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Please note: The multi-cam feature shown at the Apple Keynote event is not yet available in FiLMiC Pro and will be coming soon.

FiLMiC Pro v6 is the most advanced cinema video camera for mobile. Ever. FiLMiC Pro has been enhanced with cutting-edge capabilities and the most responsive manual filming app available on iPhone and iPad

A multi-time iOS Video Camera App of the Year, FiLMiC Pro has been used in more high profile video projects by award winning directors than any other video app:

Unsane & High Flying Bird by Steven Soderbergh
Tangerine by Sean Baker
Detour by Michel Gondry
Snow Steam Iron by Zack Snyder
Three Minutes by Peter Chan
Olivia Wilde - No Love Like Yours
Claude Lelouch - The Best Years of a Life (Premiere Cannes 2019)

FiLMiC Pro provides filmmakers, newscasters, teachers, vloggers, artists and musicians with the capability to shoot in a true LOG gamma curve (included in the Cinematographer Kit optional in-app purchase). LOG V2 allows for greater tonal range and flexibility in post production by expanding dynamic range by up to 2.5 extra stops and setting the iPhone’s capabilities on par with camera equipment such as dslr costing thousands more. †

v6 Banner Features:
•Dual arc slider controls for manual focus and exposure adjustments.
•Live analytics suite including Zebra Stripes, Clipping, False Color and Focus Peaking. (A8 processor or newer required).
• Ramped zoom rocker control.
• Waveform monitor including tri-mode histogram.
• White balance adjustment matrix with predefined and custom presets.
• Content Management System for project file naming.
• FiLMiC Sync integration to store preset data in the cloud and share between devices.

• Batch upload to supported share targets.
• Gamma curve controls for Natural, Dynamic, Flat and LOGv2. †
• Live shadow and highlight adjustments. †
• Live RGB, saturation and vibrance adjustments. †

(† Available as an optional purchase for iPhones with an A9 or newer processor and iPads with an A10X or newer processor. Limited to 30fps at 4k and 60fps at 1080p)

Foundation Features:
• Standard, manual and hybrid shooting modes. A shooting style for any skill level.
• Apple Watch support for remote start/stop and live video preview.
• Vertical and landscape shooting orientations.
• Variable speed zoom.
• Sync audio frame rates of 24, 25, 30, 48 50 and 60 fps.
• High speed frame rates of 60,120, 240 fps (hardware dependent).
• Slow and fast motion FX.
• Configurable time lapse recording.
• Tri-mode histogram, including waveform monitor. (A7 processor devices and newer)

• Downsampling to multiple size/resolutions.
• Customizable saved shooting presets.
• Aspect ratio framing guide overlays.
• Thirds guide for composition.
• Image stabilization.
• Support for FiLMiC Remote. FiLMiC Remote allows you to control an iOS device running FiLMiC Pro with a second device running FiLMiC Remote.

Full manual controls with pull capabilities for:
Exposure-ISO-Shutter Speed-Focus-Zoom

Up to a dozen different resolutions and aspect ratios including:
• HD Widescreen (16:9)
• Super 35 (2.39:1)
• Letterbox (2.20:1)
• Digital Cinema Initiative (17:9)
• Standard Definition (4:3)
• Ultra Panavision (2.76:1)
• Square (1:1)

Share your video through any iOS share-capable apps like: Facebook, DropBox, SanDisk iXpand, FTP

4 Flexible encoding options to balance between quality and file size:
• FiLMiC Extreme (offers up to 140Mbps encoding at 4K on latest gen devices)
• FiLMiC Quality
• Apple Standard
• Economy

3rd Party Hardware Support:
• Moondog Labs Anamorphic Lens (2.40:1)
• 35mm lens adapters
• Horizontal image flip
• Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal
•Movi Cinema Robot gimbal
• WD Wireless Passport Pro
• DJI OSMO Mobile 1 & 2 gimbals

Advanced Audio Features:
• Multiple audio formats: AAC, AIFF or PCM
• 44.1 * 48kHz sample rates
• Headphone monitoring
• Dynamic audio meter
• Adjustable input gain

• Support for external microphone levels

***Not all features available on older devices.

FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera App Description & Overview

The applications FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera was published in the category Photo & Video on 2011-05-15 and was developed by FiLMiC Inc. This application file size is 95.70 MB. FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera current version is 6.10.3 and works well on IOS 11.1 and high versions.

v6.10.3 includes performance optimizations and under the hood improvements and is recommended for all users.

Be sure to check out our new photo app FiLMiC Firstlight. We think you will love it! Pre-order your FREE download now and be one of the first to get it on the November 8th release date.

If you have any questions, suggestions or findings please contact us at [email protected]

FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera App Tips, Tricks and Rules

FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera Comments & Reviews

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mkrigsman   1 star

Don’t Buy Filmic Pro.. I have experienced random crashes and instances of audio that stops recording after a few seconds without warning. In addition, the Remote product is not reliable for users on new iPhones. Support tells me they are aware of this yet they still sell Remote without any warnings that it does not always work. These problems are absolutely unacceptable in software where bugs means you have to redo your recordings. Far better to use the standard iOS camera app to record video. I’m addition, support is terrible. Until the company fixes its problems, I urge you to avoid this product like the plague.

:((((c   1 star

Don’t buy this!. This app does not do what it stated it would do during the Apple Keynote! However if you purchase about $30 more you can purchase the tools to do exactly what they showed in the keynote! That was some good baiting they did!

Sammy77381   4 star

I Like It, But Needs Some Updating. I got this app at the same time I got my iPhone 11 Pro Max and the DJI Osmo Mobile 3. As of this writing, the app doesn’t fully utilize the capabilities of either. No multi-camera support yet, no support for the iPhone’s ultra wide lens and, although there is a slider for the DJI Osmo Mobile, it must be for an older version of the stabilizer. Do I regret getting Filmic? No, but it wish it would catch up with the hardware I use.

robinchee   4 star

DJI mobile 3 support. Will there be support for dji mobile 3? I believe currently it only supports dji mobile 2.

ChalacaBrava   1 star

Scammed. I bought this app for some personal projects. I paid 20$ to use all the features as it advertised. When I go to the cam settings to level the brightness or saturation it says i have to pay 13.99$ WTH!!! FilmPro find out what is going on with my subscription other wise refund me.

Marco[:   1 star

Minor annoying problems. 2 WEEKS LATER AND STILL NO UPDATE ON THE FLICKERING EXPOSURE? Why do I even bother supporting you guys at this point?

Perfect reviewer   1 star

iPhone 11 pro hype was fake. All the hype with this app in September and nothing transpired with the 3 lens system on iPhone 11 pro.

Jamel Hamilton   4 star

Nice app, but footage is noisy. I like the app but the footage is noisy in low light situations.

David1246785   2 star

Disappointed. Sorely disappointed that in a world where apps showcase ground breaking features and boom... 9 weeks later. Nothing to show for it. I love filmmicpro but this kind of gap allow alot of conpetition to step in and fill their shoes.

Desertqueen8   1 star

Very disappointing. The audio quality of my videos are so bad, no matter how much I change and use different settings for the audio, I use nic mic on my iPhone and I had zero problems in the past with iPhone video camera and ProCam app. I wasted 15$ on this good for nothing app. Back to ProCam

sepirioth   1 star

Until they update what they promised, 1 star. Big showcase at the iPhone event, yet still nothing. Will update when the multicam actually exists.

Sonofnone808   4 star

Dji Osmo mobile 3. Love this app. It works well with the dji osmo mobile 2, but not yet the mobile 3. Can you guys please get on this?

kkay2000   2 star

Firstlight first impression. Disappointed that many touted features are ‘premium’ & required a subscription.

WordBooty   1 star

Latest update crashes on X running 13.1.3. Great update guys. Took the update yesterday and attempted to use the app last night. It launched to a black screen. Today, it crashed immediately after launching.

Zohal   1 star

Audio is gone. Audio is missing. Garbage app.

Fritznyc12345   1 star

Don’t buy. Feature shown on Apple keynote not available

TheBoiNamedHam   4 star

DJI osmo 3. This app is great. It gives me much more control over my video than I would with the stock camera app. However I would like to know if it will be able to support the new DJI osmo 3. I know that it supports 1, and 2. But I can’t get it to work with the osmo 3. Is there support in the works?

Andrés Sánchez   1 star

Features missing. I am disappointed and I actually regret buying this app. The multi-cam feature was a great sell at Apples keynote, but after over a month, still missing from the app. That’s literally misleading advertising. I am sure the company has enjoyed the boost after the keynote but you need to be accountable for showing things that doesn’t exist, and selling them as they do. I honestly think Apple should penalize FilmicPro at least here in the AppStore.

Jarvis 89   2 star

double charged (they made me pay two times). I'd gotten double charged for a payment of $14.99 & $13.99🤯. Can someone from customer service reach out to me to resolve this issue

Malsum   1 star

Bait n’ switch. Why charge an extra $14 for more features? Is it going to cost more to access the new features in the upcoming update. 🙄

Tugwaugh   1 star

Don’t buy the latest version. App is buggy and scammy. Most features don’t work as advertised. Be prepared to continue paying more on regular basis.

GillArcade   3 star

Amazing but not for Osmo Mobile 3. Extremely excited about the new iPhone 11 lens features but I really hope the update comes with compatibility for the Osmo mobile 3. That would make capturing video on the go so much easier together

I'm ashamed   4 star

Very nice app, but a few bugs and issues - WON'T FAMILY SHARE. One of the main reasons I purchased this and the remote was for the remote. I cannot always be behind the camera and I have not decided which gimble to get - although that won't change the fact that I can't always be behind the camera. The remote app works... Almost. There are camera controls missing such as the zoom slider, and focus & exposure settings do not carry over from camera control to remote - they need to be reset each time. Other controls are also missing in remote app. Also, the documentation and tutorials show connecting camera and remote via peer to peer but doesn't work. Filmic never shows up as a WiFi point even when paired with Bluetooth. I'm not happy that I'm going to have to pay more just for white balancing, and other very basic color adjustments. File transfer is very limited. They say using iTunes is the easiest and fastest, but I refuse to use iTunes. It is without a doubt the crappiest piece of software ever written. I should know since I started writing code in 1983 and have a software engineering degree. It's not even good enough for government work - which says a lot in consultant speak. Other than that, I am very happy with everything else and am looking forward to iPhone 11 support. I forgot, we have multiple iOS devices and I family share with brother but cannot share camera or remote. Trying to just brings me to the app store and wants me to purchase again. THIS IS A BIG FREAKING DEAL AND IF NOT FIXED OR RESPONDED TO BY SUPPORT I WILL DOWNGRADE RATING TO 2, CHANGE MY REVIEW, AND INFORM APPLE STORE.

Brian Alex Clark   1 star

Sound doesn't sync. Can't use this for any serious amount of time. Every time I film a podcast (the last one being 1hr 20 mins) the audio starts synced but by the end is SERIOUSLY unsynced. Thankfully I was recording separate audio, but this is ridiculous

Mr. Glibb   4 star

Slow to Update to Latest Gimbals. The app already works with DJI OSMO Mobile 2. Why does it take so long to update the app to work with the latest version?

Aadhimellow   4 star

240fps log support. Please provide log comparability for 120 and 240fps videos

plazau   1 star

Not as good as it looks. First off I’m new at doing videos and I figured why not start with the best software, I mean come on, even Apple had you in their keynote. Well nothing from the keynote that happened months ago is even available yet. I’m sure when it is, it’ll be another charge. 15$ for the app, another charge to use everything in the app, and most likely another charge to do what they showed in the keynote. They just nickel and dime you and don’t give you half of what promises. I believe this is going to be just like real photoshop..... shown off and never delivered.

cduncanll   3 star

Gimbal Compatibility?!. Filmic gives an option to film with the Osmo; I think that to be under thought considering the fact that enough people who run Filmic Pro are also using external lenses and cages for their cell phones. I feel like the Ronin S and Crane 2 should have been more obvious choices. This is a 5 Star app if you aren’t looking for gimbal compatibility

Hieu C Pham 2   2 star

Not well update. It doesn’t support for my dji osmo 3!!!

RYOkEkEN   1 star

Where’s my negative review? Support website show insecure connection. The support website is not even secure as per Safari AND It still overpriced by at least 20 dollars

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RobMac12   1 star

Not recommended. Dont waste your money on this app its useless the multicam is not supported I downloaded a muti cam app for free and that app supports multi cam extremely dissapointed

diijfjeiekdkd   4 star

Connection error - DJI osmo mobile 2. Why I can’t connect this app to DJI osmo mobile 2??

ChrisBoar   5 star

A great video app. Just purchased this due to the integration with Zhiyun smooth 4 gimbal. The video recording capabilities are excellent but I can’t believe I can’t take a simple photo via the app. For those of us who are casual users who want to use this on vacation, taking photos would be a nice function without having to drop out of the app. The Zhiyun video app does it.

budulay1989   5 star

Update. please add slow motion! Thank you very much

Galton Celestin   1 star

LOST ALLMY FILES. Since the last update for IOS 13 the app doesn’t save my video not even in photos.. I’ve lost a full shoot because this issue! I want a refund!

Ceccano eXpress   4 star

Idea for future advancement. Once you have the multi camera feature working have you thought about making it record only on a specific amount of storage space. This could then be used as a dash cam as well as a great video recording tool and if you made an easy save feature for all cameras and it starts looping again then you would really have a multi use application. I like the functionality now, can’t wait for the multi camera capability!

Mjshsb   1 star

No double camera angle. I saw a video on YouTube of a YouTuber recording the selfie camera and the ultra wide camera at the same time. The only reason I bought this is for that and I’m really upset after I found out it’s fake

meximas123   1 star

Bought this thinking it would work with my Osmo Mobile 3. Does not work with the Osmo Mobile 3. Record and trigger buttons do nothing.

Atelier Ritz   5 star

Inarguably the best filming app for your iPhone. I’m not a filmmaker of any sort but I am already quite satisfied with what this app offers me. The most useful features for me (compared with the native app) is that: - aspect ratio presets, FPS up to 240 for slow motions, and higher bitrate - select from one of the three built-in microphones as audio input - manual focus, ISO control, shutter speed - audio level meter (especially when you use an external mic you want to have optimal level and make sure no clipping occurs) - integration with most phone gimbals on the market Here are some new features I’m expecting to have in the future: - integration with osmo mobile 3 (I believe this is on the list because they support previous osmo series) - support for stereo recording using iPhone’s built-in stereo microphone (as far as I know, iPhone hasn’t released stereo recording API for third-party developers yet so you can’t use them in Filmic pro at the moment) Also, people who wants to shoot in log mode needs to pay another $20 CAD to unlock the feature. I will try color grading sometime in the future and update the review. Thanks to developers of Filmic pro who makes filming on the phone possible and fun! Good work!

sandersonlindsay   5 star

Tops!. Love the control and versatility of this app! The new version featuring multi-cam shown during Apple’s September iPhone event looks awesome!

icehat   5 star

Great. Had a little problem with audio but the developers were quick to answer and help out. Great app.

ClassyDeadpool5   5 star

A Must Have. Seriously, this is a must have for mobile filmmakers all over the world, this product is flawless

H. Rodrigues   3 star

DJI OSMO Mobile 3. Is doesn’t to be fully compatible with the mew DJI OSMO Mobile 3. I can’t lock into the sport mode for example. Hope it will solved soon.

fundypan   5 star

Simply the best. As soon as you realize the tremendous range of control and the simplicity of operation then it becomes self evident that FiLMiC Pro is THE best choice for video on iOS. I appreciate how the app continues to advance and provides integration for many 3rd party add-ons, such as the Shure MV88 stereo microphone.

wanderborn   5 star

Totally my fault .... ... and makes only vertical clips. Not a bad innovation. Somehow accidentally I locked my phone to portrait only. The camera ui would rotate, but Filmic would stay vertical.

Eric_Moff   5 star

Réactif. Il est très réactif précis, je vais l’essayer avec mon ZHIYUN Smooth 4

blefevre0979   1 star

Always crashing. On paper this app is very cool, but the issue is the app always crashes when I use it. It starts recording and then it crashes most of the time. It is very annoying especially because it is an expensive app. I thought the issue would have been resolved over time, but I still have the same problems despite the updates...

jerhodgs   5 star

FilMic-Pro App. I love this app!!! I have begun filming on my iPhone more and more, and this app gives me the creative controls that I need. These are controls usually only found on larger DSLR’s and large format film cameras!!! The quality is second to none. From time lapses to full on videos you can do almost anything with this app!!! Thanks FilMic-Pro!!!

Presidential32   5 star

The best film making app in existence!. Thank you for making an app that allows me to bring my videography to a whole new level through the use of my iOS device. I am finding Filmic Pro to be extremely feature-rich with amazing functionality. And it works with my DJI Osmo Mobile and with my Moondog Labs anamorphic lens to boot! I couldn't be more satisfied and I am very happy I purchased this app! Totally worth the Price and more!

Element Eight   2 star

Not Worth the Money. This app is a complete ripoff. The basic tools can be found elsewhere and the only tools I actually did want are hidden behind another pay wall. I spent over $40 for an app that adds basic focus functionality and fancy dials. The one thing I wanted was log and even that is just a fake log curve since the app doesn't have access to the raw camera output; the shadows are going to be noisy regardless. Don't even get me started on the remote app disconnecting and completely horrendous UI. Two stars because they marketed the app well enough to make me waste my money on it.

frankmtl1114   3 star

Having problem with de-squeeze and osmo2. Got a lot of vlogers introduce this app to shot film on iPhone, and compare with the original camera app this one do give a lot of manual option to make better video. I have problem when de-squeeze film shot by anamorphic lens, app crush if I choose more than one footage , and it keep crushing unless I reboot iPhone. Another complain is the in app purchase, basically this app is pricey and only for film, you can’t shot photos like the osmo2 app, and with that price you still charge extra 20 for full function. For a 46.99 total price and the performance I think this app only worth a 3 stars.

Eugeneandlynn   1 star

Can’t save the video anywhere.. I can’t share or save the video I took. It won’t save to photos, Dropbox or other locations. I can’t highlight the video (select it). To save or share. iOS 12.4.4 It’s the pro version.

buyselltrade79   1 star

Billed twice for this app. Why did I get charge 2 times for the app??

shaha113   1 star

Refund me. After buying it by mistake within 20 mins i mailed for refund.. but its been 10 days nearly... refund me or else Im gonna complain to apple support team about ur awful service

Brody2Real   1 star

Have lost so many moments due to this app. Not worth the memories not captured. If I would have used the regular camera app I would not have missed very key moments I wish I had captured. A joke really.

ryan hochstein   2 star

Didn’t get purchase. I bought the app and then bought the additional things you can buy on the left hand side where the AWB is and it took money from me but I didn’t get them unlocked. Please fix this

Chillyournut   1 star

What the hell. The app completely freezes after 6 minutes of recording filmic extreme at 4K 30 with the new log v2. Completely ruined my concert recording. I have 480gb go of free space, so no I didn’t run out of space on my XS.

Alienware-51   5 star

Videography on the go! ... Fix bug!!!. This is just the type of app I have been looking for to do any and all my videography on the fly. I can’t always carry around my video gear, so this is great for those moments. I have been using this app for the past few upgrades. However the last upgrade is not locking the orientation, very frustrating, please fix this!!! Other then that, I love this app. keep up the great work and “please fix the orientation issue”!. ... I’m using a iPhone 7plus. Cheers!

jamie brave   3 star

I FiLMiC Pro colour flat. Why do I have to pay $13.99 when I just spent $23 on the app to get different shades of colour

jody1111   2 star

Trying to buy Cinematographers kit?. I just bought the app, tried to purchase the in app cinematographers kit but won’t let me? How do I purchase? 2 Stars until a I can do this.

Advertorial    5 star

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Aussieniks   5 star

A must buy app for your videos. Updated review: You cannot live without this app if you love shooting videos with your phone. Especially when the developer is so proactive to review each feedback and respond. Thanks to the developer for getting back to me. I had some issues using it on iPhone 11, however it is all working well.

Bizura Saruma   4 star

Amazing app but doesn’t support active tracking. Filmic pro is a very nice app. Unlike iPhone’s default camera settings, you can do manual settings in Filmic pro you like and record raw videos and later can edit in advance softwares like Premiere pro. But it doesn’t support active tracking like in DJI Mimo. So, I would like to provide feedback to the developers team to add this functionality so that users can have amazing extra feature and don’t need to think any other app to shoot videos.

Sevrink   4 star

Great App!. I love this app. It really pushes phone cameras to a pro level. It would be nice if you could add compatibility for the DJI Osmo Mibile 3.

TropicalF   3 star

Great app but slightly disappointed. I am loving this app! The thing that disappoints me is that I have to pay another $20 for logs when I already paid $20 for the app. The prices should be cheaper or the cinematographer kit for free.

VH-ALX   1 star

Disappointed does not work with DJI Osmo 3!. My initial excitement for this app has turned to massive disappointment in the fact that it does not support the Osmo 3. After reading further down on your preview statement in the App Store, you do state that you support Osmo 1 & 2. Unfortunately you do not make it clear that currently you do not support the Osmo 3. It is the only reason I purchased the app. Hopefully you will address support for the Osmo 3 soon.

241195   4 star

Great app! However. Fantastic app, I have linked my Dji Osmo Mobile 3 but I cant seem to use the zoom function?

백골드쥬세연   5 star

Please Refund. Before I bought this app, I saw $22.99 Australian dollars, but I don't know why the payment was $37.98. I want the rest of the money refunded.

BlueDoorsstudio   1 star

Bait and switch. Bit of a bait and switch. Pay $13 for the app. Then have to in app purchase another $13 to make it usable for film makers. No wide angle lens support on iPhone 11 pro - yet. Now whilst the update they talked about in the iPhone 11 event isn’t due yet; but will this be yet another in app purchase to unlock?!

video explorer   3 star

How do you edit videos?. I bought this app last week and see no editing features. There is an online tutorial on editing videos but the app does not support it. Where are your video editing features hiding?

GlobalBullReviewer   5 star

I’d give it 6 stars if I could!. Fantastic app and now they’ve added support for Movi Cinema Robot this app has really gone to the next level if functionality and film making creativity, with the latest update id give it 6 stars if I could! For any budding mobile film maker out there do yourself a favour and get this app, the in app purchase for the cinematographers kit is also well worth the money, go for it!

Shadowflay   5 star

A great app!. We use this app in conjunction with an iPhone 6s Plus to document a micro dairy construction. I have a 5D Mk3. Filmic is fantastic and I seldom use the 5D. I can barley fault the app. There could be a little better integration of the screen rotation feature so it works properly once viewing clips. If you haven’t rotated the screen back at the video screen it stays in that orientation. But serious, this is a fantastic app. Highly recommended.

LRW in Camperdown   5 star

Great app now even better!. Filmic pro has been my go to app for a while now, but it was niggly with respect for the Movi gimbal. Hardware support always felt half baked. But with 6.9 we have the integration with the Movi and its superb. Have been playing with it this morning and cannot wait to actually get outside and do something! The integration appears to take stuff straight from the Movi App (modes, window, tilt/roll, support for the D Pad etc). Have tested the basics so far record button, speed and love it. Well done Filmic!

Van merkos   1 star

Lose quality after export to camera roll. I recorded 4K and when I save it to camera roll it be comes 1080 . Doesn’t support well the zhiyun smooth 4 , doesn’t work the tracking mode. And many many more, I think I lost my money.

Blake Hilgers   4 star

Great app but (developer please respond). I bought this app it’s really good, the best on the market but when I opened the app I saw that I had to pay another $22 I thought that’s what the first $22 I payed this would be a perfect app if you could remove it and for $22 its not very important to upgrade anyway it’s just annoying please fix this and make the best mobile filming app on the market 🙏

Sean ordinary   1 star

PLEASE READ DEVS. Guys, fantastic app really. One addition would solve so many problems for me. The white balance always reverts back to AWB even if saved in a global preset! Please make it a saveable setting that persists after program is restarted(like every dslr camera behaves) or at the very least saveable to a preset where it does not reset to AWB(auto white balance). I realise it can be set each time but that is time consuming and easy to forget when you need to shoot something quickly, fixing a rapidly changing white balance in post is a nightmare. Once fixed my review will go back to five stars.

BuffetBoy   3 star

Buggy now. Films upside down when in lock horizontally mode. Just about every startup ends with a ridiculous twist and shake action to re- correct the orientation.

radio1069   4 star

Can u show us which mobiles is compatible for the Log2 mode, including iso and andro. Can u show us which mobiles is compatible for the Log2 mode, including iso and andro ? Cheers!

KateDee   5 star

Great app — Needs DJI Osmo Pocket capability. Only thing that’d make this app better would be compatibility with the new DJI Osmo Pocket and better compatibility with the Røde SC6-L Interview Kit.

Iron   4 star

Amazing functionality.. This app has amazing functionality and the manual settings for focus and aperture are awesome once you figure it all out. It does take some practice. I would love integration for the Kaiser Bass XS3 gimbal. This would make Filmic Pro my absolute primary app for shooting video.

Peterkoevari   1 star

Extremely buggy on iPhone X. Just bought this as it came highly recommended. Nice functionality in controls. Continually crashes on playing back of videos, and many times doesn’t capture audio. It has also completely rendered my iPhone frozen after crashing on playback, twice now. Please fix how horribly unstable this app is and I would rate it highly. It’s not a cheap product, with such huge bugs.

michael XAM 16   2 star

FiLMicPro. Does not move past 1st screen re camera,photo request,why,thanx,function v useless,why,does it happen often,on iPhone 8+,ipadPro 10,5 as well,why,thanx,please respond,thanx,Michael

Xenarzio   5 star

Very good!. This app is very good! It gets the job done and has lots of customisation. Really impressed with this app. 10/10

Bodenciao   2 star

App actually cost $29.98. Knew about Filmic Pro 2 years ago but finally purchased it as I’ve watch reviews of it over the years and just got the iPhone X’s max. While trying to dial all the settings the colour profile is locked and require an additional $14.99. Seriously? It’s like one of the most expensive app already but gotta pay twice for what you would’ve expected to have it included in the first place. Wish I can get a refund.

jykuser   2 star

Stabilisation bug. It seems to be one of the great filming app. Although There is a bug when using stabilisation. When the stabilisation is turned on, the screen goes all green. It may not happen to everyone but it’s happening with my new iPhone Xs. When I delete and reinstall the app, it looks fine for mins and then same green screen covers the whole screen.

RemekTek   5 star

THE best video App - must RE-install for iPhone XS/XMax. FilmicPro is THE go-to app for any serious iOS videographer. IMPORTANT: if migrating from previous iOS device to the iPhone XS or XMax, you should delete the FilmicPro app and re-download and install, so that it goes through the installation process and sets up for the new hardware correctly. Simply migrating to the new phone means that this vital step is bypassed and you have the old device’s setup copied to the new hardware, which will cause a crash. FilmicPro, also doesn’t seem to trigger the App Store update feature at the moment, so you are advised to manually go to the App Store and look up FilmicPro, which will the offer the Update (assuming you have already bought it, of course). FilmicPro converts your iOS device to be on par with high end video cameras - feature wise. If you have a top spec iOS device like an iPhone 8 or X then you will have a truly amazingly capable camera in your pocket, with full manual control and colour scopes and automated focus pull. Really quite amazing. Adding Filmic Remote adds even more features. I won’t repeat everything that is already on the web, but encourage you to look at the YouTube videos. I am sure that this product will not disappoint, and I highly recommend it. Would like to give it 6 Stars!

RalphSegismar   2 star

App Crashes. App crashes on the new iPhone Xs Max

Swamiji1008   5 star

Filmicpro. I purchased this app twice, one for me and a friend. My plan was to use it with 2 x iPhone Xs coupled with 2 x Senheiser EW100 G3 transmitter lapel mic systems. It was a total washout and failed miserably. I contacted FilmicPro over this and their answer did not resolve the issue. When I informed them of this I got no further replies. So I am annoyed and frustrated since this app is supposed to work seamlessly with the iPhone X. So no stars as a review until they take this seriously and fix it. UPDATE: My sincere thanks to Filmicpro. Since writing the above they have fixed the issue entirely and now I am very happy with this app. It works superbly.

B Clements   5 star

Pro from top to bottom. Everything you need to get the job done!

wojt33   5 star

Best app for making movies on your iPhone.. I have tried 5 other apps, this one suits my needs best. Nice to be able to have flat color profiles (full version) to do color correction in post. The level of control over settings is great. Editing capabilities are very good, it’s possible to adjust many settings of a recorded video before downloading it to the computer. Rendering is fast. It’s easy to use, but because if so many functions, it’s best to watch few tutorials on YouTube to save yourself time figuring it out, and not to miss some of the best features.

Surya the pedant   5 star

Powerful app. FiLMiC Pro is an amazing app. It’s complex and takes time and practice to learn, but the time is well spent. Getting your head around this app and its functions opens a world of control and precision. The tutorial videos on YouTube are amazingly helpful.

Opne Laxzngr   1 star

literally just a camera. why can’t I use all four cameras like apple said I could???? 0 stars. might as well use the default camera app. GEMI is already out (with simultaneous camera-recording) and is FREE

gkcphsgofoxhpgosgk   1 star

Someone please help!. I’m trying to use the Osmo Mobile 3 gimbal with this app. It claims to be fully compatible. But after I pair it in the Filmic Pro app, the buttons still do not do anything. I am doing this wirelessly btw. Do I need to plug it in? Please help me so I can give this app a good rating.

SteveG_SR20SG   1 star

App crash and lags. Downloaded just today on a iPhone 11 Pro Max, crashed more than 3 times. When in settings and rotating the screen it will turn black and crash. Paid for a buggy app.

Cobmicster   1 star

False advertisement. This app is frustrating. I just want to record 2 videos at the same time with my IPhone 11 Pro, like Apple said I’ll be able to but it not working. I paid $15 for a app I’ll rarely use all because I was under the impression I’ll be able to record two videos simultaneously. It’s all a scandal!

BB92647   4 star

My default app. Despite it having a few glitches (if the video doesn’t show up in your camera roll, it may still be in the internal Filmic roll) it’s still the app I return to for my long music video shoots. The fact I can change the temperature and especially have audio levels is what keeps me coming back. Plus, it seems fairly stable.

ImNoelle   5 star

The Absolute Best. Buy it. Learn it. Love it.. I’ve been using this for over two years as well as Filmic Remote. Filmed two 6 hour art courses which require a lot of detail. I did not have a video camera but had my iPhone 7 Plus. I got a hold of this app and took the time to read the downloadable pdf manual. (Which it looks like from reviews, a lot do not do). This is an intensive app, of course you need to learn all about it and how it works with YOUR version iPhone. All iPhone models do not have the same cameras. It’s not the apps fault if you do not have the same ones as my iPhone 7plus or now, my iPhone 11 Pro Max. My first course I filmed using Filmic Remote open on my iPad Pro and it was seamless and allowed me to view what I was filming at all times. Ridiculously simple. This time I was wearing my Apple Watch and was able to stop, pause and start video. Even seeing the video frame. Mercy. This is awesome. I cannot wait for the update after Keynote. iPhone 11 Pro Max has me at the cameras, but combined with what Filmic is bringing.... 🤗💯. When I’ve needed support, they have been right with me every step. Literally keeping an ongoing thread with in hour or so if emailing. Sticking with me till solution was met. Those that complain simply are not learning and or listening. Dang, what we have in our pockets with this app and our iPhones. Thanks Filmic!! Loved seeing you all on the keynote stage. You deserved it!

Jay laxen   2 star

Osmo mobile 3. -You have to buy the log V2 or flat in-app purchase. -The app heats up my iPhone X so badly. -Also it doesn’t support Osmo Mobile 3. -You can not film with flat or logs above 30fps, please fix this issues, it’s so bad.

Dtron72501   1 star

This app crashes every time. When I try and give it permission to use audio it crashes every time, so I can’t even get past the first page. I’m using an iPhone XR. I am very disappointed after spending $15 not to even be able to use the application.

ACone30   1 star

Money pit not user friendly. It’s simple I wanted the app to record with all four cameras displayed like they did at the iPhone announcement. Unfortunately that was not the case this app is super difficult to navigate especially for the money spent smh.

JackLuong11   3 star

After updated i can’t use it anymore. After updated new version, I can’t use it anymore

HansHR   5 star

Game changing app, especially in low light!!. The FiLMiC Pro app is absolutely amazing! Of course, it’s extensive manual controls are unrivaled in the iOS app space – but what I really love is the ability to mix and match auto w. manual control. I may, for example, ONLY want to tweak white balance in a challenging lighting situation and/or exposure…..and let the app take care of everything else on the fly. Those kinds of combinations are endless. And with the ability to create and save presets, I can quickly switch between combinations for almost any situation. One of the areas I have found the app most helpful is in low-light conditions. The iPhone camera, as amazing as it is, is still saddled with a very small sensor and lense(s) that make low-light tough. The native apple app does okay filming in bright daylight….but for me it quickly falls apart in low light (lots of noise, over-saturated colors) and there’s little I can do to tweak it. FiLMiC Pro complete solves that. My approach has been to dial up the bit rate to get the most detail and least compression artifacts, lock in a slow shutter speed as I then manually adjust ISO to the lowest acceptable exposure level, dial down saturation (as the native app exaggerates colors (to my taste) in low light including almost cartoonishly orange skin tones) and, if necessary, turn on the temporal noise reduction (which is excellent, btw). All of a sudden, low light footage that I found tough to watch becomes a pleasure to watch! Best purchase I have made for the iPhone camera!

10sley   1 star

Don’t buy. 14.99 for the app then another $13 for a in app purchase and still can’t use but one camera

brainfreezyflow   4 star

New release crashes on launch- STAY AWAY. I was going to go to a photo shoot today and needed to reinstall. Now I have a broken app that won’t launch from a fresh install. Wait until it gets fixed 😩

ml baxley    2 star

changing lenses. making a lens change is a bit of a pain!? why is this buried in settings?

caleb.89   1 star

Not happy. Record button doesn’t work on the osmo mobile 3, no active tracking. Very disappointed.

atikanbenz'   1 star

Please update for dji osmo mobile 3 !!!!!!. Please update for dji osmo mobile 3 !!!!!!

gfilm1   5 star

Professional video quality with your smartphone. If you’re interested in capturing high bitrate video with access to full manual control over ISO, shutter speed, focus, etc. FiLMiC Pro is the very best option.

hsbdudjdidneidicbduwnskdbxibd   2 star

The Money Pit🤔. be prepared to pay more, more, more and ........ more. 🤔movie reference "The Money pit"

UltraGM   1 star

Why I still can not record multi lens at same time ?. I bought it is because I want to record multi lens at the same time. But I still can not find this function!!! Pay premium and still not support it !!!

KC1974   2 star

iPhone XS stereo audio missing. So if you record video using the regular built in camera app - stereo sound recording. If you use Filmic Pro - you have the options of “bottom”, “front”, and “back”, or Bluetooth microphone, but those don’t exist, so back to the phone mic options.. Testing all 3 options in this app - none record stereo sound. It appears Apple use a combination of the built in mics for stereo sound recording. This is a great video recording app, but why is this app missing stereo sound recording support for the latest iPhones??? Edit: A year on an still Apple haven’t opened up the stereo mic API. I’d have thought the developer would have requested it when Apple decided to promo the app with the latest phone, but whatever. Maybe one day...

JRAA77   5 star

Love this. Hmm. Now for an 11 Pro?. I have always been a big fan of the app. Love that it was on stage at the keynote. So cool. I use an Xs and super happy that they have put out an update for iOS 13 so quickly. Thx filmic!!!

BatMan420$   3 star

Slow motion. So I bought the app because I wanted the best of the best for my cinematography and the app is great, But and I mean a big but, is when I first downloaded the app the slow motion like 60, 120, 240 all worked like a pro camera AND NOW ITS NO BETTER THEN JUST USING MY REGULAR IPHONE CAMERA ‼️‼️‼️‼️ what happened ? now when I film in slow motion it waits till movement to start slow motion and will come out of slow motion on its own and this is a Hugh deal breaker. So I guess I’ll be buying a canon ✌️

DeLargest   4 star

Looking forward to the update. Thanks for the response! Looking forward to the update.

Leena28   1 star

Stops filming randomly. I bought this to use the remote app, and well you have to use it on filmic for it to work which is the first annoyance. Now multiple times I’ve filmed it will randomly get stuck on a frame and glitch out. I’ve had a lot of great footage gone to waste because of this problem. Or worse when I don’t realize it’s happened and 10 minutes down the road I realize everything I just recorded isn’t there. The audio keeps going but the frame freezes. So it’s all useless. Absolutely horrible and frustrating. Waste of money.

North Side Films   4 star

Cannot record with DJI OSMO MOBILE 3. I don’t know why, but it works well with the phone camera app and the DJI app. But the recording button does not work with FilMic Pro, it only turns up the volume and i find it a major problem when shooting videos and i would always have to click the actual in app record button to start and end a clip.

Bmcmurrian   3 star

Downloaded app based on iphone 11 pro release demo. I got this app based on what I saw demoed on the iphone 11 pro and have yet to be able to use all 4 cameras at once and the app looks and works nothing like what was demoed. Have I missed something? How do you set it up to work like what was shown at the apple event?

Disappointment 334   1 star

Nothing works. I purchased this app to work with the iPhone 11 pro but it doesn’t work the way I expected it to work. I purchased an zhiyun 4 to record a class I am teaching and the app does not connect with the gimbal. I email tech support on both issues and ha e not received a response and from the automatic email response I received I can expect a response in 48 hours, but my class that I need everything for is in 11 hours. Overall I have very little good to come out of purchasing this app and it is starting to seem like a waste of money and a headache just to get started using it.

Guillermo Ventura   1 star

Multi cam View. Where is the multi cam view and recording that you guys promised on at IPhone 11 pro max reveal day

tlevier   4 star

Ultra-Wide Feature Missing. Live this app as I bought it with the new 11 pro max, but when I select the camera as either the Zoom or the Wide, it uses the same camera. App needs to be updated to fix this mapping.

@BardKingCreations   1 star

Zero Stars it’s a scam!. So if I already paid 15$ for this app on my iPhone 8plus but I’ve just recently switched to pixel 3xl only to find out I have to pay another 15$ to get the app back on my new phone? Common y’all that’s just not cool at all. And customer service never responds. I’m definitely done with y’all now.😠

tarkovsky2001   1 star

Don’t bother if you have an iPhone X and wish to shoot 4K. Be warned this app will overheat an iPhone X for shots longer than 5 - 10 minutes or so at 4K 24p or higher. Corrupts files so that entire clip is unusable.

Jolsid   2 star

Great app, now stopped working. It’s a great app with tons of features, since Feb20th it doesn’t work on my iPhone anymore. It just won’t even load. Please fix this, it’s my everyday camera.

SystemLeap   5 star

In App Purchases. I like this app a lot but I just don’t understand why there is a need for in app purchases in a 20 dollar app. Edit: The developers responded with an understandable statement so my review is better.

6toecat   5 star

Updating notes. You need to delete this app, then re-download if you have issues after updating.

Bapujee Biswabandan   5 star

It’s working again. After receiving a prompt response from the developer and following the instructions the app is working again. I have changed my rating from 1 star to 5 stars.

Rutte Dane   2 star

Was a 5 Star app... But after the last upgrade I can’t even get it to open... I’ve shot :15, :30 sec and 1 minute interstitials for TV and didn’t want to give the app a “1 Star” due to this glitch... but hey if it doesn’t work after an upgrade then it’s considered USELESS!!! The app is only as good as long as it can be used!!!

Rharveyp   3 star

Was good. Was working fine in earlier versions. Keeps crashing now on my iPhone 7 Plus.   3 star

3 Stars because cant shoot flat 60fps. NOT THE BEST YET!!! its Great if you only shoot 24fps. YOU CANT shoot FLAT or LOG in 60FPS. Please fix this because its useless if we cant use 60fps. I will rate it 5 stars if you fix this thank you.

Jrosati14   4 star

Great But.... It’s a great app but please add support for the Zhiyun Smooth Q! That will really help me and plenty of others get the most out of this fantastic app!

Jaden D   5 star

iPhone video to the next level!. All I have to say is this app keeps getting better with every update. One request I have from a workflow perspective is to get Dropbox sync capability. Would love to just automatically have all of my clips synced to remove a bunch of steps to get my videos off my phone. Thanks guys!!

UNDER8ED   5 star

Don’t procrastinate; just buy it!. Absolutely LOVING the new look on my iPhone X - you guys really outdid yourselves by using every inch of this magnificent screen! THANK-YOU!! With every new update I’m like a kid in a candy store; with his hand in the candy jar lol! My favourite app by far, glad I got the 256gb model so I can store so much of this magnificent data :). I unlocked EVERY feature in the app & got the remote app as well to use on my 12.9” iPad Pro 2 to help eliminate any shake on the iPhone X while filming—the remote features are brilliant! PLEASE one request: Is it possible to release an update that somehow lets you start filming with either the front or rear camera but simultaneously switch from one (say front camera) to the rear camera or vice-versa without having to stop & start a brand new recording to make the camera switch? That would be #SoDope if at all possible; this way we can film ourselves speaking (selfie style) & then switch to the rear camera & show our viewers what we’re seeing all with one shot/recording. That would save A TON of time in post production/editing! Cheers!!

PaddedRoom Productions   4 star

Love this app! Had some little hiccups. Update: I’m not sure what happened, but just holding my finger on the display as soon as I launched the app stopped it from crashing. So far, it’s fine. Love the app when it worked! Lately it’s just crashing at launch. 5star if this wasn’t happening.

Kalebsklips   5 star

Fantastic App!. Wow! I posted a review a while back saying that I’d update my rating if the iPhone X was better supported, and WOWZA! Have they outdone themselves!! They just updated this app, and they use the screen space phenomenally!! Now I wish I could rate this more than 5 stars. I would highly recommend. Especially because all video shot with the Filmic Pro app looks better than the stock app. (Even if you just put the app on auto. This is because Filmic Pro’s bitrate is higher! The shots I’m getting look absolutely phenomenal! Thanks for making this great tool Filmic Pro people!

Lankankings14   1 star

Bewear. Once you buy the app you have to pay more for the other advance colour settings. App works good but they are trying to take more money from you .

DaSnoopyDude   1 star

Garbage. Do not waste your money. This is a massive disappointment. Using this app on my iPhone 8 Plus and it keeps glitching out where I would enter the app and I can’t extract my own videos without it freezing in my face. Please be smarter than me and spend your $20 on something that is worth your time. This, isn’t. Piece of garbage.

UMAR AL-ATTAS   5 star

Great app. Profesional app

johnbmtl   4 star

No Issues with iPhone X. Works fine. I wish that they’d bring back the feature that let you create a snapshot while you’re filming

tantramar   5 star

Great app. Controls are excellent — lots of pro-level settings. Solid and capable.

seanswee   2 star

Terrible iPhone X implementation. None of the UI fits correctly on the iPhone X screen - does not seem to be able to use the stabilization or other elements pressent in the X. A very poor release.

MrTunameltsandwich   1 star

Terrible product. The app shoots nice looking videos, unfortunately videos are unreadable by adobe premiere, adobe media encoder and possibly most video softwares. A full day of shooting can take hours to re-encode. You will need third party software to convert videos. So that's great. The videos shot with the standard iPhone camera app are completely fine and require no re-encoding of any sort. So I'm left to believe it must be the codec that the filmic pro app uses. Not a great app to use for vlogging. The app is not worth the asking price.

Pauli905   1 star

Bad service. I loved the App when I first got it. Now all of the sudden it won’t let me download my videos from the app to the phone so I can edit them. Instead the app keeps crashing every time I click download and the team doesn’t even care to get back to you

hvngmvn   5 star

Amazing. Best app hands down

Kevin J Mellis   4 star

Great but.... The only thing that I'd like to see built into this great app is an independent level for the distant horizon lines. The grid is good, but not totally accurate and it doesn't save time when time is of the essence.

Matt2243   2 star

It's unfortunate.... Let me just say that it IS the best video app for iPhone. It let's you lock shutter speed with out affecting ISO. It's downfall is when you max out it's settings. I was filming at 1080p @ 30fps and it kept on freezing on me (and these settings were the top settings for the iPhone 5s). Given that I was using the iPhone 5s (with all of the possible apps removed) it should not have started freezing, since FiLMiC Inc. restricts the absolute top settings on the iPhone 5s (i.e. 4K and 120 fps). The same thing happened with the guys at Film Riot (Youtube channel)...their video is 'iPhone Filmmaking: Your Camera Doesn't Matter'.

L0RD_LUC1F3R   5 star

An aspiring filmmaker's dream come true. This app has so many settings and features that you can do practically anything! The best features are the digital stabilization (which is great if you have a device without OIS), the separate focus and exposure reticles, the white balance settings, and the higher bitrate options. Filmic Pro brings professional videography to smartphones like nothing else!

DEE063   3 star

Dissapointed with hidden $13.99 extra. I bought ver.6.0 about a week ago, after reading one of the replies of Filmic Pro about coming up ver6.1 with log option for Iphone SE. And now after the 6.1 update I found out it will be $13.99 extra to use it...very dissapointing...Also battery life on Iphone SE goes extremely quickly with both ver.6.0 and 6.1.

moosefuel   3 star

When will Log be available for the iPhone SE?. I've seen videos online of people using the iPhone SE for log shooting. Take my money, Filmic, I'll pay for you to put that feature back in!

Mangottafilm   3 star

Shutter speed lock malfunction. The shutter speed does not lock at 1/48, even after holding it to turn red. When I turn the iso higher or lower, the shutter speed also adjust. Please fix this ASAP. It is already hard enough to film without changing aperture, and having to balance iso without having too much noise.

ReefDudes   4 star

Best video app. Best video app for phone, I love the control and remote features. Once in a while it has any issue when rotating it to get the menu back but is easily fixed my swapping apps then coming. Back in. Other issue is sometimes it won't detect an external microphone (original purpose for buying it) but after re opening it generally shows up. Otherwise I love the app

Snotty nose   4 star

Great app. This is a great video app. Unfortunately many of the features are beyond the capabilities of the iPhones camera, such as log processing which provides far too a noisy image to really be useful. However, for the price it can't be beat.

Asian Tom   4 star

Please bring support for iPhone X. The app crops out some functions on the iPhone X

Joachim335   1 star

Waste of money. Lots of problems on problems with iPhone X, screen freezes, also not fine with iPad 10.5... problem with resolution

drewoo   5 star

If I could give it more stars I would. This app has more quicker to get to features than all of my cameras & I have a lot!! Great when you get caught out without a camera. Well done on a fantastic app guys. Highly recommended!!!

engelberthumperdink   5 star

FiLMiC Pro v6.2 is the best pro video app - period.. This app is rock solid on my iPhone 7+ and iPhone SE. Make sure you do a clean install (don't just update. Backup footage and delete then install). Probably shot over 100 hours of video since launch in March and it’s been perfect. I can't believe it now has focus peaking and false colour! New interface is so much easier to use too. Loving new LOG mode available on my iPhone SE and up. Works amazingly well with the FilmCovert profiles. LumaFusion also has LUTs for the LOG and Flat profiles which rock. 5/5

Dudewhatshisname   1 star

Worst third party camera app out there. Constantly crashes and also doesn't record full audio on anything longer than a minute withough extrernal mic. DO NOT WASTE YOU TIME WITH RHIS AS I HAVE

tinserra   5 star

Orientation. 5 stars of course. It's just the orientation still for me at this stage. Should be independent of the os/control center orientation settings. iPhone's own camera is and other video apps are. Maybe add/change the settings in the app. Let users select to have Auto/Landscape/Portrait orient for when they open the app and it saves selection. Open app. Focus/Expose. Shoot 😝 Thanks guys! Still best for video 😊

Michael_Moore_NOT_THAT_ONE!   4 star

GREAT APP! Remote app needs work.. This is a great app especially the ability to use an external mic (we use an XLR studio condenser through an iRig Pro) and to monitor the sound level. Fix the remote app to show that sound level and the combination will be unbeatable.

Renaissance-man   3 star

A little disappointing. Filmic no doubt offers a range of videographic tools found in no other apps, many invaluable to the iPhone film-maker. However, it's not perfect. For one, it's a shame the underwhelming noise-reduction option was locked behind a $15 (in Australia) paywall. It's also a shame the app costs $23 in Australia, which is pretty unfair. The last weakness is Filmic's instability. General use is pretty inconsistent, with bugs intruding on the experience and sometimes freezing or crashing the app completely. I would also appreciate it if battery warnings did not interrupt filming - very annoying! Fix the bugs and it's 4 stars. Make it less expensive and it's absolutely 5 stars.

Mr big nose hero   1 star

Getting worse. This was a great app until the recent upgrades. Startup time is now really bad - making it hard to catch real time action.

jschumacher   2 star

Still extremely buggy. I just started using FiLMiC Pro and the camera features look amazing. Unfortunately I have to rate this version of the app with 2 stars due to the quality problems. The Player can't be exited when in vertical mode and when changing the orientation of the phone in Play mode, half the screen reverts to recoding mode. Hope these things will be fixed soon, it looks like a 5 star app otherwise.

Mitchyt123   3 star

Awesome app, DESTROYS battery. I love this app, it turns my iPhone 6 Plus camera into a dslr quality video camera. BUT. If I film a video that goes for, maybe 30 seconds, it uses about 10% of my battery. If I spend 15 minutes filming some things on and off with Filmic, starting with a fresh 100% charge, my phone ends up dead. Also, sometimes when I unlock my phone with the app still open, it doesn't display the preview of the shot properly, cutting if off into a small window at the bottom of the page. Better optimisation would be perfect, thank you!! Mitch D

PhilipCB   4 star

Ideal for iPhone 7 plus. There is a learning curve to get the full benefit of the program, but once you do there is so much flexibility with shooting options that isn't available with Apple video capture.

Apple nickname review   3 star

Pay extra. Real crappy that you have to pay an extra $15 dollars use the new features. I've had this app basically since it came out and didn't mind paying but $15 to use a log profile? Hah

Simonsid   5 star

Ditched the 5d mk111. Yup l, I've ditched my 5d. Using iPhone 7 plus, with this app. It's just wonderful, so happy. I can't recommend this app enough. Hats off to the developers!! Excellent :-) keep the updates coming...

grokka   5 star

really good app. Has always been a great app, but recent updates have done a good job of adding features and improving the UI at the same time.

azn_australia   5 star

V6 works - after reinstall. I have an iPhone 6+ running the latest IOS 10.x, did the upgrade to the latest v6 Filmic Pro version and... repeated crash on launch. Contacted Filmic support, who got back to me within the hour, and followed their advice to delete the app from the phone and reinstall. Did so and... it works fine. Back in business.

iB3nji   2 star

Great app, that now crashes :(. I love this app however, since the new update it constantly crashes on my iPhone 7 Plus. 😕

Filmmaker_82   1 star

So not upgrade to ver 6.0! Unstable and very slow. Was prev using ver 5.5.1 on my iPhone5 with no issues, no lag (buttery smooth) while video recording and no app crashes. After updating to ver 6.0 however, during video recording with the exact same app settings, I'm getting all this lag while moving camera, and the app crashes frequently. This never happened during ver 5.5.1. Some of the UI changes are pretty good though such as the manual focus on the right side, but other than that, this update is a complete disappointed and has made me not be able to rely on this app anymore due to stability issues. I can't afford to miss moments during the day while recording and now have to resort to using the Apple camera app. Please fix this or give the ability to use the previous version.

steve awesome wells   5 star

Squeezes the best out of iPhone 6.. Love this app. It pushes the hardware to the max and results are spectacular!

pemilik   1 star

Can't focus. Overexposed. Fail with Osmo.. I purchased this app after reading all great reviews showing it works well with Osmo Mobile and seeing all great footages taken by this app with good exposure. I didn't test this app until my 6 weeks holiday during Christmas and new year hoping to get awesome footage with my iPhone 7 plus and Osmo Mobile. It's a nightmare to use with Osmo. Getting disconnected in the middle of recording. App crashes many times. All precious moments I spent with families were not recorded. I tried multiple times thinking I might have done something so wrong but still can't get it working. I gave up using this app with Osmo. I updated to the latest version still not working. But this app got another issue on its own that makes it totally unusable. The video is out of focus most of the times and over exposed. I missed a lot of precious moments and opportunities because I trusted this app so much and use it first before considering default camera app and other camera apps. I tried to get refund during my holiday but the refund form was not working. I had limited access to internet at that time and decided to contact apple store when I got back. I contacted the apple customer service when I'm back. The staff was kind enough to tell me how to fix by reinstalling the app. Turn on and off iPhone. That's what I did during my holiday. I tried that many times during my holiday and wasting my precious time with family. When my family gathered to spend quality time, I wasted my time alone to troubleshoot this Filmic Pro app that I put so much hope into. The apple store customer service refused to refund my purchase without giving any reasonable reason. Would you buy an app that's not working as described? Would you be happy when you find out after wasting a lot times during your holiday with family and missed all those great moments? I hope what I shared can help others to reconsider carefully before purchasing this app and not just trust the reviews out there.

lukaswmartin   5 star

Absolutely incredible!. Lost for words with how amazing Filmic Pro is. It's the only pro video app I'll ever use. Seriously easy to use and packed with features... simply incredible. Well done!

Lelouch-sama   4 star

Almost perfect. The app is really good, lots of great features. Thanks to the frame rate control, I finally can shoot low frame rate to simulate old vintage film. But I think it can be better. It would be nice if I can shoot in flat colour profile for more advanced colour grading. It would be nice if I can have low contrast setting for environments that have bad lighting conditions to preserve details in the highlight and shadow.

jeremy.martens   5 star

My B-cam is an iPhone. Before Filmic Pro, an iPhone just shot annoying footage. Low-res, low bit-rate.... With FilmicPro it worked effectively as a B can, giving you far greater options in post. I never shoot anything on my A-cam now without my iPhone running FilmicPro getting a crucial second angle.

Arched33   5 star

Absolutely amazing. Filmic pro has been a pleasure to use. The quality of the video after using this app is quite remarkable and I would definitely recommend this app to others. Keep up the great work!

Pooyhead   4 star

Great app. Really happy with the app. My one minor complaint with the app is the lag time when changing orientation. Love it.

Lucas brunt   5 star

The best app I have ever bought!!. I have an iPhone 6s so using this app has revolutionised the way I do filming, especially with the manual focus settings. I would recommend it to any one with a good camera on there phone. Enjoy 👌🏻👌🏻

Kumar997   4 star

9/10. Fantastic app and software, just having crashing issues on iPhone 6.

xkuroshiro15   5 star

Great for beginner editing. Gives you pretty much what you need to shoot and edit videos that you can't do on the normal camera app. It helps you transition into more difficult manual settings, if you are to advance to say, a DSLR camera, as it covers basic highlights, exposure, shadows etc.

watzzupsport   5 star

Production in your pocket. Like all these Apps there is a learning curve as they are never really intuitive as to how to get the best out of them. Aside from that the controls and adjustments to your footage capture is really useful to get the best from a smart phone video content production

frank3514   2 star

could be great software if. there was a manual!!! can't find a manual, web site just seems to promote movies. please explain or refund

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