Official DVSA Theory Test Kit

Official DVSA Theory Test Kit [Education] App Description & Overview

Do you want to PASS your Car THEORY TEST?

Download the ONLY OFFICIAL DVSA THEORY TEST KIT for Car Drivers, from the people who set the tests.

It contains EVERYTHING you need to PASS your 2020 CAR THEORY TEST first time.

You get all this for ONLY £4.99; far cheaper than the cost of retaking your test!

Every single 2020 official DVSA theory test revision question for car drivers. Answer them all to make sure you’re ready for your test

20 interactive CGI hazard perception video clips from DVSA, just like the ones in the real test

The Official Highway Code (worth £2.50) to revise all the latest road signs and rules

Exclusive DVSA study content. Extra tips and info on all the theory test topics

Timed mock tests – just like the real thing!

Track your progress so that you know when you’re ready to take your theory test

English voiceover reads out all the revision questions to you. Handy if you’re revising on the go and helpful if you have reading difficulties or dyslexia

Helpful notifications remind you to revise as your test date gets closer

Join the two million happy people who’ve passed using the official DVSA apps

Good luck with your test!

Helpful advice:

• There are 20 CGI hazard perception video clips in this app. To get you started quickly, the first installation contains two clips. When you’re ready, you can then download the other 18 clips in two easy installments. Simply click on one of the greyed-out clips to start the download process. The video clips can also be removed later to free up space on your device.

• You can choose to download the voiceover separately. This will read out all the theory test revision questions, answers and explanations for you and will require additional storage space.

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Official DVSA Theory Test Kit Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This is the very latest version of the app for 2020. It contains the latest Official DVSA question bank PLEASE NOTE: We’ve also made several improvements to the app, if you’re an existing user you'll lose your progress record and your scores will be reset to zero. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes. If you're a new user you’ll be unaffected. We’ve also fixed several bugs with the Hazard Perception video playback Good luck with your Theory Test

Official DVSA Theory Test Kit Comments & Reviews

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- Okay but has quite a few bugs

Considering this app is £4.99 to purchase I would expect no bugs. Theory test is fine but somethings are not user friendly. For example when checking wrong answers it resets the scroll. Hazard perception video is buggy, this might be the compatibility with iPhone.

- Theory test

I have passed my theory test. First time I went to the theory Centre, which was November/2019. I would recommend this App because it did help me.

- You need this app to pass the theory test

This is the best app and this is what you need.

- Hazard perception practice is absolutely terrible

All of the countdown actions are too late in the videos, as soon as you see the hazard if you click you don’t get counted as the countdown starts half a second after you can see the hazard, I scored 0 In most tests and when you review the red flag is a few pixels futher forward than the box in all of the situations, absolute joke

- Very annoying Highway Code!

This app is so annoying nearly every time I open the app I have to click through every page until I get to where I left off, you cannot directly go to the page you want it is very irritating! I am yet to use rest of the app so this rating is based on the highway code section only

- Recommend this app to anyone revising for there theory!!!👌

I downloaded this app 6 weeks ago and today i passed my theory test with 48/50 and flew through my hazard perception! Everything i have learnt by doing an hour a day on this app was in my test today! Best £5 i've spent👍

- Why the voice app not working

Why the voice app not working

- Passed first time

Passed my theory test first time today, worth getting the app, it’s all I used to revise and it’s really easy to use!!

- Passed first time

This app alone is enough to pass tbh, took me about a month to revise, only because I done it on the bus Omw to and from work for about 30 minutes each way. I skipped the study & just done practice questions in each topic until I got 100% and done the hazard perception videos, then read the Highway Code (only the important bits lol) then done the mock twice the day before my test ! I’d suggest finding more hazard perception videos online though as there’re only 15 in the app The theory test questions are practically the same as the ones in the app and is very easy

- For what pay money?!

When you make update your app, make sure you update for everything, because in test centers, have different question! And video hazard same, nothing same.

- Passed first time!!!

Downloaded this app about a month before my theory test. I suggest doing the study section first then revise questions on that topic straight after. Keep doing mock tests even if you haven’t completed all the study topics yet. Practice makes perfect!! I had my theory test today and passed first time. I got 48 out of 50 on my theory and 69 out of 74 on my hazard and perception test. All thanks to this app!! Defo recommend.

- The official DVSA theory test

I got this app to pass my theory test . The app is really good you can practice 10 questions at a time to get to know all the answers . Then I did a Test which has 50 questions I did a lot of tests . I practiced for a few months as I wanted to make sure I knew them . I also practiced my hazard perception which you need in your test as you get 14 clips to click one of the clips has two hazards in it .and you can do a case study that gets you used to answering questions in a block same as the test does . Would really recommend this app . I passed my test first time today very pleased .

- Amazing app

Passed my test 1st time because of this app literally questions are the same on the real test also one of the hazard clips on the app is the same on the test this is defo a 5star app and worth every penny

- Good but the review section is extremely annoying. And flagging is useless.

First of all - the flagging function is pointless in a test because there’s no way to actually go to that question immediately. And the review section is really bad (after a mock test) because the scroll is glitched (doesn’t scroll continuously making it very annoying and slow). Also when you view a question and want to go back it puts you ALL the way back to the start. Incredibly annoying and slow.

- Great

Thanks so much for the use of this well put together app! I have passed today after a few months of studying this alongside the theory Steve Facebook account!!

- Excellent app!

I had failed my theory 2 weeks ago using a disk I spent £25 on now that I’ve used this app for the 2 weeks I have passed. Would recommend to anyone who is using another disk or app!

- Unacceptable

Updated to fix the bug with the hazard perception part of the full app (£4.99 paid for such) and it wiped all my study and practice progress in the theory part. Not only that but when reviewing the hazard perception clips, I cannot scroll back due to the close tab design on my iPhone. NOT fit for purpose. Hazard perception bug fix took way too long to come for such an expensive app and I’m very upset at the loss of my progress and I hadn’t yet covered everything.

- Great app. Highly recommend

This app is really well laid out, and helped me to pass my test with almost full marks in each section. The questions in the actually test are basically the same as the app practice questions so all i’d say is revise until you are consistently getting the majority correct and you can’t go wrong :)

- passed first time


- Passed first time

Litterlyy best app 20/50 questions comes up in the actual test i passed today first time and im dyslexic

- Good app but keeps freezing

Everytime i do a topic it freezes and i have to shut down the app to get to the next part of the topic!! Slightly irritating but apart from that the app is great

- I passed

I have been putting my theory test of for weeks because of my laziness, but I got this app and learned all the content within 4 days and passed with 46/50 on theory and 49/75 on hazard perception. I would recommend highly.

- Don’t like the voice

I gave it this rating because of the recent update it keeps freezing on the mock test but it still reads out the next question and then I can’t review my answers.

- Awful and unacceptable update

My theory test is next week, so I had gone through most of the practise questions. I went on the app today to test myself on the unanswered questions and ones I got wrong, to find that the update had completely reset my progress. This is SO ANNOYING as my theory is next week. Sort it out.

- Highly recommend

Bought the whole app, had it for just under a year practiced nearly everyday and passed first time! High marks aswell! Super proud and happy amazing app!


STOP! Do not download any other app this one is all you need. Has the exact same questions on the actually theory test, thanks for helping me pass! 22/02/20

- Passed first time with this app

Good help

- Got me 98% total on my Theory Test FIRST TIME!!

I made absolutely sure that I was passing my theory test first time. This app was brilliant at helping me identify my weak areas of knowledge and improve on all of them. I ended up getting 50/50 on the multiple choice section and 72/75 on hazard perception. The multiple choice help did my wonders and I especially felt that the mock tests I did were most effective at getting me my score. My only down side to this app would be the limited amount of Hazard Perception videos they offered as I finished them all in around 15 minutes, wishing for more practice. But my overall grade showed that this wasn’t needed as I was able to just keep practicing relentlessly for the test. For people taking their theory test, I won’t lie it is rather easy and many answers come down to common sense, but revision is a requirement for passing and this app, as long as you are also determined to do well, will help you massively in revising for your theory test.

- Deletes data

The app overall is good but it’s deleted all of my data twice now. Not happy

- Amazing App (Passed First Time)

Downloaded this app to help me pass my theory test which was at short notice, studied for a week solid. Passed first time !! I found a lot of the questions in the app are actually in the real test !! Absolutely fantastic. The videos for hazard perception were different in the real test but highly recommend practising on the app to get used to spotting hazards and clicking when needed for higher points. Don’t hesitate and get this app now !! You won’t be disappointed

- Absolute Scam.

Running up to my test I did 30 mock exams on this app, scoring 46 consistently. But when the test came around, around about 4 questions actually appeared on the test, leaving me pretty much blind. Absolutely useless app...

- amazing!

(UPDATE: I passed my test 50/50 and 73/75) I turned 17 on january16 and bought this app the day before my birthday. I haven’t had any practical lessons at all yet as I wanted to focus on my theory first. I have booked my test on February 14th (I haven’t done my test yet). However, although I haven’t took my test yet, the app is amazing it literally helped me so much and has made me feel so confident for my theory test that’s in 3 days. Every time I go on a bus or sit in the passenger seat in a car, I will always recognise and distinguish different road signs and that’s because of this fantastic app! I’ve been getting 50/50 consistently in the Mock tests and full marks on all 14 topic tests. What I did to revise is to take practise tests and screenshot all the wrong answers you made and then put it in an album on your phone. This makes it easier for you to see which exact questions you got wrong and if you go through the camera roll album,you will know the right answer to the questions x I will make another review when I have done my test! :) 5 Stars!

- Very useful

The mock test in this app was the only help I needed to pass my theory exam on the first try.

- Very useful


- Helped me pass my theory first time

Will recommend to anyone taking their theory and hazard perception. Fantastic examples which do appear similarly in the real thing. Just make sure you study at least an hour a night from the moment of booking your theory test to the test itself and use this app as it has mock tests, case studies and hazard perception real test examples. This was worth every penny and resulted in me passing my theory and hazard perception on the first attempt with flying colours.

- Good

I passed my theory, but one thing is most of the questions were different to this app. And the hazard perception was completely different. I was under the impression this was exactly the same as the exam. Anyway good app easy to use.

- Pass your test! The first time!

Worth the payment. You can practice, study and take mock tests. It tells you what you get wrong so you can go back and study it. With regards to the Hazard it’s good too. Passed my test after I did the work on the app continuously.

- Best app by far!!

Well what can I say this app is spot on, I have gone to do my theory test 2 times but not had much practice I downloaded the app and challenged myself a lot over the space of 3 weeks before my test day. I done one last practise test before I went in for my actual test and passed with flying colours, I would definitely recommend this app it helps so much and loads better than the book.

- Unrealistic

Hazard perception follows different rules to the real test. Was the reason I failed. Don’t use the apps


I downloaded the theory 4 in 1 and revised I failed my test and I was pis*ed off So I downloaded this app revised now got 50/50 no word of a lie so choose wisely what app you pick but this is the best ahahaha🙌🏾

- Brilliant App

I highly recommend this app to any learner drivers wanting to pass their test first time. Once you study all the topics you can practise them by answering multiple questions that cover all areas of that topic. After, it gives your accuracy in %. Even if you don’t have much time, there is a quick practise that asks you 10 multiple choice questions that cover over a few of the topics. Also, there is a mock test that is treated like the actual theory test. You have to answer 50 questions in a set amount of time. As soon as you complete the last question, it tells you if you’ve failed or passed. If you want, it gives a review of the questions and your performance by topic. This way, you can see what areas you can work on more. Included in the app is the complete official Highway Code and hazard perception practice. I passed my test first time so I would like to encourage others to buy this app as it truly works wonders.

- good but recently has been frustrating

this is a good app and has helped me a lot with gaining the knowledge i need to pass my theory test. However it has recently started freezing at the end of a mock test and losing all my progress, and i therefore don’t know how i did in that mock. This is very frustrating as once you’ve got to the end of a mock test you want to know how you did. If this gets fixed then i think the app will be perfect for people learning to pass their theory tests.


Great app ! Used the app just doing mock tests 3-4 times a day and passed with 49/50 which was amazing ! Thank you

- 1st time!

After learning from my brothers mistakes of not revising I decided to crack on and purchase this app for a steal (£4.99). Worth every penny! Would you rather continuously spend £25 for theory tests without purchasing the app or spend as little as £4.99 to boost your knowledge, as little as 30 minutes a day within a one month period I passed with flying colours! (Not trying to brag...)

- Was great until it did an update.

I found this app amazing until it did an update which caused me to loose all my saved progress on what I had done. This happened 11 days before my theory exam and I had no idea what I had covered and what I hadn’t covered due to the app completely wiping everything I had done. Is there any way I can retrieved my saved progress?

- New version

the app was great until the update, now everything is laggy and doesn’t transition smoothly. very frustrating. typography and buttons are too small

- Great app

Been using this since I booked my theory test and passed today first time. The app was very useful and has everything you need to prepare you for your test.

- Defo recommend

Passed 1st time, read through all of the study and just practiced the mock tests which most of the mock questions came up in the real thing! Very helpful, best app to use

- Highly recommend - passed first time

All of the questions on the actual test was on this app, was really good

- What’s going on?

This app updated and deleted all my progress??

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Official DVSA Theory Test Kit 5.0.1 Screenshots & Images

Official DVSA Theory Test Kit iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Official DVSA Theory Test Kit iphone images
Official DVSA Theory Test Kit iphone images
Official DVSA Theory Test Kit iphone images
Official DVSA Theory Test Kit iphone images
Official DVSA Theory Test Kit iphone images
Official DVSA Theory Test Kit iphone images
Official DVSA Theory Test Kit ipad images
Official DVSA Theory Test Kit ipad images
Official DVSA Theory Test Kit ipad images
Official DVSA Theory Test Kit ipad images
Official DVSA Theory Test Kit ipad images
Official DVSA Theory Test Kit ipad images
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Official DVSA Theory Test Kit (Version 5.0.1) Install & Download

The applications Official DVSA Theory Test Kit was published in the category Education on 2011-09-20 and was developed by TSO (The Stationery Office) [Developer ID: 463289102]. This application file size is 292.71 MB. Official DVSA Theory Test Kit - Education posted on 2020-01-21 current version is 5.0.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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