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You found it! Drum Beats+ is the metronome app that improves your timing using great sounding drum beats, not a boring click.

But that’s not all. It can also help you write songs, jam with friends, or even perform live. It's a learning, jamming and performing tool that keeps getting better, just like you.

"No more annoying metronome ticks or digital click tempos!"
— AnthonyVilla

"Awesome sounding and authentically grooving drum loops…but also a great practice tool for timing."
— Ets5017

"Sorry drummers...but I use this on live gigs."
— RBJ555

"A proper replacement for your deadbeat drummer."
— Rolling Stone Magazine

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Cheaper than a metronome, simpler than a drum machine.

• The simple design means you’ll spend more time playing, less time learning the app

• Comes with over 100 great sounding drum beats in rock, blues and other styles

• Play any beat at any tempo without changing the pitch

• Includes tempos ranging from 45 to 200 beats per minute in simple 5 bpm intervals

• Favorite the beats you like best so you can access them quicker

- - -

As you advance as a player, you’ll grow into the app’s advanced features.

• Improve your timing with Bar Break beats that rest for entire bars or more

• Refine your ear with beats that alternate between swing and straight feels, loud and soft volumes and beats per bar

• Connect to GarageBand and other music apps using Inter-app Audio

• Jam loud by using BlueTooth or AirPlay to play beats through your stereo or Apple TV

• Hit the randomizer button to challenge yourself with beats you might not choose

- - -

So many drummers, so little time. Drum Beats+ includes four style packs and four training packs—100+ beats in all—with tons more via add-ons.

• Break Beats. 16 bumping beats of classic funk and soul breaks

• Hit Songs I. 16 beats based on popular songs every musician should know

• Pop Rock I. 24 beats spanning funk, straight ahead rock, shuffles and more

• R&B Essentials I: 16 excellent modern and vintage-sound electronic beats

• Rhythm, Timing, & Dynamics Packs. 41 practice beats that alternate grooves, volumes, beats per bar and rests

• Every beat features different sounds—booming rock bass drums, snappy soul snares and more. All digitally mastered to make practicing a pleasure

- - -

No need to replace the app with a complicated drum machine, or even a drummer. Just add more beats with access to our growing VIP collection. Preview everything inside the app.

Premium Library:
Blues I, Blues II, Country I, Electronic, Funk Rock Hits, Heavy Metal I, Jazz I, Latin Jazz, Reggae Classics, Rock Beat City, Tambourines, Waltz I

New beats added weekly!


You will need a subscription in order to get access to the premium features of this app.

There are three subscription options:

1-monthly subscription for $US6.99 (or the equivalent in local currency), automatically renewed until cancelled.

12-monthly subscription for $US23.49 (or the equivalent in local currency), automatically renewed until cancelled.

Lifetime subscription for $US39.99 (or the equivalent in local currency). This is a one-time purchase that unlocks premium content permanently.

Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current payment period.

Your iTunes account will be automatically charged at the same price for renewal within the 24-hour period prior to the end of the current payment period unless you change your subscription preferences in your Account Settings.

You can manage your subscriptions through your Account Settings after purchase.

Privacy policy: http://www.ninebuzz.com/privacy/

Terms of Service: http://www.ninebuzz.com/terms/

Drum Beats+ Rhythm Machine App Description & Overview

The applications Drum Beats+ Rhythm Machine was published in the category Music on 2011-12-15 and was developed by Ninebuzz Software LLC. The file size is 474.57 MB. The current version is and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

• Fine Tempo (i.e. 1 BPM) for everyone!
• Volume slider / gain bug fixed.
• ’VIP’ is now ‘Pro’.
• Cosmetic improvements.

Got requests? Send to [email protected]

Richard & The Ninebuzz Team

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Drum Beats+ Rhythm Machine Reviews


Quality Rocks  Jjucucudhbzjsjwuzuus  1 star

excellent practice tool you can copy and slice it up and make excellent kits for personal use elsewhe would love to see more expansion packs. Would even purchase them without hesitation. Great job


Great app but needs to have Audiobus support  Bbdmpg  4 star

I don’t know what happened, but on my old ipad i have an older version and it works just fine with Audiobus, with the newest version, not at all ( hence the 4 star rating). I payed for the lifetime subscription because it really is a great app. With Audiobus, this app would be perfect!

spk music

Fills  spk music  4 star

Is there a way you could add a feature to be able to just press a button and get a fill and go to a secondary beat like in a chorus?


Good sounds, needs work  bonvivant  3 star

Thanks to the nine buzz team for allowing fine tempo adjustment. Now please add ‘adjust tempo while playing’ without resetting to beat 1. Very offputting Because can’t adjust tempo while playing without the song falling apart! Sort of needed... Thx.


Misleading product  xsoundgardenx  2 star

I wanted a metronome to practice with that was better than a standard click. But after buying this app, it quickly became clear that 60% of the drum tracks are locked behind a paywall subscription model or would cost a one time additional fee of substantially more than what the app is listed for on the store. I will look elsewhere.


👍  REU62  1 star

Charge you to download then give you a couple of samples and then they want mor money !


Good but  gigrfvhgvhy  3 star

The app is good but would be nice to manipulate and add fills


Richard  chelasalle  5 star

Bought it. Can’t install it on my Pc. When it downloads & works, I’ll write a review. On my phone, it’s great. Didn’t know new beats were available until a few weeks ago. I’m sure there’s a reason, but if the beats could be broken down a little more in tempo it’d be great. Still fine as it is 👍🏼


Great Starter App  Ggrrrr2013  3 star

Please don’t let my rating deter you from buying this app. This app has a ton of great beats to work with while learning. However, to gain access to the majority of what this app offers you have to drop much more money than I personally think is necessary. If I’m going to spend that much money then I will go ahead and buy a professional studio program. It’s just a few dollars more and although I might have to write my own beats it’s much more versatile. I do however highly recommend this for a great metronome and simple beats to learn and dig out new ideas. The developers of this app have done a great job but may have attached a little bit too high a price tag on its full capabilities


More Than Worth the Price  Wretchasketch  5 star

The train shuffle brushes are my favorite for practicing Bluegrass banjo. Although the money for the full version was well spent, a “Tap Tempo” feature would make this app beyond perfect. I would lay down more coins for that.


I paid for the full version but apparently there is still more to pay?  Roryjg  1 star

I was looking for some bossa and samba style rhythms, they are available; however I didn’t realise i would have to pay to save them as favorites and adjust the tempo. Great app other wise, but if i new this i wouldn’t have purchased. Money back please?


Updates  tinserra  4 star

Great App. Any update guys? 😊✌🏼

Mexican Music Man

Mexican Music Man’s Tool  Mexican Music Man  5 star

I use it all the time for my live gigs as a Children’s Performer and as The Lone Mariachi’s solo acts in pubs and private functions all over Australia. I would love to see this app evolve in a way I could control the app via Bluetooth with a device such as the Blueboard by Ik Multimedia? Or similar? Thanks, Alejandro

Marco Ricciardi

Excellent  Marco Ricciardi  5 star

I recommend it to all my students as it's much more fun playing to a drum track than playing to. Metronome.


Love it  RIFFMASTER88  5 star

Would be great to have some free updates But a great app .. great for rehearsals & practice at home 😁😁😁😁😁


Excellent for quick practice  Jaggeds  5 star

So simple to use a and really nice sounding beats for guitar practice.


Not enough in this app and overpriced  kk1962  1 star

Disappointing app This had the potential to be very good but doesn't offer the value of a free app let alone one for $6 This app could be good if they add more beats but right now this feels like an app in testing stages with hardly any beats. Waste of money at the moment but could be good once they populate the library.


Drums  Stewarto1979  5 star

Best drum app for practice awesome


Drum Beats +  Nortronics  4 star

Just love this app. It is simple to use, intuitive and great tones. I use the "Alesis" for gigging but would use this if my programmable DM is threw a wobbler. PAN

Bluesman 64

Very helpful  Bluesman 64  5 star

I was struggling with timing this app helped me out and have fun at the same time


Terrific practice/ rehearsal and writing tool  3StepsForward  5 star

Everything that the five-star reviews say. Our band sometimes has to practice without the drummer, and I've always been able to find the right beat to go with a song just from the free ones, even if it sometimes took up precious group time auditioning through a few. Now I have most of my go-to beats written down in my sheet music or at least Favorited in the app. For writing, it is fun and easy to dial up a beat that is infinitely more inspiring than a metronome and won't bog down your workflow.


Mikey  Mikeyblue911  5 star

Awesome 👍


Beats  Onehotzr1  5 star



App is useless to me  DerKoder  1 star

Bought it because I need 7/8. It doesn't have it and it is impossible to figure it out before purchase.

Eddie B. Jones

Player  Eddie B. Jones  5 star

Amazing app! Lotsa great features and tons of variations. Highly recommended!

Ace with

Greatest Practice App in app store  Ace with  5 star

Quality sounds, works great with bluetooth speakers. Love using with scale practice, chord progressions and as timing trainer. Also great for inspiration and getting the feel for rhythm. Don't normally suggest apps, but you got to get this one!!


Cheesy beats  GasFace74  2 star

How everyone rates it 5 stars is beyond me. This app reminds of me the tiny cheap keyboard my uncle would buy everyone for Christmas as a kid. The keyboard was cheaper to buy then this. I wish I could get my $10 back. What a waste.


Excellent, clear, easy to use  Klb53  5 star

The title is my review. It's a great app.

Fred from Nutley

Solid!  Fred from Nutley  5 star

Exactly what I was looking for. A nice selection of basic drum tracks to work with.


Perfect  NashHeel  5 star

Awesome app for improving timing


Love it  无心柳变桃  5 star


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