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Ghosthunting Toolkit strives to give pros and hobbyists alike REAL tools for paranormal investigation. We do not build in gimmicks or false readings solely for entertainment.

This version features a ground-up re-design of the user interface. We've improved the user experience while keeping all of the tools and features our investigators have come to appreciate.

GHT is delivering our users' most-requested upgrades.

Use your Ghosthunting Toolkit to investigate the paranormal anytime, anywhere with five powerful tools all in one handy app. Use the EMF Detector to measure electromagnetic field strength on three axes. Use the "Interrogator" to interview intelligent haunts. Verify shaking furniture and fixtures with the seismograph-inspired "Vibration Detector." Coax entities into revealing their manifestation strength with the "Power Detector." And easily create and catalog Electronic Voice Phenomena with the built-in "EVP Recorder."

A night-vision mode converts the screen to red tones to help preserve night vision during "lights out" investigations.

Be ready to log evidence of ghosts, entities, manifestations, poltergeists, residuals and more!

Perfect for professional paranormal investigators and casual hobbyists alike, this app puts the power to investigate a possible haunting right in your pocket or purse for use at a moment’s notice. Use it as an all-in-one ghost hunting solution or as a handy supplement to your complete paranormal investigation equipment kit.

Note: Plug-in microphone is required for EVP use on 3rd Generation devices. EMF Detector not supported on iPod Touch 3rd or 4th Generation devices.

The Ghosthunting Toolkit is provided for entertainment purposes only. We cannot guarantee (or deny) the existence of ghosts or paranormal activity.

Ghosthunting Toolkit App Description & Overview

The applications Ghosthunting Toolkit was published in the category Entertainment on 2011-08-19 and was developed by Rocket Splash Games. The file size is 48.41 MB. The current version is 4.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Updated to iOS10+
Updated for 64 bit
Other bug fixes and refinements

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Intriguing and impressive!!  blauhana  5 star

I recently moved into my new home with my parents that was built back in 86, I had suspicions there was definitely an energy/presence in the home so I decided to give this app a try... to my surprise I was getting high readings in the emf detector one night upstairs in my room. Frightened prior to using this, I went downstairs and had to sleep for a couple nights..


Little Disappointed  PW-I&R  3 star

I was originally impressed with this outstanding looking app. It seem to function great on my iPhone so I upgraded the app. It also transfers to my iPad. Great! Well I noticed that it was not fully upgraded on my iPad so I found that I could upgrade for free ( already paid for iPhone upgrade ) on my iPad and did so! That’s when the trouble started. The MC5 module and the EVP module worked for one evening. The next evening they didn’t. All other modules have worked fine. Question: Does anyone know how to correct this before I give it a one star rating? Thanks, Paranormal Works - I&R


It is great  Djdmg47  5 star

This apps is wow. But unsure hows that would work. But there’s missing in here, there’s no spirit box. But it is great to have apps on my phone. Add update for spirit box like SB1. And add radar please.


Spoof app?  KRONK MAD !!!  1 star

The EMF feature seems to express only accelerometer values, exposure to obvious emf fields around my home do NOT effect the app whatsoever. Values only change if I move the device itself. This realization renders the rest of the app data useless as I now consider this developer untrustworthy. I would absolutely expect this from a free app. Lesson learned, Phones tend to contaminate their own data anyway. Best to just buy physical emf detector at this point.

dalia mc fricking adams

It’s a 0 for me  dalia mc fricking adams  1 star

This is trash. Doesn’t work and I don’t recommend it at all.


I ❤️ this game so much By Colin  Qate23  5 star

I love this game because it has a lot of great stuff.


Surprisingly good  CaityCat899  4 star

I’ve never been a big believer in ghosts, but I downloaded the app hoping to freak people out with them thinking there’s a ghost in the room, but I was surprised. When I first got it I walked around my house and since my house is fairly new and no one has died here I didn’t expect any readings. I was right there were no readings in my house. I’ve pulled it out here and there and public with no readings which made sense, but I was starting to wonder if this app worked at all. I decided to test it by going to the graveyard that’s about a 10 minute walk from my house. The thing started going crazy. I was a bit freaked out of course, but it certainly makes me think this app is legit. Try it for yourself.


Really Does Not Work.  TurtleLikesEmojis800  4 star



Great APP!  Zzqxt  4 star

Love everything about it. Downloading an EVP isn’t bad. One improvement would be to add a camera function to take a picture when a ghost is defected.

Holy crap..

This app works.  Holy crap..  5 star

I tried the EVP Recorder and the EMF Meter and the emf meter showed spikes when I put it close to metal objects and such. Someday I’ll use this at a haunted place. 😀


Decent app  Hollowskull20201989  3 star

So far so good, however the VD5 does not give a scribble bar for the seismic graph output. Would love to see this added into the program. Overall the other items included work well and give good outputs.

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