Reverse Phone Lookup

Find out who is calling or texting you fast!

Reverse Phone Lookup is a caller ID app that makes it easy to look up a telephone number and find out who it belongs to.

Find a name for over 200 million U.S. people and business numbers for free

Identify cell phones and hard-to-find numbers with Premium Search for $1.99/name

Power User? Get Unlimited Premium Search for only $3.99/month

Get Call Spam Alerts when a number may be a telemarketer or unsolicited caller

Copy numbers from your Call History and ID them fast with one-touch paste

Add names and phone numbers to your iPhone or iPad contacts with just a tap

Your search results are saved automatically for easy access

Reverse Phone Lookup App Description & Overview

The applications Reverse Phone Lookup was published in the category Productivity on 2011-08-12 and was developed by The file size is 3.14 MB. The current version is 2.4 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

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Reverse Phone Lookup Reviews

Bob Turk

JC  Bob Turk  1 star

This app once worked and now gives no information at all


No longer supported  Spicymeatball12  1 star

Keep getting message that app is too old for newer iOS devices. Don't waste your time.


False advertising  Typh3rJ  1 star

Makes you pay to use it. Don't bother downloading!


Worst ever!  RoHol  1 star

Terrible! How can I get rid of this app? Can't delete it!!!

Please helllp

Do they even update this app?  Please helllp  1 star

Terrible results and you have to pay for everything

Majestic Oak

Useless  Majestic Oak  1 star

Every number requires a payment in order to get any information at all.


Removing.  Powmia89  1 star

Just paid 1.99. As I did that my credit purchase app verified a 6 dollar purchase from this app. Charged an extra 4 bucks for no reason.

Gates of Eden

Useless and a Scam  Gates of Eden  1 star

Never gives any useful information without charging a fee, and even at that, the info is usually wrong - and free if you use a different app or go directly to the internet. Get Hiya Caller ID instead.

National app review.3522

Works ? Not  National app review.3522  2 star

I'm pretty sure this is spy ware because you have to pay 2$ to do anything

All nic names r taken

Do not download  All nic names r taken  1 star

It's a scam!!! No need to say more!!!


JVOffers JVOffers 3 star

Reverse Phone Lookup, , 75% + Trial Bounty


Logan Cell Phone Guy CellPhones2009 3 star

Reverse #Phone Lookup - Be Your Own Private Investigator #iphone


Ensnareware security_iam 3 star

Reverse Lookup / Trace Any Phone Number #Security #Privacy

Vape girl

Awesome  Vape girl  5 star

So far in the free trial I'm loving it! Awesome app


It is not free !  Nod1515  1 star

It makes u think this is free , but it is not

N00BZ lol

APP IS COOL BUT Unaccurate  N00BZ lol  1 star

Wants you to pay $2 for nothing. It has the state right but town is completely wrong by a lot it can't even find my phone number. DONT GET WASTE OF SPACE


Pointless "free" app  tinabell42  1 star

This does exactly what caller id does...unless you pay $2 to find out who it is. Save your money and just don't answer. Anyone who is really trying to get ahold of you will leave a message.


Wants to charge  Wondercat3  1 star

Wants money to give me the name of the number.


Steaks your contact data & turns known contafts to No ID  Tigruuuuu  1 star

Watch out! These guys steal your contact info and change your known contacts -- even your best friend's -- to read "No Caller ID". WTH?

T Bass

Great App for SPAM  T Bass  4 star

This is a Great app to find those soliciting calls, and once you see the spam alert you can go block that caller and stop getting those annoying phone calls during dinner or while trying to watch your favorite shows or movies. My wife had the app first and I often wondered why she didn't get as many calls as I would and now I know!! Give the app a try, you won't be sorry!!

Jon dirt

It is nice  Jon dirt  4 star

It is a nice app


Nothing is free  Ron_V  1 star

If A telephone number is published, information on it should be provided for free. Consistently this app hopes to charge up to a $1.99 per inquiry. I get better results inputting the phone number into a Google search.


Great App  imkurock  5 star

Gives me the information I need. Rarely need more than the basic caller info. Fees are fair. Saves me time so saves me $. For the complainers.....finding that so called "public" information takes time to find and often still costs $ to access from the "public" sites.

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