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What is bound - audiobook player app? Listen to your favorite DRM-free audiobooks with Bound.

Bound allows you to import audio files from various cloud services and play them back in a beautiful modern interface. Bound will automatically save your listening position so that you never lose your place.

Supported Audio File Types (DRM-free only): .mp3, .m4a, .m4b, .aac


- Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive.
- Apple Files.
- Web Uploader for importing from your computer via WiFi.


- Move audio files between books.
- Change cover art.
- Sort based on author, title, recently added, and recently played.
- Rename title and author.
- Choose between a number of fun themes.
- Dark mode support.


- Automatically saves playback location as you progress through the book.
- Independently configure seek forward and seek backward times.
- Chapter support for audio files with embedded chapters (.m4a / .m4b / OverDrive .mp3).
- Change playback speed from 0.5X to 3.0X.
- Smart Rewind when returning to your book after a while.
- Sleep Timer with configurable time or at the end of a chapter.
- Manually bookmark locations that you want to return to.
- CarPlay support.

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Bound - Audiobook Player Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bound - Audiobook Player Version 2021.102 June 2021

This version of Bound brings the following: ! Fixed bug where browsing Dropbox may not have shown all files in a folder. ! Updated Dropbox SDK. ! Removed Firebase Crashlytics crash reporting. If you like Bound, please write a review in the App Store!.

Bound - Audiobook Player Version 2020.328 July 2020

This version of Bound brings the following: ! Fixed bug when authenticating OneDrive via Microsoft Authenticator. Version 2020.2 of Bound brought the following: + Improved cloud downloader. + Choose from a selection of icons. ! Fixed bug where app would crash when new theme was set. ! Fixed sleep timer visual bug. ! Fixed theming bug on playback modifiers screen. If you like Bound, please write a review in the App Store!.

Bound - Audiobook Player Comments & Reviews 2022

- The best audiobook app on iPhone

I’ve been using this app for about three years now. Prior to this app I tried everything under the sun, from syncing books over via iTunes to a variety of other apps. This is the only app that lets me use the standard iOS document interface to load files, while offering a great audiobook listening experience. I also appreciate the tasteful design and nice features for managing things like cover images. If you have a reason to listen to any audio files in an audiobook style interface this is the app to use. (Don’t forget that your public library probably has tons of great audiobooks on CD! It’s easy to rip them and add them to this app!)

- Almost Perfect

iBooks has become a disaster, and I got this since it supports CarPlay. It works, but some notes: * Cover Art appears in the app but not on the car’s CarPlay screen, instead it shows a default icon for the “currently playing” book. It seems much MUCH more stable than iBooks, but why use CarPlay if you’re not going to use the screen and show the cover art? * Downloading from a network drive is wonderful, but after I download a book it drops me back out to the main directory listing, at the top. This makes me have to scroll all the way down to find where I was at again. * When downloading from a network drive I wish I didn’t have to select all the files and could just select a directory. Whether it’s “yes, download Prisoner of Azkahban” or it’s “yes, download the entire “Harry Potter series, even if that means multiple subdirectories below this one”, being able to choose a directory instead of a file (or set of files) would make life much much easier

- Killer Feature: Cloud Storage Integration

This app ticks all of the standard boxes for an audiobook app, bookmarking, variable playback speed, sleep timer, but the cloud storage integration is it's killer feature. I can offload my huge library of audiobooks from my phone to Google Drive and still keep access to my entire library at any time. Also, playback speed is more granular than what's standard in Apple's app or other audiobook apps (I prefer 1.3x speed better than 1.25 or 1.5x). What's keeping it from being 5 stars? It really needs search & filtering capabilities in both the local audiobook library, but especially in the cloud storage. Trying to find the 3 files that make up a single book by scrolling through my entire library is less than ideal. I'd be happy to help write user stories, or join in UAT or external beta testing for these features.

- Thank goodness there is a good app for Apple devices

I own various audiobooks that did not come from Audible or another book service, and it has not been easy finding a good app for them. Everything I have tried has had a variety of bugs and problems. I found this app by mistake, and I am glad that I did. Although its user interface is simple, (which I happen to like), I am not noticing any of the bugs that the others had. My one suggestion would be to implement an option that allows the books to be grouped by folders as well as tags, but even though I have had the app for just a day, I am very pleased.

- The Best

I’ve tried most of the alternatives to apple books which I still don’t like and Bound is by far the best. I never lose my place, it doesn’t do weird things like apple books and it’s incredibly easy to load onto with many different options for loading. Loading via browser is just brilliant and works flawlessly. The support is non existent and I wish the developer would make it apple watch compatible but it is controllable via my watch unless apple messes that up again which they did with the previous update but its working again with the latest. Definitely superb!

- I never review apps. This one is amazing.

I've been wanting to write an app that would store audiobooks locally on my phone, then keep track of where I am in each one of those books. This app has done that in the most elegant way. You can start an http server on your phone at a location where you're on the same network as a desktop machine and upload files from that machine to the phone. It's painless and wonderful. My only complaint would be the file editing features within the app. For instance, I have one book that has a random chapter that wasn't marked correctly, so it's floating out on its own. Otherwise a perfect app! Thank you!

- Playlists please

I do love this app and use it all the time for my audiobooks. It is an excellent app and I very much recommend it. The only thing that I would like to see is some sort of playlist or category management. I often am listening to several types of audiobooks -listening to what my kids are reading, listening to a fiction book on my own, listening to a non-fiction book. If I could create playlist or manage the organization in someway that it would be easy for me to I have a subset of books to look at when I need a new nonfiction or fiction or young adult book.

- Finally! Can import audio files

I purchased some mp3 audio files to help study for my medical boards. They would load into iTunes but only as music. This is not ideal - can’t skip forward/backward easily, also total mood-killer on music shuffle. Trying to use iBooks or podcast app was challenging- changing genre (to podcast or to audiobook) was time consuming and the files were not easy to work with. This app worked seamlessly! I imported files into iCloud Drive, separate from iTunes. Each folder there could be added to this app as a chapter. All of the files came over. Quick and painless. I am very grateful for this app.

- Best Audiobook App On Any Platfrorm

Bound is undeniably the best audiobook app on any platform (and there’s really no viable competition) for listening to your personal audiobook collection. Sure, Audible is great but it’s strictly for paid audiobooks from Audible. Bound reads nearly every audio format in a full featured, beautifullly rendered app that accesses your unlimited personal collection of audiobooks from any of the major cloud storage providers: Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc. Book covers are included, adjust speeds, dark mode. The developers just keep making it better. Love you guys, love this app from its early days! Thanks.

- Looks great, doesn’t work quite as well as it used to

I am on an audiobook award jury, so I listen to a lot of audiobooks. Bound has been my go-to app for most of this year. It works well with iCloud (where I keep the files that I’m sent for review) and it’s easy to use. The latest update looks great, and importing works a little better (fewer skipped files than before), but I’m unable to delete audiobooks from my library. I click the trash can icon and...nothing. It’s frustrating! I have a couple of audiobooks with missing files that I can’t delete and reimport because of this issue. I hope this bug will be fixed soon...I hate having to switch over to another app to listen to these problem titles!

- The best audiobook player app

It plays beautifully, handles album art beautifully, and it’s cloud integration between all platforms is perfect. Stuff i have to dispute from other reviews: I’ve never had any cloud download issues, always been able to download the full books no problem (if something happens based on your connection you can back out and go back and download what didn’t get downloaded). 2. Never had any gap in playback, that’s either your files or settings. To developer: Please add DARK MODE. Also add options to change UI color.

- Fantastic app!!!! No brained to buy!

I gotta day I was hesitant to buy this app. Are used to bind all of my audiobooks through a different app and then bring them into iBooks. It was very time-consuming and difficult at times. The apps never really worked quite right. Then I found this app! It’s super easy to sync with dropbox. All you do is download from dropbox and the app does the rest. Even if it doesn’t find a picture for the book you can put a picture in manually, extremely easily. I can’t recommend this book any higher!

- This is the one!

Bound is now my go-to app for audiobooks. It has a simple but lovely and intuitive interface, and the ability to easily add books from the cloud (and later change title, add artwork, etc) is a killer feature. Other apps make this pretty clunky and difficult to do, if at all. The price is more than fair. Feature requests: add the excellent pCloud to online drive providers, and consider a landscape view like the iBooks app. Otherwise, this is a perfect, straightforward app that does exactly what I need it to do.

- No Shared Drive option

This is exactly what I’m looking for! but I am bummed that it doesn’t support “Shared Drive” originally “Team Drive” from google. I give it 4 stars because it’s exactly what I want but lacking a certain feature. Will gladly pay again for that option but I will probably not use this till then. If it seems like it’s not a big deal it’s probably not but I have over a TB of audiobooks and it would be a pain to go into google drive to make a copy from the shared drive to my regular drive then open the app and download it. I go through about 1-2 books a week depending on the length.

- Loses library data on restart

I purchased Bound 2 years ago and I recall it working pretty well. I recently tried using it again and haven’t had a good experience. I’m able to import audiobooks successfully via iCloud, local file import, and via the web uploader but each time I close and reopen the app, my books and location are lost and I have to reimport them. I emailed the developer 4 weeks ago about the issue and haven’t heard anything back. It’s a shame. The UI and support for importing from a bunch of different sources are both great. But constantly losing track of my library and location makes the app pretty unusable.

- Love it!

This app is perfect for my needs! Great-looking interface, has rewind/fast-forward buttons and bookmark capabilities. Here’s a pro-tip: if you import a multi-file book and it shows up in the app as two books, check the metadata (i.e., album, author, year, etc.). Make sure each track on your computer matches the others (except for title and track number; those should be unique). Then, re-upload files to your cloud service, wait for them to sync, and re-import them into the app :)

- Perfect App

I have tried a couple of "so called" audiobook players on iPhone over last two years. This player is hands down, the best. Very elegant and simple user interface. Every feature is working as expected for me. Suggestion - it would be very useful if this app can stream audio files from Dropbox instead of downloading them all. This way, I can select as many folders from Dropbox without running out of memory space on my phone.

- Great to use but not great to add content.

I love using the app. It has all the features I want. It is a pain to get the audiobooks on. I have had errors using the web browser transfer. Several files were skipped and I was unable to add them. When using onedrive bound app says there are no audio files when there are. You are unable to transfer books through iTunes. They only successful way I have been able to transfer books is using Dropbox. It’s unfortunate because the app itself is awesome, but it’s really sucky uploading books.

- Great but wishing for some features

Bound has been my go-to app for quite a while now. It’s simple, I can add files easily, and the option to edit book data or cover art in-app is super nice. I’m finding myself wanting a way to add shelves or collections as time goes on though. I’ve added emojis to titles to quickly find books I want to group together but this isn’t ideal. Also I’d love to have Bound on my iPad too and be able to sync playback but I don’t think that’ll be happening.

- An otherwise great app with one glaring flaw

I was excited when I found this app. I used it for quite a while before I ultimately decided to abandon it and stick with the stock iBooks app. It has a great design, and its super simple to import audio from a number of cloud storage providers. I had to give up on it because of one glaring flaw. I would be listening to an audiobook on my morning commute. When I arrive I would pause the track, then bookmark where I was. When I left work 8 hours and went to resume the audiobook from my bookmark, it wouldn't be anywhere near where I had left off. It would be as much as 10 minutes ahead or behind where I had bookmarked. This is less of a problem in a book with shorter tracks, but a lot of mine have 10-20 minute tracks Until this is fixed, I would recommend against using it. Pros: -Easy to import audio -Easy to edit media -Simple, clean design Cons: -Audio drift

- Very solid app

I’ve been using Bound for a few years now and it feels like a close trusty friend. It fills the niche perfectly that I need it to. My only issue is that recently it does not accept books that I download that are larger in size. It’s rejected three books with no warning message or any sign of where they went. It says that it downloaded successfully and just does not appear in my library. Aside from this quite frustrating bug, I think this app is great.

- Losing downloaded content on device restart

Updated both my app and apple device recently. Twice since then when I restart my phone all of my downloaded books were gone from the app library. The first time, I restarted the phone again and I could see the book titles but there was no content. The second time nothing at all. Very frustrating.

- Best audiobook app I've used. Almost perfect, except...

I love that it plays so many audiobook formats and integrates with my cloud storage apps. I was getting tired of converting and uploading to my phone, but if I still want to do that, there's even a built-in upload server! The interface is clean and functional allowing me to quickly get to an audiobook, but I can also drill down to see details about them. But where's the CarPlay integration?

- Just STOPS for no reason

I’ll be listening to my audiobook and all is fine until it STOPS. I then have to close the app and reopen the app, select the book AGAIN and it starts playing again. If I am gardening or working on something this is awesomely irritating. I’ve emailed the developer 4 times and no response. I think this has something to do with the ‘sleep’ settings but nothing I do works. I don’t use sleep settings but I’ve tried every permutation still and nothing works. It’s a fabulous app and I’d love it if it just worked!!! Hey DEVELOPER!! Fix this. Oh btw, my son uses this on his iPhone and has the same problem.

- Great!

I used to use another amazing audiobook app that stopped being updated and no longer works. This app just as amazing! My needs are very simple, and this has them covered: - Simple audiobook playback app (no audiobook store included, I like using my own MP3 files) - Simple/easy file transfer - Fine tuned audio controls (I love 1.1x playback speed, most apps only allow 1.25, 1.5, and 2x) I especially love the web interface for file transfer, but it isn't advertised (I don't believe.) It works GREAT! I didn't know it was included until after I bought the app. Oh, and it's def a plus that the app just looks great. And I love the credits to all the open source libraries and icons used. 🤓 This app has all this covered. Great job, Tim! 👍👍👍

- The best, but needs improvement

This app is carefully designed to satisfy Audiobook listeners’ needs. Few suggestions/comments: 1) at higher speeds (>1.1), the reader’s becomes somehow computerized and unnatural. I have compared thus with iBook app, and I confirmed that the sound quality drops significantly in Bound, and not in other apps. 2) for some audiobooks there is an annoying short noise played between the tracks, as the player transitions. 3) I wish I could add notes to my bookmarks and clippings.

- Just what I was looking for!!

This app is perfect for the functionality I was looking for. I find it tedious and annoying to have to sync audiobooks to my iPhone using iTunes. I was looking for a quick way to upload audiobooks to my phone directly from my mac or cloud location. This app does both seamlessly. New to using and not a lot of mikes on this app yet, but so far, loving it!! Thanks!

- Usually love the app, but no longer saving location when removing Airpods

This but used to be rare but it’s happening a lot more frequently now. When I remove my Airpods, the iPhone automatically pauses what you’re listening to. Cool feature. Most apps just pick up where it paused when you put them back in. Not Bound, not reliably at least. Most of the time, I jumped back to where you originally started in that listening session. For me, that can be HOURS. Very frustrating and time-wasting having to scrub through and find my location.

- Amazing app but there’s a chance for improvement

This app has everything I need! The best thing is its ability to merge separate mp3 or m4b files manually into a big one. It deserves the five stars! To developer: I have a lot of audiobooks and I wish if there was a better way to organize them like with folders. Also, It would be amazing if I can add notes to my bookmarks.

- Does exactly what I want.

I wanted something that would play my drm free audiobooks, without me having to connect and try to get my phone to sync to the computer. I have cloud storage and this downloads my books from there. Sleep timer works. Speed setting works. Downloads work. Well worth a small fee.

- Easy-upload is the highlight of this app

The perfect player. Does all the standard stuff players do but also cleverly gets around the annoying itunes file upload requirement with a local web server. Turn it on, drag and drop from your web browser. On wifi. Awesome.

- Perfect interface for a simple function

I want to be able to listen to audio books stored via cloud service, and have been searching for an app that can do that without bloat or without pushing a subscription. I've found it. This app does exactly what I want it to do and no more - it's like finding the exact tool in my toolbox for the job. Buy it people!

- Easier then iTunes

Great app it's so much simpler for me to use since almost everything i have is "in the cloud" I'm hardly am at my computer any way. My only thought to improve it for would be to have folders since I tend to get whole series and is somewhat of a pain to have to scroll so much

- Does exactly what I need

I download mp3s of articles from Wired and New Yorker (and others) a lot and always lose my place when I pause / re open, making me skip around to find where I was at. This does exactly what I wanted - I can open mp3’s downloaded to phone or google drive (if I downloaded it on my computer), and it remembers last place I was at.

- Needs "clips" section

This is an awesome app, BUT it needs the ability to set an end to the "bookmarked" section. This is like "slicing" a start point and end point for each bookmark rather than just a starting point. Audible has this feature and it is killer. Please copy from Audible 🙂

- Use it every day

The are some tools that simply make your life better because they do everything you need in exactly the way you need it. Bound is like that. Connection to cloud services is incredibly valuable. Speed adjustment in fine increments. Even easy importing of cover art within the app. And they continue to update it as needed. Thank you!!!!!

- Bound

When it works, great! However, the web uploader option frequently fails. Often, thee designated web site will not load. I closed and reopened the app as well as the browser many times without success. I contacted the developer but received no help. I would love to see the malfunction resolved!!!

- Better than desired

Easy to use, solid performance, and useful features. Not only does this app let you download audiobooks from the most popular cloud services it also allows you to transfer from your computer via Wi-Fi. Such a useful feature.

- I Love This App

Adding more to this because I cannot explain how freaking well this app works. It does everything I need and does it with no fuss. I review audiobooks for my blog and I get a lot of books sent to me. This is by far the easiest app to use to add the books. I love the web upload and use it weekly.

- Great app

This app fits a niche that I’ve been looking years to find. I have tons of audiobooks on my desktop but no easy way to transfer them to my phone. I also have a 1TB onedrive account. This app bridges the gap between my computer and my app in a seamless way. Wish I had this app years ago, what a time saver!

- Life saving

Ok maybe not life saving but much easier than the awful system I had before of playing files in google drive and taking screenshots of my progress because that app rarely saved my place. Truly a clever solution for a previously cumbersome process.

- Great App! Could move to indispensable with a few tweaks

I love this app and use it every day. I have a large audiobook collection and this works seamlessly with my cloud storage. There are a few features that could take this app to the next level. I love how over cast allows you to swipe the cover art to the side one way to reveal the about section of the podcast and the other direction for the audio settings. It would be amazing to have dust jacket info and audio settings easily accessible like this. Also a landscape mode would make this app much more usable in the car. The other opportunity is to be able to sort the titles based on author and genre. Please continue to work to improve this amazing app!

- Worth every Penny

Love the UI and the fact that the developer has it optimized for iphone X already. My favorite part is you dont need dropbox or to sync via Itunes. Click on the web upload button in the app and it’ll give u a safari link to upload your audiobooks directly to your library. Well done! Love the app

- Great app

This app has every convenience I could want, glad that I purchased it. There’s only one feature that I would want added, and that’s being able to make folder to put my books in, that way I’m not looking at a list of books from multiple series all mixed together. Regardless I love the app

- One of my favourite top 5 apps!

It is rare for me to actually write a review for an app but this app is fantastic! I listen to all my audiobooks via my google drive and it never fails. I can also listen to old CD books and it organises all the tracks into one listening experience. It is one of my top 5 apps and I use it almost daily.

- Can’t see Shared Google Drive Folders

I keep all my audiobooks in a Team Drive on Google Drive since my school give me Google drive storage. When I connect my Google Drive it can see the audio files in my personal Google Drive (which is limited to 15GB) but not my Team Drive where I put all my files (much higher limit). Would love if I could add files directly from a Shared Drive on Google Drive.

- I love this but but... bugs

I used this app for a whole year with no problem and I really think its terrific. Recently however, it has been crashing whenever I try to add something to my library. Don't know if this a problem with my phone or the app but if it is the app I would really appreciate it being fixed because at the moment its pretty unusable for me

- Only thing missing is a Watch app

This is my favorite audiobook player, and the only one I’ve found with such seamless support for cloud imports and built-in support for Overdrive chapters (a must-have if you listen to audiobooks from your public library). I just wish it had a Watch app so I could take my books with me on walks/runs!

- Thank you for providing the solution to my problems.

I couldn't figure out why it was so hard to take my audiobook files from Dropbox and get them onto an audiobook player on my phone, but it was next to impossible. Then I found Bound, You have made my life so much better. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- I used to love this app

This was my go to app for audiobooks but after the last update it’s unusable. The app crashes when I try and listen to old audiobooks that I had imported into the Bound app. So for example, I import an audiobook to my Bound library, I click that audiobook and it plays like normal; however, if I want to listen to any other audiobooks in my Bound library, I click the audiobook cover and the app crashes. So the app only plays audiobooks that have been newly imported into Bound.

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- Great app - option for File sharing iTunes

I’m a truck driver and over the years listened to thousands of audio books. I used to use another app for about 3 years and was great except if I turned ignition on it would restart boom. Do I hunted for a new app and found bound. WOW it’s great dimple just get it and use it. Like I said 1000’s of books I know what to expect in a fair app and a fantastic app. This app is 100% great. One question to the author how come you can’t access the app in the list of avail apps in file sharing while using iTunes. In saying that you can install new books by a heap of other methods. Well done Tim Bruno I love it. Peter Parkinson

- Why why why no native locations support?!

This is a great audiobook player - in fact probably the only decent one besides iBooks, with a lot better functionality. But I don't want to have to download my audiobook collection, I have it on my computer. Why doesn't this app, instead of bothering manually supporting file system apis, just implement the native file picker in iOS so we can use whatever storage apps we have installed? Or, simpler yet, use iTunes file sharing so I can simply drop my collection in. It's beyond me why this wasn't added first. I still give it four stars because I'm not one to hold stars for ransom - but I feel like it's a great app that is sorely missing a fairly obvious feature. It'd be five stars if I could just get my audiobooks in it!

- Really well put-together!

I’ve been using Bound for quite a long time now, and there were a few niggles in the earlier stages, but now it’s really a quite well-rounded Audiobook player, and I’m really really happy with it!! The only thing I would wish for now is for a watch app, in particular one that works independent of the iPhone. This way one could load the current book that you’re listening to on to the watch, and go out for a walk with just the watch and some Bluetooth headphones and still listen to your audiobook :)

- Awesome! Really simplified my life

It used to be such a complicated process to change the audiobooks my me and my wife’s phones. It’s amazing to have every single one of our audiobooks available at the tap of a button. Just one issue and one feature request. The download process seems a bit buggy; I can’t leave the app while downloading audiobooks, the download fails and I have to force quit the app to try the download again. And it would be good if you could start listening to the file during the download process, so you don’t have to wait for the download to complete before staring.

- Excellent alternative to Apple’s Books

Really great app. I love the way you can import and make audiobooks so easily. Only two improvements I can really think of: 1. allow sharing of books 2. Allow download from URL; I have an online online library of zipped audiobook files which I really wish I could download directly into the app, rather than having to download them via Safari or another browser.

- Great speed adjustment options!

This is absolutely my go-to for listening to audiobooks outside of Libby. I tried a bunch and none compared! If you like to fine-tune the speed your audio plays at without sacrificing clarity then this app is the right choice!

- Do NOT recommend

On iPhone, new tracks won’t start automatically within a book, so you have to unlock your phone, hard-close the app, reopen, and manually select the next track (becomes very annoying to do, especially when there are a lot of short tracks in a book). Additionally, the rewind button (key feature of the app) fails to work quite often. I shared my feedback with the developers, but they never replied to my messages or fixed the issues. I have moved to BookPlayer, which has been working much better.

- THE best audiobook player

***dear devs, please add the ability to play from Apple Watch*** I have a large personal library of audiobooks. Apps that I have used: Audible, Apple Books, Kindle, Bookmobile and multiple others. Bound is the best, by far. No searching through rubbish ex-copyright stuff, no problems re-authorising your purchases (I’m looking at you Bookmobile!)... upload to your Google drive and you are good to go. I LOVE it.

- Great

I tried many audiobook apps before risking my money on this one. Am very impressed, I can access all my stuff in Google drive without the iTunes torture. Minimalist, solid, attractive. I’d like to be able to put a label on bookmarks but can do without that for a simple interface. Highly recommended.

- Great!

Sync with cloud based management systems, full library control and management including grouping for unabridged tracks. Exactly what I needed to listen to my audiobook collection!

- Does what it needs to do.

Needed a subscription free service that would let me play some of my own audiobooks. This does the job. The only thing I would like added is a function to be able to organise the library. Have different collections etc.

- Needs iPadOS Support!

Great app. Switched over from Audible and was able to send through web upload my audiobooks to my phone with ease. Great for iPhone, however I would like to see it come with proper iPad Pro support eventually (specifically multi-window support).

- Was working well

Have been using this for a while now as CarPlay seemed to work well. Now randomly my books go blank and when I try and play one it just crashes the app. The only way I’ve found to resolve this is either re upload the book then fast forward to find my spot again. Really annoying bug.

- Bound is rad!

I listen to a lot of audiobooks & Bound is not only an excellent player, but makes the task of adding new audiobooks to it’s library simple & straightforward. Hurrah!

- Great app!

The is a very well laid out and easy to use app! Opens up the ability to get audiobooks on to your iDevice without iTunes! Would be great if you could add Siri Shortcuts support to resume playing from the last point.

- Best Audio Book App

Great App, plays everything and has an easy to use interface.

- Excellent Layout

The app is so pleasing on the eye. Also it’s pretty snappy and a very good option for drm free audiobooks. Wifi transfer is easy and fast. Highly recommended.....

- Best audiobook app

Very clean and beautiful UI, responsive and fluid. Best audiobook app available on app store for listening borrowed books from library.

- Seriously awesome

Powerful app for podcasts and audio books

- Superb!

Easily the best audiobook app for iOS. The new look is excellent and the ability to sideload any audio you like from storage services is

- Excellent

The web uploader is brilliant, so simple to use. I highly recommend this app.

- Much better than native app for multi track audiobooks - works flawlessly

Fantastic app. Really enjoy using it. Keep track of every position of each audiobook. Organises audiobooks that have multiple tracks into one audiobook. Much better than just using the native audiobook management in music app. Would highly recommend if you download audiobooks online and want to easily transfer them to your phone and listen to them.

- Constantly crash

App constantly crash, and most of the time load an empty library. Duration of audiobook is inconsistent, and can change between imports. When incorrect, I am unable to skip section, as it reverts to where it thinks the duration of the audiobook is.

- Great App

This app is awesome!! Although, since the new update I’m unable to delete Audiobooks... hope this gets fixed soon.

- Woeful app

Lost all my audiobooks in the latest update. App has become flakier and flakier lately with the app crashing and some books not visible. Make sure you keep a backup of all your audiobooks beyond this app. Stupidly I put the majority of my books on this app with no backup. Be warned

- Web uploaded doesn’t work

Seems good but the web uploader doesn’t give an IP on iPhone 12 Mini

- Highly recommended

Wonderful app, and with its Dropbox connection it makes life very easy. I've had no problems with it at all

- Great app

Really happy with Bound, it does what is says on the box and it is regularly updated with fixes and features.

- Initial audiobook loading is frustrating

I have some audiobooks in Dropbox and some on my phone that I downloaded directly from the web. As there’s no iOS 11 or Document Provider support, I need to upload the books from my phone to Dropbox, then use the app to download them from Dropbox to my phone. 🤔 Also The settings menu only has a couple of options but is quite lengthy with various acknowledgements; it’d be better if these were in a sub-menu to keep things a bit tidier.

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- Great App

As an alternative to Audible when you already have audiobooks downloaded locally and just want to move them to your phone, there’s nothing better!

- The Best

Changed my life

- Problem with playing audiobooks with multiple parts

This app is really great. I love the smart rewind function in it to jog your memory when you have to pause for some reason. My only problem with it, and it isn’t a small one, is that whenever I play a book with multiple parts/chapters, as soon as it is done playing one part the app refuses to play the next one. I’m only met with silence. What’s stranger still is that the scrub bar continues to progress as though it IS playing, but there’s not sound. To fix the issue, I have to close the app, reopen, and press play again and then it resumes. This is obviously not feasible when you have a book with 200 parts at 3 or 4 minutes a piece. I’ve tried contacting the devs, but have been met with no reply. I may need to switch apps if there isn’t a solution available which is shame considering the price tag on this one.

- Disappointed!

So just purchased Bound and it does not show all of the audiobooks in my Onedrive. You can’t even refresh the folders. This is extremely frustrating since all of my authors have several books in a series. One author has nineteen books in his series all are displayed in my other cloud app, but only seven in Bound. Please fix this asap or provide a refund. As this is unacceptable.

- Where was this app all my life

Fabulous app. Simple and efficient. I have wanted a good audiobook reader ever since the first iPod came along. Bound solves the problem I always had of getting my audiobooks onto my iPhone. It is reliable and unfussy. I absolutely love it.

- Great app

Great app, no sign-up required. Not cloud based, local to the phone 👍🏼

- Nice App

I love the app. It makes listening to self ripped audiobooks much more enjoyable than otherwise. My only suggestion for its improvement to the developer is about the Web Uploader feature. Apparently it only works when a phone is connected to WiFi so it’d be nice if the user can be reminded when they try to use the feature while the phone is not connected to WiFi.

- Audio Stops

I too have run into an issue with audiobooks stopping after each chapter. It seems to work when iPhone screen is on but when it’s off the audio stops. This is a great app however this isn’t a minor issue to me. I’d be glad to adjust my rating upon a fix.

- Does not recognize books

Could not recognize books from my one drive

- Has trouble playing multiple files

I really want to like this app, but if your audiobook is cut into multiple files, there doesn’t seem to be an option to continue playing. App freezes and there is no support to speak of.

- Needs read/unread ability

The blue read/unread dots are pointless. When you accidentally play a book or preview it, it marks it as unread. The UX is poorly thought out. Look at how Apple Books treats a book you truly ‘finished’ reading vs ‘previewed’. If not that, then at the very least give us the ability to mark us unread and put that blue dot back—as simply as swiping right (just as you swipe left to delete).

- App stopped working correctly after the latest update

I can no longer see audio files using one drive. Google drive works fine but all my stuff is on one drive. I emailed the developer but got no response. Still hoping for a fix.

- Lacks Siri integration...

I listen to audiobooks daily via CarPlay. Bound is a nice looking app, but lacks Siri integration. Without being able to pause playback via Siri, it makes controlling playback hands-free impossible. Unfortunately, because of that, I have to give it 1-star (otherwise, I’d give it a 5-star rating) and will have to go back to Apple’s lacklustre Books/Audiobooks weirdness.

- CarPlay compatibility made it five stars!

I’ve loved this app since I got it, but was disappointed to find out it wasn’t CarPlay compatible when I got my new car. It’s interface is clean and I love that the voice doesn’t distort when you listen at a higher speed. It’s so easy to grab my books from the cloud. This was always a great app, but adding CarPlay compatibility just brought it up to the next level! Thank you for making Bound even more amazing!

- No support - can’t upload lectures

I bought this app as a workaround to get lectures onto my iPhone and be able to play them in double speed. Although it had some hiccups, it mostly did its job. I haven’t used it in a while and now I can’t add new lectures. I tried reaching out and haven’t heard back from anyone. If I hear back and get things working I’ll change my rating. Otherwise, the app is a waste.

- Issues Persist

After more than a year of owning this app and contacting the developer about issues, almost all the original problems persist. - You cannot add Audiobooks while disconnected from the internet. Tapping the Files option just brings up an error telling you that you're disconnected. - Sometimes M4B files just freeze when trying to resume them with Shortcuts. When the app is force closed the book returns to 0. - You can't bring folders of audiobooks in. You have to navigate into each folder and select the files you need. Very impractical for series. - You can't export a book once it's been imported. - For the last two issues I suggested this a while ago: "import and export books via the Files app. (Add Bound as a source. Maybe have an inbox that you can drop files into, that will then get organized into the format the app expects.)" On the plus side, they did introduce dark mode pretty quickly after iOS 13 shipped. So that's something!

- Doesn’t support OneDrive Business

Overall this is a great app. Fantastic design and implementation. Unfortunately it doesn’t perform as advertised. It only supports OneDrive Personal account, if you are using OneDrive Business you are out of luck! Hope the developer can fix this in a future release.

- Not for iPad

I paid for this app believing its iPad compatible because its on the IPad App Store. It shows up as an iPhone sized screen and expanding it doesn't help. It doesn't rotate with the iPad either.

- This is the best app ever written

Thank you is all I have to say

- Broken app; Doesn’t work

Crashes when importing. Doesn’t save audiobooks

- This is the one.

This is it guys. This is the audiobook app that we’ve been waiting for. I’ve tried (and paid) for most of them out there and this the best one. If you are using DRM free audiobooks through a cloud service — this app cannot be beat.

- Solid App

Solid app and works well with all my audiobooks. Clean interface. Would really like to see a progress bar on the audiobook list so I know how far along im on each audibook

- Excellent Player

Well designed. Easy to use and understand. Robust and fast. Keep it going guys. Thanks!

- Best audiobook player on iOS hands down !

Keep it up guys !

- Great!

Awesome audio book app. But one critical feature is missing. Car play. But other then that it’s number 1 in audio book.

- 5 stars

Best app ever!!!

- Best app for playing your own books

Beat alternative to the default books app.

- Amazing App - need feature to describe bookmark

This is the app I was looking for a long-2 time. It is amazing and make listening to books very easy. I highly recommend it. I would appreciate a way to add text to bookmarks to remember what I bookmarked. It should be easy feature but will make this app very-2 powerful.

- Great app

You can’t upload really long audiobooks to this app. I’m not sure what the size limit is but it’s a pretty big inconvenience. Other than that problem the app is amazing, definitely worth buying

- Great app at normal playback speed..

I was hoping to replace iBooks/iTunes with this app, as I hate managing my audio books through iTunes and syncing them to my phone. Bound is great, and does almost everything right.. with the exception of playback speed. I usually listen to my audio books through iBooks at 1.25x or 1.5x speed. However when testing this in Bound, I noticed the sound quality is significantly worse, like there’s some sort of metallic distortion happening. I tested listening to the same section of an audio book back and forth at the same speed between the two apps, and Bound is not nearly as natural sounding as iBooks. So, unfortunately I’m going to have to keep using iBooks for now. Maybe future releases will be able to improve on this?

- A must have app for audio file playback

This solves the problem of audio files not bought from amazon or connected to iTunes. Must-have especially now that they Finally have iCloud Drive support. I do wish they’d offer a plex style guide to help you make sure files are formatted correctly so they stay together with books/series that have lots of files you want to bind together in an order. The auto feature for this works reliably but there are enough problems where I wish I could know how to prep files for best playback.

- Very useful audiobook app

I love this app. It’s really handy for listening to your own audiobooks. My favourite feature is being able to connect to my google drive. I sync my audio books from my computer to Gdrive, then I can easily download them to my phone using this app. I only wish it had a way to mark audiobooks as being finished, or archiving them somehow without actually deleting. Aside from that it’s great!

- Elegant and Easy

Super easy, straight to the point and nothing gets in the way. Instantly became my preferred app for audiobooks.

- Perfect app if it had CarPlay support

Love this app, works just as I imagined it. Integrates with google drive and downloads and plays seamlessly. And then I hook it up to my CarPlay enabled car, nope, nothing. What good is an audiobook app with no CarPlay. That’s when I listen to audiobooks. Will change my review to a 5 star immediately As soon as Tim adds this feature. Btw Tim, I emailed you about this and my email bounced back. Maybe you change update your email address on the bound website. Thank you.

- Simple, elegant audiobook player

A functional and well-designed app for getting your audiobook files onto your iPhone and listening to them. Uploaded and listened to two books so far with no problems. Tried several other apps and this was the best by far. Very pleased.



- Great

I was looking for this app for so long. It's like Overcast for audiobooks. Imports for Dropbox. I love it. Crazy feature request: tap to extend sleep timer. I would love it if I could extend my sleep timer by another 10 mins just by double tapping my locked phone without having to wake myself up fully looking at the screen. Thanks

- This is something special

Thank you

- Useless in our car

Unlike most other players, when listing our library Bound displays all three basic descriptors of a book: author, title, and length. However, it will only sort by title. If we want to see what we have by Graham Greene or find a book for a 6-hours' drive, we need to go through the list item by item. Then, once we find a book and connect the phone to the car's audio system, we are unable to play it. Our car's Bluetooth connection receives the audio fine but the car's controls cannot stop, start, rewind, or fast-forward Bound. These controls work properly in iBooks and Podcasts.

- Now it's perfect !

I love this app but was annoyed that it downloaded the chapters out of order requiring that I take off my mittens in -28 weather to hunt and find each chapter after the one I was listening to finished. This is especially annoying when listening to books broken up into 100's of chapters for faster downloads. The latest fix has has hurt this bug but not killed it. The chapter following 10 is 100 so their is some order, but it looks like my fingers aren't safe quite yet. I do like the book marking a fast downloads.

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Bound - Audiobook Player 2021.1 Screenshots & Images

Bound - Audiobook Player iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bound - Audiobook Player iphone images
Bound - Audiobook Player iphone images
Bound - Audiobook Player iphone images
Bound - Audiobook Player iphone images
Bound - Audiobook Player iphone images
Bound - Audiobook Player iphone images
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Bound - Audiobook Player (Version 2021.1) Install & Download

The applications Bound - Audiobook Player was published in the category Book on 2015-12-16 and was developed by Deadpan, LLC [Developer ID: 1521868530]. This application file size is 51.72 MB. Bound - Audiobook Player - Book app posted on 2021-06-02 current version is 2021.1 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.timbueno.boundapp