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Photo Lab Editor: AI Filter App Description & Overview

What is photo lab editor: ai filter app? Get your photos to a new, awesome level. Add realistic effects and stylish filters in a tap. Join the ever-growing Photo Lab community of over 230 million fans:

“Downloading that app was the best decision I have ever made on this phone. Get this app for hours of nonstop fun and editing!!” (WolverZorro)

“I never write reviews, but I had to for this! This app is pretty amazing. It's easy to use. The quality is really great!” (Gelato)

“This is totally awesome! I have a fan-page on Instagram and it works for edits! I love it sooo much and think everyone who likes to do edits should have it! It is definitely worth downloading!!!” (lovergurl)

“I was going to write this earlier but I had to pause while I deleted all the other apps that only pretended to do what this does.” (Ahj60)

Photo Lab contains over 1000 awesome effects for your photos including:
* AI-driven art style transfer (over 100 styles);
* background replacement, powered by AI figure segmentation;
* makeover options (eyes or hair color change, makeup and more);
* realistic photomontages;
* stylish photo filters;
* beautiful frames;
* fun face montages;
* holiday e-card templates;
* creative artistic effects;
* collages for multiple photos.

You will love the neat interface and how easily effects are created. No need for adjusting: just choose an effect or a frame, then select a photo from Camera Roll (or take a new photo with your device’s camera), and ta-da!.. you get a unique photo montage or collage! The app also has a built-in photo editor with every basic tool you may need: crop, rotate, adjust colors, lighting, and sharpness, and even touch-up.

What's more, you can easily combine effects with each other, creating your own effects and styles and sharing them with your friends.

Photo Lab includes:

- Photo montages with automatic face detection.
Become an astronaut, a tiger, a gangster or a nun with a single tap!

- Photorealistic effects.
Put your photo on a dollar bill, into an ancient book or on a screen of a virtual iPhone.

- Photo-to-art effects.
Turn your photo into a masterpiece. Choose your favorite technique and instantly imitate it: pen, pencil, or charcoal sketch, pastel or crayons drawing, watercolor or oil painting.

- Awesome photo filters.
Jigsaw puzzle, neon glow, fire, Matrix digital rain, HDR, fractal, and more.

- Personalized greeting cards for every holiday.
Make your own online photo cards to congratulate those you love on Birthday, Wedding, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and St. Patrick’s Day.

- Magazine covers.
Put your face on a magazine cover like Vogue, Glamour or Playboy and feel what it's like to be famous!

- Headwear.
Try on a King's crown, Elf hat, St.Patrick's Day hat or the most popular Santa hat!

- Collages for multiple photos.
Put yourself together with your sweetheart or even all your friends into one photo collage.

Most of the effects let you add your own text onto the picture with text style tailored to each template.

Finally, you can save your creation to Camera Roll, share it easily to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or send it as a message (WhatsApp, Viber or WeChat) to your friends.

Photo Lab PRO subscription options:

$7.99 per week (with 3-day trial)
$29.99 per year

At the end of 3-day trial period an auto-renewable subscription will be activated at the price of $7.99 per week.
Your Photo Lab PRO subscription will automatically renew 24-hours prior to the end of each term (week or year correspondingly) and your card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time in your iTunes account settings, but refunds will not be provided for any unused period of the term. An unused portion of free trial period will also be forfeited once any of the subscription options is purchased.

Photo Lab Terms of Use:
Photo Lab Privacy Policy:

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App Name Photo Lab Editor: AI Filter
Category Photo & Video
Updated 18 April 2024, Thursday
File Size 135.81 MB

Photo Lab Editor: AI Filter Comments & Reviews 2024

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Awesome App!!! Few Suggestions... Overall, I think this app is fun, and an amazing way to edit photos like a professional! While I serve as a professional potrait photographer, I have even used some of these effects in my own work. This app takes the struggle out of constantly trying to figure out all the complicated elements in photoshop. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys giving their photos a little pop!! Although, I do have a few suggestions. For instance, I feel that there should be more filters and effects that are open to people who can't afford the pro version. Also; I have experienced a few glitches while my photo is "prossesing". Sincerely, Kiera W. Thank you for taking my opinions into consideration! ❤️😁

Rating the app. There are great stylized effects however for an app that you pay for there should be additional editing tools to create the photo you like... I found that face recognition is bad if you are a man with a beard and you are bald. Rarely do they work as intended with full on straight head shots, and if you are bald forget it as the app uses hair recognition ... I end up creating photos of my friends because sadly it is wont read my bearded face for animations ect.... This is Incredibly disappointing when you are paying for something.. It makes me feel the developers only a created this for women without facial hair.... I’m ready to cut it off... It’s not worth regular payments unless they make significant upgrades to the system ....

Really cool effects !!. So I have A ton of photo apps on my phone. This particular app is definitely worth your time to Peru’s and check out the cool effects haven’t found an app with such great templates already designed I’d give it a four on a difficulty level of 1 to 10. The way you can change your pics are perfect for Facebook and Insta posts they do have a watermark on them, But who cares I want people to know that I used this app to make such cool effects. Obviously the best ones are saved for the pro edition which is not too expensive so if you’re really into some artsy photos this is definitely the app for you exclamation exclamation exclamation

Tried so many with zero enthusiasm.... I have tried so many photo apps and filters. My children are 20 and 24, since they were teenagers they hated the fact I obsessed over taking photos. In High school they were freak out and feel embarrassed of me constantly taking pictures. Even over the littlest things. One basketball or softball games would produce over 200. But now my daughter sends me pics to edit and my son could careless but enjoys the knew results. I went from one month subscription to a year. I’m just learning how to design my own . Thank you so much for filling my covid days of no work with a hobby and passion.

I love so many aspects of this app. I enjoy this app, I’ve been usually on and off for a number of years. (More on, than off, by far!). I love the endless photo editing features, and countless unique decorative styles. I greatly appreciate that this app is frequently providing updates to provide additional features and keep it performing at high levels of excellence. While there are tons and tons of cool styles, and filters, etc I especially like playing around with the animation options, as many (most, actually!) are quite realistic and add the perfect amount of subtle human like animation to capture the realism in your photos. I gave the app 4 stars, but was tempted to rate it a full 5. (It’s really a great app).But if I were to be completely fair, I just don’t like the pricing plans and always having to renew a weekly or monthly membership. That gets old fast! I’d be more than happy to purchase a flat, lifetime app membership upgrade, even if it meant paying a larger dollar amount b once, at the time of purchase, knowing I’d never again have to mess with renewing or paying additional monies. To me, it would make it totally worthwhile. All in all, this is a very fun, Entertaining and I’d go as far as to say.... creatively, and I have mad love for it! Two thumbs up!!! 👍 👍

2020 Review (sigh...). I sigh because of my one and only complaint: eternal requests for reviews and upgrades. They don’t stop no matter how many times you give a review. That being said, this app ROCKS. Very nice for making photo projects... family collages... gifts..., Outstanding backgrounds. The styles and themes continue to expand each year. From classic art to animation and everything in between. I can’t imagine anyone not being able to find one they like. You guys are among the best there is in my opinion. I only use two others more but for basic projects. This one is for more special creations. I hope upon hope that this review will suffice.... but I doubt it.

App user. Your photo lab I do enjoy using your app but the one thing I would like to see since there are some of us that cannot afford your packages is it would be nice to be able to watch videos and get the effect that we wish to have as a form of being able to get the effect that we wish to have on our photos without money being involved I realized that you have to have some form of making money there are some of us out there that would love to use these effects to it’s not fair to create something for the people that can afford to pay and leave the rest of us out I wish you would create a package for us that we can add our own photos and our own path to the photo even make a recording would be nice all I’m saying as a user tried to make stuff for everyone to enjoy it not just those people that can afford your package as this makes it unfair for all of us that cannot afford to buy your packages or have the desired effect that we wish to have separate because we cannot afford it maybe you shouldn’t make it available by watching a video or something like that thank you app creators sincerely app user patty

Amazing effects, quality, and accuracy. Upgrade is worth it, but not required for excellent results.. I'm a guy. I don't take pics. Most of the photos in "my camera roll" are actually screen shots of stock graphs, instructions, reminders, etc. simply put, I'm not a giggling, 13 year old school girl, using my phone as a glorified yearbook. That said, this app amazing. Everyone still needs at least a couple "selfies," and family photos etc., to serve as; cover photos on social media sites, contact info etc. This app blew me away, there are so many options, cool effects, and apparently endless combinations (The only limit is your imagination..) Another of it's best features; simplicity. All I have to do is pick effects I think will look good, or select a pre-made template, and the app does the rest.. in seconds! The results are amazing, great effects and the accuracy is incredible. I first did the free trial. I checked out others thinking "if this was the 1st and only photo editor app I'd ever tried, imagine what's out there!" Turns out I struck gold the first swing of the axe. 3 month membership just expired, so I purchased the "1-year pro-membership." This app stays.

Love it!. I’ve never been a picture person, but this just makes me want to actually take a bunch of myself! Great app! I just had a huge family photo shoot a few weeks ago, but I love having fun and playing with our new photos, making something completely fun out of them. Pictures are supposed to be fun! If not they become repetitive and boring for the most part! My husband just got a huge promotion, and asked for photos for his office I bought a few string photo hangers as well as making some framed chicken wire so now he can add totally fun photos to his office instead of just the pain uptight framed family photos! I fell in love the first time I used this app and now I use it on a copy of every photo i take! I love love love this app!

Awesome app but disappointed!. This app is awesome! I have had the Lab Photo Pro since 2012. Which I paid for. Flat amount without having to purchase every month. I use it all the time. Now I cannot use that app because now there’s a new app icon and you have to pay monthly or by the year. I feel that the people who purchased this year’s ago should still be able to use THAT app without paying again! I have tried to use the old app at times but when I make a photo the app closes. Other times it will not even let me open it. I sent them a message about this issue a week ago but no response. So thought I would try to get a response here. Other than that I love it but will probably not use anymore bc of stamp on pictures. Pictures of course look better without it.

Request. I love love this app. I paid the annual subscription. It’s so fun and you can get real creative easily with it. However, there is one thing I wish the developer could add to it. Please? The ability to search for the theme or setting or style you need to create instead of scrolling through everything. They have the categories you can chose from but the selections there are so limited and again you need to scroll through everything to find the one you like. Who has that much time in their hands? Other than that this app is rad.

free please. this app is super cool I’m using it to help me paint a realistic picture. I’m hoping this review will let me use the app For free without subscription. I do know that you have your family but I love it lol I just hate it when you have your birthday lol I just want to you know that you can never go see it again and then again please do it for yourself lol I just don’t think I can keep up and love it anymore I just don’t think I can keep my life anymore lol I’m so proud of you so I do go out to earth lol I just saw that lol I just got off work so I’m excited to hear from mama lol I hope y’all have the good birthday today too love mama love y’all too babe babe I’m glad I can keep your busy lol lol I’m so proud of you for all your heart love and miss y’all so beautiful

All lies. I have noticed that in every one of their apps they have the same combos. Plus my combos never made it to their feed for other people to see. I addressed the issue with the developers and they just said that they had people that had been part of the app for years and that they are very popular. But it’s the same ones that show up on all the feeds. Then I noticed that on their other apps that the same pictures are used on all their similar apps. Basically it’s a waste of time to try to get involved on their community. I am looking for a similar app that is actually legit. Photo Lab, Toon Me and all the other ones here are fake. No community at all! Basically I wasted my money, my time and my energy on this crap app.

Violation of tos. This is a Russian company. I have reported this app for violating the Apple developer tos. When on the trial period of a user cancels the auto renew Apple requires the developer to keep the trial in place until it’s original end date. However this developer revoked access to the app immediately. Unethical. Shady. And criminal as it violates anti trust laws in the United States. Received a response from the developer saying they have no way of fixing the problem. They say they don’t have access to the subscriptions. However I’m not delusional and not insane, immediately after canceling the trial with 2 more days remaining all access to the pro version of the app was lost and ads were shown and watermark added to images. The developers response was insufficient and unethical. My 1 star review will remain until the end of time. I have screenshots and video of the entire process.

You all get it…. Your annual subscription price ($10) isn't bad… I've had it for a few years but don't use it all that often, sometimes for lengthy periods. $10 is the absolute max I'll pay annually, period. I prefer purchasing for … ummm… $10… I don't think devs understand how many apps people might have; not just photo apps. They add up; people should do this funny thing called "budgeting". Ask Elizabeth Warren. More devs just need to understand that Second: maybe I didn't know or notice until recently: Does this edit just portraits? If so, is a change planned? I'm hoping to move into more into pet photography; a few effects have recognized a couple animal faces and trump's but having access to more would be great. Landscapes and still-life… is it to much to ask to apply effects to them?

Way too many crashes. I used to love this app. I have many photos that I created using it. However, ever since it was updated I can't open it without it crashing. As soon as I open the app, it loads and then immediately crashes. Sometimes it stays up for a few minutes, but never long enough to edit a photo, and even if I can edit a photo, it won't save. If this bug was fixed I would give a five star review. Update: lately the app has been working just as good as it used to. It's a really good app, I would definitely recommend it.

Between an A- & a B+. Overall I do like this app! My only sort of complaint is that it seems like the art for pictures doesn’t change or update as much as I would like. Like it’s always a bunch of the same ones with an occasional new one popped in. Which when I first started was fantastic! It was neat to try them all and play with different tones and values. Fast forward to nearing the end of my first year as a member and I find myself not utilizing it as much because I’m burnt out on the duplicates. I do want to say that I think it is the best app I’ve found that easily grants you access to the the options. I used to use Imikimi back in the day, but it was much more limited. So I gave it 4 stars because I think it’s an honestly good app, but couldn’t give it a 5 because in my opinion it’s redundant. Thanks!

Really good software. Incredibly intuitive and easy to use for running social media pages. I don’t do selfies very often but I use this to send my friends nice versions of theirs or to make weird fandom gifs for tumblr. Sometimes it doesn’t recognize a very clear face, so the facial recognition could use some fine tuning but it would be a 5/5 if not for minor issues where I have to use my laptop to use full graphics editing to create something on mobile. Plus you’re allowed the option of removing the watermark via ad watching if you’re broke but want to send someone a free gift to cheer them up or for their birthday and that’s really important. A lot of subscription services especially apps based ones don’t offset the cost to their audience by using ads which unlock features.

Love this app!. I personally would give it a 3-4 because this app is amazing and dose ask you to subscribe to be a pro. There a some photos that are pro, which means you must pay, but it gives you a lot to work with, and what it gives you is the best! But I would totally recommend this app! 2 problem though, could you fix it to were it dose not just load after you save it to photos? Because I have completely get of this app and something else then come back, also, could you fix it to were it has more background options that are plain? That would be great!! 👍 one more thing, most importantly, could you fix it to were it has main focus of pets to, not just humans..... for example, a picture of me petting my dog, it shows me with an awkward hand hover!!! Thanks!!! That would be great! But otherwise, this is an amazing app!!! My second favorite right behind Bazaart, you should try it! !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Upset. I reset my phone and readied this app. It will not allow me to log in with email, which I had thought it did before. I tried to log in with apple account and none of my favorites are saved etc. so I thought maybe I was not logged in with apple. I tried to log in with Facebook and it keeps saying there is an error and I need permission from the developer to do that. I tried to log in with google. And nothing was restored (like favs etc). I also have a yearly subscription which is in effect, so how can my subscription still be showing and using but none of my favorites and profile is restored? I’m very frustrated because this is not the first time I had to re add. I have never had this problem so I feel like I must have logged in with an email address that is no longer an option. What to do?

Customer Support is Horrible.. When it works, it’s great. But it has not been working at all recently. I use these for templates for volunteer work that I do. I have a theme that I use, so I need it to be cohesive however, I have not been able to use this app, which is a very big problem because I need it to be the same as the other flyers that I’ve used. I contacted customer service and their response was literally.” Sorry it doesn’t work. Try it another time.” The first email I sent it took six days for them to get back to me and all they just asked me what software version I had. So when I replied, I gave them all the information, including software, and troubleshooting that I had tried..I have the paid version of this app, and the fact that I cannot use it at all after sending emails with screenshots and asking for help I definitely don’t recommend it. Don’t get the paid app they don’t care to help you.

Needs improvement but good. I like this app. It’s a lot of fun putting filters on the photos, glasses on pets, frames and special effects. One thing it is lacking, in a big way, is the ability to add or remove sections of photo to change backgrounds. Sometimes it deletes part of bodies, you can’t do it with pets (as far as I have seen) and you end up with spots of your new background on top of the photos. I would like to see an eraser and a brush added so you can customize the area. Overall, I am giving it three stars. I have seen better and I have seen so much worse. I hope to see improvements in the future because I do like the features just needs that one option.

Definitely Recommend This App. I believe this is the first time I've rated any app with 5 stars. I have had several photo apps and The only other one I like close to as much as this on is PhotoShop. I've only been using it a few weeks but so for it has been super, fantastically awesome. The greatest part ever is being able to use the filter from others in the community. I don't have a creative bone one in me so using their work is amazing. Oh yeah and you can creat your own templates, if you smart enough to understand the directions...not trying to say it isn't user friendly just that Im not too smart when it come to the computer

Loved it until recently. I have used your photo lab pro on many projects and love it. Just yesterday I attempted to use it again and after I selected the photos that I wanted to include in my swan shape, it appeared to be working on adding them and then it said an error has occurred. I tried it on both my iPhone and my iPad and got the same message. I tried to get to support and was informed that it had been blocked by the network carriers association or something like that. I’m very disappointed because I wanted to use the program for a specific project. It is unfortunate that there is no support available to contact in such an emergency.

Fantastic!. I downloaded this app because a friend of mine wanted to do something with an artist they love, but weren’t able to due to lack of storage on their device. At first glance, it seems like any regular app, but I got really hooked into it and decided to keep this app! It’s wonderful, but I have one complaint. When I first used the app, it was hard for me to find my way around because there were so many ads trying to convince me to go Pro. Please tune down the self-promotion a tad bit so it will be easier to get things done rather than try to find your way out of it. Either than that, I highly recommend this app if you want amazing quality and great fun!

Great Idea, Many Conveniences, And Annoyances Too. Overall the app is fun, though expensive. It creates pretty interesting effects without having to experiment for hours in Photoshop etc. One of the annoyances is the puny low quality final output image it creates. Unless I am missing some simple settting for high quality image output. Sure, I understand that there is the time and bandwidth needed to upload the image to the cloud and then they process it and the results are send down to the app. But what is the use of spending 20-30 minutes experimenting with say a 5MB image and finally getting a 300KB type image that looks terrible on larger screens. Why not let people experiment with the lower res/quality output until we find something we don’t mind the extra time for uploading and getting back down as an image at least comparable in size/quality to the original. Another annoyance is how many of the effects/initial options are so redundant. But it is better to have too many options than too few. However, it is essential to have great quality output available rather than just low quality. Thanks.

Okay, could be much better. When were talking about the regular app, and not the pro version, we’re talking about an app that offers amazingly beautiful, intriguing and unique filters, and a large amount of them. I’m a 13 year old girl but I don’t get into selfies or things like that, but the app is still great for photo editing. I had been looking to get into photo editing for a while when I found this app, and I was immediately hooked. However, I was also immediately annoyed by the apps constant ads, and it’s constant promotion of the pro ap. Every time you put on a new filter, there’s ads, and every time you save a new image, it brings up a promotion screen for photo lab pro, and it can get really annoying. So if you don’t mind ads this would NOT be a bad app to get, but if you do, and you don’t have a problem with paying a little money, then just skip straight to photo lab pro.

This is primarily a social App!. This is not primarily a photo editing app. If it were you would not see a bunch of pics from people on the internet when you first open it. And I saw no way to open my own pics on the device to edit them. I’m guessing maybe you need to first create an account. If somehow i’m wrong about the interface then the app is poorly designed. I shouldn’t have to hunt for controls nor need to read instructions for basic operations. Update, Jan 2018 I’m updating my rating from 1 star up to 4 stars for the following reasons. First after the developer explained the workflow (choose an effect and THEN pic your personal photo) I find this app can be fun and useful. The fact that the developer responded is also a major plus. The quality and number of effects is absolutely amazing. On the downside, since the work flow is opposite what we expect from photo editing apps, I think there should be a brief msg when first launched to explain the flow. Also, I think the steps could be streamlined to make trying out diff effects with the same pics faster.

Fantastic!. This app will appeal to all ages. I’m a seventy year old grandmother who mainly has pics of the grandkids on my phone. The younger kids keep asking me to take funny photos of them. Well I found this app purely by accident yesterday and I literally spent most of the night and all day today playing with it, not because it’s hard, far from it. It’s the easiest app I’ve ever seen. It takes no talent at all to use it (that’s my kind of app) to make absolutely out of this world fantastic pics. I’m loving it! I’ve been sending the kids pics of themselves all day and they are asking for more. They particularly love the beyond reality or comic photos and the results are great. Thank you for making me a popular granny. I guess I’d better do some housework now hmm.

Coolest app ever. I absolutely love using this app!! By far one of the most unique and creative apps available, most amazing special effects and numerous digital design that I’m able to access for free! I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for an app that will make ur photo look like a cartoon or digitally added to look like out of this world type of style! This is for anyone who wants to make the pictures as creative and alluring as possible!!! Don’t miss out and download this, u got nothing to loose cuz its free and everything to gain

Deceptive three day charge! Beware of pro. I never signed up and said that I wanted pro it says that a day before the three days is up I’m going to be charged for pro?? Nothing in the apps store said that that was going to be happening to me and when I tried to cancel it via Apple support (Which is what your app tells a person twhich is what your app tells a person to do To avoid being charged) there’s no subscription yet ! So your statement saying “it’s best to cancel two or three days before you’re charged for your subscription “ makes no sense there’s no subscription posted yet because I haven’t been charged because of the free 3 day trial. rest assured I haven’t uploaded a photo, I haven’t create an account , I haven’t used your app in anyway shape or form other than to open it up to see how to cancel this subscription ! I don’t wanna fall into a free three day anything and then be charged after that! I am going to uninstall it immediately and I expect not to be charged . I feel like it was very deceptive. Sent from my iPhone

Two only need one. The first app I found on the Internet wasn’t even looking 4 it was ToonMe and I loved it so I paid for it for the year and thought it was fantastic come to find out some of the things I wanted to do had to get the main app which is Photo Lab the one thing that you don’t need is toonMe because if you have Photo Lab ToonMe is worthless. Now the one and only thing I’m unhappy with Photo Lab for is the one cartoon photo it’s really nice to have a little circle of the original picture on the bottom left-hand corner which you can’t cut out you don’t want it’s worthless nobody wants to see the pass I just want to see the now if I could get rid of that little circle it would be great they would have my five stars.

deleted the app because of constant ads for premium. i've had this app for a while and it’s mostly really cool! the effects are fun and and unique, and the a.i. stuff is accurate. people were always asking me “omg how did you do that?!” about my profile pics i made on photolab! now, however, there are some changes. the features are still great, but i am being BOMBARDED with almost nonstop ads to update to the premium paid version of the app. why can’t i just say “no thanks” and then be able to load a single photo without a full-screen ad ?? what makes it even more obnoxious is that these full-screen ads tend to have a tiny “x” to close that actually takes some hunting to find - like, it’s not just in the top left corner. i assume this is so i have to stare at the ad for longer and be enticed or something ?? but it literally just aggravates me so much i’m deleting the app. i would even understand if it was maybe just like one ad each time you open the app. and it was simple to close out of the ad. but i’m to the point where i can’t even go through the step of editing/loading a photo without being interrupted with an ad like the ones i described above. normally i don’t leave reviews on stuff, especially not long/bad ones, but honestly this problem is irritating enough that the app is not worth using to me. which is a shame, because otherwise it’s super cool.

AWESOME—FUN—ARTISTIC. I don’t really get into the whole selfie thing; I’m not a 15 year old girl that takes endless selfies and I’m not some “I’m all that” chic that can’t get over herself. My photo album is NOT full of pics of myself in front of a mirror or pics of myself where I used one of those dumb as hell selfie sticks. Actually, any pic that I have of myself, someone else took. Although, I have a great hobby combined with a small!! This app is great for artistic photography. You would not believe how many portraits I took of customers that have chosen to use at least one of the effects from this app; and it isn’t just portfolio photos that I use this app for; I have used some effects on many family portraits also; especially the holiday effects. Also great for cropping, cutting, putting text on photos, etc...overall and all around a pretty good photo app...even if you’re not a little girl or completely in love with yourself...LOL (at those peeps whose photo album has over 50% of pics of themselves...smh🤪)...Get a life, get more peeps in ur life, love/like someone other than yourself!

It’s not me 😠. I love this app all of the combos are amazing and there are unlimited things to do. I love how some people are so kind and love to share their life or what they’re going through. However some people are sexual or inappropriate and this app is definitely not good for people under 15. But also the thing is I make really cute pictures ;and I’m not boasting at all XD) but I don’t have ANY likes at all (except mine lol). And I work really hard on many of them and it’s just annoying because I feel like the app is not showing my combos to people or something because there is no way that I don’t have any likes. But everyone else has millions (and I’m not kidding) of likes. I feel like this is unfair and I don’t believe it is me because my pictures are beautiful. And if you don’t believe me then download the app to see and search #inspire

What I suggest you do to help yourself. I made I really nice and I as I was trying to save to my camera roll the photo lab decided to put there water mark on the corner of photo covering up some of the text I have written. They will not let me remove without getting premium, I am not getting premium just so I can remove a water mark that shouldn’t be on my work in the first. If you are going to make me have your water mark on my photo at least let me move it around so it’s not directly in the edit I want to be able to see all the things in my edit and your water mark is now in the way. It also made me log with my instagram account and I thought that was really inconvenient because I have multiple accounts and I can’t log onto all of them just one. Other than those two things the app was pretty easy to use, photo lab I would suggest you getting fonts for typing. One last thing is every time I pressed a new filter to see what it looks like on the picture an add would pop up with no way to get it off and with all this I got really annoyed with your app which is why you deserve a 1 star review but I decided to be a bit nicer and give you 2 stars.

Amazing!. This app is fantastic. So many filters, overlays and options. I love it and I don’t mind paying for it. The inly reason I am giving it 4 stars is because now you choose the filter and then the photo, so each time you want to try a new filter you have to start all over again. I definitely liked it better before when you were able to upload the original photo first and then you can go thru all the filters and choose the one you like most. It was more convenient and less time consuming. I still love it and use it, I hope it changes back to the more user friendly version.

Awesome. I downloaded this app a while back, and since then it has been an awesome resource. All the updates are nice and useful, and if you are thinking of downloading this app, go for it! All the effects are unique, cute, stylish, and organized, making it easy to use. All though for some effects going Pro is required, most of them are free. If using money for apps isn’t a problem for you, great! This app is the way to go, even if you don’t like spending. It creates unique and cool filters and backgrounds, and even lets you see others pictures, including celebrities (ex. Shawn Mendes) I could go on and on about how great this app is, but I wanna go back to editing my pictures on it! Once again, this is a great app and I totally recommend downloading it!

Good but could be better. I love this app u can make your pictures come to life the other day I was just looking at some cute pictures I may do but then I was looking at the people for redid them I saw u could comment but then when I was typing it said something about sign in but I feel like even if u are not a premium or pro u should still be able to at lest comment because I know that apps want people to like other people things and be nice so I feel like if u just want to say something nice or something u love about the photo or other filters you should not have to sign up or sign in I do get how u want people to sign in because there are some mean trolls trying to start flam wars so then whey would stop but they are going to keep doing it and if u make it so people do not have sign in or sign up more kind people can stop trolls because there are more loving hearts then mean ones because when I think of this I think this is dumd because people are just trying to be nice!!! If u listen to my idea please say something nice from my idea and if u know how u can show my review and say thank you too Mia thanks for your time!!!!

This is great. Now, I’ve already written a review praising this app, but this time I have a few minor suggestions. It would be nice to see the individual effects used for combos in the feed. I would like to be able to follow people who I think have good taste. You might consider doing some kind of deal with Unsplash ( 100% free stock photography site) so we could get photos from there in addition to just ‘the web’. And ( I completely understand if this isn’t possible because I don’t know how your program works) but what if you were able to change the opacity of some effects. ( if a slider wouldn’t work maybe you could have high medium and low levels of opacity) Maybe you could add a way to post pictures to multiple things ( like if I want to both download and post to the app) instead of having to redo the effects. Finally ( I promise this is the last one) I would like to be able to choose which part of the picture the watermark is on, because sometimes I find that it’s blocking text or an important part of the image. ( like upper left or right, lower left or right) Now these are just my opinion, and whatever you chose to do with this app I’ll be right behind you with a camera.

Love this app!. I’ve enjoyed this app since I first started using it years ago. The effects that are applied to any of the pictures I edit are spot on, and exactly how I expect them to be, according to the layout I choose. The fact that they allow you to remove their watermark, even if you’re not paying for the service, just by watching a couple of ads, is, by far one of the coolest things they’ve changed over the years. I get quality from this app, every time. If I used it more often, I’d be willing to pay a one-time amount for it. I just don’t like a subscription to an app. If they applied a one time amount to it, I’d definitely pay for it because of the quality

amazing photo app but now I feel duped. As a photo editing and photo effects app this is in a league of it’s own. I’m happy to pay for apps and I actually prefer being able to purchase the “no ads” version or add-ons. When I first downloaded Photo Lab I immediately purchased the Pro version for about 4 or 5 bucks. Except now I don’t have the pro version apparently. Now the great app I purchased and loved is constantly soliciting me to subscribe to the suddenly new pro version. I don’t think it’s honest or fair to attempt to manipulate faithful users who have purchased what we were told was the pro version and have helped in large part to cultivate the app’s success. I understand one-time fees for new extras but to now try to rope those of us who originally purchased something into a monthly fee for that same thing, essentially, is shady.

Love but expensive in the long run. I Love the free version but to unlock everything and remove the watermarks you have to pay monthly. It doesn’t cost a whole lot each month but it adds up over time to a lot. It’s 5 dollars a month which is 60 bux each year. That’s 180 dollars if you use it for 3 years which to me is outrageous since u lose everything you unlocked when u miss a month. There really should be a flat fee to permanently unlock. Now to me 20 to permanently unlock everything sounds fair since it is just an app and u can get software that does this for about that cost. Now I know that it probably takes a lot of money to keep it up and running but I feel like a decrease in the price would interest a lot more people. I’m giving it 5 stars still though because this company has made a lot of things available on the free version and a lot of other apps do not do that.

Really Fun! Great Animation & Effects!. I’m prefacing this with the fact that I’m NOT a giggly school girl, in fact I’m closer to 40 than 14. But, I was looking for some way to liven up a slideshow for a bachelorette luncheon a while back and came across this app. It was great fun animating all the pics and everyone really liked the finished product. Who needs a boring slideshow these days? This app is super easy, fool proof, quick, and hasn’t let me down in the 2 years I’ve had it. Now I animate all kinds of stuff just for fun or to post online. Give it a try! You’ll have fun and you can always create some new versions of old memories!

Hands-down the best photo app. I just downloaded this app today and I could not be happier that I did😁 I am really big into taking pictures and I have been trying to find an app that could give the awesome affects just as this one dies but all the ones I have used in the past were not very satisfying!! This one is truly mind blowing i'm honestly wowed by all The creativity!! I cannot wait to go pro and see what all they have to offer I know it will be amazing and I will be completely satisfied! I will definitely be recommending this app to all of my family and friends it is good for somebody who takes a lot of photos and somebody who does not take very many! Truly the greatest

Want your social media pictures to stand out from the rest ?!?. I have used this app for a little over one year now, and I was able to create such amazing stuff even with it being free, that I am now a paying customer. As much as we post and use social media, the cost is very low in order to have outstanding pictures and profiles that stand out from the rest. I have been able to create some truly amazing photos with the click of a button and just using my photo gallery. You can also take your picture right there and it demos you through cool scenes to choose from. I am not by any means a photographer or familiar with using art programs. This application does everything for you with the click of a button. You will not be disappointed. You want to add something fresh to your profiles and stand out, this is the program for you. I 💙it and I know you will too, just try it for free.

A lot of fun. . I’m a creative and don’t like to play games, so all my apps tend to be art apps. This is my kind of “game play” - it relaxes me. I often use this app when winding down for bed. I like to send photos I make of friends and family to them as little surprises and everyone loves them. I have only a couple of suggestions…. One, I’ve been waiting a long time for an update that will allow me to change my profile image and publicly shown name. Will this ever be an option? Other than that, I love the app. I just wish I could update my profile. Please let me know when and how I’ll be able to do that. Thank you. And two, I wish there was just a little more control over some types of filters, like re-positioning props or some type of control over filling in cut off areas of a portrait (like a healing or cloning brush). But all in all the price I pay of twenty dollars annually for this is very much worth it for all the fun it gives me. Thanks for making such a great app.

Photo Lab. Has WOW’d me. I’m type of person that if I see “in-app purchases” or I have to pay in any way for an app., I absolutely look the other way and will not get it, however this app IS WORTH IT!!! Had been searching for a long while for more “umph” & more graphic options not having to do with complete body of picture being revised if I didn’t want it to but by the same token offering me options of creating pictures with terrific frames, text options, etc. This is it! I am not into Facebooking cutesy pics at all but instead advertising. This app excels all others!!!! My advice: get this app - it’s well worth the low monthly fee.

Great app & less than $20 annually!. I absolutely love this app! I’m not a professional and I’m not completely ignorant either. I’m somewhere in between the two... ;o) I’ve been using the free version of this app for at least 6 months and I recently upgraded to the PRO version.. I’m so glad I did! After reading a bunch of reviews tonight, I’ve realized there are things on here I haven’t even discovered yet! Now I’m excited to finish up this review and get back to playing around with some of my pictures. If you like the free version, you’re gonna LOVE the PRO version! :o) I highly recommend this! Oh yeah and even if you can’t afford it, they let you use so many of the features for free so go ahead and download it! You won’t regret it!

Love it!. I love this app! I love to be creative and make things, and I love my cell phone, and this is a mix of both. I only have three wishes. One, I wish that you could see who was liking your photos. Second, I wish there was a way to make your own templates without adobe photoshop. Third, I wish that the people running the app would do a better job at policing it. There are some perverts who leave inappropriate comments on pictures. It’s not all up to the people at photo lab though, because they have a function where you can report and/or delete them. However, I’m not going to take away a star, because this app is amazing overall. I definitely recommend it.

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So far, so good. Only been playing around with it for a couple of hours so far, so far I've been really happy with some of the features, has made some of my worse pictures into awesome ones. Definitely impressed thus far :)

The Best. Just wanted to thank you guys for fixing the glitch that stole my saved, ‘Favourites’… they are all now restored, much to my joy! This App, is still, by far, the best app on the internet to date … Thankyou again!

Fixed price please?. This app is great!! I love it so much. But can you please keep an option to buy the app FOREVER? Not a yearly payment? I’m happy to pay $50 for it, just give us an option to UNLOCK everything for lifetime!! Like watermark, pro etc. PLS

Pretty good!. I like the app, and it has helped me a lot, with editing photos of friends, and family! I think that this “Pro” thing, is very annoying, and sometimes people don’t have the money for that! It isn’t even a pay once thing! Personally, I think they shouldn’t have that. It would be better to maybe get another editing app where you get the WHOLE package. Otherwise; the app works, is good and secure. If you want your kids to have a simple editing app, this is easy to work, but they might ask you for “pro”.

Excellent. I want to purchase this app but I am hesitant as it states 4.99 a month but when I go to purchase it states 7.99 a month so I do not go ahead with it due to the inconsistency of the amount otherwise I can see it would be a great app .

Clever Little Photo Effects Editor. Brilliant and quick. Photolab is great for photos on the fly and inspired. The only thing I’d love to see is better precision control of filters so we transparency and overlay type and strength can be better fine tuned and a lot more gif effects, specially for photos without people in them, would be amaze

Enhancement at its best.. Love the freedom coupled with the simplicity of using this app without the steep learning curve or massive amounts of instructions featured in many other photo apps. Extraordinary results can be achieved without the need to have extensive knowledge or creative skills to a point. Highly recommended. Continuing development very welcome.

Excellent and lots of fun. This app has lots of wonderful effects. It is easy to use and I’ve had lots of fun exploring all the crazy, cute and beautiful pictures I can create.

Even oldies. If I can manage to use this wonderful app at 60years of age - anyone with a little patience and practice can- love to b able to personalise my photos with my own text - thank you

By far the best. This App is amazing, have tried both the Pro and free versions, spectacular results. Amaze your friends with the results. 100% faultless, well constructed, easy to use, no bugs. Well done guys!

Buy this app. This app is amazing the best photo editing app ever like photos are clearer and get this app, the difference between premium and not is just the premium effects are better and more HD but honestly without premium it’s fine it’s amazing not lying

Best Photoshop app. Nothing to worry just get this app I assure you, you'll love it. I was not paid to say this and i normally don't write reviews but this is so far the best and i just felt injustice to not write even a review on such a great brilliant marvelous app no words to describe such a great app keep tje good work up and for those who r in dilemma to get this, i suggest your life is a waste if u don't try this !!!

:). Photo lab is a great app I recommend this app to anyone but the annoying thing is that the app bothers you the whole time you are using it, it says BUY VIP and it is really annoying other than that this app is really cool and it is probably one of the best photo apps I have ever used.🤩

Really pleased. This app is actually very good, as a lot of the filters can be used for free and very few meed a subscription to use. Although most of the results were horrifying it was fun to use 10/10

#SelfieEditor. I absolutely love this app!! It’s makes me feel and look even more beautiful!! I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true after all I am spending my valuable time to write a review, I’m in love with it and u will be too!!!!!!!! Get this app now, you will regret it if ya don’t!!!! It’s sick and sooooo cool❤️❤️❤️☺️💙💚💚💚🖤🖤🖤😂☺️🥜😘🎃🍌💜😙🍌☺️💋😘😀🤣😁☺️😛☺️😌😛

Really Nice App. I have only just purchased the pro version of this app just today and am really enjoying the fact that I can now edit on the go. Awesome!

Brilliant results. Five stars out of five for a really easy to use piece of software, that gives fantastic results in a few seconds. I have heaps of fun playing around with it. Keep up the good work please. I love it! 😊💖💖💖💖

This app is the best!. I love making the photos because on Easter and Christmas I can send them to family and friends!

Great app. I recommend this app for people who like photography. It’s really cool with lots of great effects. The one thing I think could be improved would be the loading time. Every time you want to see an effect on a photo it takes quite a long time to load. But overall super good!

Amazing app!. This is amazing! Even without pro you can use so many colourful and good quality styles. I love it so much thank you. The only thing you should change is the pro thing. Because not everyone has money to pay for it. Overall it's really good.

I’m IN LOVE!!!. So like once I saw this app on my Mum’s phone and I was like’that looks really cool. Then she was like, well you can get it if you like. I was like, ok. And I started talking photos and using the backgrounds and cool affects. I insantly fell in love. Even though I’m a nine year old kid. Thanks for the app. Keep it up!!!✊🏿✊🏿

NOT another a Photo App! 🧞‍♂️. Photo Lab is a Grand Production of EPIC Proportions! Absolutely THE MOST CREATIVE photo app you can own. Feel free to delete every other photo manipulation app as Photo Lab is the only one you need. BEFORE USING A PHOTO IN PHOTO LAB MAKE SURE YOU'VE DONE ALL YOUR EDITS LIKE LIGHTING AND/OR FACE TUNING. After that: GO AND FINISH YOUR PIC IN PHOTO LAB - THE CREATIVITY OPPORTUNITIES AND THE READY TO USE TEMPLATES ARE ENDLESS! So, whether you want a bit of a spruce-up, a full-on makeover or a fantasy extravaganza?..PHOTO LAB is the ONLY APP YOU'LL NEED TO USE! And the best part? Most of the hard work is done for you; Just pick your pic 😜 and wait 10-30 seconds for PHOTO LAB to create the magic! Save direct to your camera roll or share instantly to all the main social platforms. In one word, #PhotoLab is: MAGIC Just try it! You'll see 🧚🏻‍♀️

Photo Lab. I enjoy this app as l can play around with my photos and make them so much more enjoyable for others to look at . It’s fun and also relaxing in an odd way as it takes your mind to the photoshoot in the design you choose

So frustrating. Hey so I downloaded this thinking it would be good, that was not the case. I would enter a photo it would then would ask me if I wanted the free trial and then load for 10 minutes and then the filter would never load. I hope you fix this thanks for your time 😶

Good but, Has a bug in it.. It is good and everything but ever since the iOS 14 update it has glitches in it where if you want to pick a photo from your gallery it stays on a loading screen.

Good but needs improving. Giving the app 3 stars because a lot of the time the app says a face is not detected even though there is a face visible in the photo looking at the camera there is other times the advertised designed doesn’t do what it is showing what I mean by this it will show a cartoon in the background of your picture but when you add your picture and when the picture downloads the cartoon picture that is advertised in the design is not even in the photo at all the app also doesn’t allow you to add your animals

Pretty Good. I do love the app but I am still having problems with text automatically making itself smaller. I am also finding that some things you have made can sometimes download and it could be blurry and should not be.

Cant even open the app since last update total waste of money. Fix the app it doesn’t even open since your last update waste of money paying for this app always has major bugs and more times than not you can’t use it Don’t come at me with your stock answer to delete the app and reinstall cause I’ve done that every time there is a glitch and it NEVER WORKS

Love this app 😎👍🏻. Best editing app ever. Does everything flawlessly and has no problems. Making any picture look so professional and beautiful

The only app I use now. I love photos. People constantly think I have a gift because if the awesomeness of this app. I have other apps some I got with my computer I never even open them. BEST CREATIVE PHOTO APP

Good app but sneaky attempt to install a data mining keyboard. Just updated the app and it tried several times to get me to install a data mining keyboard that you don’t need. Read the fine print and it admits the keyboard will record everything you type. Apple should ban this. Oh and the endless attempts to sign you up on a free trial that will cost you per month if you don’t cancel within 3 days. you Actually the app has some good effects. If the developers just offered a pro version instead of trying to steal data it would be much better. And developers ... please don’t respond saying these things are optional .... you know perfectly well the app is configured to attempt to fool users into paying or breaching their own privacy.

Creative but so slow. I paid for pro because apparently it would process the photos faster but no, still so slow. It’s got great photo effects, better than any other app I’ve tried but half the time I give up using it because it takes too long for the effect to be applied. I have the ipad pro (2018), the enlight photo apps work better and faster but this app has more effects/filters.

Really good!!!. LOVE IT. Really great effects, creative ideas, and it has made so many of my photos look aMaZiNg! Only thing is, I find the constant ads for pro version really annoying. If I wanted it I would have got it! I think it’s a bit too expensive though. A yearly cost is a bit too fair, especially being $15 or so. If it was $10 when downloading and nothing else, I would definitely get it!!! Otherwise, great app, I love it, please make some changes, but keep up the good work!!

Excellent. Beautiful effects and stunning categories and options. Very easy to work with, user friendly.

The friend and family. Man this so good I love the effects is animated videos,Icould even send them to my friends and family and when I grow up with kids I will show them my pictures

Best photo mod app ever !. This app is simply awesome , easy to use and the results are simply outstanding every time This is my favourite app ever since I bought my first iPhone - And my first iPhone was the first iPhone model when it first became available -that’s how much I love this app

Quick and Easy. I needed a quick photo edit and this one was so easy to use. Thank you for making it available.

Easy to use and lots of templates. User friendly app with many templates and good search options

Great app, works and in app purchases are reasonable. I've used photo lab for about 3 years and yet still amazes me with some of the effects, I love it.

Best Photo App Ever. This has been one of the best apps I have ever used. I downloaded it several years ago and it’s my go to app when I need to do some marketing for work.

Looks good need more time to evaluate. Just get this App then with 30 minutes I am being asked to give a star to evaluate, yes I have had a play and it looks good but annoyed that the Pro option keeps popping up, I would like to know how to turn that off.

Brilliant. Some fantastic backgrounds and easy to use. Be careful where you click if you want it to remain free but also worth paying for if you like it.

Good. At first I didn’t know how to use it, but then throughout the past weeks i learned about it and I’m in love with it now! I love wolfs and I found a whole of one that makes ur face half world and half of yours! I’m in love with it I definitely recommend trying it and I AM REALLLLLL :D!!!

Fab App. I really love this App and use it frequently. There is a great variety to choose from without having to upgrade to PRO. Love how I can enhance and transform my profile pics!

Great app. Just love this app but only use it for free because I can’t afford to pay for it but I still get some nice images 😊

Great!. Love the app and their different effects, and background options. You have to have a blank background for effects to do its thing for majority not all effects. You can’t adjust the effect or move it around to where you want it to go. I find it hard to just have a simple effect like I LOVE the smoke looking effect but just that is already enough but it comes with its extra effects, yes it looks great but I like some of my edits simple. Maybe an option to cut around the main area you want to use would be handy or even a draft of it to see where it’ll go before saving would be great too. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Love. Love this app , I think it needs a masking program added to it so you can remove stuff you don't want in ur photos

Fantastic. I’m so in love with this app. I love all the different types of filters. & the graphics makes my pics pop in a way I thought I could never get them. 110% would tell others about it ☺️✌🏾.

Review. Pro version is annoying, as you have to pay for it, and adds for it pop up everywhere on the app. Personally, I would like Photo Lab better without pro, and having everything without paying.

Hours of staring at your screen SMILING. Fun application for all of your favourite photos! Manipulate & enhance your favourite albums... Cartoon filters are a win, making for good pics with the kidlets & besties!! Add a point of difference to your photo books (that’s what I initially trialled it for!!) but got carried away & now subscribe to it monthly. Overall, very easy to use the only downside is that’s it’s so entertaining & you’ll lose hours but gain some really fun memories 💓👌

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So many Ads. So many add popping

Best. This is the best app ever

Grosseur. Pour 3 jours j’ai du payer 20$ et je ne peux pas annuler mon abonnement . En un mot vous êtes des crosseurs

J’adore 🥰. Bonne application!

Useless. Misleading.. I installed it. Used it for about 2 minutes, not impressed, nothing great. The next day I started it and up comes a screen forcing me to sign up and purchase after a 3 day trial. This is not a free version as you are led to believe in the App Store. And I wouldn’t call a 3 day trial a trial at all. Look around, there’s butter software out there. NOT RECOMMENDED. UPDATE: This is NOT free. All I get when I start the app is a full screen soliciting me to sign up for a 3 day trial. Misleading developer.

Confusing. Hard to follow the steps

The most amazing app I like. The queen of all apps

Unsubscription default. I unsubscribed within 24h an got billed anyway ☹️☹️☹️

Great app. I really like that there are SO many options to choose from and such a wonderful variety. very fun app 👍🏻 highly recommended

Nice job with photo lab today and my pic became more smooth. Beautiful day

ARRASSING ,CONSTANTLY PUSHING FOR ‘PRO’. Waist of time and energy, since they impose pages and pages of publicity. Shame on marketing team !

Je ne peux m’en passer !. Tellement de filtres et tellement de nouveautés chaque mois qu’il n’y plus de limite, sauf votre imagination !

Love love this app. Cool app

Am against transformation concept. Great invention& fun to see the result. But I I don’t like the work transformation in this generation. Teens Need to be careful.

My Edits. Yes! I enjoy editing my photos with this app. And our friends...enjoy receiving them...all made up!...with a cute touch! And thank you for adding more backgrounds! They give a special touch to my edits! I Another choice I really appreciate…is having the option to retouch MORE THAN JUST ONE PERSON per edit. ( eg. Having the option to edit a COUPLE, side by side ). Keep up your good work, Valeda 🌸

Excellent. Excellent entertainment

It’s great. Great app

Best App. Fun and easy to use

Love the app. Love the app and the photos turn out so awesome

Leanna. Yes

Don’t like it. Photolab now won’t let me use it until I sign up for a 3 day free trial after which I will automatically be billed 4.99/mo. This marketing scheme does not sit well with me, and so I have deleted the app. My life will be absolutely fine without it. And it forces me to give at least a one star rating! ZERO STAR .

Go ahead guys it’s worth it. 👌🏻✌️

Trop de pub. Demande trop souvent de passer au mode payant.

Freeze!!!. The app itself is interesting but will be freeze everytime when the photo generated. Wondering is this happening in PURPOSE!

Racist content!. I’ve really been enjoying this app having a lot of fun playing around with the different affects. I really disliked one of the filters in particular tho and found it very racist! I would love to give it a higher rate but I can’t biased in the fact of the racist filter I came across. Native Americans are not a filter you can use we are please and have rights I as an Native American felt very hurt and violated in a sense when I seen that in this app. No sacred part of any culture Native American or other should be put on any plat form as something t glamorize for the whole world to use. Use some common sense and curtesy next time.

Love it. Always fun

👍🥰. 👍🥰

Merveilleux. Je suis accroc, j’adore faire des montages.

5 star. Thaanks! my google profile picture is lit up now!

Great app. I am very impressed by the quality of the puctures it deliver. I am an Artist I made rough sketches then try on this app and then I deside weather to go ahead on that artwork on not. time saer and helps me to explore my creativity on different level. 5 stars for sure.

I love this app. Its cery good and beautiful thanks whi ever did it ❤️

Photolab. Having fun with this app

i’m sure it’s great. free to DOWNLOAD the app. You have to PAY to actually use it. just a heads up.

Love this app!. Don’t regret getting this app!

i love it. the best app Ever

5 stars. Love the app. Easily makes beautiful 🌸 moments even more beautiful!!🌸

Amazing art. I just love transforming my pics with this app. Easy and fun to use.

Photo lab not operational. It is hard to review when Cloudflare is glitching and all your efforts to edit pictures comes to a halt so I really hope the notice “ try again in couple of minutes” have some validity because it has been couple of hours and I still could not process even a single picture . Upsetting and annoying

My thoughts on Photo lab. This app is dope....period!!!

Love it. It makes my day

Weekly charge way more then listed.. I was going to purchase but the price was over $10 per week. Not what the in app purchases say and not what the write up says. I hate misleading or lying advertising.

Pretty Good. Overall it's a good app. I was able to make some cool Selena Gomez edits with it. Good Job 👍🏻

Mr Bob. Great

Best app ever. Love this app and all the options Thank u

Love making angels. Easy to use. I help people by turning their loved ones that have passed into angels. So many to choose. My fav app

The best app. One of the best quick edit photo app, simple fast and result oriented ✌️

It’s Fun!. This technology brings some fun on my free time! 😁👍

Amazing. So I wish they would let you watch a video every time to remove the watermark for free, so far it looks like you can do it Once a day, but I mean the $6 a month may be a rip off but the yearly price is $12 so for the cost of 2 months you get a year, and the free effects are so good, I can only imagine how awesome some of the pro effects are going to look on my photos, I will most likely buy a year subscription when I get my pay cheque

Absurd. $10 per week is just absurd. There are not that many interesting options on this app even if you pay, expect not getting bombarded by ads every second. Monthly would be understandable. And also give people using this app for free great results, you give us ads every second stop being greedy .

Probably the best. Pastes your face better than the run of the mill photo filters. It does match your skin tone to the pic and they will add some make up. It will also contour your face to make you look like a model but ofcourse the outcome is never your original face.. just like how models would be in a photoshoot. This is good if you are really prepping yourself for a big hair change. Most of the pic data base is for looong slender people. So sometimes your face just doesn’t fit. There are other people putting their self-made filters in but it’s not as good as an ai. Have fun while you still can! Negative is that it crashes so much!!! I will eventually uninstall it. And the ads are very heavy, but that’s normal for what they can perform for you.

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Girlfriend thinks I’m so talented. She is constantly amazed at the pictures I edit of her she thinks I am just very talented because of my art background. While it easy to use by using combinations others use if you spend enough time you’ll learn to add and create effects on your own. Just a tip, when pasting people onto different backgrounds use additional filters to blend the 2 images and Masterpiece works well for this. Also use multiple borders to create cool picture frames.

The Best $9.99 You Will EVER Spend!. This App is beyond amazing! As a photographer and Digital Imager it blows my mind that with one simple click I can achieve incredible, high quality results that would’ve taken me hours on the computer. It is by far the best $10 you will ever spend! Its 1 o’clock in the morning and I need to get to bed but find it so difficult to pull myself away from this app. The options are endless and my brain is spinning with creativity! Thank You developers:))

♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🏆♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️. This is The Best App I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. If you like to change up your pictures and be artistic with them. And you want an app to give you endless options of ways to change your photos that are better than you could ever have imagined doing, and you want all this Awesomeness with just a push of a button, sit back, kick your feet up and your picture is finished .....then here’s your app. I cannot believe how easy it. Instant Gratification at its best‼️ Rock on Photo Lab!

Great app!. Hey! First, I'd like to mention that this app isn't just for giggling teenage girls and also not exclusively for women. Even if you aren't huge into the whole selfie thing, this app can be a lot of fun. You can edit any sort of photo, and a lot of times I'll take a horrible picture of myself and simply play around with all of the filters and such. There are a few things you need a premium access for, which is slightly annoying, like the watermark, but usually you can watch a short ad and get rid of it. Worth the download for sure.

I love you but. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love your app. I update it every chance I get however, I’ve been noticing that in the last month all the cartoons look the same. Maybe a different color. My main concern is that when I pay for an app, I expect to be able to use it. It has constantly been getting stuck when trying to save and it’s a pain to have to wait 5-10 hours before being able to get back in. Other than that, I love you guys. And I don’t know who to contact about that. Yeah a waist of my money. I want my money back. There’s NO VARIETY OR CHOICES, kinda childlike.

Amazing. I love my photolab only thing I would change is instructions how to use the smart filters because sometimes trying to figure it out is discouraging. It’s my fun time and it has been since I stopped drinking alcohol. Happy Easter thank you and God bless!🥰 I so have a big issue though. When the smart Barbie filter things I am a man and I can’t change it. Absolutely ridiculous like it doesn’t know my face or pictures.

Really good Application!. It’s got quite a bit of creative opportunity going on here! I do personal photography and mygoshh there’s really no way to have a bad photo come out! As a matter of fact,It’s not a bad idea to throw a crappy selfie in there for example... you may really dig it after you play with it! I’m unable 2 get in-app purchases or go pro, but even with out those...It’s a Bummer that some have cool options but only a few UNLESS you purchase them. That’s totally Bogus lol! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️THUMBS UP👍Cheers 🍻 to the maker of many options for pics AND because many R free! Thats very kind! Please keep the good stuff coming, listen to the reviews and kindly get notifications for them and simply respond! It’s so helpful when someone really likes the app but has a question or suggestion and someone actually responds within the day! ~This app is a great choice ~ Thank you ☺️

App-So-Riffic!. Awesome app to make basic photos spectacular! Features to make someone’s day even more special❤️ Making lasting memories! Making pictures worth a thousand words❤️Making ordinary pics amazing!!! Absolutely makes the “best gift ever” for any occasion😉 Always Making someone’s day brighter with this creative app!! Bringing smiles to all! Offers amazing pics for all❤️Great app of all!! Various selections to make a common picture unique 😉❤️100 % satisfaction!! A definite must!! My all time favorite app❤️

Love it but…. There’s way to many adds! You can have adds I understand that but you don’t have to have them every single dang time we make a image! It’s not going to get me to pay it’s going to make me uninstall but other then that I love this app! Just wish it would give us a break with the adds here and there! when I first started this I had no adds to deal with but now I have tons! 😭 but I’m still giving 5 stars cuz other then that it’s a great app!! 😍

No free trial!. This used to be my favorite app until the free trials started NOT working!! Every time I try to do one they take my money immediately. Apple refuses to give my money back because I’m supposedly NOT ELIGIBLE! How am I not eleugbke when it was a free trial. You didn’t wait three days to take my money, you took it immediately which oilseed me off. I have sent emails before to whomever the developer is and never got a response. This app is great other than the free trials not working. Im just saying you need to get they fixed. Until then, I’m giving you bad reviews everything it takes my money and Apple won’t refund it. FIX YOUR FREE TRIALS PEOPLE!! IT CAN’T BE TOO HARD. After that you will be my favorite app again. 😁

Great app with amazing backgrounds. I love this app. I love how you can take a picture and enhance it with a beautiful background. Very easy to use, great backgrounds, good effects you can add if you like. I really enjoy using this app and I haven’t found one that could top it! The only thing is the placement of the logo on the pictures. Sometimes it’s up to far in the picture. It should be down lower so it won’t cut off some of the words that are on some of the backgrounds. But other than that, Great job!

OMG IM IN LOVE. So I just started an aesthetic account on instagram (it’s aestheticgurl7) and I wanted a picture editor for my picture and videos so I found this I did not expect it to be this good it’s so easy I just pick what I want and the picture I want to use and press done and it does it for me I can edit it if I want and it’s amazing there so many choices and there all amazing!!! I wish I could give a higher rating than 5 stars I would give this a 100/5 stars it’s so good I would definitely recommend getting this!!!! ❤️❤️

”Picture” Purrfect.. Sorry about the cat pun... Anyway, this app allows you in many ways to express your picture’s feelings to make it perfect, just how you want it. It also includes some features like watermarks that I wish didn't hold me back from enjoying the picture instantly, but ”Pro” is one of the main ways that Photo Lab earns money, and from my opinion... I think they deserve it, great job Photo Lab developers for making such an interesting and somewhat satisfying app to improve the style of the world, the people within it, and their adventures.

Great app great price. It doesn’t do everything like add editing features. I’d love some plain color backgrounds so I can make items I wanna sell look cool. But all in all I’ve created some really great pictures with this app. Also at $9.99 a year it’s well worth it. Once you figure out what’s going on like with the added features you’ll be hooked. You can keep adding looks to one picture for really cool outcomes. I’d say it’s worth it to the photo junkie who likes to edit lots of photos. I’m happy with it.

Cool app but..... This app is super cool, but if you have an iPhone SE buyer beware. It is super resource intensive and your iPhone starts to overheat after a few hours, and it will also slow down all your apps. You won’t be able to do anything on your phone- like opening browsers or check Twitter or Facebook. Shutting the phone down, and restarting it again is not good enough. The only way to get your phone back to normal is to not only delete the app, but also to delete any of the photos in local storage you have manipulated using the app. Yikes! I know, buts that’s how you do it. I had copies of the photos in iCloud so that removed the sting. Again super satisfied with the app in terms of its photo features. I was able to do some super cool stuff with my boring photos. But the price on your phone is not worth it!

Love love love. I have been using it for years now I loved it when it first came out and it just keeps getting better each year thank you so much for making this app If you’re using this and you have an imagination the possibilities are endless update: after all these years I finally upgraded to the Pro version which was money well spent I only wish I would’ve done it sooner Thank you for all your great service Photo Lab

Wow.... Just installed this, grabbed a few pics from my roll to see if it’s worth all the hype... Now, I’m thinking about buying it... Omgoddess!!! It is wonderful! Simple, one click and it takes beautiful pics and adds a good effect to it. Still trying to figure out all the options once you select an effect, REALLY hope there’s an ability to ‘move’ or ‘select’ an area of the pic to apply the effect to. Even if there’s not, it’s still wonderful! But I wouldn’t hesitate to buy if there was that ability.

Frustrated. Thank you for your response. I have fixed my issue and am happy with the app. The only reason that I’m leaving it at a 4 star is because i feel the answer to my issue should have been an FAQ. I can’t use it?! Why!? I continue to get three dots when it is looking at my camera roll. I get it - I have to allow it to see my photos. Well I would if it would ask me! Can’t find instructions, no faq’s, no contact us. It’s like getting a recording when contacting someone for help. Basic faqs would help.

Amazing results. I love this app! You can make absolutely gorgeous Photos! I cannot say enough good about it. I actually just bought the subscription because I loved it so much, and it’s only about $10 a year. Totally worth it! If I had one complaint, there are a couple of overlays that only can be used on face portraits. I wish they could be used on any portrait. My photos are mostly of my pets, not selfie’s. But that is just A small part of the app, just a small annoyance. Otherwise it is absolutely awesome app!

Somewhat deceiving. Most all the photos seem to of models head shots and full body staged photos. Not the type of photos in my camera roll or probably yours. I can’t seem to take a good selfie either. That being said I am figuring out the back ground filters work the best for the photos I have. I like those very much! All the stylized head shots filters don’t work on my photos. My eyes are never opened enough and they accent the smile lines around my mouth. So I don’t have great results. In fact they are less flattering than the original photos

I think I'm not the target audience. On my desktop I'm an avid user of Topaz Labs products for photo editing, and there is an unmistakable similarity (in some cases, equivalency) between many of this app's effects and those available from Topaz. I was thrilled- until I realized the effects are all - or-nothing. You can't mask out parts of your image or reduce the opacity of the effects. If you just want a quick fun result, that's fine. One can't expect more from a free app. But you will very seldom get a quality result from a one-tap image manipulation unless you get lucky enough to start with a photo that has the perfect hues, values, edge contrast, etc for the effect to work with. Bottom line for me is that I'm too particular about getting quality artifact-free results to be satisfied with filters that can only be applied to an entire image at 100% strength, but if you have no pretentions about producing Serious Art, this is a very fun and sophisticated app. Warning- when you save an image, the app puts a Photolab watermark on it. That alone made me knock a star off the rating. Very infuriating.

Enough Good Effects to Make App Worth Downloading. There are a handful of really good special effects but a couple of things make applying the special effects cumbersome. Lots of pop ups trying to get you to pay for the Pro Version and the majority of special effects are too much like the others. I don’t know how many I saw that it was snowing the background- just like 15 others. The app is worth downloading for the handful of really good choices and only if pop ups don’t drive you nuts. I would love to see more unique special effects added to this app. I would spring for Pro Version if that happened.

❤️. As a individual that has been into photography and effects/filters for 15+ years I absolutely love this app. It gives you many features without the premium purchase which is a great plus. I am trying the free trial for the 3 days given which gives you even more but the app itself is BOMB. Give ordinary photos life! I only wish the trial was longer because with all the choices I pretty much have to go through several a day to see if I want to purchase it. More than likely I wont because the time given is kinda short! Either way great app

Amazing App!!. I don’t normally write reviews and I’m a 55 -year-old woman who is still learning the App world. This is so easy to use and has the most amazing filters!!! I’m going to print photos of my grandchildren,myself,my kids and pets.I will be getting the paid app so it’s all available to me. I plan to make photos for gifts and myself. I just can’t say enough good about this app because it’s so simple to use and has soo many mind-blowing filters... its just wonderful!!!! Thank you so much. 😃💯

Hard to Figure Out. So, I purchased this app expecting it to be that “amazing” photo-editing app that I never had. However, it’s not as great as it seems. It’s almost like a social media platform, which is cool and all, but it’s not convenient and overall just unnecessary. It’s very difficult to navigate, and actually getting to the part where you edit a picture is always a struggle. It’s very time consuming to actually get the edit you want. It has cool filters and all, but not worth the time and energy it takes to edit a photo. I’m rating this a 3/5 because of its difficulty to navigate and the fact that it’s too crowded and its lack of simplicity.

Artistic and fun with professional looking immediate results!. I’m a 65yr old female self taught artist and photo op freak ! I have so much fun playing around with this app . I have always received compliments on my photos but the ones that have received the most are from this app above all others . I probably have more than 12 types of photography apps and have enjoyed them but this is my favorite by far ! Thank you to the developer/developers 💜

I recommend but I also don’t. It’s ok but when I tried to search up three people it didn’t work because almost all the filters you can’t fit three people in it’s only like one person or two I can’t say if I recommend or not because if you want some filters they’re not on it but you can find some really cool filters so I would recommend it but maybe try not searching up so much stuff because not everything would come up for me

Photo app 🤘🏻. I have been enjoying the photo lab app tremendously. I’ve been taking photos from my past (when I felt young and beautiful) and have revamped them. They look fresh and of my children are exciting and bizarre in just the right way. Photo lab is a good thing to use when I have the time and i need some creativity. I highly recommend this application. I think the price is fair for pro ...thank you very much photo lab .The only thing I would request is more puzzle pieces in the name of autism awareness ....thank you very much

Fun!. One of my favorite ways to wile away the hours during quarantine and beyond. I have hundreds of pictures to play with and I do. From scary and creepy, to hilarious or cute. It’s really easy. You can save your masterpieces, put them on social media, or just laugh and move on. I would advise people to use this app. I have and they do. If nothing else, just change your backgrounds to be in far away lands, or just a clean solid backdrop. It’s too fun. I have been enjoying it for a couple years now.

Any features/benefits aren’t worth billing and subscriptions fraud and nightmares. Stay clear.. Apple refuses to explained what the basis of their decision is that justifies their conspiracy to illegally charge me for services I did not order or receive any usage of. Apple should ban this vendor for its terminating seven day trials in one day and billing weekly twice the monthly charges. Apple senior App Store person refused to provide her name of job title so I could file a complaint as she directed me too. Then she hung up on me.. software uses vagueness to lure you into subscriptions at outrageous amounts of $32 for four weeks, and fails to remove these charges even after I had Re cancelled subscription. Any beneficial use of the actual software is tsunami-d by this horrible marketing and billing frauds.

Awesome app but.... WAIT! —I tried 4 times yesterday after update & was not given the option & just tried again after rating (below) & I can again remove the water mark! Love this! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Awesome app but...SO sorry I did this last update! You did away with the option of watching a short video to remove the watermark! I would have no problem with you making a tag in a frame, but the water mark ruins the photos! PLEASE rethink this & change with the next update!

My review. This is one of the best app's I ever bought. And even the free addition gives you so many of other photos to choose. I have had this app for years, and every time I get a new phone I make sure to put my app on it. That's another great feature, you can carry on to your next phone. It's well worth the money every month wonderful photo quality and so many different ones to choose from. You won't be disappointed.... Tracy

It’s the best!!!. I love this app it’s so cool and it helps me with all kinds of backgrounds I want!! The only problem is if you want to be a pro you have to pay, but if you don’t want to go pro, like me, there are hundreds of cool filters that don’t require money!! Also another tip is if you want to remove the water logo you either have to go pro, or if you keep clicking it and wait you can watch adds to remove the water mark. If you are looking for an app that has cool filters and helps you with cool background you want, than this is truly the app you want!!

Tons of options. This app is fun, easy to use, and has so many options. Some features are locked because I have not subscribed. Despite only having limited access, there are still so many choices and you can save the pics to your camera. I don’t love all the ads and being asked to sign up with every filter selected. The pics take about 30 seconds to upload which isn’t long but seems like it because social media filters are instantaneous. I will definitely do the free trial and possibly subscribe.

Awesome. "Editor"? Should be "Creator". This is an amazing app that I have only scratched the surface of. The options are also dizzying. In fact, that may be one of my only critiques is that there are so many options that the app needs to help me stay organized on the techniques and tweaks that I like etc. also, I suggest having a stand-alone account. One that isn't tied to instagram or Facebook. I'd like to be able to save favorites etc without notifying zuckerburg et al. Can't say enough positive things though, and I am not one that typically would enjoy an app like this.

Amazing!. I bought the year subscription and the $20 is so worth it. So many awesome and creative things to do with my photos! It seems like the possibilities are endless. I feel like I could spend hours on here and still not have time to explore all of the options for photo editing, different ways to post to social media, stories, designing my own effects, etc. This is the best app that I've ever spent $ on.

Lots of fun even if you’re not a pro. I’m not a professional photographer by any means, but I still enjoy the heck out of this app! It can turn an at least half way decently taken pic and make it look amazing 🤩... I don’t take enough pics to need the subscription, but if I did I would definitely find it useful I’m sure... but even the free w/ads content is more than enough to keep me coming back and even leave a review which I rarely do cuz I find leaving them tedious 😬

Great app!. This app is amazing. You can instantly add amazing effects to your photos that make them look like you’ve spent hours tweaking and tuning in photoshop. My only complaint is that many of the filters have a lot of trouble working with regular, every day photos. If you have shadowy spots or in some cases depending on the color of your hair or clothing, the filters don’t properly define boundaries and the photo is incorrectly processed. It would be nice if there was some sort of selection tool in the event that a part of your hair or body is cut off when it shouldn’t be.

Variety galore. Worth it. I’ve always loved the variety you guys have had. When my Mom passed we were devastated. I found a way on this app to blend a picture of my mom into a picture on a staircase leading to Heaven from this app. It turned out so beautifully. It really brought my sisters and myself some peace. I put on the picture the date that she left us as the date of a new birthday for her now in Heaven. It didn’t cost me a dime to do it either. You can get a water mark removed just for watching a 30 sec video. God bless. 🙏

Brilliant.. I love it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve downloaded apps similar to this and been disappointed either the outcome or connection, or selections. This one nails it. So many to choose from, I love how most of them turn out the only issue I have with some of them that have flowers as the backgrounds tend to cut off our heads when I put me and a friend. So we come out looking like parts of our head or miss thing other than that the quality is great the gifs are cool, works fast. Thanks for creating this I can’t wait to see what else you got

I’d give it 5 stars if..... I would of given it 5 stars. I really enjoy the app and it’s features, I’ve used it quite a bit. But because I use it free and haven’t gone Pro, it hounds you constantly to go Pro! It’s absolutely annoying! But I put up with. It just hounds you non stop to go Pro, having to tap the upgrade adds away multiple times each time I do each picture. It gets old fast when you’re trying out different filters to find the one you like, so it’s hounding you multiple times each and every single time. And even though I have rated it, it hounds me to rate the app all the time too.

Everyone can now be a graphics guru with Photo Lab.. As a past go-to artist for companies like Apple, SuperMac and NASA, I am humbled by the scope and power of this app. It stands out because of both power and ease of use. You are guided, effortlessly, through the entire process, while sampling endless variations of styles and themes, you build masterpieces of Selfie Love while having fun the entire time. I’m happy to relax with my espresso and let the power of auto-ingenuity replace my old-school ways.

Great app and upgrade worth $ but.... Super easy and brilliant to let developers add and share filters. To be a real goto tool they need one simple adjustment- fo be able to save/sort favorite filters for users to return to - it’s a bit disorganized by ‘type or categories’ and frustrating when you find a good one that you want to find later. Otherwise an amazing value and great app for creating works of art in a click or two. Big fan and can’t wait for more customized settings which will get it a 5 star update from me.

This App Is The Best..but.... This is by far the best photo app I have ever used! Even without the pro version, the app is so cool! I recommend pro because it is off the hook. One complaint that I have that I hope the developer can fix! When i tap on the ‘go pro’ button, i checked out the details. but when i was done with it, there was no X button! I had to restart the app and lose my edits and work!! I was very upset so i hope that maybe you can add a way to X out of the ad! Accidentally tapping and having to restart is NOT FUN. Otherwise, this app is amazing and i love it!

Great app, doesn’t need to violate your privacy. When you create great looking images in this app, they push you to share, then they remove the photo from your account, ensuring you can never log in again and remove it basically violating all of your privacy. Sad part is, they don’t need to do this. The product is really good. Doesn’t have to be so slimy with that sex offender vibe. Also never create an account. They will deny it shortly, facebook, email, google, or apple. That’s how they work their slimy magic. Just keep yourself a good 10 ft away from telling them anything, and you can make some amazing photos with this app. Truly amazing, and a good view of what the future of AI has to bring

Photolab not loading correctly. Please fix your app because for some reason it says “internet required” and nothing is loading right for me and my internet is working perfectly fine and I’ve even reinstalled it twice seeing if that would work but nothing is working so please fix Photolab because I’ve always enjoyed using the app and loved it and I never had an issue with it until now.

This app is great, but;. I have really curly hair, And when I go to put an effect where you have the outline, it always gets the background in it, or the hair cuts out at strange angles. I know there’s not much you have do about it, but could you make the outline tool easier to use, the line almost never goes where I intended, and I spent half an hour trying to make a Fourth of July ecard. Another problem I have is my arms, they’re super skinny, and sometimes the app cuts them out in outlined “filters” Also, it would be nice if for fingers, there wasn’t just a squiggled line going up halfway.

The absolute BEST!. I have been looking for an app that does what photo lab does and I couldn’t find one! It’s basically impossible! Photo lab has stunning effects and worked with my brother and his friends Halloween costumes with a mask on! I don’t know how this app found out that that was a human because no other app could! This app is amazing and I recommend it by a lot! I also don’t take selfies basically at all! I use this for fun photos with my friends or edits or whatever but not for selfies!

Photo lab is my favorite photo editing app!!!!. I love this photo editing application. There’s so many different options to filter your pictures and create many different professional looking photographs… I really love the variety of ways you can change your photographs, like adding text, creating a ketches or drawing of photos, adding different filters, and even making them move!This app is easy and anyone can make beautiful and original photos!

Fun app!. This app is really fun and man can I get creative with my photos. The downside is the MANY ads and promotions for their premium version, yet at the same time I get it. Most apps have ads and they want to make money. Understandable. They are easy to close out of and get back to editing. I absolutely LOVE and appreciate the option to watch an ad to remove the watermark, because not all apps offer that. TONS of free filters, my gosh I could play around for hours.....which I have 😬. A fun and very creative community to explore. I recommend. 😁👍

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Language English
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Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 3.12.11
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

Photo Lab Editor: AI Filter (Versiyon 3.12.11) Install & Download

The application Photo Lab Editor: AI Filter was published in the category Photo & Video on 10 June 2011, Friday and was developed by VicMan LLC [Developer ID: 441457221]. This program file size is 135.81 MB. This app has been rated by 179,865 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Photo Lab Editor: AI Filter - Photo & Video app posted on 18 April 2024, Thursday current version is 3.12.11 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Photo Lab Editor: AI Filter App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

There are three things we can watch forever: fire burning, water falling, our users enjoying our effects. By the way there are a bunch of new ones in this update ;)

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