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What is recipe gallery app? Save any recipe from magazines, cookbooks, recipe cards, and Web sites in less than a minute with little or no typing. Recipe Gallery is the fastest and most convenient way to save, find and use the recipes you love. Recipe Gallery uses the camera of your iPhone or iPad along with modern optical character recognition (OCR) to capture, index, and store recipes in an easy to search and use image format. It also captures and saves recipes from the Web, making them a permanent part of your gallery.

Quickly save any recipe in one convenient format and place. Then find the recipe you need with a simple search that looks through the recipe name, ingredients, instructions, and any additional notes you've made. All your recipes are accessible even when you have no internet connection. As an iCloud enabled app on both the iPhone and iPad, you can view or capture a recipe at any time and still have large easy to read recipes on your iPad in the kitchen. You can print your recipes, and sharing them is easy with a simple tap and email. You can also share recipes directly with other Recipe Gallery users via AirDrop or email.

Store as many notes as you want along with any recipe. Save notes like nutritional information, alterations and improvements, or the date you served it last. All the notes are searchable and easy to edit.

• Little or no typing, capture a recipe in seconds with the iPhone or iPad camera
• Built in Web browser to capture recipes from the Web
• Quickly add recipe bookmarks to Recipe Gallery while browsing in Safari
• Type recipes from scratch, dictate them, or copy and paste text from other apps
• Search for ingredients, even for recipes captured with the camera
• iCloud support for recipe sync between devices and also provides a safe backup of your recipes
• Annotate your recipe images with text, highlights, arrows and more
• One app runs on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, nothing more to buy
• Simple to understand help videos to get you started quickly
• Import PDF files from the Web, email, or any place your iOS device can access
• Create custom categories and arrange them in any order you wish
• Assign your recipes to multiple categories and view them sorted by name, date or rating
• Automatic OCR indexing of recipes
• Share recipes via email, AirDrop or print directly from your iPhone or iPad
• Full multitasking support of Slide Over and Split View on the newer iPads and iPad Pros
• Three color themes

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App Name Recipe Gallery
Category Food & Drink
Updated 23 December 2021, Thursday
File Size 32.02 MB

Recipe Gallery Comments & Reviews 2024

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Keeps more than recipes! 5 stars!. I’ve been using the recipe gallery app for more than year now. A must have app! One time cost and easy functions to snap a picture and label it for searching. The categories are also flexible. I’ve made my own labels for games, and pictures for instructions so I have an accurate reference. When I’m searching on the web I can save the site for finding later! My Mom (retired) got this app on my suggestion and she loves it too. She keeps pictures of quilts she has made and of her grandchildren. I gave this app 4 stars because if you are like me, I ignore 5 star reviews as bought, and look at 4 star reviews instead.

What happened?!. *EDIT* - I have been meaning to update this review for a while. The developer reached out right after my previous review and mentioned a possible software update issue—which it was. I have full functionality again. This is a great app. I do wish that it worked better with some of the bigger recipe sites like Bon Apetit, but I suspect the issue is more of BA throwing ads and black bars into text as a way to make this app more difficult to employ than it is the functionality of the app itself. Thanks to the developers for contacting me so quickly with troubleshooting. ******* I used to like this app. It was functional an easy to use and categorize. But now the “capture” option only screenshots a tiny portion of the recipe instead of allowing me to choose from the beginning of the page or from my selected area of the screen, as it formerly did. This is an absolute waste of time, trying to reference six or seven tiny screenshots as I cook. Now I have a collection of recipes I worked to put in this app that I have to now move over to another app because this app—unless this screenshot issue fixed soon—is utterly pointless to continue using to build my recipe collection.

Amazing. Wish I had this app 40 years ago. I have folder upon folder of recipes torn from newspapers and magazines. It is rare I actually try them because I had no system for finding a particular one....they just took up space in a file drawer or on a bookcase. This app is so easy to use.... I am a technology dinosaur so if it is easy for me it should be super easy for anyone younger 50. I love that I can photograph a recipe and don't have to retype it, that I can take a photo of finished product, can add my own categories and add notes as desired. So far have not found a thing I'm not happy with. I'm busy clearing out all of those old photos. Now if someone would find me an app for keeping track of other things in my life...😁

Great for organizing recipes. I almost skipped this app. I thought I could only add ingredients and checked further to see all it had to offer. Every good thing other people said about this app was true so I will add a few more things myself. I love the note cards feature where I can add the information I want to each recipe. This app also lets you use iCloud to store your recipes very nice. You can send in email using PDF format great for Mac and window users. App not too costly. I have a few future suggestions to make this app even better. 1. Let us edit the tabs ourselves on top of each note card. 2. Let us edit our text with color choices and make individual words larger or smaller on the note cards. 3. Let text and photos be added to the same note card if this possible. 4. I noticed the word continue wasn’t always put in the correct place on the second page. 5. A future shopping list word be a wonderful addition to a truly amazing app. Thank you for this app I will spread the word.

Love Love Love this App!. I've been looking for a better way for filing, storing, and saving recipes from the past and new ones I want to make in the future. I've been using a crate to put all the recipes that my husband has collected over the years. Too many pages to shift through! Now I take pictures of the ones he has, find a picture of the recipe online and save to my library (that is if his recipe doesn't have a picture) then put it with the recipe on this app. They are easier to read now because the fonts are much bigger. And, I can copy, edit, and save recipes making them simpler to understand and follow along from my iPad. Thank you so much for creating this app to make my life easier.

I Love This App!. There is a big problem with this app. You cannot bring up a list of categories to see all those recipes you have entered under that category. You have to remember the name of a particular recipe. If you want to search your cake recipes, there is no icon you can click or type in cakes recipes and get the list or entry for all the cakes you entered. I have emailed the support email and have not gotten any response. What gives people? I have entered all of my family recipes into this app along with those I come across on the Internet. It is so easy to enter them but finding them is very difficult unless you remember the exact name. Please help!

Love it!!!. This app does just about everything. You can import photos, take photos, add web links, manually type notes, etc. very easy and smooth. The categories are basic and you can make your own as re are two ways to view your recipes in a list format or a icon format. Customer service is friendly and good. You actually interact with a real person with a personality!! Wow. Creating a recipe file online takes time so I add recipes just every time I cook a new recipe or an old favorite. So slowly step by step. Works well and has a great touch n feel user interface.

Perfect!. I admit I have not tried every app for recipe organizing, but I have to say I LOVE this app! It has everything I wanted for keeping my recipes safe and handy. I love that I can take a photo of a written recipe—both sides—and not have to type it into the app, though I CAN type one in if I want. Once the recipe is entered, I can edit it on-screen with written notes or typed text. I can take a photo of my completed dish to include with the recipe. Or I can download and save photo and recipe from the web, or take a screen shot from an email and save that. While cooking, it gives me the option to keep my iPad on long-term, so I don’t have to keep powering it back on. It’s just fabulous—and I haven’t even used all the features! I almost never pay for apps, and I almost never write reviews, but I fall in love with this app every time I use it. Worth every penny!

So happy I found this App!. I’m always flipping through magazines and tearing out recipes, only to have them go in a big, unorganized pile. This was so easy to take a picture and add the recipe!! I’ve done it with websites too! The search function works great! Just put in any ingredient and I scans the photos for the word. My only suggestion would be around categories. In Pinterest, I have albums and then sub-categories. Like an albums for Holiday, but then sub-category of appetizer, side dishes, dessert, etc. I would be helpful instead of one huge category for holiday where I have to scroll through tons of recipes.

Terrific recipe storage. Simple to enter recipes by any one of a variety of methods. Easy to edit and personalize recipes. Wonderful way to store family recipes in the original handwriting of the creator, a great legacy for current & future generations. Simple to attribute recipes to one or more categories of food so they’re easy to find. Instantaneous searching of all recipes by name or ingredient. And most of all, great product support by the app creator himself who wants to make sure you have a good experience with his app. I’m told the app facilitates shopping for ingredients too, but we’re old & old fashion and still use paper lists for shopping.

Love it!. I’ve been using this app for about 5 years now, and I absolutely love it. My favorite features are its simplicity, easy upload of recipes from any type of source, and to also upload my recipe cards from yesteryear in image format so I can remember the handwriting of the giver 😊, and the ability to use my own photo with the recipe—such as a vintage photo of the giver, or an IG worthy photo of the food once I’ve made it. I also love the search and cloud features, the sharing options, and simply to have all my recipes so handy—-and use it multiple times each week. I like the rating feature too—I keep everything at a 3 unless it’s a tried and true favorite—-those get a 5! The app, however, gets a 10!

The recipe app you need!. This app is amazing. I had recipes in pictures, Pinterest, cookbooks, hand written, everywhere and could never remember where the recipe was when I tried to find it to make a fish again. I found this app and fell in love! The created thought of everything! It’s so easy to add recipes from all different mediums in minutes. I’ve been adding them as I make dishes and it’s changed my life. It’s also super nice to be able to share recipes right when people ask with this app. It also doesn’t go to sleep while you are in the recipe app, which I thought was a genius move! My only suggestion would be to add ‘time’ and ‘servings’ fill-ins under the title (in the app and on the pdf) section. I also wish it didn’t print quite so big, but can see how that would be helpful for most people. Other than that, I love this app.

Hundreds of recipes!. I’ve saved hundreds of recipes in this app during the last 5 years of using it daily. I love it so much that I contacted the app creator to thank them! It is so flexible. You can save recipes by copying, from your photos, camera (great for grandma’s handwritten recipes) or screenshots. You can also type in your own recipes and add notes to recipes. I get them from Facebook, Insta, Pinterest, and searches. If an app won’t let you copy, then I take a screenshot of it! Finding recipes is easy (especially if you have hundreds like me) just search by category (you can make your own categories too; keto, sugar free, pressure cooker, spouse’s favorites, etc) or by keyword (broccoli, chocolate, Christmas.) I did not receive anything in exchange for this review- I am just grateful that it exists and want to share it with others. Happy cooking!

Don’t believe the reviews. I don’t understand how people are giving this app 5 stars. They must be fake reviews. This app does nothing more than Evernote or Google Keep does. First of all, the “behind the scenes” OCR doesn’t work at all. When you pull in a picture of a recipe, or a web page, all you end up with is a picture of the recipe. You can’t search it, you can’t find an ingredient in it. You even have to take multiple pictures of a website recipe to get it all. The whole “save a recipe from Safari” really does nothing but bookmark the page. When you open the bookmark in the recipe app, you still have to take multiple pictures of the website to add the recipe to the app. Which still isn’t searchable b/c the OCR doesn’t work. You can manually type in a recipe in a text editor (literally like the canned “Notes” app). The app just saves the text. The app won’t generate a shopping list, it doesn’t know how to double or half a recipe b/c it knows nothing about measurements or ingredients or anything. It’s literally just a text document. Save your money, like i said, Google Keep or Evernote does the EXACT same thing as this app for free. And actually does it better. (Don’t at me started about the black bars that appear in your image when you have to take a picture of a web page.)

Forever!. I have been looking for an app that would do this for years! I love to cook and have saved literally hundreds of recipes all over the cooking site recipe boxes, in folders on my laptop and various programs. Finally I found Recipe Gallery. It's easy to use and does what it says. The only issue I have is how it crops and sometimes loses important sections of long recipes. Those recipes with "print" sections actually work better than trying to capture huge photo files. And I like that I don't have to put all those pics onto my camera roll. Try it, you'll love it too.

Indispensable. I’ve been remiss for not writing a review several years ago. I absolutely LOVE this app. I use it every day for menu planning, shopping and, of course, cooking. I love having all my recipes at my fingertips when I’m at the grocery store; makes meal planning and shopping so easy! In addition, the developers have been responsive about adding new functionality and software fixing bugs. My favorite upgrade, made several years ago, allows me to print a recipe from a website and have it automatically imported into a new recipe in the app. And the resulting recipe retains the link to the original web page, so I can refer back to the author’s notes, tips, and user reviews. Brilliant! Another feature I use often is the .pdf share feature. When friends ask me to share recipes, it is so easy to do it from my phone. Thank you a thousand times to the developers. Other than social media, Recipe Gallery is my most used app. And, hands down, it is the moste useful.

I'm soooo Happy!!!. I have been looking for a recipe filing system for ages. I found this app yesterday and I have had so much fun adding all the online recipes that I have photographed over the years. I started there and will add my box full of handwritten recipes when I'm done. Magazines next! You can capture recipes from websites, take pictures of your own recipes and add Google images. I made three recipes from my box tonight for dinner and have made my own pics and added the recipes to the app. I found some websites will not capture, but I just take screenshots , no problem. I always decide what I want for dinner at the office and stop at the store on the way home. I have wished so many times that I had my recipes to get ingredients, now they will all be at my fingertips!!! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I am.

Excellent!!. Been looking for a good recipe app for several years. This one is gave me everything I needed plus more. I hesitated at first when I saw the price, not that $2.99 was expensive. My problem was with other apps I paid for that were buggy, incomplete and soon deleted. All of the great reviews for Recipe Gallery convinced me to give this a try. It was worth it!!! I am extremely pleased with this app! It is very easy to use and complete for my needs. You can easily take pictures of your existing recipes, crop down the size, alter the contrast as needed. It's very easy to type notes to add to the recipe or type out the entire recipe if you wish. Then to be able to go through the app to go out on line to find pictures and/or complete recipes was so easy and in my case helped me complete my recipes with pictures that I didn't have. There are a generous number of categories in the app and you can easily add new categories if desired. If I had any suggestion to give to the developers, there is only one - I haven't been able to get the categories to take my additions and alphabetize all of the old and new categories together.

Can't live without this!. With the majority of new recipes online these days having a program like this is indispensable. You can save a bookmark but it's useless if you want to take notes on modifications. I don't import the web pages because I'm always low on space so I copy the link and put it in there. Sometimes recipe web sites go away too though so if you do go ahead and import those pages then you have those recipes forever. It's pretty straight forward to use. I love being able to do a search and get a list of recipes that include an ingredient or a keyword! So if I picked up an eggplant at a farmers market for instance I can easily get a list of all the recipes that include that. It has one annoying bug. When you do a search sometimes a category heading won't scroll off the page with the rest of the search results as you scroll down. That is the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars

Finally my recipes are organized. I have collected recipes for a long time in pretty much every form...paper, Facebook, web sites. Every time I wanted to find a specific recipe it was a nightmare to figure out where I got it so I would have some clue how I might have stored it. With Recipe Gallery all that mess is in one place and categorized making it pretty easy to find recipes and a search feature that offers another way to locate things. I like that I can add notes as I make adjustments to the recipe. I also really like the fact that I can share across devices so my phone has everything stored too making it simple to pick up the ingredients for a recipe when I am shopping. And one last thing I have used quite often is sharing the PDF of a recipe in my gallery with others. No more writing it down every time someone asks me for a recipe...just export it to email and away it goes. There are so many apps out there that are only semi useful at best. It has been a great experience to find an app that does what it says it will do and is so useful it has become a tool I go to almost every day.

Great app, but exporting from websites does not work. This is a fantastic app! I love the ability to copy my recipes into the app by simply taking a picture of the handwritten recipe. I also love that you can add in a text note for modifications that you make to the recipe once you've uploaded to the app. The only problem that I have with this app is when I try to upload a recipe from a website. It simply does not work. I have tried various things to make it work, but I realize now that this is just a shortcoming of the app. I am hoping that the developers can fix this because it would make the app absolutely perfect. Despite this shortcoming, it's still the best recipe organization app available.

So quick and easy to capture a recipe... from any source!. No more stacks of loose recipes. Ditto for cookbooks that only have a few recipes you ever use. Capture the recipe, photo, and any additional info in under a minute per recipe, then deposit the loose paper and books into the circular file. No more racking the brain at the grocery store, trying to remember all the ingredients for that family-favorite asparagus recipe when you happen to find asparagus at a killer price. All our favorite recipes are loaded onto my phone, now. I use this app daily. I haven't noticed any glitches. It would be handy to have a menu-planning function on it ( just what's planned for each day). It cannot auto-create a shopping list for you, because the recipes are captured as images, not text.

Used to be reliable- now I don’t trust it. I have used Recipe Gallery for years, and have been very happy. Recently many of the recipes I use regularly have gone missing, and I have not deleted them. I contacted the developer, who honestly, didn't help much. I use the app so much that it is difficult to create backups every time I add something new. I am going to start printing off my recipes and going back to paper copies so I have a reliable way of accessing them. I am not short on memory on my ipad, and have no way of finding these deleted recipes, or why or how they were deleted. I am not just missing my recipes, but all the notes I take along with them. I would love it if this app was more reliable, and if customer support could solve this problem.

Outstanding app and service. I have never written a review but felt like I had to in this case. I love this app and have been actively using it for several years. I enjoy and cook a lot and have over 600 recipes saved. The last iOS update caused 1/3 of my recipes to just disappear. I was backing them up so I knew they had to be somewhere. I contacted the developer and he gave me a number of options to try to recover them. He spent a lot of time helping me, even though the issue didn’t seem to stem from the app itself, and was extremely patient and thorough. I am blown away by the service level and I was able to recover my recipes. This will continue to be my go to recipe app!

Best recipe file system ever!. I have been using this app for years. It is so user friendly and I can honestly say that it just keeps getting better all the time. I use it 1-2 times per day (every day). My favorite part is how easy it is to add recipes .....copy a favorite recipe from my aunt in her writing, down load something from a website or just use the text function to input a new recipe. I have over 500 recipes and ready to add more. Another favorite aspect is the ability to put the recipe in more than one category (Non-dairy pasta may be tagged as vegan, vegetarian entree, pasta etc). You may add any categories that you wish. I have categories for holidays so that I may see at a glance what I traditionally make for Thanksgiving, Christmas etc Thank you Recipe Gallery for making such a fine app

My favorite recipes go with me where ever my phone goes. This description is just one example on how are use this app. I always burned bacon. Now I figured out how to make it without burning it and without a lot of mess. I cut each piece in half width wise. Place four of the pieces around the circumference of the pan and the other four within the first four pieces. For the first batch I set the alarm for five minutes. I cover the large frying pan with a gadget that is a circular metal screen with a wooden handle, that protects this stove from splattering. After five minutes I check and if the bacon looks a bit crispy I turn it over and cook the second batch for 2 to 3 minutes, again set on medium. I remove the bacon from the pan and place it on toweling. Then I put the next batch in carefully so I do not splatter on myself and it is now cooking in the bacon fat from the first batch. Which means it will cook faster so I cook the second batch in less time than the first. In each case I do set a timer so that I don’t get distracted. The bacon comes out perfectly. I like the consistency better than putting it in the microwave which always seems to make it feel like cardboard The bacon comes out perfectly. I like the consistency better than putting it in the microwave which always seems to make it feel like cardboard. I have this description of how to make the bacon in my Recipes so that I can have this description in how to make the bacon where ever I go.

Great App. I love this. It's easy to use, very intuitive and easy to retrieve and manage the recipes. I down loaded this about a week ago on to my iPad and already have loaded over a dozen recipes for my grill and smoker. Haven't had to enter any by typing. I copy them from the internet sources on to my clipboard and the app then asks me if I want to paste these on to the recipe card. They go in perfectly formatted. Initially I had a problem with these syncing with my iPhone. I used the email support and got a reply with in 12 hours. Worked perfectly. How often does this happen? Wow. I highly recommend it.

All My Favorites. This recipe app just keeps getting better! I can now easily save a recipe from the internet, an email, or a photo sent by a friend. It even lets me save links for future investigating, and if I click the link and save the full recipe it asks if I want to get rid of the link. I usually do since I saved it to check out whether I wanted to keep it or not. Love the category system which lets me file my favs under various categories to make them super easy to find. My family and I share recipes we have liked with a click of a button. Thanks for a creative and very functional app!

Terrific way to organize recipes. I decided to give this app a try, because it seemed to have all of the functions that I would want. I had some questions before I wanted to spend to buy it, so I emailed Mike, the developer. I heard back right away about my questions, and he checked in later to see how I liked it. I haven’t had a lot of time to play around with it, but so far it’s pretty amazing! I’ve kept a file of recipes in my photos on my iPad, and I’m slowly transferring them to Recipe Gallery. Super Duper easy! I’m doing a lot of canning right now, and adding my recipes as I go, simply by taking a photo and typing the name of the recipe. Then I take a photo of the food item to add to the recipe. That’s it! So, I’m really happy with this app. One addition I’d love to see would be a way to share this recipe with family and friends who have Recipe Gallery . Other than that, it’s pretty perfect.

Recipe saver app!. I do like this app but it does get irritating when my recipe disappears after I've done all the work of getting it typed in there! So I put it in again and then discover that it reappears the next what is up with that? Well now that it’s the end of 2022 I can answer my own question from what I posted above! I really put this app to the test and blew it out to where the writer of the app had to work with me on the issues of this app. Now it is working just fine and I use it almost daily. I have a lot of categories on this app and store it all here. Now what I did notice that i have on some recipes there are 2 of the same recipe but I learned if I delete one of them they both disappear so if you have 2 of the same don't delete or you will have to input the recipe all over again. Don’t know what caused this to happen… the writer may have to work on that!! Other wise I love this app!!

The App has stopped Opening Recipes. I loved this app when I first started using it, but recently(over the last few months) it has been wonky about opening individual recipes. The little wheel just spins & spins. I wonder if it’s because the app isn’t compatible w/my new iPad? Or if the operating system (iOS13.6.1) no longer supports this app? Because the app still works fine on my old iPad mini. 🧐 If there is a way to update this app I would like to know how as I spent long hours adding my recipe collection into it & now I can’t access them. Help! 🙏🍒 I rec’d a response from the developers, telling me the likely reason for my trouble is I need 2 gb of unused space on my iPad for this app to work properly. And after deleting a lot of unused apps & photos I don’t care about, Recipe Gallery is working just fine again! Thanks for the tech support, guys, I really appreciate it!

AMAZING. Granted it has taken me days to sort through and upload my hundreds of recipes but this app makes it about as easy as it can get. You can upload them from websites in several different methods by screen shooting recipes or copy and pasting texts from websites (which is awesome for my dozens of Pinterest recipes that I’ve had nothing to do with for years). Or you can just simply take a picture of your recipe cards or books! Then you can categorize them into pasta, seafood, etc making it incredibly easy to find your favorite recipes! And finally my favorite part of this app... you can get the recipes on your phone or iPad. Which comes in handy if I’m out and about at the store but realize I forgot my recipe card at home or something... don’t have to worry about that anymore! And then when I get home I can pull up my iPad to view the recipe on a larger and propped up screen. Incredibly user friendly and easy to use. And customer service is SUPER responsive. At first I didn’t think my recipes were uploading between devices so I contacted customer service and they responded within 24 hours explaining each time you upload recipes and reopen the app on a different device it sometimes takes a little while to upload the new recipes... and problem solved! :) recommending this app to all my friends and family that love cooking!!

Using it for years, exceptional customer service too!. I have been using this app for years and I have hundreds of recipes in it. I have photos of my grandmother’s hand written cards, on-line recipes with notes of my own variations, photos of cookbook pages, and my own recipes typed in. Most of them have photos. It’s easy to add a bookmark to a recipe online and import it later. I love the link to go to original recipe site, since so many people put ads in the middle of the recipe to interfere with screen grabs. I run it on my phone (for shopping) and my iPad (for cooking). I share recipes with my sister who also loves this app. I recently upgraded my phone and the app wasn’t downloading the recipes from iCloud correctly. It has been a problem for a while, and I hadn’t prioritized fixing it. But this morning I needed a recipe and decided to fix it. The support materials didn’t apply, so I used the built-in email support. It’s a Sunday, so I didn’t expect to hear anything for a few days. I was so surprised to get a step-by-step email addressing my exact problem within 3 hours. On a Sunday. Great product and great customer support.

Enjoy but don’t love.. I bought this thinking it would import the recipes from website but it does not. It basically has you capture the page which includes all advertising on the site. Long instruction lists must be in multiple shots interrupted by ads. I find it easier and faster to screenshot then import the photos from my camera roll. I never pay for apps and this may sound all negative but I don’t regret buying this one at all. Just want others to know what they are buying. A couple improvements I’d recommend for the developers is allow rearranging. If you upload photos in the wrong order you have to delete them and start over. I’d like to be able to rearrange categories easier. I’d also like to label cards (I.e. ingredients and directions) and add more then 1 photo to each card. Some directions are long. I’d prefer to have one scrollable card.

Best Recipe App!. I’ve been using this app for several years, and don’t know what I would do without it. This app makes sorting and finding my recipes extremely easy, especially since I can create my own categories (such as “Favorites”). It’s very handy to be able to pull up a recipe on my phone that I added previously on my iPad when shopping for ingredients. I love always having my recipes handy when I travel, and being able to add text boxes or notes with my changes. The only enhancement I’d like is to add a line at the top between the recipe name and categories for the recipe source (like Half-Baked Harvest or Jamie Oliver), and to make the source a searchable feature. This app is fantastic!

Capture the Easy Way. Capturing information from a website or blog is difficult with this app since one cannot scroll up or down for the additional text needed to complete the recipe entry once the capture mode is selected. Although there is a solution. Even users who lack confidence with their device can make collecting the recipe information they need and successfully placing it into the app easy by taking a screen shot and using one’s photo library for the information in place of the website. The other alternative is to take all of the information, including ads, from the website and place it into Recipe Gallery. That’s not for me.

Very Happy. I’ve tried several different ways to digitize my recipe cards, with limited success. I’ve used other apps plus trying some of my own but all fall short of this app. Not only is it great for adding your existing recipe cards but being able to import the recipes from the different websites is really cool. The annotation tool in the app (for adding comments to imported recipes) is very robust and covers everything you’d need to do to add some notes to the imports. You can also add your own cards to an existing recipe and type in there anything you need. The rating system, importing, and annotating features are pretty straightforward which makes them easy to learn/use. I almost never rate apps but, having just used this one extensively again getting ready for Thanksgiving, it really reminded me how versatile this thing is. TRY IT! I don’t think you could go wrong or do better.

”Functional” would be a stretch. I’m shocked at how poorly this app works—based on the other reviews I expected something much better. I can only assume they’ve paid for reviews. Uploading recipes from photos compresses the images to hell and back, so you can’t read them. Uploading a recipe “from a website” actually just screenshots the website, which, for some reason, doesn’t display properly. It, too, is rendered illegible. Uploading images or capturing websites is a tedious process—you have to upload each image or capture individually (there’s no group import function) and the app tries to crop each one, so you have to fix the crop on every image. Even if you surmount all this, the way the app DISPLAYS these images is awful. The view is cropped, and to see the whole image you have to click each thumbnail. You would be better off just storing all your recipes in a text file. Wish I hadn’t wasted my money.

Recipe App is simple and flexible. So I had been rewriting my flour covered and wrinkled recipes this year to make sure I did not loose any of my Mothers or Grandmothers recipes. I chose this App because it captures pictures, web shots and links to recipes I have had to reprint or rewrite in the past. No it is not a replacement for the emotional grasp of pulling an 80 year old recipe out of a tin box, but it does protect the information and place it a push button display on all of my 3 devices. I have used every functional way to create and store recipes using this app! They work as promoted and are very functional using a cloud based storage. I am very pleased with the product and hope this stays up to date when technology advances!

This app is awesome!. This is exactly what I've been looking for to store my recipes that are scattered all over the place! I've been able to put all my recipes from bookmarks, emails to myself, lose notes and papers, loose recipe cards, pictures, all of my cookbooks… Everything from everywhere! Everything has worked great so far and I love that when you take a picture of it you can search most of the key ingredients not just the title or what you categorized it under. Plus I have all of the recipes I added synced between my iPhone and iPad. I also love that I can add categories so I've been able to categorize my food under Paleo, gluten-free, any specialty items I want. Super user friendly, I am totally happy!

I've tried them all. This is the best for me!. I've tried them all, including Evernote which I just didn't care for. I only have an iPad Pro, no computer. I love this app, use it not only for food now but for info I find on the Internet that I'd like to save. I made a separate file for tips and now all my random articles, such as "How to add protein powder to your foods" now have a logical home. My only criticism is I have accidentally hit the cancel button instead of the save button when adding text notes to recipes. It's not intuitive to have to reach to the top left in order to save, I naturally reach up to the right, and this has deleted many a text note. That's frustrating! However, that's seriously my only complaint.

All My Recipes in one place!. This app is fantastic! My son asked me about 9 years ago to put all of my recipes in a file and print them off. I began entering them into the computer and the computer failed. We bought another computer, and again, I began entering the recipes into a file - my husband dropped the computer and I could not get to the recipes I had added. I had given up. I tried a 3rd time and the computer we had got a virus and left it unable to use. I'm having so much fun downloading my recipes. Some of them are from my kids when they were young, and I have added a few that my grandkids have given me. This has been a great experience for me! I've told everyone I know about this app!

A yr. later...still my favorite app!. I purchased this app in January of 2020 and have used it nearly everyday since. I began a Keto/low carb lifestyle last January and needed a place to store my new recipe collection. I am so grateful to this developer for sharing his talents! This app is so easy to set up and use. I was so tired of dealing with ads whenever I would try and look up a recipe on a blog...moving the recipes to this app is an incredible time (and frustration) saver! I set up “ideas” folders (Dessert Ideas, Side Dish Ideas, etc.) to give me a place to put recipes I want to try. Once attempted, they either make it to my regular folders with my ratings and comments, or, if terrible, they go in the “Duds” folder so that I can make sure I don’t get duped by pretty Pinterest pictures and attempt them again. (This old brain has trouble remembering things like that sometimes.) Thank you, again, for continuing to provide us this wonderful app!!!

Amazingly well done & useful app!!. It has been YEARS since I wrote an app review, but this one is so good I felt compelled to chime in with the others celebrating its usefulness and excellent execution. What pushed me over the edge was the ability I “discovered” to take a photo of a recipe in my 95 year old Mom’s favorite recipe books, and effortlessly upload the photo into this app, to have Mom’s cherished favorites at my fingertips whenever I want! I had already been helped and impressed by the effective and bug-free manner in which this app clips recipes from websites, so now I am just over the moon! THANK YOU to the developer for making an app that serves such a helpful purpose, does it easily and effectively, and does so in a variety of formats— in a world saturated with over-promising but under-delivering software. I appreciate your efforts and your high level of skills and integrity!

just about perfect!. i have just recently started using Recipe Gallery and am super excited about the functionality! they've pretty much thought of everything that a home cook needs to keep track of recipes. as an avid cookbook collector, the ability to record and classify tried recipes simply by photographing the page is genius. and the search technology includes scanning the photographed page - which is awesome! the catagories and search functions work together seamlessly to help you find exactly what you're looking for no matter how many recipes you've recorded. the one minor complaint i have is that there are only two color options to personalize your gallery. as many people that utilize app technology and the internet are very visual and creative, having more color options to personalize the app i think would be greatly appreciated by the users. similarly, and this is not a complaint, just a bit of constructive feedback because i think the app's functionality is genius; with a bit of update on the logo and color scheme, and dare i say even the name, this app has the potential to appeal to the new generation of cool cooks out there - of which there are many. when researching apps i almost went right past it because it looks a bit fuddy-duddy. that said, i am so glad i didn't and will certainly be telling all of my cooking friends about it!

Outstanding customer support!. I have used Recipe Gallery for the past two years and absolutely love this app! It is easy to use and allows for different ways of adding recipes. I can download and annotate recipes, take a quick snapshot of magazine pages, or simply write out my own. All of these features make for a fantastic app, but what sets it apart from similar apps, is their excellent customer service. When a recent IOS update made it impossible to open the app, I reached out to the developer for help. I had an immediate response with very clear and easy to follow instructions to fix the issue. Thank you so much for your outstanding customer support.

Fantastic Recipe App!. I think this app is fantastic, I use it nearly every day. The ability to put my favorite recipes in one place and to add recipes I get from friends easily and quickly is great. The ability to print out your recipe to use in the kitchen when your hands are messy along with the ability to take the ingredient list to the store with you is a great feature. I have had many people as for a copy of one of my recipes and the ability to send them a PDF complete with the picture is great. I tend to cut and paste text, putting ingredients on one page, directions on a second page and occasionally notes, hints, or nutritional info on a third page. The web copy and photo copy functions are wonderful too.

Amazing and easy to use. I love this app and was able to add all (500!) of the recipes I’ve been clipping from newspapers and magazines for almost 15 years, as well as all my bookmarked ones. Being able to search on text is awesome, especially when I’m trying to find a recipe that will work with ingredients I have on hand. I have found it doesn’t work very well with hand written recipes, however. The only one it was able to parse was from someone who writes like a computer. The sharing feature is amazing too. I love being able to shoot a recipe to a friend or family member, though it would be nice to select multiple to send as well. Some suggestions for future improvements: It’d be nice to tag a recipe as tried and then fill in a rating, instead of having to give a rating to recipes I haven’t made yet. Meal planning! I’d happily pay extra to select my meals for the week and have it generate a schedule and a shopping list.

SO WORTH IT!!!. I searched and searched for a simple recipe organizer since I am always searching through my photons to find my screenshot recipes. All the apps I downloaded were either too hard to navigate, too busy, only option was to manually enter recipe text or would only let you upload one picture for the recipe. This app was exactly what I was looking for!! I can upload the picture of the dish I’m looking for that I recognize from my photos, then I can upload as many pics as I need for the screenshot of ingredients and directions and I can even add my own notes. Totally worth the $3.00! Great customer service as well!!!

An incredible app!. I hate having paper recipes all over my house so I decided to organize them. I read the reviews and selected this app. I have not been disappointed. I am having so much fun adding my recipes, selecting pictures, and then knowing they are right where I can access them when I need them. I don't have anything I would change. Just wish I would have known about it sooner. One year later...still loving my Recipe Gallery but I had to add a comment about customer service. I bought a new IPad and couldn't figure out how to transfer my recipes from old IPad to new. Contacted customer service and the next day Michael Davey sent a very detailed explanation on how to do it. Even my old brain had no trouble following his clear instructions. Just had to let people know that this app has it all...a great way to keep recipes and service that is highly responsive and friendly.

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Perfect recipe app. My family gave me an iPad for the primary purpose of getting my many recipe books and notes saved in one place. My lovely husband did some searching and found this app. As a computer novice I was worried but I need not have. This app is easy to use and the recipe books are being progressively superseded as I transfer recipes to the app - about 450 at last count. Several years later, recipe count now up to almost two thousand and I have recommended this app to so many people. I am now onto my second iPad 😀 I have saved many hours in writing out recipes when people ask me to share a recipe. I just email them or print. So wonderful. Plus, my recipes are dotted with photos of the grandkids, so provides a valuable family history. Thank you Recipe Gallery 👍

Awesome app. Whether your entering an old family favourite recipe or coping one from a magazine, either way is so easy with this app.

Great recipe organiser. Easy to upload pics and recipes from the internet,also from recipe books, picture cropping included in upload step. Simple no fuss clean app. Very happy!

Great app. So handy to have recipes on phone - at shops at home.

Love this app. So easy to add recipes from all formats. Loving it so far

At long last ONE place for my recipes. I'm loving this app! Its very simple to use and it is working beautifully! Love the ability to put photos of recipes and also to type in my all time old favourites and they are easy to locate with the search. I'll now be taking photos of my old favs so that I can add them to the recipes.

Great recipe app. This is an amazing app to collect all your recipes in one place. Once you've added the recipe you can categorise it and search for ingredients or simply browse. Add to your web browser and you can open the app later, check the bookmarks and add those recipes you found earlier. Type in your own recipe, or add from recipe books using the camera on your device. I love it!

Best out there..... I have bought and downloaded about 20 cookbook apps to trial and this is the best out there for me. -allows you to get recipes from the net for future access, or save as photos if you don't have the net. -allows you to take pictures of your own cookbook recipes. -easy to look at recipes. Although paprika is great for internet recipes, it lacks the ability for home cookbook photos. This app does it all.

Amazing Recipe Organiser. I think this is the most amazing and environmentally friendly App. I don’t buy recipe books, but just find recipes I like and add them to this App, thus being less wasteful. I also collect recipes by taking pictures of, or searching online for, recipes when I find them in magazines when I am out and about. I also share recipes with friends which is easy to do on this App. I use the star rating system to ensure I keep track of favourite meals. I now have a great and growing collection of our favourite recipes. Making a weekly meals list is fun for the family as we search through our list. Also love the fact that the App stays open when you are using it and it is easy to scroll between ingredients and method tabs on your recipe while using it. A thoroughly brilliant App.

Simply the best. Been using this as my only recipe book for a long time, easy, does everything it says it can do and quick. All in all a gr8 app.

Not for me. The app description gave the impression that one can import recipes from a website but it really only allows you to take photos. So if the recipe is long or from a blog, you have to capture multiple images, crop and size them before saving each one separately - who has the time and I Can do that with my camera anyway. There are better apps that just import the link without you having to edit anything and voila recipe saved. My money wasted I’m afraid. 😟

Fabulous. Great to find very useful app to store all those recipes I read in magazines and want to keep for later. Very easy to use to add pictures of food, ingredients and how to cook. Quick and easy.

Best recipe app ever. I have had this app on my iPad for a while, really happy with latest update, recently got new iPhone and although disappointed that I had to buy app again for phone it's fantastic. Both are synced and if while out shopping I want to check ingredients for a recipe I have all the details on hand. Plus if out and see recipe in magazines at the cafe can just add them quickly via taking a photo. Love it keep up the good work.

Super Happy. I will admit I was a little disappointed after buying the app, when I realised that the OCR technology wasn't actually going to convert my hand written recipe to text (which was my main reason for buying this particular app). HOWEVER, I decided that I needed to give the app a fair go and within just a few short hours I am completely sold. I am even excited about the reduced clutter I am going to have in my cupboards and on my bench once I have converted all of my recipes over. Thanks for a great app xx

Brilliant. My girlfriend and I both bought this app this morning, and now about an hour or so later we are both experts,and powering through converting all our screenshots of recipes into the app. Very easy to use. Brilliant.

Recipe Gallery. What a fantastic app for Recipes. Take a photo of a recipe and place into app. Can even make specific catagory. Thoroughly recommended. Old time cook.

My fave app!. This is hands-down my favourite app. So quick, easy, and intuitive to use. I finally have all my recipes in one place!

Great App. Exactly what I was looking for after a few dismal failures with other ‘Cookbook’ apps (free and paid). Really like the ease of use and ability to capture recipes many ways across my mobile platforms. Capture is easy and database great to use. Fingers crossed it continues to perform.

Best recipe app!. This app does it all - you can take photos, add text, create categories, get recipes from online, and more. I love it. Perfect for organizing all those magazine clippings!

Great app. I love this app because it is so flexible. I can used downloaded recipes or photographs copies of hand written recipes which is so special as a reminder of the people who shared their recipes with me. Easy to use.

So easy. . .. I love love love my Recipe App. Save every recipe I have and see - written, magazines, internet. Sharing with friends is simple and quick Checking ingredients whilst shopping so convenient. One of my oldest and most used apps. 😊😊😊

Recipe Magic. Best recipe organiser I’ve come across so far and doubt very much if you can find any better. Very pleased and highly recommended

Great App. Great app to use and user friendly! Definitely would recommend to family and friends.

Love this app!. Was purely looking to free my photo gallery of all the recipe screen shots but this app has given me so much more! Have told my friends and we now enjoy sharing all of our favourite recipes. Love how I can sync between devices too.

Great. Great place to store recipes. Easy to use and easy to display. Great value for money

Great recipe organiser. I use this app every day. Each week I go through recipe books and add recipes to this app that I find simple and family friendly. Then when it comes to planning my weekly meals I just refer back to the recipes on this recipe gallery. Love this app!

Easy as. This ap help anyone to be able to make nutritious food

Best app ever. This makes recipe collecting a breeze, so easy to store, share and find recipes. Highly recommended

FANTASTIC APP. Love this app. Terrific for sharing recipes with others. Very intuitive with usable options.

Great App. Great app if you don’t want to write out every recipe. I just wish you could create a shopping list and a weekly or monthly menu.

Great app. Good for consolidating all recipes into one spot..... Written recipes, web recipes, magazine recipes, or photographs of old recipe books. Can also share with others

Terrific app. An easy to use recipe app that allows me combine all kinds of media into one place. Love it!

Easy recipe collection. So easy and stable. Love it.

Awesome stuff. As a professional I like it. The best app for recipes

Good ap. Quick and easy to use. Great to share recipes from family or have on hand all your favourites from your cookbook collection. Figure out what you want to cook on the run!

Great. Fantastic app for a recipe addict. Easy to use & organise to your specific needs

Great app. The best. Great app. The best

Not happy Jan. I am not happy at all just turned on Recipe Gallery and went to look at a recipe and all but 4 recipes have disappeared !!!

This app no longer opens. I don’t know whether it’s a fault with the app or if it is no longer an active app, but this app no longer opens.

Godsend. Sick of writing out recipes or having a million cookbooks and never knowing which one had the recipe you were looking for, or worse, buying the cookbook and just never using it 😬 that's me. This app is just what I've been looking for, SUPER EASY to use, just take photos, customisable, syncs with my iPad for using in the kitchen whilst cooking. Love it!

Love this. I am having a de clutter and am giving away cook books etc and just take photos and save my favourites on this app

Great so for online recipes and your own.... I have recommended this app to many. Love the new update where I can select where in the page I want to capture. Would love to be able to set a default here, without having to select it each and every time. Bought an online ebook of recipes and this app allowed me to open the whole book inside the app. Amazing. I did accidentally delete all recipes by trying to save space and deleted back up in settings by mistake, not realizing it would remove all content. Very sad about that, but my fault, so be careful other users.

Lynne. This is the best recipe app I have come across. Very easy to copy and paste from many websites. I am not very tech savvy and am always asking my kids for help, but I can work it all out for myself with this app. I have taken photos of many old hand written recipes and added them.

Help!!! App isn’t seeing my recipes.. I cannot access my recipes. They all have question marks. How can I fix this?????

Just what I wanted!. I was looking for an app I could collate all my favourite recipes from different books and online, all in one place digitally. And this is just what I wanted! Easy to enter recipes (photo or text), easy to use when cooking. I use it to plan meals for the week, in the supermarket when I need to check ingredients and obviously when I'm cooking. Love that it syncs easily between my phone and iPad! One suggestion for improvement: Could you add a swipe function so I could easily add or delete recipes to/from my weekly menu list. This would save me much time instead of having to edit and add to category each time I am meal planning. Thank you!

Recipe gallery. Best app I have used, love it.

Easy. Really user friendly! Using it almost daily!

Love it. So far I’m loving this ap. It’s great being able to create my own groups. For me eating seasonally is important. So summer, autumn winter and spring are added in.

The best recipe app!. So easy to use, grab recipes from everywhere! One of the best functions is being able to share recipes with friends and fam and import straight into the app!! Love it!!!

Awesome 👏. Absolutely love this app.. like right now I'm at the hairdresser putting recipes in out of the magazines.. imagine in the old days I'd have to write them out.. love this app 😍

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Cupid who loves to cook. I love this app. I've tried about 10 different ones that cost more money and this one is the best. A suggestion though, it would nice to have a planned recipe list in the app that you can drop the recipes into which you are planning to make for a certain occasion so you don't have to scroll through all the recipes again to find them. The other option would be to have bookmarks. That's the only knock I have with the app.

Great recipe app. Love this app. It's easy to use, easy to add recipes and easy to share recipes

Récipie Galery. Application très utile dans lequel se retrouve toutes mes recettes personnelles et plus encore.

Love this “recipe book” app. So easy to add recipes, use photos to make recipe card, screen shot, or free text! Add picture from a website or take your own

Love it. What a great way to save recipes. Use it all the time now.

Greatest Recipe App.. By far the best recipe app in the App Store. I’d been looking for a replacement app for a long time and was using my PDF app. Recipe Gallery is user friendly and notes can be added. Thanks for such a well designed app.

Wonderful App. I've been using this app for basically a year now and highly recommend it. (Why so Long before giving it a rating?) Because any app I rate has to prove itself to me before I give it a rating. This is a very useful and easy to use app. I love the different ways you can import your recipes and send them to friends. I have transferred all my favourite recipes from all my different cook books in here and backed them up. Now I have all my delicious recipes at my finger tips and room to add more. Love it and thanks for your hard work in preparing and executing a very well designed app.

I love this app. I was searching for an app to transfer my recipes from a discontinued recipe app (please don’t do this Recipe Gallery developers! It is traumatic). I found Recipe Gallery and am loving it. It is so easy to copy recipes, switch to Recipe Gallery and be prompted to import what seems to be a recipe on the clipboard! What a brilliant feature! Thank you. The other features that I love are: being able to share recipes across multiple devices, easy capture of website recipes, adding categories, being able to sort categories the spray that I want them to be sorted. Keep up the good work! Thank you.

Yummy. Love this app, easy to take pictures of old recipes already collected!

Excellent. I have never written a review before but I enjoy this app enough that I felt compelled to rate it. I was looking for an app that would allow me to have my recipes on my phone. I wrote a note to the developer (Mike) as I was concerned that there was no rating on this app. Mike replied within minutes and advised me to check the reviews under all versions as the current version had just been released and there were not enough reviews yet to rate. I did that and read the reviews and figured what the heck I would give it a try. So far I have used the app for about 3 days and I am glad I gave it a try. I have added about 60 recipes from various sources (web sites, notes, pictures) and all have added seamlessly. I rate it at 4 stars only because I am one that feels anything can be improved on. I would like to see the ability to save the print feature on a website directly into the app but there seems to be a few ways to get around this. Most of all I like have long my recipes with me so I can share them and validate ingredients at any time. This is a great time that we live in. I the palm of my hand I have unlimited personal data (pictures, music, notes and now recipes.) at my finger tips. Well done Mike, I hope you keep tweaking the app to make it even better.

Best Recipe App. This app has absolutely everything you may ever need to store all your recipes. Recipes from many sources can be all stored in one place now with several backup options. The app is getting better with each update.

Recipe Gallery. The new Capture from Safari is brilliant!

Perfect for My Needs. There are more full-featured apps- but I was looking for quick, effective and free scan and upload. It performs flawlessly.

Power and flexibility. Great app, easy to use, you can easily capture precious handwritten recipes from your ancestors, LOVE IT and highly recommend it

Excellent. Well-designed and thought-out. One of the most useful apps on my iPad. I highly recommend it.

Used to be good. Now every time I open it my recipes can’t be opened. 10 years of saving recipes all gone. It’s an iCloud issue. Only save as local files

Recipes. Love this app, was able to add a recipe in my Grandmothers handwriting ❤️and just as easily download from the Internet. I download, try it , annotate or discard as required. I like the ability to personalize the categories and so cross reference by ingredient for example. Feb 9, 2022 Just had a small problem the app. Emailed support and had immediate response and problem solved within 10 minutes.😍

Appalling. My recipe is completely unreadable!! I can’t give any less than 1 star but it should be negative. Totally useless.

Best service ever experienced. If I could give “double five stars”, I would. The first set for an excellent way to keep, find and organize recipes, and put them into easily found categories, including new categories naming them whatever you wish. It’s the best way to finally organize all those saved recipes and hints from family and friends, plus easy to add a picture of your best efforts. Then add your own hints if you’ve changed or added to the recipe. Or add recipes straight from a ‘Net search, or magazine in a doctor’s office. The second set of five stars is for the outstanding, above and beyond help from the designer. Two weeks ago,I had something go terribly wrong, either with my iPad, or my section of the Cloud. I was dreadfully concerned that all my years of saved recipes would be gone. Mike had not seen this particular problem before, as no one else had reported it. Nevertheless, he worked every day for over a week, was in constant touch with me, tried many solutions, and in the end was able to fix it, and get every one of my 800 recipes (some really good!), back from wherever they had drifted off to. So, this is a long review, but I did want to emphasize what an excellent App Recipe Gallery is, and can guarantee that should you get into any trouble, Mike will be there to assist you.

Ok product. Just purchased for primarily the OCR function, and disappointed to find that the recipe isn’t converted to text and instead a photo of the recipe is saved (and is searchable through OCR). Feel a bit misled by the suggestion of OCR. I plan to delete from my phone and use a different app instead:-(

Great App. I absolutely love this app. I'm always bookmarking recipes and this app has helped me to organize them perfectly. Great price as well.

Needs a update. Love this app as I’ve using it for years, I store all my recipes on it, but it needs an update. It takes to long to open a file and if I go to my family camp the pages won’t open when there’s no cell service!

J’adore. Facile d’utilisation très bien fait

Amélioration suggérée. Il serait intéressant de pouvoir déplacer, à l’intérieure d’une même recette, les différents icônes c.a.d. la recette, les commentaires écrits, photos du plat cuisiné etc.

Perfect. Very good

Perfect. This is a perfect and simple way to keep hold of my favourite recipes!

Recipe Gallery. This is my very FAVORITE app!!! I am constantly adding new recipes to it either from a magazine, a friends book or especially goggle. So easy to find your recipes back. When using the recipe you can set the phone to “stay open” so your recipe doesn’t go blank. I use it for knitting projects as well that way my pattern is close by, I can enlarge it and it doesn’t close on me. Thankyou!!!!

Francais. En francais serait super……

It works. Love, love this app. It works just like the description promises. I use it all the time and I love that I can copy all my recipes simply by taking photos.

Perfect!. Easily the best app for organizing recipes that I've ever found, and I've tried more different apps than I can count. I love that I can snap a pic of a recipe from anywhere, online or not. My collection has never been bigger or more organized! Just can't say enough good things about this app!

Awesome. Fantastic...I loveeee it

Excellent.. Very good app

Love this App. I've been using this App for some time and I'm addicted. I have input recipes into the app using the suggested modes of transfer and all have worked with no issues. I like the edit function of 'categories' and have added a few of my own. As well, the recipe script enlarges to fit iPad screen which is great during preparation. The watercolour is a wonderful and classy touch. I'm recommending this App to friends! The ease of use and the e-mail feature adds to the enjoyment of the App. Highly recommended:)

Awesome. Easy to use.....all methods of downloading worked well.....excellent format.....$2 and change well spent!

One of the best recipe app out there. The versatility and easiness of this app to record new recipes and the iCloud's advantage to keep a permanent record of all the recipes are a few of the features which differentiates this app from most others. A continuous search to maintain a good use with iOS is most welcomed.

Fantastic!. Perfect for capturing all of my old paper recipes, as well as new ones from the web. Easy to use. Makes cooking fun!

Excellent. Love this app! I have taken pictures of my favourite recipes and organized them in this app effortlessly.

Almost perfect. It's better than the other apps I've checked out in that I'm not interested in adding ingredients in one place and directions in another. I want to be able to import the recipe, save it, boom done. This app does that. If it supported file sharing and Dropbox, I'd be trying to figure out how to give it 10 stars!

Recipe Gallery. I love this App, but on several occasions I have tried to open it up to share a recipe or to make one when I’m not at home using wifi and it won’t open, it sits and spins and spins.

Can’t live without this Recipe Keeper. I love, love, love this Recipe Gallery App. It works so well...easy, peasy to use, and with very little effort on your part, it organizes your recipes in many categories, all in alphabetical order. You can email or message your recipes to your friends and family, or print them and store them in a paper file. Recipes are stored on iCloud....thank god, for that! So you need not fear losing them. Go for it!

So far so good. I've had this app for about a week and it is super easy to use and very intuitive. So far I have imported recipes from the web and taken pictures of handwritten recipes as well as create my own categories. The general aesthetics are so-so as far as appearance, but functionality is great and that's what matters most.

💗. I really like this app. I had a problem with the syncing and emailed customer service. I was told to turn on my iCloud Drive and all was well. It is super easy to use! Love it.

I'm hooked!. This app is fantastic! Do yourself a favour and use this app to organize your recipes.

Fantastic tool for creating a personal cookbook. This is an amazing app! I now have all my fav recipes on my phone - no cookbooks needed. I can download apps from the internet, type in new ones, snap pics of recipe cards, cookbook recipes, magazine recipes etc. App organizing tools are user friendly and when we travel, all my recipes are at my fingertips. I have tried numerous recipe keepers and this app is by far the best one available!

Love it!!. I'm a collector of newspaper, magazine recipes. This app makes it so easy to snap a photo and put in my collection where I can see them all and even try some!!

Best organizer. Had all of 5 minuets. Have recipes from Grams, Mom and my own already in it.

Michael B. Sucks! Clunky, time consuming, does not save time and is terrible to work with. Waste of money! Dont buy

Awsomeness. Love this app, easy to use, add recipes from any source, and keep them organized. Lots of room for customization. Customer support is absolutely fantastic! They helped me fix a major issue, even over the weekend. One suggestion for improvement: add a clipboard or bookmark feature for quick access to a small selection of recipes (like to 5-6 recipes needed for a special occasion). Get this app, you won’t regret it!!

Impressed!. Having fun with this program. It is exactly what I was expecting.

A must have in the kitchen. Fantastic app! I use it daily and find it very easy to use. It’s made it easier for me to make and organize recipes that I wouldn’t have normally made. Love it.

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Best recipe app!!!. I have been using this recipe app for years and absolutely love it. So easy to collect, store, and organize my recipes. Whether they are new recipes from websites, handwritten notes, or index cards of family recipes, I can add them to my collection and find them when I need them. I customize my categories. I add my own notes and photos. If I am grocery shopping , I can pull up a recipe on this app on my phone and buy all the ingredients I need. It’s the best. Every cook should use it!!!

Live this recipe app. Very nice recipe tool to work with! Easy and user friendly. Flexibly in posting photos, texts or web site copies of recipes. Very easy to send a recipe to others. I am finally organizing all my recipes. No more recipe paper clutter. Yeah !!! I have it on both my phone and ipad so whenever I am out and want buy ingredients then the recipe is right at my finger tips. No more 2nd runs to the grocery store for missed ingredients. Wish that I had this app a long time ago! Imho none of the other recipe apps are this good!

Perfection!. This app is the recipe organizer I have been searching for! I looked at several options and chose Recipe Gallery. It’s priced fairly (no IAPs or subscription), regularly updated, supports iCloud, OCR support for recipes, and global search! The OCR and search work flawlessly, even with (most) handwritten recipes as well! Taking pictures of our massive recipe collection is much faster and easier than using the scanner. Mike Davey (the developer) is also very personable, quick to respond to questions, and very thorough in his responses! I asked several questions, and got several answers in full!

You can add recipes from anywhere!. This app is just what I wanted. I can copy recipes from websites, I can add my own recipes by entering them, and I can take pictures of recipes from boxes or cans and have everything organized in one place. No more wondering where I put a recipe I saved. AND I have access to my favorite recipes when I visit family or go RVing! Slight learning curve in the beginning but well worth a little time. I love it! April 2017 - Still love this app!

Great app to store recipes. I have really enjoy this app because of the options to either type text, upload a photo or take a photo of recipes. Overall functionality is logical and not challenging. The only thing that I am a little nervous about is one of the first three recipes I entered disappeared on me. I added the text and clicked out of the newly added recipe then I went back to show my boyfriend and the text I wrote was gone. I was kind of bummed but it only happened once. Now I just double check each time I complete a recipe. I have now been using this app for several years and I love it primarily because it does not have to connect to the internet. You can back it up to the cloud but if you are like me alive remotely it’s so nice to access recipes without internet service.

This is the app you are looking for!!!!. If you are like every other cook in the universe, you are constantly taking screenshots of recipes to 'catalog' and try later. However, soon your photo library has more pics of recipes than your own children!! This app makes it so easy to create your own recipe book from those pictures. You can also link to websites, blogs, video instructions etc. My children's pictures are no longer overtaken by recipes. YAY

Amazing APP and support!!!. I love this app and have tons of recipes already logged on it. I ran into a problem and contacted Mike (owner/developer) and received a very quick response. He offered numerous suggestions as to how I might be able to correct my issue. What I ultimately discovered was it was my doing that caused the problem! He was very gracious after my having occupied his time with a problem that wasn’t caused by the APP. Wish we had a few more developers like him!

Amazing,easy to use. I’ve been using this app for several years now and I absolutely love it. It makes it easy to share recipes with friends and family, to use for weekly meal planning and to make our own meals. It is almost too easy, I’ve accumulated 9 thousand recipes that I don’t think I’ll ever get around to making each one but I also use the app for ideas. Making your own categories, ie cook this week, family favorites, Christmas and being able to have a recipe in multiple categories is so convenient. My only wish is that I could have that app on my Dell laptop and have my IPhone stored recipes accessible. I’m aware that the technology is not compatible so my wish problem is impossible. Darn! But that shows you how much I love this app. I don’t write reviews often either.

Basic, easy and perfect for my needs.. I have been looking for a recipe app for years. I don’t need a meal planner, nutritional information or to generate a shopping list. I simply want to easily enter all my recipes in one place, no matter their source. This app is so easy to learn, with a helpful introductory video included. There are general categories that I can edit or add to. I can quickly find what I’m looking for by searching for recipes or ingredients. Recommended.

Oh my God!. This app is just wonderful! So many features! I just downloaded it a few minutes ago and I am already filling it up with all the recipes bookmarked in safari that were so unorganized and hard to find! Love the capture feature so far from website! I was going to print recipe cards and have a box on my kitchen counter but this app saved me that trouble! Viewing between different devices is also awesome through iCloud! Awesome app! Download to see for yourself. Worth the $2.99 and more!

Fantastic!!. After doing some research I came upon this app and I am so glad I did! Very user-friendly with easy to use instructions and video tutorial if you need extra help. I love that I can sync my iPhone and iPad so if I add or delete a recipe on one device, it automatically updates the other device. I'm finally able to clean up all my worn recipes and recipe books and clear out my shelf. No more hunting through multiple books to find a particular recipe now I just go to the category and there it is.

Switched from Pepperplate. I just recently bought Recipe Gallery after having used Pepperplate for many years. I was reluctant to do so because I have literally hundreds of recipes in Pepperplate. I contacted Recipe Gallery support to see if they knew of a way for me to transfer my recipes. I was so amazed; I got not one, but two replies back within hours! That is the kind of customer support you generally only dream about! I just can't say enough great things about this app and its customer support. Outstanding!!!

So useful!. I love this! I had a bunch of photos of recipes on my iPad, but there was no way to sort them, or even see them all clearly at once. I've spent the last two evenings transferring them into this app, and it's terribly satisfying. After you watch the introductory video, it's simple to use. Once done, the format is convenient and customizable. The app reads the text of your recipes, so you can even search by ingredient. The text parsing appears to be good but not perfect, but it's an impressive effort and I'm happy with it. All-in-all a great solution, and I'm grateful I found it.

No frills...that’s what’s so great about it. This app is far and away the best recipe app out there. Very simple and well thought out UI. Easy to enter recipes. The other apps in this category, in my opinion, add too many useless features that you won’t use and clog up the overall workflow of the app. All you need is to be able to organize well, see your recipe clearly and be able to enter recipes with minimal effort...this app gives you all of these things!

Best app for digitizing your recipe box. While downsizing my household, I was looking for a way to digitize a lifetime’s collection of recipes from 4 3” ring binders. Recipe gallery offers multiple ways to enter recipes, is easy to search and scan multiple page recipes as well. Pinch out for larger print , sync with your other devices - it’s terrific. Easy to add categories or delete them. Highly recommend Ps - I was also looking for an app in which to store my favorite exercises - haven’t yet found it - so my recipe gallery does double duty for exercises as well.

Best Recipe app out there. This app has been a lifesaver for me. Finally an easy, convenient, and user friendly way to save all my recipes in one place and access them whenever I want. I have thousands of screen shots I have saved from recipe hunting online and also took pictures of all my hard copy recipes from over the years. I LOVE having them easily searchable and all together. I even use this app to organize my home improvement and decorating ideas. Truly wonderful job on this app.

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!. If you're looking for an organized, straightforward vault for all your recipes, stop here and hit the download button now. You can capture recipes that are handwritten, in a book, or online all from within the app and I love that each recipe can be in multiple folders at once. There's also a wishlist that bookmarks online recipes you want to try out, which is helpful and cool. This app doesn't have any advertising, it doesn't try to make a grocery list for you, and it doesn't come with any pre-programmed recipes. What more could you ask for?

Love this! Better than anything I imagined.. This solved so many problems for me. It's made my most important recipes so accessible. I used to scroll through the blog then partway through my phone would black out and I'd have to find it again. Managing small children- it just wasn't working. I had resolved to just type up what I needed and devote some time to it each week... But this is so much better!!!! It took what was going to be a year long project and made it doable in a few weeks of free minutes here and there. Best few dollars I ever spent.

Amazing!. This app not only has the ability to capture web recipes, but you can write and store all of your recipes on this! Easy to use, you can capture photos and the instructions easily, and for IPad users when you are cooking, this is, by far, the best recipe saving app around! I tried many but none capture the elements you need as easily and informative as this one. It gives you step by step instructions on how to capture all that you need. I love this app! Please never let this one go away!

Perfect Recipe App. I have been using this app for years. I have my sisters using this app now. Great to use while shopping in the grocery store to see what you need for a recipe. I can share my recipes with friends and family. It is even better when the other person has this app they can save it to their own recipe gallery. I also like being able to take pictures of original recipes - I can see my moms handwriting. Love Love Love

Love it!!!!. I can count on one hand the number of reviews I have made. This app is so easy to use, although I haven't had time to take advantage of all the features. I was so impressed after using, I texted my daughter about the app and attached a recipe. Her response was, "Cool." Now that I am entering my fourth week of retirement I plan to organize the hodge podge of every size paper recipe in my recipe box into Recipe Gallery using my iPhone. Your staff has really created the awesome app that works!!! Thanks.

Works great. I've tried many different recipe apps and this one by far works the best. It even sends any new recipes you enter to your other devices automatically. Sorting and search options are a solid point to have also as my collection of recipes is quite extensive. You can simply type a single ingredient and it will list all your recipes that use that. Brilliant.

EXCEPTIONAL!!😃😃. Just purchased the app. Have been wanting something like this to add my recipes and recipes from my favorite sites. This app is very very easy to use. First recipe added took me maybe 5 minutes to figure out what I did wrong, but once I was a breeze from there. Now it will be so nice to bring up pictures, the full recipe, comments I have from these sites in one easy step. I use to print out, write comments, put in a binder, not any more. To the developer's....AWESOME JOB! Save a 🌳.... get this app!

No ads, no social media integration, so far perfect. So far this is exactly what I was looking for. I did not want to see ads, use it with social media, get suggestions on other recipes, or search stores for my ingredients. I wanted a place to store, organize, and search my recipes. I have been able to take photos, copy/paste, use URLs, use Siri for text. It shares recipes so easily by email or text in PDF format. Files are backed up to iCloud and I can manually back up files to my document folder. I am very happy with it so far.

What a fabulous tool!. This app has it all for me. It asks to create a new recipe from info I’ve copied, you can add and save links, or you can just type recipes in. It looks wonderful, easy to find what your looking for, easy to edit after you’ve created an entry and one of my favorite features is being able to add the recipe to multiple categories. No more guessing where you might have put things. I just can’t recommend this app highly enough!

Great first impression!. First day of use busy adding screenshots of recipes I’ve kept in my iPhone photos folder for years. Now I can categorize, search and share much easier. I do wish it has OCR capability so I could edit recipes I’ve changed a bit. Of course, you can do that by adding a new page, so not a deal breaker. And I’d like to be able to delete the recipes from my photos folder, but I suspect this app most likely links back to them to help with storage issues. I’ve emailed app developer for clarification.

Review from a very satisfied customer:. I love everything about this app. It is so convenient and easy to use. One of the most important features is that the app downloads to my phone and tablet. No matter where I am I have my recipes. Updates are timely and technical assistance is outstanding. Thank you to everyone at Recipe Gallery for all your hard work, remarkable customer service, and most of all your creativity and ingenuity.

Need to be able to share with family. Need to have the ability to share my created recipe library with other members of my family. It would be very time consuming to “share” each individual recipe. If you only “share” the recipe, they also do not get any additions or alterations to the recipe. Also, I was disappointed to learn that the iPad app would require an additional purchase and I would have to sync the iPad with my iCloud account in order for the recipes to “sync”. Need to be able to create an account for the app that can then be used to sync with my iPad and/or share with others that I would like to share my recipe library. I will not be using this app going forward.

Almost Perfect. This app is turning me into a recipe-organizing whiz! It’s very easy and intuitive to use. My current project is going through old recipe books and putting the recipes I actually use in the app (iPad camera shots make this very easy) so that I can off-load the books and clear out some pantry shelf space. The reason for only 4 stars? It needs a menu-planning function that would let me gather recipes together to plan a menu, say for a party or a holiday. A shopping list function would be nice as well. But I really do love this app!

I used to love it... until I lost all of my work. I used this app literally for years. I had hundreds and hundreds of recipes that I had captured, photographed, and manually typed into the app. I was even a beta tester for awhile because I had so many recipes. But somehow, when I switched iPads, I apparently did something wrong because it is all gone. All of it. Hours of work organizing, all down the drain. Now, you could argue that this was my mistake. That I somehow didn’t follow in-app directions, or something—but I did to the best of my ability and still lost all of that work. Maybe the directions need to be clearer, or the process of switching to a new device needs to be smoother? I don’t know. All I know is all of that work is gone. And that leaves a strongly bitter taste.

It’s amazing to have an app that just works. Any time I ask I wonder if I can do x I look at this app and sure enough you can. Everything is integrated intuitive simple and a true joy to use. I recommend this app to anyone I meet it makes it simple to share family recipes to anyone who asks. It preserves my grandmothers hand written cards for all to use. Seriously I cannot recommend this app enough.

Love Recipe Gallery. I started using the Gallery a coupe of years ago and have enjoyed the ability to save recipes from the internet, my old recipes as well as those of friends and family....I just take pictures of the finished product (or one from Google that’s close) and then the recipe...both go into the Gallery. Two years ago we started KETO, and I just labeled new categories accordingly and everything’s at my fingertips...even at the store!

Best app I have tried!. I have been using for sometime now. Each time, the updates have made it even better. I like having the ability to book mark when I find a recipe and load it into the gallery when I have time. The photos make a great visual for myself and others to see and adding additional text notes as a reminder or tip. Easy and wonderful for sharing recipes that I have with others. Even printing them is a breeze. Best app I have tried. It's a keeper.

What a great app!. I just purchased this app last week--I have already saved, shared and edited numerous recipes. What a great way to organize all of those little slips of paper, web pages, etc!! I am already saving so much time and frustration (e.g. "What website did I get that recipe from???"). Since I am incapable of strictly following a recipe, it is wonderful to be able to easily add notes to any recipe. Thank you for developing such a useful and user-friendly app!

Love it!. I rave about this app a lot! It’s so easy to use and you have so many options of how to get a recipe into it. I live in an RV, so lots of cooking books are not an option. Ive gone through my cookbooks and selected recipes that I have and have not tried. I added a New Ideas category for recipes I have tested yet and rate the ones I have. Since I read the newspaper online, and use various websites to find recipes, I can easily copy and paste the recipe into the app and even add a photo, if one exists. Overall, I can’t say enough good about this app!

Perfect for our family. I have spent a ton of time trying to find the perfect recipe app for my house. I love that the sinks across my several platforms, so that my daughter can cook using my iPad, my husband is on his phone, and myself using either my phone or my iPad! I love how it perfectly organizes, and stores with a picture. I could just go on and on and on about how much I love this app. I love that I can just punch in a URL, and it will copy the recipe for me to the app.

Love this app. I love this app so much. I used to have a lot of loose recipes that I’d ripped out of magazines, and now they are all in this app. It is ridiculously easy to add recipes. It even detects when you’ve copied a recipe from a web page & lets you just add with a simple button click. It has an extension that allows you to bookmark recipes using Safari. This just makes life so much easier. I wish all apps were this easy and user friendly.

So Easy to Use!. This app is amazing. There are multiple ways to add a recipe but my favorite is text. I use the microphone on my iPad and dictate the recipe. The talk to text is amazing on my iPad and I rarely have to make corrections. It’s so much easier than typing everything. The recipes print nicely and convert to PDFs so I’m able to share them via text or email. All in all I’ve been extremely happy with this app.

Everything I Need!. I’ve tried many apps. Each has something I’m looking for but to get everything I need to use more than one. I love this app because it has everything I need. It does an amazing job of capturing pictures of recipes and taking them from the web. I can take my old beat up recipes & use the editor to make them clear & easy to read. I love how it’s fully customizable. I can add or delete categories & take pictures of my completed recipe to add to each recipe.

Just what I was looking for!. Though I've only used this app for a day or so, it's behaving just as promised. I wanted more than anything to permanently capture the many recipe cards handed down from my mother, grandmother and friends. And I didn't want to have to type it all out. Photo capture is working perfectly. 29 down, 867 to go! Mike Davey is top notch in responding to questions in a timely and personable fashion. Thank you for creating this! It will be fun to put it to the test as I start searching for the perfect recipe for the occasion. An enthusiastic five stars! BDL

Wonderfully easy to use and time saving. It is so much easier to take a photo of the recipe and import it from the camera than typing it. Of course you can type the recipe and write comments. You can easily change the font and increase the size of the font. Editing the categories is easy. I added “Air Fryer and Crockpot” to the categories. A recipe can have more than one category. I can look up chicken and also air fryer to retrieve air fryer receipts that have chicken as an ingredient. I also like that I can import a photo of the recipe.

Only 100 bookmarks??. I was not aware that there was a limit on bookmarking. I was transferring recipes from my note page to the app so I could then save on the recipe page. I must have bookmarked (at least I thought I did anyway) 150 recipes. When I checked the app to make sure one of the recipes transferred, a warning popped up and said I was about to exceed 100 and old bookmarks will delete. Well...needless to say I lost about 50 recipes and some of the recipes that are on the recipe page are now gone. The limit of bookmarks should be included in the description of the app. It’s a bit deceiving. Especially when it states that we can leave as many notes as we want. Please fix.

Without using the " L " word. I started using this app for myself - then I realizing I could share the app w/ everybody interested in tried & true recipes. We enjoy cooking and are quite happy to share what we believe to be the best. This app provides easy ways to set up a recipe in a way that's comfortable for you. I will list ingredients and have them separated in sections for a specific set-up of the ingredients Plus I combine parts of ingredients and add what's to be done with at that point, , i.e. Being steamed, dry frying, hot fry, or even into its own bowl, pan, pot, whatever. Some list the ingredients in batches and what process As for the 'L' word, I've noticed if I say I love an app, something happens and the app either acts up, deletes random information or is just deleted from the creator. The last has happened a few times. I hope this helps me makes sense, and helps encourage others to download the most useful app for cooking & kitchen. Cheers ♻️ Please recycle. Ronn

Love this app!. I have been using recipe gallery for several years now. You can get a recipe right off of a website, however with many ads jumping in and out, I go to the “print recipe” part, take screen shots and add that way. I also type out simple recipes. It’s a great app because there is a variety of ways to use it. I also like adding a recipe to several categories. Thanks!

The Best Recipe App. I find this the best recipe app I have tried. I didn’t pay for it several years ago. I don’t know if they are charging for it now. I like that you can enter a recipe so easily. I had trouble with importing a recipe from online so now I just do a screenshot and save it to my photos, then enter the recipe that way. I create a different screen for ingredients and one for directions. Anyway, I love this app and use it all the time

My favorite app. When my phone broke and I brought it to the Apple store for repair, I was up all night fretting because I forgot to back up this app. It makes it so easy to store and sort and rate and annotate all my recipes. I love to cook, and being able to store all my recipes in one place, immediately find recipes that use the ingredients I have on hand, record who in my family likes which ones... it’s invaluable. Everything about the app works great, from them any ways you can add recipes to the easy sorting & searching features.

Love it!. I used another popular recipe app from a popular cable channel. When they went to a new platform, I lost some of my recipes or couldn’t access in the app; had to go to the website. Luckily, I had the paper copy as a back up! And then my sister-in-law recommended Recipe Gallery. And I love it! I can take my own pics, input recipes in multiple formats. The app is on both my iPhone and iPad. I tend to use one for grocery shopping and one to cook with. Love that they sync. The person who created the app is very kind and gets how important our recipes are to us. I had the “syncing” problem, but I emailed him and he answered my question completely. I’ve created my own categories (very easy to do), made my own notes on recipes from websites…really cool. If you’re looking for an excellent recipe app, look no further!

A great app, but..... I love this app. It’s so easy to use and importing recipes from other sites...easy. There is a problem: my iPad updated to IOS 13 and now my app doesn’t function anymore. I can’t add any recipes anymore. When I try the app freezes up. I’ve tried to delete the app and re-install but nothing happens. Now all of my recipes are gone! Help! Updated Review (6.6.22): This app is amazing. I never have to worry about losing my recipes after a update and my recipes are nicely organized. I’m having fun using this app.

Almost easy. This app is mainly easy to use. I like that you can put in recipes from photos, as well as type them in manually and collect them from internet sources. Although collecting them from the internet is not that easy for me. If the recipe is long I can’t seem to get the whole thing. Mainly, I’ve been working around that by taking screenshots of the recipes, then grabbing the screenshots. Once you have the recipes they are easy to categorize and find by either title or picture.

Simple Recipe Storage. I wanted a means to store recipes. This app does exactly that. I can snap a picture from a book, magazine or note card. Bonuses include ability to “share” directly from websites and options to make specific categories. I do not need options to build grocery lists or modify recipe servings. This was exactly what I needed. If multiple pages or pictures needed, the app senses it and offers suggestions. Even allows adjustment to screen saver time. Thank you for this.

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Language English
Price $2.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 5.1.6
Play Store com.toycartools.recipegallery
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

Recipe Gallery (Versiyon 5.1.6) Install & Download

The application Recipe Gallery was published in the category Food & Drink on 21 May 2013, Tuesday and was developed by Toycar Tools [Developer ID: 531171931]. This program file size is 32.02 MB. This app has been rated by 9,487 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Recipe Gallery - Food & Drink app posted on 23 December 2021, Thursday current version is 5.1.6 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.toycartools.recipegallery. Languages supported by the app:

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Fixed and issue that could cause the search keyboard to be hidden.

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