Clash of the Olympians App Reviews

Clash of the Olympians [Games] App Description & Overview

What is clash of the olympians app? Become a demigod and keep the horde of heathens away from your temple!

Take on the role of one of the mighty Greek heroes and defend your temple against hordes of mythological creatures using a vast array of powerful weapons and godly powers!

Clash of the Olympians highlights:
* Action packed defend the temple game that will test your wits and precision!

* 3 Heroes to choose from: Play as the mighty Heracles, the quick Perseus or the legendary Achilles!

* Face mythological creatures with different abilities! Minotaurs, Gorgons, Harpies and more!

* Train your hero! Upgrade his weapons and grant him special powers! Each hero has his own arsenal so choose wisely!

* Arcade style rewards! Show off your skill by performing head shots, multi-kills, quick kills and more!

So what are you waiting for! The hordes of Hades are approaching and only you can stop them!

Bring'em ON!

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How to contact Clash of the Olympians (Ironhide S.A.)?
Find this site the customer service details of Clash of the Olympians. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Clash of the Olympians Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Clash of the Olympians Version 1.212 October 2015

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. Fixed crash on startup with iOS9.

Clash of the Olympians Comments & Reviews 2022

- Not terrible

I think that this game is pretty decent but I agree with most of the other reviews it needs an aiming reticle or dotted line and a couple more hero’s plus the balancing between Achilles, Hercules, and Perseus is terrible I have always be n a fan of the Ironhide games and saga so I’m hopeful no it gets an update soon but overall it’s not terrible.

- What a terrible game

Everyone is right: it’s the aim issue. And If you lose, unlike other games like these, you don’t keep the earned gold. So you’re stuck firing perfectly but missing over and over while you have to replay the same level over and over just to hope that it finally shoots the lightning lizard dude enough times so you can pass. Games that you pay for should feel more rewarding than this. “Let’s take what we saw on old school flash games but someone make it worse and not enjoyable.” This game would be fine if you could keep the XP you got from slaying enemies and then upgrade until you can beat the levels. At least the poor aim makes sense using this upgrade mechanic. But you can’t. No way to replay old levels to earn XP.

- An addicting game that is fun

I love the game but some enemies are frustrating to kill and the game sometimes crashes when I go into full screen. Overall I would say the game is a wise choice.

- Hard for phone

The Easter eggs and pop culture references which you’ve grown to expect from the Kingdom Rush series are not there. Aiming is difficult on a phone and there is little consistency in where your arrows or spears fly. It’s worth a dollar if you’re bored, but not up to the quality of their other games. Buy the Space Marines title or KingdomRush titles instead.

- Aiming is horrendous and frustrating

I think there are two reasonable things that need to occur for this to be a 3 star time waster: 1. Aim needs to be consistent. You can swipe in the same place, in the same way, but produce projectiles going in three different directions. 2. Hit enemies at point blank range. Related to #1, if an enemy is right in front of you, and you have no way to actually attack that enemy without frustratingly swiping at the screen like a confused monkey, that's a massive issue. You'll notice both of my problems are related to aiming. Why? Because it is (quite literally) the only playable interaction you have with the game. You had one job, and you failed. One star for not figuring out a mechanic that has been mastered on the iOS for nearly 10 years now.

- Lots of fun!

Don't listen to the mediocre reviews guys give this game a try it gets better and more fun the more you get in to it and it doesn't take long before you're hooked! All am asking for the makers of this game to make it longer deeper add a story or simply make a sequel! :)

- Pretty fun.

I have beat this game a good number of times. It isn't very balanced, as some classes are much better than others. The final boss is far too easy. I can easily beat him with full health, but off you take one hit, you are nearly dead. The final levels are far harder than the boss. Even without balance this game process to be pretty fun.

- Better control as you go along

I hear what the other reviewers are saying about aiming and control issues. At the beginning it is pretty frustrating but as you go along and power up aiming becomes crisper. It is a fun game worth some play and I think if iron hide makes a sequel they could do a lot with it and make it great.

- Terrible

Good concept but I wish I would have saved the $1. Spent about and hour playing and this is a good concept but it's no angry birds on an iPhone. I can slide in the same spot twice and arrows go in different spots. Add an option for a dotted line so you can track where the spears etc go....maybe fun on the iPad but phone is terrible...deleted...loved all the kingdom rush which is why I tried this.

- Great Game, but freezes constantly

I love playing this game. I realize that it freezes often. Please game developers fix the freezing bug. I have to close and open the app several times.

- Great but needs work

Please make the game have more parts I completed it in a day played every hero every way and maxed out so please add more heroes or events. It’s a great game just needs more work :)

- Super fun, chill game.

It’s pretty chill once you get the hang of it. Honestly a pretty easy game, some characters/powers are definitely harder to use than others though. I love the tie-in to Greek Mythology!

- Fun!

I really like this game. It's simple, challenging at times, and fun to play. I would love to see an update with more characters and upgrades to try. Maybe even a survival mode? I think this game has potential to be even more fun

- Aiming

This used to be one of the most enjoyable flash games out there on the pc, but on mobile it leaves one thing to be desired. I need an aiming reticle or something similar. With the game the way it is its nearly unplayable. Aiming is unpredictable and nearly impossible. I need some king of targeting system or trajectory path. Other than that it's another fun game from Ironhide Studios, and if I get my aim system this review will change to 5 stars

- The best $0.99 I've spent in a while!

This is one of the games where, when you lose, you think to yourself "ok that's fair, I'll try this other approach next time..."

- Awesome Game

This game is lots of fun however l would like an update, if a couple more heroes were added with some more content then that would be great!

- Pathetic

Having played the rest of Ironhide games, this was a clear disappointment. I am not even sure why they are promoting it when the rest of the games are such better quality. Simplistic game play, just keep hurling stuff until your fingers are tired. Very poor control of trajectory. Just pointless. Only paid a $1 but even that was disappointing.

- Addicting

Both fun and frustrating but overall addicting. I hope for an update soon.

- Meh

At the moment I'm pretty sad I spent 0.99 on this game. I think it's normally more! I would play this game for free but phew like I paid money for it! I feel like it's better on pc. Playing on iphone6. Could be more balanced maybe and aiming is frustrating with certain characters. Whatever, gaaaay game. Huuuge fan of kingdom rush games.

- After twenty minutes there is nothing left to do

20 minutes with this game and you have exhausted all its entertainment value. There are no further achievements to uncover and nothing new to see or try. Ironhide makes other games that are deep and rich and wonderful, but this is not in their league.

- Terrible mechanics

I expected a decent game out of the company that brought kingdom rush but this is horrendous. There is no consistency in aiming in this game and you can aim at the same target and expect a different result for each throw. If I were you, don’t waste your money on this game you’ll just get frustrated.

- Nice

The game is about learning the arc of the throw. The art style lends itself to almost anything, doesn't it? More great games like this please!

- Solid Game

Good game - all the complaints about the aim have little merit, I personally don't think it's that hard.

- Beyond lame

I loved all the kingdom rush game. I gave this one a try. No strategy is required. All you do is swipe the screen to the right. Since I'm right handed, my hand blocks the enemy the whole time. I tried using my left hand. I didn't like it either. Very disappointed.

- Fun but not worth money

Really good animation fun concept but way to easy to completely finish the game if you add a more expansive upgrade tree for your hero’s and maybe like two more Greek hero’s and double the length of the campaign the game could be great

- Great app...

I love this app, very enjoyable. No problems so far. Good to kill time. I definitely recommend.

- Fun game

A great “I’m on the phone and looking for something to do with my hands” game

- Really fun

Kill a lot of subway time with this app

- Crashing

I’ve had this game 10 minutes and it’s crashed 7 times iphone 11

- Would be great if it didn’t freeze all the time

Please fix the freezing

- Fun game, would like more variety in characters to play and settings to play in!

A nice quick distraction

- Fun but repetitive

If you liked Angry Birds, then chances are you'll like this

- Crashes often :(

Good game; lacks polish compared to other titles by this publisher.

- Amazing

I have loved this for three years so good

- This game is horrible

I am very disappointed about this game after playing the kingdom rush series. It is a waste of my money. If you considering on getting this, DON'T. Take my word for it is a game that is not fun and the gameplay is bad.

- Keeps crashing

This is a fun game. But it keeps crashing. That’s a pain.

- Yes

Gotta love games made by ironhide. This and kingdom rush are the best. Can't wait for more!

- Very Disappointing

Can’t hold a candle to their other games. Don’t waste your dollar.

- I like iron horse

This game would be fun if the aiming was addressed, I can only play as Hercules, his massive boulders hit everything and bounce (much easier). At least I supported a good company.

- Waste of a Dollar

Terrible. You can't play long. You quickly get to a point that you can't beat the enemy and then there's nothing else to do.

- More heroes

Needs more heroes and some different game modes.

- Good

Love the style that iron hide brings... It was a short game but fun.. Want to see much more from them

- Just fun

Nothing to complicated. Just fun.

- Bottom Line

If this game was free I still might not recommend downloading it. It's a letdown. Bad controls, boring gameplay (if you could consider it that), and unimaginative. Not worth it.

- Fun

Aiming can be challenging but that is what makes this game fun.

- Decent

Fun but it constantly crashes. Not the crispest cleanest controls either but hey it’s an iPad

- It’s good

The game is really fun and good

- Skip it. Not worth .99¢

Wonky Game, could be fun, but it crashes a lot.

- Fun

Good for quick fun

- Crap

Aiming is terrible, and really minotaurs? First you cant aim, second you can obly hit their heads? Wow this game is bad dont waste your money

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- Nice for a few minute gameplay

Nice game with progressive skills and different Heroes, although can be very hit and miss when trying to hit some enemies. Found it fun for a few minutes then became bored due to missing enemies issue...

- Disappointing, no depth and frankly boring!

I’ve bought all of the other games and so thought I’d try this despite the bad reviews. It’s not the worth the money. Disappointing, no depth and frankly boring!

- S

Very interesting game. Playing since 2013

- worst game of iron hide

Very hard to aim, Enemies are much harder to target than it looks like neither wings nor legs can get hit, and where u shot is not where u aim at. Not worth at all.

- Real bad

Brought this game hoping it would be as good as other iron hide game but it's just bad.

- just a little tweak will do

The thing you need to fix is the aiming as i found it annoying when they were attack my temple and when i aimed at them the weapon would miss them so i if you fix it i will give it five stars and i like the idea of the game just please fix the aiming

- Should have never been released.

This was the last of the Ironhide games that I was yet to buy but I wish that I never had. I almost never get paid apps either but the frontier games managed to draw me with their considered gaming experience. The game is the opposite of that and it actually makes me think twice before getting anything from ironhide again. Go buy their other games, they are gold standard as far as iOS strategy games go.

- Needs more updates but good

Good game but needs maybe an aim line, more heroes and possibly a way to redo old stages. :P

- Perseus

Clash of Olympians is a spectacular game and I can't feel my fingers because I can't stop playing it!

- worth playing

Worth playing

- Good fun great pedigree

This game is good fun and made by one of the best game makers EVER but please PLEASE make an iPad version and if you could put it in sale for the release thnx

- -.-

This is one of the worst games ive played the lack of stamina to fire i upgraded to level five and got the same amount of shots and it refilled at the same rate as level one the aim and fire is exceedingly inconsistant Extremely hit and miss game...

- Great game

Sick game, get it, not as good as kingdom rush though, possibly needs more Hero's. 😄 over all great game 👍

- Not worth it

I will keep it short 1. Repetitive game play 2. Controls are stupidly hard 3. Disappointing game, compared to their other one 4. Needs a LOT more updates to even make it fun.

- I had fun :)

Not as good as Kingdom Rush though.

- Eh? This?

Eh? This from the developer of Kingdom Rush, probably the best TD game ever made? Has a frustrating control scheme and is iPhone only. Hoping their next one is better.

- Did I just pay for this?

From the makers of one of my favourite games - Kingdom Rush. I bought this assuming it would be somewhat enjoyable. It was not. Boring and repetitive.

- Big let down

It sucked the aiming was bad the upgrades are terrible n it should not be classified as a td ohh n the stamina wow horrible

- So good

I love this game a lot

- Fun game

Its a fun game

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- Not too hard

Easy mindless game to pass time

- The controls make no sense

It’s impossible to hit anything and ironhide should stick to tower defence not 2d shoots defence

- Glitches way to much

I’m an iPhone XS user and it glitches when I’m half way through a battle and it gets annoying when that happens every second or third battle but other wise it’s a good game.

- So fun

This game is awesome. I love anything Ironhide makes! Bring on the space marines!!

- Needs tweaking

Still too hard too soon. Started 3 games with 3 olympians and stuck on every one.

- good game

cool concept and time filler

- Yah


- Très intéressant !

Un vrai jeu pour passer le temps !

- Poorly Balanced

This game is poorly balanced and not fun. Super frustrating.

- Whaaaaat?

What ? Unbelievable one of the best arcade games available, very entertaining and a great sense if humour and mythology! Well done keep it up! A hand for ironhide!

- Need tweaking

Good concept, but became way too difficult after 10 minutes. Waste of money.

- Bought because I liked kingdom rush, regret.

The game isn't nearly as refined, and it thought it'd be tower defense, but this is more similar to angry birds, except it just isn't nearly as good. Regret it.

- lame

hard to believe this company made this lame game

- Expected something different.

I was expecting a game more like kingdom rush, a typical tower defence like game. But it is very difficult and annoying to be constantly flicking the screen to kill the monsters, and it is impossible to to keep and accuracy. It's more like a horrible angry birds ripoff. I wouldn't recommend this one, but do check out their other games!

- Should be 5 stars, just a few tweaks needed

As soon as they fix the close range aiming issue where your arrows and spears go right through the enemy when they are at extreme close range, I'm good. It's an awesome game otherwise. But that one problem really ruins the fun of the game and makes you rage quit instead. :)

- Gives Ironhide a bad name...

Game is poorly balanced and seems rushed out the door. Graphically, is on par with Kingdom Rush, but game play and progressions very poorly executed. As other reviewers have said, the game get impossibly hard suddenly, with no way to get past it. Would be better if your character get some experience even with a loss, so eventually you might the upgrades necessary to pass the level. At this state, you need almost perfect skill and perfect upgrades to pass. Overall poor game and not up to the quality expected of this developer.

- Excellent Start

The game is very fun to get into but the game choices are limited and the difficulty progresses to quickly with the poor aiming system, it's difficult to get out the fast shots you need and aiming at the close attackers is hard to do with small amount of finger space. But I'm sure the game will fix their problems and increase the game content.

- Great game...

Great game but you should be able to be a different demigod. Please add another demigod

- Disappointing

I loved both Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontier. I was looking forward to another fun and entertaining game from Ironclad but this game became too hard too fast. I didn't make it past Level 7! The aiming system was also awkward and hard to use. Please update!

- Not what I was expecting

I thought it like kingdom rush with towers and all that It is still a good game but a little hard to aim

- Great game

Tons of fun and not as difficult as everyone else says! I beat it in 2 days it was fun. Wish there were more levels and bosses maybe some god powers you could use

- Amazing

This game is really nice! It is not very long to do everything, but pretty cool to play

- Good hard game

Aiming system a bit hard to master and the only way i got to finish the game was with the fire spears. Fun game though would like to see more lvls and characters

- Fun and challenging, well worth the price.

This game was great. Lots of gameplay value for only $0.99 and a learning curve that actually changes the player, around wave 14/15.

- Review


- Cool

It's a fun game and I like the use of Greek mythology in it. The graphics are good and so is the concept. I wish they would add more characters like Odysseus or Jason. It's great but I think there needs to be more characters.

- FUN!!!

I don't get all the bad reviews about it being to hard because I have beat the game with every character twice ( the two different special moves for every character) and I have had it for a day so sorta too easy but you should add more characters!

- Great


- This is bad

After stage 5 it becomes bacially impossible and the aming system is bad. I fell as though this was a cash grab nothing more to help frontiers(kingdomrush which is great)

- Need more levels

Awesome game it's fun tho I wish there are more levels and more ability as it goes on

- Almost perfect

Awesome game, but it'd be even more awesome if there were re-playable levels, or some infinite ones after completing the main game. Once a player has acquired all these satisfyingly destructive powers, the only option is to start over from the beginning.

- Fun game!

This is a great game. It's easy to pick up for a few minutes and play a couple levels... or try to beat a couple levels. It's a little harder to put down. Some skill choices make the game a little more challenging which is fun. There's been some QQing about how difficult the game gets so quickly. Nonsense! Is just a matter of aiming better, managing your stamina better, or choosing upgrades differently. That is the limit to the strategy, however. I do wish the final boss was harder. It shouldn't be compared to Kingdom Rush as it's a completely different genre. It's a fun, easy way to spend a dollar and some time.

- Good

Not as great as kingdom rush

- Review

I think that it is a greatly thought out game and is realy fun to play you rock if you play it

- Great game!

But needs more improvement

- Olympians

This is a very good game but needs a some tweaking

- Very Dissapointed

What a disappointment! Why would you waste your time on this game? It's just like every other crappy game out there. No imagination, no creativity, no thought put into it. Why would you not put all your effort into creating more for Kingdom Rush. That game is brilliant, one of the best games out there. I was so excited to see a new Ironhide game on here, now I'm just bitter and angry that I paid $0.99 for it. This game feels like a money grab. Suckering all the Kingdom Rush lovers in who believed you would put out another epic game. Even a spin off of KR. But no, we are left with waisting our time and money. Disappointed

- Fun times

Please keep updating it and adding / balancing the game

- You"ll love this!

Lots of fun, I don't regret buying however more characters and the option to recover to pass a level would be great,

- Disappointed

Expected a better game from iron hide studios.

- Needs tweaking

Its a fun and good looking game but the difficulty level needs to be tweaked a little. This game becomes VERY difficult all of a sudden and its almost impossible to go forward with the game.

- Interesting...

When I saw this I was hesitating to buy but then I realized it was made from the people who made kingdom rush, so I quickly bought it, especially since it involved Greek mythology (Inlove with Greek mythology) I was quickly disappointed with the game itself. It was fun at first, but then it go difficult way to quickly due to the weird aiming system. You would usually find yourself very overwhelmed with all of the enemies coming at you at once, and just end up losing. It's not a bad game itself, because I can see the potential very well, it's just some problems in the game which make it difficult to actually get into the game all I can say is see if you can fix the aiming system, and add more to the game, story, characters, weapons etc. they way they did everything with kingdom rush was so well done, I'm sure this game will become one of the best with future updates to come! But, all in all. Good game with a learning curve, but will get better with updates!

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Clash of the Olympians iphone images
Clash of the Olympians iphone images
Clash of the Olympians iphone images
Clash of the Olympians iphone images
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The applications Clash of the Olympians was published in the category Games on 2013-01-16 and was developed by Ironhide S.A. [Developer ID: 558612918]. This application file size is 72.27 MB. Clash of the Olympians - Games app posted on 2015-10-12 current version is 1.2 and works well on IOS 5.1.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ironhidegames.clashoftheolympians