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What is townsmen app? Develop your tiny village to a grand medieval empire with a thriving economy and happy villagers! Find spots for mining ore, harvest the crops of your farms and collect coins as taxes from your folk. Build jousting fields, taverns, marketplaces and beautify your city with impressive statues, magnificent monuments, and lush gardens. But there are also dangers lurking close by. Bandits are in the area, looking to plunder and pillage your peaceful town. Build barracks, guard towers and recruit brave soldiers to protect your citizens from harm. You rule the whole empire from your castle and make sure your inhabitants have fun and stay happy!

- City-building gameplay set in medieval times
- Cute inhabitants with their own daily routines
- Complex economy sim and deep production chains
- Dozens of different town and production buildings
- Optional military feature with soldiers and bandits
- Meaningful seasons and weather effects
- Devastating disasters like fire, disease, drought and many more
- Diverse scenarios and challenging tasks
- Unrestricted sandbox gameplay mode
- Game Center support

You can play ‘TOWNSMEN’ entirely for FREE, though various items are available via in-app purchase. If you don’t want to use in-app purchases, please deactivate them in your device settings.

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Townsmen Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Townsmen Version 1.14.323 August 2021

Added dialog to disable data tracking at the start of the game.

Townsmen Version 1.14.211 February 2020

Fixed problem that latest iOS devices were using low resolution graphics accidentally.

Townsmen Comments & Reviews 2022

- Good game

This is a nice little building game. I’ve been playing it for years now. It’s complicated enough to keep you engaged but not so difficult that it’s frustrating or impossible to complete the tasks. Just the thing to while away a few hours. The only issue I’ve had recently is that sometimes a quest won’t fulfill when you have the supplies. That might not be a problem in a sandbox game but in a timed quest or one that you need to fulfill to move on it’ll stop your game. For example I currently have a quest to sell 30 pigs. I have 500+ pigs in inventory and the quest won’t finish. I’ve restarted the game to no avail.

- Addicting, but needs more

Ive been playing for several months now, off and on. It’s an enjoyable way to wind down at night. I’m still frustrated by the game mechanics. I’m limited in how much I can sell, even with the trade guild building. Don’t bother building more than one, as you can only max 100 items of any six products (max) at a time. A second trade building taps that same storage, so you don’t double the amount you can sell. The limits on sales means I’m shutting down production, or dumping stock on a regular basis. None of my production buildings can run at full labor capacity, because I run out of storage. Most of my workers are running around the storage buildings. Excess workers end up in security patrols or fire watches, only to end up in the tavern with the other off duty men most of the time. Did you know the hard working ladies never go to the tavern? They spend their down time primping near water fountains and flower gardens. Yes, it is a sexist medieval society, but definitely not based on real medieval history. And it would be nice to click on or off the various bad events, because sometimes it is a long wait between them, or the barbarian invaders come too frequently. Also would be nice to go past level 25, which I guess is the max level. I’ve unlocked everything, so there’s no incentive other than watching the folks scurry around. I guess it’s time to find a different game.

- Mild fun ruined by poor mechanics

This game is right up my alley as I am a huge fan of the banished/anno/stronghold and builder games. I also understand the balance of offering the game at a low or free cost by including incentives etc to watch ads/participate in offers. This game is fun, but in the end the balance of fun to ads/offers is overwhelming. In the free version you can expect the top 15% or so of your screen to be continual add banner. In addition to this, you will have to watch short ads every once in a while with the usual find the x close mechanic. These can be removed with a fairly reasonable one time fee ($2.99 if I recall correctly). None of that affects my opinion of the game in a negative manner. Where this game fails is in the additional mechanics of prestige and Thaler. Think of Thaler as in game gold that can be earned through selling goods etc., and prestige as the pay to play mechanic where you either need to partake in offers or pay real money to get more. Note: they do have a mechanic where you can watch ads for a small amount of free prestige, but as of this review it is not working. The pacing of the game is tied so aggressively to these two mechanics that it is unreasonable if not impossible to expect to play it without purchasing prestige. In a more highly polished and engaging game (or if the watch adds for prestige mechanic actually worked) this might be a bit more forgivable, but the balance is way off here.

- Truthful Review, please read before downloading

Honestly, I think the reviews on this game are a little harsh. The only ads on the game is just a banner on the top and a 30 second video every ten or fifteen minutes. This is a really good game considering it is free. It is perfect for airplane rides or long car trips since it doesn’t take internet to play. You can build just a town or do challenges. This game could last you at least a year before you run out of things to do. This is a great game if your just bored. Side note: free games usually need to have some ads because that is the only way to make money. You can just buy a pass to stop the ads for around $3.

- Best alternative to The Settlers

I’ve exhausted this game! Played all the scenarios and much of the sandbox missions. Frustrating at first but once you figure out how to balance your economy, and in particular, the importance of warehouse frequency and placement, this game flows along nicely. The only thing I miss is a proper military functionality along the lines of The Settlers which for some reason disappeared off the store some years ago. This one just requires you to place towers strategically, supply them with the required goods and your soldiers auto defend. One more thing. Pay the 2 bucks to remove ad banner, it’s well worth it.

- Needs More

Really like this game although you reach a point where you’re out of land and the options to build have all been used…. You hit a wall, basically, and the game is no fun anymore. They need more buildings, events, etc… and to provide more land. It’s at a point where all I’m doing is logging in to collect taxes and fix smoldering buildings. Also, some of the programming just doesn’t make sense; like the town catching fire when it’s pouring rain. 🤷🏼‍♂️

- Ads out of control

It's a good game that would get Many more downloads probably If they got their ads under control. It's a legitimate money trap. First you need to get rid if the banner firm the actual gameplay screen. Put it in the pause menu and the main menu. If you must have it on the gameplay screen then half the size and get rid of the videos that appear periodically. Anyway for videos that come give the players a minutes heads up and the option to play it instantly so they can play it when their is nothing important going on. Also make it so the instant speed up recharges 5 seconds of speed up time every 5 minutes your playing that stage. That or you can watch a 30 second video to recharge 5 seconds. Until they cut back on the ads don't download because it just ruins gameplay.

- Changes....

Hi there I am, well I can't say who I am. I have a complaint, do you think you have a sandbox? If that was a sandbox, I'm pretty sure you should have unlimited resources as far as I know. If you want me to be happy and others too, I think you should rename sandbox, to freeplay. I mean, it would make more sense right? Because other games have freeplay gamemodes that are exactly like your "sandbox." I think if you want to keep the sandbox title, make an actual sandbox mode. I would love it! Please and thank you for reading. P.S. I think your awesome if you read this, because if your reading this, you took the time to read my entire text. Thanks👍

- A lovely town management game

If your looking for a new town building game, this is the one your looking for. The gameplay is slow at first, but it has that old timely feel to it that gives this game its rating. You have to manage food, money, water, and bandits to have you Townes to survive all four seasons. You can also select scenarios which is basically the story mode of this game or you could just select survival. Long story short, this game is very lovely to play if you like real town management.

- Incredibly boring, shameful ads

Given the dearth of supply management games on iOS, I hate to give this game a bad review. However, this game is just plain bad. Even ignoring the ever present ad that takes up half the screen, there is really not much here. The buildings take forever, you have to click residences to collect money, and there is just nothing to do but wait for stuff to complete. Paying for the full version gets rid of the ads but it does nothing to speed up the gameplay. Of course, you can keep spending real money to speed up the game for one minute and make it less of a snooze fest but this is a shameful tactic. Apparently, I'd played this game before today but it was so forgettable that I have no recollection of it.

- Great game but with some major issues

First off let me say that I love this game. I’ve been looking for one like it for some time and truly adore the game. Honestly: I’d love to give it a 5 star rating because I love it that much! Here is my issue: one should be able to get “free” prestige or double their prestige by watching ads. The problem is that the ad loads, it plays, and then nothing happens. I’ve watched a half dozen ads with the promise of more prestige and yet, all it does is shows a buffering/loading circle after the ad plays. The game is great, but this issue really bothers me. I’m not sure if it is a glitch or what, but I have tried reloading the game and it still happens

- Addicting, relaxing, fun!

I have been playing this fun little game on and off for a long time now. I’ve done some challenges, but my most favorite thing to do is play the unlimited mode. The game is very simple - hard at first, but you catch on real fast thanks to the great tutorial. Main points are: Keep your Townies happy Build up the village Perform quests for your king Don’t lower your Townies happiness below 80% Okay, that last one was more of a tip then anything else... I am bummed there’s no tiny Townie children running around, that would add a new challenge to the game (school, games, toys, apprenticeship, etc) but I’m okay with it I suppose. Just always struck me odd there were soooo many Townies and Townettes and yet never any Tiny Townies. Great game, have loved it since day one of the games release ages ago. Thanks guys!

- Great Game

I love this game and it is very addictive. A problem with the game is the ads, a third of your screen is covered with ads and every once in a while you have to watch a 30sec-1min long ad that you can’t skip. It cost 3 or 4 dollars to get rid of ads which is alright for a free game. Premium isn’t worth it btw, it doesn’t get rid of ads but gives you some coins. I’d recommend the game. There isn’t really any bugs I’ve noticed and the gameplay is quite fun.

- I like it

I enjoy this game a lot and play it all the time but I think there should be some changes. To start I think instead of just wool, wheat and herbs I think you should have other crops like potatoes and corn. You could make a separate farm for sheep like you did for pigs. I also think that there should be easier ways to earn prestige and not so many ads. Lastly, I think that the townies should have kids. When you build a house you could wait a bit and then have a kid be put in the house. They should be able to some jobs but not all jobs.

- Been playing since middle school...

And I still love it! 🍀 Now I’m on my way to college and this game will always be on every phone I own. Very enjoyable and helps me practice leading and how to save my resources. Been playing on and off since then. Extremely addicting though, in a good way! I don't mind the ads. Still not sure how different it is from Townsmen Premium though.

- This one is really special 😊

This game is actually really good, I never played any game like this before, the idea of it is really nice, and you can get addicted to the game really fast, The atmosphere, the music, even the art of the game is really nice, so if you ask me I tell you to give this game a shot, it’s really, really good, thank you so much for making such a lovely game, and keep up the good work 🖐😔👌

- Good Game with Ads, Great game without

This is a really good game, but if you get rid of the ad banner up at the top of the screen, it would increase the size of what you can see and do, also it is very annoying when I am playing and I hit the banner on accident and I get sent to the store. Overall it is a good game, but it could be better without the ads.

- Teaches skills

I feel it could be better if the game expanded outwards more. It is very nice but it’s limited to how far it can actually go. I very much enjoy it and have been playing on and off for almost two years. 10/10 would recommend not only for entertainment but it also teaches the basic trade skills, division of labour, the necessity of the people’s happiness, as well as revenue budgeting and many other day to day skills that would be great to teach children and young adults. I definitely suggest parents instruct their children to play several of the scenarios. Thank you for making such a wonderful game, it truly is a work of art and I consider this the best app on this market. Sincerely, A more than satisfied customer

- I love this game

Sure there are a few adds like the banner at the top and one every few mins. But in reality it’s a very good game. It’s fun and teaches a little bit about how things are made. For example you need to have a system of things to build before you can have a really cool thing because everything works together.

- Absolutely the best

I have played this game for years. I would put it down and try others but always come back to this. When i lost rrhw use of one hand i thought my gaming days were over, but this game allows me to play easily and not be stuck matching or shooting objects. It is also played in landscape viewallowing easy one handed play.

- Fun Strategy Game

It’s pretty great. My only issues are that there isn’t one fee to unlock the game “extras” and then the in game ads to purchase those extras are annoying. The other is that some of the ads are really inappropriate especially as this game is rated 4+. I don’t know how much control they have over that but they should look into it.

- Absolutely Amazing

Honestly I got nothing bad to say,especially because the ads are so .....not there like the rate of the adds is so low,I love the content,different seasons,plague it’s just soooo good,I love that I don’t hav to pay to win,you can watch ads for the stuff so it not only is money friendly but it’s addicting because nearly everything about it is free,GREAT JOB

- Fun

A good time waster without needing to pay to play constantly. Paid the $4 to get rid of the ads and that fixed the ads getting in the way. The pop-up for pay double experience points is very annoying which is why I deducted the star. Throw that aside and the game is enjoyable and has enough to it to be engaging.

- Fantastic

I’ve been searching for a town builder that could hold my attention and interest for more than a half hour and this one does it. It’s deceptively challenging! I love it and have no issue paying to remove the ads because tbh this should be a paid game anyway.

- Not properly crediting prestige

This game was mildly fun at first, once you filled in the big gaps not covered in the tutorials. Everything hinges on how much prestige and thaler you have in order to move scenarios forward. About a week ago, the option to watch videos to get free prestige or to double prestige quit working. Oh, it lets you watch the video over and over, but then it hangs up and never credits you with the prestige. Now all fun has been offset by lack of “funds” and if they don’t fix it I will delete.

- Cash Grab

Game mechanics are pretty ok, one of the more advanced city builders on mobile but requires 3 purchases totaling $10 just to play the game as it should’ve came. Reached a certain level that without the $3.99 permanent 2x purchase, it takes me ages to level up for minimal reward. (Even after the $2.99 unlimited fast forward purchase) All in all, ok if you just want the basics

- Nostalgic

Really fun game of city building. Supply chains make things interesting, and whimsical graphics are fun. I played one of the first Serf City games as a teenager on PC and they’ve kept the spirit of them. The ads at the top of the screen are annoying though. Totally worth it to just pay to get rid of them if you like the game at all.

- Played for YEARS!

Amazing game! I love the open world style games and this is my absolute fave, I spent some in real life money to get the unlimited speed up (totally worth it) maybe add some more food buildings like a chicken coop, to get eggs and meat, feathers. Maybe cows for milk and leather? I would love to see horses but that’s pushing a little too far lol. Thanks for reading!

- The best game in my childhood

I played this game when I was a kid and it was so fun I always played it but after I got my new iPad I didn’t downloaded in my new iPad and after some years I forgot the game name and I tried so much to remember finally I remembered and now I’m playing it

- Too addictive!

This game offers enough challenge to keep me interested, but not so much that I get frustrated. Pacing is just about perfect to keep me playing for as long as I want. This is the problem. I have done very little in the days since I downloaded it besides play this game.

- Hello pls read

So so far I really love the game I’ve played millions of times but when ur doin a sand box pls make it easier for new people and it’s really hard to make ur townies happy while keeping a steady pace for the town so pls make it a lil easier to get gold and food and stuff

- I love it

I’ve had it before, and had to re-download because I got a new phone, i just love the art style and how things can go from a calm city builder to crisis management depending on what you’ve built. If you need a time-killer, there isn’t a better game for it.

- Great game but needs updates more often and needs more options

once you build something you can’t move it to a other spot and I want to move my buildings to another area

- Building

I really like this game a lot, but it would be exponentially better if the Townies and the town functioned even after you exit the game. Otherwise, it just takes WAY too long to build the town. Ninety percent of the game is spent waiting for construction projects to finish; meanwhile, your iPad battery is draining from having to run the game nonstop. Please fix this issue!

- Great game!

I’ve been playing this game for years, I still play it to get my mind off from work or my social life but the only thing is that I would recommend is a creative set, instead of doing missions or chapters.

- Freezing and crashing has ruined the game

I loved this game, ads and all. However, since I started playing it again about two weeks ago, it won’t stop crashing. Every five minutes or so the game will either freeze or crash- or both. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even play anymore.

- Could not use my Apple Pencil

I’m looking for a new city building game and this looked like it v had potential but once I started the tutorial it was not allowing me to use my Apple Pencil which is a deal breaker. I’ve been playing the Simpson’s Tapped out for years and when I got a pencil about two years ago it charged my game play so much. Everything was easier and faster. I can’t stand to play without it now.

- Sickness

So, I really enjoy this game but, the sickness in this game needs a desperate fix or somthings wrong with my game. Like I’ll get the sickness right and it mostly work but when the healer runs out he goes to get herbs from the warehouses but he only grabs one herb so the sickness never goes away. Have had to delete game because of this.

- Unlike no other

THIS IS MY FAVORITE GAME OMG!! city built, gathering resources, bandits attack and and development, plus the arenas where you can start your settlement. For me this has been my favorite on my phone of all of them. Hope that the creators make more of this game it’s very unique.

- Love

I have loved this game for years I do wish it would content like it would be awesome if we could build a sand box or turn the map to it from different angles

- This is actually really fun

It’s single player but you can play different scenarios with different challenges like bandits, plagues, droughts, fires etc and you can play sandbox mode. It’s super easy to get crowns so you don’t need to spend any real money.

- Great game

This is a great game to play in your spare time, my only request is for there to be some way to expand the map, which would be nice when you need some more room late game.

- Good game but one thing

The game great graphics but why won’t my people build I don’t know if this is a bug or not doing something right and I have enough resources

- Gave it one last chance

I downloaded this game again to give it another chance. Unfortunately this game has not improved. I have played plenty of games downloaded from the App Store and not one has an option to pay to remove all ads. The bar at the top is annoying. In addition, the words and graphics are hard to read. Could be a good game but some improvements are needed.

- Fun building game

This is just what I was looking for. I wanted a game where I could build my town without too much emphasis on fighting or working with other towns or civilizations.

- Too many ads

The game is actually fun to play, if you ever get a chance between the constant advertising pop ups. And the advertising bar across the top screen of my iPad drives me crazy. I understand they need advertisement for revenue but the fact that it occurs so often is a huge distraction and a major negative.

- It’s truly a game to consider

You gotta pay to really have a good experience but if you do it’s a good time spender and in my opinion satisfying. Hopefully y’all add more buildings and things to do.

- Wish there were more games like it

I’ve had this game for years. I love it so much! It’s fun, exciting, and easy to play! I wish there were more games like it

- Addicting

Great game but I wouldn’t upgrade until they give us some updates. For example make the game more stable for newer phones (iPhone XR), game lags/ freezes a lot. But it is a great game overall

- Money trap

I played this game a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it when it was truly free; no ads, no pay to play, no money. Now it seems like that’s all this game is centralized around. I wish I could’ve left a better review because the game itself is quite intriguing, but the incessant ads ruin all the fun. 6/10 would not recommend :(

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- Help

I love this game, have purchased several things, but one thing I can’t get over is not being able to listen to background apps, like music or audiobooks. I’ve been playing other games because I want to listen to other things. This app closes all other sounds and it makes me sad and annoyed. Please fix this, I would greatly appreciate it. X

- Great game

It’s a great game and I’ve had lots of fun playing it, but I feel like it needs more of a speed up. The 60 seconds of speed up is good, but when it’s over you have to sit through a lot. It gets really boring after a while, and I find myself trying to get prestige any way I can, just so that I can speed it up. I would also like to see this game get updated with maybe mini games or something else to do, and also easier ways to get money. Other than that, it’s an amazing game and I would love it to get updated sometime soon.

- Very fun game

Definitely worth it. Had this game on another device for years and it never gets boring. There are many different ways you can play the game and it’s not too complicated. Often in games like this, there is not much to do as you progress in the game, however in this there are fires, raids and storms. You have to raise a small town through the 4 seasons and it’s really fun.

- Love game but land size is always too small!

I love this game, but the thing that gets me is the limited land size and inability to maybe even flatten and widen terrain. I fee, once my town has reached its physical capacity there is little more I can do. Would be fantastic if we could increase out land size to expand out towns further!

- Great game

I’m an old settlers fan. I do spend a long time on this game, but it feels like I get nowhere unless I buy coins. If it’s not bandits coming way before I can build guard towers, it’s storms or fires or worn out buildings that I have no way to pay to fix. I sell things to the merchant but it’s barely enough to repair buildings let alone grow. It’s the only thing stopping me from buying the premium version.

- Tried multiple times, almost addicted

I’ve downloaded this game on multiple devices over the last few years. Every time I nearly fall in love with it it’s the audio problem that gets me. Please make it so that I can listen to my own music or podcasts in the background. I’d happily spend money on the game if you did. Please please please 🙏🙏🙏

- Lovy

its would be great if the game can change from day to night. My game would not play voice and sound even though its already maximum level. Disappointed while cant hear the noise of the townsmen and all.

- Good game

This is the type of game i was looking for in ages havin lots of fun but i wish they remove the ad free. I wont mind watching ads in between but the ad on the top really annoys me but other than that the game itself is just great

- Enjoy but ads and it’s crown/money base...

I enjoy playing this game but.. Why are there so many ads in the middle of my gameplay, and i know you need someplace to earn your money but, I despise the fact you need so many crowns (that is their currency that you have to pay real life money for) to really enjoy the gameplay, it the crowns were cheaper than that would really make the game enjoyable.

- To the Creators of Townsmen

Love this game, it’s super addictive and I can play up to six hours straight. It would be nice if the creators could upgrade the game, add different sand boxes, create different styles for the buildings, add more decorations and add more one seasonal sandboxes.

- Good game indeed.

This is your classic builder and quite the challenge. This game is also nice to look at and made harder by the myriad of issues which affect your settlement.

- Great game

Ads are annoying on free version, otherwise a game that entertains for hours with lots of different scenarios.

- Great Game

Like the game. Must admit I luv the medieval city build however I could do with out the constant surveys

- Townsman

Great, would love to be able to create own lands

- Ads are huge and removal is a paywall

There is a banner ad across the top which is 1/5 of the total screen size. Absolutely annoying and it’s $5 just to remove them. Deleted immediately.

- Good Game

Good game but need to spend money to make it playable.

- Sexist work assignments

This game showed promise however I deleted it at the point that it explained that the male townsfolk perform the duties such as carrying and building and the women folk do the cooking. Shame on you!

- Great game

This is a great game, but I have a couple of problems, I think it would be a good idea to make a bridge able to be built, such as in sandbox mode, also campaigns too I guess, when there is such a large map but the islands are surrounded by water, you only have a little area to use on that large map, I have also tried using instant build on the other islands when I have already used all the space on another, but then the townies don't work in the buildings, even after telling them too several times, if I am just miss understanding the game please tell me, because otherwise I would be giving 5 stars.

- Survey lock in

Great game but got locked into a survey and couldn’t continue playing and couldn’t opt out

- 2020

Loveeee ittt 🙌🤩

- Nicely done!

There are several things I like about this over other freemium games, one being the Prestige Packs seem better value than most others "packs", relatively speaking. The prestige points required for certain activities seem reasonable and I know I've paid a lot more for a lot less in previous games in the past. There are also decent ways earn prestige points without paying and game play is still accessible without it, albeit slower and less exciting. Please keep it reasonable and worthwhile! Also, I really like that this is playable offline and a fun and engaging economy sim with enough scenarios and even the sandbox terrains allow for hours of game play. All in all I hope you guys keep up with the updates but also keep this a good-value game. The worst thing about freemium games is when gameplay becomes seriously dependent on how much real money you spend; it truly doesn't feel worth it after a short while. But when the money you spend truly feels like it's contributing to gameplay and it's not robbing you blind (ahem... Megapolis), then people will stick around. Ps. Just came across a frustrating thing. Please make it harder to delete games by perhaps placing it into a separate menu. It's too easy to delete and lose a game you've spent money and time on.

- Didn't expect this

I got this game having just bought my Iphone, and I wanted to get a great pocket game that could keep me as wrapped up as my Xbox did. I knew this was a pretty hopeless task but I looked anyway. So I found this game and thought "meh looks kinda babyish" but I took a gamble thinking I'd delete it in 5 mins, I was wrong. This game has already taken up hours of my life (and life well spent I might add) challenging me to get better at what (at face value) seems like a pretty simple town building synopsis. I ran into drought, famine, workers going on strike because they weren't happy enough and just simply not keeping up with the costs of running the thriving economy in my pocket. I love a challenge and I definitely LOVE this game!

- great game + help?

its a great game with everything. i would like to say please fix the crashes i've only experienced 2 of them and only lost about 5 min of what i had done in each but i can see how its annoying people. i can understand why you have the adds but could you posibly think of removing either the one in the top left or the advertisements that pop up every soo long or make it to get rid of one of them connect with facebook or twitter or something. i also want to add that i dont understand how the fire thing works, i have about 1 fire tower for every 5 buildings or soo all my buildings are spread out everything in is range of at least 1 of the fire towers but about every 5 seconds now it goes ding ding ding something is smoldering repair it immediently or it says that my town is burning. how do you reduce the constant fire. this started about 10min after i started the game and its being happening for about 30mins or soo

- Can be better

I'm not sure if its just me but when I come back to the game my resources haven't increased that much, they seem to increase, when I'm actually in the game, but I can't be in. The game ill time just to save resources, I have a life. Another example the merchant should be t the market if I check it from an overnight spell, but no I have o wait in game this is pointless, so allow resources o build whilst not in game to a higher degree, and allow other options to hold if away for an extended period. Other than that good game

- Always something going wrong

It could be a great game, BUT, once you start growing your town it gets really hard. There's ALWAYS something going wrong in the town; buildings smouldering, fires breaking out, townies getting sick, buildings degrading too fast and most of the game play is focused on getting the resources and cash to fix things rather than just have fun with it. It gets ANNOYING. There's no balance between tax, problems and I've found that you need a totally ridiculous number of carriers just to get enough stock to the warehouses. The constant reminders of ability to purchase things popping up of is really getting to me too. I used to love this game on my other device but now it's just irritating to play!

- love it!

A great game. Easy to consume time with. I particularly like that you have to be playing the game for things to advance so you can leave it and take it back up at the same point. Only lost one star as I have done all of the quests. Need more quests please :)

- Endless Fun

If you want a game that's a little more involved than matching pairs or tapping building this is the game!! Great building chains that rely on each other to operate. The constant need to supply townies with food and water. They can get sick and leave town. Just so full of challenges. I don't normally rate games but seriously a lot of hard work and thought have gone into this game. Please keep updating this game!

- Ok but ruined by certain things

While the games ok, the adds r ridiculous! It gives a countdown in the corner then your whole game shuts down as it launches you to an online site. You got to wait while the entire screen goes blank, then the loading symbol appears and finally a page pops up. And this happens a lot, they're not simple quick simple adds they're bl...y annoying! And your townies will just randomly 'not be able to find a path' and just stand there waving at u....

- Amazing Game !!

I love this game from the beginning I stepped foot on a medieval land. This is game is great because there is not much combat but more responsibility to a thriving city. The scenes to choose from give more choices to other players and new insights to new cities. I defiantly recommend this game to anyone who is a medieval lover and to people who have a taste in role playing games.

- Brilliant and free!

This is the best game I've found and the only one I've cared enough about to write a review. I've been playing this for months and have loved building my little villages. Great graphics and features and the free version is just that - you don't need to purchase anything to play it. Thank you!

- A charming and enjoyable experience - belongs in everyone's library

I said it all above but this developer is one of a kind. Listens to feedback and actively engages with the community to provide regular updates. No dirty tricks or desire to take more of your money either which is a rare thing to see in mobile gaming these days.

- Excellent!

Unlike some games, you get 99% decent game play without having to pay money- downside, you have to put up with the ads now and then which aren't bad but they freeze the game while they load. Excellent range in the game and fairly easy to pick up :)

- Boring and unchallenging

This game is not only boring and unchallenging it consumes so much battery power it can flatten your battery in under 45 mins, not only that my phone gets extremely hot while playing it. This game could have been quite good had they implemented a combat system of sorts. It also, unfortunately has very little longevity, I completed a town in two days without even playing it very often, once you finish building your town really all there is to do is collect taxes and fix buildings.

- Disappointed :(

I used to play this game a lot but since the last update (which was ages ago) it just lags heaps for me, can't play for long before I get that irritated that I won't even try to play it anymore. Please fix this? It just skips around and It won't seem to focus on one spot, just annoying lagging and it's not even a necessity for it to be online like whys it lagging?

- Update ruined a fantastic game!

Spend way to much time putting out fires and trying to repair buildings to be able to play like i used to. Reducing workman places on buildings has put a huge dent in the resource production, which also has lessened the fun of the game. Cost have risen, making it harder also. Research is a great feature, costs are ok too. Please fix the other issues on the new update, its really taken the fun out of the game, i used to love this game!

- Update ruined the game

Used to be a great game, new water tower and infirmary elements are good and add to the game but you end up just constantly repairing buildings and putting out fires. Makes the game boring because you can't focus in developing the town. Also the extra 'cost' of repairing buildings is annoying and takes away from the game. You use all your resources making repairs. The carpenter is rubbish he doesn't help maintain buildings at all.

- Love this app

Love the app worth paying the $0.99 to remove the adds makes the game play smooth. Well thought out game. It may not be a game for everyone but I completed the scenarios and started all over again. Thanks for the update.

- Love it

It's definitely the best building/ strategy game I've found. There's lots of things to do. Unlike most other games you don't have to buy game points you earn it while you play.

- Great game

Enjoyable game, worth paying for the premium to get rid of the adds, but no need to pay for anything else, unlike so many other games. Enjoyed the scenarios and would love some more. Sandbox levels are fun too.

- Adware

Im giving this game 2 thumbs down, because it has adverts popping up every 5 minutes. I find this extremely annoying, get rid of the adverts and yes im well aware i can 'buy' it but im not paying twice, once for the app then having to do in app purchases to play, i hope the devs will think about removing the adverts from the free version

- Awesome😄

I had this game on my old phone and forgot what it was called, and now that I've finally found it I don't stop playing it! And it's way better on my iPod 5 then it was on my Nokia e63

- Aaaaaaaaa.........

Omg, I've been looking for a game like this and I I've finally found it!! It is the best! Hint to producers:- Add a detailed FAQ, Bug fix on save(really annoying crashes my game), and you should be able to upgrade the buildings!

- Good game

I'm enjoying it. Suggestions - day / night, children (school perhaps) game animation has come a fair wAy from the cartoon animation I played on my earlier phones but love the realistic concept otherwise. Bring more updates

- Lagging Issues

Used to love this game but now I keep having issues with the game lagging and jumping on the screen. Don't know what has happened but it's gone from my favourite game to my most frustrating one. Was going to purchase but won't be doing that now. I will be deleting it instead. Such a shame.

- Great simulator

I don't feel there is a need to pay for in app purchases with this game, it simply requires good management of your town. A great town building simulator. Btw wood is the most used resource in the game.

- Lots of fun

You'll want to pay to get rid of the ads, which are seriously annoying. The rest of the game play is smooth and challenging. The graphics are cute too.

- Annoying now

I used to enjoy this game but now there are pop up ads all the time. I finally said 'yes' to watching a video to earn prestige and now I can't get out of it! Some of the new game play is good....seasons, hunter, etc, but why do I need more carriers all the time?! All this upgrading is just more annoying than useful.

- Brilliant

First game for a long time that has me this hooked! Finally a game you can get immersed in without having to do in game purchases. Definitely worth it's money

- New Updates

I like this game ever since the java game days. I like the new updates about sending troops to raid for loots. This is the best update so far! Thank you!!!

- Great, except for crashing

I'm regretting downloading the update. Now instead of the painless occasional ad break, the game decides to crash and lose all progress every two minutes. Do the devs bother testing their patches? Get your act together. Otherwise I love this game.

Payoneer 💰

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- Great fun

Really good relaxing town builder with a medieval twist :) rarely do I PURCHASE anything for games but the ad free version is the only way to enjoy this

- Reinstate transactions fail

I had to delete and reinstall and lost my purchases. Pressing “reinstate transactions” did nothing. Really annoying.

- Great Game

Nice city design game! Even paid 5.50$ for the ads free version. The only thing I was is the option of zoom out even more. That way it'll be a lot faster to cross the map. Please add this feature and you'll have 5 stars!! Please....

- wicKed

This game has everything, almost, that I would want in a world/city builder game, and a few thingz I didn’t know I wanted until they hit ya with it. The seasons are a genius idea, I’ve always loved extreme weather so just having the seasons and related storms is amazing. So thank you, very much for that guys. (Maybe amp up the sound of the thunderstorms a bit) It’s pretty cool seeing the villagers running threw the snow and the fall leaves changing. I’m starting to see a lot of awesome lil things just waiting to be unlocked. I’m still figuring it all out, I’m a few days in now and growing nicely I think. Some of it is a little confusing within the general game play and not clarified - like what the buttons all mean when interacting with villagers and buildings. The story isn’t too, too bad, but the speed and way you unlock items like houses and farms etc is maddening. - We can see what’s waiting to be unlocked but have to wait for the story to get there, slowly. And even then waits and teaches you how to ‘not tick your villagers off’ by starving them for you, as you watch and wait helplessly ..theeen it unlocks the fishing hut, or water well. :P But seriously, this is an amazing game that has a little of everything. And the best part is that it’s not centered around attacking and battling. It just keeps getting better and better. It’s the perfect combination of creating a village that works and survives (down to the last apple), with the creative layout side as well. It could use a few more stand out, colorful decorative items or trees/flowers etc but so far it’s pretty good. Highly recommended to anyone who like to build towns and think they might like a run one too. Cheerz!

- Très bon jeu, mais...

Payer pour retirer la pubs n’enlève pas la pub des concepteurs, qui est trop omniprésente à mon avis! Les scenarii sont un peu trop axés sur la consommation payante de couronnes, ce qui n’était pas le cas aux premières heures du jeu. Je crois que le côté militaire reste encore à améliorer. La manipulation du jeu, le « game play » est convivial, facile et coloré. J’apprécie l’option du français (très gros plus)! L’environnement sonore et épuré de façon à ne pas trop trop nous énerver à la longue. Autre énorme plus pour moi, pas besoin de connexion internet pour jouer (conséquemment, pas de multijoueur)!

- Solid game. Unreasonable ads

Really great concept, gameplay, animation, I liked it. Just couldn't get over the impossible to exit ads. I could never get bonus rewards for ads because the only way out of the ad was to restart the app, so frustrating. Also, the constant ad banner up top PLUS unavoidable periodic ads seems a little over the top. If you want to retain users, pick one or the other.

- It’s a good game!

It’s fun and nice to play to just relax, I’ve only been playing a little while but it’s good! There are ads, but its worth it and if you really can’t stand them, you can pay to get rid of them. I have a somewhat older phone and everything still runs fine. Easy five star game! :)

- Love it, except

This game is like my whole childhood, I love it so much, except the one thing is the ads that take up a good 1/3 of the screen. Since I love this game so much I’ll give the money to remove ads but for the sake of everyone one else, pls make the ad banner smaller <3 Also, I loved the old sawmill, I wish it never got changed, but the new design isn’t bad either, and plssssss more scenarios

- Greedy developer

Could be a good game, but the developer is steadily begging you for more $$$ even after you have paid for the game. Very annoying.

- Restore transaction

I’ve purchased this game on Samsung and now would like to play again on my new iPhone but I have purchased the whole game and would like to restore transactions to this phone is there any way to do so

- Awesome

Really good game

- Good but could be better

The game is really good and it really feels progressive, however it can also feel pretty slow since the buildings take a while to build. Also, I kind of wished the game would offer a bit more combat opportunities, just to spice things up a bit. But besides that, I really like how the building all depend on one and other to function properly, which makes the game feel a lot more real.

- Crashing

I used to love this game, but now it’s crashing constantly in less than a minute when I try to continue a scenario I started yesterday.

- Pleasantly surprised

I haven’t played a a mobile game I found worth sticking to in a long time. This is my favourite game of all the gaming apps I’ve played in the last few months. I actually spent money on it. Smh. But it was worth it. If you’re into building, problem solving and just watching your little men work and thrive try it!

- 25% of screen is permanent advertisement

A good chunk of the screen is permanently taken up by advertisements that you must pay to remove. The advertisements change each minute. I played for 5 mins and couldn’t stand it. Unacceptable. I pay 5-10$ on small packs here and there on all types of different mobile games, but due to how intrusive these advertisements are, I cannot support the game. Shame, it looked fun.

- sexist

I did the tutorial and it’s totally my kind of game. I would have paid for the ad-free version if it wasn’t so sexist. Instead I’m deleting it.

- Can’t purchase

I get a spinning cursor when I want to try and purchase or watch a video for crowns. So I can’t advance

- The game is good but !!

The ads keep messing up my game !!!

- Good change

Great change from the same old crap. You actually have to think when playing. Not a good game for the mindless zombies out there. Little cheap on crown points but I my be guilty of not figuring that part out yet.

- Constant ads

I understand you guys need to make money for your product, but really I can’t even enjoy the game due to the frequency of the ads. Should be once each hour maybe, not every ten minutes or so. I wanted to give it a chance to draw me in enough to want to consider making a purchase, but you guys were too pushy and lost a sale.

- 💜

To be honest is a very good game. Everything I love in a game is in there, but if we can move the building after we place it that will be very nice. I really love to decorate my village and move thing But every time I have to move a building I have to delete and rebuild it. Cost money and time. If you can think about it to put that option that will be absolutely amazing 😉

- Entertaining but limited

It started out ok, and it entertained me for perhaps ten days or so. But after that it just got boring. The “scenarios” were just the same thing but in different order. There was no progression - once you've made all the buildings there’s nothing else new. And the scenarios were just a little bizarre. But the thing I really didn’t like - how utterly sexist it is. To have Townies and Townettes. The men fill all the jobs/roles - the women carry food and go to the market to buy clothes and jewelry. The population count ONLY COUNTS THE MEN. And the scenarios consistently portray female characters as demanding women only interested in luxury/frivolity or the occasional old cranky woman. please! What century are you in?! This disgusted me for it’s sheer laziness and lack of inventiveness. You should be ashamed.

- Well built

I feel there’s been a lot of thinking and planning behind this game

- Great game for traveling!

I love this game. We downloaded it a few years ago and had a great time! I just reloaded it to have something to play on the plane and it continues to amuse. Just the right amount of thought required to keep it interesting, but not so much that you lose the thread if you need to put it down.

- Awesome game!!!

I’ve been looking really hard for a city builder game that felt like really building a city, most mobile city builders are too boring or not what I was looking for, but This game has everything that makes the genre a great genre. Didn’t even mind spending money on the no ads version.

- Awesome

This is so cool and fun! Please keep on updating this game! It's only getting better!

- Pretty sexist

You can tell Townsmen was built by a bunch of guys. (Incels?) It isn’t Townswomen for a reason. Men are “Townies” who walk all over town to cart supplies, fish, create products, and build buildings, and women are diminutive “Townettes” who stay in the home to do homemaking tasks and only come out to complain or go shopping for jewelry and clothes. Like, c’mon guys. You can keep things medieval without being so sexist. They could be male and female “townies,” and the women could source items more integral to home needs (not just vanity), spin cloth, muck stalls, milk goats, build fences, and all the countless manual tasks they actually engaged in... not hide indoors and only come out to shop and complain. Honestly. *facepalm*

- Finally! No time based garbage!

I'm loving this game! I've been looking for a fun game that allows me to build without having to sit around and wait - this game gives it. Even better is there's no pressure to spend a load of real money to move forward in the game (the quest system helps you with this)! Note: it's important that you play the tutorial or else you may get lost in the complexity of the game. The one piece that could be changed: the game stops when you close the app. It would be nice if your production continued, even if at a slower pace. Overall: this game DEFINITELY deserves your attention! I've been playing non-stop for two days now.

- Beautiful game I love it

It's great but something I would think would be cool is that the player could be the barbarians

- I love this game so much 😭❤

I love this game and i finally found it on the App Store :))

- Pub envahissante

La pub envahie l'écran aussitôt que je lance une partie. Doit payer pour enlever là pub...

- Glitches out

I love the game but it glitches every 20-30 seconds

- You're in control

I enjoy playing this game because I am in control of all aspects of village life. (except for disasters like fire or sickness.) I like building the village the way I want it to look. It is a constant challenge to keep the warehouses stocked but not over stocked so there needs to be a balance with the number of carriers. I really like that the townies actually do what they are supposed to be doing. They don't just aimlessly walk around town, like in other games, they walk with purpose, the carry goods, they shoot animals and they work in their workshops. It is fun to watch them sometimes, I feel a little like Gulliver must have felt with all those little people running around!

- Typical freemium

The game is a lot of fun - really great phone game for anyone who likes to build little cities and make them pretty. The resource system is very well done. That being said, the game balance is terrible. There is just this feeling that the resource cost for any building is x10 what it should be, essentially rendering the game unplayable without paying for prestige. I mean, one house makes me 12 gold every 3 mins, but building something like a market costs 760 gold? It would be one thing if I could just wait for hours to make that money, but then all buildings need to be intermittently repaired or they burn down, and the repair cost is crazy. Any tax money made goes to repairs and then some. Of course, anything requiring gold can be paid for instead by prestige. Even fast forwarding time requires prestige. If you don't pay you're just sitting there trying to make enough money for repair costs. It's a shame because this game wasn't always like that. When I first got it maybe 5 years ago it was perfectly playable without having to pay and the balance was great. I had even paid to remove the ads - why did the game developer become so greedy? I would love to play this game more but it's just no longer possible. Wouldn't recommend anyone else waste their time with it.

- Love the game

Love this game. Would love to see more upgrades to it.

- Glitchy after the last update

I have been playing this game since it first came out and I love it, how're after the last update it has started freezing and become very glitchy. Hopefully they fix this since I want to be able to play again.

- Love the game but to many ads

I love this game and I have for a long time but the ads really ruin the game, I'll still play it buts it's disappointing to have so many ads.

- Très addictif!

Amusant, parfait simulateur à la SimCity de base. Je recommande de payer pour la version iPhone, car la pub cache considérablement l'écran. Pour le iPad, acceptable.

- Invasive ads

This game could be alright, but they ruined it with too many ads. To start you have to play with an ad at the top of the screen. But worse they feel the need beg(bribe) to watch ad videos, that is when they aren't forcing you to watch the ad video every 5 minutes.


I get it. It's a free game, and you need to put ads. That's fine. What's not fine is when there's a giant ad banner permanently covering 1/3 of the screen, a random ad that pops up every so often that you're forced to watch, a bunch of pop up, in-game notifications persistently urging you to spend money, and on top of that, there's another ad for a bunch of games as soon as you start the app. It's a great game, but the ads are too much and unnecessary. I would buy the premium version, but I read the reviews and even THAT game is urging you to spend money. Come on.

- Great game

Awesome game. Love all the buildings and premiss behind game. Kind of complicated but with some, time it's easy to learn. I would suggest that you add more graphics fore the different seasons and add warriors and military things.

- Townsmen

This game is awesome 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 becouse u can build and it's sooooo coooollll

- Great building game

This game takes some time to get into but is worth the time. You slowly research upgrades that allow you to build much larger villages. It is challenging and a great strategy game for killing time.

- Little more please😊

This game is pretty cool it like stronghold but no war and stuff but it would be better if like... You choose your nation like great Britian of Prussia or Austria and Roman Empire but still this game is good

- Awesome

I love this game I find that I can't stop playing it, there are really good graphics for a game like this most games just have everything kinda blurry when u zoom in. But it would be nice if there were some new buildings like a dock and it would go out and get crabs(food) or something. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ FIVE STARS!!!!

- Pigsty great game after all

Why does this one not has pigsty? And no fire dragon war?

- This Game Rules!!

Five Stars!!

- Great Game!

I really enjoy this game. A couple new kinds of buildings would be great. I find my townies cannot reach there destinations a lot for no reason but that's little stuff. One of the best builda town games I've seen so far. I hope for more updates involving new resources or buildings.

- Great game

This is probably one of my most played games

- Very addictive

Good game

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Scenery and song

@bbcchinese I feel that she is really different from ordinary Chinese. Her thinking is not popular. When Wuhan was sealed off, everyone was shouting "Come on, Wuhan!" One of my fellow townsmen was a vegetable grower, and he specially loaded a truck of vegetables and sent them to Wuhan.

Alex ortiz

@akuparagames I bought a bunch of games some with my own money some with Christmas money. Here they are. Wenjia, Ary, immortal: unchained, underworld ascendant, ty the Tasmanian tiger, rock of ages 2, townsmen, mortal shell, and Nexomon 😅

Nintendo Switch Sales EU

JUST WENT ON SALE (Dec.28) #NintendoSwitch Townsmen - A Kingdom Rebuilt - €4.99 / £4.49 (75% off/Dec.31) Toy Stunt Bike: Tiptop's Trials - €0.99 / £0.99 (75% off/Jan.14) Trine 2: Complete Story - €4.24 / £3.82 (75% off/Jan.11)

Finnegans Wake

Obeyance from the townsmen spills felixity by the toun. Our bourse and politico-ecomedy are in safe with good Jock Shepherd, our lives are on sure in sorting with Jonathans, wild and great. Been so free! Thank you, besters! Hattentats have mindered.


@DJWOOZiE yoooooo ive been wanting niche for a long time 👁👁 also i love games like townsmen and rise of industry lmao im a basic gamer

Rob Pitt

@handy_games @NintendoSW Wait, there’s Townsmen DLC?!? Is that coming to/on PS4?


Celebrate Indie World Holidays (Americas) and Xmas #Sale (Europe) on #NintendoEShop! Save up to 30% on Little Big Workshop, up to 33% on Neighbours Back From Hell, up to 75% on Townsmen - A Kingdom Rebuilt, and up to 50% on its DLC The Seaside Empire #NintendoSwitch @NintendoSW


@Carter_PE @iAmTheWarax @DeptVetAffairs @CNN @Isabelwilkerson This is not true. I live in Germany and have seen several monuments with statues bearing arms and wearing Stahkhelm helmets and the dates 1939-1945 inscribed. They list the names of the townsmen who died and their ranks. No swastikas, definitely celebrating their dead.

Steve Hart

And in another instant Timpoochee’s townsmen, relatives were consumed by a hurling cauldron of bullets and blood, a cacophony of clamor as bits of broken bone and... Promise of Shaconage, Act 120: Bullets and blood... #fiction #FirstGen

Edward J. Renehan Jr.

Happy Boxing Day! Dickens loved entertaining his townsmen neighbors every December 26th, weather permitting. #BoxingDay #boxingday2020 @lucindahawksley @DickensFellowHQ @Dickens_Society #Christmas #Literature #books

Imran Tariq

#Quaid_2NationTheory On the contrary in India, we find ourselves in all social matters total aliens when we cross the street and enter that part of the town where our Hindu fellow townsmen live @Legacy_Leavers_

Fatima Sikander

#Quaid_2NationTheory On the contrary in India, we find ourselves in all social matters total aliens when we cross the street and enter that part of the town where our Hindu fellow townsmen live. @Legacy_Leavers_


#Quaid_2NationTheory On the contrary in India, we find ourselves in all social matters total aliens when we cross the street and enter that part of the town where our Hindu fellow townsmen live. @Legacy_Leavers_

Cameron 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

@MattDoyle76 With the family and townsmen or running through Bedford Falls? The part where everyone shows up to help is the best part..

George Henry

Mr Potter is a savvy businessman. #Pottersville could have been a destination city. His money would trickle down and fill plates/pocketbooks for all townsmen and townswomen.

Townsmen 1.14.3 Screenshots & Images

Townsmen iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Townsmen iphone images
Townsmen iphone images
Townsmen iphone images
Townsmen iphone images
Townsmen iphone images
Townsmen iphone images
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Townsmen (Version 1.14.3) Install & Download

The applications Townsmen was published in the category Games on 2012-09-13 and was developed by HandyGames [Developer ID: 316574911]. This application file size is 125.96 MB. Townsmen - Games app posted on 2021-08-23 current version is 1.14.3 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.hg.townsmen7free