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What is jesus calling devotional app? Jesus Calling is your yearlong guide to living a more peaceful life. The Jesus Calling App is the mobile version of the time-tested classic packed with digital features that make this daily devotional more accessible than ever:

* Full devotional text and fully written-out Scriptures
* Search by keyword, date, topic, and verse
* Share devotional excerpts and inspirational quotes on social media
* Functions as a prayer journal app – keep notes for each devotion
* Shop for other Sarah Young devotions inside the app
* Easy access to the Jesus Calling community – free podcasts, blogs, and more

Experience a deeper relationship with Jesus as you savor the presence of the One who understands you perfectly and loves you forever. With Scripture and personal reflections, New York Times bestselling author Sarah Young brings Jesus' message of peace—for today and every day.

By spending time in the presence of the Savior with the much-loved devotions in Jesus Calling, you will:

* Feel comforted by a daily word of hope and encouragement
* Be reassured of Jesus' unending blessings and love for you
* Receive gentle guidance based on daily Scripture readings
* Connect with Jesus further with reflection and meditation based on God’s Word

Written as if Jesus Himself is speaking directly to you, Jesus Calling invites you to experience peace in the presence of the Savior who is always with you. These writings are personal reflections based on Jesus’ own words of hope, guidance, and peace within Scripture—penned by one who loves Him and revered His Word. The Bible is the only infallible, inerrant Word of God, and author Sarah Young endeavors to keep her writings consistent with that unchanging standard. She has written from the perspective of Jesus speaking, to help readers feel more personally connected with Him. So the first person singular (“I,” “Me,” “My,” “Mine”) always refers to Christ; “you” refers to you, the reader.

Sarah Young has included Scripture references after each daily reading and wove them into the devotions. Words from the Scriptures are indicated in italics. Themes of thankfulness, prayer, and trust recur often in the daily devotions as they are essential for a close relationship with the Lord.

The devotions in this app are meant to be read slowly, preferably in a quiet place. Remember that Jesus is Immanuel, God with us. May you enjoy His Presence and His Peace in ever-increasing measure.

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Jesus Calling Devotional Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Jesus Calling Devotional Version 7.1125 April 2022

Minor Updates..

Jesus Calling Devotional Version 7.0.915 October 2021

This release fixes a rare crash..

Jesus Calling Devotional Version 7.0.720 August 2021

This release fixes a bug related to scrolling the calendar..

Jesus Calling Devotional Comments & Reviews 2022

- Missing one thing

I love this app for the most part, but I felt the need to take off one star and see if you would fix my criticism for it. I see you have a link to share text if I should see something I like in the page of the day, but every time I try to share anything all it does is share a link to the books of Sarah Young. What’s that all about? I want to be able to highlight and share insights I read during the day, not the books themselves. People will see the book titles when I share something anyway, they’re getting plenty enough publicity, let me share from the text itself like it says, “Share text”. Fix that and I’ll give you five stars. God bless you.

- How to share what you read.

I found out how to share what I read daily to other people. The way I share what I read is by pressing on the center of the page that you were reading and holding your thumb there until you see a bar that will appear on the screen and then click on select all, it will highlight the entire page and then at the end of the bar you will see share click on the share button not the link and that is how I have been able to share this with many of people. As someone posted earlier when you click on the share link all that shows is the books from Sarah Young which are truly amazing every last one of them. I hope this was of some assistance to anybody that’s trying to share something that they read for that particular day. God bless you all God bless the world because Jesus is Lord!!!!

- The perfect way to start your day

I have started my mornings with this app for over 4 years. I absolutely love Sarah’s way of presenting God’s promises in such applicable, easy to understand ways. Almost every day it’s as if it were written just for me. For what I am experiencing or going though. I highly encourage anyone considering purchasing this app to please do so. I also LOVE and have the Jesus Calling for Kids app on my boys phones and we are able to discuss each days reading. It is the same as this version but written in a way that is easy for kids ( and teenagers) to understand. So, if you have children I definitely would get that one as well!

- Sharing

I know someone else has posted something similar. I love his app but sharing is a small problem. You can hold your finger down and select whole text but when it is shared on FB it doesn’t show that it is from “Jesus Calling”. I usually type it at the top to tell everyone where it is from. Then there is the share button that says share text and it just brings up books that are available instead of the actual text. If one or both of these were fixed I would give it 5 stars.

- Fabulous App; Annoying Constant Notifications

have used this app for years and recommended it to my friends. The notes feature is equally as important to me as the Scriptures and message content. I like to look at previous years to see how far He has brought me. I would give this app five stars, but notifications constantly pop up from the bottom of my screen when I use my phone. Every time I double click the home button. Should never have turned them on. Even though I turned notifications off in the app and in my phone settings, then restarted my phone, the problem still persists. I emailed Harper Collins too, but have not received a reply.

- A lifeline that is always with you...

I have the book that I enjoy quietly at home. The app is perfect to have with you at all times. If you are at work, waiting at a doctor’s or having a crazy good or bad day, I just open my JC app. It is amazing to me that I have been reading Jesus Calling since 2011 and every time, I come back to the same date, the message takes on a new meaning and understanding. The same thing happens throughout my day. Having this app helps me to stay connected talking with our Heavenly Father throughout the day. It is a blessing. Thank you!

- My Right Arm

I rely on Jesus Calling for my day & night reading everyday because somehow, when I open to the day’s page, it is reinforcement for the life challenges I’m feeling right now. This book was a gift from a family member that had received it from my son! It has provided me with the most cherished spiritual direction of any book I’ve ever received, besides my Bible! Since receiving that first Jesus Calling I’ve purchased & passed it on as a gift to countless other friends & family from coast to coast. Thank you!

- Landscape vs Portrait

I have always used this app in landscape position. However, after the latest update it will not change from the portrait setting. Please make this a choice again. Some of the new features are great such as opening to today's devotion. Retaining notes is more efficient. However, I have not been able to synchronize with the cloud and I always have a network connection. Thanks.

- Love this !

Reading this every morning . Definitely helps my day go smooth . Very inspirational. I have noticed that I have had more happiness, peace and tranquility in my life since I started reading this every morning. There are times when My life is busy and I forget to read It and I realize that there is more stress in my life. The when I go back to my daily reading it’s like a layer of stress lift off me and I feel the positive energy and light all around and my days are much better

- Works Perfectly

Having read all of the negative reviews, I was initially reluctant to purchase the app but ultimately went ahead and did so anyway. The app is working 100% as intended on my 6S Plus with iOS 10.3.3.; I am experiencing none of the problems stated by other users. I also tested the audio feature, and it too works flawlessly. I am happy I made the purchase, and can see myself using Jesus Calling and other purchasable devos from the same series for a long time to come.

- “

“SEEK MY FACE” In the midst of turmoil, quietly shut out the noise and all distractions. Close your eyes, let Jesus’s Face fill your mind. The first time I did this, an image from my childhood, filled my body heart and soul. Immediately, my body stopped rocking, my shoulders relaxed at my side. Warmth and peacefulness flooded through me, Filling my mind,Heart and Soul. Now in the midst of turmoil, I can quickly return to a state of Grace, with this simple prayer, “Seek My Face”. The online version, is absolutely phenomenal. Much easier to read and learn the Bible in a way that is meaningful to you. No matter where you are, it’s as close as your phone, tablet or desktop. In the early morning hours, I like to Click on the JIC Icon, Hit Play and simply lay in the dark, and listen quietly to the soothing voice reading the days passage.🙏

- Sharing Banned

I also have to agree with Gloliver7149’s review. This app is set up so you can’t share the devotional with someone else. It’s kind of confusing because they offer you a share button but like the above reviewer said it sends you to the app to purchase. So, I just snapshot it and sent it to my daughter that way, kind of an annoying extra step you have to do. Other than that I really love it.

- New Version

I love this app. I read it every morning and it helps me connect in an intimate way with Jesus. I hear him speaking directly into my heart and I feel His presence. I love that the scriptures are written out. This helps to meditate on God's word for me. I also liked reading Sarah's personal letter and the ability to change the font. I also like being able to go back to the day before to read what The Lord spoke to me.

- Love the app as much as I do the devotional

This is one of my all time favorite devotions. It’s amazing how relevant each devotion is to my everyday life. I too have attempted to share text as referenced in another review, but it only gives you a link to the book...if the app doesn’t want to allow the content to be shared, seems like they should remove this option instead. Other than that, I highly recommend this app,

- Still Love the Book but still buggy

Updated: Nov 21, 2017 - Love the content. Still worth buying, but buggy. Jumps to previous day. Can only view in portrait mode. Unable to view in landscape. Please fix. Previous Review: Like many, I have used this app for a long time and have enjoyed it so much I have gifted it to others. However, this latest update is a huge fail and takes away from the great content of the book. I am hopeful the developers of the app will quickly fix these issues. Is there a way uninstall the update?

- Busy bee

This is the perfect devotional for a busy special needs mama. It isn’t super in-depth which for me is great. It packs a punch without needing to read pages of text. It would be nice to see a more updated app. One that makes a sharing an option. Anytime you hit share it either does nothing or just sends a link to the app 🤷🏾‍♀️. Other than it being pretty basic and the lack of sharing as an option. It’s a great app

- Love the Content, but the app needs work

I have been reading Jesus is calling for 6 years now and have bought the book and apps for others over the years and has been a blessing to many. The content of the app is life changing, but the function needs work. On the last update it can’t be view in the landscape mode. It’s locked in one position. Please fix


I love this app and I try to incorporate it in my everyday life. I have purchased the Jesus calling audio extended through the app and every time it tries to download the app crashes and it never downloads so I can never hear the audio book that I purchased for $25. It is money down the drain if the audiobook feature never works. Please refund me or fix this issue! I have downloaded and restarted the app numerous time and even then the audiobook won’t finish downloading. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE.

- Audio please

I love that Jesus Calling can be on my phone if I don’t have the bookform on my possession. I’m a very busy person and sometimes i really want to read it but i’m too busy but alot of times not too busy too listen such a sitting in traffic. So instead of all that wasted time in traffic could you please spare from out traffic frustration by providing an update to this app so we hear the Jesus Calling Devotional while sitting in traffic? Thank you so much!

- Daily Reminder does not work properly

The book is 5 stars. This review is on the app itself! I have allowed all notifications, but still am unsuccessful in getting my daily notification when I want it. Despite every retry and adjustment attempt by a few minutes (AM or PM), my notification will only come at 7:00 PM. Please fix this bug!

- Love it, but seems to be broken on this phone

Great app, and have been using it for a far years now. I recently upgraded my phone. Now, no matter what time I set the reminder for, it comes at 7:00pm. Roughing the “email HarperCollins” button yields only a pop thanking me for my feedback. Going to try deleting and reinstalling the app. Wish me luck...

- Love This!

I have been doing this devotional with my 11 year old grandson, since he was in 3td grade. He reads it to us every morning on the way to school. He has grown so much through this awesome tool. We both have! I wish I could make it read to us sometimes, but it says I didn’t pay for that feature. I don’t see where I can do that. Please help.

- Love the reading

I truly love the messages it contains. I’m a bit sadden I purchased the audio and I can’t get to use it. I keep refreshing purchase with no success. Which is the reason for the 3 stars. I believe there’s constant issues with that which is the reason why you have a refresh button, but it still doesn’t fix the problem. If the audio purchase had no issues it would definitely be a 5 star.

- Love the content - one request...

First, I love this app even though it’s not the same as the original one, simply because of the content. There is one thing that would would be nice —being able to switch easily to the Jesus Always content that I downloaded. It takes 3 or 4 steps, then you have to do that again to get back to the Jesus Calling material. I would be so nice to be able to toggle back and forth. Thank you.

- I love “Jesus Calling!”

Absolutely inspiring devotional ! I read it everyday day ( mostly ) year after year and each time, I get different inspirations from the Word and her daily devotionals for the different situations I am in. Absolutely amazing to me ! I love the note taking feature ! I also send inspiration notes to my friends.

- Audio content

Please update the Audio purchase that can be done through the app’s Store link. This link charges you the fee to purchase Audio, but the audio will not work. I have contacted Apple and have been refunded, but I would still like to access the audio. Please correct this. Otherwise, this is a great app, which I use daily!

- Correct notes

I use this almost every day and pleased to have it. I like to copy a portion that means something special to me that day and paste it in notes. Then I like zoo go back and copy the. Erase that backs it up and paste T underneath. However, often the first item copied has disappeared. .?? What’s the point of copying and pasting if it won’t save permanently??

- Love it, but would like an audio version

I love my Jesus Calling app and use it almost everyday. It shows there is an audio version, but I cannot find it anywhere in the App Store. Can you please help me? I have a friend who can’t see well due to cataracts and I would like to gift one to her. Thanks

- Now I can take my book everywhere!

My favorite way to start my day! I’ve sent this as a gift to many family members! I used to have the book but having this on me at all times keeps me consistent—especially when I travel! Thank you for creating it!

- Scrolling sensitivity

This is such a great app. I enjoy reading each message daily. It’s a positive and encouraging way to start the day. I highly recommend getting this app, however the scrolling sensitivity is way too high and it switches days just by scrolling when reading. I this issue was fixed I would give the app 5 stars.

- Inspired words

Every morning the Holy Spirit can have a word for me provider kthrough this inspired believer’s writing. Some days I can only smile when God gives me a message of scripture that is so right on for where I am today. It isn’t a replacement for seeking God’s face in the Bible, but what a great encore! Believe and put your trust in Him!

- Changed my life

If you want to know the true and gentle voice of Jesus you must read this book or have this app. We often fear the mighty power of God so much that we fear getting close to His son. Before you decide how you feel about God... Learn how God feels about you. Beautiful Kind amazing Jesus.

- Enable Text Sharing to Work Properly

I really appreciate this app and the daily devotionals often help me through my days. If you could just get the “share text” feature to actually share the day’s text rather than just sharing the app, I would really appreciate it.

- Jesus Calls with Peace Presence Patience

My wife, sister and I have been blessed for 3 years with Jesus Calling Devotion, book and App. It’s one of the best faith-building, stress-lowering, glory to God devotions. Everyday reenforces the life changing discipline to be in Jesus’ presence, to wait on the Lord, to be at peace and rest especially when troubles and anxieties come each day.

- Best devotional app but the audio never works

My mother in law bought this app for me a few years ago, along with the book, and the audio has never worked on the app for some reason. I’ve tried refreshing the purchase button several times.

- The print changes are horrible!!

You did an update on the app recently and now when you scroll up to read it changes to a completely different date and page. It's almost impossible to get through one reading without losing your place 3 or 4 times. Very annoying. Please fix your app!!! I want to be able to scroll up when reading but do not want to go to a new month. FIX IT!

- Jesus Calling

I love this app, I recommended it to a friend. But it honestly appalls me that you have to pay $10 for it now. I got it when it was free. It should still be free. To charge people to have a deeper relationship with God is bothersome to me. Please make it free again. I really don’t think it’s right.

- Ready to boot, not reboot

Seriously, millions of people using this app and the developers can’t get it right?! Stuck in portrait mode, really?! Screen freezes, really? Super sensitivity, really?! Having to reboot the app on IOS on iPhone7 and iPad Air, seriously?! My subscription to almost every other app works 5 times better. Hire some techies who can actually make your updates not downgrades. You’re making God look bad. I am grateful for the content.

- Do yourself a favor and get this!

This is my absolute favorite devotional book!!! It’s daily reminders have helped me SO much. It has helped revolutionized my relationship with God which in turn has changed my life for the better. Thank you.

- God Inspiring

What a daily gift! Whether reading the daily message at home in the morning or sharing it with a patient in the office who is struggling with the challenges of cancer - it is the single most important App on my phone. Sarah Young has an amazing way of sharing God’s love and advice to us.

- Love Jesus Calling... One thing...

I love reading Jesus Calling every morning... Please fix the ability to scroll on the Notes page.... it gets to the point that I can't see what I'm typing because it doesn't scroll down... Thank you!

- It never gets old!

I’ve been reading Jesus Calling for 10 years now - being reminded everyday that Christ is for me, He loves me, and that He is trustworthy God who has a good plan for me never gets old. The convenience of this app means I can read it everyday, wherever I am!

- Thank you!!

The latest update is great, thank you! Functionality and readability are great! Appreciate the responsiveness and constantly working to improve the app and fix things. The content has always been amazing, so thank you!

- Want to read landscape

New version does not flip to landscape on your iPad if you want to read it that way. This is very annoying for those of us who prefer this axis. Not sure why you would restrict this to only a portrait axis read. Let readers decide which way they want to read JC.

- Last update messed up the scroll in Notes section

I love this app and especially the notes section where I write “Lettes” to our Lord. However I can no longer scroll down to see what I am typing since the last update. Please fix this, thanks

- Spiritual fulfillment

They seemed to have fixed all the bugs and issues everyone was complaining about. Easy to use and navigate. Many different text sizes available.

- Wonderful

The daily devotionals are so inspiring! I love this app and the way God speaks to me through it. It’s easy to reference wherever I am during the day/night. Thank you Sarah for writing these! I just bought the Christmas book and it’s beautiful.

- Badge Notification

I love this app but wish the badge notification would work. I turned on the enable notification but it still doesn’t work

- Brilliant App

I have the various books written by Sarah Young, however the app reminds me, to read the subtle ways of the gospel for that particular day. I have had this app since it first was developed. Love it and use it everyday. Thank you

- Calming

Every word I read from this wonderful book just brings me closer and closer to him. I encourage anyone who feels distant from him or is feeling down to give this a read. It’s changed my life and it certainly will with yours

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- Great App, lost all my notes though with update

Wonderful App. A really interesting way of interpreting the Bible with it being written in the first person. Really personalises the message to you and I. My only issue is with the new update I have lost all the notes I have made and favourites I have selected. I've put a fair bit of work into the notes so I can reflect on them later so pretty disappointed they're gone.

- I love Jesus Calling!

I love reading this devotional each morning and allowing God’s Spirit to speak to me through the encouraging and often timely words. I love how each day it’s a reminder to believe in and receive God’s love and to know His desire for me to stay close to Him as I go through my day. I love the opportunity I have to give to God each day, by loving & trusting Him through whatever life brings and this book is a beautiful enabler in that.

- Can not start my day without Jesus Calling

This is the way I start each day and without fail speaks to me. The word of God gets me set up for the day. Love this app x

- Every day is special!!

I’m sure that every single day is written just to me.... a great start to my day❣️

- A great app on its way to recovery!

Thanks Thomas Nelson for listening to complaints about the previous update and starting the process of recovering the usability of this app. The improvements made in this update today are a good start in the process. I look forward to the other updates promised for February and following. These features will be so helpful to allow the content to once again be a usable and useful tool in ministry. To any potential purchasers, this is a great app and definitely worth the investment especially once the next few updates are in place.

- New update

I love this app! But I'm having trouble reading the font in the new update! I am dyslexic and the very fine font is hard to read. When I magnify it, it makes the print move off my screen. So moving the screen from side to side to see to see all the words makes it very hard for a dyslexic person to read! Sorry for complaining but it something to consider with future updates 😀 You promised a 2.1 update in February that would make the font adjustable, but we are in March and heading towards April. Please when is it coming???

- It's ruined!

I am so very disappointed with the new update. I can't read the small font and so it is no longer a relaxing and peace filled experience as it was before! The update is now just hard work. No copy and paste function to enable sharing or adding to my own notes and the date is now always a day ahead...(I'm in Australia) this is a downgrade not an upgrade at all in my opinion....a waste of money and useless to me now particularly with the font change. Please upgrade the quality back to what it was? God was finally talking to me, please put it back? It is ruined the way it is now.

- Marvellous!

The content of this devotional is fantastic. The way the app automatically scrolls to today's reading is really nice, but the inability to copy selected text is a disadvantage, as is the apps inability to run under iOS 3.x (for those of us who also have older iOS devices that can't run iOS 4).

- I'm glad I'm not the only one.

I love this book. It always helps me connect with Jesus' peace and build a beautiful relationship with him. However I do not like the new update. The font is very small and if you zoom in or out it stay to the left of the page. The white it also not as relaxing as the previous brown. It's nice to read off a colour other than white. I hope changes are made - in finding it difficult to read regularly with the new update.

- Blakeybabe

I am so happy with this app. At anytime I am able to read the days message over and over. I download the the lite version and I just had to get the full version. Thanks for this app.

- Fantastic!! Worth every dollar!

I absolutely love this app, I have the book as well but love that I can pull out my phone any time of the day and read that days devotion. God has really used Jesus Calling to speak to me & encourage me.

- Wonderful book

I have the hard copy of this book. This iPad version is so much more convenient and also has the Bible verses shown each day. I loved the book. I love the app even more.

- Love this app

However I did prefer the scriptures being in bold & italicised. Made reading it easier for me & I found I was more able to understand/comprehend the daily devotional. Also I'm in the Southern Hemisphere, in South Australia, & it is now a day a head for me. Otherwise I love this app. It is my only devotional I have & read. 👍🏼

- I liked the old version .

I love this app . Since it has changed I find it hard . The old way you felt closer To God . The Readings are Beautiful I love it but it has a different feeling . It was in bold Text

- Font size

I am having trouble with the size of the print and can't find a settings button to enlarge the font. I now have to use a magnifying glass to do the daily reading which is very awkward. I loved the old app. Please bring it back.

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- Love this app

Inspiring and meaningful devotions. Always a source of grounding and reflection for me at any time of the day.

- Great app but glitchy

It won’t let me scroll down the page after I clicked on the devo for the day so I can only read the beginning 🙁

- Beautiful encounter with Jesus

I'm a witness that Jesus himself speaks through this book. Heres my testimony, I began reading this devotional book there was a prayer in one of the devos that i prayed and seriously after i prayed that prayer i began seing things in the physical world differently, trees were more vibrant, nature was alive... everything was beautiful. i felt the most amazing peace and love of Jesus i litteraly felt Jesus was with me in my room and He was speaking to me dirrectly through each of the words of this book, some people have said this is not a good devo that it has false doctrine or whatever but i tell u before the living God the experience I had reading this.. was out of this world AMAZING and supernatual. I witnessed Gods amazing love for me. i prayed and prayed for hours and hours and began speaking in tongues, i was really deep in the spiritual realm praying for peoples deliverance seing visions in my mind of chains breaking as i would pray for peoples chains to break. Call me crazy but this is the best devotional in my opinion. I thank God for it because its a reason why I am a follower of Jesus Christ today. PRAISE GOD !!!!

- Highlighting

Thanks for the app! My daughter took my Jesus Calling book, so now I have downloaded the app so I can carry it with me where ever I go. One thing I miss is being able to highlight and underline the text. Could you add these functionalities to the app, along with the copy and paste?

- Best recovery update ever

They really listened to the users after that last update. It wasn't great but this is fantastic. Nice job.

- Excellent content - but stingy app

Great content...the daily reminders and communications are very good! However I am very disappointed with the lack of being able to share. The app sellers seems much to concerned about app revenue and not allowing users to share a "good reading". Simple business will prove it will be more successful if you allow people to share a daily reading with someone without them having to first buy the app. Max 300 characters? seriously...saying it is a copyright concern is an honest cop-out. I'm sure we can be more generous?? Please find a way to make this work. Right now I am embarrassed to forward a reading to someone...and I don't plan on "gifting" it to everyone I think of when I feel I need to share the excerpt. Fix this and it's 5 star 100%!! I really appreciate the encouragement I gain by reading this every day and I am sure many more people will too!

- Update Ruined It

Loved this app until the update. Now the date is wrong and the font is so small I can barely read it. If I enlarge it on my iPad screen it won't let you move across the page so it is impossible to read because you can only see part of it. Loved the set up and ease of use prior to this update, but won't likely use it now until this is fixed. It's a shame. It was one of my "go to" apps. **Update** - Although they have corrected many of the issues resulting from the last update, the app is far from being as good as it was. For instance you can no longer share the daily devotional or copy and paste. I often find things in the devotional that would encourage others and like to email or text it to them, or post it on my FB page. That is no longer an option. I'm guessing it has to do with copywrite but it is just one more thing that ruined this app for me. **Update Again** - Thanks for listening to your customers. The latest update brought back an easy to read text size and format and best of all you can once again copy, paste and share!

- Great update

Back to being awesome!

- Well done

A huge improvement - thank you. I look forward to more of your updates now. God bless you all

- Great App and Book

I really enjoy using this app on a daily basis. This devotion gives me a lot of life and hope throughout my day. Please keep this movement alive. There are few things in yeah I would love to see updated: - Add sharing option for devotions - Remove horizontal movement when scrolling down a devotion - Add highlighting option for text in devotions - Provide option to Sync daily reminder with Reminder app Thank you!

- Jesus Calling

This book has literally changed my outlook on life...

- Better, but still not like the previous version

Thanks for listening to the reviewers and fixing a very bad update-- it really was a backwards move. Font is better, but missing the calming design from before. Thanks for fixing the date, however the reminder still won't clear.... I don't want to uninstall and reinstall as I lose all my notes... I've done what you suggested.... Can you please fix sooner than later? Overall better, but still not back to where you started when you messed with a perfectly good app.

- Bad move...

The last update has ruined this app for me. The print is SO small and enlarging is useless. It is also off by a day in highlighting current reading for the day. I want my old app back.

- Jesus Calling

Terrible update! Very disappointed, I thought an update would improve things although this app needed no update. I have used it for years. I want the old version back. Date is wrong, continual notification, font too small, background is blah compared to previous setting. Very frustrating, used to be a very peaceful , rewarding start to my day. Please put it back!

- Terrible update please fix!!

I was a daily reader until this terrible update. Now the date is always wrong, it shows tomorrow instead of today, and the font is way too small and you can't make it any bigger! Please revert back to the previous version or address these issues ASAP!

- Not good

Old version was better - used it daily! Now can't read: font too small, can't adjust and zooming larger on iPad won't auto adjust to space or allow to shift side to side to view text. Date incorrect also. Can't use this way ... Please return to old version!

- Gifting not available!!!!

I toggled your gift box at bottom of home page. Doesn't go directly to gifting as it did before but sends you to an APP store page which is a waste of time. Then I cancelled that attempt and went directly to my APP Store APP on my own iPhone and several pages later could not find any way to gift because my IPhone already has this Jesus Calling App and so it shows as "Open" only. No where can I find "gift it". I have tried 3 different times and I now will give up trying to give 3-5 copies away and provide you 3-5 sales. This version is the WORST EVER. VERY DISAPPOINTED!! Why you ever chose these folks to re do your APP was clearly a mistake based on the almost unanimous poor reviews.

- Updates should be improvements

Very disappointed to find it had been updated with a poorer display. I liked opening up to the daily message which was presented so nicely. Now it is just a text document in small print and I have to find the correct date to even open the message. If it would have looked like this when I first saw it, I would have chosen not to buy it. I'm glad to see that there are more updates coming, I hope presentation tops the list!

- New Year Update is Terrible

I loved Jesus Calling, the beautiful background and fonts was a perfect ambiance to growing closer to God through this awesome devotional with great scripture. The new war update however is so boring!!! There is NO BACKGROUND, with PLAIN FONT, I really hope they fix this! It's just not the same, not at all!!!

- Bad update

The reminder function no longer launches the app. Also it defaults to the wrong date!

- Unusable

I love the old app but this version is so small that I can't see it and when I enlarge the font the lines run off the screen. I feel so sad because I loved the old version but this is not something that I want to even try to read and in it's current state, it is unusable. Can I please have the old "unupdated" version back?

- Jesus Calling

Great app except there is no way to retrieve your money if the email for the person you are gifting ( or they do not have a phone that accepts the app or if an error was made).This happened to me and I paid for a gift no one received.This is a rip off I feel and there should be some way to be compensated.

- Mixed up dates

The recent update got the dates mixed up. Today is January 10 and your devotional date shows January 11. Please fix it.

- Bad Update!

It was a fantastic app until the update:( Now the date is wrong, shows I always have a notification, scrolling is awkward, and the words are way too small. Very disappointed:(

- Gift this app doesn't work!!

The best devotional ever! But very much disappointed. I finally was able to figure out the "gift the app" and send it to my friend. I got charged but my friend didn't received it. How can I get the refund now????

- Very well done

I enjoy this author's writing. I especially love that I can open this devotional anywhere. Thanks for creating this app.

- Beautiful way to start your day

This app is awesome! No issues whatsoever. The devotionals are powerful and inspiring. Highly recommend!

- Great app/content

Love this book - app makes it even better!

- Great app

A great app for the iPad. Same content as the book. It writes out the Scriptures for you which is even better than buying the book. Loads up with no problems. A great devotional and a great way to keep your devotions near you through the day. Highly recommended.

- Doesn't work

Quits immediately on start up

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@sonnyjoynelson I love my Jesus Calling devotional.

James Browning

@JayKranda No exaggeration, there are several streaming services that the Jesus Calling devotional series could buy if they wanted.

Jesus Calling Devotional 7.11 Screenshots & Images

Jesus Calling Devotional iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Jesus Calling Devotional iphone images
Jesus Calling Devotional iphone images
Jesus Calling Devotional iphone images
Jesus Calling Devotional iphone images
Jesus Calling Devotional iphone images
Jesus Calling Devotional iphone images
Jesus Calling Devotional iphone images
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Jesus Calling Devotional (Version 7.11) Install & Download

The applications Jesus Calling Devotional was published in the category Book on 2011-07-11 and was developed by HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc. [Developer ID: 444535393]. This application file size is 47.54 MB. Jesus Calling Devotional - Book app posted on 2022-04-25 current version is 7.11 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.thomasnelson.jesuscalling