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Save any recipe from magazines, cookbooks, recipe cards, and Web sites in less than a minute with little or no typing. Recipe Gallery is the fastest and most convenient way to save, find and use the recipes you love. Recipe Gallery uses the camera of your iPhone or iPad along with modern optical character recognition (OCR) to capture, index, and store recipes in an easy to search and use image format. It also captures and saves recipes from the Web, making them a permanent part of your gallery.

Quickly save any recipe in one convenient format and place. Then find the recipe you need with a simple search that looks through the recipe name, ingredients, instructions, and any additional notes you've made. All your recipes are assessable even when you have no internet connection. As an iCloud enabled app on both the iPhone and iPad, you can view or capture a recipe at any time and still have large easy to read recipes on your iPad in the kitchen. You can print your recipes, and sharing them is easy with a simple tap and email. You can also share recipes directly with other Recipe Gallery users via AirDrop or email.

Store as many notes as you want along with any recipe. Save notes like nutritional information, alterations and improvements, or the date you served it last. All the notes are searchable and easy to edit.

• Little or no typing, capture a recipe in seconds with the iPhone or iPad camera
• Built in Web browser to capture recipes from the Web
• Quickly add recipe bookmarks to Recipe Gallery while browsing in Safari
• Type recipes from scratch, dictate them, or copy and paste text from other apps
• iCloud support for recipe sync between devices and also provides a safe backup of your recipes
• One app runs on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, nothing more to buy
• Simple to understand help videos to get you started quickly
• Import PDF files from the Web, email, or any place your iOS device can access
• Create custom categories and arrange them in any order you wish
• Assign your recipes to multiple categories and view them sorted by name, date or rating
• Automatic OCR indexing of recipes
• Search for ingredients, even for recipes captured with the camera
• Share recipes via email, AirDrop or print directly from your iPhone or iPad
• Full multitasking support of Slide Over and Split View on the newer iPads and iPad Pros
• Two color themes

Recipe Gallery App Description & Overview

The applications Recipe Gallery was published in the category Food & Drink on 2013-05-21 and was developed by Toycar Tools. The file size is 41.93 MB. The current version is 3.1.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• Fixed an issue that kept the Web browser from allowing input.

• The recipe search system now returns more accurate results when searching for multiple ingredients.
• The Recipe Gallery bookmark extension now works in more apps that support the sharing of Web sites.
• Text notes containing tabs entered with hardware keyboards are now formatted correctly.
• Recipe text on the clipboard can now be automatically turned into a recipe.
• An issue with large recipe collections on older devices has been fixed.
• This update also includes a pinch of bug fixes and improvements.

Bake until it springs back when touched

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Recipe Gallery Reviews


Amazing!!  Glturner5  5 star

Last weekend I got rid of over half my cookbooks by going through them and taking pictures & cataloging my favorite recipes out of them. I'll also be able to do that when I'm sitting in a waiting room and find a recipe that I like. I love this app!


Love it!  Queenb9903  5 star

Once I got used to it, I love it for all the recipes I get from the internet.


I love it!  Serabean  5 star

Best recipe app out there!


Excellent app  billsfun  5 star

This app was the answer to a recipe management nightmare. It is a pleasure to find the recipe I want now. Adding new recipes is a piece of cake. (Pun intended) Any problem was promptly and politely responded to. This is a great app!

Pat Fan Jan

Love This App!!!  Pat Fan Jan  5 star

I had quite the paper collection of recipes dreading to have to manually enter them into some other program. However, with this app, getting my recipes into electronic format was incredibly easy and a time saver. Worth the money paid.


Love this app!  Texasmilly  5 star

Takes pics of my magazine tear outs and organizes the clutter!

Satisfied 2012

You can add recipes from anywhere!  Satisfied 2012  5 star

This app is just what I wanted. I can copy recipes from websites, I can add my own recipes by entering them, and I can take pictures of recipes from boxes or cans and have everything organized in one place. No more wondering where I put a recipe I saved. AND I have access to my favorite recipes when I visit family or go RVing! Slight learning curve in the beginning but well worth a little time. I love it! April 2017 - Still love this app!


Love this app!  Hotwheels7  5 star

I save hundreds of recipes in my notes as well as in my photos. This app makes it incredibly quick and easy to save and organize all of them. Additionally, I love being able to add new categories. In fact, I've probably added 20 new categories since I downloaded this app earlier in the week. It's well worth the price and you won't be disappointed!


ADDICTED  tackytiff  5 star

I can't get enough of this App! Thank you so much I can finely store all my old newspaper & magazine clippings all together on my iPhone in one app. Genius😍


Exactly what I was looking for  Hmgeri  5 star

Took recipes gathered over the last 15 years and allowed me to FINALLY have them all in one place. If the website goes down later, I still have the recipe. I love the ability to tag what I want and to add tags as necessary (example, I added "Crockpot" and several more. Not only is it exactly what I want, but it's fun too! I love capturing the recipe and picture from the web site. It is so easy. I do it all on my mini iPad


Top Shelf App & Support  K48025  5 star

I love this app. I can capture recipes from bookmarks/cooking websites and also input my piles of papers from old magazines and newspapers. You can copy text too. Finally all my recipes will be in one place! Mike the app owner responded within 24 hours when I had questions and was considering purchasing and during initial set up. I am confident my love for this will last!


Great tool  Sweetcaroline72  5 star

This is a great app! Love how I can categorize everything. And when you are using a recipe it doesn't close on you. Getting all my recipes in has not been too bad: as I use a recipe I take a pic of the written version so I don't hv to type it out. This has saved me a lot of time so I really like this option. It's been an awesome tool!

Leigh Ann S

No more searching my phone...  Leigh Ann S  5 star

Finally a place I can sort & keep all of the recipes I screenshot or take photos of from magazines! Easy to crop, upload, and sort!


Best App Ever. Rock Solid  NostreamforMe  5 star

I used to have a folder on my desktop full of recipes, could find or remember any of them. Now I am organized. This is worth buying a dedicated IPad for. Thanks


Great recipe app  Raven00911  5 star

Make sure to backup recipes to the cloud.

JMR Creations

Recipe Gallery  JMR Creations  5 star

Fantastic app. Easy to use. Great way to organize your recipes. Would recommend it to everyone.


Great Recipe App  srhbrown  5 star

This app is easy to use and you can capture all the recipe info including the step without all the ads on websites!!


Good job  ???nerd  5 star

So easy to copy and save. I can organize to any category I want.


Great app!  Jswojo  5 star

Awesome! Love this app! So easy to use!

obsessive-compulsive baker

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!  obsessive-compulsive baker  5 star

If you're looking for an organized, straightforward vault for all your recipes, stop here and hit the download button now. You can capture recipes that are handwritten, in a book, or online all from within the app and I love that each recipe can be in multiple folders at once. There's also a wishlist that bookmarks online recipes you want to try out, which is helpful and cool. This app doesn't have any advertising, it doesn't try to make a grocery list for you, and it doesn't come with any pre-programmed recipes. What more could you ask for?

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