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Train your ears to recognize boosts and cuts in frequency and take your mixes, recordings and productions to the next level with Quiztones EQ ear training for audio engineers, producers and musicians.

Quiztones uses tones and frequency-altered noise and musical loops (including source material from your own music library) to train your ears so you can intuitively identify frequency boosts, cuts and changes in level and develop more acute listening, EQ and frequency recognition skills.

Quiztones will...

• Improve your mixing, recording and EQ'ing chops
• Sharpen your ears and frequency recognition skills
• Help you achieve clarity in your mixes and recordings
• Develop an intuition for which frequencies to boost or cut
• Learn how to identify and remove problematic frequencies
• Help you identify and eliminate PA system feedback for live sound
• Remove the need to sweep for frequencies in a mix
• Help you get cleaner mixes by learning to use EQ like a pro

Quiztones cleverly uses quizzes to guide you through various training exercises, and lets you track your progress with a built-in score log.

Each EQ quiz includes four trainers:

• Easy frequency boost (+10 dB)
• Hard frequency boost (+5 dB)
• Hard frequency cut (-10 dB)
• Expert frequency boost (+5 dB – 1/3 octave)


• iTunes/Music Library
• Tones
• Pink Noise
• Piano
• Drums
• Strings
• Strings 2
• Orchestra
• Electric Bass
• Upright Bass
• Female Vocals
• Electric Guitar
• Acoustic Guitar

Each gain level comparison quiz includes two difficulty levels.


"Turns out, this app offers everything offered in that Berklee class of mine… in an app!"

- Damian Erskine, No Treble

“The Quiztones app is far and away the best app I've purchased. It's an incredible tool for all audio engineers and musicians ... My mixing has improved by leaps and bounds after just a few weeks with Quiztones.”

- Austin McAllister

A professional Audio Engineer of 10 years, I've come across many ear training devices, blind tests, and software. This app is TOPS! Highly recommended! The developers are serious about what they do. You will not be disappointed!

- Joel Avery


Why We Created Quiztones EQ Ear Training Apps ...

We thought there should be an easier way to learn how to use EQ, train your ears and expedite the path to getting professional quality mixes, recordings and productions.

When I was at music school ten years ago studying audio engineering and music production, my teacher turned an iMac around, pulled up an EQ in Pro Tools and started quizzing the class on which audio frequencies he was boosting or cutting in a mix. That's when it hit me — this should be an app, with various difficulty levels, a scoring system and the ability to import your own source material for quizzes that will teach you how to use EQ like a pro.

Fast forward to today — 50k app downloads later — and we're still just as excited to keep evolving Quiztones to help you take the quality of your mixes, recordings and productions to the next level.

Quiztones: EQ Ear Training App Description & Overview

The applications Quiztones: EQ Ear Training was published in the category Music on 2011-05-31 and was developed by The Pro Audio Files. The file size is 36.51 MB. The current version is 2.0.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

New Feature: EQ Practice Mode! Tap a frequency and use the controls at the bottom to become familiar with the EQ boosts and cuts before starting a quiz.

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Quiztones: EQ Ear Training Reviews


Couldn’t use Apple Music library  BGFirefighter  1 star

Tried this and nearly all of the songs in my library couldn’t be used because they’re DRM-protected. Also started in the middle of the song and looped like 10 seconds. I can’t do anything with 10 seconds of banjo!


Great app...but  japanmoran  4 star

Why won’t the app work in landscape on iPad? And the layout of quizzes seems counterproductive. Start with easy on top and work down to more difficult? A few other things make it seem very unpolished for such an established app.

Mr_poopyHead _281

Not fully accessible for the blind  Mr_poopyHead _281  1 star

It’s a good concept, but it is not fully accessible for blind users. It does not describe what the buttons are, it does not let you choose an answer, it does not let you choose a song from your library, it doesn’t even read you what the question is. It’s kind of confusing to navigate as well. Please make it accessible, if not give me my money back! And I’ll go ahead and let other blind users not to purchase this app. I would definitely change my review if it gets updated and becomes accessible.


Partial functionality  audiogbee  2 star

EQ option will not open my Apple Music files.


NO CHANGE IN EQ  TonyNiEvans  3 star

I don’t know what it is but I seriously could not hear the 10db boost in any of the quizzes. And I’m not crazy because I took the same piece of music and went to logic and boosted the same frequency up by 10 dB and it was an OBVIOUS boost but in the app the EQ boost was not there. If this is a bug then please fix it soon because I’m wasting my money. Edit: I didn’t realize you had to toggle the on and off switch. You know if you could put that in as a message before the quiz started that would be great.


Universal Purchase option would make it 5 stars  MojitoMan14  4 star

If there was an option to have an upgrade path to both the OS X and iOS version, this app would be 5 stars and more. Also a tone generator would be awesome, especially if there were multiple waveforms.


Excellent for Audio Students!  TorkDork  5 star

I’m currently in school taking recording classes and we are supposed to be using the Golden Ears training program to study frequencies etc. That program is way too expensive for me and I can’t book studio time just to practice this. This app has been invaluable for identifying frequencies and pink noise/music EQ cut and boosts. Super happy with my purchase!


Good app for ear training for audio engineering  Nickname84737  4 star

I wish this app had a way to track progress. I would have given it 5-stars if it had a way to track progress.


Quiztones will help your mixes!  Thetoyboxstudio  5 star

I love the fact that I can stream this app to my car stereo and study various eq choices to improve my mixes. I make final decisions in the car for my mixes. This app helps me better understand what those decisions will sound like. Definitely worth it!


Trained me up well!  MarkBvllock  5 star

This app helped me become MUCH faster with EQ, and helped me know with greater precision what I'm hearing all around .


Love the new design  Camsy345  4 star

Really sleek new look, and the new icon immediately caught my eye. As for the app itself, it's helpful for me to keep myself familiar with identifying frequencies. It'd be cool if the app recorded high scores and progress.


Eq with own music doesn't work  15555515  1 star

Pretty much the main reason I paid the money for this app...


not working on iOS 8  TristanDL  1 star

the ability to choose your own songs no longer works making it next to useless! please fix as i need my quiztone fix!


Quiztones  joshuagoble  5 star

Great app for anyone who wants to get better at mixing.


Excellent  Sheaj13  5 star

This app is great. With good studio headphones you get accurate sound witch tests your ears well to learn frequencies from sign waves to instruments and vox. This is a must have for any sound technician and the like.


Nice Work!  Wizardbingo  5 star

Fantastic! I cant believe no one has reviewed this??? I'm dying for you guys to bring out some dynamic compression drills as well:-)


An essential tool for the musically curious.  $0ngwriter  5 star

This is a great tool, especially for students. Train those ears!


Useful  ryanalvarado  4 star

Great way to put names (or numbers) to audio frequencies. Helps me communicate with other audio engineers.


Almost  Friarcunningham  2 star

Great potential. Buggy (some sounds fail to play), and wants more money after initial purchase. Boost and cut recognition tests are good. Check back in 6 months - hopefully will develop further.

Cam Goody

Great App  Cam Goody  5 star

The quizzes using songs from your own music is especially dope


Misleading  Mac-the-Knife  1 star

I purchased it but it only came with one level not the multiple levels shown in the description. Seems you have to pay more to get anything useful. Way overpriced!


Not for professionals.  Electricstache  3 star

I feel like more can be gained with a signal generator (free ones available) and a 31 band EQ. Good for the novice trying to get a start though.


Great app to improve and practice but it doesn't teach you  Rayato  4 star

Read Matthew's review below on which I agree too! That and some basic guide lines or tutorials would be nice like the qualities of boosting and cutting certain frequencies so that u can have a point of reference if Ur a beginner instead of a hit or miss approach. That and adding a range limiter so u can practice a certain octave would make this app a juggernaut. But I'm still happy as hell with my puchase.


Awesome app  SlinkyLuv  5 star

Thank you Jesus for this app!!!!! I have been learning to record for some years with Logic Pro and hillbillyin stuff together and made a lot of progress. This app, if I will just use it, will put me in over the top on making decisions about mixes before I turn knobs. Very smart app, and priceless in my opinion for exercising my ears. Well done and thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel Matthew

Awesome tool for ear training...  Daniel Matthew  4 star

I love this app. It's almost perfect. The only thing that it lacks is the option to be tested on specific frequencies. For example you can't limit the quizzes to say, 1k-4k. So for a beginner, it's difficult to dial in on the differences in close octaves and can be frustrating at times to keep missing something because you can't limit your practice to specific octaves only. Other than that, this app is incredible. 5 stars if they add the option to limit quizzes to specific ranges.


Helpful  tjcart2  5 star

This has been one of the more helpful tools in learning frequencies. Buying the pro package is great idea if you have trouble EQing instruments. They also have a version to buy in the App Store for Mac that's great.

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