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The simplest and most reliable way to listen to your favorite AM, FM and online radio stations with an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Join millions using our radio tuner today!

Listen to Simple Radio for free:

• Play 40,000+ worldwide radio stations on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
• Enjoy our extremely reliable radio tuner. Eliminating drops is our top priority
• Save your favorite stations and listen to them in one tap

Simple Radio’s free radio tuner is ideal for:

• Listening to your favorite radio stations
• Discovering new music
• Staying connected to home while living abroad
• Making your commute more interesting
• Practicing a foreign language

Find specific content based on your interests:

• Trending music
• Specific music genres (Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, Folk & more)
• Live sports like NBA, NHL, MLB and Nascar
• Breaking news
• Talk radio

Tune in to your favorite Radio Stations like NPR, Fox News, ESPN, KEXP, WBLS, WNYC, WJR, La Mega, W Radio, WTMJ, Moody Radio, Radio 24, WSB, WBLS, Radio Love, KQED, Radio Caraibes, WBUR, WCBS, Radio Javan and many more.

Why are our Premium Features the best purchase you will make this year?

• You'll be able to set the Sleep Timer to fall asleep to your favorite station, and doze off like a baby.
• You’ll never see a display ad within our app again!

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What others are saying about Simple Radio:

• "A pleasant journey back to childhood every time I tune in. An array of stations at the tap of a finger. Doesn't get much better.” Dan K., London
• “It gives access to my hometown radio station over 1200 miles away!” - Roxanne L., New York

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Simple Radio - Live AM/FM App Description & Overview

The applications Simple Radio - Live AM/FM was published in the category Music on 2014-06-29 and was developed by Streema, Inc.. The file size is 38.10 MB. The current version is 4.2.10 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

• Bug fixes & improvements

Your feedback makes Simple Radio better. Keep it coming! Please email us at [email protected] We read it all.

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Simple Radio - Live AM/FM Reviews


Simplemente Great  Parquing15  5 star

Me encanta radio simple es simplemente Great,,!

357 I am

Simple  357 I am  5 star

Simple to use type what you want listen to what you enjoy

sunni jo

WIKY  sunni jo  5 star

Love the newsman Jay Zimmer


5 stars  Junito71  5 star

Best radio station I ever have im very happy with it


ads  Zxsrg  3 star

I like it bit it is just there are so many ads I have been switching from radio to music witch music is a app


Works but...  trying2listen  3 star

It works most of the time but the ads have the X so far in the corner that it’s impossible to close them even after watching the ad. I’m over it, uninstalled.


This app Rocks  MassDem  5 star

Works as advertised. What more can you say?


Almost a five  [email protected]  4 star

I was using another app and it stopped working. This one is plain and simple. It’s missing a few of my favorite stations so it’s almost a five star app.


Simple Radio  CSRDF  5 star

I found this to be the best option for Internet Radio by a long shot


Background  DJdepp76  2 star

Can I stop the background from running and does this device slow down charging my smartphone and do you have a setting and do you have a Twitter account for support team


Good app  We3gs  4 star

This is a good app but it tends to stop and skip a bit and then Australian commercials come on occasionally, which is weird when I’m listening to a Los Angeles station..

Dj Danny Boy

Simple Radio  Dj Danny Boy  5 star

Hard House Uk all the way


Great app - just one addition needed  WeeBster  5 star

This is a really good app. Fast and reliable. I had been using another radio app but it became unreliable (drop outs) and too many ads to listen to before each broadcast. So I went looking for an alternative and found this one. No issue at all. The only thing I would like to see though is the ability to pause and rewind/fast forward, like the other app that I use to use had. Very handy when listening to talk back type radio etc.


Peter  Peterdarling-point  5 star

It’s really great Much much better than Tunein Simple,no bugs. Use search to type in a city, get all the local stations . Great 😍😍😍


Fantastic app  PorkerPig  5 star

Because it works

no longer an expat

Great quality and easy app  no longer an expat  5 star

I love this app, I can find my favourite stations and listen anywhere. Quality is excellent and app is easy to use.

Frypan 10

Mr  Frypan 10  5 star

Great App and Use it quite a lot.


Very very good app  JBL65  5 star

Get it now !


105  Abbas65  5 star

The radio is good but cut out after a short time


Almost perfect  Dallopa  4 star

Thanks for this app - it is fantastic. One concern - I can only register 3 stations in favourites. Would this be correct?

Mill town

Help  Mill town  5 star

Why does a station connect and disconnect every few minutes while I am trying to listen? Thanks

jon's mobile device

Good alt to tune-in radio  jon's mobile device  4 star

ads that take over screen at each new station are how free version is supported. If a user gets a free online service the advertisers are the real customer and the users are actually a targeted audience. First found Simple Radio after driving through SW Virginia Oct 2015 and hearing WVTF 1260 am NPR affiliate over the air. Now I can listen with ISP as I haven't been in terrestrial reception range since. Good alternative to I heart radio too except for stations I heart media(Clear Channel Media) owns and monopolizes internet streaming of their stations.


Needs more options  Carolee123  4 star

Only gets one of my radio stations. :( Get 103.5 Kiss FM Chicago, and I’ll give 5-stars.


Unexpectedly stops  LLLLLLarrrr  3 star

Don’t know why, but the music is interrupted every few minutes at times. Other than that, I’d give it 4 stars. The advertising that appears is inappropriate at times, too. Nothing is free...


Simplicity  Jamin-Jimbo  5 star

It is by far the easiest radio app


Simple Radio  deercamp2002  5 star

One of the best apps since it seems like my wife always has me out shopping when games are on. I can listen and still root for my teams


Bonerlicious  Antonio_los  5 star

With out this app, I wouldn't be able to listen to my home town station. I thank you for that


88.7 WNCW  CoryRoo  5 star

This is the incredible app that I use to listen the the best radio station in the world! 88.7 WNCW

L. Goodthrust

Love it but...  L. Goodthrust  4 star

It plays grate music. Totally requesting it! The only thing is that it plays mostly songs in other langues and the show is in 😉😜😍😢😥🤗😝😽😹🐱😎💩


I love listening.  Hdt62vkxcx  5 star

I love listening.

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