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Iron Marines Invasion RTS Game Game Description & Overview

What is iron marines invasion rts game app? Discover and conquer countless worlds across deep space. Unravel a story full of challenges and threats that will lead you across the galaxy on an extraordinary voyage.

Nothing lasts long in deep space, and peace is not an exception!
Welcome to Iron Marines: Invasion!

Enjoy unique stage missions and special operations in exciting new worlds, each one with its own particular terrain, style, enemies, and conditions. Learn how to beat them one by one!

Command the Federation’s troops across the galaxy, with the aid of Heroes & Units that will allow you to boost your RTS game skills to the limit.

Battle extraordinary enemies and ferocious alien creatures in fun and electrifying missions. Plan your strategy to defend the peace in the galaxy!

For all Iron Marines & SciFi action fans who get the kicks of offline RTS games and strategy games. Become the tactical specialist you’re meant to be by leading your own army in thrilling, mind-blowing missions.

The invasion is at our gates!
Lead the fiercest combat corps across the galaxy. Fight side by side with the Federation’s toughest Marines!

Now you can combine your squad and take advantage of each Unit’s unique fighting skills: from rangers to snipers, mechas, missile launchers, or fearsome alien warrior clans.

Train jaw-dropping heroes and their useful abilities: from boosting up your army’s morale and firepower to increase their stamina and reach, or detecting upcoming enemies before they attack you. Help them join the fight to keep peace among the worlds!

Become an expert on the galaxy’s biggest mysteries!

Use an in-game Encyclopedia to understand the worlds you explore or identify the enemies you face. Take advantage of the tactical info available to configure your strategic game plan.

Check all the amazing features of this real-time strategy space odyssey:
- An entire galaxy to be discovered.
- 25+ campaign missions that will take you to the most incredible worlds. Tons of planets for you to explore and defend by planning a tight strategic game plan!
- 75+ special operations for you to upgrade your Marine abilities to the peak level.
- 10 Unit groups for a total of 24 different troops. You can even combine your backup depending on the mission and strategy you’re planning to deploy.
- 9 powerful heroes with strong skills for you to train. Help them become the Galaxy’s finest!
- 8 Special Weapons to boost your army tactics to the stars! Set your game plan and take advantage of instant weapons like bouncers, toxic bombs, or even drone factories.
- 40 Upgrades to improve your strategy and empower your units with defense drones, napalm rockets, ricocheting blasts and much more.
- 20+ Achievements to show how much of a real-time strategy expert you’ve become!

Choose your difficulty mode for the best rts games experience: Casual, Normal, or Veteran. And if you think you’ve seen it all across the galaxy… the impossible mode - only for the elite players, available offline!

Prove yourself in daily challenges and collect amazing rewards.

Play rts games offline: Enjoy the awesome real-time strategy experience anywhere, as you explore incredible worlds.

Iron Marines Invasion will give you hours of colorful, fun gameplay in this epic real-time strategy space odyssey, available to play RTS offline game.

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App Name Iron Marines Invasion RTS Game
Category Games
Updated 15 December 2022, Thursday
File Size 706.11 MB

Iron Marines Invasion RTS Game Comments & Reviews 2023

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HUGE problem, SIMPLE solution. You need to split the sounds button into two separate buttons, namely one for sound effects (shooting etc.) and one for voice lines. In the game's current state, you can't turn off the repetitive voice lines. This is irritating. It has been an issue with all of the Ironhide games. Easy fix on the devs' part! Then, I would give this game and all the rest 5 stars.

Fun, game felt a bit rushed. The game is fun. There’s no denying it, but I have three problems. 1. The game feels rushed - there’s a plethora of spelling errors in the text and some character descriptions that end mid-sentence. It feels like someone forgot to proofread everything. 2. The game has massive paywalls. I get that the franchise likes to have expensive bonus characters or towers (in the case of kingdom rush) but I’d be much more likely to shell out a few bucks if it was possible to earn the rewards through grinding challenges and a dollar or two could speed that up. 3. The end game feels a lot more thrown together. The last game had missions for each level that challenged you in different ways. In this one they re-skin the same 5 challenges in every “bonus level” Like I said, fun game, but has a few glaring problems that may keep me from buying the next ironhide game.

RTS Masters!!! Invasion reigns supreme!. If you played Iron Marines and had some fun well, this game will take you higher. It is truly a step up the the team’s evolution of game development/production. There is more of everything. This game has cut scenes that can bring your mind even further into the galactic story to explore. Impressive game once again! Hit the Gas!

5 steps forward 10 steps back. I played the original game. Gameplay wise it’s okay in most ways, improved compared the original. The main issue arises from the sheer amount of greed they have with the “in app purchases.” While most of them are unnecessary (e.g unobtainable extra heroes),the ability feature from the first game however was made into a sort of consumable cash shop which was quite lame in my opinion. They should’ve just priced the game at 5-15 dollars and let players have the ability to unlock most heroes/troops rather than putting it under a paywall. If you’re a new player I recommend the first game (also one dollar) before trying this, however be warned that it’ll make the flaws of the sequel much more apparent and frustrating.

Tower Defense RTS. Does not get better than Iron Hide Studios from both Iron Marines (just started playing Invasion) to all Kingdom Rush games (the original still might be my favorite). All great fun but change settings and you need crazy tactical skills and some luck to grab a victory. I’ve cleared hundreds on Veteran Mode but a few still get me. This might be the priciest game yet but the detail, depth and polish is already evident. I’ve bought everything these guys have put out, more than once even, and would again. They are great at what they do. Start with the OG Kingdom Rush imho.

Best RTS Game on Mobile. It’s definitely better than it’s predecessor. This game is a must have for your mobile along the other games made by Ironhide. It’s has an Almanac actually called a Database that gives info on units and enemies. I’ve been playing Ironhide Game Studios’ games for years. Played the original Kingdom Rush when flash was still a thing and I was in elementary school than.

Just accept its a $20 game.. To all those complaining about cost, the product is correctly priced. Star rating should reflect the product value, not cost. Ironhide delivered in a big way. It feels like this game is what they envisioned when they made the first Iron Marines. Haven’t played the whole game, can’t imagine it will get worse.

Pew! Pew! Fire that fun gun!. Ironhide studios has ripped off another hit! I love these peeps because they obviously love and care about what they do. The little details and craftsmanship these developers put into each of their games is amazing. Thank you for another banger! High fives and hugs all around!

Franchise. When you have something that everyone wants, you make more of it. Eventually that thing evolves and becomes something beyond your wildest dreams, that’s what they have done with these games. And every time they release a new one? It only gets better and better. Thanks guys please don’t stop making these games :)

an improvement in most areas. the gameplay is almost all improved from the original except for the side quests. They used to be really fun and unique but now they’re just kind of repetitive and the same. I do have some other minor complaints but they’re just nitpicks. Great game.

Good but something’s missing. Feels like it’s missing the speed and charm of the previous games. Missions seem to end awkwardly. Feels sluggish. Almost feels like different devs made part of it, like it’s missing the level of detail and care of previous games. I still love it, It’s good but just not to the level of the other iterations. It’s playing in the same space but not evolving. These games are my all time favorites. I love them… just a bit disappointed so far with this but I might have had really high expectations.

Fantastic Game!. Very approachable and yet challenging when playing on veteran. I suggest playing on veteran if you have ever played and RTS game before. To the developer, please consider adding a way to scroll with the Magic Trackpad 2. Sliding with two fingers to scroll the map. It would be super helpful. Looking forward to more content! Update: iCloud function is broken. Cannot start game on another device and load a cloud save. It forces the game to be started from scratch and won’t load a cloud save.

A decent sequel. I’d like to say I’m enjoying it right now, and like the new units are all unique. But the problem is why didn’t the old ones stay? I enjoyed the first game and beat it on veteran, and loved almost every single unit the game could offer. But in this one, idk the units don’t feel the same, like all the units no longer have that depth, when the upgrade mechanic FOR each individual unit is just gone. The enemies I enjoyed fighting and that were difficult to fight aren’t here, other than the Raad. Like the fell and ascendar are just gone. I get you can play as them, but you have to pay money for the periphods or whatever you call them. All in all at the end of this rant, is basically this game is good but alot of the things I liked about the first one ESPECIALLY the old Federation units are gone.

Iron Marines FTW. I played the heck out of the first Iron Marines game, and I can already tell I’ll be doing the same thing with this one. These are such fun little games. There’s a great selection of units for you to choose from, and the heroes so far are cool. Scenarios are interesting. And the artwork and animations are beautiful. Great fun.

A decent Ironhide entry. Invasion is a typical Ironhide game, filled with a lot of love from the devs and a couple new features and the micro transactions we all know about. I’m partial to the randomly generated special operations missions, it adds some replayability to the game in addition to the ability to replay story missions. The new units do feel smoother, and I’m enjoying the game so far!

Always killing it!. I have played every Ironhide game that they have out out, they are my favorite game developer and I would recommend these games to anyone. They are fun, imaginative, the character design is dope, and the game play is super engaging! I always look forward to see what they are coming out with next!

Definitely has room for improvement. The game graphics are nice in general. There are just sad facts about this app. The units which can be bought in the game are nice in strength, though the sad fact is competition in the app is just still tough to manage. Free heroes in the game are not too strong, which brings some disadvantages. The reason why I took two stars off is because the devs have created the graphics in such a way which content is ‘rattling’, which is basically not good for the eyes. The second star is taken off due to the fact that there are flashing lights when earnings are given and tasks are completed. This is definitely not a good thing for a user which lives though epilepsy in their life. An update should definitely be done to take care of such a thing.

Great game. So far I am seriously enjoying the game. Ironhide continues to deliver fantastic games that keep you engaged till the very end. I recommend trying out all of their games if you enjoy the strategy genre. My only complaint, which should get patched in the future is: the game keeps crashing. My game has crashed over 10 times by now, and it’s pretty annoying. It happens in the middle of levels (or near the end), and I lose all of my progress, I gain no xp, and I have to do it all over again. Please patch this soon because the game is a lot of fun. Can’t wait to unlock impossible mode

Another masterpiece……but wait. My beginning complaints would be the dropgun. Kind of a shame that we don’t get it as a basic ability anymore. Feels like a straight nerf to gameplay. Which is extremely bad for a sequel. You should never take away something without replacing it. And you guys just added it to the item store which imma be honest, most people don’t use that crap. It’s a cash grab mechanic made to get you used to bonuses heavily reliant on repetition to obtain. And this game is worth $2 let’s be real. This is not an upgrade above the original. And it’s more expensive…….if you gave us multiple good heroes and units right from the start instead of trying to make $50 from a phone game that will get you 20 hours of gameplay max……do you lot realize with live service games $60 can get you 1000 hours of gameplay. This was the most blatant abuse of a fan base in recent years. I’m ashamed.

I played it again and…really enjoy it!. I revised my score from 3 to 5 stars; I received a decent pre-order bonus (not on day of release but eventually) which was some credits and helpful drops you can deploy; I was hoping they would throw in a hero for free. No worries though as I am enjoying this one a lot. Ironhide delivers again on the gameplay. Minor criticism is the lack of some refinement compared to previous games in terms of text editing; it feels a little rushed. I’m hoping that comes through in a future patch. Maybe also have a nice sale on a pack of heroes? I am glad to see “Red Dragon” (the “Blue Dragon” counterpart from the original iron marines); if I get both Red and Blue Dragon do I get a “Double Dragon” achievement? XD

Activation Errors, IAPs. Keeps giving icloud activation errors and I don’t use icloud…. Constant pop ups asking if I want to enable notifications. Long time kingdom rush fan, don't really like the direction ironhide studio is going with all of the nagware and in app purchases in their new games. Just give the option to buy the full game and all “extras” for a higher price to make your long time players happy, then have the free version with all of the annoyances and in app purchases. Simple, isn’t it?

Truly amazing.. I have almost every single ironhide game, and none have been worse then great. The art and entertainment ability is amazing. One thing I would like this game to add is possibly a better tutorial. First, when I started playing I had no idea what strategy to use. Other then that, a truly amazing game by iron hide. ggs, and thank you.

Loving it so far:). Wish they had a larger campaign type game instead of missions with maps so you can build and keep a base for more then one mission but I still like it… also really didn’t like that all the cool units I saw in the preview THE WHOLE REASON I BOUGHT THE GAME!!!! you have to pay EXTRA FOR!!!!! Sooo scummy!! This is the FIRST game I’ve ever actually bought and I play a TON of app games… just the free ones and even thou I REALLY REALLY didn’t like the units that I wanted to be extra ( like as much or MORE the the game itself!!!! ) I’m still in joying it…. So far

Absolutely a step up from its predecessor. Has added replay value and a somewhat satisfying progression with upgrades and characters. Just wish they had a tap to move feature instead of the drag to move. Also wish they had voice overs in other languages, I’ll hold one star for being nitpicky but it’s definitely 5star worthy

Another stellar release from Ironhide. Well worth every penny. It’s great to have a game company that treats its customers with respect. There’s a ton of content in this release, and I’m happy to pay for additional heroes when it’s not a pay to win franchise.

One of the best out there!. Fun game! Loved the first one and this is no exception. Would like maybe missions that were a little longer. Missions that feel like the tower defense games this was made from and maybe fortress assault missions that take more then just a couple powerful squads to clear. Over all this game series is one of my favorite I’ve ever played but there’s a little room for improvement. Over all tho a must for anyone that enjoys strategy games!

Great game great game creators!!!. From playing the first games you guys released kingdom rush to the newest ones and playing the original iron marines you guys always find a way to bring a experience well worthy of the price tho I realize that the games and in app purchases do cost money I think that it’s a fair amount and for such a good and creative creation they don’t ask very much if you enjoy the game you shouldn’t be mad about supporting live the new additions to the sequel and looking forward to future updates and even more squads hopefully? Keep up the great work !!!

Great sequel. It’s still new so there aren’t as many heroes but with the addition of various troops to use it’s a nice change of pace. I’m excited to see everything that gets added over the course of this games life cycle. Absolutely love ironhide, they make the best games

Best Game Yet!. This iron marines game is much better than the original. Better art, better hero’s better mechanics. Better story. This game is plain awesome. From more troops to more levels to more enemies this game has it all. This is the best game you guys have made. Keep up the good work Ironhide!

Awesome!. I wouldn’t expect anything less from ironhide. This is a great sequel with tons of customization and numerous new troops. I just hope Ironhide continues to develop more games of this quality. Also I have everything this studio ever has released and I am never disappointed.

Yet another excellent game. Ironhide can’t seem to miss, and this is an big leap from the first Iron Marines. I cleared this game a while back, but I still come back and play a few levels each day. Can’t wait for the next one.

I’m digging. I preordered this because I’ve liked all the iron hide games so much. It’s even more fun than the iron marines game in my opinion though very similar. Almost through the campaign now. I’ll probably go back through on insane mode when I finish.

A sequel out of this world!. Ever sense the first game I’ve been in love with the developers and the games they produce, from the stories, the characters, and the settings. Although my only gripe is that most of the heros and units are locked behind a paywall but I understand that its just business, regardless of micro transactions, there is no better game/franchise I’d play while on the go, I definitely recommend this game to anyone who enjoys strategy games, while your at it try the original iron marines as it still holds up today!

Fun, could use more at the end.. Cool to explore the lore and upgrade along the way. Latter battles left a little to be desired. Wanted more base-building, especially in the end. Final few stages felt underwhelming and lackluster. Also felt another vital improvement would be more to interact with each level-ether ups, max troops, friendly aliens. A big part of the fun is the struggle getting super OP but there’s just not enough in most levels to ever feel like you get there. Also, as you probably know, putting heroes AND troops behind a paywall is not cool. Took joy out of the experience for sure.

High quality in every way. I’ve put in about 10 hours now and I’m very happy with this game. It has high production quality, good interface, good music, and the IAP is well balanced. Congrats to the devs, this is a very well made game!

I LOVE IRONHIDE SO MUCH. All their games are just SO PERFECT! I played every single game and I love them more than any PC game I’ve ever played besides Age of mythology. The art style is amazing! The story is good, it’s not as good as their Kingdom rush games but it’s still good and you can tell the game was made by IRONHIDE because of how good and solid it is. It’s a shame there’s no mobile game that can even compare to IRONHIDE games. They raised the bar soo high.

Pretty good for a cash grab. It’s a solid game mostly and definitely fun. Unfortunately the difficulty Ramos up very fast and soon you realize your base game purchase isn’t going to be enough. Yeah they say “the game is designed to be completed without making purchases” but come on… Nobody believes that. Not with the extreme amount of IAPs that play on gamers frustrations. There are things you must pay for now that you didn’t in the first Iron Marines, and there is a tremendous amount of repetition needed to earn credits to buy power ups or supports. I get that they should earn for their hard work making this game, but there is far too much reliance on IAPs. I’d rather have paid $10 for a game with less reliance on IAPs and more content like hero’s who can actually perform well enough to make a difference in battle. Instead you must rely heavily on underpowered supports bought with credits earned from “special missions” played over and over and over. Just balance it out better guys, please?

F2P is fun but hard. Free to play is obviously harder than the campaign if you pay but that’s how it is with games by this developer, the best of the best characters or towers and stuff are available for money. It is a bit infuriating at times but i understand it for the most part. Though my main complaint is that they took the same approach as they did in their tower defense game with the dark wizard as the main character and put some of the units behind pay walls. There should be, in my opinion, a level or two where you have free access to the pay wall heroes/units, so that you can play with the unit but have it not count toward any objective, kind of like a sandbox area. For instance, i want to use the dragon but i don’t know if i wanna buy it or not due to their play style, so I would try them in sandbox. Something like that would greatly benefit the developers if they continue with this type of approach, where the stronger towers/units and heroes are behind paywalls, but the free characters still have the ability to complete the campaign. Still a good game though

Wonderful Game. I love this game. I’ve been playing Ironhide games for a while. One request I have for the developers is that they don’t slow the content that comes out and maybe stick with the game for longer than a year or two and add new/game changing updates, rather than adding new characters that you can buy. For example, adding several new challenges/missions/story-lines. I’m sure that’s a lot to ask, but these games become addictive and easy to beat within a week. I think making it difficult and more customizable would be awesome. Overall, it’s such an amazing game and I’m loving it!

Awesome. I love the first game and now I even love the second one better this is so much improvement to it and with the new units available I wanna continue playing this game so much I hope it keeps updates and all that I know a it will be a while before we even get one but but until then I’m going to join this game as much as I want as I play through it.

It’s okay. Definitely not worth the five dollars I paid. Now, maybe I'm biased. This is my first RTS and I'm more into strategy where you can think. But I like the art style and some of the mechanics. However this game went wrong in a few places (I’m only a few levels in, but I'm not really going to talk much about the gameplay). The only gameplay mechanic I don't like is environmental hazards (I.e. Meteors on the volcano planet) they came too fast and designated my forces. It's hard to move them out of the way. But the part I really didn't like was: I spent five dollars on a game where almost half of the squads and most of the heroes are in app purchase. No free way to get them. That really limits my abilities and makes the game feel like it has less content

IronHide Always Makes Good Stuff. I’ve played all the Kingdom Rush and Iron Marine games. This developer is solid and produces good games with single player campaigns that work great on a smart phone and pretty much no PTW. They sell additional characters to make things fun and interesting, but they are not required to complete the game.

Great as usual but... The game has the consistent quality, the artwork and attention to detail is there but some of the missions are a bit underwhelming. I would rather have less missions that are great. The story is fun and I loved the new characters. Also ..earned Tech credits become useless at the end. Perhaps make the tech credits exchangeable for something else. By the way ..Where’s that Junk World(remake it like Kingdom Rush and give us a nice Christmas present..please). To all the IronHide crew -you are awesome !

Another good take on Iron Marines.. Iron Marines was definitely one of my favorite games of all time. Invasion starts were it left off though adds a few wrinkles that keep it interesting. Adding the new forces to play around with adds to its replay ability though I don’t find the missions quite as challenging and diverse as the original. Nonetheless, another great entry that starts to hit its stride a few missions in and keeps you going…and coming back.

Very fun, micro transactions remain an issue. Much like it’s pervious title, Iron marines: Invasion is both an excellent RTS and an exploitative money sink. I love the hand drawn graphics, the amusing unit voice overs and the tongue in cheek unit designs, the only issue is, that if you buy the game, you don’t get everything, either heroes or units, you only have access to 3 heroes with the base purchase of the game, the others range between 3-6 USD each, or 13 USD for all of them. There is similar pricing for basic units as well. My problem isn’t the fact that these micro transactions exist, it’s faxt that I expect to get the advertised content when I purchase the game, I’d rather have paid a higher price, knowing I’d get all the content. Besides my issues with the micro transactions, the game is very enjoyable, and works quite wel on a touch screen!

Great mobile RTS. This is another great game from Iron Hide. It’s a little deeper than Iron Marines, and a lot of fun. The premium heroes and units are a little expensive, but when you’re getting a top quality game for $5, it’s understandable. Plus the packs have a discount, and you don’t need any of the heroes or units to have a great time. Highly recommended.

Some of Ironhide’s BEST WORK. This game is the sequel to the first “Iron Marines” and I am thoroughly impressed!! Worth every penny!! You will not regret taking on the enemies with an even larger assortment of units than the original game! I will say that there are some aspects that are different. You no longer have to accrue tons of tech points (the little nuts) to get upgrades you just earn them like experience. Drop guns are no longer free but each hero has a specific ability that is in the spot instead :) Something else that’s different is each planet is a different level with a total of 27!

Amazing. I have been playing these games for the longest and they always amaze me with they most amazing games they make the graphics and gameplay of this game is amazing and overall great game I hope they keep doing more updates and more world to invade this is such a great game and I am looking forward to the future and what else they will bring to this game. Great Job Amazing game!

Wow!. Iron Hide never fail to impress with the quality of their games! Great game with many hidden gems I.e. Easter Eggs. Great hero variety and different units. You really have to think about your team build as you plan each mission. Keep up the great work!

Too much $$$. There are some changes from the other one. Different units and heroes. For a $5 game the amount of things locked behind paywalls and the prices of them is absurd. Maybe I’m just an old man now but I’m not happy with buying a game to have to pay 5x more to have the whole thing. So just know that buying the game allows you to play with 50% of what’s available.

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Unkillable boss. The void prowler boss bugs out at the end and becomes invulnerable to all attacks. You can’t kill him any more, he takes no damage and my units won’t even attack him so all I could do was just die.

Good game. Rarely have this kind of good strat game

Very epic poggers game. As a fan of the original iron marines game and all the kingdom rush games I was extricate to see the new game, I havnt finnished but I’m already loving it. That’s it, keep up the good work.

Great game, but uh. The game is just as fun as the rest from Ironhide, unfortunately the plot feels far weaker than its predecessor

Unfinished. The first iron marines was so good. This one is good, but clear cracks in it. Ironhide is still the best game developer for ios. Please make more tower defense xxoxx

Another great game from ironhide!. This one is more challenging than the original, with a wide variety of mission types and units to choose from. Less heros this time around so less grinding as well.

A lot of crashes on this version. Crashed during a mission at least 5 times today

Nice but…. it is pretty good and one of the best, but it’s probably the hardest games you made

Another epic game. Another epic game

Fun!. Another awesome game

Too many things locked behind in-app purchases. Great game ruined by in-app purchases. Developer needs to decide whether game should be funded by in-app purchases or be a paid game. Double dipping is not the way to go.

Don’t bother. Love Kingdom rush and was looking for something also made by iron hide and saw this and decided to try and it’s meh, don’t bother

pay to win or suffer. 2 stars for the graphic.

Fun game but lame purchases. Fun game, but I’m not keen to pay for different heroes. A second harder season of quest lines… now that I’d sling a few $ at. A few $ though, not the $25-50 that other devs seem to think is reasonable for an iPhone game. Drop another 5 quest lines at $5 each and we’d all be there baby. Then give the other heroes as part of those quests, and make the standard soldiers upgradable. Chicken dinners all round.

Good game. One of the better apps. Not many purchases and worth every penny

Excellent as usual.. Another great Iron Hide game.

Obligatory rating. Is Don……is Good.

Long time fan, love Invasion but final level keeps stalling. I have loved all the Ironhide games and this one is great. Except for the last level, 27, which keeps freezing on my iPad…

It’s alright. But I like ironhide for their tower defence games, not RTS

If you liked the first one you’re good. It’s not that different to the previous iron marines. Just with different and equally interesting unit choices

10/10 PLAY IT AGAIN. I played it for a solid 3 hours straight, and still have a lot to go through, the unit choices are amazing and heroes are fantastic. Love that Borealis was brought back, though I kinda wish that the Ga’r and Ga’r King where a unit/hero that you could choose. But still love it nonetheless.

Nice game. Nice game, looks good and fun. Just a bit disappointed to find in app purchases for a game that costs money

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Like it. I like it since it has the same gameplays as before but is slightly different overall

Review. Love this game was hoping new levels would come out and they have come out I kept playing the original iron Marines all the time thank you so much guys hope you come up with more stuff

Great game. I once again have to make a good review on a game made by ironhide. This game has the perfect amount of complexity to make it fun while still being simple enough for a kid to understand. The gameplay is eventful enough to hold my full attention and yet still slow enough to be a really good chill game.

Epok. Now this is epic

Already love it. Pre ordered, long time ironhide fan, and already making my way through the game. Each stage feels so much more alive! The first game was great, but this one takes the cake! So many new types of troops, heros, races and such! Epic improvement! Love it!

💚. Great game!

Good. Awesome game, enjoy it.

Might be good. The game might be good but it saves through the cloud and not on your device . So if you're one that doesn't use game center or play offline or off grid be prepared to loose achievements or hero level next time you open the game to play. this is unlike the previous games.

some bugs. After buying the package which can unlock all unit, I cannot buy any hero or package anymore, it will just tell me cannot connect to the store.

Wow. I asked for a refund on the game and it said It’s not eligible, could’ve used this money better somewhere else. 😡

Good but not excellent. After 2 years waiting finally the new version came out, pre ordered and tried the game immediately, the pre order bonus is disappointed because no hero or unit only useless item. Need to IAP not only the hero but also the unit which means double pay compared to the first generation. Game quality is very similar to the previous version. Control still not much friendly to touch screen. Mission is short and not worth to pay twice, didn’t have much hidden items to be found. So overall still a good game but not much surprises when compare to the previous version. After one week waiting I got an offer for two top unit combo, paid it without thinking. So after the IAP game became balanced. Hopefully will get some upgrade later

So far. So far it’s a great game can’t stop playing

Great game. One of the few actual games left on the App Store, iron hide = awesome

A lot of changes. The first ifon Marin was excellent with its RTS base which changed from the tower defence ironhide studio used to do. But this one came with some changes which you can tell were made under the influence of “kingdom rush vengeance” like the ability to select your units before battle. There again it’s not bad it change from the original. The only major downside is the tech tree, I am really deceived in the fact it only allows you to upgrade your buildings and only some units. I would strongly recommend ironhide to add an update the game with a tech tree that allows you tu upgrade your units since in my humble opinion it was an excellent element of the game since it really gave the impression of progression in the game since all the upgrades of units allow them to actually feel specialized. Now it’s more or less the same thing with every units: one tank, one dps, and one building dps or one that can boost your other units with slight general changes in speed and health of every units. Nonetheless it is a awesome game ( every ironhide game are awesome by the way) but it has changes that doesn’t make it as stunning or original as the previous one.

Pretty good game. Honestly really good, improved on every aspect of the last game and gave the players more freedom with their gameplay, only problem right now is a bug that causes the game to crash at the end of missions (after the mission has ended and right after the cinematic ends)

Good game, balanced. The game isn’t particularly difficult and it doesn’t have have the balancing issues that some other ironhide games have. I find that this game doesn’t feel pay to win. The paid squads are on the about the same level as the free ones and the third free hero is sometimes more preferable than a paid one. Generally, only major problems I can see are bugs and how some of the sprites don’t fit in. (Mostly just the capturing reserve sprite)

More Please. As much as I love Kingdom Rush games, I love these RTS games even more by Iron Hide. I hope they continue to pump these out!

Good. Good

Not the next Kingdom Rush you were looking for. If you’re expecting this to be a new version of their previous kingdom rush games, you’re going to be very disappointed. The pacing is just far too slow, I don’t like how you can’t see the entire map, and having to go back to redeploy units is very annoying. I expected an experience similar to the kingdom rush games but I’m disappointed overall.

Good sequels but with some tweaks. First of all I wanna says that this game is really well done and well balanced, everything in terms of gameplay and art really appeal me, I loved how simple the first boss was but how difficult it can be with micro management. I also like that now we have better cutscenes. On the other side, since now there we got to choose our troops comp, the skill tree have became really bland, compared to the first title where you could upgrade your troops with unique abilities depending on your play style, now it’s pretty much gone and only have ability for the towers part which turned me a bit off. Also some missions feel shorter than in the first title which sometime feel a bit off, I personnally prefer longer missions with multiple objectives than a lot of mission that are shorter. Good game overall, I like it, keep on the good work!

Great Game. You know the quality that you will get when you buy an ironhide game and this one is no different. Only thing I would say is more free hero’s and squads would be nice.

5 stars. Really good game

Buy a lot. So many things to buy if you really want to enjoy

Great great, great and amazing!. An awesome game, great story, Easter eggs left and right that give you actual rewards, wide difficulty range, overall amazing

Frequent crashes. Even on latest iPad Pro, crashes often and constantly bug to enable notifications. Not the quality I was accustomed from this developer.

5 Star. Easily worth as much as Bloons or other $10 games. Need more of these games in the Store

Super fun. It’s a fun casual game for everyone. Would love to see more types of these games.

Fun Rts. It’s a fun strategy game and I hope you put more units and heroes, more missions and keep up the good work

Very fun. Love the sequel

Nosing it’s charm. The original iron marines weak point was the units felt like they could be more unique. Composition and counters could have been done better but the game played out in a way where there was always something different. The worlds and maps were art and every level felt very unique. Every world felt very unique. The sequel feels very bland. Unfortunately how the units play out feels almost worse. On the hardest setting it almost felt like unit selection and composition did not matter which takes away from the gameplay especially for a game directed at a more mature audience 10+. The only innovation they added was replay-ability, with a rng map pool for side missions. This would have been great if the main story missions and worlds did not feel like everything blended together. If I actively try to remember the map and missions from the first game it’s quite easy. The second game every level almost feels the same. For an mobile phone game it’s still fun and above what almost everyone else offers it’s just worse than the original and doesn’t feel like it was made by the same people who have made so many great games. I hope one rotten apple does not spoil harvest because I always look forward to when this company brings a game to market.

Great Game! Slight New Game Bugginess. So far I am absolutely loving the game they took iron marines and added a bunch more troops and added new levels and enemy’s and it’s all the fun I’ve come to expect from an Ironhide Game. The only reason it’s 4 stars is so far I’ve had to restart the app 4 times because the menu UI’s overlap and glitch out making the menu in useable. Other then that Ames one game which I would definitely recommend

Horrible and greedy. You pay to get the game, then they want money for heroes AND now they want money for other troops too. Next game they will ask to pay per enemy and then pay for each breath of air. Greedy babies.

Excellent. Comme tous les autres jeux de ce producteur, c’est bien fait, amusant, pas trop compliqué et riche à la fois. Le niveau facile est agréable pour les gamers à temps partiel !!!

Best game. Best game

Awesome. All the games these guys make are perfect for touch screens

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Great Game!. This has the potential for a great time, especially when wanting a game that is a bit challenging but also fun!

Very nice graphics but. The first was way better, with units and no only that you have everything from the start now i need to buy even the units, the “free” heros are not that good and units too, i was thinking that this was a better version from the fist but it seem a downgrade from everything, only on graphics is better.

Hard to control units. Fun game, great graphics. I can't seem to move the units without moving the board. So thats the only annoying part, but seems like a great game

Great game.. Great game and I really enjoy playing. I’m not a fan of ads, but I did like the ability from the original Iron Marines to choose to watch ads for upgrade currency. That’s all I would change. As I said, great game!

For kids. Even more for kids them the previous iron marine game. The starting hero looks more like a street kid then a hero. Would have liked a little more of the game developed instead of starting with the bare minimum. There were 3 attempts to sell me upgrades during the first time I played the game. Not for me.

Pre ordered. I’ve been a huge Fan of the series and only thing I wish is more tech trees and bring back the Tank Hero from the first game. Other then that let’s go

This game is a rip off. Just bought game and was able to make the very first level. But the game froze me out when I did not have enough funds built up to add a specific weapon. They require you to spend your own money to move on. What a rip off - parents beware if you have this game on your credit card!

Fun, but lacking. As per usual, Ironhide has locked over half of the characters behind microtransactions. The best thing to happen to mobile gaming in recent years are these games getting moved to Apple Arcade with the full experience available. Disappointing.

Another solid game from IronHide. I own every mobile game that these guys have put out. Very glad to have this one as well. About 3 hour in currently but absolutely having a blast so far!

This Studio Only Makes Great Games. I love this game. It’s solid. Being able to change units adds all kinds of interesting ways to play.

So far so good.. Not as greedy as the last couple of our games. So I’ve gotta give it five stars. It’s the right direction to go. The last couple of their games really started getting unplayable.

Great. I love it, pretty good for only $2.99. The only thing I would change is maybe up the price and just give us access to all hero’s and units. Also bigger maps! Maybe just a dream but some kind of multiplayer would be so cool!

Obviously but this. This, and all their games are some of the only true “games” on mobile. I’ve playing ever since they were on Flash! Love them!

Another stellar release from Ironhide. Well worth every penny. It’s great to have a game company that treats its customers with respect. There’s a ton of content in this release, and I’m happy to pay for additional heroes when it’s not a pay to win franchise.

Very fun!. If you enjoyed the first one, this is more of that but with new playable units which is great, if you haven't played either one of these, they resemble halo wars in simplest gameplay form. Very enjoyable, keep it up ironhide!

Great. Last one was pretty good and so far this seems like a bit of an improvement.

Great New Entry. I’ve been a fan of your games for quite some time and with each new one they get better. The artwork, mechanics, music, and especially the story have gone up in quality. Thank you!

Wonderful game. I loved the first iron marines and this game does not disappoint! This is definitely an upgrade. Everything is better but I do wish that the upgrade system stayed what it was in the first game instead of a Kingdom Rush: Vengeance style of upgrades.

Wont load for last month.. Love this company and play literally all their games but this just sits saying processing for the last month and I haven’t been able to play.

Huge letdown. I wish I could get my money back for this. Their games have been worse and worse. Lazy design repeated and carried over voice lines and assets and treating it like it’s anything else other than a recycled game with “new” features that do nothing but hinder what was already there. 2/5 would rather buy a McDouble “burger” than this “game”

Wow!. Iron Hide never fail to impress with the quality of their games! Great game with many hidden gems I.e. Easter Eggs. Great hero variety and different units. You really have to think about your team build as you plan each mission. Keep up the great work!

Ironhide never disappoints. Iron marines was a great game, the sequel is just as fun. They love their characters and this game is an interesting follow up to the first installment of iron marines. My only complaint is the extra squads and heros are kind pricy but I will probably purchase them anyway

Can’t Get Enough. Love the size of the game and the options are great! Build your own force the way you want it, and enjoy the beautiful levels!

They brought it back. If you liked the original we’re going to love the new one!!!

Amazing game!!!. I’ve yet to be disappointed with any of Ironhide studios games. This one is just as good as the original if not better. Must buy

Its good. I just personally don’t enjoy how after you group them when you hit one it will continue to move them all I guess it was hard to get used to

Good game. I only encountered a few issues here and there, like not being able to tap out of some of the mini-comics and waves occasionally not spawning.

Add onto Apple Arcade?. I loved the last game, and I love this one as well. But would you add it to Apple Arcade please? If you did, I’d rate that one a 5 star. I just don’t want to pay for the characters, I want the full experience without paying

Another Classic. Most people should be aware of the great series Kingdom Rush and with Iron Marines and now Iron Marines Invasion showing that this game studio just makes amazing, fun, and entertaining games continuing to support them is easy when these games are all so good.

Another great game.. Another terrific experience from the Ironhide team. The In-app purchases are a tad annoying, but it barely detracted from my experience. They pull off the unit swap thing much better than they did in Vengeance.

Keep it coming.. This game has a great style. You can have a crazy challenge on the veteran mode or chill through easy/normal mode.

Love you ironhide. Always been a fan, and this is one of the only games I would ever pre order, not to mention its on the APPSTORE. If you like to build and shoot, I highly recommend this game. 5 Stars!

Another fantastic game!. These publishers have been making solid gold games for years, keep it up!

Lots of bugs, not ready for prime time. Crashes and a level that doesn’t really work. I am stuck on a level where you spend money to upgrade a gun that doesn’t fire at all. Very frustrating.

Cloud Saves. The game is great the art style is what I’ve come to love from Ironhide. My only gripe about the game are the lack of an option to move your save file from iPhone to iPad.

Very fun sequal. I thought i might be disappointed by this game sequel but i found out it wasnt apple arcade and this very fun with the data base option like the bestiary and the frogernaughts and the reinforcement option very fun sequal

Great sequel. I loved the first one and the second seems to be great too. I wish they had brought the first commander to the second one though. I loved his abilities.

High quality in every way. I’ve put in about 10 hours now and I’m very happy with this game. It has high production quality, good interface, good music, and the IAP is well balanced. Congrats to the devs, this is a very well made game!

Great game and series. Love this series, bigger fan of the TD but this version is much better than the first iron marines. Wish there were more defensive levels

Bug in the last fight!. If you defeat the final boss in his second stage ( the floating head about 6000hp) with enough army, then the next cinematic is never going to end and if you skip the scene, the screen will go black forever!

Downgrade. Still a decent game but somehow they managed to take everything from the first game and made it worse. The skull tree is also way worse with no upgrades for units. The units are new but seem more boring and less useful and you also are locked out of some units unless you pay money like with hero’s. No good

Crashes?. Anyone else playing on a bit of an event older phone than after the first mission it crashes before you load in? Or is it my crappy phone?

Fun sequel but…. I love all of Ironsides games and this is a solid next chapter. I’m just a few planets in and finding it a bit monotonous. Aside from a few different character types, it’s feels like a few tweaks to the same idea.

Phenomenal. A big upgrade from an already excellent game from a terrific hands down 10/10 company.

Like the original but a lot better. It has cool new characters and a new character combinations, also it has new hero’s and is more polished

My favorite game. This reminds me of my first DS game ever was LEGO battle and this has a little of everything. Also I hope you make more games like this.

Never disappointed. Been a fan since the beginning. Always excited to see new content coming from Iron Hide studios.

Great game!. Took everything good from the first game and made it better hopefully they lower prices of things tho

Good with a catch. It’s pretty good , the diversity of the characters is so much more then the first one. Sadly tho there so much more money that you gotta spend to try the cooler units and their definitely a little too pricey

Amazing games. All of them. I’ve been a fan for years! I’ve always bought these games , I carry them on my Samsung and apple devices. On Samsung with pen it’s best because I have fat fingers lol. Please read h out to me ! I buy all you stuff lol

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Language English
Price $2.99
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.0.8
Play Store com.ironhidegames.ironmarines.invasion.rts
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Iron Marines Invasion RTS Game (Versiyon 1.0.8) Install & Download

The application Iron Marines Invasion RTS Game was published in the category Games on 08 September 2022, Thursday and was developed by Ironhide S.A. [Developer ID: 558612918]. This program file size is 706.11 MB. This app has been rated by 1,326 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Iron Marines Invasion RTS Game - Games app posted on 15 December 2022, Thursday current version is 1.0.8 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.ironhidegames.ironmarines.invasion.rts. Languages supported by the app:

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Iron Marines Invasion RTS Game Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Small bug fixes and improvements.

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