Novation Launchpad - Make & Remix Music

Want to make and remix music? If you love electronic music, you’ll love Launchpad. Enter an inspiring world of music creation and remixing on your iPhone & iPad.

Launchpad is the number-one app for making and remixing electronic music. The new real-time tempo engine allows you to change tempo at any time. Ableton Link allows Launchpad to sync with other apps, devices and computers.

“A brilliant concept” - Music App Blog
"...literally one of the most fun things I’ve messed around with in a long time..." - Sonic Scoop
“Endless possibilities” - Rekkerd

Create music instantly by combining beats, basslines, melodies, vocals and FX loops. The pads are synchronised so you'll always be locked into the beat. Launchpad comes with eight soundpacks to get you started, with fresh new soundpacks available from our store to satisfy your musical desires. Free, easy-to-use DJ-style FX help you make every tune unique, with options on iPad to expand your boundaries with enhanced Performance FX. At any time, capture your performance and share it easily.

For advanced music makers, import your own sounds with the Audio Import add-on to start making new tunes. Sync with either Link or MIDI-compatible apps, and hardware to Launchpad on iPad for the ultimate sonic experience.

Making music has never been so inspiring.

Key Features:
• Make music instantly using a colourful multi-pad grid
• Trigger up to 8 loops or one-shots simultaneously
• Play with eight free soundpacks, and discover more in the soundpack store
• Keep your tunes sounding fresh with frequent new soundpacks
• Make every tune unique with Performance FX, including Stutter, Autofilter, Gater, Delay, Stopper and Flanger* (iPad only)
• Share your creations on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, Audiocopy and email.
• Use your own sounds with Audio Import*
• Create remixes by editing pads
• Connect and use with Novation’s famous Launchpad hardware (iPad only)
• Send your sounds to an Audiobus-compatible app for further tweaking
• Sync MIDI-compatible apps and hardware to Launchpad* (iPad only)

* In-App Purchase

Other recent features:
• Launchpad Soundpack Sharing - Use your purchased soundpacks in our Blocs Wave music app
• Edit Pads on iPhone - Create your own new remixes
• Import your own sounds on iPhone (requires In-App Purchase)
• Multi-colour pads - Keep track of your sounds by colour, with hardware support added for Novation's Launch range
• Real-time tempo changing - Change tempo while playing, at any time
• Ableton Link support - Jam in sync with your other apps, devices or Ableton Live
• New Flanger FX and Stopper FX - Fresh new additions to the effects library* (iPad only)
• MIDI Sync output - Connect Launchpad to external hardware synths and drum machines* (iPad only)
• Full-view mode - Show pads alongside either filters, volumes faders or FX (iPad only)

Novation Launchpad is compatible with iPad 2, iPad (3rd Generation), iPad (4th Generation), iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPod Touch 5, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus . Supports iOS 8, iOS 9 and iOS 10.

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Novation Launchpad - Make & Remix Music App Description & Overview

The applications Novation Launchpad - Make & Remix Music was published in the category Music on 2013-02-28 and was developed by Novation. The file size is 82.80 MB. The current version is 6.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Launchpad now supports Blocs Export: send your Blocs Wave creations directly to Launchpad, and continue your music making. Use with Launchpad's in-built effects, play and record your performances, then jump back to Blocs Wave to add more sounds or tweak existing ones.

Changes in 6.1:
- Improved performance on older devices
- Fixed an issue that prevented importing of ALAC (m4a) files

Other recent new features
• Launchpad Soundpack Sharing - Open Launchpad soundpacks in Blocs Wave
• Project editing and Audio Import on iPhone
• New store on iPad helps you find soundpacks you might like

We really appreciate your feedback. If you have comments, questions or feature requests, let us know at [email protected] or If you like our app and have a minute to spare, please review the app in the app store.

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I wish you'd sell a bundle of the in app purchases  dandab1215  3 star

It all comes out to about 40 bucks. If you created a bundle and sold it at a cheaper price I'd be convinced to purchase it. A lot of other apps do that. Consumers don't like to pick and choose. Until then, I guess I'll stick to the free version.


Barely a Launchpad  Raptorboy555  3 star

The app does its basic skill, playing samples or loops, however it is not exactly the same as a Launchpad that you could physically buy. My main interests in the Launchpad are the ways you could create light effects and patterns and trigger a sound within the button (videos from Kaskobi and SoNevable are my main example). Basically, I would like ways to add light effects like in UniPad for Android, as an In-App Purchase or something.

MH Agent

Amazing  MH Agent  5 star

Perfect 👏👏👍🏻


good app  Ellieyahoo  4 star

except the fact that it kills my battery and is also lacking some basic options.. like backup synicing and such


Pretty Good  2957299173  3 star

Pretty good overall, but I wish some of the iPad exclusive features were brought over. Also, drains your battery really fast and runs in the background.


Great app, but drains battery  Brianxlin  2 star

Great app, easy to use, but have to remember to force close it or it will drain battery in the background.


Cool  Dudeguy599  5 star

Wow. Cool. Dope. Amazing. Lol.


Outstanding for beginners  stanfo  5 star

Especially for enthusiasts with limited availability


Must have app  iOSynthGuy  5 star

Essential for the iOS musician


Good  Bigrattdaddy  3 star

It was a better app when you could edit pads within the app. Someone in their infinite wisdom thought it would be better if you had to go to blocks wave to do your editing .personally I think it's better not to go back-and-forth and I really miss the editing in the Launchpad .it's a real headache now, especially somebody with an attention deficit like myself. I think I rated it five stars before they did the integration, and I'm taking away two stars for it. Very disappointing after spending a crap load on samples and effects.


FrostyTech-😊 FrostyTechReal 3 star

Guys expect to see me start making songs or remixes of songs cause I just bought this novation launchpad mini so I…


中山見森(段々と垢停止のすがた) nakayama_mishin 3 star

Novation「Novation Launchpad - Make & Remix Music」 これ時間忘れるほど楽しい…やばい…どのボタン押してもそれっぽくなるので楽しい…………………………


Christian Bahr ChristianMBahr 3 star

Novation Launchpad - Make & Remix Music by Novationw/\

Butt face#1

Awesome  Butt face#1  5 star

This is the best app ever nice app.


Not Enough Deep Impactful Bass Packs  KellyAnnQ  4 star

I love the app, but, it only was a couple of really deep, crazy, or impactful packs! It needs more packs sort of like Trapstep! Please take note of this and I think making songs for my friend and I's YouTube channel (Trapstep with Zach and Josh) would be way more enjoyable!

¡¡¡¡No bueno!!!!!!!!

Very sweet little music maker!  ¡¡¡¡No bueno!!!!!!!!  4 star

Very cool app. Probably the best free music making app out on the market. The fact that you can upload your music straight to Soundcloud is very cool! I would recommend this to anyone that's looking to have a little fun with music but not looking to spend too much. The reason I give it 4 stars is because it uses 60 percent of my battery daily on my iPhone, when i'm not even using it, so I had to delete it! Has a lot of potential for a phone music app!


Great for beginners, or people with low funds.  632853  4 star

Great app, like, seriously. Maybe add a trial system to test packs.

Miko the Mann 99

Pretty good.  Miko the Mann 99  4 star

This app in all is a great app to make music on and to have a little fun. I have been cheap and not bought anything, but it's still amazing, also love how I can use garage band with it! Some of the loops are a little cheesy and I mean the audio import could be less. Garage band is $5.00, and the import is $6.99. I'm pretty sure I can do a lot more on garage band but still overall great👌🏾.

Elmer Funk

OMG FIX PLEASE!  Elmer Funk  3 star

This app has the potential to be really great. It's fun for beginners and pros alike, and could really be an workflow asset if they could work the bugs out. The app also nickel and dimes you for every option, effect, delay, etc.... Make the app $20 and call it a day. I understand charging for sound packs and other creative property - but for everything else, this isn't 1990, those are standard features nowadays. It's also annoying to have to purchase them all individually. Where's the 'all-in deal' complete options package? Importing audio has gone from being a $6.99 option that crashed the app, to not-being-an-option-at-all. Where's the import button... Or my refund? Like I said, this app has the potential to be killer, but until they work this out the import features, it's kinda useless to me.


Vast Improvements Over The Year  AshFallenBrightly  5 star

I used to hate it & so many of the changes .... I absolutely LOVE it now & the new UX changes are fantastic ! Please add ADSR envelopes


Ok but...  TWiTtErROBTOP  5 star

There should be a setting to change the colors of the launchpad mini. It's kind of basic. But like the songs on edm that r on sale!


Great app, needs update  c0rv0s  4 star

This app ran in the background of my phone for 48 hours draining the battery before I noticed. Other than that novation is an excellent and wonderful tool for making music. Please fix!


Truly original  XDreammaker  5 star

This music pad app is the top of the music pad apps, with some very unique and useful tools for sound manipulation, including the ability to edit how each pad reacts and adjust the volume for the pad blocks or the individual loops. It's easy to learn and use, but as advanced as the best music software I've used for music on a computer, except it fits on my phone with the added benefit of touch screen.

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