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Cheats for PS3 Games - Including Complete Walkthroughs [Reference] App Description & Overview

What is cheats for ps3 games - including complete walkthroughs app? Cheats & Walkthroughs for the top PS3 titles, with a basic cheats section covering every PS3 game! New games are added on a regular basis as well!

This mega app is packed full of cheats for the top PS3 titles. These cheats are hand picked and found from genuine gamers. We find every cheat to help you get through every story and annihilate every foe. Master every game inside and out!

Cheats for the games can include: cheat codes, glitches, unlockables, walkthroughs, multiplayer guides, unlock codes, achievement guides... etc.

Some of the games already included are:
Batman Arkham City
Battlefield 3
Bioshock Infinite
Borderlands 2
Gran Turismo 5
Last of Us
Mass Effect 3
Resistance 3
Saints Row 4

and many more! Download this app now before the rush of fall and winter games!

Send in your game requests, cheats or any feedback to

Many guides are free. Others use in-app purchasing, giving the quality of paid guides, without downloading a ton of different reference applications and having the hassle of managing icons spread across your homescreen.

Download now! The base app is FREE!!

- All cheat guides are unofficial guides. These unofficial guides were created by SchroederDev LLC and partners. We are not affiliated with the game creators in any manner. No one has authorized, sponsored or sanctioned these unofficial guides. they are the sole creation and responsibility of SchroederDev LLC and partners.
- All characters and their names and all places and events and all other aspects are the property of their respective owners. All trademark and copyright are the property of their respective owners. I make no claim to and do not have any rights to any of the foregoing.
- In creating these unofficial guides, we assert its rights under the "fair use" doctrine pursuant to United States copyright law and the equivalent in other jurisdictions. If you believe that there has been a contravention of your proprietary rights then email details to

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Cheats for PS3 Games - Including Complete Walkthroughs Version 3.824 March 2015

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. This Update: -Added new guides for: Dragon Age: Inquisition & Far Cry 4 -New free guides: Black Ops 2, Dragon Age 2, Far Cry 3, WWE 2K14... Last Update: -Added new guides for: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Assassin's Creed Rogue, WWE 2K15 and more -More guides free! (Crysis 3 and Hitman Absolution).

Cheats for PS3 Games - Including Complete Walkthroughs Comments & Reviews 2022

- Good, But could use another update

This app is extremely helpful for when I am stumped with a game. It could however, use a new update because it's been a year and a lot of games come out in one year. I currently have about 10 games that aren't on this app and I could use some help with some parts.

- Good

For the most part it's a good app, however the constant grammatical errors, cheats for one game in another section, and borderlands 2 crashing the app for the basic guide are major issues. Please fix these.

- Cool good info for ps3 users

I like the app and has great cheats but I don’t like how the popular games cost money that’s about it other than being a little out dated

- Good but...

When I tap on basic guides then borderlands 2 It crashes. That's what guide I wanted most. Plz fix.

- Overall good app

Has an extremely wide variety of game guides and cheats, unfortunately, the only game I really wanted (Borderlands 2) crashes the app every time I try to access it. If this could be fixed I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!

- Not that useful...

This would have been the best app in the the days of super Nintendo. The app provides info on the games it supports. Most game cheat sets cost 0.99, but a few are included free. Generally, the "cheats" are just some basic tips and walkthroughs. You can get much better on a variety of gaming websites for free. If I were going to pay for a game guide, I'd want illustrations, maps, and a nice graphic interface. I'd also like tips that aren't useless (for example, one of the main tips for Uncharted 2 is "beat the game on hard to unlock crushing difficulty." I don't consider this a tip since it says this right on the game settings screen.) I see no advantage to this app over better alternative, unless you plan to be someplace with no Internet access for an extended time, and even then not really.

- Ps3 cheat app

U guys are awsome this app is the best cheat app other then u have to buy all the good cheats but it's the bomb I love it but I saw the ultimate cheat app and it's two dollars it's cool the cheats are free but this apps really cool I love it because I need cheats but I'm getting the ultimate cheat app and if it's gay I'm not erasing this app if it's cool I'm erasing this app

- Ok

This is an ok app I just wish you can add more to a few games like mw3 camping spots how to level up and get more kills and some things to skyrim and add borderlands and assassins creed 3 please

- Awesome

It's very helpful quick and easy access to cheats without having to go to a million sites just to look for codes

- The best

Great cheats but like somebody else said, it would be better if u could just get the cheats and glitches instead of paying for them

- Not that good

It isn't that good i have batman arkham city and uncharted 3 and i have to buy them but i my mom won't let me buy anything or my dad so i say you should just mod your games it's free and all you need is a flashdrive and computer but look up how to do it! FIRST then do it cuz i haven't done it yet my couisin told me how to do it and i'm waiting so there you go and it's on google have fun!

- Great app just add battle field 3

All this app needs is maybe battlefield 3 and I would love it and 99 cents is just like buying music so they have to make a profit great app

- Great guide utility

Really fantastic little app. It's kinda like a condensed game guide. Doesn't tell you too much so that you can still play the game like you like it.

- Bad

Don't take my word for 5 stars I am just rating it this because someone said that if u rated this 5 stars they would give u free cheats

- Ok......,.really?

This app is ok for cheats but they catch u by making the download free. The cheats for each game can cost between $0.99 to $1.00. U end up in the end spending way much more than u payed for this app and it really effects u in the pocket pretty much it is a scam so that they can get rich!

- It's good

This app is good on helping you to find intels on cod and give you cheats on black ops on unlocking map packs(well not all of them)

- Great but...

They show stuff for Xbox and I don't really care for that, more of a clean-up type thing needed

- Great

I would rate it 5 stars but you have to buy cheats other wise great cheats

- Prototype 2?

Good app not great "cheats" but gives you a lot of options so u do the work but we give you the answers type of thing... And could prototype two be added soon please

- Fantastic App

I think it's amazing! Can't wait to see all the new updates coming out :)

- Cheats ps3

It helped me a lot, but it is slow when getting new games.

- Helpful

Just updated! Thank you for fixing the basic guide prob!

- Helpful

Really good app for when you're stuck in a game

- PS3 cheats

Great information! I used the Battlefield 3 cheats but the other ones are probably good too!

- Every PS3 user should have this!

Useful guides for all the games I have. (BTW, thx 4 the Mass Effect 2 guide. Gave me some useful hints.)

- So-so

Won't keep this app long because it doesn't have good information about the games I own. Basic info provided.

- It works and has all the games

It works and really helps on gta

- Best app

It was very helpful, I would recommend This app to all my friends!

- Great game helps

This is one of the best apps I have found to help me conquer the games I love to play!

- Amazing

Always helpful when needed

- Cheats PS3

I really like it it helped me with red dead redemption and other games but the games that are not on there are not free. Bad idea.

- Very good

Huge collection by good writers . 99 cents don't be cheap people seriously .

- Not very good.

Would be great if you didn't have to pay for most of the games. You could easily just google the games and get the same info.

- Helped me a lot

This helped me get achievements I couldn't get

- Money grubbers!

You can find all the info this app provides for free from other free apps in the app store and the web. What a ripoff to charge .99$ for free info. Do not waste time with this unless you want to pay .99$ for each game you want cheats for.

- 💩💩💩💩💩

You have to pay for more cheats and once you pay you find out that most of them are just tips and guides. If you want cheats get them free on the Internet 👎

- The best

A helpfull thing to help us for hard stuff on games

- PS3

It would have been better if you could make more cheats accessible!

- It's still good

It's still cool but I wish you could have all the game cheats

- Awesome

I finally can pass my games

- Rewiew

It's good but I think a flat fee of 99 cents or $1.99 not pay or every cheat but great helping app.

- Great app

I want u 2 update so u can see upcoming dlc and stuff

- Ok

Really good but most of the games you have to buy:-(

- Words can not describe

Great app just make black ops 2 free

- Waste of room on ipod

When you open the app there is only like 8 games that you can have cheats on

- Terrible

In the premium it locks off all the games people play in basic they are 900% off for proof look at it and if you play skyrim you'll be disappointed

- Awesome

Great app guys. But you should consider making skyrim free

- Ps3 cheatmania

Boss has a lot of cheats and has walkthroughs

- Not so great

Cheats for newer games cost money and the free cheats for the older games aren't even very good. Good thing this is a free app otherwise it would be a waste of money.

- Not free after all

This app is useless for free at least lots of games are not listed and 90 percent of them require you to purchase the cheat don't waste your time downloading

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- Great!

Great app! I means I don't have to download many cheat apps :) but it's pointless buying the cheats. Why. And besides gt 5 doesn't have any cheats your just giving a guide. Guides SHOULD BE FREE! But other than that, it's great I love it!


This is a great app i love it. It still has a few guides that have xbox controls like A and B. But apart from that its good. In the next update could you please make a guide about wolfenstein: the new order cause i looked through ur app and all u got is the old ones. So please fix xbox quides in the playstation guides and add wolfenstein: new order. Thank you

- Awesome

Helps a lot don't have to print then no more

- Shatterd

Its a good app but it didnt carry over games i paid for from the previous version of this app. Good thing i didnt delete the old 1

- Great

Needs more cheats

- Could be better

There is good games in selection but u have to pay for everything not worth it better of get cheats of internet

- Not happy jan

Not happy with app, why pay when you can go on safari and search google. Just another app trying to charge you for information which they gained from us for free. Shame on you!

- Needs more cheats

I reckon it needs 80% cheats for free and the other 20% in-app purchases

- Paying

But why do you have to pay for them

- Nicely done

Just handy to have so hints/cheats to help every now an then

- Great App

Why does it have Xbox 360 achievements as well and why pay for extra cheats??? Other than that its great

- Very good

Great app I may be a cheater but its worth it anyway this app is great

- More ad on cheats

Add all cheats for cod black ops 2 cheats for the dlc zombie maps and more for batman arkham city trophie cheats

- Please make cheats free

Why do you have to pay for them any way ?????? :-( X( "-" - : - ( )

- Should have more

Its allright

- Ps3 cheats

Awesome when u need cheats get this help me!?

- Best ever

This app is the best cheats app I have ever got

- Hahaha

Pay for cheats? It doesnt even have a good list of them , anyone that actually thinks this app is good has to be crazy or rich enough to waste money

- Great app !!!

It's free but needs more cheats.

- Really good

It's really good

- Ok

It's better than nothing

- Terrible

Too much in app purchasing 99c for cheats you can get free from a google search and they're not that good

- Stuff that

Im not paying 0.99c just to get cheats stuff it better off goin to the net and getting cheats 4 free stick that up were it belongs

- Useful

Very handy app

- Tiny tower

It is fun please give me more more money

- Skyrim cheats

Al I needed

- Make all the cheats free

Not just the games that aren't that good

- Good app

Would be better if all games are free

- Sooo Dumb

Why would i payvfor the cheats when i could just go on the internet for free!! |:P

- Cheats

Needs more free cheats

- Skyrim Walkthrough?

Wheres the skyrim Walkthrough????????? I neeed it!

- Have to pay for cheats

What a wasted app

- bad

i payed for deus ex in the last icheatsps3 which was taken down and now i have to pay again.

- Hi

Not many cheats

- Gt5 no cheats just guide not worth 99c for it

Rubbish !!!

- Dr

Absolute cr@p

Payoneer 💰

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- Awesome but...

I think it ROX but I think u should add just cause 2

- Horrible

You need to buy all cheat codes dont get it its junk/scam



- Awesome!

Great, each has a full walk through in addition to cheats. Nice to have it all in one place.

- Good but don't have all games

If you have all war and kill zombies games it is good for you but a guy like me golden eye and NHL 13 and all the other sports games

- Great app

This app is pretty good but their should be more games, you guys should have walkthroughs and cheats that you can download from a source.

- This is so very useful but please

FOR THE LOVE OF TALOS MAKE SKYRIM FREE and Dishonored too please

- Awesome

A must buy for the gamer

- 4 out of 5

Needs more game cheats on free version.

- It is awesomesauce

Best ever

- it is the best thing in my life.

it is awesome

- It's great for my needs

Great app. The actual app is free but it does cost you to pay for the game you will use it with. I would love to see Lord of the Rings - War in the North and The Amazing-Spider-Man added though.

- L


- Not the best

Only some cheats and I wished to have more

- Amazing

Recommend this when your bored

- Crap

Absolutely garbage. Highly misleading.

- Misleading

Skyrim is not included it has to be bought.

- Awful

You have to buy the so called "cheats" for each game except a few free ones

- The perfect app for ps3

The app may be free but you have to pay for other guides It's an awesome app if you don't mind paying $28 for all the guides. I would like to see are more RPG games like Dragons Dogma andDungeon Defenders. Needs to be updated more often

- It helped alot

Good app for some people

- Crap

Crapy you have to pay 0.99 for everything why didnt they make it 0.99

- Helpful


- Stupid!!!

This is stupid u have to buy the cheats for each game why dont you just sell the app for 0.99!!!! :(

- Skyrim tips

The skyrim tips are really helpful to me I'm glad you put it in


Don't say it's free then charge to use it way better free skyrim tip apps

- Ps3 cheats


- All

Should have all the cheats not only a few games

- Great app

Learned lots of things.

- Added tips

I think I have a good money making tip for skyrim. What it is is get the alteration spell transmute mineral ore with transforms iron ore to silver ore and silver to gold. You can buy the iron ore and transform it to silver than to gold. If you want you can sell it like ore or you can smelt it to make gold ingot. I think it is a good idea. PS. The best cheat app there is.

- Guide of the game

It's totally awesome thing like it lottery tells you every thing awesome five star guide eh thanks for reading

- Do not buy

Dont get it's

- This app is sweet

Im getting soo far in skyrim cuz of thi app deffinitly get it

- Not enough games and is bad app.

They get cheats from website then sell some for money rip off! Should have like 100 game cheats free.

- worst app ever

It asked me if i wanted to buy skyrim.. i cancelled the purchase.. yet it still billed me. This app us garbage i want my refund


This a scam/junk app. It is not free... Well it is but around 7 out of 20 games are free. Not good enough so Chuck Norris and Jesus raptor do not approve. Although it did look like you spent some time on it and I'd have to give it something for it. :)

- My review : find it yourself !

👎 must to pay for all

- Skyrim

I found that it is easily worth 99 cents for cheats to your favorite games. I mean come on, just reach into your pocket, or look under your sofa! There is so much cheats, tips, and tutorials available for each game, and I'm surprised the cheats aren't with more.

- Crap not even free

When it says an app is free it should be free but here y got so many locked games that cost 99 cents it piles up!

- Junk

Any cheats you want to know you have to pay for them. !!!!!JUNK!!!!! Don't get it

- Do not get

You have to pay for each game!!!!Just do not get this it is a rip off and it is supposed to be free?Serious do not download it is a waste of time!!!!there is stuff you already know so just don't download this app


You have to BUY CHEATS FOR EACH GAME!!!!!!! Big waste of money do not download!!

- Another "Not Free" App

Save ur time..every cheat is locked out but u can spend .99 for your "free" honest in the description FCS

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Cheats for PS3 Games - Including Complete Walkthroughs 3.8 Screenshots & Images

Cheats for PS3 Games - Including Complete Walkthroughs iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Cheats for PS3 Games - Including Complete Walkthroughs iphone images
Cheats for PS3 Games - Including Complete Walkthroughs iphone images
Cheats for PS3 Games - Including Complete Walkthroughs iphone images
Cheats for PS3 Games - Including Complete Walkthroughs iphone images
Cheats for PS3 Games - Including Complete Walkthroughs iphone images
Cheats for PS3 Games - Including Complete Walkthroughs Reference application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Cheats for PS3 Games - Including Complete Walkthroughs (Version 3.8) Install & Download

The applications Cheats for PS3 Games - Including Complete Walkthroughs was published in the category Reference on 2011-12-17 and was developed by Rocket Splash Games [Developer ID: 471267937]. This application file size is 25.66 MB. Cheats for PS3 Games - Including Complete Walkthroughs - Reference app posted on 2015-03-24 current version is 3.8 and works well on IOS 5.1.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.schroederdev.cheatsps3