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Fotorama - AI Photo Generator App Description & Overview

What is fotorama - ai photo generator app? Welcome to Fotorama - AI Headshot Generator, your ultimate destination for limitless photographic creativity! This app takes your everyday snapshots and transforms them into professionally crafted visuals. With Fotorama - AI Photo Generator, experience the ease of creating stunning AI headshots, professional portraits, and capturing the essence of every season directly from your smartphone. It's not just an app; it's your personal AI-powered photo studio that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary with a simple tap.

Key Features:

-AI Headshot Excellence: Effortlessly produce studio-quality AI headshots, perfect for professional profiles, business needs, or social media.
-Thematic Photo Transformations: Dive into a vast array of themed transformations that breathe new life into every photo. A new theme awaits you every day!
-Seasonal & Conceptual Magic: Explore various seasonal and conceptual themes, adding a unique touch to your photos and celebrating each moment in a visually stunning way.
-AI-Crafted Headshots & Portraits: Get personalized, studio-quality headshots and portraits ideal for professional or social media use.
-Easy Social Sharing: Conveniently share your AI photo creations across different platforms, showcasing your unique style and Fotorama's AI wizardry.
-Privacy-Centric: Rest assured, knowing that Fotorama employs advanced security measures to protect your data.

Trendy Fotorama - AI Headshot & AI Photo Generator Styles:

- AI Business Portraits
- Professional Headshots
- LinkedIn Headshots
- AI Headshots
- AI Portrait Photos
- Trend AI Filters
- AI Baby Photos
- Realistic AI Photos
- Old Money Style
- AI Urban Street Art
- Wedding Photos
- Aesthetic Photos
- Holiday Photos
- Cinematic Photos
- Summer & Winter Vibes
- AI Vintage Film Photos
-Trend AI Filters

Fotorama - AI Headshot & AI Photo Generator is where your imagination meets the pinnacle of AI photo technology. Each interaction opens a door to a world where AI headshots and AI photo transformations redefine the boundaries of digital photography. Try Fotorama - AI Headshot & AI Photo Generator today and unleash the full potential of AI in your photography journey.


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App Name Fotorama - AI Photo Generator
Category Photo & Video
Updated 15 February 2024, Thursday
File Size 107.88 MB

Fotorama - AI Photo Generator Comments & Reviews 2024

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Just no. But great for a laugh with friends.. Seriously laughing hysterically but in 3 sets with over 45 different pictures uploaded, they are not even close. I feel like the couple that I could slightly see myself in were my eyes, nose, & mouth photo shopped onto pictures from the internet. Several with very distorted hands and facial features. As a curvy white woman, the thin African American woman on a beach in a bikini is quite curious. She is stunning, but obviously not me. Neither are any of these old ladies. Is hot granny tinder photo an entire AI genre that I didn’t know existed?

Waste of money, pending refund. It’s a total waste of time. Paid for the weekly but didn’t get any picture that am satisfied. Couldn’t get any straightforward button to stop subscription (in case they keep charging me). There’s only one obvious option to delete your account. I was not sure if I should do that so that they won’t keep charging me as by deleting the account means, I won’t have any more traces of me purchasing and it’s even harder for me to claim for a refund? 🥹lesson learned. I’d just get professional photo portraits just across the street instead of being lazy.

Gender options should be inclusive. forcing people to select man or woman in the beginning in order to use the app gives a poor user experience for lots of people and limits the amount of people who want to try rest of the app. Forcing tired ideologies that don’t serve everyone says a lot about the people who developed the app and the people who will benefit from support of the app. If it was an oversight they should fix it but knowing this had to pass through developers, ux/ui, marketing etc someone should have caught it so it seems intentional in today’s political climate. I don’t support apps that exclude entire groups of people.

Biggest scam. First red flag is you must pay for a subscription before using anything in the app. It’s $6.99 a week or pay a year in advance. I added my personal pictures over 2 days ago so I can start using the AI effects. App told me once I choose which personal pictures of mine to download, then it needs to “train my model” before I can begin with selecting which AI picture I want to use. I selected for the app to notify me once the download was finished. It’s been two days & nothing, yet the app says I have 0 minutes left in the download. Contacted support twice & no one has reached out yet regarding a resolution.

Worse than I imagined!. I will start out by saying I have never written a review for an app before but this one was warranted. This might be the worst app I’ve ever wasted money on. Not only did I spend hours trying to find the perfect photos, I laughed when I realized the images they gave me were supposed to be me! I take pride in my looks and not only did it look like someone completely different with the wrong face shape, nose and bigger lips, they added weight on me / gave a completely different body shape, gave totally different teeth and added wrinkles and frown lines that I make sure aren’t there in real life! Save your money and use it toward a real photographer because this is a joke!

Not worth the money and even called Apple!. The app doesn’t do what it says. It is the biggest scam and it’s pure false advertising. Doesn’t make the headshots. The pictures are distorted it, the images are just plain ugly and the person you are doing those pictures for cannot even recognize themselves. It totally changes your face features, your body and give you the most awkward pictures. Example: Kids with muscles and in bikinis, or instead of a girl, the picture is of a man. I wanted to get my money back for it, requested a refund, it was denied with no explanation. Then a disputed this claim/refund and again, it was denied. I talk to Apple over chat, they person helping me transfer me to a phone call because she saw the horrible pictures but when I talk to the person on the phone, she couldn’t help me either because I had done the dispute already and that was “their final answer” so they couldn’t even see what they did or couldn’t find any explanation. It is the worst app and worst explanation I’ve ever heard and seen. It doesn’t even deserve a star and the app developers really should be ashamed of that poor developed app. They might not even read my comment but I wish they did and refunded my money and other peoples money back.

Waste of money. This is the worst app I’ve payed for in my existence. I downloaded it didn’t work sent messages was asked to delete and reload which I did and when it finally worked the pics were horrible. I wish I could post them here. Not only they didn’t look like me they didn’t look like each other at all they had a 60 year old model a 20 year old mode I mean all over the place, they couldn’t get my basic features consisten. I have a platinum pixie they couldn’t even get that right 😩 I wish I could give them a negative review what a rip off I want my money back

App never worked. App stuck at 0.0 seconds for 5 days after saying it should take around an hour. After paying $6.99 for the week support finally got back to me and said to uninstall and reinstall the app. The problem was my $6.99 week had already expired by then. Fine if the 15 pictures I uploaded had errors, but the app never said that, nor did it allow me to try it again while the first 15 pictures were still “processing”.

Photos dont look like me at all. I had high hopes for this app to generate usable headshots. But the photos look nothing like me. To set up a profile you need more than 10 photos of yourself (not with others in the photo, high qual/high res photos, have to ideally be facing the camera, not too far away, etc, etc, etc) - it can take awhile to find picts the app will accept or be able generate images from. And the end result, photos that look nice - but, they are obviously not me. I cant use the photos, ended up being a total waste of money.

These Reviews Can’t Possibly Be Real. I saw an ad for this app and it promised realistic headshots. Being in need of a new professional photo, I thought, “Perfect! For $7, I can be lazy and not actually have to take a photo.” Naive optimism bit me hard. The photos this app generates look nothing like the photos I provided to train the model, thus nothing like me (or any human being for that matter). My head look positively alien, and I have a chin dimple that doesn’t exist irl. My brown eyes are magically green. Additionally, the renderings look 100% artificial. There’s zero chance someone looks at one of these and thinks it’s a real photo. Zero. Save your $7 and your time.

To repetitive. A great concept but they have a very limited library to choose from. There is no way to ask for something different or to edit a creation that needs just a little work. Thankfully I only bought 1 weeks worth. Why generate hands in the picture? Every single picture with hands or fingers the hands are very distorted and creepy looking.

Pretty good. I think the only thing I couldn’t find in the app was how to take off and upload new photos. Have some great and some funny headshots. Most weren’t great but there were a few diamonds I will be using. Definitely cost effective. Also can help you see what haircuts or styles you should try which is nice

If you want to look nothing like yourself. All the photos have me 15 years younger and 50 pounds lighter. Only a few look good but my friends and family agree they don’t actually look like me and are creepy. Some are pretty but I found anything that was even close to looking like me had some strange thing in the photo like totally distorted hands or even a wire coming out of an eyeball!

Persistent error never let me upload a single photo. I’m in the process of trying to get a refund. I tried dozen times to upload photos. I reinstalled app, made sure privacy was full access to photos, tried a variety of photos. It won’t let you upload less than 15 in one sitting so I couldn’t even try one photo at a time to see what photo was the issue. I contacted support who only told me to reinstall, no help. I feel scammed.

Hilariously BAD!. I wish I could attach the pictures of just how comical and bad this “AI generator” app is! I’m a former pageant queen and model and just wanted to see if I could get a picture generated in a business suit. I fell on the floor laughing! Not only did I look like I had a broken neck and 14 dimples on my cheeks and two very different sized eyes, I was put into a man’s suit with a clip on tie in one picture, given a mullet in another, and my head on a woman’s body that was clearly twice my size. My forehead had waves on each side as if it was one of those “put your head in the cardboard cutout at a carnival” look. Do NOT waste your money! Plenty of better apps out there I’m sure…but I won’t try one. Mad I gave the inputted 12 good pictures of myself that I hope aren’t now stolen for stock images!

Very limited and completely unrealistic. I purchased this with the hope of creating some decent professional pictures to use for job networking. The model they created of/for me is completely unrecognizable and could NEVER be used for anything other than gimmicks. The app makes you either much older/younger, heavier/lighter and there is no way to adjust the photos - for example “make me 10 pounds heavier/lighter” etc. and it add a mustache I cannot remove. Very disappointed with this unrealistic and un-customizable app - it is a true waste of money. No wonder they don’t allow you to sample the product - no one would ever come back.

Don’t spend the money. I uploaded pictures for my “AI model” and selected my info…and when I went to create my headshots the options were very limited and came back in the wrong race and looked NOTHING like me. When I tried to reach out to app support I got no response. Then when I tried to follow up and showed frustration they just told me to cancel and request a refund. Thankfully apple refunded my purchase but the whole situation was beyond frustrating.

Stock Photos?. Thought this would let me get photos with decent backgrounds. The AI generator instead makes a model that maybe has your hair and eye color and similar facial features (though similar is a big stretch). Huge waste of money, doesn’t look like me at all and I have no idea how these pictures are meant to be at all useful. Just a side slip into the bizarre really. I asked for a refund and to cancel my subscription, hasn’t happened yet. I guess now it’s clear why they won’t let you see how the app even works until you’ve purchased something. Save your money and put it towards a good photoshop app, it will be way more useful.

Only generated 5 images. I must have uploaded at least 40 pics of myself to “train” the AI but it was only able to generate 5 pics. The images were okay but I want to see more iterations. The app shows no indication of being able to generate more images than the original set it created. I hope the developers can add the functionality to add more AI generated images soon because $10 for 5 images is not worth it!

Best app ever if you want 3 arms or appendages growing from the top of your head…... Omg this is the worst app ever, but is still worth the $40 for pure entertainment value. It gave me claw hands in some, both my daughter and I had multiple pictures with 3 arms, one had an arm growing from the top of my head. A couple pictures it looked like it used leg images for my arms because they are twice as long as the should be. Worth every penny 😂😂😂😂

Image is nothing close to true nor flattering. This app only allows one AI generated picture from your uploaded images. If you don’t like the way it looks there is no way to change it. The photo looks NOTHING like me. This was truly a waste of money and time. I reached out to the company and the response was that they have been working on correcting the issue to allow people to create a new image. It was an automated response and there was no resolution. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

Not worth money. Doesn’t let you change/adjust the photos you upload to help AI get your actual features. The photos end up looking weird and heads don’t fit bodies. It added features I don’t have and emphasized them - putting huge lines in my face. I couldn’t find where I could change the type of photos I wanted like “business headshot” or “yearbook”. It shows that on the app description but it isn’t a feature you can select.

Love this app. I needed some head shots for a website and professional use. I saved a fortune on clothes and a professional photographer. You have to download a lot of different options to find one that looks like you. I can’t wait until they can allow the user to select their own clothing. That’s about the only thing this app is missing right now. Highly recommend.

Terribly inaccurate. This was…I don’t even have words. It literally generated some pictures that look absolutely nothing like me, and others that made me look 80 years old. I’m assuming it saw my grey streaked hair and decided I must be much older than I am, so it gave me a ton of wrinkles. Like I’m not joking. It made me look at least 20 years older than I actually am. Super disappointed that I paid for this. They should let you test it out before having to purchase anything.

Wasted Money. In my ignorance and naivety I purchased the one year subscription, falling for the advertising and displayed images. The images I received look nothing like me, totally and completely unusable for the business shots which I am needing. I also sent all of the photos to friends and family and asked if they knew this person; only one in eight thought one photo may be me. The other seven saw no resemblance. My suggestion is to purchase the one-week subscription to validate the quality. I gave two stars as I now have great Halloween decorations.

Rip off scam. I signed up, paid the money and now almost a week later my “model is still being trained”. I sent a message and received nothing back. I would think I didn’t even exist if they hadn’t taken my money. I will be disputing the charge through my credit card company. Good thing there were other options that actually did what they said so that I could get my headshot done for my new job. Go somewhere else. This one is a scam.

Terrible app! WASTE OF MONEY. This is such a disappointment. It cost $40 and I can never use it. The pictures do not come out even remotely looking like me. They are absolutely ridiculous looking and very fake. On top of that, you only have one chance to upload photos and you cannot retake or submit any other photos to improve the AI output. Do not waste your money like I did! I knew I should have read the reviews first, but I didn’t and I ended up paying $40 for trash.

Scammers and Liars. This app is a fraud... they charged me for a week's subscription, and from the first day it never worked, I sent the claim twice and nothing 👎🏻 the worst of the worst, I uploaded my photos, I waited the time indicated when It's ready, supposedly the time was up and nothing was done, they didn't edit or send me any photos and when I tried to do it again to see if it works, it didn't do anything or let me do anything in the application, pure waste of money and time, they should return my money for scammers and liars...

Doesn’t look like me. The app generated well over 2 dozen photos (you have to request more after the original set, no cost while your paid access is still current) but only 1 photo even remotely looked like me. The app seems to have issues with teeth, jaw line, and noses. It did a pretty good job with my eyes in a lot of photos, but eyes matching and nothing else means the photos still don’t look like me. The body types are also ridiculous, I am not a fitness model and wouldn’t want to portray myself as one, totally unrealistic and not what I view as my healthy, well balanced body type. Cool technology for a couple of bucks but it has a long way to go before it delivers as advertised.

SUPER GLITCHY - Doesn’t Work. Do not spend your money on this. It forces you to buy a subscription before you can even demo, or test to see if it works. Spoiler Alert: it doesn’t. You upload at least 15 photos of yourself, and it says that the AI is “training”. It gave me an ETD of about 58 minutes. It literally took HOURS to count down to 0:00. It’s now been stuck on 0:00 for a couple hours. Nothings been generated. It still said AI is “training”, and I can’t even force exit to try and restart the process. I’ve submitted a support ticket, and am waiting on a response.

Kitschy, AI is still garbage.. Two major issues. First, the photos from the stock models are used from hundreds of professional photos…voila(!) a professional (AI generated) headshot! Users need to use well over the required minimum dozen photos for the app. Second, once you load your photos to let AI begin generating headshots, your account is locked. You cannot add or subtract photos from your first group of photos. You literally have to delete your account and create a new profile to load more/different pictures. My advice is to load hundreds of photos before AI locks your library. This is a huge flaw in the app and absolutely not worth the annual fee. TL/DR, I used a dozen fotos as directed and my headshots are terrifyingly awful.

Don’t spend your money here. Glad I didn’t pay for the annual subscription and only paid $6.99. Still $6.99 for an app that produces photos that look NOTHING like you, this app doesn’t even deserve 1 star. I understand the need to charge because training models is expensive but please make sure that the models are actually working and generating photos that look like the data it is being fed. I came here to generate quick headshots but was very disappointed in the results.

Not what I expected. I was expecting to be able to use my own pictures to enhance them with a nicer background. I added 12 of my pictures & app said to be using to train the AI then after notification that this training was finished I started trying many of them, but the AI kept coming up with a person that it’s not me. Then was charged for all this pictures I was trying with a person that it’s not even me.

Best professional photo creator out there. I’ve tried several AI photo apps and this is by far the best for creating professional photos. It is amazing how perfect they turn out. Doesn’t alter your face shape or do wacky things with your hair. If you are looking for real and professional (not avatar or goofy) then this is worth every penny.

SO FAKE- CANT EDIT. I had to pay $6.99 for a week subscription before I could even preview my images. Then, after paying and waiting an hour for my images to upload, they look NOTHING like me. All of them have no glasses and green eyes. Y’all. I have glasses and brown eyes. Then, they won’t even let me edit each photo to fix the eye color or at least add my glasses. How can I use a photo for a business card without glasses if I legit always wear them? STAY AWAY!

Waste of Money & Non Accurate Photos - Do not buy. 1. You have to pay $10 per week for the basic packet 2. 15 photos required to be uploaded. You get a batch of photos that looks nothing like you. They pull “similar” looking people to you to create your pictures and no. They don’t look similar to you. 3. You do not get another chance to regenerate photos for a potential better outcome. Once you submit the 15 photos. You’re stuck with the horrible photos of people that does not look like you. 4. They take your personal data for their use 5. They do a horrible job of informing customers how the app truly works 6. The photos are poor quality. If I could post the quality of the photos of the once they use to draw people in vs the ones created for you, I would 7. Nothing on the app is free. Highly recommend you avoid this app

Don’t do it. People have been saying that their AI pictures make them feel bad because they make them look so much better than they think they really look… mine did me soo dirty. The ones that looked more like me were terrible! Most of them looked nothing like me. Deleted account and canceled subscription immediately. I wanted a picture for a resume. I’m better off with any of the pictures I used to create these images. Worst $6.99 ever spent

Waste of time and money. This app has you upload 15 images, and you can’t add or change them once submitted. No option to rotate your own images so it can build more learning. Only has a limited number of options to choose from for “headshots” and the results are not very good at all. Still has a long way to go and there are much better apps available for AI photo editing. This is a very limited app in its ability. Save your money and spend it elsewhere.

Brings out your worst qualities and rando nudes. First it only lets you do headshots for yourself and there are literally no options to change anything or correct stuff. Then it made my wife look really old and like she has a meth habit. It made me look 200 lbs heavier and gave me Down’s syndrome with crossed eyes and misshapen features. And the. For the crowning screwup… it spit out an unsolicited nude of my wife covered in breast and nipple tattoos. It was nuts. This app is so simplified that it is awful and makes terrible results. Avoid.

Bad. You should not get this app every single time I use it it makes you have to do this silly thing I have to do like this train your earth, whatever photo, and every single time you do, it makes you upload like 40 of them! And every single time I use it it always makes you pay 30 $40 for a year every year $39 is what it tells me it’s over 40. It’s just takes so much money out before nine 4099 but instead it’s 5699. I definitely recommend not getting this.

Not worth it. First there is no free trial so once you buy it, you’re just OUT. You have to upload 20 pictures of yourself which is fine but I didn’t know that once I selected the 20 pics I wouldn’t be able to change them. So I was not super selective, assuming when I had time I could pick better one. Only one photo really resembles me and the others look like my face is just photoshopped on another person. Waste of $40. Don’t do it.

Accidentally purchased, stuck for a year. I was curious about this app and downloaded it through the App Store for the “free” trial but must have accidentally purchased. Since it was now on my device, I played with it for an hour and the images looked a bit like me but not quite and I felt it wasn’t for me, so I deleted the app and it asked if I wanted to “unsubscribe,” which, of course, I do. I thought it would reimburse me the $34. Nope, said my subscription was good until December 2024–a whole year. What terrible service! I want my time and money back.

Bad First Impression. I uploaded quite a few pics that met the criteria and it said it would take 58 min to process. After about 35 min, it no longer showed the progress and nothing ever populated for me to choose from. So I have done 4 of the sample images and they were nothing usable. There is no way to rechoose photos to try and make better pics. There needs to be a better UI with options and regeneration possibilities. I have messaged the apps help function and hopefully they can fix the issues I am having and maybe I’ll have a better second impression. I will update you if that ever happens. Thx

Not worth it.... This app is not worth the money or your time. To create an AI photo, you have to upload at least 12 photos of yourself. Fine. But I kept getting errors such as "This picture is too similar to one previously uploaded." Yet, in one picture I was wearing glasses and had a beard, in the other I want wearing glasses and had no beard! How are they similar?! I took over 50 photos with different facial expressions, poses, etc., and it only accepted 2 out of 50. This will take a TON of your time just to take the 12 necessary photos. Do not get this app. I would even go so far as saying it should be removed from the app store just for ripping people off.

Promising!. There is so much potential behind these apps… it’s pretty crazy! This app is one that you have to weed through (like most others) to find something decent. A few pros- gave me a great headshot for work where I didn’t have to get dressed up. Lots of fun for my guy and I to look at. Certainly entertaining. Cost effective if you want to receive a handful. Room for improvement- often times the raw image is better than the edit, but the raw won’t download. The edit take away my body jewelry (ear and nose rings). The teeth in both the raw and edited are gnarly. Takes a while to get the images and requires a lot of restarting the app.

So far this entire process is dysfunctional. First, it took 20 minutes to upload my 12 photos. Kept selecting photos according to the requirements and I kept getting an error message. Finally, I managed to upload the right photos and it told me it would be ready in ~30 minutes. After I waited 2 hours I revisit the app to check and my photos are no longer there and the app is asking me to upload photos. Unless the photos magically appear out of thin air in the next few hours, this app is trash. Will ask for my money back.

Most generated photos do not look like me. The tech here is impressive.. but some photos came out as morphed human bodies and some just did not look like me at all maybe a distant relative but nothing usable The marketing for the app pitches it as “useful for professional profiles or social profiles” and I would never use most of these because it would be misrepresenting who I am(?) I deleted it after realizing the limitations on the first day

Not worth the money. The app interface is very simple, to the point that it’s almost frustrating because you’re paying $7 a week for something that doesn’t have many options at all. you only get to create photos off of templates they already have pre installed, which is maybe 30/ 40 that’s it, and there is no changing them or depicting anything you want in the image. not to mention i think their AI use needs to be matured and tweaked, the headshots i got were all too uncanny valley for me. and i’ve used a LOT of AI apps, this is by far the one i’m least impressed with. you also can not go in and change the pictures you selected to train your AI model later, at least i can not find a tab to do so at this time. not with the subscription price at all.

Don’t get if you’re older.. I was willing to try the Fotorama in spite of the fact it does not offer a free trial period. It said it could be cancelled, so I thought that mean I could try it, and if I didn’t like it, they would pro-rate the year’s subscription depending on how long I used it. Well, I didn’t like it. In spite of the two wrinkles it placed between my eyebrows, that image was not of a 60 year old woman. My cheek bones were pumped, my eyes were green, instead of brown, I am not sure where the color of hair came from, and my face was elongated. It did not look like me, not even in my younger days. I was greatly disappointed, and I cancelled. Well, guess what. It cancels FUTURE subscriptions, not the present one. I was greatly disappointed with this app. I may try again in the future when they show “realistic” pictures of people over the age of 50, also, and those people say it looks like them.

The BIGGEST Waste of Money of the Year!!!. RED FLAG: payment is required without offering a preview of the final product. Please do NOT do this! Why did I pay for product I hadn’t seen(???) Well, I made the mistake so you don’t have you 😂 You can’t get a glimpse of what your AI pictures before paying…not even one sample (it’s all make sense later). So, you put in your payment info. Then you wait for about 15 mins to get pictures of yourself…kinda. It’s you but with “enhanced” features, e.g, cross-eyed, alien shaped (for updo hair), or the top of your head missing (think Lucy Liu in Kill Bill). So, you think “alright, let’s give you more training, AI” and try to upload more pictures, well…you can’t. So now I have the following options for my LinkIn profile: crosses-eyes or baby teeth or alien head. So, why payment is required without preview? You would NEVER paid if you saw the results. It makes sense.

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Don’t buy! It takes your money and gives you nothing. Purchased this rubbish app over a week ago. It continues to say it will notify me when the pictures are ready, never happens. What a waste of money and a total scam of an app.

Waste of money. Absolute waste of money, provided 15 varied photos as asked and they all look nothing like me. One of the photos had a morphed arm that comes out of nowhere. DO NOT BUY.

Complete waste of money and time. Didn’t like it. Didn’t look like me, not many types to choose from cancelled my subscription. What a scam this is. Don’t bother with this app

Terrible results. I uploaded 20 photos and received 6 photos that are shocking. Looks like I had a stroke

What a waste of money. Nothing like me

Don’t use this. Worst app ever all it did was steal my money

Disappointing. For the price and the time it takes. Very disappointed. The photos are so inaccurate and don’t even look the slightest bit like me.

Terrible. Terrible app. The photos look absolutely nothing like me and apparently my hair grew several inches in an hour and into many different lengths and styles I have never had. I’m even cross eyed in one photo.

Subscription and quality are questionable. The outputs weren’t great for the price, and you cannot get a sample unless you pay first.

Waste of Money!!!!!!. This is any absolute con! The AI photos show no resemblance to the person in the photos that have been uploaded. I want my money back!!!! Don’t waste your money!!!!😡😡😡🤑🤑🤑🤑💲💲💲

Scam. Scam, read the other comments. Notice how there are only 5 and 1 stars? Clearly bots keeping the ranking up

Not worth a cent. None of the photos even looks like me. I don’t understand what the whole purpose of this is.

Read the reviews before purchasing. Purchased for a work profile and am so cross at myself for being impulsive. Read the reviews. They all confirm what I found out the hard way….. pics look absolutely NOTHING like me. Random photos from the internet would’ve had greater resemblance. Don’t waste your $

Terrible app. Could rate this any lower. Should be removed for false advertising

Can’t upload my photos, no tech or customer service support! Frustrating!. Not working, been trying since I downloaded and I even paid premium 👎🏻 no tech support either. Don’t download! They are full on advertising on TikTok and the app looks great in their posts. Such a waste of time and money.

Terrible. Every photo added wrinkles I don’t have and made me look 60 years old. Worst app ever

Scam!!!!. This app is a scam. The photos look nothing like me and there’s no option to edit. DO NOT PURCHASE!!

Awful images - no way to reload reference. Waste of money

Don’t bother purchasing SCAM!!!. Worst AI image app on the market. None of the images even slightly resembled me. There was no way of disputing it either. They recycle the same images in the results over and over this app is a SCAM!! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!

Total Scam. Absolutely terrible! Do not waste your money!

Terrible. Not worth it

Ridiculous. Photos look nothing like me. Don’t waste your money!

Worst app. Doesn’t even work makes you pay and once you do it looks awful

Doesn’t work. Save you money this app won’t even let you upload one image

Just awful. The photos look nothing like me and I’ve aged a good 10 years in them.

Terrible. The photos look like another person. Not even close!

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Waste of time. Horrible. Doesn’t look like you. It’s expensive. And you can’t even upload more pictures of yourself to improve the photos after the initial upload.

Not inclusive. Only skinny and mostly withe people.

No trial before purchase. Nothing interesting about this.

Not working. I downloaded the app 10 hours ago, uploaded my pictures and haven’t yet been able to create any picture… it says the model is still been trained…

This ai is so weak!. I don’t like my pictures at all! I do not recommend this app at all and I want to make my money back.

Not good at all. Won’t even let me create the first step - waste of money to try!!

Trash. Trash

Not even ai just similar stock photos. Garbage! And not free!

Not satisfied. Terrible, please don’t make a purchase

It never worked. 11$ in the trash

Not free and doesn’t work. Not free, and even when you pay the pics don’t look like you. Every single one looks like a sibling or some weird distant relative. I have brown eyes and in almost all of my AI pics the eyes are green 😂😂 Can’t imagine what people think if they pay the annual and THIS is the result… Got a good laugh out of it either way, but it was a total waste of $10.

Doesn’t do anything. The ai doesn’t generate your photo and will make you think it will by giving you a timer. I’ve been waiting for a couple days now and it’s still telling me it’s “generating” my photos. Don't get this its a scam.

So Disappointed. I should have read more reviews. Waste of money, pics look horrible.

rating. horrible

Functionality not as Advertised. After uploading the first 20 photos it produced 1 that looked like me and 6 that made me look older/more wrinkles, with every successive try looking less and less like me. No way to go back and add / change your original photos.

Don’t waste your money. This app is garbage. I wasn’t expecting to look exactly like myself, but their renderings were not even close. Super disappointed

Scam. Tricked into this purchase, sleezy.

Achat obligatoire. On doit obligatoirement acheter l’abonnement pour pouvoir utiliser l’application.

Have to pay. There’s no indication that I have to pay for this service until you’ve already downloaded the app.

Photos didn’t look like me at all. Not satisfied, would like my money back

Definitely NOT worth it!. It’s horrible to use and created pictures that looked nothing like me. Too bad that I already the annual subscription, but I will not miss it. I’ve deleted it off my phone.

Don’t waste your money. Photos looked nothing like me or my pics. Waste of ten dollars.

Don’t buy. This app is horrible

Not accurate at all. Did not even come close to resembling! Used wayyy better apps

Model still training. “Model still training”, is what I will always see once I tried the app. Tried to submit ticket twice but no response. Waste of money and I want a refund.

Not worth it. None of my AI photos look like me

Horrible. Don’t buy this, is horrible. If I could I mark 0 starts.

Never finished creating a photo. Not worth it. The app didn’t even create a photo for me… And I paid for it…

Terrible. Don’t waste your time and money

Not as it seems. Not worth your money. Horrible app. Many others that are better out there.

So bad. Awful

Terrible. The photos are not at all similar to reality. I think the price is a steal compared to what they offer.

Not free at all. Downloaded as a “free” application. You can do nothing without a subscription. What is free?

Scam. Only got 6 Terrible photos that didn’t even resemble me . Hard to navigate app and doesn’t let you do re-dos unless you purchase again .

Not for People Wearing Glasses. I wear glasses in all my photos. The AI has removed them from every photo and given me massive eye wrinkles and aged me 20 years. It’s awful,

Low function, terrible rip off. This app is terrible what a rip off. You can do better work for free with apps online no need to waste your money like I did

Photos avec l’IA. Aucune ressemblance. Très déçue de cette appli payante

Don’t. Downloaded just to try, charged me but wouldn’t provide anything. Total scam.

Not worth it. Definitely not what it seems

Terrible pictures. Doesn’t look alike at all. Absolutely no resemblance. I want my money back

Awful photos. Not worth a single buck. Choice of like 12 pictures. Sometimes puts 2 faces. Cant add more pictures to improve the ai. All in all bad app that fells like a ripoff

Horrible results.. Don’t waste your time & money.

Doesn’t even look like me. Not great. Photos didn’t look like me, and many were distorted making me look disfigured.

Very bad result !!!. Very bad photos as a result they are far from reality and very deformed to the point of being scary. Fully regret purchasing anything from the app.

Can’t really edit anything. One the pictures are made there is no apparent way to edit or switch up the inputs if you don’t like the results. I dodn’t like the results and so - game over I guess.

Ne recommande pas. Les photos sont de piètre qualité, les personnes générées avec l’IA ne me ressemblent pas du tout

Junk. Scam and waste of money

The free version has no functionality. There is no ability to try this all without getting a week subscription ($9.99 CAD) or month subscription ($49.99 CAD). Downloading the free app just puts the app on your phone. I couldn’t even upload my pictures to create a basic profile (required) without activating the subscription. You can bypass the activation, but everything you try just prompts you to agree to activating. So I can’t say the app functions poorly but it does play upon our natural curiosity about AI photography. My guess is that many do activate it because of this only to immediately regret it. So I give this a one-star primarily due to its lack of transparency. If they’re going to give me an app for my phone for free. It should have some very basic level of use or test run so I can validate whether or not it’s worth paying for the recurring subscription fees!

I looked awful & so little photo’s generated. I can’t believe I waited almost an hour for 6 poorly photos of me for $10.

Horrible. Ai pictures looked NOTHING like me, such a scam

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Has a Ways To Go. After dozens and dozens of tries I wound up with 2 decent pictures. Most of them don’t look like me and despite me entering my age it wants to age me by decades! It’s horrible… I guess I know what I might look like when I’m old now though.

Terrible results!. This was the biggest waste of money and time, but I did get a really good laugh out of it! I am 43 and these have me looking like an extra on the Golden Girls. I thought about lying about my age, but there is no way for me to go back and re-enter my age. On the bright side, as a professional headshot photographer, I am officially no longer worried about AI taking my job! Hahahahahahaha

Very disappointed. I don’t know if it’s the photos that I chose, but apparently you only get one chance to upload photos. None of these pictures look even remotely like me & for seven dollars a month, I expect more. It doesn’t let me add new photos so if I do not get a response from customer service soon, I will be canceling.

App just freezes. Tried using this app. iPhone 14 pro max, and after uploading my photos, it said it “was being trained “ and would take 57 minutes… that was two days ago. Now the app is just stuck on that screen and I can’t do anything. I was hopeful this would work as advertised, but for me it’s a waste of $20

Bogus. The AI generated pictures look nothing like me. Like not even close. I wanted to use this app, which cost $40 to refine my headshot for work. Unfortunately the app gave me bogus AI pictures with a new eye color, hair color, and “me” in costumes etc. I thought maybe I gave the app bad pictures of myself, so I wanted to try again but apparently that’s not an option. Don’t waste your money.

Needs improvement. There is no way to add additional photos and there needs to be a “Linked In” option. It does no good to make a square picture that doesn’t fit in Linked In if making a professional headshot.

$6.99 a month for this????. For what you’re expected to pay, you must add 20 photos of yourself to get AI Generated pictures. Although you add 20, you only get 5 pictures! Then you can choose from a few samples to have them changed to you, but not many. In addition to this B.S., the quality is horrendous as well!!!

No demo, no buy. Earlier reviews stated that I could see what this was going to look like with watermarks over the results. Not the case when I did it if there’s a way to get this thing to show me what it would do before paying, I sure didn’t find it. Sorry, I’m not gonna give you 40 bucks without seeing what the products gonna look like.

Ages you 10+ years. The photos themselves look decent. Except that I’m 33 but look 45 or even older in almost every single photo. Plus, I wear glasses, but NONE of the photos include them. I honestly don’t think I could show any of these pics to my parents or friends and have them believe it’s me…

It's a one-time use upload. Better make it count.. I was thinking AI would get smarter as I kept uploading more. Nope. I just spend $43 on the crappy 20 uploaded photos I uploaded. If I would have known it was a one-time thing I would have took and uploaded a lot more photos and made sure they were better quality.

Doesn’t look anything like you. Crazy that with the required 15 different uploaded pictures you can’t get one that even looks like you. At that point, the effort you put into that many selfies, you might as well just take the picture you want yourself

Garbage. This app is so buggy. So many errors. And when the requirement for uploads is met perfectly, it gives an arbitrary error. Meanwhile, it tries to scam you into a limited time discount before you even realize that the app is heavily broken. I don’t recommend this app at all. I’d give zero stars if possible.

Rotten Tomatoes. This app is terrible The photos look nothing like the actual person. I was so confused. I kept watching for my photos 1)because I wasn’t notified like I requested. 2)because the photos didn’t look like me but like a women 20 years older than me. I do not recommend this app and canceled it 30 minutes after purchase.

Save your money. This app does not do what it claims. Initially believed I signed up for the free app and a trial. The app would not open at first. Once it did, it asks you to upload 15+ photos. Photos are uploaded from photo library. I did that. It generated 5 photos with no way to upload any more. Buyer beware. Had to select 1 star★to post review. It deserves zero stars. Disappointing.

Terrible!. Terrible! I uploaded plenty of good pictures that the other Ai apps are able to use and this app was not able to get one picture to look like me. Then I used the feature to replicate a picture they have and the pose location etc was nothing like it. Clearly a miss! Don’t waste your time or money on this one!

Needs a lot of work. There are virtually no instructions. Can’t customize the images or apparently redo them. It would b3 really helpful if the AI could be prompted - corporate headshot… or if images could be enhanced in a custom way… such as smooth wrinkles or remove grey hair. It’s a good start but not worth the money without more development.

One opportunity to upload pics. I uploaded 15 pics to get started and went back to add some more and I cannot find anywhere to do that. Make sure you add all the pictures you want before you proceed

Terrible AI service. This app does nothing that you expect. The photos it generated are not accessible and you can’t choose. It stalls and produces no generated photos. It just pulls up a bunch of weird photos with some slight resemblance of you on an old lady’s body. Lol. Meanwhile, all the many photos you uploaded are gone! To be incorporated into the AI world!!

Worst of the AI photo generators. Very disappointed. The images are ok, but it seems like they just wanted to get an app on the market and make some money, with no thought given to the user experience. I am glad that I didn’t pay for the year - they got me for the $6.99 weekly, but that’s it. Cancelled and deleted.

Looks nothing like me. I was hesitant to try an app like this and now I wish I hadn’t! I uploaded the required number of pictures - 14 (wow, that’s a lot!) and still the AI generated pics looks nothing like me! I wanted a new head shot without having to go through finding a reasonably priced photographer but I guess I’ll have to go that route after all.

Needs a lot of work. Takes a very long time to generate. Unable to change many settings. Not enough options. Freezes a lot. Would recommend Remini instead

It’s True. I mean it’s interesting to see what it creates, but the images it comes up with only vaguely look like me. Like everyone else has said, artificial intelligence is interesting, but isn’t there as a technology yet. You guys should make this free until it’s ready.

Waste of money. 2 stars is generous, because the app was fun to try. The photos looked nothing like me. After a first try I deleted the proposals and was going to try again, but the app got stuck spinning. I reset my phone and the app doesn’t work at all. Deleting a few hours after purchase.

Not even close. More than half of the iterations are not even similar to my features at all! There are better apps where you can guide type of iterations/portraits you would like vs getting random pictures if someone is not you.

Can’t use any of the AI pics. It took about an hour for the AI to train for my looks…and generated 10 pics of someone else. It doesn’t look like me at all - not even like a ‘sibling resemblance’. I tried to find where I can re-upload new pics of me but there is no option - it isn’t available! Too bad I was really looking forward to the outcome.

App doesn’t work - error uploading selecting pics. Tried multiple times to select over 20 pics of myself and kept getting an error with processing as soon as I clicked the upload button. Happened multiple times so I gave up and uninstalled the app.

Not worth it. I submitted 15 good photos that show me smiling and looking serious, basically followed the instructions and my AI photos look nothing like me. Not at all. Also when I clicked on this through an ad it was to help me create a business headshot and some of the returned photos are of in bikinis and stuff. Very weird. I’ve used other photo generating AI apps that are way better.

We are getting a call in. Very good to see it when your

Waste of money and time. The generated image results are far from how the app has been marketed. There is no way to retrain the model. I deleted all the generated results Hoping to retrain and try more results. All that the support team replied in one liner asking to retry!! I have applied for refund for the trial I paid I have to still wait and see what happens.

Disappointed. I’m highly disappointed. I saw the two minute offer and decided to take a chance and bought the annual fee of $20. My ai photos just finished and they look nothing like me. It totally butchered my face to look like a total different person. So very disappointed. I would not recommend

Headshot. I really appreciated this service and was able to have a professional headshot created that exceeded my expectations for capturing my personality and the impression I’m proud to portray. Thank you kindly!

Bad AI Photos! Really bad.. These photos look nothing like the person they are supposed to represent. Way too old or way too young. Clearly AI generated. Won't let you choose backgrounds or even identify a context for how you want to use the photo. The only thing these photos are good for is a laugh - even then you need a good sense of humor since the laugh cost $40!

Awful. Terrible pictures made me look 10 yeara older

AI hurting my feelings. I put in my real age and 20 recent pics and my AI pics either look 15 years older than I do or are so over the top that it looks like a fake glamour shot. And I can’t see how I can change my age to see if that helps or try again. Save your money and buy a bottle of wine instead.

Sad and wasted my time and money. Wont take photos. Ive submitted 3x and it says something went wrong. I followed the directions and gave up. Tried to delete account for a refund and it wont allow this action and no customer service number available that i can see. Im bummed by the experience.

Doesn’t work. I’ve tried uploading the correct amount and type of photo six times now and each time I get an error saying “Request failed” and telling me to try again. I have no idea why my photos aren’t working and am clueless as to how to get them to go through. How do I get my money back?

Total waste of time. You spend your time to upload 20 photos to that the “model can be trained” and several days later even after contacting the help section still nothing! This feels like a scam to string you along to hold your money. I never got anything at all. BEWARE!

Please Do Not Buy. This is a subscription based app for $9.99 and the AI photos it generated look nothing like me. There was some similarities in bone structure but the end result was an entirely different person. Once you submit your photos the app will not allow you to submit a different set of photos to try again. $9.99 for a terrible rendering!

Nor Enough Options. I uploaded the required 15 pictures. It generated several AI “fotos” that were not great, look very fake. I can’t figure out how to upload or change my original uploaded pictures. Oh and there is no free trial. I’m really glad I didn’t spend the money for the year “best value” because there is no value with this app.

Super fun, but …... Only one rendering looked close to my real self. The others were significantly off and obviously not “me”. I even gave it 30+ photos to work with. Was disappointing in terms of getting a good (magical) head shot that actually looks like me in real life.

They didn’t look like me!. I subscribed in hopes of getting a new professional photograph of myself and I can’t use any of them at all because even though I gave them 39 photos of myself none of what was produced was good enough.

Limited. You pay for a yearly subscription however you can only upload photos 1 time. They make pics - and yes some are amazing. But only about 3 out of 10 are usable. If you could upload different or new pics and get new AI pics often then it would be worth it

😮‍💨it’s bad why did I get the stupidest app ever. So when I got on the app it had a choice of paying or skip then I did skip then when I tried to take a picture it made me pay so I did not and I deleted the app so if you ever do not want a app like this where you have to pay do not get this app I promise you it is horrible and I will not lie because I just used this app and it’s bad

Limitations. Great idea but app is limited. Would love ability to choose color and type of clothing, if background. Also the ability to change uploaded photos because AI did not capture features correctly

Only doing this so they can see. This is ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ ✨horrible I have to pay for everything

Bad quality - unable to add different images to work off of. I paid for the weekly version and got ridiculous looking images. I tried to find somewhere I could re -upload different images, but there wasn’t a way to do so. Definitely wouldn’t recommend you spend any money on this app.

Added 20 years…. I was so excited to use this app, but sadly it decided to add 20 years (literally with wrinkles and frown lines). I tried over and over with similar if not worse results. I posted it on my IG to see the reaction from friends and the first one was “ai got you f’d up” and “it got you all wrong.” Got a lot of laughs out of it tho. Too bad.

Listen to all of these reviews. This app is garbage. None of the photos it gives you are even close to accurate. They’re just counting on enough people giving them the $6 to try it for a week that it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work because they got your $6 regardless. Don’t download this. Seriously. You are being scammed.

Do NOT BUY. This is such a bad app. I bought this app to get professional pictures done. Its so photoshopped and 99% of the pictures don’t even look like me. I thought the last app was bad but this is the worse. Just cause an app is created does not mean is good. At least don't charge so much while you make it better.

RIP OFF. First of all, the photos looked NOTHING like me at all, then the app made me pay $40 for the year to use it, only to find out they offer lower prices, but there was never a mention of it until I went and canceled my subscription . They are deliberately scamming ppl. Wish I never downloaded this. I’m asking Apple for a refund.

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Fotorama - AI Photo Generator 2.0.3 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Fotorama - AI Photo Generator app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with APPNATION YAZILIM HIZMETLERI TICARET ANONIM SIRKETI and other users?

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Fotorama - AI Photo Generator 2.0.3 Apps Screenshots & Images

Fotorama - AI Photo Generator iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.0.3
Play Store co.appnation.aiphotostudio
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

Fotorama - AI Photo Generator (Versiyon 2.0.3) Install & Download

The application Fotorama - AI Photo Generator was published in the category Photo & Video on 08 August 2023, Tuesday and was developed by APPNATION YAZILIM HIZMETLERI TICARET ANONIM SIRKETI [Developer ID: 1560806519]. This program file size is 107.88 MB. This app has been rated by 1,701 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Fotorama - AI Photo Generator - Photo & Video app posted on 15 February 2024, Thursday current version is 2.0.3 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: co.appnation.aiphotostudio. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
Fotorama - AI Photo Generator App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Experience improved results with our latest update!

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Find on this site the customer service details of Fotorama - AI Photo Generator. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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