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Talking Tom Cat 2 [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

What is talking tom cat 2 app? The legend is back! Talking Tom Cat 2 – the epic sequel to Talking Tom Cat – is better, cooler, and funnier than ever before!

With over a billion downloads and counting, Talking Tom Cat 2 is popular with families all over the world. Don’t miss all the fun this cool, family-oriented game has to offer. Get your own cute and funny virtual pet now!

Talk to Talking Tom, play with him, poke him, and dress him in cool outfits. Customize his home. And make funny videos and share them with your friends! Adopt him as your very own virtual pet and get instant fun in return!

Do you know what players say about Talking Tom Cat 2?
“I love it – this app is wonderful!”
“It’s just so funny!! I just wanna never stop playin' with it.”
“I loved this game very very very very very very very very very very very very much. It is a fantastic game”

Download and play this amazing free app now! Get ready for some fast-paced fun and play MINI-GAMES like Tap Tap, Climber Tom, and more! Find your favorite!


- TALK TO TOM: Speak and he repeats what you say in a hilarious voice. It’s so funny!
- PLAY WITH TOM: Stroke him, poke him, make him explode a paper bag, smash a pillow or even fart! The fun never ends with Tom.
- CUSTOMIZE TOM: Dress Tom up with new accessories, clothes, and outfits! How about a Tom with a Cowboy Hat and a Pirate’s Eye Patch?! Totally cool!
- RECORD TOM: Record videos of what Tom does and send them to your friends or upload them on Facebook or YouTube.

Download the app now and join the fun!

To see what Tom’s up to, follow Talking Tom on Facebook:

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Talking Tom Cat 2 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Talking Tom Cat 2 Version 5.6.114 December 2021

Bug fixes and minor gameplay improvements..

Talking Tom Cat 2 Version 5.601 October 2021

Bug fixes and minor gameplay improvements..

Talking Tom Cat 2 Version 5.521 April 2021

Bug fixes and minor gameplay improvements..

Talking Tom Cat 2 Comments & Reviews 2022

- Fun

This app is fun if you can get past the constant pushing of games. It seems that getting you to not use the actual talking Tom app isn’t their goal but getting you to play games is more of a goal. I like the talking tom function and I have fun with it. I wish that the creators of this cute talking cat would do more with the clothes and glasses and costumes.

- A couple of things need to be fixed but overall, a perfect game

The first thing I would like to mention is that if you are watching an ad to earn coins or to continue playing the climbing tom game to try for a new high score or to get the Time Is Relative achievement, if you accidentally click on the ad when trying to X out of it and it takes you to their page, the app will reboot itself when you go back into it and you won’t get your award! Another issue I would like to address is that there is a bug in the climbing Tom game where if you play it long enough, whether you use your coins to buy more time or watch ads to give yourself more time, when you collect coins, they start SUBTRACTING from your coin total instead of adding to it and you can actually get negative coins! If you do end up getting negative coins, just watch some ads until you have 0 coins or until your coin total is in the positive again but I figured I should address this issue so that hopefully this issue will be fixed in a future update!


Before I talk about the creepy factor in this game, I would like to say that this game is super boring and pointless. It lets you do like 3 different things and that’s it. And, not to mention the animal abuse factor in this game. It lets you beat the cat. Which is a little creepy. Now, the reason I titled this comment creepy is because it feels like the cat is watching you. I was reading comments about this game, and they are absolutely true. Why does the game ask for your audio when it doesn’t even have any sound effects. And when I tried to take a video clip of my screen, the cat wouldn’t open his eyes at all. Does this have anything to do with the fact that a person is watching you through the eyes of Tom? And why is there so many notifications? This game is absolutely scary. And not to mention the creepy dog named Ben, that pops up out of no where and randomly hits Tom with things?


When I was at least 8 years old (I’m 11 now) I had this game because I always like Tom. So it asked me to allow notifications and I thought why not? BIG MISTAKE! There was this one time I accidentally spilled water on the floor and I got a notification not even 2 minutes later saying by Tom “Oops! Looks like there’s a spill on the floor better clean it up!” Yeah this freaked me out (btw if you think I’m making this up IM NOT! I have nothing to lie for because I totally agree the man in the eyes thing was ridiculous) and I was about to pee my pants I thought someone was watching me. The next day, I wake up and I get a notification from Tom and it says “rise and shine sleepy head!” Now this was getting out of hand I was seriously terrified and deleted this game.

- Love this game so much 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

I love this game so much I don’t exactly know if there’s that much words to describe it and l’m a 9 year old so...yeah didn’t mean to really say that ok now back to my point I think the arrow-in-the-ears hat option is so funny 🤣 I could just laugh 😂 at the hat all day long. Without it as a hat option it would have been EXTREMELY BORING and I would have only rated this game 2 stars. I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.😇 THX for reading this y’all.

- Funny 😆

Ok so I’ve read a lot of people’s reviews for this game saying it’s bad or “creepy” but some people also think it’s fun and/or good for blind people. What is this game in my opinion?... FUNNY 😆! These games are so funny and I played with them for the longest time since I was 3 or so and now I’m 10 and I still enjoy the game! I think it’s a great game dab on them haters peace out ✌️

- Froze

My phone froze but he just stared at me I couldn’t do anything I am (8) and download it I got scared then it picked a noise from the background and it was creepy I got scared and same for talking ginger I had that game and I look at the eyes I saw a person and a window my friend had it she got creep out when I told her she deleted the game as quick as possible and I look it up and it went on the news I got more creeped out so I told my dad what I saw and deleted all the apps of outfit7 and I still look at the reviews and I never downloaded it again.


So I had this app and I watched a infinite video and he did like a weird burp out of NOWHERE Me and him were terrified so I downloaded it and I yawned and Tom said are you tired little boy and I’m only 7 so I was creeeeped out I couldn’t even talk i was truly terrified and last night I could sleep cause of that and usually when I can’t sleep my dad puts on Tom and I was horrified I changed the channel to spongeBob and I saw Tom it was like he had access to my password it was CREEPY I told my best friend he told the whole neighborhood so I was terrified so thanks for infinite for warning us about tom

- Don’t put fake stuff here

It’s mean cause it’s making people that really like this game delete it and if this was you how would you feel if this happed think please it’s good but I deleted the game I’m re download ing it people probably are lying I had this on my dads old phone and it’s good please stop speard ing glitches it’s scaring me also


When I was 5yrs old I was like oh look a cat so I downloaded it and I started playing it until my mom said it’s time to eat and I came back and my Home Screen was a motion wallpaper of a video I did not take and it had talking Tom and Ben just standing there staring at me so I open the game and what I saw on my Home Screen was not right it had Ben KILLING TALKING TOM he had blood on the floor and a knife in his chest so I taped Ben and he said YOUR NEXT and he said my name”EMILY” so I speak back and I was so scared so after I said Ben what is happening he said I KILLED TOM AND YOUR NEXT AND I CANT GET IT OFF MY PHONE

- Old better then New

This game is so good but why did you opted in such a bad way please maybe you can make a new update where it’s like the old version of Tom because the new version just looks stupid and the old version of Tom looks much better!!!!!

- Not the best

When I saw the other ads I thought wow this is amazing when I actually got the app you can do a bunch of things to interact with him but that’s it you don’t he doesn’t ask you for things like that and some of them at least and you basically poke or prod him so it’s not a very fun app and it’s not the best at three star rating so at least put some effort

- I love this game

I like this game because it can repeat you and do some other stuff and I am sorry if people say this game is creepy. Those people are just scaredy-cats and one thing I would really like in the game. Can you please bring the guitar back, because playing guitar is awesome.


So I am sick right now I said I feel sick and then Tom said then go to the hospital I was freaked out when I said that I almost pooped my pants I had this game when I was 4 (I’m 7 now) and it was fun until I woke up Tom said wake up I almost peed and I’m never ever downlaoding this game again

- Why do I like this game!?

Ok, so it doesn’t have much to do, but I play it the most out of the 3 of these games I have, the games are this game, Talking Ben, and Talking Tom and Ben news. Maybe I like role playing in the game but I play it a lot. Also I like some of Toms sound effects. Issues: It’s kinda hard to get coins, you have to grind to get them, but it does give you free coins every once in a while, but the coin thing doesn’t really bother me. There’s nothing really to do but I still play it a lot. It has choppy animations that don’t bother me. And that’s my review! Gud game!

- Just looked at me

When I download this talking tom just looked at like 1 hour and When I tried to reset my phone it didn’t work and it didn’t froze anymore and now I reset my phone and I deleted the app

- It’s good but kinda boring

Uh this game is fun for awhile but it’s so boring after like 5 minutes. U can’t do anything except make him and Ben beat each other up and it’s the same moves each time. You can change toms outfit and the background a bit. U can say something and he’ll repeat it. But it’s just boring and annoying.

- So bad

So I downloaded this game thinking that it is going to be like my to. Tom 1 but it was so different there is no ages plus I do not like how Tom looks and we can only play games and do funny things we can’t even feed him and I do not feel funny even seeing the funny part so please fix this that is all I want to say except that it is a great game so please fix it if you fix it I’ll give you a five star so bye stay healthy and strong


Everybody says Talking Tom 2 is hacked AND I BELIVE IT because (I believe I’m a cat myself. 😊🙃) because I have good eyesight. When I looked at this game yesterday, I SERIOUSLY SAW THE CREEPY DOTS IN HIS EYES AND I WAS SCARED but seriously, people! It could be a decoy or a part of the game. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, let’s all be reasonable unless he says he’s a kidnapper

- Yes I’ll be home

Yes yes I’ll be home in a few hours I hope you’re having fun I hope you have some nice day I’ll be sure I’ll get some good food I’ll call ya later thanks hon thanks for dinner yes yes I will call you

- Best app for blind people ever

I love the way you let blind people have fun on this app, I am a better girl with levers congenital Amarosa‘s, LCA, and I cannot see with both eyes. The way you make this access with voice assistant is the best

- Doesn’t talk

I don’t know why it doesn’t talk but I think it’s the error. I give it up for you because it doesn’t listen to me sometimes.

- Seriously?

So I looked at the pictures they looked awesome and showed me better graphics and everything and I can see everything very clearly but when I got into the game I can really do was pretty much just make fart sounds and it was really annoying can you please answer features like eating going to the bathroom and stuff because it’s really boring

- Are the 3 AM stuf Real

I do not have the app yet but is the 3Am Real I don’t I don’t know if it is real or not I like my door is alway locked and I’m not sure if the cat comes out of the game do you guys know bye

- Creepy!!

When i was 5 (im 9 now) i spilled my juice on the floor and I got a notification saying “oops looks like you have a mess to clean up” Then 2 days later i droped my food on the floor and i got a notifacation saying "oops look like you need food to pick up" i was creeped out! then 9 days later i went in my room i saw that my room was a mess and then i got a notifacation saying "looks like you have a mess to Cleen up!


Everyone is lie it’s very good I love it and people are bad they think it’s bad They are making kid not play it and it’s funny and everyone is making the kids scared

- Do not get

I like finding creepy stuff in apps so talking Tom was something I wanted to see on I herd that it got fixed but I wanted to see for my self but it was wrong when I talk I saw some thing weird in his eyes I took a screenshot and zoomed in and the room with the man and when I took the screenshot I heard a weird noise so I wasn’t even on for a minute yet so do not get

- News

After I heard the news a guy was watching you i deleted both talking Tom games that he talks in but I kept gold run that ones safe so be safe kids do not download this game accept gold run cause that one is safer

- Whoohoo!

The Talking Legend is Back! I love this game! I’m 7 and I’m almost turning 8. This Tom is weird. That’s the problem but every time I create a video I get to make it into a movie on iMovie

- This game is so creepy

I saw a window on his eyes and I don’t know why and I decide to delete it please delete this game and never download it thank you

- Tom goes on a walk

I think that Tom should be able to go places

- I love this game!!!

I can’t stop playing been playing for three hours

- I don’t know why people think this app is bad

The Game is not bad no one is watching in The ice or anything The game make me laugh A lot and I really like this game

- This game isn’t hacked!

I love this game! But why can’t we just take a photo too! And add good graphics to the photo like on these!

- Man in eye

I heard that there was a man in talking Angela so then I was so frustrated and freaked out but I didn’t delete it though because I never saw him and the lamp so I kept on downloading talking friends games or whatever how u say it.😑🤭😓😥

- No hackers

Little kids say the hackers use the microphone Siri uses it you got any problem With that?

- lol

I just love this game. And before I go how do I get the cat talking because it’s not talking. Can you help me make it talk. Thank you and bye 👋🏻

- There is no hacker

I love this game you can do a lot of stuff and you can dress him up and also smack him that’s all

- Creepy!!

So when I downloaded this I thought it was going to be like how it was until I heard his voice sounding like a ghost it scared me I also made a video of it but it was still creepy dark ghost voice will you can check it for yourself

- Really good game

Overall I love This game because its just very funny and i love watching the netflix show talking tom and friends

- Many things wrong

First of all Animal abuse your teaching kids that animals are for entertainment second of all you should never allow microphone in your game third of all always add a parent guide to your app so the adults or guardian know what’s going on. third is design and animation is creepy just take down the game.


You should get this game. People are just trying to scare you. I looked in his eyes but nothing is there!

- Thank you. 🌟

This game has made my kids have entertainment and many laughs. This game is wonderful!

- I’m going back home and I’ll see what you guys want

5 stars

- Ad choked and no restore purchase

Had purchased previously to squash the ad’s on a different phone on same iTunes act (kids and adults love the silly) and it offers no option to restore purchase. Same with items in inventory. New phone empty closet. Lame.

- You are the best Tom

Thank you dear to all the beautiful people that I have today

- Creepy to

I also read the comments it is true because they asked me to notifications and it doesn’t say any thing and when I look a Tom and I move my head it moves to I got so cared that I deleted it I’m 10 by the way

- Scary

I had this game for like about a day and I did it so my nephew can have fun and then once I tried to make a video clip it just kept making noises that didn’t even happen in my house you can check it out on my channel R3dinator for proof

- The fart🤭💨🤢

i love it when you can make ben fart multiple times😂

- I like it

I like it because he does funny stuff but I feel like they could have done a better job on it

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- Talking Tom Cat 2


- Talking Tom 2

Thank you for putting the staff and the witch hat for free I love it it’s it’s downloading right now………… 1000 V box for you… That that that that that that is the best I’m out of the box big screens coming for the Fortnite game bye

- Too many adds very annoying

Who is popping all these adds stop it !

- Are you so greedy to money?

How can you be so unscrupulous to ask kid’s age and then show ads 12+ to them? How the app having 4+ rate can include content (because when you showing ad in your app - it’s also your content) for 12+ and above?

- Hi Outfit7!!!!!

Look, there’s always a rumor about a man filming you but I don’t believe it 🤨 I mean I kinda believe it but I don’t know 🤷🏻

- The best app

I played this since 2012 and it was funny I enjoyed these apps in 2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017 and 2018 but then I stopped using these in 2019 and 2020 but it’s still good

- Talking Tom 2

The best beautiful app in app store & it's the best fun . But how can Please restore my purchase ?

- Talking Tom 2😍😍

People say it is scary but it isn’t 😍😍😍

- I like how you talk


- I love this

This is great must play

- Lies and more Lies! Rip off game

Paid money to purchase coins and NO adds and, a minute in and guess what?? Adds!! Don’t be sucked in!

- Tom

Hey I’m zoocan I like the game cause this app is so cool and is super legendary

- Good game

Really nice I love talking Tom

- Talking Tom 2

It’s awesome

- Sweet

Cute little cat

- Tap. A star. To. Rate

Tap. A. star. To Rate

- From Ethan Magrin

I lI love this game😍

- Tom Cat

Cute but I can't find the phone option which is listed on info and the feather one requests a payment. I thought that would be free also. I don't have a microphone, maybe it would be good if the app worked without one ie for talking to Tom. Great idea though of an interactive cat, he makes me smile.

- Tom

Tom is a talented app the best Tom app ever👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. Iove it😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Talking Tom

Best and funniest game. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

- My name is Kiara Mendez

My address is Riatgtil Caowcoe Blow Pak My palapa 18 ‘Smskwkskjs Kaksksksly Skylab

- Cool game✌🏽

This game is it

- Hi there

Good ap

- My Tom

Not much to do

- Hi


- Overflown with ads charged me $15

My niece who isn't even 2 was laughing her head off at this game. Then an ad popped up and she clicked on it accidentally, it redirected her to a website which had 1 big red button that said SUBSCRIBE NOW. My sister not knowing what she was doing clicked on it and I was automatically signed up to a monthly subscription (which would let me play 'amazing' games) which would be $15 to my next bill. Absolutely horrible and overflown with ads. Every two seconds I have to click off an ad. I remember when it was hilarious to have hidden in your pocket to mess around with your people. Don't even bother with it.

- Reveiw About: Talking Tom 2

It is soooo funny and cuuuute!!! I sometimes feel sorry when I hit Tom but still... . It is now cooler because of the clothes. But it laggs and whenever I want to get some more money to get some clothes, It turns blank and goes back to the home page.=/. But still really good. P.S Sorry but I think the Talking Ben is better. My opinion people.


Talking Tom cat 2 is a very funny and addictive game! I payed for this game to get the other awesome features! They are way cooler than I expected :). I love the old talking Tom 1 talking back to talking Tom 2 !!! I would highly recommend this app to everyone :D. Thanks for creating talking tom. I hope that there will be more updates coming soon for more AWESOME features!! Thanks 

- This app I awesome

I love this app but it needs to have less expensive things to buy and I think that when you pet tom it should have him purring straight away not him blinking and then have him purring. I have had this game on multiple devices so I would know what it's like and I've loved it,

- Lozzyissoooooawsome

Talking Tom cat two wicked!!!!!!!! This game is really funny and entertaining it is a great funny family app I think that if you don't have this app you should defiantly get it now right now people so if you yes you read this review when you are finished go and try to get this app it is great

- Talking Tom I reckon is the best one out of all the talking animals.

Saa cute! I think out of all the talking thingys n animals talking Tom tops all of them still love how u can make movies and send them via email swell the only thing that annoys me that u need to buy him stuff he Shula come with more free retires though but apart from that Loveit!

- Ice Girl 10

I like the game but talking Angela is better because since i am a girl u like talking Angela better than talking tom. If you are a little kid like the age of 8 or 9 i would say get my talking Tom or my talking Angela because they would be more age appropriate

- Bad with the new add ons

Guys with the new ones..the hats the glasses and belt etc..the cat looks ok but not be honest its bad even..the cat does not react hitting him on the face..just the sound comes but the reaction is too bad..I have paid 3 dollars and got be honest that is not fair no right value for the money..i dont care abt 3 dollars but when there are 100 people unsatisfied it means u r making 300$..u r happy not we


I am very disappointed. I got this app because it was cool.. BUT NOT ANYMORE! I still love this app but the thing is that i wanna put more than one accessory, so for example, say tom has a hat on, and i want to put a picture of angela(his girlfriend) on the wall, IT WONT LET ME. oh yeah thats right..... THIS DID HAPPEN TO ME!!! i want to put a top on tom, the same thing happened! HELP QUICKLY! why is it not doing it to my ipad and instead to my ipod? WHY WHY WHYYYYYYY??

- Love it

The game is awesome but I never have enough money to buy stuff I thing this game should have cheaper stuff in my opinion Now I think this talking meow meow should ask his friends to make themselves to be FREE From Alivia2227

- A very effective tool

This app is perfect for delivering awkward messages to people you'd rather not speak to at's hard not to see the humour in it even the most boring of messages

- Talking tom

Really love this game but so much levels and don't say your address because the company could track u down but nobody will be that dumb to say their address

- Talking Tom

Hello I am only giving a 4 today because you have to buy the full version (like most games) but I am over it!!!! This talking Tom is better because it is new and because talking Ben is in it Thajk you and goodbye

- Best Hallarious Epic Game Yet

Hey buy it now it's free and the updates are sweet I got this game yesterday it's so cool also you can upgrade the game by buying a upgrade pk for only 0.99$ and only 0.69p It's worth it! Finally the game is finished

- A lot fun...

I've found a great application for the app. After having a misunderstanding with the missus (this could be used for Mum, Dad, brother, sister, friend... )pull out or send your favorite pre-recorded apology with Tom Cat to lighten the mood.

- Awwwwesooommme!!

It couldn't be better! I loved the first one, so when I got a notification that there was a new one, I was all like "Oh ma God!! Yay!! Gimme I want it!!" and I got it free and it was fun so I payed for the extras and now it's even better!!!

- Talking Tom

It is amazing it is so funny I crack up whenever it speaks everyone should get the app called talking Tom it is so funny and great and by the way the cat is super duper cute so everyone who is reading this GET TALKING TOM it is amazing

- Talking Tom 2

This game is fun to play because it is cute to hear your voice to change in a cute way. I really love it and it is awesome that Tom repeats the words that you say

- Good

I like changing your look but it would be better if you gave us more money or drop prices

- Talking Tom

It is amazing it is so funny I crack up whenever it speaks everyone should get the app called talking Tom it is so funny and great and by the way the cat is super duper cute so everyone who is reading this GET TALKING TOM it is amazing

- Funnytastic! But...

It's a great, entertaining app for all ages, but I think now that the new app "Tom'sLetters" is out you should be able to call Angela out onto Talking Tom 2 so they can interact if you install "Tom'sLetters".

- I loveee itt!!!

It's much better then the first one and it's funny and cool and I love how Ben is in it, it makes it extra funny So I give it a 5 star rating and I hope u make more talking friends but for free because they are AWESOMEE!!!!

- Tom

Aww so cute! It's funny when u have 2 iPods with the same app and talk into 1 of them then the cat says it then the cat from the other iPod says it but in a squeakier voice!

- Miss

Can you make a girl talking Tom and the name will be "Tracey" also I would like the money on talking Tom to be more faster so that I can buy more stuff even faster.

- I luv it

My friend and I were saying we need to go to the potty and monster did very smelly pops he said it in a funny way we were rotfling on the floor 4 hours

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- EWWWWW!!!!!

Why does talking ben fart on talking tom?. Because he is a farty

- Cool

I like it but I kinda like My Tom better

- Tom

Weird game but good for little ones !!!

- Lol he is so funny

I lovvvvve it so much


So this talking app is so cool but I just knew that there’s someone in toms eye and Angela’s eyes so I’m not playing anymore

- I hope this is good

This better be safe or else your gonna get trouble from me

- Éther

Eirkgh Thhh

- Best game in the world game in history

It should be called the awesome gameIt should be called the awesome game😊😊👍👍

- Cool

Se jeux est super amusant

- Ha! Ha! Ha!

It’s so funny 😂 and fun it’s so funny that Ben farts 💨 on Talking Tom

- Love Isabella

Hi Tom

- Mjdjl hh fuittyi Ta is that a

Hi mom thank goodness I have to come back tomorrow thank you vfcfddwwwezJsnznsnamAmamqmsmamakKamamamamaamansn09$@987564321 Thank on you for a good great day I know I did a good morning with the idiots who did it today I was going to call him and I will get back there I don’t have a call back and I’ll let them be good I’ll bere the time you come to come get you there and I can come back and

- Talking Tom 2

Esse jogo é muito bom me apaixonei muito adorei as ações e animações 👏🏼👏🏼😍😍😍


This is a bad creepy app there is a man in the eyes and he will take photos of your kid and steal the kid at night DONT GET THE APP

- don’t download!

in his eyes there is a man and also in talking Angela DONT DOWLOAD

- Aogheh

Ahead I will Hello I just go

- Terrible

All you do basicley is abuse it like seriously what is this teaching children animal abuse?! And there’s pedophile

- Hdhreyuuuuttgyyuiiuyyyuiiiuyuiiuyrrttuuippp


- It’s scary

I saw a man in his eyes! And wayyyy to many inappropriate things like farting and stuff! Why does every game like this have a man in his or her eyes?! This is very scary! If you don’t see a man In this app... you are blind, if you think it’s your reflection... ITS NOT! Yeah so don’t download this app! It’s just like those scary calling apps like call cat one and call killer clown and call Blaze and the monster machines! It’s scarier than that! Please don’t let your child play this only if your an adult! It’s very dangerous like ginger and Angela! Pleaseeee keep your kids safe! If you catch your child playing these games... snatch the iPad or phone away and delete the app and then take their games away for more then 1 YEAR! If you are a kid and you are reading this... show it to your mom and then they will protect you (I think they will protect you)

- Yes

It's okay and fun

- Not as good as my talking Tom

It’ has bad graphics and you can’t take care of him u can only click some buttons

- Hola


- Excellent app 😃মনস

Love ❤️ it five stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Little

Is boring and I don’t like it I

- Les rajout

Je trouve que le concept est bien mais vous pouriez rajouter des chose

- It’s all about ads

It’s only nice wrapping to force you watch video ads and refer to other aps. Sad... The idea is great. It COULD be nice game if they have not spoiled everything.

- Tom

Thank you

- Won’t laid to messenger

This program won’t load to messenger🤔

- :(

My mom and dad do not like this app ;(

- انت احسن. فعلا

انت. افضل. افضل

- Talking Tom 2

Great app.

- Tom is stinky

Poooooooooooooooooooooop Tom



- Boooooooo

Not much to doooooooo


ce jeu consiste a un GROS DANGER vous voyayer les yeux de tom se sont des camera et elle ont été mis par des pédofils se qui s'agit des voleurs qui peuve capturer les enfant quand ils son t seuls et quil si jouent alor mefier vous svp !!!!

- Talking Tom

I love it makes my niece smile all the time.


It was working perfectly, but ever since the new update, IT KEEPS AUTOCLOSING! Please fix it, I really like this app 😡😰😭

- Why can't I get the old talking Tom?

Why can't I get the old talking Tom

- Lol'

C chill😂😂

- Talking Tom

Very funny

- Love this app

Tom is so cute and so is Ben! So funny when they are together LOL

- Trop de publicité

Il y a trop de publicité agressant pour les enfants, j'enlève l'application tout de suite

- Too many ads

Way to many ads. I wish my 3 yr old & 18mth old could use it without an ad popping up every minute cause they touched a random spot on the screen.

- Super nice

I use it to say happy new year to my friends lol

- Very good

It's very nice im realy enjoying the app!!

- Time pass

This game is fun and good to pass time and use with friends. I like how you can dress Tom up into different clothes.

- talking tom 2

Talking tom 2 est un jeu très intéressant. Mais j'ai aussi beaucoup d'attention sur le mini jeu. il répete ce qu'ont dit et c'est très drôle. J'aime aussi le frapper sans arrêt

- The cat

It is lost of fun special when my grandchildren place also 😀

- Funny

My daughter likes it too much

- Great game

This game bring back a lot of old memories, totally the best game evah!

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@mubazieric @realDonaldTrump You are talking to Trump voters. Words like Evidence and Compromised have way to many syllables for them to understand. Its like 2 Loiusiana guys sounding out Category..Cat OK E so its a male cat & we know what gory means ..Damn Category is a Bloody tom cat.

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I just got this for Talking Tom (). Check it out:

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Talking Tom Cat 2 5.6.1 Screenshots & Images

Talking Tom Cat 2 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Talking Tom Cat 2 iphone images
Talking Tom Cat 2 iphone images
Talking Tom Cat 2 iphone images
Talking Tom Cat 2 iphone images
Talking Tom Cat 2 iphone images
Talking Tom Cat 2 iphone images
Talking Tom Cat 2 Entertainment application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Talking Tom Cat 2 (Version 5.6.1) Install & Download

The applications Talking Tom Cat 2 was published in the category Entertainment on 2011-05-27 and was developed by Outfit7 Limited [Developer ID: 351110111]. This application file size is 147.71 MB. Talking Tom Cat 2 - Entertainment app posted on 2021-12-14 current version is 5.6.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.outfit7.talkingtom2