DDP YOGA has been featured on Shark Tank, Good Morning America, The Doctors, The Revolution, HBO’s Real Sports, The New York Times, The London Times and many other media outlets, showcasing its amazing ability to transform lives. Now, unlike ever before, you can experience this amazing fitness program with

DDP YOGA NOW! is the very first, “Interactive Transformation Tool” that can transform your body and your life without the impact on your joints like other fitness programs!

DDP YOGA NOW! Features:
- All the original, life-changing DDP YOGA workouts with a rapidly growing library of new workouts for all fitness levels and ages.
- Exclusive Live streaming workouts with Diamond Dallas Page
- Detailed, interactive fitness tracking to keep you motivated
- Bluetooth Heart Monitor Compatibility
- Accessible content across mobile devices and desktop computers
- Motivational videos and stories from the amazing Team DDP YOGA community
- Earn points within DDP YOGA NOW! and get opportunities to meet or talk with DDP himself!
- Custom workout mode allows you to track workouts in live settings like group fitness classes or when at the gym – so you can keep track of all your exercise habits!

This DDP YOGA NOW! app is far more that just a fitness video player – it’s a motivational tool that tracks your progress every step of the way, with a limitless content library of workouts, nutritional tips, recipes, and motivational stories to keep you going.

DDP YOGA is the hottest fitness program available due to its ability to target all areas of fitness – strength, cardio, and flexibility all at the same time with minimal joint impact. Developed by former professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, it was originally designed as a rehabilitation workout to help wrestlers prolong their careers. It was developed out of necessity when Diamond Dallas Page suffered a severe back injury and was told his wrestling career was over. DDP YOGA was able to save DDP’s wrestling career and has gone on to save Chris Jericho’s career and change countless others’ lives.

The DDP YOGA NOW! offers trial content and full access to exercise tracking for free, with the ability to access the vast library of workouts, nutritional videos, recipes, and motivational content for a recurring subscription fee.

In-App Purchases:

The DDP YOGA NOW Subscription is available for purchase in-app with the following pricing (subject to change in the future):

One Month Membership - $34.99 (Auto renews at this rate each month)

Three Month Membership - $44.99 (Auto renews at this rate every 3 months)

One Year Membership - $119.99 (Auto renews at this rate each year)

Subscriptions purchased using in-app purchases will be charged to your iTunes account, and will auto renew unless you cancel your subscription within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.

You may turn off auto renewal by going to your iTunes Account Settings to manage your in-app purchase subscriptions from your iOS device or iTunes software.

Our Privacy Policy can be found at: http://www.ddpyoga.com/pages/privacy-policy.
Our Terms of Use Policy can be found at: http://ddpyoga.com/pages/ddp-yoga-now-terms-of-service

DDP YOGA NOW! App Description & Overview

The applications DDP YOGA NOW! was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2015-12-11 and was developed by DDP YOGA, INC.. The file size is 108.41 MB. The current version is 1.0.1829 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Enhancements and fixes.
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TV support needed!  Titousa11  4 star

First of all, I have the DVDs but wanted the full ddp yoga experience (DDP YOGA 2.0) so I decided to get the app, I love the integrated calendar and features. What I miss is having the workout videos on the TV when working out, I was hoping they will add apple airplay support so I can watch it on my Apple TV! So far thanks for everything! BANG!


Heart Monitor  Spleener03  2 star

Would give it more stars if it wasn't for the heart monitor connection issues. Connected the first time I used, but has not since. Yes, the monitor is connected to Bluetooth on my phone and Apple health picks up the BPM.... please fix ASAP


Best Fitness App  mattisanerd  5 star

Amazing workouts, delicious recipes, always new stuff every time I open the app! Really easy to use and get you on your way to your transformation. Give it a try!


Amazing!  AL760  5 star

Growing up as a kid I use to watch DDP conquer the world of professional wrestling. It's great to see him do something so positive that helps thousands of people.


Great way to work out  WestonManders  5 star

I have nothing but good things to say about the DDPY NOW app! Everything about the workout and lifestyle is well organized and easy to access. I can keep up with everything on the go and that is very important to my. I especially like the cooking tips and the motivational messages. Thanks DDP for all you have done to help me and many others.


Hit all of your fitness needs!  Bulldogjd91  5 star

DDP Yoga NOW! gives me the opportunity to do new workouts as well as track all of my progress. When I am lacking motivation and ready to give up, I look back at those 6 pictures see the difference and that gives me the motivation to continue forward. This app is full of everything I need to one day hit all my goals.


AWESOME!  tbehl7  5 star

I downloaded the app for the huge workout library but it has so many more useful tools. There is a great tracking system to help reach any goal! Track weight loss, pain levels, and oh yea, don't want to a DDPYOGA workout? Use the custom workout feature while you walk on a treadmill! Highly recommend this app.


Server error - app not working  Gorunnow  1 star

Keep getting "server error - try back later". Although web version working great, I want to use app

Gen. Tso

Great workout, awesome app!  Gen. Tso  5 star

This app takes doing DDP YOGA to a new level. Amazing features and huge workout library. Amazing that an App can be so life changing!


It is life changing!  Poison98  5 star

I've tried everything-and finally found it. DDP Yoga is AWESOME. Diamond Dallas Page is the real deal-he understands that we're all at different stages of trying to get our health back on track, and the program WORKS! A combination of working out and eating right-it's not a diet-has made a huge difference for me and thousands of others. If you think you can't do yoga, or you're too out of shape to do it-you couldn't be more wrong! The Facebook forum for DDP Yoga users is a huge added plus-people helping each other stay on track. So glad I found this-you will be, too!


Samuel Adams REALMRGOODLUCK 3 star

Felt great doing DDP Yoga and some ring time now for some R&R before a long night. #RingTime #DDPY #DDPYoga #workingonadream


Wyatt Pille WyattPille 3 star

The last one's a diamond you twat. That's DDP. A now retired wrestler and yoga instructor who helps old wrestlers k…


Get Flat Body Back GetFlatBodyBack 3 star

@Irish591: I just finished my DDP YOGA NOW work out.


Love this app but....  Equa-Knoxx  3 star

I love this app! Can customize your own workouts, or just follow the program. The reason for the 3 stars is I got the wahoo Bluetooth heart rate monitor and it does not connect with the app. I works fine with other apps just not this one. I bought the wahoo heart rate since it was recommended by the ddp yoga team. I hope the can fix this glitch soon so I can give it the 5 stars it deserves.


Doesn't save my data  kimsy1222  2 star

DDPYoga is a phenomenal workout plan and the resources are great. But I wish that it would keep track of my workouts. I logged on to my account on PC and completed a workout, but when I log onto my iPad or iPhone, it shows up as "missed." Other than that, I love the app!


DDP YOGA NOW DELIVERS  cwat1111  5 star

This app is better than I ever dreamed. The workouts are worth every penny. Finally a workout program that delivers.


Great Content, Developing App  colebrown  3 star

I have been doing DDP Yoga for a little over a year. The program is adaptable enough that it can be used by anyone, and it delivers magnificent results in strength, flexibility, and feeling good. I can not recommend any fitness program higher than this one. The app makes all the classic DDPY workouts portable, in addition to a growing number of new workouts, healthy recipes, and a built-in progress tracker. The content is everything you need in a fitness app and far more. Unfortunately, the app itself is still developing. This is normal for new apps, and I anticipate everything will be improved in short time. For now the problems include: 1. You cannot leave the app while your workout continues to run. This is a problem with the "custom" workout because the app doesn't provide any video. It simply counts the minutes and heart rate of your workout. But when I'm doing cardio I like to use my phone to read a book. When I'm doing leg weights I like to flip through social media. At this time I cannot do anything outside the app and still have my workout tracked. 2. At times the workout videos freeze up or crash. After about 15 workouts this has happened 3 times. This is very frustrating when you're halfway through a workout and can't finish using the app. 3. It is difficult to get the most out of the app without some prior exposure to DDPY. For example, the app will tell you that you need to subscribe. But it doesn't tell you where to do so. At present, you cannot subscribe within the app but the app doesn't even give you a link to where you can. It is also difficult to find information on some of the keys to making the most of DDPY (such as the heart monitor use, dynamic resistance, etc...) For this you may have to go to the DDP Yoga website (a completely different website from where you subscribe) and do some reading. All of this said, the content is so good and will help you so much that the app is worth your time and subscription right now. But it has room to get much better. Which I am confident it will.


Fitbit Compatibility  Tokyo_Learner  4 star

It would be awesome for the heart rate monitor to meet with my Fitbit surge. However, so far a great app and hope to see it expand! Thanks DDP! <>


Simply amazing, life changing app  Thekev1042  5 star

Having been a DDP Yoga member for awhile I had no doubt this app would be anything less then spectacular. The app will literally monitor everything from calories burned, to blood sugar, injuries, and ailments. I will admit to having issues with the Heart rate monitor pairing to the app but honestly, its the least of my concerns. This app gives you access to all the new workouts as well as live workouts. If you are looking to change your lifestyle this is the app for you. And who else could help motivate someone but Diamond Dallas freaking Page! Signup for this app and feel the BANG!!!

Dalton Burton

An absolutely awesome app!  Dalton Burton  5 star

I love the new DDP yoga now app is absolutely incredible and a must have for anyone looking to get into better shape or to shake up their workout program. As someone who has experienced amazing benefits from DDP yoga including the ability to not have to wear leg braces anymore I can say that DDP yoga can change your life forever. Do yourself a favor and download this app now!

Sagie, MDR. CA


Whenever I work out with DDP through this app I feel great – – more flexible, stronger, more energy. I love that I can stream these amazing workouts at home, the gym, and traveling in hotels. The technology is first rate and the app is the best that I've ever seen. High quality. It's foolish not to own this. Thanks to DDP YOGA I am "Holding back the hands of time. "


Best app to go with the best workout on the planet!  1RadChick  5 star

This app has it all! There is so much content, and more being added all the time! It isn't just workouts, it also keeps a log of your workouts, you earn points toward DDPYoga merchandise, and you can track your progress in photos and measurements. As if that's not enough, there are also great cooking demos to keep you on track. I absolutely love this app and it's available on iOS as well as every other device I own, making it even more awesome!!


EXCELLENT!  LennyBakken  5 star

This is truly an awesome app. All inclusive where you can track your stats and pics right on the app. Workout are awesome and updated, including LIVE workouts with Dallas from the PC! Recipes are great and I'm sure there will be many more to come including the cooking shows. I hope they come out with a "family plan" for the APP soon so the whole family can have separate accounts to track our stats and points at a package rate. I'm sure that's coming soon though!

DDP YOGA NOW! Comments

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