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"My family loves it! They always use the app when we go on car rides or when they're bored at home. It's good to keep their imaginations going with reading. I totally recommend." - Parent @Gonzachr006

“The vibrant games, beautiful illustrations, and cute animation all make for an interactive experience, but kids get hooked on reading books” – PC Mag

"We've never before seen as diverse a library offered up" – Common Sense Media

“I love this app and I highly recommend it for children” - Wired Magazine’s GEEKMOM

“The benefit to children’s literacy development cannot be overlooked” – Smart Apps for Kids

Spark a lifelong love of learning in your young reader by joining us on a journey through an ever-expanding world of interactive digital books and Video Field Trips hosted by everyone’s favorite storyteller, LeVar Burton. With Skybrary®, your child can truly go anywhere and be anything. Download it today and give your child a whole month of free access!


• Enjoy unlimited access to hundreds of quality children’s books.
• Discover exclusive educational Video Field Trips.
• Unlock interactive animations that bring the stories to life and support reading comprehension.
• Find tailored book recommendations based on your child's age and interests.
• Create customized profiles for up to 3 children at no additional cost.
• Choose "Read to Me" or "Read by Myself" for each book.
• Track your reader's progress with a Parent Dashboard.
• Ad-free environment.

For children, Skybrary is an immersive world of reading discovery, where they can pilot their own personal hot air balloons through 7 magical islands, each home to hundreds of quality books and videos that celebrate diversity, family and the world around us. Young readers are free to explore the topics they love most as well as discover new areas of interest.


• Supports increased reading frequency and literacy development.
• Designed to enhance reading comprehension through purposeful interactivity.
• Enhances a child’s relationship to reading by making it fun, interesting, and relevant.
• Designed to engage young minds within the context of a modern family’s busy lifestyle.
• Provides healthy, interactive, educational screen time.


• Register and get a 1 Month Free Trial to everything we have to offer!
• Subscribe and unlock an unlimited reading experience for your child: 1 Month for $4.99 USD or 1 Year for $39.99 USD (all subscriptions are recurring).
• Your subscription is connected to your iTunes Account and can be used on additional iPads, iPhones, and across the web on any browser.
• Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase or at the start of the first subscription period after an eligible free trial has completed.
• Your subscription will auto-renew unless auto-renewal is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period.
• You may turn off auto-renewal at any time from your iTunes account settings.
• Cancellations will be reflected during your next billing cycle.

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LeVar Burton Kids Skybrary App Description & Overview

The applications LeVar Burton Kids Skybrary was published in the category Education on 2012-06-19 and was developed by RRKidz, Inc.. The file size is 213.43 MB. The current version is 2.3.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

In efforts to clean house we tried sorting books by color, but just like real life that only stuck for about a day...better luck next time. We did, however, manage to sneak in more bug fixes and general performance enhancements.

New from Version 2.3
It's super duper important that you update your app to this newest version, because our engineers told us that it was and we totally believe them. Seriously though, they said that if you don't you may have some trouble accessing books and videos in the future and we really don't want your kids to miss out on all the cool stuff happening in the app. Plus, this update comes with something our team has been hard at work creating for your family and we promise the update will be worth it.


• Create your own stories and build worlds of your own as you earn stickers. The more your child reads in the app and the more videos they watch, the more stickers they can earn. You get five to start (because we love you), so update the app and jump right in. Plus, these stickers won't end up all over your house and car and every single piece of clothing your family owns. Everyone wins.

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LeVar Burton Kids Skybrary Reviews


Learning to read is a journey.  kerrymosser  5 star

When you are looking back and your memories of reading are the worlds that were brought to life in your imagination, that's your reading journey. Now you're a guide to that journey with a beginning reader, I bet you want to guide this new journey to magical memories for your new young reader. This is THE cutting edge of creating that train depot that leads...anywhere.


Good app, BUT  Dudleymom88  2 star

The text in some books is SOOOO small. I have to hold the screen to my face just to see what it says

pink blue 60

I don't want to pay to read  pink blue 60  1 star


Mommy of a three aged

Writing on books way to small.  Mommy of a three aged  2 star

How can my daughter learn to READ if the writing on the books are so small you can hardly make out the words without putting the phone right up to your face? Illustration and voice over is great, would be better if she could actually read along with the book without squinting her eyes.

Markka dry

Print in books too small  Markka dry  1 star

Too hard to read

Tons text

One of my favorite apps  Tons text  5 star

I love the interactive books and videos


Awesome  Gonzachr006  5 star

My family loves it! They always use the app when we go on car rides or when they're bored at home. It's good to keep their imaginations going with reading. I totally recommend. Plus I love reading rainbow, I remember watching the videos when I was a kid.


My son is not interested I want to cancel  Quicksand420  1 star

My 4 year old says he doesn't like it. Please cancel my subscription!!


It's a scam  Lrigykruc  1 star

We couldn't access a single book. The app just shuts down. My kids didn't tell me it didn't work until after the 30 days and now I can't stop the subscription. Awful scam reining the reading rainbow name. I would have donated the $ but. I.e. I am just mad and would like a refund on principle.


Great app  Derrell&Emily  5 star

It was a great app that helped me and my kids know what it was like to have a good book!😌

The aareo

Amazing!  The aareo  5 star

Such an amazing app, beautifully done with a great selection of books. My 3 year old adores it and I love the range of books, especially awesome for homeschool!


Amazing app!  Tanalore  5 star

I loved Reading Rainbow growing up. When I found the app I was too excited to download it. So far I'm just doing the free trial to explore everything and see how my kids like it, if they really enjoy it as much as I have exploring everything, then I will definitely do the year membership!


Slow and slack disappointed  bindi08  1 star

Paid for one month subscription and since a day been trying to download books always end up saying error tap here again ...... Goes on ....... What a waste of money and time . Had high hopes with all the video samples but disappointed with the app


Great fun  Volk613  5 star

Great range and presentation. Needs a zoom function and somewhere to put the extra stickers like another island.

T Darkstar

New version not for big families  T Darkstar  1 star

Last year we subscribed at Christmas time and all four of my kids had backpacks and LOVED them. Well, this Christmas we were in the middle of moving and I didn’t get around to resubscribing until February, and only after I paid did I find out that they have changed it so that there can only be three users at a time. I’m going to have to delete it or pick one of my children and break their heart. I’m waiting on an e-mail to see if I can get my money back. So if you have more then three children this is not for you.

Tyranno Jex

My 4 year old keeps thanking me for this app!!!  Tyranno Jex  5 star

My 3 and 4 year old love to use my tablet, but I hate for them to just play games. My 4 year old loves books and to be read to, but I can't always read to her as often as she would like. I tried the 5 books first and we fell in love with it! My daughters LOVE this app. I like the ability to have it read, but also the ability for me to read to them or them to themselves! They usually love watching videos, but have been so pleased with the books they haven't even began to mess with the videos yet. $50 a year really isn't that bad when you think of the amount of money you'd spend on books, gas, and time to go to the library, bookstore, etc. It takes up a lot less space and with young children ever changing tastes makes this totally worth it! Some complain this is way too expensive, but when you have multiple children with different taste this is way cheaper, plus paying for the service of the app reading to you. I love that this not only has fun books, but educational ones and National Geographic! There are books for different cultures as well. This is an all around great app. This may not be for everyone, every age, or every reader out there so I encourage you to try the app first before committing to the price so as not to be disappointed. The free trial is more than generous and really gives you a taste!


Love it!  Claire+bear  5 star

This app is so much fun!


Disappointed  Hautboishavoc  2 star

We did the free version which only allows you to read five books total. There is no way I am paying the hefty price for a subscription. I prefer for my kids to read real books and was only interested in a reading app for when we are not at home and want easy access to books to pass the time. Haven't found a reasonable app for this.


Ridiculously expensive  Zop07  1 star

I turned off auto renewal and it still auto renewed anyway. Thanks for wasting my daughter's Christmas gift card on your stupid expensive bs...what a waste!


Love it.  Marty-chan  5 star

I loved this show as a child. Now that the app is here I couldn't be more excited to share my love of reading with my family and my students at school.


My toddler LOVES this app  Raabit98  5 star

I grew up w RR and was SO excited to see it was back and better than ever! We have had this app for almost a year now, so since my kiddo turned a year and a half. She loves it! We still go to the local library every week, but every night during quiet time she wants RR time! I also love that she can tell when she is done, if I say you get three books and one video tonight, then as we go I remind her, you have xyz left then it's bed time, it helps a lot. When it comes time to shut it off she says goodnight and goes to bed happy. She doesn't get much screen time and I am happy this is how she chooses to spend it!


My kids love it!  RollingBahari  5 star

I have had this app for a little over a year, and the subscription is well worth the money. I live in an area with a limited supply of physical childrens books, and the Skybrary has me and my family covered. I read one to two stories from this app when I put my kids to bed most evenings. My son, who can't quite read yet, will sit with the app and make up his own story as he flips through the pages. I have found only one issue thus far. Often, when turning off the audio to the book it will disable touching the interactive sections on the page and turning the page by sliding. I'll have to close the book and reopen it again to get it to work. This happens on both my iPad Air and my wife's iPad 4. Other than that, it's a great app.


Great App.  Mr.Afreet  5 star

It really help me monitor my son's reading habits


Lots of great books and videos!!  1l0vegames  5 star

I have three kids, 10, 6, and 2. All three of them love this app. Great content. Lots of books and educational videos. Well worth the cost of subscription! I grew up watching Reading Rainbow and I hope that they will make ALL of the old episodes available some day soon so that my kids can see them too

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