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Trying to lose weight, get fit or live healthier? Don’t struggle alone. Let your Lark personal coach help you lose weight and become your best self. Your Lark coach keeps an eye on your exercise, sleep, and diet, and texts you motivation and advice in the moment, when it’s most helpful. Unlimited personal guidance and support. Available 24/7.

More than a million people love and trust Lark!
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◆ "Lark acts both as a cheerleader and a coach...and ultimately feels like a friend"-Vogue

What you get in your Pro Membership:

16 Week Personal Coaching Plan: Instead of a strict diet focused on tedious calorie counting, your Lark coach provides a much more holistic, customized plan that is more effective and enjoyable. Build healthy habits to eat healthily, get more active, stress less, and live a healthier life.

Award-winning coaching programs from world-famous experts in health, behavior change, and coaching (Harvard and Stanford professors, and even an Olympic coach).

24/7 Live Coaching: Too busy to fit a coach in your life? We thought so. Your Lark coach, will give you immediate feedback in 2 seconds when it matters most, anytime, anywhere. 24/7.

Daily and Weekly Overviews: Your Lark coach shares your progress and works with you to adjust your plan to fit your lifestyle.

Unlimited check ins with your Lark Coach: See real results with just 3 minutes a day, or check in with your Lark Coach as much as you need.

Calorie logging: Intuitive, easy chats about your food choices and portions with your coach, not tiring accounting or point systems.

Personalized nutrition coaching: Eat the same foods that you like instead of prepackaged foods. Your Lark coach will help you tweak your diet to make it easier for you.

Automatic exercise and sleep tracking: We’ll automatically monitor your exercise, sleep, weight and other health metrics for you in a simple dashboard. No wearables needed, Lark uses the low power phone sensors.

Got an Apple Watch? Wireless scale? Love Strava? Your Lark coach automatically monitors and analyzes this data and gives you feedback. Our app integrates with Apple's Health app so you can manage all your health data in and your Lark coach will analyze it to get you healthier!

Just trying to keep fit? Lark’s StayFit Coaching is free to use. Get automatic activity and sleep tracking and coaching for staying fit, or choose a premium paid membership.

Membership Pricing and Terms
Instead of paying hundreds for a personal coach, your Lark coach is less than a dollar a day. We offer a monthly membership for $19.99. Cancel anytime, 7 day free trial!

Your Lark membership will automatically renew at the end of each term and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time through your iTunes account settings but Apple does not refund for any unused portion of the term.

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Use:

**Lark uses the low-power motion sensors unique to the iPhone 5s and above to track your activity and sleep data, then chats with you to help you improve. Therefore, In App Purchase is only available to users with iPhone 5S and above.**

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Lark - 24&7 Health Coach App Description & Overview

The applications Lark - 24&7 Health Coach was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2014-09-29 and was developed by LARK. The file size is 45.22 MB. The current version is 4.3.5 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- bug fixes and performance improvement

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dj phatmann

Really helps change behavior  dj phatmann  3 star

I try lots of apps for health & this is the one I always stick with! It's not just a game, it's supportive. Here's why I'm dropping it down to 3-stars though: it made sense to do analysis off device at first, but at this point it's not only annoying when you don't have an internet connection to see your activity level, but it also seems like a pretty big security threat. I'd really love to see the app updated to establish averages and daily activity on device. When that happens, this app will be one of the best health apps out there. Until then it seems intrusive.


Good Encouragement!  oldguy59  4 star

A very personable app. Gives encouraging messages to keep you on track.


Fun to use  betsy1087  5 star

It's an easy and conversational app


Decent So Far  greatestgrapeape  4 star

Ive only been playing around with it for 3 days, I like the format, but seems like it might get old. I have no intention to pay for the food or coaching part because it's free in enough other places.

Dark Child

Less Stress, More Living  Dark Child  4 star

I like this app enough that I decided to go pro, and that's rare for me. I like that it simplifies logging my food. I wish the emotional logging were a bit more useful. Sometimes, I feel like I eat more when I'm sad, but the app tells me that the more I use it, the more helpful it will become. I'm willing to give it a try! You might want to check it out too!


Love this app!!  Luckystar7997  5 star

It has really helped me lose weight.


A cool food journal  chibinekoL  5 star

I like how Lark looks into the quality of food (whether the food is healthy, neutral, or unhealthy). I think it's more immersive than counting calories. One suggestion: I wish there was a feature that allowed users to take a picture as a quick way to record food (may be useful when users are in a hurry).


Great Interactive Tracker  GrishTXU  5 star

2nd update of my review after using it for 2 months. I love this app. It efficiently tracks my meals, exercise, and even my sleep nearly automatically AND provides constant encouragement toward my specific goals. It feels like there's a real person talking me through every detail of my health. Pretty amazing. 5 stars. -------- Updating my earlier review (below) - Lark support has rectified the accounting bug. I'm using the app to track all of my meals and activities and it's working great. I like the interactive nature of the interface. ----------------- Great app, poor accounting I love using app but it has a bug where it keeps charging me $13.99 over and over within the first two weeks. I've contacted support several times and the response has not yet been helpful.


Coaching  HER$HEY  3 star

It helps to be kept accountable

GshdjdjIcbdisjxh iv

One of the best health apps  GshdjdjIcbdisjxh iv  5 star

Overall fantastic


New user but so far so good!  Spg1972  5 star

Like having a private party to be accountable to! Still exploring all functions..


Really awesome but also $$  Ozmox  4 star

The virtual coaching and machine learning this app provides is very cool. It is very expensive though to use the food and weight tracking -- $20/mo which seems like a lot given it doesn't really track food to any great detail, just if it was healthy, middle or junk food.


Love it!  j_connors  4 star

Love this app but wish it would tell me if the food choices I am making fall into my calorie restriction. How do I know if I'm going over my 1500 calories for the day?


Awsome app  Melisanastar  5 star

I love talking to Lark about what i eat


Good, but not great  Ryanrocksdc  3 star

I enjoy using this app to check in, but I have a few suggestions. 1. Editing sleep time - Whenever I need to edit sleep time (because it is incorrect), Lark does not use the newly edited times. If I try to correct it to say I fell asleep at 11:30 and woke up at 6:30, then next screen will say something completely different. It ignores what I just entered. 2. Add in push notifications - I feel like people who want motivation to continue using the app will more likely continue to check in if the app sends a notification based around the users typical activity schedule.


Great app, not what I was expecting but pleasantly surprised 😀  Ap00005  5 star

Love it


App store  unclemandy  5 star

I love this app it helps you a lot

Ms. Jackson04

Motivation  Ms. Jackson04  4 star

I like that the app gives you feedback and has an actual conversation with you. It also provides encouragement and tells it like it is when you start slacking.


Pro Version Not Worth the Money  Tgregg1234  1 star

I just don't get it. $20 per month ($240 per year) for the app to constantly bug me to log food then tell me bacon is fatty. I know bacon is fatty. I need something to help guide me rather than condemn the choices I make.


Lark Best app ever 😻😻😻  Kellyhillb67104  5 star

This is like the best app that you ever want to help me go to sleep and how I post to sleep better you will love this app

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