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** The Hottest Casino Game of 2020 **
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FROM THE CREATORS of Slotomania slots casino, House of Fun is full of 777 slots just waiting for you to get playing and get rewarded!

100 FREE SPINS waiting for you with even MORE 777 casino slots rewards, bonuses, and prizes!

EXPERIENCE the thrill of slot machines directly from the Strip’s most renowned slots casinos: Caesars, Rio, Flamingo, Harrah’s, Bally, Horseshoe, Planet Hollywood, The Mirage, MGM Grand, Bellagio, and more.

SPIN the hottest Vegas casino fruit machines and collect legendary chests! It’s non-stop fun!

House of fun is bringing back its Album, but this time it's bigger and better!
Complete the new 2nd edition HOF Album collection and enjoy amazing bonuses.

With 20+ million players worldwide and counting - step right up and experience House of Fun casino slots - even MORE slot machines added with every update and hundreds of jackpots await you!

From the heart of Vegas to you: experience the thrill of slot machines directly from the Strip’s most renowned slots casinos: Caesars, Rio, Flamingo, Harrah’s, Bally, Horseshoe, Planet Hollywood, The Mirage, MGM Grand, Bellagio, and more await you in House of Fun!

New Casino Slots 777 Tournaments and HOT Slot Games
House of Fun just got even more AWESOME fun slots: check out the monstrous new Monsterpedia - an epic rewarding collection of 4 linked slots games with an exciting bonus card collection!

100 FREE spins waiting for you with even MORE 777 casino slots rewards, bonuses, and prizes!

Spin the WHEEL OF FUN every day and get your DAILY FREE COIN BONUS ….and don't forget to check your HoF mailbox for even more fun surprises and other slots gifts!

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This game is intended for an adult audience (21+) for amusement purposes only and does not offer ‘real money’ gambling, or an opportunity to gamble or win real money, cash or prizes based on game play. Playing or success in this game does not imply future success at ‘real money’ gambling or any gamble-related venture, online or offline.

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House of Fun™ - Casino Slots Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We’ve just added more FUN to HOUSE OF FUN with new games, amazing features, and updates to bring your HoF experience to another level! V 3.58 - New slot machines: Guardian of Fire - Play our new, exclusive challenges for a great casino experience and huge coin fortunes up for grabs - Bug fixes, performance improvements and more surprises to enhance your House of Fun experience Update now and keep spinning! Like us? Please rate us! Your feedback is important!

House of Fun™ - Casino Slots Comments & Reviews

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We love playing especially challenges n all different games best ever casino Thank You HOF!!

- Has Improved

My favorite slot machine game. Winning has finally gotten better. Free coins are easily found on FB, in your email or in messenger. You can lose real quick but sometimes the games are super hot and you win a lot. The side games are simple to understand and not too intrusive. Still they tempt you to buy coins. You almost always run short at a critical moment, but if you resist you will get free coins quick enough.

- Moving up

It takes quite a few spins to advance, but there is a gape between moving up to a new level and getting access to a new game. You move up a level but you have to play more spins to get access to a new game. It’s nice to get to play your favorite games when they unlock them. The game quit and I lost the counter for the daily game, The counter does not pick up all the points.

- House of fun

Finished the Quest and the album: it’s very hard; if you don’t have coins there’s no way to finish anything: Really bad today: No spins no winnings nothing: Pathetic

- House of Fun

Sick of buying chips only to lose. You lock the games I like to play. I am So Done with this Site. I won’t be paying for more to lose. Your losing Me as a customer...

- House of fun

Love this game lots of fun.

- Favorite casino game

Long time dedicated player, love the different games. New games regularly. Highly recommend to slot lovers.

- Love this game

I love this game

- Ehh

I enjoy the game, but sometimes it’s too impossible. I delete and downloaded probably twice. Idkkkk, id play more if winning wasn’t so difficult.

- Hardly no coins given

You can only play for a few minutes. No coins.

- House of Fun

I already have this app & have been receiving extra gifts through my e-mail address but now all of the sudden, it keeps saying wrong address & want let me retrieve my gifts or open..

- Games freeze

I send email after email and they only respond after 6 or more emails, today, no response at all. Again today, 6 requests and no response, very poor customer service

- great games

love this slot


Love the games

- Yes

The best.

- Big bet Small wins

I play on a daily basis. I’ve been playing for about 8 years now and have never won a jackpot yet. How is it that you bet a million and only wind up with 10,000 on a win. It seems that the bet/ win ratio is off balance. Also, I’ve only won one board challenge this whole time too. It seems impossible to win them without buying coins and even if you do, the win is less than what you spent.

- Spaces

Good game except it used to be when I spun the wheel I would occasionally get the white or black space but I haven’t hit one of those in a really long time.

- Mimi

I play several other game apps and I find it somewhat difficult to interpret some of the competition’s rules and goals. There seem to be too many side games going on at one time

- Davis

Great fun during the pandemic

- Lucky cards

It’s impossiblele to scratch a lucky card when you NEVER get one!! I played for over three hours straight and couldn’t get one.

- 👎

Great games but I just spent the better part of two days on one game and got no free spins and one bonus it’s impossible to play and not get flustered I do better in real casinos

- Review

Too many pop ups every time you play the first game. That frog game is hopeless. In over 200 turns I never got the bonus and since then have not gotten the bonus. Why bother!? Some of your other games like the Egyptian ones are not worth playing!

- Cool 😎 Love HOF💕💕💕👍💕

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕 love the new challenges 👌💕❤️😄👌👌👌 💕💕💕💕💕😍😍😍😍😍 Love this game Awesome Keeps Getting Better 👍💕💕❤️ Love the Christmas Slots and improvements 😍😍😍😍😍 💕😍👍😘t Love it 😊😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️ 👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️g Awesome games ❤️❤️❤️😄😊

- Yay

Love it

- What

You ask if I’m enjoying myself when awarded a small win after spending 10,000,000.I just hit two large wins while trying to complete a section of the album game and they did not register on the dial .Whats going on!!! When you say it’s not working you send me a whole 100,000 or so coins when I’m betting a 150,000 to 125,000 , a great reward but you love sell us stuff . Fix it

- So much fun

Fun app ... wish it was real money. Lol.

- To hard to win

This game is becoming so hard to win - no matter how much I save up - I lose within minutes - whether I buy or save up / its the same -I have not won in so long -And the less you play the less you care to play. HOF doesn’t care, all they do is comment you back saying they’re sorry you feel that way and that everything is random. That is so not true, if everything was random when you save up for 15 hours to spin the wheel, you would win the big one once in a while. I can hit the same low amount three or four times in a row and yet can’t hit the the white or black square. I use to hit every once in a while -It’s been so long since that’s even happened. They really need to change and let people start winning a little bit- If not they’re gonna lose a lot of customers. There are so many games out there to play right now, and they are nowhere near as expensive as HOF I read the reviews -It does not seem like a lot of people are happy with the game right now.

- Fools

Your not winning a thing it’s Free and the prizes even though sometimes oils like do much it is worth nothing, nada, zilch, zero. Sad they’re taking a a dvantage of people like that. Yes it’s free and I don’t mind it’s entertaining but some of these people then go on Facebook saying they just won several thousand $ ive had people solicits the online slots because they thought I’d be rich in a matter of minutes.

- Good game

Only downside is that you can’t earn real money

- Blah blah

Here we go again with the cheap thrills every time I convince myself I’m having fun there you go with your super cheap thrills Wow!!! Such letdowns. Only one time have I been able to carry winnings over to next day . I play just for fun but Boo with a capital B. Thanks for enormous lows

- Little winner

Love to play your games but have trouble winning! Still trying because I like the games!

- Lost my 200 spins

They credited me what i should , would have theoretically win. Thank you

- Awesome slot choices and side games!

I have played this game for years! Better than other slot games because of side games, double chance of winning! Who wants to play a slot game when you don’t WIN!!! Would like my favorite games to be available more often or by choice.

- House of fun

I have been playing this app. For years. I spent so much money that it’s sinful. The games are great the challenges have become so difficult at times that they are literally impossible to get. They will give me a really good run on winning that’s fantastic. It does not happen often and only when you have spent a lot of money. I am disappointed most of the time in the winnings and in the challenges . I wish they would make it not so difficult that it’s no longer fun. Through the years it has become harder and harder to Win ,it has the fun part in their title . Don’t buy their coins they are to expensive. I have not really received very much for all I have put into it.

- So Sad and very angry

Why haven’t I been able to win let the reels loose wit Golden Eagles Of Wonder and why do you only give 5 free bonus spins let me get more than 4 golden Eagles Of Wonder together to get more than just 5 spins and what ever happened to retrigger let loose of the reels let me win and stop taking all my coins back be nice please let the double gold Eagles all fly together please☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

- Way to many. Annoying popups‼️

I’m never going to quest your popups are annoying!!

- No title

The daily rush game and the “ new” quest game is way to difficult to complete to go to the next require either to many coins to be played and or won in order to reach the next level. It would be be so bad if you guys weren’t constantly cheating people out of their coins! Then you constantly change the minimum bet in the fun if you can’t keep coins to play without having to purchase them

- Games

Love the games and having enough to play but today working on the quests I had over 60 million now down to 7 can’t get free spins again to finish the next to last let of the quest

- I don’t understand how you get the money


- Review

Fun like the name

- It is what it is

Just like a real casino, you’re not always hit it big. I do wish that some of the challenges were more attainable.

- Illegal gaming activity

Class action lawsuits. They demand that you sign away your right to sue them for illegal activities they think they aren’t accountable for. Constant glitches in the platform.

- Accidentally downloaded

Fun game, I just don’t know if I’m winning real money 😂😂

- Stop

The new games you have put out are horrible

- Increasing frustrating

Once in a while you might hit something to keep you playing but for long. It will take any hits or bonuses right back. Reading some of the other reviews I have the same complaints. Way to many pop ups. My recent experience is with notifications for bonus coins for loyalty. After selecting it has to open the app and go thru all the pop ups and by that time the notice is gone and got nothing for it. This has been going on for quite a while but a note to support brought no satisfaction. Now the newest thing is for a spin to go into an endless spin. When it finally does stop it has taken Lot of coins with it. Today I was betting 10,000 and had 434,000+ when it started spinning when stopped I had 334,000. I was told there was no error and to delete the and start over. That would delete all my data. Big help. Once in a while I like but lately less and less. Had a message that the problem of notifications not giving the bonus coins but still disappears was fixed, at least that’s what I thought they were referring to. It’s not fixed. Just happened again. Also when you give the piddly amount of coins to play with 20-30 billion most of the time and get abundant free games there. Keep trying to improve your games HOF.

- 😊😊😊

Had an issue with one of the challenges and contacted HOF. Received a quick reply and compensation in my inbox. I wasn’t expecting that! Thank you!


Luv playing HOF.... they have many games to chose!!!

- Bonus spins

I have been playing for a few years and usually have no major issues but I play every day and I have not received a good spin (the white slot) for almost a year. I believe the last time I got it was either June or July. I don’t expect to get it often (not even once a month) but not once in ten or eleven months is kid of ridiculous. I have also been cheated on Gummy King 2, on two different occasions while in the bonus spin bonus I would land on squares but not be awarded my coins. I know it’s been at least twice, the total I is very close or a little over 1,000,000 coins. I do make purchases in the game so it’s a disappointment to be cheated out of what I’m supposed to be winning.

- Won’t give me the reward

It won’t give me my reward! It says get 1 big win to get reward and it won’t give it to me know for a fact that I got at lest 2 big Ins and they didn’t give it to me! Not happy

- Still the best slot game


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- Heather Jones

I love HOF but realize now that your price of buying credits are to expensive for me as I am 75 and on a pension. The difference in our two countries is to much, but I thank u for your lovely games, My favorite Africa u took off, there are other games I would have taken off first. So once again thank u HOF....

- Absolutely disgusted.

you want some money,,gross.what a pest.

- House of Fun

My favourite go to slots, thanks heaps, it’s fun and Awesome

- House of Fun

Love this game thank you

- Fence sitter

Haven’t bought coins. Payouts tiny, so not encouraging to do so.

- Don’t expect to play long

Great games, great graphics, but it’s impossible to get any of the set tasks. Not one set of colossals after playing for three days is just down right rude. How is a person supposed to get three of them when you can’t even get one!!! Also, it was convenient, for the maker at least, for the game to freeze and knock me off after I paid money to play and making sure I didn’t get any benefits from my purchase. If you want to just click and leave, it’s great, but if you want long term fun, download a different game and definitely don’t spend real money here cause it’s just dead money! :(

- Solid game until

Great game always had ups and downs but nothing compared to money hungry owners shifting coins packs up in price but also dropping the amount of coins you get

- House of fun

Where’s the fun when u have to spin so many times to get free games it’s unfair isn’t there never any free games not one has free games it’s ungrateful and not worth playing none of the games I played have nothing like free games it’s a rip off when u put money towards it not fair it takes almost 200 spins y is that I’ve counted and why can’t I get ahead even though I’ve played it many years even in the quest games it’s ungrateful you guys have to learn that if u want happpy ppl y does it take about 100 spins or more to get free games it’s rigged I used to love this game until either u or someone is rigging how r u supposed to get ahead ahuh mmmmmm makes u think it’s a poor excuse when playing the quest game as it never pays well there r never free games or bonuses it a rip off no more money is going into this game ur a poor excuse

- House of Fun

Sick to death of spending dollars and get low reward in the wheel. Long time player, disappointed!

- Don’t be fooled

You never win they rip you off

- Great


- A fleeting house of fun

An awesome selection of games and varied range of bonuses which are genuinely entertaining. However do not get sucked in. Only play the minimum bet. Do not gets sucked in because if you buy a pack you will not get any preferential treatment for it ! The higher the bet the harder you fall and you won't be able to get back up into the high rollers without splashing that real world cash! And then it takes the fun out of it. 😢

- Too many adds

Not enough wins n coins cost too much, easy to spend $100 million when your on level 700 cos it cost so much to play

- Error on game

I absolutely love the games. However last night a new challenge started and it stated that I needed to bet certain amount and earn certain amount of credits which I completed . There was a 3 free spins condition to complete that part of the game before moving on to next game. I must have completed about 5 free games turns but it did not register on monitor. The game was Tilipia. Please check.

- App stating must purchase

This app has been free to play with options to purchase credits. Now I try to open the app and it says I must purchase it. Since when has this been the case. I cannot make an enquiry because it tells me I can only contact within the app. Very angry and totally annoyed. Fix your issues if that is what it is. Occurred with latest update.

- 👍🏻


- House of fun

Doesn’t deserve a star the worst game I have play

- Top games

You’re games are great but it be nice if you loosen them up to be able to win more jackpots I know the idea is to make people buy coins that’s ok but when you buy you don’t give much in return in wins or jackpots as there are periods where you cannot win a Zac

- Fantastic

👍🏿 goodness

- The game AFRICA

Why can’t you put it back on I enjoyed playing it not every pleased with games at present

- Good review

Good job

- Hof

Really good game

- Disappointed

Why when I spend money thinking I would get a good amount of coins to play with does the wheel stop short of a decent payout. I have played for a long time & spent money & unfortunately this seems to happen regularly. Very disappointed 😔 👵🏻😞

- Love this game!

I’m totally addicted to this game, I love it!

- No Winning

This Game ask every time it pays a little bit” do you have fun” how can I have fun if you never give any Jackpot like Major or Mega! Shocking.

- Great fun

Love it


Love it

- Cat

Great game

- Purchased coins

Can only have short plays with purchased coins, you guys take the lot and want us to purchase another lot. A little bit money hungry. Very disappointing. Otherwise love house of fun

- House of Fun

This is my favourite game I play it every day

- Ms

I am very happy with house of fun games I have had some really good wins. Hope it continues.

- Not enough free spins

Takes forever to get free spins and games. Way too much money spent.why is it on games it takes over 250 spins just to get a feature that does not pay out.

- Top bonus

Love this game,it’s the best but get frustrated over never getting mega coins does anyone ever get them or do you have to play huge coins in game to win them

- Fun

Wish there was cheaper bundles to buy with more in them

- House of Fun

Great fun!

- Rosie

Lovely to be able to play without losing all straight away,,,

- Love this game.

Lots of fun. Great variety and challenges.

- Wants a review every time you win something - frustrating

Stop asking me to rate you every time I win a small amount! Seems to be giving more pays 😯.... otherwise, it’s ok!

- Best games ever

I love HOF, the only games I play best sitewith best games and best rewards .

- Having Fun

Love HOF

- Modify

New games and impossible to receive free bonus/games


Takes too much and gives nothing in return

- House of fun

Is a great game slots are great graphics are great ,but it's no fun playing when you spend more time reloading the games because they keep dropping so frustrating regards John r

- Don’t bother

Too many annoying pop ups.

- Best slots game out there

I win then I lose then I win. I love HOF! Awesome graphics.

- Getting better

Well done HOF you seam to be listening and have loosened the purse strings. Well done.

- Review

Love the games but very impossible to win major jackpots and even getting free games to keep you interested is very hard to do!!

- Ms EJT

Love this game best ever

- Rip off

Been playing for years but now playing other games that seem to be more generous with wins extending playing time. Not worth buying coins as they go quickly & prompt more ads to buy more coins. Disappointing & lousy.

- Mr Tikbalang

I love your game but you are too greedy. I always buy but end up with no wins at all. You just want me to buy all the time but no wins at all. I think I have to tell my friends to stop buying your games too. I can see people winning jackpots and you just give me a pitiful pearls. Is this a joke.

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- Is it worth 5 stars?

Yes ig I’ll give the game credit bc why not

- Yo

Its pretty cool i guess

- Sharon H.

I love the games and the fact that you bring new games in often. It’s great to have such a variety of games to choose from to play with each time you play HOF! Love my casino manager, Eve, she’s wonderful and is very helpful whenever I have a problem or question. Love HOF!!!

- House of Losers

I don’t care how much money you spend on this game and no matter how many coins you have, this game will take it all. The so called bonus games they install are very hard to get extra coins. I have like hate for this game.


OVERALL FUN TO PLAY BUT BESIDES THE CHALLENGES AND THE POINTS MADE DURING THE FEATURES IT IS FUN BUT IT IS NOT SO MUCH FUN TO PLAY AND WIN NOTHING. It’s pretty impossible to get a jackpot or a challenge completed. On the overall side of it I shouldn’t have to spend real money on it and not be able to win any actual money. What’s the point?

- Top game

I love this game I literally play it all night. Although I hate that I can NEVER get the jackpot in any game that I play and I have been playing this games for a long time. I had it on my previous phone where it wouldn’t let me keep my same account but I am ok with that. I still play in hopes of winning big.

- House of no fun

I will soon be out of coins and out of this game, when you can spin 200+ times and not win back your bet ONCE? Your algorithm is not set for fun, it is set to torture. I would not recommend this game to anyone, it is just a drain of money, time and enjoyment,. Watch paint dry, far more fun

- Mamush


- My Fav

I have been playing this game for at least five years or more Definitely my favorite ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

- Rating


- Not always fair but fun

This game keeps me busy.. been playing for over6 yrs

- Awesome game

Awesome game dame good game

- Frustrated!

I upgraded and now I can't play. Getting thrown off line completely. This app continues to shut down.

- Lots of fun

Good games

- So Greedy!

Played this game for years and have no idea why. Like most slot games, the freebies are useless and you have to save up for weeks to be able to play for 10 minutes. They use every trick in the book to take your chips, just as your about to complete a quest, finish an album, or whatever gimmick they rebrand with a new theme. My advice to you if your considering playing this game... save up your freebies for a week or two and see how quickly you lose it. Then be happy you didn’t waste any real money and delete the game.

- House of fun

I can’t get enough

- Daily Features

Finally a big win

- Awesome games

Love different challenges. House of Fun is lots of fun!

- Love the games

What I don’t like is the new quest. To play and earn points for the jorker you must play the games picked by your staff. If I’m going to play my millions of points I want to choose the games I play. I really don’t like the pop ups every 5 spins to try to get me to participate in the quests.

- Fun games

Engaging !!

- Don’t Expect to Win Big as you approach the end of HOF ALBUM

It’s just amazing that in Quest I could bet $100,000,000 and lose $44,000,000 because I only have 2 more albums to complete. They will not let you reach joker level! Some days are fun but when you approach the final countdown, don’t expect much. VERY FRUSTRATED.

- Continuious fun try it

It’s one of the better ones, try it!

- Roller Coaster

When you are getting return it’s fun, but lately not so much. Up and down!🥴

- Disappointed

I usually never buy coins, but have lately like a lot for me 😤🤬🤯 You even can’t win anything, it’s like the real casino. It’s NO fun win you can’t win enough to even play for awhile 😡 I know that I will not be spending anymore of my hard earned money to play for fake money. I’ll go back to the casino where at least I can win the real deal. DONE WITH YOU!!!

- Fun

Exciting game with many choices

- Best game ever

love this addicting game

- House of fun

Love the AP enjoy all the games just wish I could afford to buy coins to play longer

- Side Promos

The side promos are sometimes just sucker bets. I played Tikitopia for four days and never got a single coin bonus. What fun is that?

- Gamer 1

Game is awesome cheats sometimes have to earn lost coins

- Annoying

Super annoyed that when I’m playing game of choice, every other spin throws a banner at me for something I don’t want to play!! Every once in awhile okay, but every 2 seconds??????

- Move the original three tigers game back to its original position.

It’s great! Should keep minimum bets low. Some of the free coin amounts are so small you might as well not bother.

- Bad

I don’t like being “made” to play a certain game, wile the other games seem to be shut down. It’s been fun for along time but I don’t like your controlling restraints

- Lots of Fun

This is a great app for playing for fun!

- Impossible to win at all

No matter how much you save to play for a decent time you rarely get a big win

- Nice

Good in fan game to play

- House of fun

Please please stop the thing that says not playing the quest. Covers up the game trying to play and comes up every other spin

- Best games wish I could give you 10 stars

Absolutely my favorite games thank you House Of Fun. My favorite games on House Of Fun!


I enjoy playing this game a lot!!!! Love this game!!! Love the new features!!!! The best online game ever! My favorite game!!!!

- Great way to have fun

The best slot app i ever had easy to navigate

- Fun

Good game but slots not always hitting big gotta lot of games to choose from

- Have yet to win massive progressive jackpot

Never have I won a super massive progressive or massive jackpot and the games cheat you, the challenges are not fair. Will give a thumbs up a 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ when I win at the HOF album, win a major grand or super progressive jackpot and to think I use to really like this game app more than the rest. But lately I’m mad I can’t upgrade my phone to download some of your ad app games. See I liked this game app even though it didn’t support any games I actually play at casinos like my other apps do. There coins packages and bonus are the reason I don’t support them the app way I do HOF. No need to update, cause there’s no change

- Great game

Love this app

- Review

Really enjoy playing this casino site. Hope I can win some big bonuses. Really like the hof system. I’m really trying to get the cards to win big. Thanks for your support when needed

- Needs improvement

I love this game but I honestly never win million when betting million doesn’t make sense !

- Game legends

Fun fun best game I played

- What happened??

Use to be fun. Can’t win nothing much anyway. Oh oh , think I need to find a new game Thanks for the response.

- Fun game

Great fun. Don’t always win but you win enough times to keep you engaged in the game.

- a Cost

Too many ads.

- Challlanges

Hola nuevamente, me tomo mucho tiempo y dinero terminar el álbum ,,,,, los monedas recibidas 1,700,000,000 duraron menos de una semana ... es más solo unos cuantos días. Las apuestas para que te llegue a abrir algún juego cada vez más altas.... y nuevamente otro challange, imposible de hacer sin gastar los pocos créditos que quedan obligando a los clientes a comprar más y más paquetes. Años jugando esto y realmente cada vez es más caro. Espero esto sea leído por alguien de los que hacen el equipo deHOFF y sepa hablar español. Ya me canse de hacerlo en inglés

- Snackcake

Vegas Chain Link, Totally impossible to hit either bonus, you have included this game on the quest challenge, that’s fine but you have tighten this game to the point of impossible to advance in the challenge.

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- Mr

I'm buzzing like a fridge. What a fantastic game.

- Great

Shame the coins you win ain't real money lol

- Hannah

Love this game. My evening game that kills some time. Addictive fun with some great side games. X


Game is a RIP OFF. Support Team incompetent. Save yourselves lots of grief and possibly £££’s. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Actually changing rating to ZERO STARS.

- House of fun

Need one joker send me one for my birthday 27 May


What an absolute joke, daily challenges getting ridiculous, 3 days spent playing, lost count of money spent and still no HOF pack

- Great time

Don’t know if it’s to the lockdown but lately gameplay has become superb getting to win good coinage to actually play the game and check everything out thanks guys keep it up👍

- HoF


- Games

I bank of slots very enjoyable game

- Good fun great odds

Loads of different games challenges and bonus’s and has a good rate of wins don’t always feel like your loosing

- casino

canny casino game once you get to a decent lvl plenty of different games to play

- Super fun games my favourite game is the super pigs

Thank you very much for the fun games and 🎁 Awesome games


Absolutely love it hooked desperately seeking megara HOF card

- Good graphics good payouts

Good slots app..generous hourly and bonus games are great...worth a download :-)

- House of fun

Great game

- Not as much fun as it used to be

Too much concentrated on taking your money for not much back in return. Always get the lowest amounts on the wheel spin now too. It knows you'll be tempted to buy more coins so seems to deliberately give you cr@p rewards. Noticed this more in Lockdown too. Knowing people are going to be bored and therefore part with more money to entertain themselves. Bonuses on all games suddenly became very few and far between too. No more 5 stars for you HOF!!!!

- House of fun

I enjoyed playing house of fun it’s been a good game lots of choices of different games

- Decent but expensive

Expensive to buy coins. Sometimes 100s of spins for a bonus but decent choices all the same.

- Great app

One of the best ..

- Hi


- Great

Need more coins and bonuses. Addictive play. Love HOF

- House of fun

Great games but lose points faster than making them

- Poor game

Pretty poor game, all about you buying chips which are expensive anyways, go through about 500 spins and 90% of the ‘wins’ are lower than your stake anyways.. more losses than wins to make you buy stuff

- #1

The only Slot app you’ll ever need. Miles and miles ahead off the rest

- The best game ever love it 👏👏🥳

The best game ever love it 👏👏👏👍

- Wow just wish it was real cash


- Prises

It’s fun to play but nearer in reaching to actually win some great prizes the system slows down in prise giving, therefore you spending more money !

- Awful

Boring as hell. Barely any free coins and the coins you do get last a minute at best. Do not download unless you plan on spending constantly to play.

- Good games but...

Don't expect to win any of the Grand prizes,been playing for a long time now and never seen one,just a big fix to make you bet more. Also side features are joke, I bet 25000 a spin and get prizes of 700 coins in Board Trip, so low its not even funny

- M

Great games

- Good app

Fun free app

- House of fun

I love this site it is my go to for some fun.

- Keeps you busy

Like it now I got so much time on my hands its simple fun and time goes by . Good app

- love this

I'm really enjoying these slots, they are one of the best I have played.😁

- Wow


- 1 star

Waste of time

- Yay good


- Time killer

Good app to pass time

- Bell


- Review


- House of fun

A real fun slot to play

- Great game

Keeps interesting after 4 yrs of playing

- Review

Brilliant graphics excellent games

- Good


- Great

Great game

- Spin

Great game

- Amazing game

Helped me with my gambling problem

- Cheats, cheats, cheats

Don’t be a fool and pay for coins on this game like I have - it’s the biggest con ever - blamed on “Random Generator” nothing is random about this game except the chance of they playing fair

- Liz Cowie @

The only problem with house of fun they are always trying to get people to buy all the time to long intervals between free coins also the free bonus wheel never stops at the big amounts

- Fun fun fun


- Good game lots of choices

Good game

- All games I play

Have only just come back to HOF but the way it’s going will be deleting again

- Love

Love this game

- Write a Review? Why?

Why would you want negative feed back. Great games on HOF but for the money it takes to win competitions is ridiculous. Some of your games take so long to get free spins. These games are always included in competitions so that it’s impossible to win competitions. I’ve been waiting sometimes a couple of weeks to finish a competition and yes brought more credit and never finished. I’ve had games that don’t pay out the proper amount and complained about to customer support they say did you take a photo how can you when it takes you to another screen. HOF is sure repping in the money.

- Rewards

Improve the rewards, never ending duplicates!

- Overview

The worst game- have never even won a bonus or a free spin round for last 3 years!!! Don’t bother spending any money in this App or company!!, You will REGRET!!

- Spacko

Great games and graphics Extremely interesting games with lots of competitions and bonuses Best games on the App Store

- Hot

When playing $5000 a soon and get 5 of a kind it’s less then the Bet which in my opinion is not good odds .

- Mummy

Enjoy playing this game but the wins are getting fewer in between especially the free spins on the new games and why does the starting bet have to be so high when you set the challenges. But even after all this moaning it's still the first game I go to when I get the time to play. Now what's happened to the 100 free spins I didn't receive any and also you gone very slow in producing the bags why!! You have recently asked for us to watch a video and receive coins but I didn't receive coins when watching each now the cases are getting fewer in between what's up

- Too hard

You guys make it too hard to get ahead compared to other Slot Apps. Not worth my time. Thumbs down. 👎

- Games

Great games great graphics features hard to get as you go closer to big ones

- House of fun

More free spins would be great👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😔😔👍👍👍👍👍👍

- King frog game

Much better improvement thanks guys

- Love the game but

It’s so hard to win on this. If you do not put money into it you will not win and also the payment is in US dollar so in Australia it costs me double. I love the everyday challenges. I love the selection of games. I got sick of paying and now I am not paying I can never will the new challenges that come out so I do not play it as much. I do love the game. Just hope they remember not everyone is rich and they should offer specials to people who are in other countries as it works out so expensive.

- 好


- Don’t spend a cent on this game

You will never win your $$ back...

- Gummy king

By far my favourite game on my favourite app pays great and pays regularly

- Boring

Wow, so boring playing these games, it’s just like ground hog day every spin, could even get the bonus feature on any eeally is mind numbing... I hadn’t played for a while, now I know why.....nothing really grabs you....

- House of fun

Not worth a review 26million I lot of free spins you are kidding yourselves.

- Not happy

Love the games there great just updated to new version and was floored wouldn’t reopen at all finally got it working and now I’m back at the start with 1000 and no games to play don’t bother downloading new Verdi’s on u lose everything very unhappy with ur game I’d rather delete than start again

- Corona amusement

Great way to pass the time in isolation trying my dam nest to beat the computerised programme. Not succeeding

- Boring Game

Fall asleep while playing.

- Fun!

Such a good game


Awesome Game Pay outs could be Bigger


Spent over $20 in ten minutes got nothing for my money at all. All I ask is to get something for my money. Don’t waste your time on this app they will only rip you off

- Biggest waste of money ever and not much fun as you’ll run out of coins in 2mins.

You have been warned this game has so many things wrong with it. From annoying pop ups with offers to game level increases that automatically increase your bet so you loose your coins if on auto spin. This game is designed with repeat coin pack purchases in mind. It’s a business of virtual coins. Their customer service is hopeless also. Make sure you read the terms when I comes to added inclusions for coin packs also. I got to level 1489 and became diamond tikarewards. Also had access to the VIP website.

- Great

Great game when you win

- Mmm

Only downloaded a few days ago, so might be too early to tell but payouts seem non existent - give it a few more days but so far not really a lot of fun...

- Awesome

Ya dad dada

- Daily email with bonus,

Not impressed continually going backwards win a little loss that and more. We use to get big bonuses of 100-200,000 x 2 Weekly not any more Rate you, WHY COVID 19, self confinement bonus

- Hof

Don’t like that you have to bet high especially when you don’t have a lot of credits but still my favourite game to play

- Disgusting

They have stolen 4,500,00 coins from my account in the last hour! When you question it they say it didn’t happen. This is the most disgusting game site that I have ever visited or played

- House of fun

Love the games. More chances to get spins

- House of fun

Spinning wheel prizes are really bad. Most days not worth the effort to do. Bonus games are too hard to collect for NEVER get anywhere near the end. Mostly unable to get even half way.

- Good

lots of fun


Hof turn up the return meter, people are playing hundreds of thousands and GETTING NOTHING, LUCKY TO EVEN GET GAMES...also they raise the minimum bet on games you play often...if you win, takes it back quickly...

- Disgusting returns

I buy credits and the returns I receive are nex to nothing. I had over 6 million credits played 30000 a time and did not get 1 free spin or nothing reasonable in credits return. Those credits went in less that 3 minutes

- It's Great

Always Fun

- Happy

Great game

- Free spins🤷‍♀️

An No 100 free games. Pathetic. Will delete app.

- Shocking

Amazing in our hard times with corona virus one would think To have your playing rules a bit more flexible But it does not seem to be like that Have some kind of feelings for those who play And staying home in this crisis We all don’t have dollars to pay But we find it a bit enjoyable With time to pass Come on give more free spins etc Times are hard Play tika have a heart 😞😞😞😞🙄🙄🙄

- Cannot access free credits that are offered via email

For some weeks nowI have not been able to get the free coins/credits offered via email from House of Fun. What is the reason for this? Don’t send emails promising things and then don’t allow access

- House of fun

Good game. Fab game....the best!!!!!. Never get bored of this great game. U r the best! It’s Avery interesting game, thank u

- House of Fun.

Enjoy your game very much .Loris.

- Great fun

Happy with game so far. Love the new games... 👌👌👌 🙄🦋 😂💰💰💰😩😂😂😂😀

- Poor payouts

Takes too long to save enough coins to play longer than 10 mins and the payouts are few and far between.... very painful.... time to delete game

- Game

Great game loved it

- House of Fun

Love this game, have been playing in for years.xx

- Great game

Awesome game


I will post this all across my page and everywhere else, cannot blame them totally as I’m the one who keeps playing but far out talk about never getting the jackpots and spending a tonne and getting hardly anything back!!!! I won’t be playing anymore 😡

- Good


- Best game


- Good game

I love this game, is really a fun

- Casino

A good app

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House of Fun™ - Casino Slots 3.58 Screenshots & Images

House of Fun™ - Casino Slots iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

House of Fun™ - Casino Slots iphone images
House of Fun™ - Casino Slots iphone images
House of Fun™ - Casino Slots iphone images
House of Fun™ - Casino Slots iphone images
House of Fun™ - Casino Slots iphone images
House of Fun™ - Casino Slots iphone images
House of Fun™ - Casino Slots iphone images
House of Fun™ - Casino Slots ipad images
House of Fun™ - Casino Slots ipad images
House of Fun™ - Casino Slots ipad images
House of Fun™ - Casino Slots ipad images
House of Fun™ - Casino Slots ipad images
House of Fun™ - Casino Slots ipad images
House of Fun™ - Casino Slots ipad images
House of Fun™ - Casino Slots Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
House of Fun™ - Casino Slots Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

House of Fun™ - Casino Slots (Version 3.58) Install & Download

The applications House of Fun™ - Casino Slots was published in the category Games on 2013-03-14 and was developed by PLAYTIKA UK - HOUSE OF FUN LIMITED [Developer ID: 580824260]. This application file size is 251.15 MB. House of Fun™ - Casino Slots - Games posted on 2020-05-16 current version is 3.58 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

House of Fun™ - Casino Slots Advisories: Frequent/Intense Simulated Gambling

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