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Save any recipe from magazines, cookbooks, recipe cards, and Web sites in less than a minute with little or no typing. Recipe Gallery is the fastest and most convenient way to save, find and use the recipes you love. Recipe Gallery uses the camera of your iPhone or iPad along with modern optical character recognition (OCR) to capture, index, and store recipes in an easy to search and use image format. It also captures and saves recipes from the Web, making them a permanent part of your gallery.

Quickly save any recipe in one convenient format and place. Then find the recipe you need with a simple search that looks through the recipe name, ingredients, instructions, and any additional notes you've made. All your recipes are assessable even when you have no internet connection. As an iCloud enabled app on both the iPhone and iPad, you can view or capture a recipe at any time and still have large easy to read recipes on your iPad in the kitchen. You can print your recipes, and sharing them is easy with a simple tap and email. You can also share recipes directly with other Recipe Gallery users via AirDrop or email.

Store as many notes as you want along with any recipe. Save notes like nutritional information, alterations and improvements, or the date you served it last. All the notes are searchable and easy to edit.

• Little or no typing, capture a recipe in seconds with the iPhone or iPad camera
• Built in Web browser to capture recipes from the Web
• Quickly add recipe bookmarks to Recipe Gallery while browsing in Safari
• Type recipes from scratch, dictate them, or copy and paste text from other apps
• iCloud support for recipe sync between devices and also provides a safe backup of your recipes
• One app runs on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, nothing more to buy
• Simple to understand help videos to get you started quickly
• Import PDF files from the Web, email, or any place your iOS device can access
• Create custom categories and arrange them in any order you wish
• Assign your recipes to multiple categories and view them sorted by name, date or rating
• Automatic OCR indexing of recipes
• Search for ingredients, even for recipes captured with the camera
• Share recipes via email, AirDrop or print directly from your iPhone or iPad
• Full multitasking support of Slide Over and Split View on the newer iPads and iPad Pros
• Three color themes

Recipe Gallery App Description & Overview

The applications Recipe Gallery was published in the category Food & Drink on 2013-05-21 and was developed by Toycar Tools. The file size is 43.13 MB. The current version is 4.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

• You can now make small changes to rotation to straighten an image
• Added the ability to crop and rotate an existing recipe image
• Multiple font style and size choices for text notes
• Links in text notes are now tappable and open in Safari
• The save to camera feature now saves to a Recipe Gallery album for better management of images
• Recipe Gallery recipes are now listed in spotlight search results
• iCloud syncing is faster
• Fixed an issue that caused large PDFs to miss some pages on import
• Added a "Spring" color theme

* Reduce the heat to low and simmer

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Recipe Gallery Reviews


Great App!  DAinMichigan  5 star

Been using it for a couple years and it has been a huge help for me!! We have three homes and an RV and love to cook!! Not only are the recipes extremely portable for cooking they are now also with me at the grocery store so I can check ingredients on the fly. It is easy to use and easy to load. Thanks. This is one of those apps that has truly made a huge improvement in my life. Kudos!


I use it for all my recipes  Snuflebluepants  4 star

Great way to store things from a variety of sources, the categorization allows you to search multiple elements of a recipe. Text recognition would be cool, but not necessary.


Outstanding  Amr_0608  5 star

Totally worth the money. Haven't found anything better to keep all my recipes from so many different sources under one same app. Just perfect


Great app  JohnDB263  5 star

Great app


Best Recipe App  tlc55  5 star

I like this app a lot. It's cool that you have the ability to take photos of your recipes and save them so you only have to look in one place for all your recipes. I started by putting all my holiday (Thanksgiving & Christmas) recipes in the app. It was helpful to have those on my phone & iPad so when I go travel to my kids' homes I can use them easily. But I use it less than I thought I would. I have trouble understanding how to import a recipe I like from Maybe the app has the ability & I just don't know how to do it. Also, when I get a recipe from Allrecipes or another online recipe site, or a magazine, I usually end up tweaking the recipe. That means that I then have to print the recipe from the online site, write in my changes, & then take a photo of it. If it's a magazine recipe, write my changes on it & take a photo. If I find a recipe in a magazine that I can't rip out & write on I take a photo, print it out, make changes & take another photo. That's a lot of steps and I still end up just putting my stray recipes in a box. So it looks like I just need to take some time and do it. I also don't know if this app gives you the ability to just manually type in a recipe, but you type it in a note & take a screen shot. With all of my concerns stated, I still feel this is the best recipe app out there.


Love this app!  MrsGonho  5 star

I love that I can catalog my favorite recipes from various sites, with just copy and paste. So easy! Love it, love it love it! So easy to share recipes to with friends!

Nine's Mom

I'm soooo Happy!!!  Nine's Mom  5 star

I have been looking for a recipe filing system for ages. I found this app yesterday and I have had so much fun adding all the online recipes that I have photographed over the years. I started there and will add my box full of handwritten recipes when I'm done. Magazines next! You can capture recipes from websites, take pictures of your own recipes and add Google images. I made three recipes from my box tonight for dinner and have made my own pics and added the recipes to the app. I found some websites will not capture, but I just take screenshots , no problem. I always decide what I want for dinner at the office and stop at the store on the way home. I have wished so many times that I had my recipes to get ingredients, now they will all be at my fingertips!!! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I am.


Recipe Gallery  PeteBoots  5 star

Excellent app. I have some 400 recipes on another I pad app which I will lose once iOS 11 is released. Therefore I have for transfer these to a new iOS proof app. Transferring is very easy and fairly quick. The recipe index is very good, presentation of recipes is excellent, and new categories can be easily added. It will still take a significant amount of time to transfer these recipes but thank you recipe gallery; you have made it absolutely feasible


Does what it says it does and free  J17dascoli  5 star

Great little app for organizing all those recipes on paper or taken from a magazine floating around in a folder. Take pictures, make notes, and nice to link to online recipes. Plus it's free and they don't try to upswell you on anything, unlike other recipe programs. Just a great way to organize recipes on iPad. One of my favorite little apps


Finally my recipes are organized  Marbell-WI  5 star

I love this app. It finally recipes are getting organized. It is a slow conversion, but it is much need app. Thank you!


poison ivy RajekL 3 star

I shared a sandwich recipe. Share yours for a chance to win a trip to Napa Valley #KretschmarNapa #Contest


Monique Alexander ImMoniqua 3 star

Watch lesbian movie: Testing the pleasures of this Education recipe


LOHAS Top Stories LohasTopStories 3 star

@MeatlessMonday: Show meat lovers the magic of mushrooms next #MeatlessMonday with this @SELFmagazine recipe roundup: …


So easy and it syncs with phone and iPad  PARoss12  5 star

Love this app


gessgirl  gessgirl  5 star

Absolutely LOVE this app. Wish I had found it ages ago. Finally I have all my favorite recipes in one spot and so organized. Thanks!!


Happy, Hoping for Improvements  ShipHipHooray  4 star

I am very pleased with the app and the ease of adding recipes. The only thing I wish was improved was for the recipes to go from device to device. I have an iPad in the kitchen that holds my recipes, and if I happen to be at the store I can't access them from my iPhone. Overall a great product.


I Love It  QuiltingGen  5 star

Since my IPhone and IPad sync I am able to take the recipes on my IPhone to the grocery store with me shopping. Then when I am ready to cook I use the IPad to follow the recipes, fonts large enough to follow easily. I'm pleased that I can make my own notes about the recipes as I try them. I have over 5000 recipes. Love this app.


Perfect as Punch  Ocsm039  5 star

This app has provided the ability to have a collection of recipies without anything left to desire. Thanks for the great app. It took a few extra minutes to figure out how to copy pictures off of the web, but I finally figured how to copy them to my Photo Gallery. Is it possible to copy & paste photos to make that easier? Thanks again.


I cook so much more now that I have this app.  MissBlissmiss  5 star

This app was introduced to me by my daughter in law. How easy it is to quickly save recipes from websites as well as my old cookbooks and hand written recipes. I can even take a picture from a magazine in the Dr.'s office and get it filed and ready for use in seconds with this app. Thanks for taking the stress out of managing recipes and just letting me cook.


Best App Ever!!  Sugarbaker63  5 star

This is such a wonderful way to keep recipes! It so easy to use and its fun! I love that I can easily store my Moms handwritten recipes. I highly recommend the App!


Great  golden1692  4 star

So far- love it! I am going through all of my magazines & adding the recipes that I like. I am able to add categories, which is great because I like to categorize my recipes by month, so that I can cook with seasonal ingredients. I would give 5 stars, but I agree that they need to add more color options, beyond "cool" and "warm". I don't like either, and would love a nice clean spring green.


Easy to use  kchau914  4 star

I love this app for recipes and I have had several. It could not be simpler to use. I only gave it four stars because the only thing it doesn't do is generate a shopping list and let you meal plan. Even still, this is the app I use!!! It's awesome!


A Great App!  ggerwe3  5 star

I have been looking for a way to consolidate my recipes from many different sources. This is perfect and I recommend it to anyone who loves to cook. Gene

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