the date that I bought my shares at. That way I can see in an instant whether I bought while the price was high or low or mid. Also it helps just in general to see what spikes I’ve held my shares through and which dips I’ve been along for the ride for. I could see this being particularly helpful in situations where I’m buying/selling a lot of shares quickly, or I’m trying to study the markets and look at my past investments. We would be able to notice patterns in our trading habits like if we are overly aggressive on a regular basis, or if we are consistently too passive. I’ve noticed just by my own tracking that I tend to sell a little early. But if I were trading on much larger scales with a lot more money, I wouldn’t be able to mentally keep track of everything. So without writing it down, it would be tough to look at these stocks and remember when I bought at. Just a thought.

- Amazing for starting out in stocks

I am on Robin Hood everyday when the market open. Trades are free and there are truly no fees to pay unless you get the gold membership. I love this app so much. It is easy to start out because you don’t have to pay per trade like most companies charge. And that can be pricy especially for someone starting with only a few hundred dollars. You cant even start out if you are getting charged 10 dollars per trade. Not only that but Robinhood also trades options which are a great bonus if you’re into that. Everything is very convenient and easy to follow. They’ve had quite a few big updates that have helped out like candlestick charts and now their debit card system. I hope you guys keep growing because it helps me and my investments grow. All in all this is great for someone looking to start their stock portfolio at a cheap price. I do have to say that it is better to get information on investing else where but that’s not a big deal because when investing I feel like you search a million websites for the best information anyways. I’m sure there’s stuff I missed but I truly love this app. Thanks so much developers for making this. You guys rock!!! One more thing. Every time I have contacted customer support they have been so helpful and have gotten back to me either within the day or the next day!!

- New member.

I joined Robinhood a little over 3 months ago in Feb 2020 after I heard Clark Howard talk about on the radio. I think it is a great asset to the common man who doesn’t have thousands of dollars to invest in stock all at once. Robinhood is a way for the average person to study and learn about different stocks themselves and decide where they want to put their money. Then by way of the phone app they can check their stocks all day every day. A person can invest as much as they want, pennies or more. I’ve been able to invest over 3,000 dollars in these 3 make months by taking some savings and then doing the best part, which is taking any disposable income I have and buying stock with it. I never stop for fast food or buy anything but necessities now because I’ve found that I’d rather take the $5.00 or whatever it is that I would spend on junk food etc and buy stock. With the virus canceling all sports I’ve found watching my investments on Robinhood be more entertaining especially since I actually have a stake in the game now. The only thing I do wish Robinhood would do is explain the gold mining daily market better. I’ve put large amounts of money into a few of these and then all of a sudden the stock totally changes. These companies send out information but for an average guy they are too hard to understand. Thank you.

- Freedom IS Actually Free!

Time is the number one advantage you have when investing. Or so my grandfather told me. For years, however, I waited and put off investing until I had “enough” money to make the fees most brokers charge worth it. But I never seemed to have “enough” and I hated waiting (and therefore wasting the magic of compound interest). Robinhood took away my excuses and not only made it ridiculously easy, but completely FREE to invest. I’ve been using the app for over 3 years now and I’ve never spent a dime. And by referring the app to friends, I’ve received 15 FREE stocks from Robinhood (worth $65). The design is intuitive. The financial charts are easy to understand, without being overwhelming. The always up-to-date links to the latest news stories about the individual stocks are really helpful; over time, just reading little by little, I feel my knowledge about investing has grown thanks to those links. I’m mainly interested in long-term investments, but the few short term trades that I’ve made have been a breeze. I’m not that wealthy, yet, but honestly this app is one of my favorites on my phone because watching the dividends come in and the compound interest grow year-by-year genuinely makes me happy. Robinhood is simply complete financial peace-of-mind in a beautifully designed app. I can’t thank its creators and designers enough!

- Senior Tax Accountant

Love this app! This is been instrumental for so many people I know in their understanding of investing, financial planning, and general financial health. Amazing, easy-to-use user interface. Love the free stock for referrals, love the selection of securities, and love the cash management. My only gripe is perhaps updating the Dividend Yield, PE ratios, etc. to the current security information (current price, current dividend payout, etc), showing the performance over a period of more than 5 years (i.e. 10 years, ALL-TIME), and having a more robust, advance information base. RobinHood has and is solving a market problem by offering an investment solution for the masses, highlighting the fact that investors should understand what they are doing and what they are investing in. This is an incredible tool and resource on how anyone can improve their financial position, condition, and health through investing. This isn’t something just for ultra rich. This is available to everybody. Just have to have the determination, perseverance, and the mental fortitude for all our decisions about money (from all that online shopping to buying premium brands to feeling like you “need to splurge” yourself to make you feel better (you really don’t need it) and sky is the limit. Excited for people interested in this app and in their financial future.

- Moving away from using Robinhood

I signed up for Robinhood a few years back. I didn’t know much about investing but I thought I would give it a try. I found the act of buying and selling stocks to be easy but I didn’t like the lack of other features like the ability to look at detailed charts or even create price alerts. After a few months I withdrew my money. Fast forward 2 years later and I thought I would give it another try. I imagined that in 2 years the app would have made some substantial improvements. I was wrong. The functionality is still the same and there still are no advanced features like charting or price alerts. I do not like the pattern day trade rule Robinhood has setup. I do not trade with margin and only use my available cash. On most other platforms with a cash account you avoid this rule but Robinhood uses it no matter what. After 4 trades you are banned from trading for 90 days. Also, this app crashes and glitches A LOT! On high trading days I have seen many people complain that their app isn’t working. I’ve also had issues with my chart matching my activity and this does not make me fee very confident that the app is tracking my balance accurately. Overall this app could be good for people who want to learn the process of buying and selling stocks and are going to basically “set it and forget it”. If you plan to be an active trade this app is not for you. As soon as I can withdraw all my money I will be switching over to another broker.

- Great But Buggy

Robinhood has a great concept going for them. They’ve targeted a niche area of the market which caused a domino effect for the rest of the brokers. Robinhood moves other brokers away from fees per trade and change the game for good. However with that they provide an extremely good UI which is simplistic and easy to use. This is especially good for newer traders and investors as well as it making it a pleasant and seamless experience. But with that being said there are few bugs that they need to work one. Starting with the accuracy of the charts of portfolios. I’ve noticed and a few friends of mine have noticed a few offages (Money I put in + growth) doesn’t always add up. My next issues is that on busy trading day Robinhood needs to increase their server capacity. I don’t like to wake up to either Robinhood unable to make a trade for me because of “high volume” or “May experience delays due to higher traffics” but you get what you pay for and in this case I’m not complaining to much. But over all if you’re looking to start getting into the investment game and you know where to start I would recommend using Robinhood. I mean I did recommend it to all my friends. Ever app has up and downs and I’m certain Robinhood will eventually work out the kinks and be ever better than it is now. They’ve come along way from when the app just rolled out.

- Best Brokerage app for 1st time investors!!!

The major issue I have had with Robinhood is their glitches. The biggest being occasionally crashes that can last an entire trading day this can be inconvenient for option and day traders aside from these and a couple other issues Robinhood is an awesome platform. I wish the option to organize the stocks you search buy MRK CAP, AVG’s over Days, Months, and Years and ANALY RAT’s was included on the app as with the desktop it would be a nice feature to have. I love the cash management option along with those for fractional shares and drip investing but I wish there was away to practice investing to see how you would preform on let say options trading. Having a paper trading option on Robinhood would benefit the app and the users by allowing users to practice trading in a way that could make them more money. Paper trading also gives Robinhood more money from each customer as they would feel more comfortable placing money in trades than they might now. There are also areas Robinhood lack in analytics. I imagine advance charts might scare new users not familiar with trading however, which is why I would say disable the option by default until the user enables it. All in all Robinhood is a 5/5 Investing app. 🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖

- Better money movement strategies

I really am enjoying Robinhood. I would like to say that there is one thing I’m not fond of however. That is the trade and sell in a single day feature. Three trades and sells in 5 trade days is just nonsense. You are telling your investors that they must take a loss. Or that they can’t make money. I get the concept as to why you do this. Again though it is unfair. We read up on a stock that is predicted to do well and invest money, that same day the stock starts to take a dive and we can’t pull out without being sited for a possible “day trade”. I’m new to all of this like many of your investors using this app are. I think implementing something for the little guy would be more fair. You say it’s ok if you have $25,000 invested on the app. Well a lot of us don’t. And I’d like to be able to move my money where I’d like when I like and maybe you guys should consider upping that trade number to 5 per 5 trading days or “week”. Then impose a few for any there after! The idea of being restricted from getting out of risky stocks is not fair. Pretty much saying that you need to put your money into blue chips or futures and let it sit as opposed to buying a stock and looking to turn a profit that day or week. Sorry if I haven’t articulated myself the way an investor with years of experience would have. Although like I said I myself along with many others using Robinhood are beginners. Thank you.

- Novice makes good.

What fun for me in this time of covid. Newly retired teacher,as of Dec 2019. Lucky break for me. Not having to worry about entering a classroom. But veing bored to tears. From lack of stimulTion. Plans of travel evaporating before my very eyes. Lots of texts with covid jokes and ppe but serious concerns for my future and my family. I already was playing with Robinhood in sep ‘19 ... i had a head start. The articles provided gave me basic stock info. And daily access and pArtial shares encouraged me. The gains were so much fun though pretty small at first... and ahhhh tge losses. Each one heartfelt with dread .. i kept learning more and options in tve money set ne on the right path ... so much so that i started. Day trading with min 25ggggg’s. Lol. Up and down. A see saw for my money. Daily. Losses and gains. I now understood the meaning of volatility ... galore ........Learning again. Another level. Now my expectations grow daily. Some stocks. Some options. Transitioning between both. Buying options started with 1 Contract one company. Now. 5 contracts. , multiple companies and strike dates. From novice to intermediAte. With the help of Robinhood....all done on my cell phone. In the car. At the house. In a resturant. Even visiting while social distancing. Thankyou for this ever changing fun activity. Even when i loss a bit ....

- Clear and concise

I have had the Robinhood App for over 6 months now. Most of the time paying for Level 2 information. This has helped me gain knowledge of the market and how to use it beneficially. I am not a day trader or large investor; just a regular guy trying to have some fun within the market. So far, I have not lost money. I started with $200 and invested more over time. The covid scare caused me to pull out of the market for awhile (stocks dropped and I still made 400), but now I’m back. Turned 800 into a 2400, and that 24 into a solid 31. I would highly recommend this app for small investors like myself because unlike many others, Robinhood does not charge transaction fees. It is a set annual percentage. I also have their debit card assigned to my account. It was very easy to apply, activate, and use (and it accrues a small interest on unused cash in the account). The worst part about the debit card was the waitlist. Once off the waitlist, the card arrived promptly. If I were to change anything, it would be a function allowing me to sort stocks by current price (low to high). Otherwise the app has been great to me. It has even caused me to know more about things the media bypasses or exaggerates. What are you waiting for??! This is your sign!! Join!!

- Great idea but lousy service

I have been using this app for about a year. I have used e trade for many years but wanted to save money on my trades. The app works fine. The company however is very shady. On more than 1 occasion the trade price increased right when i bought it. Every time I end up paying the difference. The customer service is horrible you can’t talk to anyone and it’s all generic email responses that don’t even respond correctly. Just recently I signed up for their Robinhood Gold which is their margin account product. It was initially advertised as use it and they will charge $15 a month if you have a balance. Then it changed to $15 a month if you have a balance or not. I have been trying to cancel it for 2 months now. I’m still getting charged $15 a month for nothing. There is no way to call in and the robot emails from customer service are programmed to refuse any inquiry that involves a refund. I like the price but with the hidden charges every where and the lack of caring for their clients I might go back to e trade. Free trades sound good but obviously they need to make money so they have a business plan of hidden fees and secret support that you can’t talk to a live person. I wouldn’t trust this site for your entire portfolio.

- Newbie

I’m very new to the stock market. I was always scared to even look into investments. A friend sent me a link to Robinhood and asked me to try it and even told me that I would get a free stock just for signing up. So I figured WTH I’ll see what happens. So I did it and now I check the market everyday, because of this I’m more aware of current events and how companies use their money. Not only is Robinhood easy to use and a great way to invest money for future gains but Robinhood also educates you on what you are doing. There are a lot of features that Robinhood has that I found by accident. It wonderful. The only issue I have had is the delay in drafting from your bank. You initiate the transfer and Robinhood gives you a mini line of credit (insta-funds) until you’re transfer is complete. I utilized this a lot, $25 here $25 there. I over-drafted my account. This was not Robinhood’s fault this was my fault. Robinhood has been excellent with their understanding and patience while I bring my account current. I only share this personal detail to remind you the reader to pay close attention to when and how much you deposit make sure the funds remain in your bank until Robinhood receives them. Thank you for your time and have fun. I know I have.

- Robinhood app is good to great

When the crisis isn’t going on the support gets back to you the same day if you have an issue. Which is a plus, they go the extra mile to explain anything you don’t understand, or tell you where you can find the information. I recommend more charting for the app. More indicators, and lessons on the indicators. Having options for settings on the indicators. Also information on using the indicators after learning the significance of having them. It’s for better. Since the app is for beginners. Then after you understand how to utilize the information you’ll probably still keep the app just to be able to remember how came to understand how you learned it. Learning how to buy and sell options and all the other things you learn here takes time. But once you get it, you can do much more. I gave the app a 5/ 4.5 because of some issues with the interface issues they’ve had in the past which they are working to make right with me. Make sure you take screenshots if you have an issue so you can send them to them. So they can help you better. All in all it’s a great app for beginners and after you get everything you are doing you will still keep it.

- Wow. What type of support is this.

Robinhood has been FAR from helpful during this time in the world. During this pandemic, I was I’m trying to make a little money on the side so I started trading with robinhood everything was going fine until I was unable to cancel one of my bank transfers (i sent it to the wrong bank account) I looked on the support website. It said there should be a cancellation button on the transfer I just have to look in the history. Okay cool. I go and go to cancel it. No cancel button. Remind you (I have screenshots) I just initiated the transfer not less than 5 minutes ago and I can’t cancel it?? Okay. Little sus because little did I know once one transfer doesn’t go through your account is “restricted” meaning robinhood has your Money hostage until they deem necessary. I’ve contacted support countless times only to be responded to with the same old “coronavirus” excuse. I HAVENT HEARD FROM THE SUPPORT ALL WEEK IT SAYS 1-3 BUSINESS DAYS NOT 7! Granted it’s only like 150$ I don’t have access to but it’s the principle of it all really. This app obviously states one thing and clearly doesn’t follow through and the new update is not what’s up visually. As soon as I am able to I am pulling every cent I have from this app. Yahoo Finance is 100x better, accurate and has ACTUAL SUPPORT. Not this shady emailing system they have going on over here Update: I was directed to a reviews website. None of my emails have been answered yet... this company is a joke

- Great and easy

Robinhood is by far one of my best ways i invest or watch stocks. I trade alot but its the trades that make u profit, the app is good, i love it, easy to view and read and they teach you about investing and the rules and what not to do. I use webull and been loving that app, its alot differnt and has more community to talk to but robinhood is all around attractive to the sight,especially for investors but my only thing about robin hood, is that the developers should maybe try add more charts and quotes to read the stocks more precise and up close from min to min to watever. Webull has alot of chart choices and you. An set it up to your specifications as robinhood only has two types of charts. Which is still precise!!! And on target. Theres nothing wrong with it, just would love more opportunities viewing and watching stocks. But the set up is perfect. Im a user of robinhood and i have nothing bad to say about it. My experience has been great and i give thanks and appreciation to robinhood and the makers of it. For my opinion on apps, its best to try a few and see wat u like and whats easy for you to learn on and from. Download robin hood, my opinion, also webull. Its great to have the two apps for stock traders or investors! Thanks happy holidays! Trade Smart

- Absolute trainwreck

Do not waste your time with these people! They spent more on design and appearances than on actual customer service. Twice I put in deposits and it took them 4 - 5 days to ping my account, at which time my account had paid one thing or another and was 1 or 2 dollars short for the transfer. I put in a third deposit and this time put 3x the amount to my bank just to make sure it was covered. (I have multiple accounts for different needs - bills savings etc) 3 days later they FINALLY got the deposit. Cool. Except it took them another SEVEN DAYS after removing the funds from my bank account to release the balance into my Robinhood account this morning. During all this, I had ordered, and received, their special debit card. (Yes it took that freaking long)well. I had funds in my Robinhood account... Debit card won't work. Apple pay requires verification but the RH verification people via apple care leave at 5 pm central and screw anyone needing assistance during daytime hours. It won't work online, cashapp, PayPal. Anywhere. Just get "invalid number" or "declined due to an internal server error" Customer service is nonexistent aside from email. And even then. They're nonhelpful and appear to be simply copy/pasting pre-written scripts that may or may not actually apply to your issue. I emailed them a short bit ago informing them I want every dime returned immediately and my account closed. Do NOT waste your time or money with these people!!!!

- Costumer service

I love Robinhood. I trade almost daily and it’s slowed me to secure an extra income. Well I funded my account about two weeks ago with $2700. I’ve lost about $100 since then. No biggie it happens. So, I go to withdraw some cash out $500 and it’s not letting me. I’ve been contacting customer support and we’ve been talking back-and-forth and my situation should have been resolved today Friday, May 17, 2019. However today I’m not able to still withdraw any funds. My $2590 is on hold “bank holding period.” I understand that these laws are put in place to protect us as investors from other people having access to our funds if we drop our phones etc. however it is unacceptable that in the world of finance that I cannot speak with someone to resolve this situation in an intelligible manner. This all stemmed from me mistakingly deleting my banking information from the application. When I saw I made a mistake I entered in the exact same information I’ve always had in my adult history. For some reason their system can’t recognize my previous information and it sees it as new information. There isn’t one other brokerage that whatever hold my money hostage and from reading the reviews here I’m not the only one. My situation has been heard from customer support however nothing is resolved this is unacceptable. I will continue training with Robinhood only if they can resolve the situation.

- Great ap

Overall I’ve been very pleased with Robinhood it’s easy to use theres no fees on trades, it’s safe, customer service has been great whenever I have a question they’ve been prompt.. My biggest complains is with Robinhood is a company the size of Robinhood just like every brokerage house you really should have 24 hour phone in customer service?? that’s not even debatable when your dealing with peoples livelihoods it’s definitely imperative to have the most accessible customer service by phone -so you can talk to a live person thats#1...also since you offer crypto’s you really need to expand your scope in this area.. as it is the future!! when you have millions even billions of funds coming into the space investing ..Robinhood you really need to step up the game and be competitive ..especially in the Decentralized financing space DeFi and offer your customers more variety open up the offerings.. the crypto’s that are offered are very generic Robinhood should be offering 50 crypto’s minimum , especially in the DeFi, Dex”s and now Nfts area some of these other exchanges are pulling 2-3 billion in volume a day?? why not offer these products to your customers is beyond ?? Other than that Robinhood is fantastic!!

- They don’t honor the free stock promotion you hear everywhere...

They advertise being the perfect interface for someone who isn’t already part of the stock trading scene. As someone with zero experience looking to learn how to manage a portfolio, I was interested in redeeming that free stock promotion for which every single popular podcast seems to have an ad. At no point in its advertising do they male clear that the promotion expires once redeemed. I signed up with the promotion, was not able to navigate the app well enough to redeem it, and submitted a couple customer service inquiries to help. One representative said they reactivated it for me and made it seem to me that the app would prompt me to redeem it once opened. Since I still did not know how to redeem the offer, I submitted another inquiry. Another representative showed me where to find it, at which point I found the “expired” stock which I had not seen in my account previously. I submitted a third inquiry to help reactivate it, was told, “That’s too bad. Well you can still get referrals!” At this point I expressed disappointment and requested an explanation as to why I could not redeem the offer I never had a chance to redeem. It has been nearly a week and at this time the Robinhood team has still not responded even though in every other instance my inquiries were answered within 1 business day. Unless you’re already stock savvy and looking for a clean app, I would not recommend this service.


RobinHood has a very basic iPhone app and website with only limited options and functionality. RobinHood could Learn a lot from (or should stop ignoring) the main stream brokerages, e.g.: Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, E*TRADE, IB Broker (IBKR); Etc. I understand that their platform is designed for beginners, but eventually even “Beginners” gain more ability and need to have more functionality and options available to them to be able to do more, make more significant trades and have better options for making those trades. I’m NOT talking about the “Gold membership“ which cost five dollars ($5) per month and gives one access to some more information; I’m referring to actual BETTER TOOLS for tracking Stocks, Options & Futures and implementing BETTER TRADES as well as TRADING OPTIONS (Such as Greater Extended Hours Availability) PERIOD !!!!! It would be really nice if Robinhood would FINALLY (AND GREATLY) IMPROVE the iPhone app & Website, as well as actually create an iPad (tablet level) app, even if those improvements were given a title such as “RobinHood Pro“: iPhone app, iPad app & Website. RobinHood has certainly been around long enough, is no longer a small (upstart) and is most definitely not too broke to further & better develop their applications. The Apple Watch App needs a lot of work as well.

- Love this App!

I’m not one to give reviews but this app is easily my favorite. I love how simple and accessible it is. I would gave given it 4.5 stars if I was able to, but I gave 5 stars because I lean closer to that rather than 4 stars. The only things that I would like to see from this app is to have the recent updates/news for more stocks, it’s really nice to see in app newsfeeds under your share (or viewing a share). I would also like to see a better category system and a keyword search of more specific stuff like “World Events”, “Vaccine”, etc. Lastly, I personally use the Yahoo Analyst reviews and stock graphs as a standard base when researching a specific stock, so it would be nice to have links to public stock analysis such as Yahoo for shares starting at a minimum of say $70-$100. I say a minimum of $70-$100 because I’ve found between my friends and I who use this app, that’s where our trading hobby went from “I’ll throw $50-$100 and see what happens” to “I understand what is generally going on and how to watch the market and would like to start investing at least as a hobby”. So yeah, I really enjoy this app, but there’s a few things I’d like to see so it can be even more beginner friendly/accessible!

- Making app suggestions is very difficult

Great app but not-so-great customer support. I just looked everywhere in the app and online to try and find a place where a user like myself can simply recommend a feature for the platform that would be very universal; I could not find one so here I am. There should be a communication platform with live chat by now. The fact that you don’t have it or don’t care to focus on that aspect gets you 2 less stars than you desire. I’m all about communication! People have concerns and questions but you’re not trying to deal with people directly. You want people to get frustrated before they get in touch and that’s not good for business. Anyway, I suggest that you add a ‘SORT’ FEATURE on your platform so that users can switch their WATCHLISTS around based on different options like ‘SORT BY CURRENT PRICE’, ‘SORT BY %’ and/or ‘SORT BY AMOUNT INVESTED’. Just think if you have over 20 or 50 stocks on the watchlist buy you have “no control over what you’re looking at” because there is NO SORT FEATURE! Please add this and everyone will thank you for it!!! Thanks for listening!!! I will remove my remarks after you add the feature that will benefit the masses.

- Definitely Not “Free”

This app is free to download, easy to set up, and easy to make trades. But, when you want to exit a trade (especially in options) you get one of the worst fill times I have EVER seen. As a matter of fact, 100% of the time, in order to get a fill I have to adjust the limit price in Robinhood’s favor and to my disadvantage. RH has fooled all of us into believing that it’s free by packaging up their platform in a beautiful mobile app and then screwing us all with terrible fill times (and prices), delayed data, no Level II data, and the platform lags out on me during peak times of the day. I’ve missed out on opportunities because of the lag, lost hundreds in the form of terrible fill, and when I try and call their customer support number, it’s on an automatic voicemail. Additionally, customer support takes forever to respond, it took me over a week to get my account approved, and now I can’t get any of my LAST orders filled so that I can move to Tastyworks. I am disgusted by the people behind Robinhood; how could you deceive such a large population of people so easily? If you’re a new investor, try out Robinhood. If you’re day trading or even looking to trade options, please PLEASE just understand that for where Robinhood gives you “free” perks such as zero commissions and a great platform, they make up for ten fold in poor/slow customer service and money-robbing fill times.

- Non-Existent Customer Service

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT IF YOU ARE TO DOWNLOAD THIS APP; YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET INTO CONTACT WITH ANY CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE. I never do this, but I have sent many emails to customer service and have heard nothing in response. After reading bunches of great reviews, I downloaded Robinhood with hopes of a mutually beneficial and long term relationship. At first, the app was amazing. Then, when trying to link my bank account, I ran into a lot of issues. The micro deposits were not showing up in my account. Two tries and three calls to my bank later, my bank account was linked. I transferred some money over and began buying stocks. About a week later, I get an email that my account is now frozen because my bank reversed the transfer, stating that they were unable to find my account with them. Because of this, Robinhood charged me a $9.00 fee. I called my bank and they told me that they said no such thing to Robinhood and that from their perspective (and mine as well), the accounts were properly linked and I had enough money in my account to cover the transfer. They basically told me to get into contact with Robinhood and that this was not their first issue with customers using the app. In the past 5 days, I have sent 3 emails to Robinhood, but to no avail. Now I owe them money and have no way to pay it back because they automatically unlinked my account... this is a nightmare. I can’t even close the account. BUYER BEWARE!!!

- Very bad, unorganized, and confusing customer support.

I have been using Robinhood for almost a year and a half. Everything looked good and loved it until recently that I faced and issue with my account and had to deal with the customer support team. First of all, there is no phone number to call and talk to someone, and the only option is to email them ! And here is when your problems start ! Dealing with the customer support. I emailed them about my issue and it took them 11 days to respond ! 11 days ! I understand due to COVID-19 pandemic some business are facing difficulties and some people work from home but 11 days is a long wait considering robinhood customer care employees work from home. After that they asked me to upload some documents to their website, and I did. Now its been 4 days that I am waiting for someone to review the documents and respond ! But the confusing part is that each time someone else reviews my case ( I understood that from the end of each email that each time I see a different name of the employee who responds ), and each employee asks me the questions that I have already answered in the previous emails !! I don't know how many times I will have to answer the same questions and how long till someone who actually cares will review the documents that I submitted!! So before starting with Robinhood make sure and hope that you will not face any issue otherwise good luck with that !!

- Shady company! 0 customer service, can’t get money out!

I never take the time to write reviews, but after well over a week and a half of not having access to my money and no contact from Robinhood, I feel like I need to start making a little more noise to see if anyone actually works there. After waiting for my cash to settle in my account, it states an amount available for trade and yet I can only close positions. When I didn’t receive any response about resolving this issue, I decided to withdraw my money and take it elsewhere, it says the request for withdrawal is denied. Ok, I use their support link to find what could be the problem, since no one ever responds to the emails, and it says you need to wait 5 trading days after a deposit for funds to settle before you can withdraw, and it must be withdrawn to the same account it was from. I waited and made sure I used the same amounts and same account. Nope! Still denied. I have sent well over 4 emails since mid November and still haven’t had any contact from Robinhood except some generic “we are working on getting to your ticket” email. I can’t help but wonder if there is something illegal or unethical happening here. I heard that they make money on the interest of holding my money and that makes senses since they won’t let me leave. I regret signing up for Robinhood gold and for ever joining this joke of a service. Please be warned for anyone who is considering using them!


I read the reviews and was convinced to use this app by my spouse. Well needless to say I had a call that was about to expire. Tried selling day prior and it was cancelled not by me. My call was worth $166 and because now it had to be sold for me I took a loss and was left with $10. Not one warning came through that it was almost time to sell and I have to say this is very poor development and I believe intentional. The notifications are late, if you are in the app watching the data lags and is seriously behind. One view shows one value and selecting the stock you are watching an entirely different. This app does not deserve 1 star. It is laggy, customer service directs you to the help page and when you finally get a message and correct the bull that you are being told you NEVER hear from customer service again. So if you have money you want taken from you unfairly then sure download app. Believe EVERY bad review because it is absolutely true. UPDATE: To the developer who is answering mine and all other bad reviews with SAME response have zero and I repeat zero desire to correct ANY of these complaints. I STILL am waiting for a response form FIRST issue I had. How on earth this app got 4.8 stars is beyond me with all of the negative reviews and editors choice. This app is a SCAM. Same bogus responses on every complaint. Also the LITTLE money I had left I transferred back to my checking and STILL waiting on that deposit.

- Easy to use

So overall I love the application. That said I can’t seem to find the reoccurring investment option despite emails back and forth with robinhood support it still isn’t something I see. It would also be real cool if robinhood allowed you to enter in your info age goals etc and for gold members made a suggestion on portfolios. I.e based on the info you entered here are 5 different ways you can auto invest for the projection of increase each year. I’d love a more streamline/automated way of a portfolio. I understand I can do this with and S&P index fund but it would be cool to see robinhood have or make their own suggestions. Or it would be cool if when we built out our own portfolio robinhood had a pie chart that showed what our investment types were and overall said based on your current portfolio your risk level is : highly aggressive and defined what that meant. Here are some stock we’d recommend to reduce risk, etc. Last note and again I don’t have access for whatever reason to reoccurring investments but I’d like to be able to allocate let’s say $400 a month to investing but of that I want specific % to passively purchases specific stock each week is that what is offered with reoccurring? Looking forward to finding out!

- You can’t beat this

Robinhood makes their money based on interest earned on your un-invested cash, or if you upgrade for a paid service. So, your money doesn’t grow just sitting there... but that’s it. That’s the only catch. I hear lots of complaints about not seeing enough market data (just use yahoo finance or upgrade for $5/month) or not being able to do extended hours trading (again, just upgrade if that’s what you want), or that the app glitched and messed up their day trade (don’t day trade, it’s stupid). Overall, as a value investor who could care less about day trading, just doing my own research and using my own method of combining trailing stop orders and fractional shares, and a simple random stock selection process which I wrote in Python (simple program that just gives me a random ticker and I decide if it’s any good), I’ve earned 17% in the last 8 months, even though I went negative multiple times during the pandemic. Just find a formula for investing that works for you, give it some tweaks now and then, and stick with it. And it wouldn’t hurt to learn Python. Rumor has it you can totally control your account with a Python API, though I haven’t even done that

- So far I’ve found the service frustrating

I downloaded the app and tried to invest money. It told me I have to connect a bank account to my Robinhood account first. That makes sense, so I did. Then it said it’s going to make two very small deposits into that bank account so I can verify it’s the right account. It took like3 days for those deposits to show up. When they did, I verified the account. By this time I couldn’t find any evidence in my Robinhood account that I tried to purchase anything. So I purchased again, maybe doubling up as far as I know. But by this time the stock had already gone up considerably, money lost. Then it said that it still can’t buy the stock for me because I don’t have money in my Robinhood account. Apparently I have buy stock in two steps. First transfer money into my Robinhood account, then buy the stock. Right away I transferred the requested amount of money into my Robinhood account, which was a little more than the price of the stock I was buying even though they claim there’s no broker fee. But it still could buy the stock for me, presumably it takes some time for the transfer to go through. Finally the transfer went through but by now the stock value had increased more so I had to buy less than I wanted to, more money lost. Very annoying. Maybe it’s just a learning curve I have to go through but so far I’m ticked off about losing an opportunity.

- Worst customer service

So Robinhood support is a joke, if you have a real issue they won’t respond fast so have fun trying, My account was restricted because I linked 2 accounts to Robinhood, both had funds. No issues, I used one account for deposits and other account had backup funds in case I needed to spend more, I deposit 10k l, no biggie it goes through I trade etc, then I starting using my tablet to do stocks so my son could play his games on my phone, Robinhood noticed multiple logins on a different device, my tablet, and they needed an explanation of why I log on to another device? Seriously ? I have a 5 year old who does what every other kid does, bother parents, and I’d rather he break my phone then my tablet, anyways I get restricted, no deposits no withdrawals, nothing, I have around 12k sitting their , and they won’t let me touch it, I’ve received only one message from support , this occurred in the beginning of September, it’s almost the end of october , I’ve written support at least 50 times, i only got one back asking why I logged in on another device, a bank statement personal info etc, sent all that plus more, nothing back Then I test something, I made a new email for fun, I message support, I got 6 messages in 3 days, but only 1 message in a month period from my account, so I’m guessing they don’t want to do their job and just leave me hanging? Some customer support I tell you

- Still 5 stars.

Love the idea of spreading investing to the common person. Love the user friendliness/easy to understand format. You have that over Schwab’s app. Sometimes your prices do not match that of the actual, which I’m still figuring out why. I think most of us wonder how you make money aside from gold, a “snacks” article or mass-memo would be appreciated. More than anything though, I wish there was ANY investor support by phone or by article, with some guidance/education/common Q&A about stocks or sectors/trends/other ways to get good yields, risk-potential ratios. I held Tesla and VTI shares and sold them before they jumped 20-40%. I’m new to all of this and I feel like, i was in a good position and sold out of fear, out of emotion. And other brokerages allegedly give advice to stuff like that. Now I’m watching Tesla and vti soar and kicking myself. So I hope one day you develop some way of actually helping an investor”great choice, buy and hold “ or “stats show that this is a smart/I smart move for long or short term” etc because the more robinhood investors turn to emotional traders, the less they will use your platform because they will associate their losses with your app. Otherwise, great job.


At this point I am beyond frustrated with this stupid app which has cost me over $200 for a mistake on their side. First of all customer service is absolutely horrendous. It took them nearly a week to email me back with information I already had with a quick google search. Also after depositing money in the app which I used to buy stocks (assuming the money was successfully transferred) I checked my bank account to find I was $150 in the hole due to NSF fees. The app withdrew money out of the wrong account and continued to try to withdraw out of the SAME account even after it failed multiple times. I immediately emailed customer support (they don’t accept phone calls) it wasn’t until after a week that I received a response. The lady told me to deposit more money in the app to bring my balance to positive so she could waive one of the fees. I did as she said and nothing happened. Still I was charged for the deposit and now I am over $200 out on this ridiculous app. I’ve even gone as far as contacting their banking partner in charge of their deposit system and they told me many people had the same problem. I will be taking legal action as well as working with APEX their partner to get my money back. This is simply unacceptable and ridiculous, the customer service is awful and the fees just rack up. Until something is done about this my review stands. STAY AWAY FROM ROBINHOOD!!

- Unauthorized transactions & fees

Before you decide to download READ THIS. Robinhood, after doing some research seems like the ideal app for people who are new to stocks. The first week I had it the app was running smoothly, my free stock and earned a little under 5$ and I was so estatic that two days later I put 10$ into my account. I didn’t use it until two days later. Why is that important? Because after my stocks (three of them because I bought one and got two free) we’re making money I get this random message saying that my money has been REVERSED And they charged me a 9$ fee because of it. I was confused and angry because when going back and looking at my personal bank statement they took, and accepted the 10$ charge. So after doing some more digging I saw that THIS IS COMMON once your stocks hit a certain amount they take the money from the account and sell off your stocks to pay for the negative fee on your account. GUYS THIS IS REAL AND IT HAPPENED TO ME. my stocks at this point should have been around 50$ mind you I didn’t buy into Nike, TSLA or any big brands. CUSTOMER SERVICE ISN'T HELPFUL why?? Because there isn’t any. They have an email you can send your complaints to and they tel you that they will get back to you. I have been waiting for four days and I had to send more today because they SOLD MY STOCKS WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION AND BLOCKED MY ACCOUNT FROM BUYS STOCKS. IF YOU WANT TO EARN MONEY IN STOCKS DO NOT DOWNLOAD ROBINHOOD.

- Who the hell doesn’t like free trades?

Listen, if you’re the type of person who likes to buy stocks or options (especially options) then this app is for you. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t have any professionally technical charts or overlays (MACD, Bollinger bands, etc.), but did I mention you don’t pay a commission? I feel like I should repeat that so it sinks DON’T pay commission. If you need the fancy overlays you can always pay for a chart service, but you will still want a house that won’t rake you over the coals every time you want to buy or sell. I personally have an account at a well-known brokerage firm for long trades, ETF’s/mutual funds, and an IRA (only because I had it first, and Robinhood currently doesn’t have mutual funds or retirement accounts) so I can use the fancy charts there, then buy through Robinhood. If you don’t have a broker with said fancy charts, you can get pretty fancy on Yahoo finance for free, then trade on Robinhood, thereby mitigating any fees altogether. Kudos to the team, and once they do add mutual funds and retirement accounts you should buy stock in knee pads, as the major brokerage houses will be needing them when they are on their knees begging you to stay.

- Robinhood Review

Hello, I’ve been using Robinhood for over two years now. 1st I want to say the platform is brilliant, and the commission free promise revolutionized the online broker industry. However, in the last few months I’ve explored some other brokers and I’ve noticed some HUGE drawbacks when comparing robinhood to other platforms. My biggest complaint is the fact that I can’t name a beneficiary for my portfolio. 2nd is the computer interface. Love the phone app but the Robinhood website on computer is so far behind every other broker that I’ve decided to move most of my assets to other brokers. 3rd is the charts offered by Robinhood. They’ve hardly changed since I started years ago and are falling behind when compared to other platforms. I will say, the addition of partial shares and dividend reinvestment was a huge step for Robinhood and I can’t wait to see what other advances are made in the future. If some changes are made and RH allows me to name a beneficiary I will definitely come back to the platform, but for now I’m transferring nearly everything to my other brokers. Love what you guys do, and the leaps you guys have made but it kinda feels like you guys are suffering from sever growing pains. P.S. are you still hiring?

- This app sells your trade data

I am very unhappy with how unreliable the Robinhood platform is. I was under the impression that a stop limit order would not execute until the stop price is reached. Well, I have learned that is not the case. My stop limit order executed when the stock price was well above my stop limit price. The reason this happens is because Robinhood sells your trade data to 3rd party high frequency trading firms who then exploit market gaps and inefficiencies with the use of AI. I lost out on thousands of dollars because my stop limit order executed when the stock ticker price was way above what my mitigating stock limit order was set at. It’s uncomfortable that I cannot even hedge my trades with full confidence as RH could potentially sell my trade data to another firm that will force the execution and then profit off of the spread between the actual stock price and the executed stock price. These platforms are supposed to help their clients execute well and RH is causing their clients to lose money while these AI driven hedge funds are profiting. Not just that, but i reached out to support on my issue and they gave me the whole “read our documentation” answer, which did not explicitly corroborate the justification of executing my order in a manner that is unfavorable to me but favorable to the 3rd party that pays RH $ for trade data. Please fix this RH, I lost out on thousands of dollars due to an inefficient execution of my trade.

- Beginner Turned Advocate

When I first stumbled across the green and white feathered logo, I was skeptical. Why should I try to invest my hard earned cash myself, isn’t that why I have a financial advisor? Well, before even downloading the app, I did some research on my own. Robinhood was not only one of the top stock trading apps, it seemed the simplest. Without hesistating, I picked up my smartphone and downloaded it. The first few days I was anxiously looking at my checking account, waiting for the deposits to type into the app and get the ball rolling. After a short few days, I had my first deposit and I was up and running, trading with ease. I did research on my own between the data the app provides and online to strategically buy stocks that I not only have interests in, but that I believe in. This app has changed my outlook on the stock market, going from the thought of it being this steep hill that no one can climb to a small hill that with knowledge and information, anyone can conquer. Overall, this free download of an app got my confidence back, while creating a place to invest and gain captial. I could not be happier where I am right now. Thank you Robinhood team. Kris F.

- Great app, leaves a few things to be desired.

So I left a review before and I still stand by what I said earlier. However as I become more experienced with other brokerages I’ve noticed that Robinhood feels a bit... malnourished. 1) the website is absolute garbage in terms of operability. It has features that I wish the Robinhood app had, like the charts for the MacD and the rsi, but holy Christ the usability of the website is absolute garbage. I’m sorry but why on earth do scammers have a better functioning website to where you can actually click stuff? Get to work on that website Robinhood. 2) guys you’re missing a lot of features on your app. I’ve been on webull for a bit and I keep finding myself gravitating toward that app for a multitude of reasons and the only things keeping me with Robinhood right now is the options trading because webull doesn’t offer level 3 options trading YET, the cash management system, the layout of the options page, and that they are owned by a Chinese company. I want to support an American company and use American brokerages. You guys of have someone register for webull and look at how awesome their app is and come up with Robinhood style solutions to fight them. Step up your game Robinhood staff.

- Great App, great for new investors

I absolutely love this app. I used TD before and I liked it, but compared to Robinhood it was so complicated. I was googling and looking up everything just to make basic trades, Robin Hood is set up very simple, and in a more user friendly app. More like a social media page vs the New York stock exchange. I love the fact I can make free trades, if I make a trade I’m up 10-20% in a week I can get out and take my gains. With other services I had to clear a trade fee ( I believe it was 7 at the time) before I could sell. So no matter what percentage I was up if it didn’t clear the 7 to buy and 7 to sell I was stuck. My only two negatives with the app, some times it will just freezes up and basically have you stuck no buying or selling for how ever long it takes them to fix it. Usually it’s not a big deal but I can see when I have 100+ k in how it could be upsetting. Also some times when you invite a friend the free stock just doesn’t come through, most of the time I haven’t had a problem, but I’ve been with a friend before sent them the link watch them click it and help them set up and my free stock just never came in. Over all great app but has a few minor kinks to get out.

- Got me to invest

Update: Big brokers are free now but Robinhood performance is going the wrong direction. They have failed to scale up according to transaction volumes. The important morning hours have been glitchy with orders not going through. Then came the fateful all day outage on the biggest gain day for the market ripping off the so called little people in the most brutal way. Once a superstar is turning into the biggest loser. More players are meeting and beating Robinhood in every aspect. I will still keep some money in the account to take advantage of the 1.8% yield but will treat it like a savings account that I can trade from every now and then. I am most likely move most money to the established platforms. Earlier I wrote: Big name brokers always kept me from investing with minimum deposit, high fees and complex interfaces. Robinhood and its super user friendly interface got me started. I could play around with little money and learn in real life. This app gave me the confidence to grow my portfolio and learn trading and investing. Like the new free newsletter as well. It also got me started with crypto and options. Funny how the no fee approach helped me setup the future I wanted to build but always stayed away. I now trade in multiple platforms and make more gains than loses; and I still and always will use Robinhood as my pocket broker. Thank you Robinhood for being on the side of regular little people...

- Unfortunate burglary

Hi. My name is Vinson Murphy and I’ve had robinhood for about a year now. Today is the day I closed my account. A lot of you I have referred here. Either directly or indirectly through the people I’ve brought on. All of the money I have put into robinhood I have not seen one dime. I just kept flipping my initial $40 investment and all the referral stocks I had gotten. Eventually I ended up with nearly $1500 in my account. $1000 of it I owed robinhood because I thought I was using margin. Turns out I was using instant deposits the whole time and they took all of my money. Money I made included. And took the trades I made in my name and made them theirs. And they want me to deposit something like $2000 into my robinhood account just to “prove” that I can I guess and they will release all my funds earned. The situation is very fishy but I have lost apt of time and money that I thought I was honestly earning for me and turned around and got bamboozled into working for them for free. I don’t know who else is going through this problem. But make sure you can withdraw your money. Even with your card. Thank you and Robinhood, I really thought you were better than this. UPDATE: do not let them fool you, they still have not solved my issue. They took all of the funds I made from trades and all of my money that I loaded onto the account as well DO NOT USE ROBINHOOD TO TRADE STOCKS, WEBULL IS SO MUCH BETTER.

- If you’re not investing now, start with Robinhood now. *Needs* iPad App.

First things first: This app has single handedly sparked a habit of investing the majority of my paychecks in stocks and actively managing my portfolio, watching market news and seeking new data sources to make my trades more profitable. Overall, this app has made me an investor, and I feel like I’ve already started later than I should have. Robinhood has potentially saved me from a future of slaving away for a paycheck to paycheck existence until I fade away from old age. For that, this app genuinely deserves 5 stars as it’s providing an important public service by enticing younger and younger investors (the earlier you start the better, that’s just a fact); let alone impacting me personally in a positive way. That said, I’m giving 3 stars because the lack of an iPad (and MacOS, for that matter, albeit less important) app significantly detracts from the value of the app overall as an investing tool. I’m finding myself looking for a new broker since Robinhood is only available on my phone and a web app. The moment there’s an iPad app for this, the rating will be edited to 5 stars. It’s the only thing missing.

- Robin and Batman

The app is nice but I must say they don’t have a customer support contact. That’s a serious flaw that needs to be looked at. Investors should have a right to access funds at all times unless otherwise agreed upon. I personally feel if this is violated the company should be held liable to pay a set percentage back to the investor until the problem is fixed. From beginning to end of blackout period they fail to fully operate the financial responsibility they have agreed to do. To not be able to connect my account at the bank to your system is wrong. My account is connected and I have a debit card yet Robinhood hasn’t resolved the issues I’ve asked about. I don’t like to think that my capital is locked out of my control but it is and has been. I haven’t had a dollar in positive return so far. Yet I’ve paid your gold fees I’ve tried to be polite but I do need to have full knowledge that access is more than available to me. Autonomous systems can’t run without a human to work for and another to take orders from. Or suggestions. The entire market needs to be held to higher standards. Liquidity is crucial.

- Terrible customer service, glitchy app, and overran just a terrible experience

When I began using robinhood I thought it was a very good app at first it was nice and simple to understand and only had for small investments. HOWEVER, I’ve grown to become a trader and because of it I am very active in my account and only want what’s best for my account. So far it’s been 3 DAYS SINCE I REQUESTED MY ACAT TRANSFER IN THIS RED MARKET YOU WOULD ASSUME ROBINHOOD WOULD GIVE ME TIME TO CLOSE DOWN MY POSITIONS SINCE I DID IT OVER THE WEEKEND BUT THEY LOCKED ME OUT DURING BUSINESS HOURS. I’ve lost nearly 20% portfolio because of it. They say they deleted my account yet I’m still able to see how much money I’ve lost everyday for the past 2 days. Their customer service is terrible it’s like I’m talking to a wall and So far I’ve gotten the same copy paste response of what an ACAT transfer is and if “I’d like to cancel even though it might be too late” to request it. I will post my issue in social media if nothing gets resolved and will seek legal advice as to how legal this practice really is. It’s been a hard couple days for me I ALMOST died in a car accident and it’s unfair that now I have to WATCH MY HARD WORK UNDONE by what looks like a petty action. If you want to use robinhood I recommend never using it for your portfolio and a small account. I’m writing this review hoping my voice WILL BE HEARD BUT GIVEN THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE I WOULDN’T BE SURPRISED IF I’M IGNORED AGAIN.

- Reporting to SEC and FTC

I am besides myself. I am so frustrated with this company. I now see why they have no fees for transactions. Basically, you get what you pay for, and at this point I am more than willing to pay the fees that TD Ameritrade is charging in order to get better service, as well as up-to-date information. At least at at TDA, a live person will talk to me, as opposed to waiting for a response email which doesn't even resolve my problem. And I don’t get these replies until 3-4 days later. And I say “replies” because this has been an ongoing issue. I have received many useless “replies.” One of the issues that occurred was that money was taken out from my bank account without my permission to do so. And this is after they sold my stocks (again without my permission) due to a margin needing to be met. No efforts were made on their part to contact me to fund my account with money from my bank to meet this margin. Which by the way was a result of a mistake that they initially made. To top things off, after they withdrew $7450 from my bank account, I looked at my Robinhood account and did not see that $7450 was in my RH account. I have tried numerous times to have them call me on the phone to discuss this. These actions have been met with more emails. I’m not sure why they are call “Robinhood” because all they do is “Steal from the average Joe, and keep the money.”

- Great for people new to investing, but don’t keep any serious amounts of money on here

Robinhood is a great way for people new to investing to get their feet wet. It’s simple, straightforward, and has a clean interface. However, people that are looking to invest serious amounts of money should look elsewhere. I want to really emphasize this part, because I wish somebody did for me. DO NOT USE THIS APP/BROKERAGE IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO INVEST SERIOUS AMOUNTS OF MONEY. Trying to withdraw any money at all has been an ongoing migraine, to put it politely. Every attempt to withdraw funds has been disabled for whatever reason. (Keep in mind, feeding more money to this brokerage doesn’t yield any issues like this) Their support is a joke compared to competitors. There’s no phone number to speak to a human being, which is hilariously negligent when considering this is people’s money they’re in the business in. Multiple emails to support have yet to be answered more than a week after encountering a case. This is an amateur operation. I’ll repeat the heading because I wish somebody told this to me. Robinhood is great for people new to investing to learn, but once you’re ready to actually start investing seriously, use Etrade or TD Ameritrade. Or any other competitor who will give you your money when you ask.

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- 3 years of RH

Started investing with RH with little to no knowledge of the stock market. RH offers an abundance of how-to within their help section. Breaking information down with the help of examples to further your understanding. I made some not so great decisions early on, I also made some lucky decisions early on, but I was continually learning through RH in order to make the most informed decisions. 3 years later I have succeeded in being more informed and seeing all my investments move in a positive direction. The only improvements that I could see RH make to each individual stock is to open more financial media news options. The articles have improved but are very limited while doing open source searches reveal an abundance of information. I’m giving this a 5 star not because I am rich, or have even become independently wealthy from my investments; I gave it 5 stars because RH has given an broker-free option, and opportunity to learn, and the ability for normal working class people to reach a potential that was much less likely without. It truly has been one of the greatest gifts to my family.

- Great to learn on.

I’ve been using RH for almost a year now and have learned a lot from using it. The interface is very user friendly making it easy to learn a lot with. However, it’s simplicity also makes it a bit limited resulting in using other apps with more features. I would love to see maybe a few simple indicators, scanner with filters, extended hours on pre-maket and after-hours. It would be amazing if you could set your order and order types within just one page instead of swiping through multiple pages. If I’m not sending market orders, it takes about 5 pages just for one order which can become tedious and frustrating when prices are moving fast, often resulting in less than ideal positions. Finally, it would be great if there was an option to show/hide the news and notification cards, this would free up page space and allow the user to keep an eye on their watchlist and their account chart at the same time with minimal scrolling. I love using RH but there are other apps with more features. I would definitely use it more frequently if new features like these were added. Overall it’s easy to use and great to learn with.

- Great free app, but..

So really there’s not a whole lot else I personally want out of a stock buying and trading app, but if I could give one criticism it would be the articles that are posted and updated to each stock. There really isn’t a ton of variety on the article publishers. It’s normally Marketwatch, Reuter’s, and Barrons. The problem with this is that I’ve noticed them consistently take biased short seller opinions on a couple stocks that I follow, regardless of what good news or profits come from said stocks. Which makes me trust these sources much less on other issues. It’s kind of like the Gellman amnesia effect in full swing seeing a topic that you clearly are more informed on than the “experts”, then you just go on to read another article by the same publisher and completely forget about how biased or uninformed they were on the previous stance. I would recommend they add more variety of news reporting sources. One more thing that would be really great is a more detailed long term view of a stocks performance past 5 years but not the entire lifetime. Like maybe a 10 year performance option would be great. All and all it’s still my favorite app for easily buying and trading.

- Too many glitches costing me money

I have been with RH for about a year now and while for the most part my experience has been a positive one, however, too many times I’ve experienced a glitch which has cost me money on all manner Of trades. Stocks, calls and puts, all at one time or another. Today I saw that a stock I had been holding waiting to recoup some loss on a spike, well it was spiking thru the roof and after I had made up every penny I’d lost and made some profit as well, I tried to sell, and I got an error message. I tried over and over with no results. The stock price went back down and I have been locked out of my account and have lost several hundred dollars on just this one trade today. Overall I would estimate I have lost well into 4 digits on account of RH system glitch’s. I am done with Robin Hood and I would not recommend this app to anyone. Having a good experience most of the time just doesn’t cut it when your trading stocks on your own. Absolutely 0 support either. Also suspect that there are not more 1 star reviews. If you go on Reddit it’s a bloodbath of horror stories about multiple glitches that have cost people thousands and thousands of dollars. Something is a little fishy......until they can guarantee this won’t happen again as well as right the previous wrongs I will tell everyone I know not to use Robin Hood.

- It’s good but could be great

I’ve been using Robinhood for a couple years now but have been actively trading a lot more recently and I find so many annoying qwerks. I find using Robinhood web app on a desktop has much more necessary features for more advanced users like the ability to manipulate charts and adding indicators but I’ve had so many issues with the app and web not matching up becomes unresponsive or slow so I’ve scrapped using the web app all together as it’s just not convenient or reliable for me when I’m trading on the go.I usually have to do my research on a position on ToS and make my trades on here which is annoying that I even have to do that .. the biggest issue I have by far is know easily fining pending orders or the ability to save orders for later .. please add an orders tab or something that easily shows pending orders!! I can’t even express how frustrating it is to have pending orders hiding from days weeks or even months ago only to be surprised with an execution notification.. I shouldn’t have to dig through all my messages and emails or go through each individual options page just to see what’s still pending

- Great App

I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t sometimes have glitches. However most of them are due to the high influx of new users and high volume of trading on certain days, overall these issues are improving. For a free trading app I’m more than willing to give them a bit of leniency while they continue to improve things. Overall they have excelled in making investing available to everyone. If you plan to buy and hold and build a portfolio or get your feet wet and start investing small amounts this app is great for you. If you plan to day trade a large volume with slim margins you may want to look at ally invest or someone who is bigger and can handle the large volume days, but you will most likely be paying fees of some sort. Overall for me It’s been a great app to invest outside of my IRA. I’ve been using it since March of 2016 and I haven’t had any major issues. I’ve actually recommended it to many people wanting to start investing. Start with safe stocks, do your research, and enjoy knowing that your investing in your future, no matter how small the amount, without paying any fees.

- Love the app

Many people were right in that the app is amazing to use and very intuitive. If only the website was like that! The only thing I dislike about the app is the new “My List” features. I liked it when I could just follow stocks I chose and didn’t have to go to a separate place to the them. It’s a good idea but I would like the option to turn “lists” off because the feature seems a bit useless for someone that only has 10-15 stocks on my watchlist. However, I understand that it could be a very useful feature for some that have many lists consisting of different categories. I personally don’t need it and would like the option to not use it. Other than that, the app is super easy to use and anyone can start investing using it. One thing I would like to change though is to not have to use FaceID every time I leave the app, even if it’s for literally 5 seconds. Maybe change it so that you have to FaceID when you’ve been out of the app for 15 minutes or so. That’s how the chase app works and it’s much better. Great app nonetheless!

- Unsecure and Bad customer service (Updated)

I had Robinhood for about a year. Everything was fine until a few days ago where my account was hacked. Customer Service is limited to only email response and no customer service phone number. I tried explaining that I can’t access my account because it no longer has my phone number and email and they just send me a password reset which is not related to the problem. Also whenever they do respond, it’s very slow and unresponsive. I lost my money and seems like I’ll never get it back. In short, Robinhood is not a safe place to set up a brokerage account and I would hate to see others have the same experience as I did. Update: I did get someone from Robinhood to give access to my account. Thanks to that representative. So yes, it is possible to have your account secure and they do have a investigation department to look at fraudulent charges. I do thank Robinhood for following up, but it did take exactly a month for the issue to be fixed. Otherwise, I’m content with the app. If there’s anything Robinhood can improve on is the response times to situations like this. So 4/5 seems fair.

- Account Banned Without Reason.

This was the app that I used to first get me started In the stock market. I used it before crypto and options, and all the new features they’ve added over the years. It has some short comings but nothing that could outweigh the convenience of it. If you pair this app with a powerful charting platform like think or swim you’ll be set. It’s good for the casual investor, people dabbling, or some one who wants to get serious about trading options, but even after all of that, I give it one star for the customer service. My account was banned in November of 2018, which would have been fine had customer support given me the reason as to why. After all, there are plenty of free trading platforms to choose from these days, but instead, over the course of the last year and a half I’ve emailed them multiple times and had “conversations” with multiple customer service representatives that more or less ended with “our decision is final.” And no answers as to why my account was banned. So, in closing, I would love to recommend this app, and truth be told, I still will, but coming from a Robinhood Gold user who took advantage of everything the app had to offer, I will have to recommend Webull over Robinhood. I’d love to finally hear back from Webull with a helpful response after writing this.

- WAS a big fan....

I signed up with Robinhood because a friend of mine said it was great. I had it for months and it was great. It displayed my earnings accurately, losses accurately and my equity. I was a bit disappointed I couldn’t buy a lot of the penny stocks I was looking into. So because of that fact I signed up with a new app that offered every stock I was interested in. After using the other app for a very short period, I decided I didn’t like it because it was hard to decipher. Full disclosure, I’m very green when it comes to buying/selling stocks. So because Robinhood was so easy to use and pretty cut and dry I transferred my stocks back. In hindsight, I never should have switched. Since coming back NONE, absolutely NONE, of my numbers match. Even though going through the history of my purchases, Robinhood has what I bought everyone of my stocks for, they can’t transfer the average cost of each, which in-turn throws every other number off. After contacting the company, they tell me there is nothing I nor the company can do to resolve it. I’ll be looking for a different app to use. Lesson learned: If you start with Robinhood, stay with Robinhood. I would not recommend anyone to transfer from another app to this one.

- Not for a Beginner

I will start this out by saying I am by no means of the word an expert. I am a beginner and opened my first account this year to try and learn the markets. Robinhood is a very attractive app for the beginner and they market to them very well. However there are much better apps that offer more help to beginners. Robinhood does not provide the tools for charts and connection to other traders. Again, not a bad platform to have because of the commissions being free and it’s not much if anything out of pocket. I found myself using other platforms searching for news related to the app, analysis of the stock, and actually being able to look at charts without going to google. I now only use Robinhood to place trades that I follow in other platforms. If you are just starting out, this app isn’t for you. Find a platform where you can engage with others, have one stop access to charts, news, analysis, and the ability to DD. This is a great platform if you have the access somewhere else to do your due diligence and then just place the commission free trade on here. Just my opinion on this app! Do your research on other platforms, weather desktop or mobile (or both). Charts and analysis are intimidating but take the time to do it and jot just follow what others say.

- There are much better trading Platforms

No matter where you are on your trading journey you will begin to understand that Robinhood or RH often referred to as, can’t do what you need it to do when you need it to do it. I am a new trader teaching myself the ropes, if it is a huge inconvenience NOW imagine when my portfolio grows hahaha. You can only trade from 0900 (Premarket) to 1800. The market doesn’t close until 8 and often times you will find yourself shorted from profits because you can’t sell your swing at 830 upon the release of news or at 730 because for whatever reason the volume is spiking or whatever the case. There are other brokerages that allow you to exercise a full trading day. Not BS hours. It has no real support for trading, the charts are extremely lackluster, can’t trade OTCs, I’ve heard from multiple people having their accounts deactivated and not being able to close positions. (Thankfully it hasn’t happened to me), etc... the list could go on. Simply put Robinhood is not for the trader. Ask any good trader id be willing to bet they’d recommend several different brokerages not named Robinhood. I’m not a review kinda guy, so for me to take the time to write this says something. Take this as you will, don’t be like me. My recommendation for those reading this? - Webull

- Options

Execution on options; the execution on your options in some cases take down right near forever to exercise from the sell order input. On several occasions I have noticed the only way options sell, are when the price reverses, which makes me think those with the Robinhood app Are put on the back burner, so to speak and if the price does not reverse, a lot of money could be lost.I watched a sell order fall more than 50%In the money, only to sell some 10 minutes later out of the money. That kind of execution does not get you high marks. The purchase and sale of shares: on many occasions now, I have watched the purchase of shares increase by one cent per share when the share price never actually hit that price. The same goes for the sales only on the sale price, it is one cent lower then what it actually hit. How is this possible? You wanted my opinion, you got it, but I seriously doubt you’ll do anything about it because you want graphs, pictures, and any kind of evidence that says this isn’t true. I’m not here to give you evidence I’m here to give you my opinion. If you want evidence, try it yourself I’ll just make my decision going forward. In the meantime maybe find a way for options to exercise a little quicker and honestly I would not mind paying a little more. Sincerely, RH user

- Loved the app hate what they do.

So I’ve used Robinhood for almost 3 years and I had a nice little amount of money building my portfolio and I wasn’t day trading even though they allow 3 day trades a month I believe but I wasn’t doing any of that I had my to picks and I was riding until the end. then out of no where they restricted my account so I couldn't buy/sell anything. I couldn’t pull my money out.... I couldn’t do anything but watch the stocks. I emailed Robinhood support which is an absolute joke! The only way you can get ahold of anyone from Robinhood is by email. If that ain’t sus idk what is. Anyways after like a week they finally emailed me back and said sorry we can no longer support your account and they wouldn’t give me any explanation at all on why they weren’t able to support my account. this was in April 2020 this year when the big crash happened and they sold all my stocks at bottom dollar. They treated me super un professionally and I would never trust my money in their care again. And I advise anyone that plans to buy stock to use cash app. You don’t have to wait 5 days for the money from the bank and vice versa. You can do it instantly which is another thing I didn’t like about Robin Hood. Anyways be wise, put your money elsewhere unless you want them to take it all! I’m truly disappointed and disgusted.


I tried to invest in stocks during this pandemic. Free app, easy for beginners, all these ads made sound like Robinhood is the best app out there. Downloaded the app, had trouble signing up, emailed the customer service, didn’t really help me at all, they just told me to restart the phone/computer or re-download the app. I re-downloaded the app like five times and somehow figured a way to sign up and decided to put $5,000 on the robinhood account. At this point, I didn’t even think my Robinhood account will have any problem. My credit score is above 800, have a job, I thought I wouldn’t have any problem getting approved. (They ask you to transfer money during application process.)The money went out but robinhood rejected my account......what???? Robinhood shouldn’t have transferred my money at the first place if they weren’t gonna approve it. So I’ve been emailing robinhood back and forth, didn’t solve anything. Got tired emailing back and forth (different rep every time so I had to explain my situation over and over) so I asked them to just transfer my money back. Robinhood didn’t respond back to me for 9 days now. I had sent 3 emails in between those 9 days. No response at all. They don’t even provide customer service phone number. I don’t know what to do now. I wish I can give 0 stars.

- Disappointed. Customer Service Nonexistent.

I am not the type of person that enjoys leaving negative reviews. However, the service I am currently receiving has to be the worst. My account was restricted almost 2 weeks ago. I deposited the amount they had asked for and was deposited successfully. I have been emailing customer support since the day my account was restricted. Until now, I have not received a single reply relating to any of the issues I had emailed them about. I can’t make purchases, I missed out on stocks I was wanting to purchase. I can’t transfer or withdrawal from my account because it was disabled. Payments were denied, now I have to deal with that. I don’t understand why I can’t get one email that lets me know what is going on and what can I expect. My instant deposit has been re-enabled, which let me to assume my account is ok. My account shows all my money under the amount I can withdraw. I currently have no holdings and my options were completed and nothing is pending. I’m left confused and would really like some type of response. Is this even legal. I really need my money. I had no choice but to leave a review because it seems like more people are getting more service after leaving reviews. I actually like the platform, but now I definitely would not recommend this app to anybody.

- Terrible customer service

After making a deposit to Robinhood, I tried to cancel the transaction because the amount was incorrect. After trying to contact their help services multiple times on changing the deposit amount or cancelling, all I got was a generic email response stating that if it could not be cancelled due to using instant buying power. I responded back to the generic email, letting them know it would cause a bank reversal if I couldn’t get any help, no response back, but the same generic response about being unable to cancel the transaction. So I called my bank to cancel the deposit and made a new deposit for the correct amount I wished to deposit. A few days later when the incorrect deposit reversed Robinhood locked my account from any activity except depositing money and making purchases. I emailed them multiple times about getting help and lifting the restrictions. 7 later my account is still lock and I finally got an email response stating that I needed to deposit additional funds within 3 buisness days or my account would be terminated. Despite having available buying power, I owed Robinhood more money? They expect me to make a deposit in 3 days with no explanation to how they came up with the amount needed to be deposited.I definitely don’t recommend this app for anyone.

- Doesn’t work when it’s most needed

So, I decided to start messing around with stocks 2 weeks ago. In those 2 weeks: I bought some Biopharma shares to hold over the weekend. When Monday came around, I was excited to sell them because I had pulled a profit, what I didn’t expect was for the Robinhood Servers to completely break apart when it was one of the biggest and best days to trade. This went on until Tuesday afternoon, which by then the shares I had already depleted any potential profit. Skip to Friday, I bought more shares within the same area, Biopharma. Skip to Monday, there was a Market Halt for 15 minutes for everyone, which is fine, but I set up a market sell order for the shares I had just before the market halt. After the market halt, I COULD NOT CANCEL THE ORDER. They would not sell, nor could I sell other shares until 2:00 PM CST (the market halt started at 9:34 CST). In total, I lost over $800 in potential profit due to Robinhoods negligence over an issue they claimed they had already fixed. I can’t even begin to imagine how much people had lost had they done options trading. If the broker app isn’t reliable enough for me to cancel an order upon request, don’t expect anything to work when you need it the most. Just giving it 2 stars because the UI looks nice.

- Seriously??? Really poor customer service!

I’m usually not one to write reviews but after my pretty disappointing experience with the app I wish I could give it no stars. I was excited about the zero commission trading and the app seemed well put together at first but the real issues started when Robinhood was totally incapable of linking my bank account to start funding my trading. I would get error messages saying my bank account was locked even though it was sitting open on my computer right in front of my face. After trying ruthlessly to get it to work, Robinhood locked me out of of linking my account for the next 7 hours for the second time in two days. Even better is when I went to find customer service, I discovered Robinhood has no number to call/email to wright to, but instead a message box that gives you 25 characters (less than a quarter of an old twitter post) to ask a complex question about financing your account. Oh ya and the little message couldn’t even send because the app still seems to be pretty bugged and glitchy. All that being said, I’m still pretty enthused about the whole commission free trading thing so I’m writing this in mouth-foaming hopes that a Robinhood employee will see it and explain what the hell is wrong here and hopefully be able to link my bank with their app.

- Robinhood ! Love it! Needs more features tho!

I love how one small ripple can make a heck on an impact ! My brother told me by word of mouth about this and ever since I devote more then half my phone screen time to this app! I love how it works I wish there was more information then just one choice I have to click between to choice ( last price , total return...) I wish I could have two side by side or something like that I like the day and night background depending on the hour I use it but if I hate something is the new letters I open and read and then close and I get the SAME notification it’s annoying I just read it and now it’s new ... no it’s not at all. It’s incredible ANNOYING but I don’t mind the ones I hadn’t read yet . Just the ones I have . But great app I wish I could get gold I really want to day trade I just lack the money but I work hard to put my time and earnings into this and make a return of profit and I also tell everyone I know about this app I want to one day be one of the big dogs from humble beginnings cause I can make a good sense of a mess pond !

- Not a happy hoodie

I’m extremely disappointed about using this platform. I’ve lost money multiple times and it wasn’t because lack of buyers or sellers it was failure on the platform not being able to handle the traffic. I’ve also had a reverse split that the option strike price wasn’t updated to reflect the reversal. I’ve emailed several times because I had multiple contracts. I was told on the first one they couldn’t help because I sold what was left. But i was losing money everyday waiting for replies. I left the other 2 and it was never corrected and my option went worthless. But the share price was moving. I’ve Lost over $1000 in mistakes with this company. The only reason I’m still here is to not lose on my long term stocks and options I have set in place. I’m slowly but surely moving my money to another platform. It terrible the way you all handle these type of mistakes. I really think RH is pocketing the profits and not returning them to their clients especially those who are new to investing. I’ve been apologizing for referring friends to the platform because they too have had issues the were unresolved.

- Phenomenal Product!

I don’t often write reviews, but I decided to take the time because I love this product so much. I started investing with Robinhood in college. Low dollars, a stock here, a stock there, just to get some experience and learn about investing. As I’ve grown as an investor, Robinhood has grown with me. It has made investing approachable for the average person. First, the no-fee stock trading concept has transformed the industry. People come for that, and stay for the technology and ease of use. I can buy stocks real time, use safer buying methods like limit orders, even buy the stock immediately even though my funds haven’t transferred in yet. I get news tiles, intuitive trending graphs, and additional features constantly being added like options trading or crypto trading. They have even partnered to make tax time easier. My only request would be to build out additional ways to sort my portfolio. I’d like to be able to sort my stocks A-Z or by percentage allocation of my portfolio. I’d also like to see portfolio allocation on my main screen. Keep up the great work! -A proud Robinhood user

- Great Investment App

The founders realized their dream of democratizing access to the financial markets for everyday people. Robinhood is a well designed basic investment application that is the interface to the company providing commission free trades. After using this app for 2 weeks, it’s amazing to see trades really have $0 commission. Funding from a large bank came through in 5 days without any hitch. The app makes it very easy to set up any desired option spread trade, and options novices will appreciate the recommended strategies based on anticipated stock direction. You won’t find the more sophisticated tools of advanced trading platforms here, but there is a wide range of background research and price graphs up to five years, sufficient for most investors looking to manage a modest portfolio of stocks and option trades. It will be fascinating to see the roll out of the 3% interest on cash accounts later this year that will seriously compete for savings. Haven’t seen any glitches in trading at all and can recommend to anyone wishing to put money to work in the stock and options markets.

- Beware Robinhood Will Steal Your Money

I’ve been trading and investing for a few years now. I began using Robinhood in 2017, I believe. Back then I was a noob to the game, and Robinhood made it easy to start investing. Since then I’ve moved to TD Ameritrade (ToS) and trade futures mainly. A few months ago I dusted off the ol’ Robinhood app and deposited some funds for medium to longer term growth. I reached my goal on Robinhood (yay!) and decided to celebrate by buying a new computer. So I begin my withdrawal process, and it gets refused. Okay, whatever, I’ll just get up with support. I have now been emailing support for 3 days regarding my withdrawal. If I’m lucky enough to get a reply (sometimes they’ll just stop replying) they aren’t helpful and I can tell Customer Support really doesn’t care. I’m not a review or complaint person, but I’ve already had to submit a claim to the BBB about Robinhood’s business practices. This isn’t the only issue that I’ve had with Robinhood. Execution speeds are horrible during normal traffic hours for stocks, and even worse for options. I regularly had to wait 5+ minutes for my options to be executed. When trading execution is critical to success. So please new investors or traders, please do research on what app you are sending money to. Invest in yourself and get a quality brokerage that won’t give you any trouble.

- No Customer Support & Unprompted Account Withdrawals

The series of issues first started when the app withdrew stock from my Merrill Lynch brokerage account without me taking any action or requesting to do so. This led to further issues which led me to (try) contacting customer service. Unfortunately, Robinhood does not have a customer service department. I have been repeatedly trying to contact someone in customer service via email for over a month now and all I get are auto responses with a ticket number saying they have “higher than expected service call volumes” and that they will “get back to be as soon as possible”. It’s a shame that an otherwise pretty good business and app doesn’t have the ability to assist its customers when they make a mistake, as was the case here. While dealing with traditional banks may not be as smooth from an app experience perspective, at least I am able to speak with a person and know the the company genuinely cares about having my business and solving my issues (an issue which by the way would never have happened with a traditional bank). I hope the company realizes before it goes public that customer service is not an area it should be skimping on. Overall, decent app, glitches to be worked out, and the worst customer service I’ve ever encountered.

- Good to learn on

Robinhood has a lot of positives going for it as far as the look, the feel, the ease of the transaction, I love the chart used and the cosmetics of everything. It’s a very fun app. One huge negative is not being able to trade after hours. Apps like Webull allow aftermarket trading starting at the 4am period, and by the time Robinhood kicks in at 9 am, you could have either missed the boat on a huge opportunity to buy in or sell, and can financially murder you in losses because you are not able to act. If there is anything that could make me stay on this app it would be to add this aftermarket flexibility. Earnings announcement dates are also completely off. Another issue I ran into was I received an email saying that my account was restricted and I needed to cover a margin, and had 3 days to do it or shares would be sold. I’ve never shorted a stock. And this left me completely confused. Looking for any kind of answers and to how much I would need to cover, there were none. Contacted customer service and my account was reactivated next day...? Was this a glitch where the margin call I needed to cover? No explanation. Fun app but still needs some work to hold as my only trading platform.

- A fantastic place to start!

Robinhood is a fantastic place to begin investing. The app is simple, easy to understand; its not bogged down with jargon nobody but Wall Street can understand. They have several layers of services to the app; stocks, ETFs, options, crypto, and coming soon money management (which is essentially a savings account). Why would I only give this app four stars? Well because I feel that if you are anything above brand new (besides just being generally apathetic towards investing) the app leaves a lot to be desired. This is a stock trading app/platform. There is no screening mechanism built into the app to narrow down at which stocks to look. There are no financial statements, not even synopses; the best they do is give prior earnings per share. I find to be an effective investor with the Robinhood platform, you are forced to seek assistance from other apps, services, and information sources to make your investment decisions. Developers: if you want five stars, add at the very least, a financial statement synopsis, or important account ratios; screener would be even better. Add more information to help the people using the app maximize their potential!

- Bullies

If I could give negative stars I would. Robinhood manages to convince us that our money is safe and liquidity is as easy as purchasing. After using Robinhood for 3 months, I still have not been able to claim any of the money I have made. Robinhood enforces absurd restrictions to prevent you from true free trade. It takes about 3 seconds to transfer money to the app, yet it seems like every attempt you make to transfer back, you lose money. If you obtain any free stocks through Robinhood, they take the value of that stock out of whatever you try to transfer to your bank. The bias news sources always push you to purchase stocks that inevitably fail. Cryptocurrency is “down” atleast once a day for hours at a time, meaning you can watch the prices change yet you can’t make any trades during this period. Once I had to watch bitcoin go from 11k to 15k and as soon as trading was allowed it dropped to 9. There are no legal restrictions on crypto as it not insured by the FDIC. This allows robinhood to establish their own restrictions as you allow them to when you create an account, making it more difficult to make any money. The only thing I did right was not sign a Non-disclosure agreement so I could share what I have found publicly. I hope this helps atleast one person from falling for this absurdity.

- What can i say?

It’s a humbling experience to learn how to buy or invest in stocks so much later in life. No one would really teach me and it’s was always hush hush around me from those who I knew invested in stocks. Now that I am able to experienced it myself I can see why. It has been so far amazing experiences .. but just a word of warning if money is tight or do not have much like me not to worry. This make it even more exciting. I was very skeptical at first so I started with a deposit of $10 (actually, that’s all I can afford) but now I got around $8000 in investment; not all my own money. Some are from borrowing of Robinhood’s so call Marginal trade. All in all I’d encourage anyone interested or curious about stocks investment to give it a go. But again a word of warning be sure to start with a very small amount of money first. It’s a wild emotional ride if you do become engage with it. Best of luck and have courage- it’s really, cautionary, fun. (*** Please do not publish these comments above if is too long, and please do not use my name. Ask first before you do so. Ok? Thanks!)

- Support is way too slow it’s literally been Two weeks

Please please please help help help help this is taking way toooooooo long I need help now. I made plenty of transfers that are good and my money is not showing as invested on you app this is very unprofessional, this last transaction I tried to pay $15 after in invested over $500 to see if it would unrestrict me but it didn’t do it, you guys still have my money. even after a few days, you told me my account would be unrestricted immediately after the deposit was made, but NO, so I stopped the last transfer also I would like all of my $9 fees back you are charging me for because I still cannot see anything!!! How are you charging for a service your not giving???? I have given you my money week’s ago and you still have not fixed the issue, this is passed Covid19 other business are handling business why can’t Robinhood be professional, I had so many great comments about you all, but this is a disaster, I talked way too much before I really knew how you guys did business it’s extremely in unprofessional it’s ridiculous, I could never have a client wait as long as you all have made me. I’m not interested in this app anymore I’m so over it. Still not one answer, I need assistance as soon as possible please, thank you.

- BC

I have enjoyed using Robinhood thus far, but I do wish that I would be able to use Robinhood’s platform for evaluating more of the fundamentals of potential investments, by looking into their balance sheets, income statements, etc. It would be great also to be able to view a potential investments 10yr market performance, and not only the 5yr view as I more often than not evaluate using 10 years of trends, rather than only 5. Obviously I am able to research through other providers, but I think the ability to use Robinhood for those purposes additionally would be very beneficial. In saying that, I have appreciated the Morningstar information that’s provided, and only feel it is lacking what I have mentioned above. I have really appreciated the layout of my account, I actually prefer it over other brokerage account’s designs mostly. Maybe I’m missing something, but it would be nice to access the quick tab category’s of investment searches readily on a page rather than needing to type in key words and find only a couple of related results. Keep up the good work, I look forward to Robinhood’s IPO.

- First Review EVER

I’ve owned an iPhone for many years and so obviously have been using apps provided on the app store for just as long. This is first time I’ve ever felt a need to write a review for an app in that entire time because of how well built this app is, the things you can achieve with it, and the wonderful app that is provided to us in two forms, free, and paid. I use the free “version” at the moment, meaning I don't pay for Robinhood gold which to my knowledge offers perks such as allowing you to make larger deposits available immediately quicker, and I’m assuming more perks but I don't have it so I wouldn't know. I use the app as it comes, free, and I love it, great way to save money every week and make a deposit into Robinhood to start your portfolio, even if it is only a few hundred a week or so, anything to get you started on that habit. Which saving/investing should become, we all have a future right? So start building it, anyway this turned from a review into an advice column but its a good app. 10/10 would invest again, Highly recommend.

- Overall good beginners trading app

For those looking to get into stocks or crypto and don’t want to lock up your savings or pay fees and all that professional trader jargon then this isn’t a bad place to start. Gives you access to most stocks you’d expect a beginner to look for and learn from, cryptocurrency leaves much more to be desired 😒. Simple navigation and cleanliness of the tabs and dashboard make it more appealing for those who have no idea what they’re looking at. For few bucks a month you can get a nice chunk of instant deposits instead of waiting for the funds to clear the bank allowing you to buy stock or crypto that’s “just hit a dip and you gotta get in now” lol. Additionally if you’re feeling yourself then try your hand at some options trading or turn in margin trading and pile on a few more of those $ gainz. But done forget all trading and some more than others is a risk and understanding you could lose everything you’ve invested in a blink of an eye if you’re just sleeping on your investment and pre accept you losing them anyway so you can leave the emotional trading on the back burner.

- Needs to support adding beneficiaries

I’ve been a Robinhood user for over 3 years now and generally love the app. The design and ease of use keeps me as user. But as my account continues to grow through regular recurring investments and growth, and as I continue to age. I am considering moving my account to another brokerage like Schwab or Chase because the Robinhood platform does not let you add beneficiaries. THIS IS A HUGE ISSUE! It’s a feature like this that will make people like leave the platform, and will keep other people away all together. I’ve written emails and all I’ve gotten in response is that “this is not a feature that is planned for now”, and the only answer Robinhood has is to allow a user to add a “trusted contact”. The ability to add beneficiaries in case something ever happens to a person should be table stakes for an in investment platform that many people use as steady saving/long term investment tool. I’ll be moving my account to somewhere else within the month because each day that goes by this lack of a feature becomes more and more important. Sad because I like the Robinhood UI/UX and brand, but it lacks this major grown up feature.

- Worst app that has unreasonable fund restriction rules

Worst app that has very unreasonable compliance rules that prevending poeple to use their fund transferred into. (for 90 days or so) It’s easy to open an account and free on stock transaction fees, but its customer service is the worst, replying your ticket after a week. Long story short: as of today February 28, nothing been solved “Withdrawal been disabled.” The company asked for photo ID and bank statement to verify which was completedly OK so I submitted them two weeks ago and i received emails said “received” but still i can withdraw my fund after two weeks. People use this company to trade should cross your fingers, hoping you won’t have to ask its customer supports to help you in one day, cause if you do need them, them are pretty much useless. The company punish and educate users by holding their funds, teach them lessons with their own money, in my case, Robinhood bank educated me to memorize my bank accounts. Very helpful. (Most sites allow account linked and creat nicknames and go with nicknames from there ;)

- Ok App with lots of issues

I think I lost around 200 dollars in overdraft fees when this app starts withdraws at random. There is no default account that I know of so I put in a few checking accounts to manually withdraw to Robinhood. One day I noticed the withdraws were coming from the wrong bank and the bank would not reverse the fees. So I set up prepaid account and watched for any strange withdraws. Suddenly a 10 dollar withdraw starts and is listed as some kind of deposit. I didn’t buy anything but later when I purchased a few stocks, they sent me a notice that they were charging a 39 dollar insufficient fund fee. I emails them but received a automated response after a month. No actual investigation into the problem. Still waiting. Been 2 months so far. It is also next to impossible to withdraw money. They say it has to be out of the same account that deposited it. How am I suppose to know which of my checking accounts was used for what stocks? Very poor customer service. I will be transferring to my TD Ameritrade account as soon as I figure out how to figure out their crazy policies. I never had this kind of problem with my other brokerage accounts. Very Sad. This app does have some limited potential if they are not holding money hostage for long periods of time.

- Poor customer service

I send an urgent email and they haven’t replay to fix my issue. I lost access to my old phone number and email. I’m trying to update but not reply to fix my issue. It’s been days and no help. Think to switching to another broker account with much better customer service. Here is a reason robinhood needs a better customer service! I swing trade and doing I’m unable to verify my identity. The email ask me questions about my last two trades and last two deposits. I swing trade, the information I’m submitted will be OUTDATED and they take forever to replay. By not having a phone customer service, it makes it more harder than it should be to fix my problem. It’s been over a week and I still need help updating my phone number and email address. If Robinhood had a phone service that will actually talk directly. The issue would be solve on the same day. Anybody would under than that great customer service is important for the success of a company. One day to fix the problems vs at least 5 days to wait and maybe fix the problems. Anybody that wants to stay in the long run knows that. If they don’t fix this. Robinhood will lose people. This type of issue of customer service will affect anyone that day trades and swing trades.

- Beautifully simple

This app is the most gorgeous stock market app out there and is also very easy to use. I love everything about it but it’s missing a useful feature I see other apps have. 1. The ability to create multiple watch lists. Why can’t I do that?? When they add the ability for multiple watch lists I will upgrade my rating. Other apps have this, it is a feature that’s sorely needed. 2. Something I noticed while switching display data. By default it’s set to show “last price” of the stock which is fine for things in my watchlist, however stocks that I own under stocks section, I sometimes want to leave it on a different view such as “your equity” or “total return”. The problem is when I change it to a different view for my own stocks it changes the view for stocks I do not own in the “watchlist” so it shows data as “N/A”. I need to be able to continue to see stocks in the “watchlist” as “last price” at the same time be able to have a different view for my own stocks. That way I can quickly scroll up and down to see the current data. Not “N/A”. Again I will upgrade my rating when this is fixed.

- Annoyed

I opened an account with Robinhood two days ago and it have been telling me that my application is pending. I there is no contact number to call for help and sending an email is a waste of time. Until my application is approved there is nothing that I can do with the app. I have five friends that I told about the app and we all joint stuff the same time, there accounts got approved instantly so I don’t understand the hold up. Then there is the issues with selection. When ever I am trying to select a stock to view or the help option it does nothing. I even restarted me phone and deleted and reinstalled the app. Sometimes it work most times it don’t. Personally Robinhood needs to find a way for those that have serious issues to be able to teach them. This is a money matter and your trying to tell me if I need to speak with one about the investment about my money I can’t and I just have to sit around and wait hoping that someone writes me back when they feel like it? I have not had the chance to use Robinhood for its intended purpose because of this issue I am having with my application and already it’s a disinterest to me.

- Delightful

I got Robinhood back when I started college as a business student. The more I’ve looking into trading platforms and as my knowledge grew during my college days, so did Robinhood. The company/app has added many new features and with such a successful design they have cornered the market. They’ve developed simple stock exchange to option trading, fractional shares, a debit card for instant deposits straight to your savings/stock account, and much more. The only downside I can see would be the holding or transfer time of money to and from outside banks. I believe their debit card will help greatly with this problem. 5/5 for Robinhood. If they don’t already I would love a desktop version of the app to help review trades and stock price over time in a singular window without having to scroll. It would also give a more think or swim vibe. They need to work at moment where trades won’t process and have had issues more than before this 2020. At the end of the day if you’re new or a seasoned investor, Robinhood is worth looking into!

- Great for young investors

Six years back In high school I took an investing class because i was intrigued and we were taught the history of the stock market and how to invest which was exhilarating for me, a kid from the colonies. We were then divided into two groups and given 150,000 USD each (imaginary) to start our own portfolio with the goal of out earning not only the other group in our class but the groups in the previous year within the school year and we came in close second behind being beaten by a group in the previous year. Years later I discovered Robinhood as a broke college kid in IL but as soon as I graduated and was earning a paycheck here in LA i resumed investing with a passion burying myself in research reports, learning concepts we never covered in school and reading the top stock investing books people suggested on Quora. Long story short, it’s a great App for you if you resonate with my story! Only feedback; A good way to arrange my watchlist, maybe a sub folder of some sorts for let’s say ETFs or emerging markets. That would be great!

- Robinhood is great overall

Hello, The major drawback for me is the lack of being able to assign a beneficiary directly to my Robinhood account. In order to legally secure this matter, I have to put my wishes in a will. If I could assign a beneficiary via a Transfer on Death form, I would invest much more money within the Robinhood app. Since the competition has facilitated this convenience for me, I still use other platforms. A minor drawback is concerning the free stock program. Although the stocks are awarded as I’ve had many referrals, I’ve yet to ever receive a stock with seriously high value. The constant gain of $3 stocks is not as appealing as some other platforms offers. Also, given the sheer volume of referrals, I should have received a better stock with higher value by now. Finally, there are eleven or so referrals I’ve made that have decided not to enroll, but Robinhood won’t remove them from my app. It is annoying to keep getting reminders to bother people that have declined already. Robinhood customer support just ignores me when I contact them. Especially after transferring assets out, it is like they continue not to care about a customer that potentially could invest more assets through their platform. I guess when you get popular enough, the fundamentals fade away.

- 1 star review

Hands down the worst possible broker to use. There is zero, and in absolutely no customer service. If there is any doubt in your mind about me stating zero customer service remove the doubt from your mind. There is no phone number for customer support that is easy to find which should be a serious flag. If you search the internet and find one no one will answer that call. If you go to FINRA to find complaints on this company you will find a number there that has a voicemail but no one will call you back. I had an issue while using this broker and could not reach anyone by phone. All I could do was email support for help. I literally sent email after email trying to speak with someone. I sent over 500 emails. 100 emails a day. My issue is still not resolved. When I told them I was going to drive to their office I was told I couldn’t die to safety concerns. I was also told my account would be liquidated and I wouldn’t be given credits for the money lost that they were investigating. It’s been over a month now. On the trading side of things this is the worst app to use. You will lose money on spreads because the app forces you to sell on the low side so that they get the difference when they sell to the high frequency broker.

- Solid app overall, could use some improvement

Been using the App for well over a year now, made me some good money in the process. That said, there are things that can be improved on. One, the App can’t handle the amount of people on the platform. Anytime there is a shake up in the markets the App can’t keep up and I’ve had troubles selling and ordering on those days and they display a message saying they can’t keep up. This happened last Friday when the President announced he had COVID. Two, their news section is pretty useless, if it’s not some overly liberal hit article as a recommendation it’s the same article day after day but the worst is the Netflix suggestion. It’s obvious that Robinhood has a vested interest in Netflix because they are constantly recommending the article on “here’s what’s new on Netflix”. Tired and annoying. Again, a solid App that can easily make you money with your play money. By no means is it a platform for serious and high $ investing, leave that to the pros who can support the volume and a site that won’t go down on a heavy trading day. 4 stars!

- Hopefully not a sign...

Okay. I have no problem with the app; it’s been a simple, step-by-step trip of just figuring out how it all worked. Furthermore it was easy to get into after they reviewed your application and you got your first share. HOWEVER, it wouldn’t let me connect my bank for about a week after initially downloading the app. Then when I was given the “gift share” it made the share towards GameStop, a company that filed for BANKRUPTCY two years ago. To me that’s like the worst look for anyone to have, especially considering there were other shares to be had for like $18 and some change. Ramblings aside, my experience has been a roller coaster in that it would have been a lot easier to just have chosen the share I wanted than having to have been gifted one that wouldn’t go anywhere but down... Also, I wish that I didn’t have to contact support to ask them how to put Wells Fargo as my bank account, yet they tell me to go handle the problem on their website then come back and try again, a problem mind you, that did not exist. Idk it just seems so easy yet there are so many hoops to jump through to get started.

- Great App.. Bad Market Hours

When I first started trading I loved this app. It was simple and very easy to navigate but anyone that gains more experience with stocks and wants to make good money should get out of RH and switch to a competitor app that has full extended markets. I have lost so much money because I can’t sell my stocks when everyone else does. Recently had a run of a stock up 5k and couldn’t sell.. lost it all and went into red by market open because people on other brokers sold at peak ore market and it came tumbling down. Switch as soon as possible. RH May be good for long term holds but it’s no good if you follow stocks closely. I hate it so much. I’ve lost more money from using RH than I made. Edit: developers reached out as if they were planning on making it better or changing something to improve the current problem. They basically just reached out to tell me again about their market hours are (I already know) which was what I complained about in the first place. Basically, it was pointless. I made the mistake of thinking they’d actually try to do something about it (extend hours, etc) but they never addressed anything. Don’t waste time emailing them if they ask you to reach out to you so they can make it right.. they won’t.

- The Best Stock Trading app

I used to trade with one of those other brokerages before, then I remember reading about Robinhood before it even launched and how it was going to offer commission free trading. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, thought for sure it was going to be one of those apps that fell short of the hype. Man was I wrong! When I got an email that the app had launched I had completely forgot all about it by then but was excited to try, first impression was that the app was sleek, sexy, and well thought out, I was impressed! In the beginning they lacked some features that the other brokerage firms offered, but followed through on their promise of free, simple, and easy to execute trades. But now they offer margin accounts and the ability to trade options. So why should you use one of the other expensive brokerage firms you ask? You shouldn’t. Do like I did and transfer all of your stocks from your other firm over to Robinhood, you won’t regret it! Plus even the transfer is free! The guys behind this app are killin it! Thanks guys!

- Basic investor

I started out investing in another online investment app and developed a healthy interest in investing and started reading everything I could get my hands on to learn about the stock market and investing as well as investments other than those found on Wall Street. Now I am at a point that I am trying other platforms/apps to invest to find the one I like the best. What I like about Robinhood: The ability to do a stop order or buy order, The ability to link account to Yahoo finance, The ability to day trade, The buy sell and hold percentages listed under the investment as well as the Bull and Bear opinion of the stock. Dislikes: inability to click on an invest button and see an organized list of investments to discover companies and ETF’s that I didn’t even know exist . The inability to buy fractional shares however Robinhood is working on adding that. The organization of the app but as I get used to the site and get better at navigation of the app I may or may not change my opinion where organization is concerned. This is just my opinion and I am by no means a novice invested but I hope this helps to someone is is considering the app.

- Ruinous-down at the most critical moments

Can’t handle heavy trading days/no back up system in place. Don’t even think of trusting your hard-earned money with these crooks. 'Robinhood's 44-page customer agreement outlines that it will not be responsible for "temporary interruptions in service due to maintenance, Website or App changes, or failures" and isn't liable for extended interruptions due to failures "beyond" the company's control. Robinhood does "not warrant that these channels will be available and error free every minute of the day." s 44-page customer agreement outlines that it will not be responsible for "temporary interruptions in service due to maintenance, Website or App changes, or failures" and isn't liable for extended interruptions due to failures "beyond" the company's control. Robinhood does "not warrant that these channels will be available and error free every minute of the day." Still, Robinhood is a broker dealer and is required by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Securities and Exchange Commission to have a back-up plan in case one of these "temporary interruptions" pop up. A so-called business continuity plan requires the firm to provide "prompt and accurate processing of securities transactions." "Even though they may not be liable to the customers, they may still be dinged by FINRA,"

- They hold your money to make their money

It is painfully slow to deposit any money to the account. It takes a full week or longer to be available to trade. Say you transfer money on Monday. You’ll not be able to use the money to buy stocks until the next Monday the earliest, if there’s no holiday in between. Electronic transfers between banks take only one day. What are they doing for the rest of days? They use your money to make money for their own! They make money from you before you are able to do anything in the app. You lose lots of opportunities during the whole week. Update: guess what? They promised that the fund would be available today, which was already insanely slow, but it still isn’t available. Today I wanted to buy many stocks because most went down quite a bit, but they decided to hold my money one more day than they previously promised, causing me to lose thousands of dollars. Big mistake to choose Robinhood just to save a few bucks of commission fee. And guess what? If I’m to transfer money out of Robinhood, I need to keep the money at least 6 business days or 8-10 calendar days before I can even initiate a transfer! I’m so done with Robinhood. Will never put any money in after withdrawing all my money.

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Shubham Agrawal

One of the good things about this year has been investing. The journey started last year in June with trying to get that one free stock promotion in Robinhood. After that, it has been overall growth in learning and returns. That one stock may be resp for all my gains this year.

Daryl Dixon Trades #TRT

2020 was my first year in the stock market. I started on Robinhood in March, but I had no clue what I was doing. Before I could lose any more, I pulled out my money and studied everything for a while. In October, I put all of that into Webull and tried again, here we are now!


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Irate Professional 👓

I'm gonna show y'all my Robinhood stock chart for the year at the end regular market hours. It's been pretty good 5/6 months as an starter in investing


A lot of y’all telling me y’all want to start investing in yourselves I want to help y’all and give y’all a little push and say this is the sign you are looking for. Click the link below & get a headstart on your journey of investing with a FREE Stock

Crypto Hutch

adding whitepapers (WIP) for #bitcoin $eth $dot $ada $link $bnb and other protocols and tokens - check back as more will be added. If you are #investing or #trading in #crypto or just opened a #robinhood account you should read all these whitepapers.

Drive and Kick Graphic Design in the Throat

Just got done stealing stimulus checks from homeless people and their families to create Robinhood accounts for them. It’s all about working smarter not harder, and investing not spending #PayItForward #givingback

Doug Sandlin

@joinrepublic @TomasUtting @jmj Doesn't Republic only offer investing in its own listings? A "Robinhood for startups" would involve all or most exempt offerings, wouldn't it? I ask this as a long term fan. I'm just not sure how that would or could work, exactly, but would like to see it, if possible.

King Boo🤴🏽

@hedy_vargas You don’t use them, you buy shares of a company.

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The SEC is suing Robinhood for “gamifying” investing If that makes investing as popular as Fortnite, I’m all for it

𝐁𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐅𝐚𝐦𝐨𝐮𝐬 📜💰 📈

The SEC is suing @Robinhood for “gamifying” investing If flying bits of virtual confetti encourages people to invest, all the brokerages should be doing it


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Robinhood: Investing for All 8.58.1 Screenshots & Images

Robinhood: Investing for All iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Robinhood: Investing for All iphone images
Robinhood: Investing for All iphone images
Robinhood: Investing for All iphone images
Robinhood: Investing for All iphone images
Robinhood: Investing for All iphone images
Robinhood: Investing for All iphone images
Robinhood: Investing for All iphone images
Robinhood: Investing for All iphone images

Robinhood: Investing for All (Version 8.58.1) Install & Download

The applications Robinhood: Investing for All was published in the category Finance on 2014-12-11 and was developed by Robinhood Markets, Inc. [Developer ID: 938003184]. This application file size is 206.28 MB. Robinhood: Investing for All - Finance app posted on 2020-12-16 current version is 8.58.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.robinhood.release.Robinhood

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