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“The vibrant games, beautiful illustrations, and cute animation all make for an interactive experience, but kids get hooked on reading books” – PC Mag

“This digital remake of the classic children’s television series offers more than 600 children’s books that children can read themselves or listen to. Nostalgic bonus: The ageless LeVar Burton appears as a guide and in videos within the app.” - New York Times

“Instead of having to lug a whole bag of picture books in a car or on a plane, this is sort of like having that bag of books in an app.” - Common Sense Media

“The benefit to children’s literacy development cannot be overlooked” – Smart Apps for Kids

“I love this app and I highly recommend it for children” - Wired Magazine’s GEEKMOM

"We've never before seen as diverse a library offered up" – Common Sense Media

Skybrary® captures the magic of the beloved children’s television series Reading Rainbow®, bringing its mission of comprehension and intellectual engagement into the Digital Age.

Spark a lifelong love of learning in your young reader by joining us on a journey through an ever-expanding world of interactive digital books and Video Field Trips hosted by everyone’s favorite storyteller, LeVar Burton. With Skybrary Family, your child can truly go anywhere and be anything. Download it today and give your child a whole month of free access!


• Enjoy unlimited access to over 600 quality children’s books.
• Discover more than 250 educational Video Field Trips.
• Explore new content every week.
• Unlock interactive animations that bring the stories to life and support reading comprehension.
• Find tailored book recommendations based on your child's age and interests.
• Create customized profiles for up to 3 children at no additional cost.
• Choose "Read to Me" or "Read by Myself" for each book.
• Track your reader's progress with a Parent Dashboard.
• Ad-free environment.

For children, Skybrary Family is an immersive world of reading discovery, where they can pilot their own personal hot air balloons through 7 magical islands, each home to hundreds of quality books and videos that celebrate diversity, family and the world around us. Young readers are free to explore the topics they love most as well as discover new areas of interest.


• Supports increased reading frequency and literacy development.
• Designed to enhance reading comprehension through purposeful interactivity.
• Enhances a child’s relationship to reading by making it fun, interesting, and relevant.
• Embodies the educational values of the beloved Emmy award-winning PBS TV series Reading Rainbow.
• Designed to engage young minds within the context of a modern family’s busy lifestyle.
• Provides healthy, interactive, educational screen time.


• Register and get a 1 Month Free Trial to everything we have to offer!
• Subscribe and unlock an unlimited reading experience for your child: 1 Month for $4.99 USD or 1 Year for $39.99 USD (all subscriptions are recurring).
• Your subscription is connected to your iTunes Account and can be used on additional iPads, iPhones, and across the web on any browser.
• Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase or at the start of the first subscription period after an eligible free trial has completed.
• Your subscription will auto-renew unless auto-renewal is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period.
• You may turn off auto-renewal at any time from your iTunes account settings.
• Cancellations will be reflected during your next billing cycle.

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Reading Rainbow Skybrary Family App Description & Overview

The applications Reading Rainbow Skybrary Family was published in the category Education on 2012-06-19 and was developed by Reading Rainbow. The file size is 162.59 MB. The current version is 2.2.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

What’s New in This Version - 2.2.0

Search! Say goodbye to the “Coming Soon” art you’ve come to know and love and say “HELLO” to:
• Tried-and-true search. You type it and we find it.
• Voice recognition search AKA speak it into existence! (Limited to searches in the Skybrary app and not applicable to things like world domination. Sorry.)
• Apple Spotlight search. Use the little search bar at the top of your device’s homescreen to find results in Skybrary for some sweet sweet synergy.

• Our engineers have figured out how to create apple candy that doesn’t get your fingers all sticky. Press firmly on the app icon on your home screen for 3D touch shortcuts to Recents, Backpack and Search. Doesn’t that sound like the best apple candy ever? (iPhone 6S and above)

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Reading Rainbow Skybrary Family Reviews


LOVE!!!  765;:  5 star

I am so grateful that I heard about this program! I wish there was more publicity so everyone could know about it! My son is reading so much more because the books read to him so he doesn't have to rely on me (I get tired of reading after reading a few books to him myself). All of the video content available is also amazing. $5 a month is less than one of my coffees and BEYOND worth it for what is available. I do not have a library I can borrow books from that is in a safe area so this is a God send! Also, I met LeVar Burton and he really is a genuinely nice guy! Sign up for the app and website and tell all of your friends so no one misses out!


The price is more manageable but...  witchdoctorIT  1 star

Update: Go to read a book that's been in the backpack for months and it has to re-download. Our subscription is still good, but we're using a slow hot-spot. Just check the subscription/license, DRM shouldn't require re-downloading everything!!! ... Everything that we didn't like about it last time we subscribed is still broken and more. In some books, books that have been in Skybrary for years, animations pop-over the text and stay there whether you tap on them or not, obscuring most the text on that page before you or your child can read it!!! Yes, even and especially in the pre-K books! Rather than fixing this app or the versions for Android/Kindle, it seems that all pretense at quality control has been dropped across the board.

the real raskol

Yuck  the real raskol  1 star

VERY costly app in both money and time for parents and frustration for kids. The app constantly asks for the password which requires the parent to enter. Of course you'll forget your password and spend 15 minutes reseting it. Then your child will not use the app for 3 months, in the meantime you'll be charged for another 6 month or year subscription which you have no time to cancel nor warning of the recurring charge upcoming. Don't get suckered. Buy your kids some real books and read them to your children. You know? Like real parents.


Could be so much better  rcniman  3 star

I've backed this since the Kickstarter campaign and subscribed since the app was released. I really, really, really want to use this more, but I don't find my son and I using it all that much. Why? Finding books is clunky. There is no listing of books by authors. Often how we find a new book is by reading a book by an author and liking it, then going and finding more of their books. Absolutely no way to do that here. No search. There's a search button, but it tells you search is coming soon. It's been three years... Only five books at a time. The backpack idea is cool, but come on. I should be able to add books to an endless list, like shows/movies in Netflix. Since you can only download five at a time, if my son rejects those five (or we read them all and want another), we have to find another book and wait for it to load, etc. The sticker thing is still 'coming soon'. What's with putting buttons in your app that don't work? Finally, and perhaps biggest to me, although admittedly my son probably doesn't care, the books are low quality images. Children's books that I buy on iBooks look gorgeous on the big iPad Pro. But in Skybrary they don't take up the whole screen and are all pixelated. Offline reading. It's back now, but why was it ever gone? I really wish this app was easier to use and more functional. I really support the mission behind it and want it to succeed. Unfortunately, as it is it doesn't feel like a cutting edge app and service.


Still a great app!  macdaddy5000  5 star

This app is great because not only do my kids love it, I mean LOVE IT, but as a parent I can trust all the content in this app. The diversity of the books available are outstanding. My 5 year is reading about everything from Hanukkah to Sir Cumference math stories to stories about monsters, pirates and fairies...oh my! All the while totally engaged and entertained. And, that's just the books, I could write another review just on the quality and subject depth of the video field trips alone. The world of Reading Rainbow inspires my kids imaginations and sparks conversations about the mysteries of the world, which brings me great joy. It's the starting place for so much that I can then add to and that's truly priceless. All that plus LeVar as their guide, need I say more. Sure, the apps not perfect, no apps are, but I trust that these guys will continue to develop it and that's all I could ask for for my dollars.


Mom  Abcdefghjklmnopwrstuvwxyz  5 star

Amazing!!! I grew up watching reading rainbow, very educational! I downloaded the app for daughter,3 years ago, & she loves it!!!


Downloaded but no books to choose from  ZionsOwn  1 star

I downloaded this and there are no books to choose from

Andrew Kennerly

You guys broke the app  Andrew Kennerly  3 star

Your app will NOT work when the parental controls for the iPad are turned on to limit websites. I can not find this addressed in the FAQ and it should be since you are, you know a kid app, and maybe your consumers want to have their parental controls turned on. You should provided all the website your app needs to reach out too in order to function properly so that parents can still have your app and have their parental controls still turned on their iPads at the same time. I don't like having to disable the parental controls in order to use your app. UPDATE: I think I fixed the problem with parental controls. If you white list for the safari app, the reading rainbow app will the be able to download books from within the reading rainbow app. Apparently it piggy backs off safari somehow.

Frustrated In TN

The app was sonnig better before your updates broke it!  Frustrated In TN  2 star

We absolutely loved the app, but after the new updates we have been disappointed. We can no longer access anything if we don't have an internet connection! This is very frustrating when traveling!

RossCrew #6

Renovation fail  RossCrew #6  2 star

We've had the app for Reading Rainbow practically since it started & loved it. My ten year old had every sticker available & the 3 year old just got her profile and first batch of stickers. We used the reading history as a memory timeline. Now no picture, no history - that one is heartbreaking-and it shuts off three or four times every book & we have to keep restarting the book. It's frustrating & the girls are getting fed up. It's sad that constant tweaking has ruined a great app.


Terrible customer service  Riv2139  1 star

I haven't been able to access my paid app in weeks. It's asking me to log in, I've tried all the email addresses that might be associated with this app, and gotten nothing back using their forgotten password link. I've written to the customer service email 3 times, and the only response I got was a "use the forgotten password link." Again, I paid for a 6 month subscription. It is a great app when it works. But seriously, give me what I paid for.


The joys of reading  Andan  5 star

My son is seven. He's not the biggest fan of reading. He strives to do his best, but if he hits a snag while reading he tends to become frustrated and lose the desire to read. This is now his favorite app. His ability to read when and what his mind desires surpasses his frustration. We have tried many learning apps throughout the years. This by far has the most content. It is subscription based, and for me that's fine. I just want him to find out how wonderful a good book really can be.


Can not view on ipad air  EuniceT  1 star

This app does not work on my ipad air 2. When trying to register I can not see the while screen


Dynamite!  Fell2Earth  5 star

This is the best thing in the world for long car trips! Our 5 yo son has had this for a year & loves changing his backpack, having books read to him, & watching LeVar's videos. We love the educational material -so varied! And we dig LeVar, his voice is soothing to parents. Thank you, Reading Rainbow staff!!


The App is a Lifesaver  Jaykay00  5 star

The kids I babysit have a limited time to play games or watch tv, so I got the app in hopes of them passing time. And it works! The kids love the animations each book has. They also play with stickers and watch educational videos that the parents are happy with. The videos star LeVar Burton like the original series which reminds me of my childhood. All in all Reading Rainbow Skybrary is a great time and definitely lets me have some free time from the kids.

Thunder cow2

Made my daughter cry  Thunder cow2  1 star

This is way beyond bad--it's reprehensible. There is a stupid video that plays EVERY time you start the app, and can't be stopped--you have to sit through it. Then there is an annoying sign-up where you have to give your email address; but every address we supplied was already in use, even the one we made up with 20 random characters. I can only figure they want your email address to send incessant emails. This procedure so confounded my daughter and I that she got upset and started crying.


Buy at own risk  5556667788899902223  1 star

Tech support refused to contact me & never refunded my money. Not worth the risk.


Camrera  MayVK  3 star

Why's the Camera going sideways????😱😑😐🅾🅾😮😮😮😮😦😮😮😮😮😳😕😱😮😮😮


Can't download books  TracieLK  1 star

I paid for this subscription when it first started. It worked well for, and the last several months I have not been able to download any books. No way to contact anyone, and no updated app. I am really unhappy, and my daughter is really disappointed!


My kids love this app  Bbb08  5 star

It is great for summer and educational. Makes screen time a learning tool.

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