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This software opens the Setup page for network connected printers.
You can then make setting changes for services such as Google Cloud Print and AirPrint.
Before starting setup, update the printer's firmware to the latest version.

Epson Printer Finder App Description & Overview

The applications Epson Printer Finder was published in the category Utilities on 2011-09-30 and was developed by Seiko Epson Corporation. The file size is 19.05 MB. The current version is 1.1.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

- Minor bug fixes

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Epson Printer Finder Reviews


If you won't let me read anything but the 5 star reviews  dr.subsonic  1 star

Why would bother with the app?


Not compatible wit iOS11  AahzNotOz  1 star

Wonder if there will be an update?


Not compatible with iOS11  Wagood24  1 star

Not compatible with iOS11


Trouble using app  Ashleyteme  2 star

I'm not sure what's going on. Both my parents have used this app and said it worked. I am trying it and all I am getting is a white box covering everything and I cannot access anything on the app. I have tried re-downloading the app and restarting my phone multiple times. I would like to give this app more stars, if I can get it to work.


Love the App - NEED TO UPDATE FOR iOS 11!!!  JustBob489  5 star

Please update this app to support iOS 11!!!! Or give me an alternative that does all that this one does.


Needs to be update  Italiana59  2 star

Apple is sending messages that the app is not updated and won't work with new versions of IOS. What are you waiting? I like your app!


Please update this app.  HIS 3  5 star

I keep getting notices from apple that this app will not work with the next update. PLEASE FIX THIS! I use your app all the time. His


Please update!  O2B_Mamade  1 star

iOS says this app is no longer working with the newest update. This app hasn't been updated since 2011!!! Really? Please update Epson or back to the store my printer goes along with a warning on all sellers' websites. Every time I go to print I have to FIND the printer using the app. EVERY TIME!!! AirPrint never finds is. What a waste of time...back to HP I go.


Skip this App- WORTHLESS  iPad95678  1 star

App does nothing but search for the identified printer... Never moved from this screen.. NO WSY TO CHANGE SETTINGS... Junk!! Waste of time. Delete and move on

Mac person

Doesn't work  Mac person  1 star

Epson connect can't find my ARTISAN 710 printer. Too bad, this would be awesome if it worked


My turd smells nicer  hotletterbox  1 star

Like most epson products, works when you first try it, to suck you in, then it craps itself. I regret all these years endorsing epson to others. Never again.


Doesn't work  misuslana  1 star

It just doesn't even do anything, it's broken.


It actually worked!!  fyhcnig  5 star

The app found my printer within seconds and my document printed out without a hitch. I can't believe it was so easy!


Useless  Starrtym  1 star

Opened the app, could not identify my printer. Stated I needed to go into "set up". Completed that with the same result when re-applied


Great  Markus1962  4 star

The app works fine, found my printer without a problem, allowed me to print from the Notes app. With any issues at all.

Buff 2000

bad real bad  Buff 2000  1 star

don't apple test this apps?


Great app  24436333  4 star

Works..fantastic! go to google print first register your printer from PC (short cut). Download the app to iPad for your registered printer with google print and add. If your printer is cloud ready it makes it easier.


Poor show  LuisaLina  1 star

What you see is what you get...FA!!!


Confused  VexedKitty  2 star

The description of the app says it opens a setup page so u can then make changes & print from ur iPhone. The app only opens the setup page & then the only option is refresh. No use to me. Anyone know how I can get it to print from my iPhone??

Mario Busuttil

Epson printer  Mario Busuttil  1 star

It finds my printer, but when I try to print from my iPhone it will not find the printer


Great app!, not...  Doggpoo  1 star

What's the point? I don't care about the status of my printer...


Does nothing but bring up setup page  NOC_medic  1 star

Thought this would let my iPad AirPrint but doesn't. Just brings up printer setup page which adds no value.

Tico Perdido

Epson's Folly  Tico Perdido  1 star

The first screen stated that the device couldn't find the Epson printer I've been staring at all evening. One star because this worthless app was free. Next step is to delete it.


Does nothing  JPK72  1 star

It just takes me to a page that tells me to refresh and it shows all my printer info. Still can not print from my iPhone.


Not Up to its Standards  djerez  1 star

This app only opens up a Web Browser page, shows my printer's info, and a refresh button. I am not able to print anything from a mobile device even though this is my network printer.


Super easy!!  Aligurl1  5 star

I don't know why this app is getting poor reviews--it was super easy to,use. Literally--I was printing in less than 2 minutes. My wifi printer was immediately found and I printed an email from my ipad in the very next step. I am very excited about this app!!!


Worked as promised, found and printed one minute  Scruffydawgy  5 star

Real good


Very pleased  Azores51  5 star

I just acquired this app and to be truthful was a little skeptical due to all the negative reviews, but instead was pleasantly happy to see that if you follow the instructions it works without a hitch.


Useless  MfromtheWood  1 star

It opens the browser and shows details of my printer, then a button that says "refresh". All that does is refresh the same info. It doesn't give the option of connecting to the printer, or doing anything else. I already know my model number and how much ink i have, so what the heck Is the point of this app?


True  rst58  1 star

... indeed useless. Does not work after following instructions.

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