CorrLinks is a way for family and friends to electronically communicate with their loved ones incarcerated in institutions. Established through a relationship between a corrections agency and ATG, this system allows family and friends to subscribe to CorrLinks services. Currently all Federal Bureau of Prisons and Department of Corrections (DOC) for the States of Iowa and Oklahoma institutions allow such communication.

Note: To use this app, you must have a paid Premier Account subscription. Details are available here:

The app has the following features:
• Stay in contact with your loved ones with real time alerts. Receive immediate push notifications to your device every time you receive a new message!
• Eliminates login on a mobile device!
• Messages downloaded significantly faster!
• Messages previously read are in your inbox and don’t need to be downloaded again!
• Retain all of your messages for 60 days, instead of 30!
• Attach up to 3 mobile devices to your account!
• Eliminates Captcha on the mobile app – that hard to read verification process!
• A Premier Account only costs $6.00 per YEAR! That’s less than $.50 a month! Take advantage of this offer today.

If you have issues with the app, please contact CorrLinks support at:

CorrLinks App Description & Overview

The applications CorrLinks was published in the category Lifestyle on 2012-05-23 and was developed by Advanced Technologies Group, LLC.. The file size is 6.66 MB. The current version is 2.1.3 and works well on 5.1.1 and high ios versions.

Fix bug when users enable larger fonts in the Accessibility options.

In 2.1.2:
Increase font size on message list.
Fix typing issues when composing a message.

In 2.1.1:
Fixed issue where new messages didn't always show an unread indicator. Please log out of your account and back in to see the correct unread message count.

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Fatal  MPRosario  1 star

Llevo Meses Intentando Actualizar Mi Cuenta a Cuenta Premier Despues de Completar el Pago Sale Error con La Tarjeta Pero Me Debitan el Dinero De Mi Tarjeta Y Al Dia Siguiente Me Lo Devuelven ,! Ya me e comunicado con Mi Banco y Disen debe Haber Problemas con el Proveedor Porque Inclusive e Comprado Otras Aplicaciones con La Misma Tarjeta y Unicamente Tengo Problemas con Ustedes,! Gracias Anticipadas Espero Resuelvan Pronto el Problema Con Las Actualizaciones


Log-in  TamDior  1 star

I am unable to log-in from the app Please help


😑😑  Cola0885  1 star

It won't allow me to login. Says I need to have a premium account 😕


Can't Register  casbrt  1 star

I have a good friend who will be incarcerated for three years and he told me I could download this app, I did and it only will let me login, not even the option to register. Help!

Ruby Red77

Duplicate emails  Ruby Red77  3 star

For the last 2 months at least I have been receiving duplicate emails from the sender and it's quite frustrating. Can you please fix this? Thank you!


Need some type of consistency on all platforms  Ash102115  3 star

I've used this app in both iPhone and android. On android when you open an email it's highlighted that that was the lasted opened email, this should be the same in the iPhone this helps out a lot especially when you have so many emails.


Awesome App!  OJsakil  5 star

This app lets me talk with my loved one on a daily basis now for years! II never have a problem and use it on all my devices.. android phone and an ipad app.


How do I add money  Mama_of_Zacheria16  5 star

How do I add money to the account?

Ms LyteBryte

Please UPDATE!.  Ms LyteBryte  3 star

This app is a great resource to have on your phone. BUT, the duplicate notifications for the same message... And the delay on the apps side to deliver is cause some issues in my relationship.. IM TIRED OF HAVING TO ANSWER TO WHY HAVE IT TAKEN YOU SO LONG TO REPLY?!. 🙏🏾🙄


Not sure why...???  Kisschocolatekisses  2 star

It takes like two hours or more for messages to be received. My fiancé sent me emails this a.m. around 6 or 7ish and I still haven't received them. Not sure why this is happening, but I guess it'll improve once the free trial is over & the fee is drafted from my account.


1Hundo santhraaxxx 3 star

Listen to First Day Out/Corrlinks and JPay Remix (Mixed by Nancey) by santhraaxxx, 1Hundo #np on #SoundCloud


CashMoneyClick💵💰🤑 TurkDaPlug 3 star

For all my noggas waiting on sim picture through the corrlinks


Humble Beast _NevaBrokAGAiN 3 star

Corrlinks & Jpay !


Awesome  MannyM0918  5 star

I personally think let this it's an awesome way to communicate with love ones that are doing time and won't be home for a bit ! Do any of you know about live video visitation ?


Love this app  Emily&Frutoso(ToEm)  5 star

As hard as it is being away from your loved ones, having little perks like this helps. ToEm❤️


Smart app here  heathengirl  5 star

Love this app.... I can't always sit and write letters and this is simple and faster ... For inmate correspondence this is fantastic, all things considered ... It's worth the money and cheaper than US MAIL

Caramel cuisine

Really grateful  Caramel cuisine  5 star

I would like to personally thank whomever came up with this app! It's very hard to be away from incarcerated loved ones but this app lets me correspond with my loved one several times a day...only down side is that the messages can have a 45minute to hour delay but hey, what can you expect from a federal prison...everything is picked through like a fine tooth comb...but thank you for this great creation!


Horrible  Snnebcicisbdb  1 star

This service is terrible! Very slow and bad customer service, I use TextBehind to send my boyfriend Textcards and money orders they are great ! And there customer service team is so sweet :-)


Thankful for this app!!  JasonMogollon  5 star

Anyone who has a loved one that's locked up knows how expensive the phone calls are so it's awesome that we have been give this alternate way to communicate! I'm not sure if it costs the inmate $$ out of their commissary fund for them to get on the computer & respond to e-mails, but I know it's free for us to send them messages. I also use an app called JPay to communicate with people who are locked up in state prison & you are able to attach pictures to messages so I wonder why the Federal Prisons haven't made it available.


Besides the new iOS update  AnonymousCC2011  4 star

Everytime Apple has new update messes certain apps up wth other wise corilinks is ok if I can understand more


😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡  Madzzzzzzzzxzzzz  1 star

Hated the app wouldn't let me log in


Ayuda  Ewdina  1 star

Como puedo a ceder entrar por la App, Nice si es que mi iPhone no la lee o que sucede pero no puedo aseder

Just 4 Fun... :)

VERY GREST APP..  Just 4 Fun... :)  4 star

This is a great way to stay in touch with your loved ones that's incarcerated. I just wished that we could send pictures to our loved ones cause they monitor the messages, letters and phone calls and they could monitor the pictures sent through Corrlinks also. Maybe an idea that the people that made this app should think about. Thanks for such a great app so that I can stay in touch with my loved one.

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