Tapatalk Pro

Tapatalk Pro [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Tapatalk Pro is strip down version of Tapatalk - only for the forum fanatics - those who like old Tapatalk and wishes it has less bells and whistles because you know what you are doing in forums! :)

Tapatalk connects to over 100,000 online forums worldwide. Post easily with unlimited Photo and Video sharing and instant push notifications. Tapatalk forever change the way you interact with online forums on mobile.

Bonus: Tapatalk works great for RSS / blogs too!

Here are some of the top sites available in Tapatalk:

MacRumors Forums
Cruise Critic
Operation Sports
Adventure Rider
Pentax Photography Forums
Focus ST
Archery Talk
Apple iPhone Forum
AnandTech Forums
Tapatalk Support Forum
Reef Aquariums REEF2REEF
Mobile Phone OS Forum
Jeep Garage - Jeep Forum
Guru Gossip
IGN Boards
Natural Mamas
Spacetime Studios
GSM-Forum ( gsmhosting )
Windows Central
Grasscity Forum
E Cigarette Forum
Germans Club
The Rolex Forums
IronMag Forums
Pelican Parts Forums
The Outdoors Trader
The Garage Journal
The Two Plus Two Forums
Plex Forums
Cheap Ass Gamer
VW Audi Forum
Expedition Portal
SA 4x4 Community Forum
Bushcraft USA
Badger & Blade
MPA Forum and Community
Smith & Wesson Forum
Hammock Forums
CrackBerry Forums
Waze Forum
BMW Forum: BMWLand
Xiaomi Europe Support
Lipstick Alley
The High Road
The Hackers Paradise
Practical Machinist
Professional Muscle
Pattaya Addicts Forum
Philippines Addicts
iPhone Hacks
Detailing World
Brave Frontier Forum
Psych Central
The Firing Line
Debate Politics Forums
OPPO Forums
Everything iPhone
iPad Forums
R3VLimited Forums
UG Bodybuilding
The Gear Page
ASUS Forums
The Shave Nook
Market Militia
Tenerife Forum
Total War Center
Feed The Beast
Vaping Underground
XDtalk.com - XD Gun Forum
Baby Bargains & Baby 411!
Survivalist Boards
Personality Cafe
The Planted Tank
Evolutionary.org Forums
BMW Fanatics
Blu-ray.com forums
Tacoma World
Muscle Research Forums
Airbrush Forum
Tech Support Guy
Volkswagen Owners Club
The Hobby-Machinist.com
SuperMoto Junkie
Epic Games Forum
Indian Real Estate Forum
Trouble Free Pool
Digital Photography School
BMW 5 Series Owners Board
Student Doctor Network
Toyota 4Runner Forums
Mustang Forums
Galaxy S4 Forums
Clash of Gem
Stargazers Lounge
UK Vapers
Nikonites - Nikon Forum
NerdFitness Rebellion HQ
The Iron Den
Planet of the Vapes
Cruise Addicts
SXOC Bulletin Board
VXR online
Welding Web
Mighty Car Mods
Festool Owners Group
Pit Bull Forum
Archery Addix

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Tapatalk Pro Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Get ready for the new updates 1. Better dark mode view. 2. Multi-select images as well as performance improvement in uploading images 3. Uploading images/attachments from the Files app to Tapatalk. 4. Notification grouping for admin 5. Bug fixes

Tapatalk Pro Comments & Reviews

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- Broad usage but has issues with passwords

Has so many groups which use this app. Also has nice presentation of content. I have had problems, some unresolved concerning the addition of new groups. i.e temporary passwords and login bots. I’ve not had luck with support either, not app is still great!

- Tapatalk Pro is now trash

Update: Still a steaming pile of garbage. They have even removed the ability to quote multiple posts in your post. If there was ANY competition at all to Tapatalk I would have left them long ago. Tapatalk the company has a long history of terrible UI updates. I don't know why I was expecting them to leave the pro version alone but I had hope that after paying money they would keep a usable horizontal design. To make this clear for the developers: I want to use this app with my screen turned horizontal. I want it to fill the entire screen, not 1/3 of it. I use tapatalk on a tablet. Stop forcing a phone design on it. There is nothing better about this update. It was a setback in design just like they did with the free version awhile back. I've never seen a company screw up their design repeatedly so many times when they know what their users want. The "pro" version should have pro features, you know like the app using the entire screen when horizontal, or split forum view where I can browse through other threads while still reading one. It even has a stripped down settings menu now with this update. As far as I can tell this version just looks like the free version being advertised as "pro".

- Forum beast

The only way to read and manage multiple forums for those who like to participate in many different groups. Easy to use and navigate. Has been my go-to for years.

- Some bugs in chat feature

Love the app overall but the chat feature is unreliable for a few of the forums I use. I have to kill the app 3-4 times and reopen it to get the chat to work without freezing up. And when it works it only lasts for a few minutes. Otherwise good

- Finally! Still needs black mode

Thank you so much for updating this for X owners. You’re almost at perfection, we just needle an absolute black mode to take advantage of OLED panels for a true dark mode.

- Nagware

This all will nag you almost every time you start it and even during use to enable push notifications! Super annoying, I should be able to disable it and not have it bug me. Not worth the cost unless that issue is addressed. I'll fix my review if they stop nagging me. Update: it seems like image hosting is gone in the latest version. I’ll be looking for a new app now

- I'm glad that they brought back the ad free Tapatalk pro

This app chortles my balls with such vigor and passion that it has had to have uvula surgery seven times. It just keeps chortling.

- Confusing interface—

Honestly they need to update some of the simplest functions like emails being updated, a sent email box, etc. loading photos is a nightmare and things load slowly.

- Small bugs

The app crashes randomly sometimes, if your trying to load a forum it takes for ever sometimes but visiting the actual site there’s no problem.

- APP Constantly logging me out

I have reached out to the developer about the app logging me out. They asked me to send screen shots, which I did, and then they did nothing. Like another reviewer said, if there was any competition, this app would be in the trash. Still logging me out, still no response from the developer, still belongs in the trash.

- I reinstalled version 6.5.8

Version 7.0.1 didn’t feel as easy to navigate.

- This update is horrible

The button location changes are horrible. I’m constantly hitting the wrong one, and I don’t want kin, I don’t want to give kin, and I don’t like being pushed it. I want to view and participate in forums.

- Recently it’s been Locking Up

You can just be reading a thread and the app will lock up. The only way to fix this is to restart the iPhone. Otherwise the app has been good for the years I’ve used it.

- Freezes

Keeps freezing. Have to close and re-open. Uninstalled and re-downloaded with no improvement.

- Getting updates but when pulling up app nothing is there

Always something buggy with this thing. It’s either getting late notifications or getting the notifications but when you pull up the app they disappear. Now it’s just a total mess.

- Bugs

I had the free version for a while, the second I upgrade and attempt logging in I continually get an error stating my login info is incorrect I reset it twice now and it works online on my PC. Issue isn’t resolving even with uninstall and re-download. Tried email support and received nothing.

- Paid users should be the customer, not the product

The integration of Viglink with no way to disable it is evil behavior by Tapatalk. If I pay for your product I should be able to at least opt out of Viglink.

- Doesn’t work for me

The only thing I can use this for is personal messages. When I try to open a forum discussion, all I get is a message that the forum is down. Which it’s not because I can open it in the browser. Such a disappointment.

- does not yet support iphone x........why???

app is decent overall, but STILL not iphone x full screen? what's taking so long? come on already!!!

- Where’s the OLED black night mode?

There has been an OLED model iPhone for over a year yet this app has never had the night mode changed to utilize OLED true black. When are we going to get this?

- I hate the current ui change.

Why did you change?

- Too much focus on pushing Tapatalk.

Not enough focus on functionality a user would want.

- New updates are not the best

So, uh, can we get that quick reply back please? And the continuous scroll is garbage. Things loaded faster when I had pages. It was also easier to keep my place in long threads.

- Why can’t we see messages.

I’m tired of not being able to read messages. What’s with this “content not available”.

- I used to like this app, but no more

It has gone from a quick and easy to use interface to a bloated and confusing one. It’s just too much trouble. I’ve given up on it.

- Like it but....

How does the paid “pro” app not get updated with iPhone X support? I paid for it, the free version got updated pretty quick. BS, what did I pay for? Shame... shame... shame

- Is there a replacement for this?

This has been awful for years. Cluttered and confusing interface that’s like Facebook in that it’s constantly forcing things on me

- Tapatalk is trash

I purchased the paid version and still cannot login to the SNS forum. Haven’t been able to in months. Not sure what the problem is but I don’t recommend this app.

- Goodbye $10

The app never works. It’s slow and usually refuses to open threads. I thought if I bought the pro that might change but unfortunately it’s just money wasted.

- Slow to update

As a paid Pro user, it’s takes this company 4-6 months to address serious bugs that limits functionality.

- Latest update is worst

All of a sudden there are ads, my feed isn't anywhere current. What a waste!!

- Clean, can't view polls/rep, crashes and glitches often.

The interface is relatively nice and clean, but it crashes fairly often (iPad mini Retina and iPhone 5s on iOS 7.1). It's also pretty tedious to find subforums on the iPad version with all of the pictures. You can't view number of thanks on a profile or see polls in a forum, either (didn't hurt the rating because I'm sure not all forums have these things, but I thought I'd mention it. Also, using the View in Web option works fine for rep/polls and I'm very glad it's there.). Other than that, it works pretty well and I'm glad to have it. At least it's an improvement over using the browser!

- Still no restored iPad support

iPad support is still gone. This is just a scaled up iPhone app. Keeps getting downgraded more with every version.

- Buggy and not supported

Why isn’t Tapatalk pro update and supported like the main app? It is stuck on 8.0.1 for 4 months. There are so many bugs as it relates to threads updating

- Terrible App

This app does not even work reliably on some sites. One day it works ok, the next it doesn’t. Don’t waste your money on the pro version!

- No updates in over a year

This app reads what’s in the clipboard every time it’s opened. App l also hasn’t been updated in over a year.

- Get rid of Kin

I disable it in settings and it still shows. It is annoying and stupid.

- Unable to use it

All I get is 404 messages so back to using web browser

- What happened to my feed?

Why are my most favorite things about this app now gone? Argh.

- Crap. Don’t buy.

Very little tied selection of groups. Definitely not worth $10. Buyer beware.

- The new update ruined the app for me

You guys took off PRO SPORTS DAILY now I can’t use the forum from the app thanks a lot

- iPhone X

Would like to see this optimized for the iPhone X.

- Pro?

Pro but no supports for new flagship iPhone X? Apps with a smaller staff are already updated come on guys.

- Awful

Consistent error messages indicating that the forum is not responding. It is Tapatalk but does not respond. Total failure.

- Doesn’t work

No longer works with cruise critic.

- Tapatalk Copies Clipboard Contents

Do you really need to know much more than Tapatalk secretly steals your clipboard contents? What trash.

- Update !!!

Please update for iphone X....

- New Update Requires Registering

Now you are required to register with this app, that should be the one thing that is removed. Everything has been fine the way it was since I originally paid for it. I was already registered for the forums I was on, the need to register with this app is pointless. I hope you see the number of complaints about this and revert back to how it was, if not I see no further use of this app. ****In addition, as often as you were updating this application, you should have taken the complaints from people who have paid for this application a little faster than you are. I currently see no movement on the developers and would highly suggest to anyone to avoid this app in its current version until the mandatory registration is taken off!!!!!!*****

- I need to be able to create forum topics

I'm trying to like this tapatalk app, but I'm not seeing where I can start a new topic. It only allows me to read forums that are already there, and reply. Also, the email portion of it is ALLL messed up, because the email browser slid all the way to the left, making the text smashed together all to the left side, and it wouldn't scroll as I type. PleaseFIX these issues. Plus, it can maintain my login to Epic Games, which doesn't bring up an Infinity Blade forum. In the Epic Games forum, I have acces the search window from the left-swipe menu, then search Infinity Blade to get those specific forums, most times after logging into Epic Games. BUT, I would like it if this app would maintain the login so I can simply tap into Infinity Blade.

- Had to restore phone for app to work

**update** Thanks to no tech support I figured out how to finally get this app working, which required a wipe and restore. It appears the app is working now. I will revise this review one more time after actually using it for a while. From 1 star to 3 now though. Beware of slow support if you have issues. While not logged in I can view forum posts. When I log in nothing shows up rendering this app useless. What's the point if I can't search a forum or god forbid want to write a post. Junk app can't find any support to help fix this wish I could get my money back. Worst app purchase I've made.

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- Best way to stay on top of forums

Love it

- Great Advancement

Don't bother listening to all these negative comments. Tapatalk 2 does have a great new interface and frankly i prefer it over the original. All these bad star rating from previous reviewers fail to realise that this is 1.0 version and we will only be expecting it to get much much better in the updates. The app itself has a lot of potential and all in good time, this great app will only get better. 5 stars for the app.

- Poor app

Notifications are going nuts. I'm getting random blog notifications from threads that are not in my feed and I've already disabled all notifications except the one I'm interested in. Messaged support 10 time and no reply. Don't bother.

- Not an improvement on the original

I love the original tapatalk so I leapt at this update. Really not worth it 😥 sadly I wanted to love it but: 1- The initial "how to" instructions can't be accessed ever again so if you skip over them or didn't pay attention then too bad, there is no in-app help. 2- There's no "landscape" mode. How odd. The original has it, why would you remove a feature that has a better way to use screen real estate? This I hate! 3- You now have to swipe to a separate screen to see if you have new private messages and to access all the other forum sections. I used it on a forum I visit and post on several times a day and by about 5 hours of use I'd reverted back to the original. I love the app, I wish every forum supported this app as it's a great way to browse a forum. But this release? Why? Why would you bother. Get the original, it's rock solid on the iPad and iPhone 5 and ignore this release.

- Disappointed

I love the original Tapatalk, but always thought it was missing features so seeing Tapatalk 2 I jumped at the update. Sadly, I'm disappointed. You still can't quote more than one post at a time (no way to select multiple posts and quote that I can find), animated gifs still don't display and the way it displays the threads is a bit confusing causing me to have to scroll slow to see who posted what. The new interface, while faster and crisp, is a little cumbersome to use. The side of screen tap page navigation is annoying and causes accidental taps and the side menu to access the unreads etc is silly, the old layout worked much better. Should've had swiping for pages and tap-hold for selection etc.. 2 stars... C'mon guys where's the new features?? You can do better than that.

- So close...yet so far...

It was so close to being decent, nice easy to use layout too. But bugs ruined it. Cant see some photos and quotes. Things that have been read will still appear as unread... even when you manually tick them off. I HOPE there is a update soon. But I wont hold my breath, they are few and far between. --Don't fork out cash until this app has been fixed people, you'll just be disappointed! FIX YOUR APP!

- It's getting better, hopefully more updates around the corner

Nice clean fresh look, problems are being addressed slowly. Notifications never clear from the phones notification centre after being viewed, I always had the problem with the original tapatalk too.

- Great App and to CLARIFY

No, you do not have to buy Tapatalk HD with Tapatalk2 on separate payments. Because they are different versions of software. Tapatalk2 works on its own and is HD. If you pay attention to the 'version' details, you will see that Tapatalk HD is still version 1 ;)

- Getting better, but photo problems

Much better and more stable than previous versions, but needs work on photo loading. Some photos don't load properly and remain very fuzzy and grainy. Cannot load photos uploaded as attachments. Otherwise a good app

- I would rather post from my phone than via PC

Tampa talk 2 rocks. It's easier to add photos, links and navigate through forums on my mobile phone then work from my PC. Cool app

- Themes is an improvement!

However, the app does not seem to support external forums outside its tapatalk community? Why can I not add other forums by URL? Seems limited considering this is the so called "pro" version. - Long time user still not overly impressed with the app! Hopefully you guys can pick it up and allow us to add external links!

- connectivity

This is a very handy app. I don't have to use the Mac book or desktop computer to access my favourite forums. This is quite simple to use, also. Image quality could be tweaked for the future. Very happy overall. :)

- Works well

Easier to read and post, especially with pics.

- Can't find forum

Don't waste your money like I did. Try the free version first. If you can't find your forum, don't buy the pro app. Every time I visit the forum I'm interested in, I get a message in Safari on the iPhone saying that I can read the forum in the Tapatalk app. But despite searching for it in the app, I can never find it in Tapatalk. What a total waste of time and money! Shockingly incompetent developers.

- Much better!

This latest update is much better, it actually goes to the page where the latest post is now!

- Very impressive

You sure get a lot with the paid version of this app. Works really well, and looks really nice, too. Nice work. :-)

- Moderation needs work

Works great for viewing but banning and spam clean up needs work, keeps telling me to select a thread using vBB 3.8.1, maybe it works better with v4 or v5 but the forum I admin isn't upgrading any time soon.

- Fix the Auto scroll!

Have used it for 5 mins, and already notice that there is no auto scroll to flick the page back to top. This is a must. All apps utilise this normal iOS feature. I'll look out for some more but disappointed as I had to pay for this!

- Login details

Have literally only just started using it and biggest problem is that it doesn't save my login details. Should automatically save these details which T1 did. I also don't see why an entire new app had to be made when you could have just updated the original app. Wanted more money??

- Great app

Easy to use, stable & does everything I need. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Liney

Would like a function where you can mark a thread so that you don't have to see anything from that thread again.

- IPad

To the reviewer above. It is meant for a mobile device. Why would you use it on a tablet?

- It's good

I can't really see much difference to the previous version but I'm finding it a very good forum reader.

- Far better than 1st version

can't fault it, works like a charm on my 4S

- iPad version abit lacking

Would appreciate the HD iPad version being merged into this app - Rather than having two seperate applications and double dipping on purchasing both (one for my iPhone, and one for my iPad)

- Disappointed

Only noticeable difference between this and the first app is that you post pictures easily. Needs an update as I can only post once in a topic then says invalid, annoying and shouldn't cost as much.

- Tapatalk

Worth getting if your using the old one

- Great app

Took a while to get the hang of. I get it now and is great to have most if my forums in one app.

- I wasted my money

Had the HD version on my iPad, thought I would try the Pro version. Much prefer the HD version, I thought the Pro would offer a bit more but I just find it so user unfriendly. Have uninstalled it, not for me.

- Very good

A little hard to use at first but now I have mastered love it.

- Good, useful app

Works nicely for reading forums. Layout takes some getting used to, but it works well and shows promise. With a rethought UI it would be really great.

- Backward Step!!!

I have reverted to the "old" version. I don't like the way Tapatalk 2 no longer has the " menu bar" to access Latest, Forums, Messages etc along the bottom of the screen. Without it, the app is too "fiddly" to use.

- Mandatory Account Registration

For no reason, you must have a Tapatalk ID now to use this app. Can't get past the splash screen without one. No previous version required a login, even if they did harass the user at every turn. What a joke.

- Fix bug when posting message

Some times when I post threads it freezes. So I close the app but when I try open it, it won't open. Fix this please

- Happiness

Pretty happy, does everything I need and more

- Awesome!!!

This apps it's just getting better and better! :)

- Love it.

Pretty familiar with it now. A definite upgrade from the original. Can't fault it. Cheers.

- Brilliant

Just so much better than Tapatalk 1.

- Dark Mode

Great app for what it does, but the removal of a themes of at least a dark mode, has killed it for me. Bring back either themes or a dark mode.

- I'd rather access the forums via the web browser.

On an iPad, this program makes browsing a forum less easy and intuitive than using Safari. Wasted my money.

- Lost all my forums

It was working ok. Then it asked me to choose my forums again. All my previous forums were lost. What's the point of forcing me to sign up for an account?

- Requires Tapatalk ID now

Previous versions if this app did not require you to have a Tapatalk account. Now you can't use the app without one. I never wanted to have a Tapatalk account; I just want to access my forums.

- A+

Excellent app .. A must have for every forum bug

- Awesome!

Easy way to keep in touch with your favourite forums! :)

- Fantastic

A great update to a fantastic app. Well done!!!

- Needs a fix quickly!!!

Network error every time you try and refresh a page

- Actually

I like it. No landscape is probably the only gripe I have.

- Broken since update

Worked fine iphone 4S until last update...wont load now...

- Info scraping

Have to open an account to get full functionality, which shouldn't be necessary. Resent paying money so that Quoord can sell my details to advertisers.

- Good app

Works well minimum glitches.

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- Good apps for forums !!!

Very nice app to sync all forum account

- Horrible developer, forces features with bugs and third party payment systems on users

iOS 14 update: Tapatalk pro happily spies by pasting your clipboard to the app without my or anybody’s consent. Thanks to Apple for making this visible in iOS 14. Emails to the developer have gone unnoticed as usual for the last few weeks. 6 follow-up emails and still no response. Multiple forum posts with no answer. It’s 2019 and as usual with Tapatalk, their developer team never responded to any of my emails. While the app is ok, you pay plenty to get rid of ads. Which is ok, if one would at least get professional email responses. It’s 2019 as of this writing and the app still doesn’t have split screen support that really any app on the iPad should have from the start. It’s 2019 and in order to see new messages, you still need to completely leave the forum you’re currently reading, go back back back in the menus to see new messages. April 14 2019: another week has passed an three emails to the developer have not received a single response. This is more than telling. April 19: another 5 business days passed and four emails were sent to the company. No response. April 28: 9 extra days have passed again and there of course is no response. It is getting comical. May 17: got contacted by support about a month and half a dozen follow-up emails later. Was told that split screen multitasking was already supported, which was wrong. I was told that the next update would fix the issue - also didn’t work. In addition to not fixing existing bugs they introduced Kin, yet another useless social media thingy that gives you credits and invades your life with notifications you don’t need. That thing now annoys me with red badges even if the Kin is disabled by the user. Wow. Talk about beta testing. July 2019. Months have passed with no further information from Tapatalk developers. The issue is still not fixed. The stupid Kin cryptocurrency crap that was activated on my account without my consent is still showing notifications although I disabled the functionality. Multiple emails to the developers as well as writing on their own (!!!) support forum go unheard. Customer service is absolutely terrible. This would be a negative star rating if the App Store had the option. The journey continues. August 2019: Another month goes by with zero updates from the developer. The app still has no support for split screen and still tries to push their bitcoin nonsense onto the users with no options to disable. No eta for a fix in sights. Not surprised at this stage. November 2019: Multiple emails and forum posts and zero response from the developer. Terrible service continues.

- Would give 5 starts but...

I just purchased the new iPhone Xs Max with the latest iOS 12.1 and Tapatalk is not compatible. I have the Pro and you would think now almost month later they would have an update for the paid version, but no. Experienced issue so far: - run out of screen real estate when quoting or replying, that what you’re typing starts to get hidden behind the keyboard and you don’t see what you are typing. - no more option to attach photos - the whole banner that existed over the keypad is gone. I expected more from Tapatalk!

- Why can’t we no longer password protect the app!??

I will stop using it as this was an essential feature for me. Im also very mad that i spend money for this

- No need to pay for this version since..

Exepted adds, The free version is better, get updated way faster. Still no iPhone X new screen support in the paid version when the free version has it!

- Forced registration?

Why do I need to create a Tapalk ID to browse forums now? So that someone can track what forums I visit and send spam based in that? No thanks!!

- shifty forcing account creation

I never had a tapatalk account, never needed one, because there is no added value for me to have one. In the past this was optional, now it is mandatory, with still no user added value, I wonder how this got thru Apple's review. this is just information gathering.

- Scam

Tapatalk pro can not find forums. When you go to their website for help it says this app has been discontinued and that users must sign up for VIP on their regular app. This is an outright scam. This app takes your money and is a dud. I called mastercard to block the charge. Apple needs to take it down.

- Garbage Forced Tracking

So they force you to make an account now. Utter crap I do t need to be tracked! Sticking with the version released before this for a long while!

- Like the interface, don't like creating another account

While accessing forums using Tapatalk was better than through a mobile browser, being forced to sign up for yet another account just to continue using the app is not cool. It has since been removed from my phone.

- App works but I get an error

Download & install appeared normal. I was able to load other forums without issue. However, when I enter a forum I get a popup error saying 'add-on Tapatalk.xml was not imported'. I can still enter the forum, it this popup is annoying. I did a Google search on this and I see it's a common error that many people are having with Tapatalk

- Hate the "Announcements and Stickies"

In the latest update, they took away the option to hide ALL announcements and stickies. Now the stickies are taking up the entire screen every time I refresh, and has to constantly scroll down to see the forum posts. Every single time it refreshes! I hate this app, I want a refund!

- New version is worse

Pretty much every UI change in the new Aug 2016 update has made the UI worse. - new style makes it impossible to distinguish unread posts from read posts. - image previews make the screen cluttered and harder to scan. Pro-tip: image previews are not why users read web forums - all the useless auto-follow settings default to ON now. So much for letting users control their own experience. All of these changes speak to a team of designers who don't understand or care about why people use this app. Very discouraging.

- Themes missing on iPad.

Please bring back the option for changing the themes. The orange theme is the only one available and I hate it! Will give this app the 5 stars it deserves once you fix this. Until them I am going to avoid using it.

- #1 forum app

Was about to rate 4 as it still lacks some forums, i think there should be a "forum viewer" for those that are not "tapatalk connected" but well that would lower tapatalk revenues, so that is not that much a good idea. For this reason, I give a 5 stars as except what I mentioned above it does have every features I need within a clean and simple interface.

- Serves it purpose when it works.

I've been a Tapatalk user for awhile, I often wonder how much testing is done on updates before released since every single update brings a rash of crashes. The application in theory is good, but only when it works after an update to fix the previous update is released.... Hopefully.

- Getting Worse

Every release seems to make the app worse. When tapping out to another app, coming back makes the app refresh and you lose your place in the list of topics you were viewing. This doesn't happen all the time so I'm not sure what triggers this behaviour. Clicking on a pic and then changing from portrait to landscape or vice versa closes the pic. Zooming closes the pic. Still no way to see number of posts a poster has without clicking through on the user's icon. Would be handy to have their post # and location under their portraits like in the web version.

- Doesn't Work at all

Signed up for their tapatalk account, then went to sign in to one of my forums. Upon entering my username and password, the app tells me "You must complete both fields". Tried quitting the app, tried different forums, nothing works.

- I hate forums. I love tapatalk!

Forums have always been a huge waste of time for me. Hard to navigate, difficult to find the interesting and active threads. Tapatalk turns forums into a series of news feeds that make life so easy. Get it if you need a presence on a forum, it'll save you time, and time is money, friend.

- Doesn't support multitasking.

I use forums mostly for researching my aquarium hobby. When I read something on a forum through tapatalk, go to safari for a quick google (less than 15 seconds) and come back, the app ha restarted. So I have to track down that post again. It's a minor inconvenience that becomes hugely frustrating after a few instances. iPhone 4S, iOS 7

- Great App

Love this app. Easy to use and easy to browse multiple forums.

- Great

Would love to see a theme that was very close to iOS7 in terms of design but that's my only thing on my wish list right now.

- Super

J'aime beaucoup cette application elle facilite la navigation sur les forums.

- Forced Tapatalk ID creation - I want a refund

So now, after paying for the Pro version of the app, I'm being forced to create a Tapatalk ID so that Tapatalk can further monetize me. Furthermore, given the endless stream of sites that have had user accounts compromised, the last thing I want is for Tapatalk to have all my forum credentials stored on their servers (in a reversible format no less, since there's no way they can store them with a one-way hash and still be able to log into a forum). All someone would have to do is compromise Tapatalk's servers and they would have access to hundreds of thousands of forum accounts. Remove the Tapatalk ID requirement or give me a refund.

- Doesn't take advantage of the iPad screen

Please add a Tablet view like Tapatalk HD (which currently crashes far too often). Tapatalk Pro is stable but the topic list doesn’t need to take up the whole iPad screen: make it like Tapatalk HD with the topics on the left, and the thread displayed on the right pane.

- Great app!

Love the new design! The new interface is very clean and fun to use. Very useful app for keeping track of discussions.

- Great app

Much better than using web version of forums

- Icon and UI doesn't look nice

The new icon and UI is really tacky compared to the more elegant artistic in the previous version

- Love!!

Can't post pictures in forums with this new update. It asks me for a username, and when I enter it, it says "network error please try again later." Except "later" the same thing happens. They've turned a great app into a worthless one. Great job!

- Absolute garbage quality control

The latest update is terrible. Can't post pics. Tells me there is a server error to try again later for two days now !!

- Garbage

Was good but now crashes over and over when trying to sign in. Please fix

- Update for ios7

You want to know how it works? It doesn't. Haven't been able to open tapatalk since the update. Nice...

- A+

Love it

- Very informative

Awesome and very informative. If your into toys for all seasons it's a must have.

- Ads in paid version

Putting ads in a paid app is ridiculous. FIX THIS.

- ......disappointing up have to pay for the same app twice!

Works good for what it's designed to do! They released the pro version of the app......suppose to be faster. NOT!! What's the diff between the standard vs pro? Integration into Facebook and Twitter. Think twice about this app if you're only interested in paying got it once. In fact, this is the ONLY app I had to pay for again as a result of a new version. I have a $50+ GPS app. Multiple updates.....never had to pay another cent to get.

- Good

It is a little confusing at first but it has changed the way I is forums from my phone good app

- Fix the new update!! :@

I have no option to change that automated message that keeps saying 'sent by iPhone using tapatalk 2" after each message! Fix it!

- Best there is!

Best way to read forums on the iPad. Using mobile safari is a pain, this app puts all your favourite forum features at your fingertips...and that's a lot of f's! Five Stars!

- A+

Great for forum interface and pm notifications.

- Pretty good!

I'm using this app for about 2 mths now on 3 forums and it works almost perfect. I said almost 'cause sometimes (rarely) it doesn't display posted pictures properly, I haven't figured out yet if it's the pictures format or something else... Other than this little glitch it works great.

- Prefer first app

When I open a forum post it goes to the last page of the forum and I cannot open the first few pages. Wish you could edit your personal forum profile. This app is basically the exact same as the first one .

- Pretty good

Not much difference than the first app I liked the first app better but I already paid for this one too so I will just use it. Great at what it does though.

- Works great

Very good way to access your forums on the run

- Passable

As an iPhone app, it's pretty decent. As an iPad app, it serves as an example of why iOS developers need to rethink the interface to take advantage of the larger space, rather than just stretch out their iPhone app. Wish there was some way to visually differentiate unread articles.

- Substandard

I didn't mind the previous version but this new one is all flash and no substance. Stick with the old version or buy that instead

- Not bad!

Needs a couple of missing features still...also can be a bit slow to load sometimes. Push notifications, even though they are turned on, don't do anything...[EDIT: Looks like it was a site issue not app issue.] Only the "Unread" shows the # of unread posts in the sidebar. The others, even though they also have unread (like subscribed) never show anything. I wish there was an option to see who else liked/thanked posts (it only shows if you liked/thanked a post). [EDIT: This now seems to be fixed! Yay!] It would be good if there was a setting option to show signatures. I use a photography site and it's good to see what camera/lenses people have (usually mentioned in their sig). Needs poll support (both viewing polls and voting in polls).

- Great app

Great app, easy to use

- Sick

Hesitated on paying the $3, wish I hadn't though, cuz the app is amazing. Love how I can quickly access the threads I am subscribed to for different forums, makes it so much quicker to go thru forums on the iPhone. The only thing Im wishing is that more of my foruns enable Tapatalk, highly recommended from a former skeptic of the app.

- Great App...Works Perfect

This is a great app I wish I had found it sooner it is easy to use and haven't had a single issue with it. A+ definitely recommend it to anyone who goes on any forums.

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- Why?

I loved this app because it did not change when you guy made all the horrible changes to tapatalk. This one remain the old version that everyone loved. And now you had to mess it up like the other version of tapatalk. Why couldnt you let it remain the same old version that we all loved. No update was needed. Also give us back the option for a grey background. None of this brown or white stuff.

- Fairly nice way to read forums

Certainly a lot prettier than the previous tapatalk app. I appreciate the new ways of switching pages in a long discussion thread. One unfortunate change: they provide no way to disable the display of avatars. The forums for which I use this app don't even have avatars; it's just that much wasted blank space. And something that hasn't changed but should have: I can't access settings (say, font size) without leaving the forum and then having to navigate back to where I was. Edit: I took this from four stars to two. I don't necessarily disagree with anything I wrote above; but with more use this app began to seem senselessly limited. It has many of the most irritating limitations of the prior version, is even worse in some ways, and only has one real improvement as far as I can see (easier to navigate through long discussion threads). There's potential here, but I'm going back to Tapatalk 1 until this version has feature parity — or at least more tangible benefit.

- I really dislike the page forward/back arrow tabs that pop up

I think I would be ok with this app if I could disable the annoying page forward/back tabs that pop up every time you scroll. They cover up what I'm trying to read and I never use them anyway. It also will take some getting use to the new interface, though there are definitely some improvements too, such as Stickies appearing on the same page as regular threads. For now I'm going back to the old app. Those paging tabs are just too annoying to me.

- Good Stuff

I'm very satisfied with Tapatalk Pro. As with anything its not perfect but its durned good. The fact that I can participate in multiple forums and access them all through a common interface that stores login credentials is quite convenient. A also love the pastel on dark grey theme (and the other dark theme)...great for giving your eyes a rest from the usual retina-burning black text on white background. Keep up the great work!!

- Good formatting, happy overall

I liked tapatalk, and I like this new tapatalk 2 and tapatalk hd on my iPad as well. The only thing that bugs me is something that was a problem with the first one; photos posted from within the app appear normal when using the app, but when on a computer looking at posts from the app, pics do not fit the screen no matter what resolution I pick. The format is great, and I love the side to side category and thread swiping that was added, makes it much easier to surf across a forum

- Overpriced junk

This app would be amazing if it worked right, but it doesn't. And the latest update made it even worse. I've never received a single push notification from this app. The new update makes quoting people harder. On top of that the pages skip back sometimes when I open a thread, and other times it skips forward several posts/pages and I have to scroll to find unread posts I've missed. Even though push notifications never worked, I used to at least get a little red "1" next to my message link so I'd know I had a message, but now I don't even get that. Fix this app or significantly lower your price.

- Solid, great GUI, convenient, a hack to make forum surfing a cinch!

I frequent five forums. I often wish to view all five when I'm quickly browsing them for messages or must read posts. Without Tapatalk viewing forums is a nightmare. You have to sign in to each forum and have to open a new window in Internet explorer. TT simplifies this task in a clever, easy to use app. TT keeps users logged in to all sites and manages them in one app. PROS: User friendly Messages are easily readable and sendable Reliable as it rarely crashes Photo posting has NEVER been easier. App allows you to post and host photos without a third party service like Flickr. CONS: Does not offer all features in the individual forums. Not "like post" in L4P, no user ratings available. Photos and other content load slow All in all 8 to 8.5 out of 10 for me!

- Unimpressed

Ok. It's nice that this version shows pictures, avatars, and other things in threads better. But they blew the basics. It doesn't keep my forum password, even when the app is left open. You have to try to refresh, then it prompts you. Read status doesn't always reflect correctly. Sometime it takes to refreshes to get latest posts to show up, never mind getting them automatically. All of this worked fine on the original Tapatalk. And they still don't have the ability to "thank" posts or add to reputation. It's just not at all a clean implementation at all!

- Good app, could use a few improvements

I like the app overall. It is easy to use and functional for basic forum interface. The search functions however are archaic. Try to find a forum you already know. I've typed the exact name of the forum I'm looking for but still have to scroll thru 15 pages of forums that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the search. How about using the word I typed to find the word in the NAME of the forum? Seems simple enough...

- Better but still broken

This is an improvement and is going in the right direction. There is still an issue when trying to reply. The reply box does not word wrap, so when you continue to type the text will go out of the box and you cannot see it. Also the support is terrible. I've emailed many times and they don't ever respond and their support forums are even worse. At least in this update they added the option of themes back into the app they they took away from the previous version with no explanation.

- Less features, less useful than Tapatalk1

No landscape view? Really? Deal breaker. Also, when looking at posted pictures in Tapatalk1 you may scroll between all posted pictures. In Tapatalk2 you can only look at pictures in that specific post. Tedious and disappointing. Otherwise it's a beautiful layout w the quality I've come to expect from this company.

- Wow, works great

Never bought a $4 app and was reluctant. This thing saves so much time by being able to jump from one forum to another. Works great so far and I didn't think it was that difficult to navigate. Got the hang of it pretty quick. However, I did not ever use version one so maybe that's why it's not to confusing. Highly recommend

- Needs quick access to unread like Tapatalk v1

In Tapatalk v1 app, I choose a forum and it takes me directly to Unread. I choose Back and I pick another forum. Very quick and easy. Tapatalk v2 app is a step backwards and takes additional steps to do the same thing. I choose forum, pick unread. Then go back to forum list and have to scroll down or collapse current forum to see the next one. I'd like to be able to default showing the Unread without having to choose it after the forum is chosen.

- Good app overall

It's a good app and works as advertised, but my main problem is not being able to go back to the first page of the thread easily. This is solved in the iPad HD version with a simple button to go to the first page if the thread. If I happen to be on the last page of the thread on this iPhone version in a 1000+ page thread I have to go out and then back in and select original post. Very annoying.

- Once great app rendered nearly useless.

Updated review for this update: They added a night theme back to the iPad which is the only good thing I have to say about this new UI. It seems to have been designed by school children or college graduates with no real world experience. My forum front page will not stay in the order I place them. The remainder of my review for the previous "update" stands... This once useful app continues to decline in usability. It seems that each version/update of this app just gets worse. Important features and/or options are removed. The UI design becomes less convenient, if not impossible, to decipher and use. Finally, This version is very buggy and they have changed the UI again not only making it worse but introducing bugs so invasive the app is currently not worth using for me. If you happen to have an iPad and a copy of the old Tapatalk HD I suggest restoring that for productive use.

- It's like Facebook but without all those dorks from high school

I love this app! It makes forum use easy and quick on the go. It's push notifications keep you involved. Makes it easy to share photos from your phone. It makes old-school forums more like a social network, but without all those pictures of your cousins wive's cats. (unless of course you're on a feline forum)

- Exactly what I wanted

This version is finally stable! I'm getting around my forums with little problem. After all my crashes, someone from Tapatalk contacted me directly. Within a week this version arrived and my crashes are no more. I seriously appreciate that speed of response! If you are having crashes you should report!

- Well done!

OK, no app is perfect, but this one gets pretty close. Noticeably improved over the original tapatalk (1). Takes a little bit to acclimate to the reworked UI, but it's as its a fairly simple and intuitive design the learning curve is hardly chore, after just a days use I was already much happier with this new version. Again, well done. Keep up the good work!

- Great tool to browse, but search needs work

I follow a number of forums and Tapatalk does a great job of organizing them and keeping the newest posts at the top. However, it has a barely functional search - a google search returns tremendous results in the very forums that tapatalk shows no results - word for word the same search terms. I follow car and car repair forums so searching the forum before asking a question is just good etiquette. Tapatalk makes this very difficult.

- Buggy after update and still waiting for poll support.

Woke up to a new update today and every time I refresh a page the app crashes. Not my biggest concern though because I know it'll be fixed. I'm still waiting for polls to be supported in Tapatalk! The forum I subscribe to asks a lot of polls and I can't participate while using this app while I'm out and about. Other than that I love this app and use it daily.

- Buggy

Sent in several bug reports to the team behind the app but the issue persists. When viewing messages - if you placed someone on your ignore list via the forum site (not the app) - the app gets confused, throws Array exceptions and crashes. Once it happens the app goes into a loop trying to sync messages whenever you are using it (even while you are browsing posts for example) and that heats up the phone and eats up battery life like there's no tomorrow. Sloppy coding.

- Amazing update the the best forum app available

Tapatalk 2 takes all the amazing features of the original and makes it even better. The new interface is much quicker and easier to navigate and the gestures make it even simpler. Highly recommend purchasing this is you use tapatalk 1 and want an even better experience.

- 100 Times Better Than Using a Browser!

I love this app! It's by far one of my most used apps considering the fact that I browse a lot of forums. I just hate the fact that the forum administrator has to activate it. I wish I automatically had access to all forums by default. Browsing forums from my iPad/iPhone is actually fun now.

- Tapatalk

I like tapatalk. It improved greatly and now has more options. The only thing I do not like is the BB style web link. From the iPhone, if you touch the URL area in the least bit off set it pulls in the link with a space and your link will not post accurately, causing a broken link. I liked the old style better where you just copy and pasted the link into a bar area. Thanks!

- Impressive

Have been holding back buying this as i always preferred browsing forums via Safari...this app is amazing does everything i wanted it to be..makes quick work of finding updated posts and is super easy to post new threads on all my favorite forums..can not find a single thing wrong with the app

- Very Disappointed

I'm a forum owner, so I wanted to try this for all my users. I want my money back. It's awful. Everything good about original Tapatalk has been made less intuitive and harder. The colors are garish. There is barely any delineation between the separate posts when reading a thread. Adding a few gesture capabilities while making everything else worse does not make a premium app. I did see a couple of nice upgrades but everything else is so bad those few things don't matter. Tapatalk, I will advise all my users to not purchase this app.

- Not bad

It is much better than the older version, at least pics do post without needing to re-try more than 2 to 3 times for it to happen. A bit slow on pic uploads but could be on my end that's causing that problem ill find out soon. But other than those issues a great app.

- Great app, latest version crashes

I've been using TTalk for quite a while. It's been great and very useful as I'm a total forum guy. The very latest version crashes on one of my fave forums, and one of the new accessibility features from apple (highlighting buttons) causes the buttons to disappear. Otherwise, fantastic and love it.

- Awesome

Ignore the complaints about the ID which is convenient when you switch between iPad and iPhone regularly. New update is smooth and fixed all my previous complaints, only thing I wish is that you could make the forums page be the first thing that opens.

- Here we go again

Well, well, well... Another classic instance of messing with a good thing and "improving" it until it doesn't work anymore. When the pro version was abandoned some time ago I continued to use it because it worked just fine. Even when urged by the publisher to switch to the free version I continued to use it. Now I suddenly find that they've decided to pick up the pro version again and updated my trusted old app to this abomination. I'd give this zero stars if I could. What's wrong with the Tapatalk people anyway?

- Used it for just a few hours but so far it's nice

The User Interface is different than the original Tapatalk so it takes getting used to. I am finding it more responsive and has more features than the original. I think it's worth the upgrade.

- Adequate but needs work

I use this for one simple machines forum. More attractive interface than the original. I like the new menu for navigating the board. It seems to time out or crash less often than the original. But there are no moderating features available and, important to me, I cannot type in landscape orientation. And I cannot change the colors yet--important since I mainly surf in the dark while nursing a baby--I prefer white letters on a black background.

- Disappointed,,,, Sorta

I like the look and fell of the new app a lot BUT,,,, you knew that was coming. I'm a super moderator on a couple of forums and I can not find any mod options anywhere in FapaTalk2. The only thing I can do as a moderator is edit folk's posts and I almost never do that. Where's the options to move posts/threads, ban and so on? With that said, I like the new interface but without function, it ain't worth a crap to me.

- Good, but needs work

Way smoother than the original app but it is crashing frequently changing between forums. It would be nice to be able to change the colors and the order of the items under each forum. Another nice feature would be bookmarking sub forums for quick access... Hopefully with updates this will be fixed, then it will get 5 stars.

- Options

Previously purchased t1, and loved it. But as soon as t2 was available bought that too. Was soo disappointed that i went back to t1. The following items that were very convenient are missing from T2: 1- when viewing subscribed threads, it was nice to see the summary "update bar" at bottom that showed messages, favorites, forums, etc. T2 is missing this option. Now with T2 we have to change screens, scroll down and click on messages to see if there are new ones. 2-when viewing favorites it was nice to see the last "time" of the last post. t2 is missing this option. "Timeline" is useless. 3- while in a thread with t2 , it's REALLY hard to tell the transition between one post and they next. They seem to be all merges in each other I'll keep updating you with more issues as they come up.

- Pretty Nice Improvement

I upgraded to this one really for no reason, the old one worked fine. I like the new one it's pretty nice. One thing I wish, that these apps showed the gallery, and I have to go to a fully functional browser.. I have this app on my iPad & my iPhone.

- Great app

As per my title this is a great app, but it shares some of the problems tapatalk 1 had which is bad. I've had to uninstall and reinstall to fix errors to many times which becomes annoying. The number one error when you try and upload picture/photos and it tells you the forum doesn't allow it even though you know they do. Then the only way to fix that problem is uninstalling and reinstalling.

- Best way to view online forums

With this app I find myself reading various online forums more than I ever have before on the regular websites. It's easy to use and even saves your place on the last posts you read for each topic. Well worth the price

- The app is useful again

No longer crippled with a mandatory account creation, Tapatalk functions like is always has. It's back to being an excellent forum reader. I had refused to create an account on the previous version. Nice to have my app back.

- Good stuff

Better than the original. Like it. Would have given 5 stars if- 1. Those who were loyal and bought the first version were given an appropriate discount to upgrade. I do feel a bit taken advantage of. 2. I just haven't had a ton of time in it so I can't say for certain where the limitations lie.

- Its ok but not great

I prefer the old tapatalk. I am rather disappointed in this versions especially since i paid $4 in hopes it was better than the original. Still cannot like specific posts push notification does not work at all and when I reply to emails with quote it does not quote the entire selection :0(. Thats my issues just in the 1st 12 hrs :0/

- Better than the original

I was already a fan of Tapatalk for my two favorite forums, so I was very hesitant to upgrade. Why pay to replace a good thing? But this version is much nicer, the interface is slicker, and gestures are a great addition. I have not regretted the upgrade, at all!

- Nice app

Pretty nice app. I wish when I went to unread threads it would show all that was actually unread. For instance if I get on the actual website I may have 25 unread and Tapatalk will say I have 9 or so. That is the only thing I would like to see change. I would like to see the number here be the same.

- needs lots of work

Crashes daily (often more than once). Unable to use my signatures (permanently disabled and cannot find a way to enable it). When I want to create a new thread I have to completely reboot the iPad. Though there are settings functions for Tapatalk, there is not way to access the individual settings functions for each forum subscribed to. I inquired with the forum owner they said it was a Tapatalk issue. Though I use it daily, I would prefer to access my subscribed forums through my web browser on my desktop. A lot more work is needed.

- Run away!

This application now requires one to register an account in order to use it, and holds existing logins and passwords hostage until one is created. Unfortunately, there isn't a provision here for zero stars, so we'll have to make do with one, sadly. To the management, this will doubtless provide great stories over beers about how you killed your company. Unfortunately, you won't be buying the rounds; c'est la vie. To the employees, you don't want to be associated with this level of stupidity. Run. Run now.

- Do not purchase

The original version is much better than this garbage! I can't use the quick reply on a PM or I get a message saying too many recipients, even though I'm replying to only one person. Also, being an admin, I can't review any flagged posts in this version. It seems that this version is a lot more complicated than the original too. I will definitely be looking for other apps if some serious upgrades aren't made soon!

- Not bad...each version has its strengths

Tapatalk 2 is set up much like Tapatalk HD on the iPad. That being said, I wish that this version was a little more intuitive. Posting pictures from your camera roll isn't the simplest thing to figure out and didn't work for me at first. If you're not so concerned with a flashy UI, the first version will do you fine.

- Use it everyday

Jan 2014 Update: Not sure what people are complaining about but I don't care for the new layout... Again. Barely figured out the last one before they updated again. Original review: I use this app everyday and it's great. All my forums in one place and it keeps track of everything. I only wish that you could post multiple photos at the same time. I hate trying to upload pictures one at a time.

- Good App...Still improvement needed.

Nice app foe reading forums. I'm using it every day! It still needs quite many improvements. For example: display of GIF, improved browser, improved integration with forum functionalities etc. Also, iPad version can really benefit from a redesign to properly use iPad screen.

- Not so sure

I like Tapatalk and impulsively downloaded Tapatalk 2. I admit I feel a little buyer's remorse. It has nice touches, but isn't substantively better than the original. On my phone, it doesn't switch between portrait and landscape; the original does. Not sure that's by design, or not. I'll continue to use, but will be more wary of paid upgrade in the future.

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Tapatalk Pro 8.5.3 Screenshots & Images

Tapatalk Pro iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Tapatalk Pro iphone images
Tapatalk Pro iphone images
Tapatalk Pro iphone images
Tapatalk Pro iphone images
Tapatalk Pro iphone images

Tapatalk Pro (Version 8.5.3) Install & Download

The applications Tapatalk Pro was published in the category Social Networking on 2013-01-03 and was developed by Tapatalk [Developer ID: 717545832]. This application file size is 122.34 MB. Tapatalk Pro - Social Networking app posted on 2019-10-23 current version is 8.5.3 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.quoord.Tapatalk2

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