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DataMan - track data usage [Finance] App Description & Overview

DataMan is the simplest and clearest app to track your data usage. In just a glance, you can know if you're safe from busting your data cap. Never worry about overage again.

Track cellular and WiFi in real-time directly on iOS. No more waiting for your carrier to update.

Intelligent usage forecast predicts if you'll stay within your data cap. So you can take precautions.

Instantly check your usage at a glance. Just swipe on your Home or Lock screen to view.

Alerts warn you before you hit your data cap. Four custom alert thresholds.

Auto reset on your monthly bill cycle date. Support all billing periods and rollover data with DataMan Pro.

Get data usage forecast just by asking Siri. An easier, faster way to track your usage with voice.

Designed for your wrist to quickly show your most important stats in complication and app.

Get the key statistics you need most in a beautiful, intuitive interface. It's so easy to track your data usage.

"Simplest and clearest" NYTimes
"The widget you should be using" Business Insider
"We like the easy-to-use DataMan" TIME
"Download this great app right now" BGR
"Superpretty, superuseful" Cult of Mac
"Handy money-saver with colorful alerts" Guardian
Featured on USAToday, Macworld, 9to5Mac, AppAdvice, SlashGear and many more.

Access extra features with PRO subscription
• Free trial 7 days
• Daily usage history
• Push usage alerts
• Manage multiple plans
• App icon badge
• Custom billing periods
• Rollover data
• Map usage locations
• Export statistics
• Themes and more

No VPN, no login. Your data is important and private. That's why we take your privacy seriously. Our privacy policy:

Subscription Information. Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your account settings on the App Store after purchase.

Terms of Use / Privacy Policy -

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Widgets on your iOS 14 Home Screen ^_^ Plus, redesigned Siri interface, on-device intelligent forecasts, watchOS 7 support, and more.

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- Great!

This keeps me on track so I don't go over my limit, and so far it has kept track far better than any of the other apps I've tried. The only problem I've run into is that the notifications of how much data I've used (e.g. "You've used 30%") do not show up until I open the app. I've gotten into the habit of opening it to check, but it does not notify me on it's own... Other people I know have the same issue, so I know it's not just me


I've had this app since day one of having an iPhone and has kept me from going over my mobile data! No need to remember to reset the data counter that comes on every Apple device RIGHT at midnight when your cycle date ends...this app does it for you. I've compared my mobile data usage on my cellphone bill to this app and it's SPOT ON every time! Highly recommend this app for anyone who wants to keep track on their usage and can customize each alert to your liking... And also can customize everything else including: color, fonts, data usage alerts up to 5 times for 5 different percentage of usage of your allotted mobile data, and much more!

- Best Cellular and WiFi usage app!

I love this app and its features. The ability to not only track cellular but WiFi as well is really handy. The widgets for the phone and watch app are useful and are accurately responsive. The app doesn’t chew through battery, is responsive and accurate. I also thinks the added optional in app purchases are worth it. Especially the ability to see hourly data usage and export the whole data sheet. I highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to see the phone cellular and WiFi usage

- Ok but not accurate

I have been using this app for sometime now but it has never been accurate, so I don’t pay much attentions to it, just that it is on my phone and runs in background. Apple on the other hand actually has inbuilt data usage tracker which is very accurate and closely matches with what my service provider shows on my bill. I am not sure if people are aware of this. I just set a reminder to reset the inbuilt usage monitor the day my billing cycle starts/ends to always know the correct usage during the billing cycle. You can compare the usage provided by this app versus from Apple and you’ll see what I am talking about. Just remember to reset your usage counter the day your billing cycle ends and take a note of what it says. This is done in Settings->Cellular (under Cellular Data, look for current period). Try this for couple of months and you’ll see the difference. To the developer: please take this as constructive criticism and improve your app so it gives a correct picture of data usage. Thanks!

- Not very useful unless you buy extra features.

The thing that looks most useful in the sample screens shown in the App Store is the hourly tracking. But that is an extra cost feature. Without that it does not provide anything more useful than the cellular data stats built into IOS. The developer suggested I look into the widgets, and I agree that the "stopwatch" widget is useful for measuring the usage of a specific app. I upgraded my rating from 1 to 2 stars because of this. If I could I would give it 2.5 stars, but I cannot go to three stars because I feel the presentation of what the app does without extra in-app purchases is deceptive.

- Awesome App!

DataMan is the best data manager I’ve used so far. I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars because it would be nice if it would tell you how much data you have left on the app along with how much you’ve used already; without having to go to your widget on the lock screen in order to find out how much you have left. The widget is the only way you can get that calculation. Other than that, this app is genius & the best I’ve used so far.

- Everything I Ever Wanted!

Does exactly as advertised with a pretty UI, simplistic design, and handy widget feature. The extra fonts and colors are a neat bonus but I’m a default kind of guy original settings it is. No more having to dial the AT&T datalogger and waiting for the reply; DataMan tracks it all in real-time. Just downloaded a few days ago but has already easily become one of my favorite apps!

- Bought the premium

The app is amazing just two things I would change. First to able to track usage by app and second for the option to let the widget track wifi usage not cellular data usage

- Perfect Data Usage Monitor

Finally found the data usage monitor I’ve been searching for. Love everything about this app. It accurately tracks my data usage, it’s constantly updating in the background and it adds my rollover data at the end of each billing cycle. My search for the best data usage monitor is over.

- Mac Geek Gab was right!

I paid for this app based on a MGG discussion, and have been very pleased with its ability to track and compare my data use via Cell Data v WiFi data use. Especially like the stopwatch feature to track data use for specific tasks. Lets me see what I use in WiFi data, whereas Settings only tracks Cell data.

- Indispensable

I don’t know how other people manage their data without this. My husband and I share a data plan and this gives us all the information we need to avoid overage fees and work flexibly with each other’s usage. Beautifully designed and simple to use.

- Great App!!!

Makes it super easy to keep track of cellular data usage but also keeps track of wifi usage as well. I wasn't worried about my wifi usage but seeing my usage is a nice and helpful feature. Would definitely get this app again.

- Solid App

I enjoy using this app. One thing that would be helpful is if it had a way to track two phones on the same account with shared service. I have to install on second phone and add that time to mine for an accurate usage estimate.

- Works great but not that accurate with T-Mobile

If you have T-Mobile binge on it won't give you a accurate amount of data used I still need to check it on T-Mobile app ... It's normally 1-2 GB off... But worked great with Version company iPhone

- Great app for a check and balance

I don't have to just believe what my cell provider says I've used. It has been very close to the actual data my provider says I've used. Simple app that provides a limited but useful data set.

- Very important app that saves $$$

It’s good to know how much data you’ve used because cell data is expensive. And, you can roll over data unused from previous periods. What’s great is that you can put in the usage or billing cycle.

- Useful. Accuracy questionable.

I don’t know if Verizon is fudging the numbers or this app is inaccurate but the numbers or over 10% off between the 2. The only way this app could be better is if it was always free and it had a way to store your info across devices or restores.

- Data Usage

It’s handy to see how much data is left until it starts to s l o w d o w n. I use it to gauge whether I need to be downloading my podcasts and music before going out or if I’ll just stream it. It has a simple job and it does it well.

- DataMan App

Very handy and easy to use. Tracks cell data and Wi-Fi both. But, for some reason, it doesn’t always report accurate cellular data use on my wife’s iPhone. It is always pretty much accurate for my iPhone though.

- Extremely Helpful

I have an "unlimited" data plan but it's not. They threaten throttling, so it has been very helpful to be able to see how much room I have on each device and adjust my usage accordingly.

- No! Don’t waste any money for this app

I installed this app to monitor data usage of different apps on my cellphone, because a blog suggested this app as one of the good ones for this purpose. Pure B.S. It doesn’t track data usage of individual apps! The interface has a horrible design, not user friendly at all. There are other free apps who do 500% percent better than this fraud! Try My Data Manager for example! This was the worst $1 that I spend on App Store 😖

- Safety budget saver!!!!

Lets me track my share of the data plan, so I can even get a little bit crazy towards the end of the billing period. Haven’t gone over my share in three years

- Does not differentiate btwn cell phone data vs Hotspot

Shows they charge .99 but they charge 1.99 after you load it Don’t show difference between cell phone data use and hotspot data use they’re not the same Hotspot data is expensive and different from your regular cell phone (Safari) data usage This app does not show the difference hard to know how much real-time hotspot data is used

- SIRI Shortcuts makes it 5 stars

I’ve used this app for years to monitor data usage and it works great. Adding the Siri shortcuts option in the latest update makes it even better!

- Jus one option missing

You have the option to add usage but not to adjust the usage or or take out usage. The data usage you guys show me is always higher than what I’m actually at.

- The app doesn’t do anything

You pay to buy an app that doesn’t appear to do much of anything more than you can view in settings - and need to buy an add-on for $3 to make it do ‘something’. Given I paid a dollar for nothing, I’m not optimistic that an additional $3 will really add that much functionality. It might be a great $4 app - I’ll never know because it’s sold in a way that makes me feel ripped off.

- Used To Be Good

I’ve been using this app for a while and I liked it, but now you cannot put in your data usage timeframe so it has become useless. Now you have to pay .99 per month to sync with your data calendar! I’m not paying $12 per year to track data with other options out there. I’ll be deleting and looking for more sane options. Very disappointed.

- Keeps me on top!

Hate to run out of high speed data. DataMan eliminates the need to check in with my carrier because it provides the numbers I need to manage my monthly data allotment.

- Inaccurate after 2 days.

Apparently measures based on one device while most of us have multiple devices on our data plan. After two days it’s off from ATT by 2 gigs. Not useful at all if this is how it works. Developer did not address this question when I asked. The system software under Cellular is more useful.

- Great app

Easy to set up and use. Very useful since at a glance you can see how much data you are using. I use it to keep my family within the limits of our shared plan.

- Love this app

It's easy to set up and accurate and the widget for how much data you have left per month makes it easy to track

- Easy & reliable

Easy to use, tracks usage reliably. I used a previous version that was fee I think. Pleased that I stayed with DataMan when I switched to a paid app.

- Great way to see how much data you are using

Not much else to say other than that this app works incredibly well. The UI is slick and fast. No complaints.

- Love data man app

This app keeps track of data usage and lets me know when I am approaching my limit. Has saved me money!!!

- Excellent app to track data usage

This is an excellent app has helped me keep track of my mobile data usage so I do not exceed my allotment.

- Great Aop

This app keeps track of monthly data use very well. It is easy to use . I like me the different backgrounds that are available.

- Data Man is the man!

It was so frustrating not knowing where i was spending my data allowance. Data Man fixed that. It does as promised. Thanks

- Not reliable

This app is not reliable. I don't count on it's accuracy. It happened to me few times that my date usage on this app looked safe I had more then 50% of data available, but my cell phone provider - T-mobile - sent me a massage that I just went over the limit and I am using my date stash! I am not recommending this app!

- DataMan

Great app! Lets you check data usage easily while running in the background

- Easier to use than signing into my cellular account!

And convenient too!

- Great App!!!!

Helps keep your data usage in check. Highly recommend it for everyone.

- Consolidating apps not cost-friendly for users

There used to be an app that was able to track my usage on two different cellular plans but these have been removed to move to a subscription model which will end up costing more in the long run. Don’t buy. Switch to something else.

- Great tool

Helps me keep track of my usage. Let’s me know when I might need to pay extra

- Great

An excellent app that allows a functionality that should be standard within iOS.

- Perfect

This app is perfect for what it does. It tracks my data usage accurately without anything extra that is not needed.

- I deleted it.

A bit of baiting going on here. Please people, show some integrity. The pictures display some of the pro-only options, which will cost you a buck-a-month. I was looking for a daily history. But all you get in the 99 cent version is a monthly total.

- Useful and works well is useful and works well. It gives me the info I want to see quickly. That's all.

- Very useful app

The best way to track your data usage, very easy to use and understand

- Great app

Does everything I want it to to with a simple to use user interface

- Perfect for my needs.

Simple and elegant. Visual indicator of data “consumption” backed up with both raw data and fractional usage numbers.

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- Great App!

Everything about this app is great! The layout is so simple and everything is easy to read and understand. However, I would love it if you could select certain apps and make the app not track the data usage for them as some data plans give some apps (e.g. Netflix) data free. This would be an incredible addition to the app! Other than that, this app is great!


In my personal experience, the free version of dataman is dangerously innaccurate, and should not be relied upon as an accurate gauge of whether one is likely to exceed their monthly data cap I started using dataman just before the beginning of my billing cycle I'm now about a week into the new cycle The amount of usage data reported by any carrier is approximately DOUBLE the amount that dataman reported (~6gb vs ~3gb) In addition, I have used more data this month than I otherwise would have, because I thought I was safe according to dataman's readings The main reason I was using dataman was for the convenience of the widget I was willing to put up with some degree of inaccuracy (~5-10%) for the convenience of having the info in the widget (my carrier's app doesn't have a widget) But the degree of inaccuracy I experienced renders that widget worse than useless It's possible I've done something wrong, but I don't know what it could have been I had background app refresh enabled in settings And troubleshooting this properly would be difficult and tedious For now, I have reset the app, and I will monitor it to see if it's accurate over the next few weeks If it is, I will edit this review accordingly and change it to 3 stars Because this is so difficult to troubleshoot, and I can't be sure whether or not it will happen again; I will never be able to fully trust dataman even if it's accurate over the next few weeks.

- Good app, confusing navigation

No clear way to navigate the app to go to the menu on my iPhone X, after swiping at the screen I figured it out but there are no guides or markers to show you how to swipe or where to swipe to. Also is there an ability to remove data usage from the usage log? Apart from that it's a good simple app and the widget is nice.

- Beautiful and useful

This app looks great and the screen layout is easy to use. It's very useful for monitoring data usage both over WiFi and cellular data. Very helpful in deciding on any changes to your data plan. One suggestions I have for the developer: show the starting time and date on the DataMan stopwatch widget.

- Nice but missing...

I love using this app and I have recommended it to many people. What I don’t like is that I don’t get many of the options and it makes me have to pay for the nice ones!!

- Great app

Tracks data usage by hour and location. Just the detailed information I needed. Subscription needed for this, but it is worth it.

- Awesome

This app is good but dont like the fact that have to pay extra for more features after paying upfront for the app itself.

- Good-ish

DataMan tells you how much data you have used. It is a first warning that you have a problem. It doesn’t tell what is using the data, it is still very difficult to track the actual problem down.

- Works as advertised

Fantastic little app. Would earn an extra star if the rollover feature wasn’t just available in the Pro version.

- Data available

Would use this app daily to check usage. Looks good on the iPhone with welcome changes with updates.

- Great!

Does what it says

- Use it everyday

Great app nice and easy to use very helpful to keep track of your data

- Grossly inaccurate

After 23 days of carefully monitoring my mobile data usage the iPad’s inbuilt Mobile Data usage records and my service provider’s app showed similar results while the DataMan app showed that I had used approximately 15GB less than I actually had. Therefore, my assessment is the DataMan app is an inadequate tool for the monitoring of data usage. I have requested a refund. I puzzles me that my experience with this app has been so very different to the predominantly positive reviews I read here before my purchase. (iPad 7th gen, most current iOS)

- Simple, straight forward, elegant

Excellent app. Very easy to set up and use. A handy must-have app.

- Simple, effective, beautiful

Does exactly what it says really well, with a great widget. Love it.

- Works great

Small, fast app that works great

- Great app

Does what it does well

- Inaccurate readings

Inaccurate readings with no obvious way to reset to actual carrier data consumed.

- Paid app with additional add-ons

Don't appreciate the hidden costs after purchase.

- Brill!

Great app! Fully recommended!

- Does what it says.

I especially like that it updates faster than my Telco's usage check. This may sound strange but it took me a while to figure out where the settings were. Would be handy to have a "swipe here" or an arrow to let you know what to do to get the the settings.

- Great APP!!

Luv it

- Shay

Love it

- Not compatible with all billing cycles!

I bought the app to find out its costs more to unlock custom billing cycles, so I bought that add-on to find it doesn't support all cycles! It maxes out at 180 days. My billing cycle is 365 days! Now I feel ripped off & mislead. Don't say it supports all billing cycles if you are locking me into preset maximum values. I was able to hack around this temporarily by setting my cycle to 180 days, enabling data rollover & setting 1/2 my data limit. But that will need readjusting when my next cycle starts.

- Excellent app

Love this app. I just went to a prepaid sim and my previous 3G tracker stopped working. Saw this app in a news article, so figured I'd give it a go. It's great. Does what it says and looks great too. Only bone to pick is to get different colors, you have to pay more, when this was a paid app in the first place. But other than that, I love it.

- Great app!

This is one of those rare apps that actually do exactly what you pay for. The widget works great and not only does this track celluar data but it also tracks wifi data as well. Great job to the developer and I recommend this to anyone needing to track their data usage!

- Very poor app.

I bought this app in hopes that it would provide me the necessary tools for monitoring my type of phone plan (data resets daily) and when I found they hadn't implemented it in this version, I emailed them and suggested to include it in future updates. They replied rudely and implied that I had to upgrade to their "ultimate" version which had the daily reset option. I found a free app "DATA COUNTER" which does everything that this app can do and more, not to mention it's free unlike this $2-3 half-app. Do not recommend.

- Straightforward real-time solution

Shows you how much data you consume by giving you an up-to-date snapshot of your usage every time you call up the app. That way you can manage your consumption as it happens. Super useful when you hotspot your phone for example.

- Super handy

Shows both cellular and wifi at a quick glance and very handy. Much quicker than carrier's app (which often lags a day or two). Hour by hour update is great extra for trying to figure out data leaks after apple update everything.

- Beautiful Design, poor implementation.

You guys have created a beautiful looking APP. Functionally everything works well, but even with new background syncing API, reliability is an issue. If you could tap into data and provide actual statistics, than I'd feel secure knowing that I'm not going over my daily data allowance. Till than, other applications like consume or apps from carriers will be my choice at the sacrifice of such a great looking and functioning app like yours.

- convenient

So far it's been accurate when comparing to consume and my cell usage via the normal settings, but the percentage has never updated. Thought it may have just been the first month where I started part way through, but the new month started and still no % increment. Makes me wonder whether the alerts will actually work. Running 4S on IOS6.1

- Works here in oz, BUT

I am currently on an iPad with a 12GB 365 day data plan and use this app. it works as it says displaying mobile data and local wifi data usage both upload and download. I would rate it 5 star if it had support for annual plans which we have.

- Cool Interface | Minimal Functionality

This app has a simple but effective graphic design. It's great and easy at what it does however it really only shows you how much data you use. I was hoping for this super cool interface with some of the features like Consume. It's a great little app but for the functionality provided - not worth the price tag and should be free.

- Excellent

Handy for keeping track of data especially overseas. App is simple to use with a nice layout. Displayed data usage is even more accurate than in earlier versions so 5 stars.

- Ace!

This is the only app that I use as a widget - great to be able to check my usage at a glance to find out whether I'm using more data than I should. Stats are very accurate. Highly recommended.

- A developer who listens!

I emailed the developer a while ago asking for support for a 28 day prepaid cycle. I just got an email from him saying he’s now put it in! This is an excellent developer who listens to requests. Very much recommend this app!

- Neat n Nice

Dataman is really handy to have on board! I sometimes have to tether to my phone and got the extra gig on my plan to cover but always felt anxious about going over. Dataman has given me an accurate sense of usage that is extremely useful and very easy to use.

- Battery hog

Firstly, it works and does seem to report data correctly. However, I noticed that my battery lasted for around 8 hours where usually it lasts around 10 hours. After I deleted, it went back to 10 hours. Can developer check if this app is draining battery in the background?

- Great app

Has been keeping an accurate log on my data usage, great not to be 2 days behind as with my previous app. Know exactly where I stand with data usage all the time now.

- Love Love Love

I think this is such a great app as it is easy to use and shows you exactly where you stand with your data usage. But you do need a lot of trust in the app that it is actually accurate!

- Dataman

Easy to understand and use. In addition the history is useful to track your usage against previous months

- Great product and easy to use

With this app I have been able to keep an eye on my data usage and to avoid excess data usage charges from my carrier.

- Simple and effective

Runs in background and at a glance gives me my data usage - great app does what it says and accurately too and warns you when you are overusing data

- A must download!

A perfect useable app! Only thing is it should auto turn off when near the end but other than that this should be an Apple stock app!

- Legendary app

There is a pro version that is a whole different app which seems stupid. May as well add the pro features to this app But besides that is a perfect app. Faster than my carriers app

- Easy to read

One glance is all you really need to see where you're at with your data consumption. Setup is a snap and the layout is nicely uncluttered.

- Why can I only see the last 2 hours of data usage and not the whole day??

App is only letting me see the last 2 hours of my data usage and not the hour by hour usage for the whole day? Why is it doing this?

- Great App!!!

Love this app. Can't say enough great things about it. Until I installed this app I was going over my data allowance. Love it & recommend it to anyone that will listen!!! 5 stars for sure!!!

- Intuitive and useful

Excellent app. Intuitive interface and easy setup. I use it all the time to check my data usage.

- Great app

I'd been looking for an app to monitor my usage, as being on a business plan with Optus, I don't get warning texts, and this really fits the bill. Easy to set up and use.

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- Bonne application

Bonne app, fais ce qu’on attend d’elle

- Do not download, and if you do, don’t pay

This developer is a crooked garbage. I purchased the pro version of the app and now he decides to put those features behind a subscription pay wall. Sad!

- Dev is a Crook

Update: The devs response is a load of crap! Restoring purchases does not work. I don’t have access to any of the previous features I paid extra for. Also the supposedly new PRO features aren’t new at all. You can go back in the app update history to see that 3 years ago he added the same features he claims are new. I previously paid for the option to export, view daily stats, rollover data and the theme packs. Still have the email receipts. None of those features work now that he changed to a subscription. Original: This guy has screwed over existing users time after time. First he had a paid version and a free version of his app. Next he removed the paid version and made users buy those same features in the free version of the app. Now he’s removed those paid features from the free version and turned it into a subscription based model so he can continue taking money from his users indefinitely. Within a year or two he’ll be raising prices of his subscription service, I guarantee it. Avoid if you don’t want to line this guy’s pockets.

- Been using this for 3 months...

[Response for developer’s response] No, but thank you. Like I said, I won’t pay a reoccurring monthly subscription for extra features. [/Response] I’ve been using this app for 3 months now. The cellular data logged is always more than what my carrier showed at the end of each month. Is it just safe padding to prevent users from going over? Also, the subscription model like most all other apps now are just a no for me. As other reviews have pointed out, there was a Pro version (i assume is no longer available as app store does not list anymore) which turned into this but with its features on a monthly subscription. There is no way I’d go for that. I can understand developers want a constant stream of income but should have a pay-once for all features option.

- Monthly fees for a dark mode?

Charges monthly subscription to unlock dark mode. Be reasonable. A one time $1 charge seems more than appropriate just for a color change. Especially that I don’t need the rest of the features. PLUS you already charged me for the pro version years ago. You’re a dishonest guy. It’s my fault for trusting you. Reply to developer response: One of the benefits of the pro version is having access to themes. I’m sure dark mode is considered a theme.

- It doesn’t do anything

I’d like to know what apps are using what data. No info. And it cost money but any useful features you have to pay more for. Useless.

- Can't live without it

Love it

- Was a good app

Do not like the new subscription model. Especially if you want the small widget in iOS14. Thanks for the ride but I found an new app that lets me pay once and can get a small widget without. I still think the functionality is good for most basic usage tracking but once you want to go more complex, that requires monthly subscription. Again, I’d rather pay up front, even upfront (like $10) for individual features like the small widget.

- Useful for a quick glance at data usage

As long as the widget is installed, usage is very accurate.

- Excellent app

Helped a lot tracking my data usage on phone .... Staying within the limit of phone bill

- Dumb iOS 14 Upgrade

[Response to developers response] Stop trying to advertise your monthly subscription, just implement a one time payment and you’ll get my money. [response end] They just updated their app to iOS 14 and their blocking their smallest widget to the free users. I find this so stupid, they shouldn’t be limiting features like that. I remember when I paid money to upgrade for life and then they changed it to a monthly subscription (and I lost all features I paid for). I’m not gonna be paying monthly, I’d rather pay once and not have to worry about it again. Hope you read this developer.

- Have to pay for an app I already paid for?!

A lot of the features are locked behind a subscription model. This is on top of already paying for the app.

- Widget is broken in iOS 14

Used to work fine in iOS 13. Now it only shows the smiley face ^_^.

- Greed. Leave paid customers to pay more monthly

Edit: Confirm. Apple allows this practice. Apparently developers can do what they want. —————— I bought the Pro and Enterprise versions as well as this used to be called Next. Now, The developer has pulled the 3 off App Store and have this one with monthly subscription for the extra features I had already paid for. And no, the pulled versions have issues especially Enterprise and no support whatsoever but to get this. Even though I can still redo load via Purchased, for now. How generous of the developer to offer a 7-day free trial. Utter greed and take your paid customers for a ride. What gives users reassurance this developer will not pull this move again to get more money after this? All other apps we have that have gone on the subscription model, those developers granted full version to paid customers. No greed there. How can Apple allow this?

- Very inaccurate

This app is incorrect by at least 10%every month and has been off over 25%. It is consistently wrong in it’s usage tracking. Always under reports usage and overages still occur. No use in having it if it doesn’t help me prevent overages

- Piece of garbage

Keep freezing

- 標準好用、


- Really useful

I use this a lot to keep under my data limit. Works well.

- It’s ok, not great

The app under measures the amount of data actually used. For example, iPhone shows I used 850mb, this app shows I used 780mb. For an app that I paid for, I would think it would be more accurate. I like how there are notifications when you use a specific amount of data. There is a subscription option to unlock more features. As of right now, I don’t feel the need to unlock these features. Furthermore, I’m not sure if I would pay for the subscription if the main feature of the app (tracking your data) is not accurate...why would I pay more for features that may or may not work?

- Very easy and great

Very easy and great

- BP

Great & Simple

- Not accurate

I have a 6GB per month allowance. I set DataMan up with this and with the correct reset day. I got a text from my carrier saying I’m at 90% of my limit, and I logged on and verified that on their website. However, dataman says I’ve used ~20% of my allowance... which makes this totally unusable.

- Near Perfect!

You’ve made a perfect app that works!

- Love Data Man

Keep track of our data on the go with Data Man. Awesome app 👍🏻👍🏻

- Stay away if you already have DataMan Pro

You will lose all your pro features unless you pay a subscription!

- Great Simple Clear App!!

Like the simple summary format of this App. Under reports usage a little for me so I have to add some MB usage sometimes. Need to have the ability to reduce usage too if I've added too much MB to compensate. You can only add but not remove MB usage in the app.

- Love this app

A perfect way to keep data use in check. Highly recommended!

- Good, but....

Decent app but the fact that I have to subscribe to get a badge icon is very disappointing. I will delete this app and find one that will not gouge me every month.

- Good app overall

This is a simple but well designed app. Only one thing I found inconvenience is it does not allow you to reduce the data usage. For example, this app does not know if my phone is roaming, so it added all data I consumed towards my regular monthly data limit. However, I purchased roam package from my cellar provider so how much roam data I used does not actually count towards my monthly data plan. I tried to adjust this in app and found you can only add more data but cannot reduce it. It will be greatly appreciated If developer can add small function allowing users to add and subtract current data usage.

- Great App

Been using this for years and still works great.

- Easy to use and Accurate

This App is easy to use and it appears very accurate.

- Data man

Keeps an accurate eye on my data plan. Just what was needed.

- Great app

Perfect way to stay with data limits.

- Great


- All good

Works as advertised....

- Great product

Love the fact that I know exactly how much data I use!! 2nd review since it keeps asking to review it, I'm still using it across a handful of iPhones. Highly recommended.

- Ap

Very good app

- Works excellent

Works great easy to use and very accurate. It gets my recommendation

- Save $. Use this app

This app has saved me huge amounts in potential overage fees. Excellent investment Note that usage should be considered a very good but not 100% accurate reflection of what your telco reports.

- Helps keep the kids in check

Sharing data as a family is difficult at the best of time DataMan keeps everyone playing fair. Great idea for everyone

- Ok

So far so good. Seems fairly accurate or as accurate as I need.


I love it cause I get heads up as to how much data I’ve used which helps me be able to regulate my usage, especially if I’m away from wifi.

- Great app. Work as advertised.

Works as advertised. Almost 2years, no issues.

- Dead on!!!

It does exactly what you expect.

- Dataman

Parfait pour moi

- A great app

It always works and is accurate.

- Does what I need it to

Very quiet app, no issues, well designed.

- Something went wrong.

The app used to work perfectly. It’s been a few bill cycles now that it’s been WAY off. When compared to my carrier’s app which reports data-use in real-time as well as the phone’s internal counter... this app reports about 35% less data use consistently. Dunno what went wrong but I no longer rely on it.

- Very satisfied

App gives me a pics of mind and support responded very efficiently. Will highly recommend to everyone.

- Not accurate

The billing date and data amount were set up correctly and the app is not reporting accurate data usage. The app reports safe forecast (47%) and Rogers is telling me I have used over 90% of data!!!

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- Clean and clear GUI

The GUI is simple. The menu is kinda hard to find. This would be better if the widget also displays used data in mb/gb instead of percentage only.

- Leon Nietzniew

Great product. Use it almost daily, particularly close to refresh date. Saved me many $10 fees!

- Works well!

Just what I need to keep track of my data usage

- Impressive!!

This is REALLY well executed. Beautiful app with a nice layout of information. Works perfectly on my Apple Watch and iPhone 7.

- Works perfectly.

Simply set your start date from your carrier and no more worries about overages.

- Nice Utility

Simple interface, plus a widget. I rarely approach my data limit, but it’s nice to have this app keep track.

- Love this app

Helps me know how much more data is available in my plan. Helped me understand which was the best plan for me and saved me money. Worth buying it!

- Keeps me informed as to data use

It seems to do exactly "as advertised", which is all one can ask for.

- Good app

Has saved me several times from going over my data allotted limit .. good app.

- Gets the job done

Easy to use and accurate. What more do you need? Excellent app

- Keeps track

Accurately so I know how much data I have used and when.

- Excellent app

Does exactly what it says and does it well. I like being able to set the app to my billing period.

- Perfect!

Update: I have used this app for years. It is the best, and the thing I love most about it, you never know it’s there lol! It’s there when you need it, to warn you might be going over, or when your plan is about to roll over. I also LOVE the new Last Jedi look!!!! —————— It does exactly what it is intended for and does it perfectly!!!!

- Great app!

We have it on our whole families phones and it helps a lot

- Great app!

This has been working very well for us. Love knowing where we stand with data.

- Change start/end date needed

My plan doesn’t start the 1st day and end on the last day of the month. There doesn’t seem to be a way to change the start/ end dates, making the application misleading at best

- WOW!! Great app...

Tells you how much of your GB you have used.... and when you are in danger of exceeding your contracted amount... what's not to like?

- Great app

It does everything it says it will very accurate

- Easy to use!

Love this app. It's helping me verify what the mobile operator says in my usage.

- Works well

Use it every two weeks

- How Do I Use This

“They” say its easy but what am I looking at? I see a percentage used but the digits down in corners are just there? Are they used or left over data? I need some clarification!!

- DataMan is simple and useful.

An app that does exactly what I need without a bunch of stuff I don’t need or want. A+++++

- Not for family plans.

I always check if apps can be shared. This one indicated it is supported. However, basic functionality is offered with costly upgrades not included in family sharing. Do. Not. Buy.

- This app rocks!

Helps me budget my data so I never go over

- DataMan

I love this app because it really helps me keep up with my data

- Review

Great app told my wife an son about it an had them download thanks for this app

- Great Help

Would choose again!

- I use it everyday

A great app to keep me aware of my daily and hourly data usage.

- Excellent!

Reliable reporting of data used

- Doesn't match cell data in Settings

I suspect it's because I don't keep it running all the time. Who knows. It was only a dollar.

- Simple, fast, just the info you need


- Reliable

This app is a very helpful and reliable app. my family and I love it.

- Very helpful

This is a convenient, helpful, easy to use app.

- DataMan you are losing your mojo

This App has been awesome in the past. Not so much anymore. It's accuracy has been way off and automatic reset at billing cycle is non existent anymore. I don’t know what happened but it’s not what it use to be. DataMan you are losing your mojo.

- Awesome app!

This app has helped me a lot. Definitely recommend it.

- Very accurate

Very accurate and useful counter!

- Nice little

Works like it should and provides the details i need.

- Don’t waste your money

Once you download it then to get all of the features it promotes you also have to buy. When there are other apps that do this same thing for free.

- Easy, clean, precise

User friendly, easy to configure, clean to read. Awesome app

- Excellent app

Excellent app to check data usage

- Super reliable!


- Jman25

Great App to keep track of cellular data usage

- Works

Handy to have once off the ranch

- Great app

Useful info and very easy to use!

- Great app

Does exactly what you want it to do

- Perfect!

Easiest and best data manager around!

- Simply the best

Just one word great app Does what it says

- Didn't work correctly

I just got a text about my data plan and my data usage was off by about 2GB

- No breakdown by app!

I used to have free version of that app that was showing detail usage by app of 3g and wifi. That stopped working. I upgraded to paid version. And even installed in app add-on for “detail usage” The app is useless now it inly show the total usage per day - there are now way to determine which app is eating data in background. Wasted money...

- Not what I thought.

99c for basically nothing.....all other features are pay-to-play. Don’t waste your money.

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haha yes 🤠

@itsiali dataman is good to track your mobile data usage, costs like $1 though

DataMan - track data usage 14.0 Screenshots & Images

DataMan - track data usage iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

DataMan - track data usage iphone images
DataMan - track data usage iphone images
DataMan - track data usage iphone images
DataMan - track data usage iphone images
DataMan - track data usage iphone images
DataMan - track data usage iphone images
DataMan - track data usage iphone images
DataMan - track data usage iphone images
DataMan - track data usage iphone images
DataMan - track data usage iphone images

DataMan - track data usage (Version 14.0) Install & Download

The applications DataMan - track data usage was published in the category Finance on 2020-10-06 and was developed by Johnny Ixe [Developer ID: 326568233]. This application file size is 3.85 MB. DataMan - track data usage - Finance app posted on 2020-10-06 current version is 14.0 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.xvision.datamannext

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