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What is talking ginger app? Little Talking Ginger needs your help! Help him get ready for bed and have fun along the way!

Ginger provides the best company - talk to him, tickle him and play games with him. You can even see what he’s dreaming about at night!

Enjoy your time with the little kitten, record videos of your fun time together and share them online!

- Have fun with Ginger: Pet him, poke him, tickle him and hear his cute laugh.
- Talk to Ginger: Talk to the little cat and he’ll repeat in his cute voice.
- Get Ginger ready for bed: Shower and blow dry his fluffy fur, brush his teeth and take him to use the potty.
- Play games with Ginger: Pop toothpaste bubbles, roll down the toilet paper and play the jigsaw puzzle game.
- Collect jigsaw puzzle images: Collect all the snapshots of Ginger’s vivid dreams.
- Brush teeth with Ginger: Don’t brush your teeth alone, brush them with Ginger.
- Record videos and share: Record videos of all the fun things Ginger does to send to your friends, or upload on Facebook and YouTube.

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- Promotion of Outfit7's products and contextual advertising
- Links that direct customers to our websites and other Outfit7 apps
- Personalization of content to entice users to play the app again
- The possibility to connect with friends via social networks
- Watching videos of Outfit7's animated characters via YouTube integration
- The option to make in-app purchases

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Talking Ginger Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Talking Ginger Version 3.029 November 2021

Bug fixes and minor gameplay improvements..

Talking Ginger Version 2.923 April 2021

Bug fixes and minor gameplay improvements..

Talking Ginger Version 2.829 October 2020

Bug fixes and minor gameplay improvements..

Talking Ginger Comments & Reviews 2022

- There is something in ginger’s eye...

So basically, I was watching LaurenZSide and she had like a talking Angela/ginger myth video pt. 2. Anyways, she read in the reviews that there was a bench in a dark room in ginger’s eyes. Yes, it does seem that way. I showed it to my friends and they did agree with me. But overall, I love this game. I played it when I was little and unlocked all the puzzles. It took forever! Back to the point... I recommend this game for younger kids, but if you are one that hates these, “eye glare things,” I prefer talking ginger 2! Please do not hate. Ik they’ve had some issues with talking Angela in the last place and I DID think it was creepy, but please, they fixed it. Any-who that’s my review lol

- I’m scared!!!

Do not download this app!!! I love scary stuff, but this made me so scared! I Watch a lot of scary videos. And LaurenZside have a Lot of scary videos. So I go to her Channel, and see a video on this app. So I Watch it. In the middle of watching it, I want to see if this app is still on App Store. I see it,and I download it. As soon as I see something in his eyes I text my friends. I am so scared right now. So please don’t download this app! This app is not for kids. My four-year-old cousin has this app. All the stuff that’s happening around the world I can’t tell him about it. I had this app since I was a was two. I’m so glad nothing happened to me. If you want to know more about this look it up, don’t download it. Please take my warning. Please do not download this! Something bad can happen to you. If somethings bad about the app don’t download it. Like if it’s this app or another bad app that could take your life away from you. Please do not download it! I have to sleep with something now! Like a stuffed animal or a dog. Someone could easily spy on you with app like this. I have to stay up all night, I usually do stay up all night but this just made it worse. I’m trying to get my sleep schedule back to where are used to be. But now I’m scared and I can go to sleep. Please don’t download the app! Please!

- My guy, like what

Ok boyz let’s start this review out fast. 1. Several creepy things about it. One time my grandma was coming over and I play trombone so I say I can play cool songs and she sits down to listen. Out of nowhere, Ginger be like, Make Your Grandma proud! And I be like uhhh ok not thinking anything of it then when I’m done Ginger start spamming texts to me saying Feed Me and I was confused cuz there is no way to feed him so I go on and Ginger is sitting there then a knock on the door comes and Ginger turns my phone on full volume and starts screaming XD 😆 so I turn it off I open the door and nobody there... SUS BUS 2. I am playing the game sometime after the first one AND YES I KNEW ABOUT THE MAN SINCE I WAS A BABY and I guess I forgot and this time The Man Strikes Back/ Revenge Of The Man and there is two and it all comes back to me but no window in one eye no more instead A DANG CLOWN I like circus clowns cuz they are fun to watch but this guy is holding a knife like the man in the other eye so outfit should of taken them out but U THOUGHT they continue to watch me mind business and I like dude I mean let me go to the darn restroom for 5 seconds without you doing emotes on my roof it’s annoying as peppa pig just mind your own business

- What the heck

Ok so I love the talking Tom series I have Talking Tom talking Angela talking Tom gold run talking Tom2 talking hank etc. so basically this is the last game of the series other than the sequel of this that I don’t have so I try this out. I install the app and I play the game a bit I shower him and brush his teeth just as most of these games you do but about that time I look in his eyes and it looks weird but I overlook it but a few minutes I look closer and it’s a creepy face in his eyes! So I screenshot it and zoom in and I can See it more clearly. It was seemingly very bloody red face with its mouth open and 2 rows of long but not pointy teeth with mostly empty black eyes but with very small white pupils. That’s creepy but I really didn’t freak out like some people say that they did it really wasn’t that creepy to me, but then again I enjoy reading on the scp foundation and I also enjoy creepy pastas so I’m used to the effect I fact for the most part immune. Anyway this definitely isn’t for kids plus it’s barely got anything to do and gets boring the only reason I can see installing this app is so you can complete the outfit7 collection. thanks for reading!

- I’m going to explain the rumor.

So basically there is a rumor that there is a man in there eyes. Well it’s not true it can either be a glitch/that’s how it looked when they where programming the game. And when people write reviews on there what happened to them it can just be a coincidence or something, because the “man in eyes” thing is not real. Also Iv been playing since I was five and nothing scary has happened. Same with all the other talking Tom apps. Iv plays all the talking Tom games, it’s really just a fake rumor. I wish the chat would come back in talking Angela game, because that girl and kids that went missing is because of another thing that happened. And that chat thing with the personal questions, just make it child friendly mode and if it says those personal things, it’s just a glitch. If your really that scared just delete it :) Thank you for reading ( sorry for bad grammar I need Grammerly T-T Sincerely / Kate

- Werning no not buy this app wernig

Checking the TV I was wathing this app that one kid got kidnap in this app so I played this when I was yunger and I saw it sooo close and there’s the man in the eye so scard so I was in my thixing and I saw that ginger thix me and he say to me everyone nows that in my eye there’s the man in my eye and he was was calling me out and I say hello to him and he say I’m seeing you and I frick me out so when I was berishing his touth there’s a befrrint man in his other eyes then I bolud one more and the same is sooooo creepy and I beside too belate it out becuse is sooooo creepy and hunted so I buy 2 more of thes scary apps and the same agin creepy and scary and I have all thixing me out and when I zoomed out is now a girl in the eye so I thake another photo. And thes 2 people in the eye soooooo crepy and scary so it was lagging alot of thims and in angalas eye brow was in the other side and so crepy and scard so wernig wernig wernig wernig wernig bo not buy thes apps that are crepy scary haunted like this one just buy the pixel gun 3D okkk guyes so no buy this app🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😧😧😧😧😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦👻🎃wernig again no buloud this game it will see you in the camra

- Why is this a thing?

Okay, so I have always loved these games. The history I have heard about outfit 7 is just remarkably crazy. First was Tom, second was Angela, then I watched some YT. Since I couldn’t talk to Angela, I gave up. I watched some people playing this game, Talking Ginger. That’s when I knew I needed to check it out. The eyes are absolutely terrible! In the game photos at the bottom, at the top of the reviews, some have cartoony eyes on Ginger and some real realistic eyes. I downloaded the app and started mocking him. I covered the camera and just told him to talk. I heard some hissing noises and then he malfunctioned. It was like nothing I have seen before. That’s when I knew to get out of the game. I clicked back in through curiosity later and herd him FINALLY talking to me. Something like, Hello -My name here-. Wanna play a game? That’s when I said sure! And played the toilet paper game. He never said anything since. Don’t download this game! Sorry that this was long, this is just my experience with the game. Thanks for reading, again, don’t get this game and if your children get it, make sure to keep an eye on them. Thank you.


so I kept watching videos and they were saying that there is a man in his eye and I didn’t believe it until I bought the game I talked to him and he said he is here and he knows me and then when I brushed his teeth I saw a window so be aware!!! he is watching us for real I am not lying I deleted the app and then HE CALLED ME and said he would hunt me down but he didn’t still this is a really creepy app and I don’t recommend you buying it so parents if you are reading this make sure your kid did not buy this because some people have gone missing I am not lying kids this is not a game it’s a stalker and he almost tried to get me so please watch out I do not want there to be news saying a kid has gone missing so parents be aware I am not kidding my dog went missing not from ginger from Angela I wrote the review on Angela so go check that out and be safe!!!!!!!!!


so the story was I was texting my aunt and then my sister found this game called “talking ginger” when she asked me if I wanted to play with her she said had to go to bathroom, and than I actually noticed some weird circle in the eye.. then I took a screenshot zoomed in and, I SAW A MAN IN THE EYE I RUSHED TO MY SISTER IMMEDIATELY WHEN SHE WAS DONE I TOLD HER THE WHOLE THING AND she asked me to prove it! And then I took a screenshot and zoomed in the eyes for her to see. When she saw it she cried she uninstalled the app IMMEDIATELY than we rushed to my friends mom and told her the WHOLE story (btw this was at 3am at a sleepover) so we told our friends and they also were really scared.. then a package arrived at the door. We didn’t answer it. BUT THEN THE LIGHTS STARTED FLICKERING everyone in the house SCREAMED. My poor little sister was so scared she wet her bed when she was awake. In the morning the the package was still there... we didn’t open it. But then me and my friend woke up at 3am and The ginger “plush” WAS SITTING ON THE TV AND ALL OF US SCREAMED. WE RIPPED UP THE PLUSH AND THREW IT IN THE TRASH.. and all of us snuggled though the night.. I’m only 10 years old TRUST ME. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE APP!!


So when I was five years old I have that game and I try to download again and then I saw something in the eye there a windows and it creep me when I star to download before I try it again I try do somethings to him and it creep me out there are aother things in his eye it creep me out and that I deleted the abb and gusse what I got his phone number- and he say my and and he say [I know there some in my eye] and I got creep out I try to blocked him he call me right up and he say I’m tracking u and I got so creep and the ring bell ring I try to not answer but my mom did she only find a gift that say by the game that I got and I get and gusse what I got him and it was a toy I try to sleep but he didn’t move but he did send me a message in my phone he say [the next gift is here at 3AM] and I got creep at 3AM the door bell rings and he did not track my house to give me all the things that is creep I try to block him but I can’t for no time he just say every time he keep say this at 3AM [the next gift is here~] and so that the end I don’t want to talk more about this so DONT DONWLOAD THIS!


So I started to download the app but they were like I read all of the comments when I was filming a video and then all of the comments that I do not download bad rumors I cannot relate to them so I started to write a comment about this so so people can see it I don’t know how talking Ginger has been created by the dark web so a lot of you have don’t know about like talking ginger it’s you guys think talking Ginger is kid friendly but it’s not it is not for kids this is a common to lead only for you big people and like you know everyone can read the comments of do you not download do not download so the story was a text about talking ginger so if you don’t know who made it it was the dark with the whole time so do not download it and read all the comments before you download and when I saw I zoomed in the eye but I saw something in the eye it was a window in a man and he just said I’m watching you dance when I deleted the app and I got a phone call from talking ginger and by the way do not download it it’s not safe

- Nothing in the eyes! DONT JUDGE TEN YEAR OLDS

Okay first of all, there is nothing in the eyes! Some people just try to scare the younger kids but no nonono do not even try. I thought I did see something but it’s just the eye. If you are the dumb people who are writing scary reviews that mess kids up, STOP. And I saw another review that said: “Don’t trust ten year olds.” Yes some ten year olds can do stupid things that will scare kids. But I myself am a ten year old but I encourage the people who think those reviews are real. I’m helping out kids who are scared of the man in the eye, LISTEN UP DO NOT TRICK KIDS ABOUT PEOPLE IN THE EYE TRYING TO STALK ( spy ) you! I’m going to be honest, this game is just not for me. But this game is suitable for younger kids. I love this game, I know I’m just ten, but I try to encourage kids that, that stuff is fake. PEACE OUT AND HAVE A GOOD DAY OR NIGHT!!!!!! 🥳😆

- Research people !!!

I got this app just because i heard rumors that “pEople Got kIdnaPpEd FrOm tHis gAme!!” I downloaded it and it didn’t seem creepy at all. The “person” in his eyes was literally his pupil. Y’all just saw it the wrong way. There’s over 100m people who have this game and don’t you think parents would research the app before they let there children have this app? Stop believing everything on the internet and spreading rumours. Research please. And also people are saying that ginger was asking kids personal questions?! Like I don’t beileve that!! And it’s funny because the people saying that have their names as unicorn or cupcake. And there is not spy cameras smh. They can’t see anything through your camera unless they ask for access which they don’t. Thank you and Goodnight.

- It is watching you

Ok so I don’t do reviews on games a lot, but there is something in need anyone who is new to this game to know... I don’t want to scare you or anything, but I think, or actually I know that there is a man with a white face and a black suit in the eyes! I think that the eyes are actually spy cameras watching your every move!! In older versions of the game, you could ask him questions and he would answer, most of the time he would answer like “hey, how are you” but sometimes he would ask you personal questions like where do you live, and what is your last name. Kids actually answered those questions, then were in danger. There was a rumor that a child was kidnapped by someone when she played the game and answered the personal questions. Honestly don’t play any of the “My Talking” apps because there are all sorts of hidden cameras. One more thing, when I deleted the app and played another app, it glitches out pretty badly and I figured it was because of My Talking Ginger.


I got this game.. And apparently i saw someone IN THE FLIPPING REFLECTION OF ITS EYE I SAW A FLIPPING HUMAN, so of course im gon delete it! im never going to show or buy this for a young kid ( 1 - 7 ). because obviously someone or someones is spying on you! a kid went missing over one of these apps.. i got talking tom.. no reflection.. talking angela.. no reflection.. got this app... Guess what? a reflection! i don’t recommend buying these games for your kids! i hope you read this.. these games scare me.. i hope i forget about this app.. and i realized.. when i was 6 or 7 i had this app for like 5 months.. that means i didnt notice the reflection till now.. if any adult reads this.. i recommend other games then talking tom, talking angela, and talking ginger.. get somthing like a learning game so they can have fun and learn at the same time.. get them a disney game to.. just please dont get anything that starts with talking or my talking.. i dont want anybody that’s important to anyone to go missing or killed.. i rate this app a 1 star..

- do not download there is a man in his or her eyes

I don’t know if he or her is a girl or boy but do not download this is serious if you play at 3am and don’t say there is a man is his or her eyes if you do he or her will text you if he or her does block and delete and in talking Angela same but kind of different so the one where Angela is at restaurant do not play at 3am she will talk back but those two games you should never download this is true and serious and a big warning do not download these games my brother had it but never played at 3am but I was watching someone called lyssy Noel and she saw a man in her or his eyes and then ginger texted her and so I told my brother and I took a screenshot and deleted the game and I was showing my brother it and I had chills so I am never downloading this app but I did and I did not know about it but I just randomly decided to delete it and I saw this video and I was like I am not downloading this ever again it even gave me nightmares but for one day

- Very dangerous

So once I heard rumors about the app and at that time I had the app. So the next day in the night I began crying like crazy 😔. For my mom to delete any OutFit7 apps. My sister already deleted all OutFit7 games. But my brother has a Mental disorder so he still had all the OutFit7 games on his PC. So the next day my mother trashed all the OutFit7 apps. And on that same day I was Sooooooo happy 😊 I decided to watch my IPhone 📲 I was also going to show my mom a picture of my cat ( Mr. Cuddles ). So when I looked in the Camera Roll 📸 I literally saw a picture of Talking Ginger brushing his teeth 🦷 with a creepy figure in his eyes 👀. So then I asked my Mother, Sister and brother if they had downloaded the game and took a screenshot of him. But they just said no they didn’t and I know it was obviously 🙄 not my dad because he was in North Decoda working as a internal medicine doctor 👨‍⚕️. Stuff I don’t like about most OutFit7 games - Usually you just abuse animals - if OutFit7 games are for 4+ why are they teaching kids to beat up 🤕 Animals! - Why in chatterbot OutFit7 games they ask you stuff like where do u live and are ya parents home. - Why do they lie that it’s safe when all it does is try to harm you?! -in some of their apps for example in Talking Angela you feed her Acohol and that’s basically teaching kids to drink it! -in the games people have heard random man 👨 voices that say stuff like “I’ll kill you some day”


Okay so I know some people lie about this and stuff.. BUT IM NOT LYING!!! When I first saw the rumors, I was like.. No way. This is so fake. I did a little research.. I watched some videos, and I decided to download it. AND THE RUMORS WERE TRUE! If you look in his eyes, you can see something. I can’t tell what it is, but it looks like a head or something. Also, on the old old Angela app, when it still had talking, I asked : Who are you? Angela: Kidnapper Me: Where are you? Angela: Well, where are you? I FREAKED OUT.. then I said: What’s your job Angela: I take kids. I GOT SO SCARED I BEG YOU NOT TO DOWNLOAD THIS PLEASE!!! Please! I was lucky, but one of my friends wasn’t. She had this dog named Scruffy. She was playing the game once at a sleepover, and she asked Angela : What’s your favorite animal? She said: I hate dogs! Why do you even have one? We were like: okay, well lots of ppl have dogs so maybe.. Then we grabbed Scruffy and hugged him. She said: I will kill Scruffy. My friend didn’t believe it at all, but I was a little scared. The next day Scruffy wasn’t home. We made posters and stuff, and someone knocked on our door. We were going to delete Angela , and she said : “Answer the door.” We looked out the window , and nobody was there. We decided to go delete the app. So, we deleted it, and someone knocked again. Her mom answered the door, and there was scruffy. He had scratches, and was bleeding. My friend cried and cried.

- Ginger is another trick

Hello if you seen my other reviews they are about games familiar to this game so if you’re new please read one of my reviews and on to the review okay this game is REALY dangerous people say there is a MAN in ginger’s eye 👁 I’m putting 5 stars so the person who made this game is happy. not to be mean whoever made this game it’s NOT good. Some people be mean to the person who made this game but I’m not as mean as those people. Again if you see my reviews I’m just trying to keep you safe. I don’t want ANYONE to die or get kidnaped if a kid is reading this tell your parents and give them information say some things I said or say your own information again I want you to be safe. bye please agree with me bue


So me and my friend went to get this game on my phone because we wanted to see if the rumors were true and they most certainly were!!!! For your safety do NOT download this game. We could clearly see that there was someone watching us. We could also tell they they had a t-shirt on with red lettering on it. Sometimes it was more clearer then other times. When we first downloaded the game it was not so clear but we could still tell something was off. As we started to play a little more, we could tell that there was a person and a window and a office. We aren’t trying to prevent you but we highly suggest that you do NOT get this we aren’t trying to boss you but we want you all to be safe. We also made sure that they couldn’t see or hear us we blocked the camera with my finger and the mic and didn’t put in our real birthdate (why do they even ask that???)

- Probably not the best game

Hi! I can relate to the person who said there’s a man in Ginger’s eyes When I saw that review, I quickly downloaded this game to see. I was so surprised that I saw the man in her eyes too! So creepy! And I checked Angelina too but the was no man in her eyes. Well of course, I laughed every time I played this game and I don’t really think about the man when I’m playing the game. But sometimes it gets back in my head when I’m playing it and I get more curios and then I look I don’t usually play it when it’s dark because I kind of scares me when u think someone is watching u and I always get that feeling when a man is watching me through the window when I’m playing it at night Well that’s all I have to say and hope u guys have fun while playing this game like I did. Cya!

- ADS but scared of this app

This game is basically a stocking it up for like someone’s watching you in the eyes I literally screenshot it it and if and if the creators of this game reply like stocking up I’m not surprised because y’all might be watching us with the camera I know when the new games y’all fix that because some people are getting a vantage of your apps but still y’all are stockers evening my brother told me not to download this and he is younger than me he was really crying when the old Angela existed where you could talk to her with messenger on her and my gosh I played the old one and it made me P my pants so don’t download this game if you are scared but stop sending so many dang ads every Second I swear whoever made this app or this company I swear I want to take a vantage of your company I don’t have five I don’t have 16+ you can’t skip every one second my gosh don’t download this app if you’re scared be nice children

- The man in his eyes.

I saw the reviews and wanted to check it out myself. When I opened the app I took a screenshot and zoomed in. I saw a man in a white mask with a black shirt sitting at his desk watching what appeared to be a laptop. I looked closer and I saw my face on the screen of his laptop. Sometimes he will listen when I’m not making a noise and I will hear static. Sometimes he gives me an evil look, and will laugh evilly. When you do the toothbrush timer at the end it zooms up on his face and you can really get a good look at the man. I assume the man is a stalker who aims for children to kidnap and kill. I figured that out because it would only let you play if you were between 4-18. If you are older it won’t let you play. It asks for your microphone. Sorry this is so long, but I’m just trying to make a point that this app is not for children. The rumors are true. My older cousin sees it too.

- Never ever download

This app is not save because i was playing it and saw a man standing in his eyes! i immediately deleted it and took a screen shot and is teaching kids ban things to punch and hit cats and dogs and I love watching Laurazside so I watched one of her vids and it asked for access to her photos and talking Angela was making weird sounds and moving very inappropriately and the old one she was naked but there is rumors that there are stalkers and if you don’t believe me well this little girl was playing it and the next morning she was missing! And it says so in laurazsides video and I was shocked and I am still frightened to this very day I can’t sleep so never ever give it your Number, address,Birthday. Because there are really bad people that kill kids off of games like this so AWAYS, ALWAYS watch your children and watch apps they have so never download talking Tom ,ginger or Angela EVER!!!!!!!

- I saw it

ok so I was listening to all the reviews about a man in the cat eye it’s true I saw it it’s like a ghost face kinda it was dark and scary it’s 3 holes and want i say I going to get rid of u the game it say says don’t pls don’t if I where u don’t get this app is not safe and do not play it at 1 because it will u ask u ur name where u live at do not get ur kids this game it’s not safe and if u look in the outer eye it’s something and me and my sis were telling the cat what are u going to do it’s says leave give me ur kittens what is that supposed to mean idk but not give ur kids this game not safe at all kids go missing there’s ppl Luke’s little kids I text it on my little sis the cat 🐱 was talking to her more so the person who made the game going at ather litter kids because little kids tell everything like mine does so do not give this app to ur kids 😾😼😾🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱it’s not safe have a good day

- Very creepy and dangerous

Ok so yesterday I was playing this and I screenshoted and zoomed in to his eyes I did it at different times and I saw a man the first time and the second time looked like a woman she had something red on her shirt and I thought that it was just a man watching you and I recoded me playing this and I it made sounds I did not make at all the first sound might seem like a joke but it’s not so I heard a monkey there was not a monkey on tv and I don’t have a pet money so I guess they do and I heard a loud sound it’s hard to describe but it was very loud and I think it recorders you because it’s a camera in his eyes and then I disced to zoom into his eyes again and saw eyes and it looked like he was wearing a white mask and when I play this game I always see something in his eyes so he spys on my you so don’t download this game play something safe like subway suffers

- Nice game

Okay let’s start so I bet you’ve seen all the bad things about the app and the “scary” facts. Well now you can hear the good stuff so here we go. I love that they have that mini game of trying to roll down all the toilet paper as fast as you can it’s really fun! I also love that you can shower and blow dry him which isn’t in the other cat games! I also love that you can brush his teeth so they’re squeaky clean! And you can say anything and he’ll repeat it’s really funny! I do recommend this game for fun and for a good laugh

- Creepy

I put 5 stars out of 5 because I love creepy. But the rumor is true, there is a man is those eyes. I took a screenshot then I zoomed in on it. It looks like a man this is sitting in a room with a window in the background. At first when I had this I didn’t read that reviews on it (smart person I am) then all my friends said it was bad. I checked the reviews finally then I checked if they were true. It might seem cute and funny but that is only what they want you to think so then you can be watched. I’m still gonna play because it is scary but if you don’t wanna be watched them DON’T PLAY THIS GAME. Thanks for reading

- Do you see something in his eyes?

So I’m just bored searching up things than I come upon a video about how there’s a man in talking Angela’s eyes that honestly freaked me out, so I was gonna download it cause I still really didn’t think it was real, I mean photo shops possible, so I’m on the App Store and than I search up “ talking Angela 2” but just as I was gonna get it i came upon “ talking ginger” so I downloaded it to see you know if there’s something in his eye, so I downloaded it than I took a picture than I zoomed up and than I saw it…there was a person In the eye I’d say looked like a clown blue,green,and red in his hair( male ) he was sitting in a dark room it FREAKED ME OUT so I deleted it. I’m not here to say “don’t download it, it’s dangerous” no I’m just telling you guys I wouldn’t recommend it and to this day I’m never ever getting another “talking Angela, Tom or ginger” app.

- Do not play this game at all times

This game is so bad you should never download it because I can see the man in his eyes it’s so creepy do not download this app it’s not safe for children please don’t download this app so this is what happened I went to the bathroom because I just download talking Angela and when I came back it was download it and then I went on the app and then I can see the man in her eyes and then I deleted the game and then next thing later at night time at 3 AM I specifically 3 AM I got a text message that says I’m coming for you and it was Angela do not download this app

- Scary

I just downloaded this app! I got in the game! Right away I see a person in the eye ! I could not even see who it was! Because I was so scared to look! It just freaked me out! This will scare children! You should not download this app! Like what the heck! It scared me to death! The only thing I kinda saw in gingers eyes were like a guy in the eyes who was wearing all black! If I were you I would not download this app! I would take a screen shot and see what it is! And then you should delete this app as soon as you can! It scared me! This is a terrible game! I heard about the eyes! And when I was gonna download it! I saw like a window! And the eyes were different from the other eye one was like a hacker or like someone that looks bad. I think there watching you! So you should delete that app for good! Stay safe from this app

- Download if you want to get creeped out

Do NOT download this game! At first it might seem like an innocent little cat that you take care of but it ISNT! I read the reviews and they all said there was a man in the eyes. I am not a skeptic so I tried it out. They are NOT lying! Right as I downloaded it the cat was sitting down and I looked directly in the eye. I was so scared I immediately deleted it. It looked like a clown mask with red eyes and the blue lips and he was sitting at a computer. I remember the Talking Angela thing but they really need to sort this out! Talking Ginger is way more creepy than Talking Angela! Talking Tom is fine, the new Talking Angela and I am pretty sure Talking Hank is. I always know there was something fishy about this app when I was little and I didn’t really like cats when I was little so I played with talking Hank. This is so creepy!


So I played this app and the eye may just look like a normal eye but if u look vary closely you will find a window and a man in the eye. And you know what that means.....the app could get access to the camera and track your location find you’r home and kill you. And find out what you’r child looks like so he will know the right house if he finds the same people. No kidding I saw a man in the eye and a window a few days later I deleted the app because of the Dangers of the app. So who ever made the app is a HORRIBLE person and this app is NOT SAFE FOR KIDS in fact this app spells Serten death for kids. DELETE THE APP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE NOT JOKING! This app could lead you all the way to death. Don’t play this game or any game made by the same company. If it’s something made by the same company it’s a child predator app. Stay safe bye!

- This is not for kids

Okay at first I though all the rumors were fake but when I installed this app it asked for my microphone on which was kinda weird but I didn’t think much of it at first but then I started to get weirded out. And you may ask why. Oh I will tell you I say a man with a microphone thing and a table with a camera so I just decided to stop playing it, after a hour or so I decided to continue playing. And you maybe guessed it literally still had a man on his eye I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea so i said “there it literally a man on his eye”and I got a message right away that said” yes and so what” I got scared right away and decided to block the number and delete the app right away please do not try this game.


THIS GAME IS CREEPY I donloded it to investigate and as u see there are some rlly weired refections in his eyes they both look like a man in its eyes but when u brush its teeth u see somthing in one eye it looks like a man and another.. It ether looks like a computer screen or a window i thought it looked like both but it scars me ppl say that they gotten text messeges and they think its linked to the app bc it says somthing about package so thats why i wanted to investigate i Dident get a text about a package or anything suspicious but im still scared bc u can actually see somthing in his eyes wich still creeps me out alot if u are still reading this i jest want to say jest in case dont show your face to the camera part of what u are using bc it might be dangerous also stay safe and dont eat stuf of the ground 😅

- Do not download this app

As soon as I loaded in the game I saw a man in his eyes and I instantly covered the camera with a tissue I wanted to take a risk I didn’t actually wanna play the game I love creepy theories but this was way too creepy my iPad is connected to my moms phone and sometimes I her phone but I was shocked when I got on the app talkingGinger because if it’s connected the app is downloaded on both of the Devices and while I was on the app FaceTime in my friend I heard a shuffling noise and I swear it came from my mom’s phone I was FaceTime in my friend on my iPad while I was using my moms phone for the app so I could show my friend and there was literally a shuffling noise I could tell he was trying to be as quiet as possible and he wasn’t moving at all do not download it!

- This game is dangerous

I asked ginger if he would do something to me if I deleted the app I kept asking him and finally he said by him self he said ya so basically he said that he was going to do something to me if I deleted the game and it was so scary and yes,there actually is a man in his eyes sooooo creepy read all of the reviews before downloading this game well actually don’t download this game at all and all of the reviews that say that there is a man in his eyes are true oh and also the one that said that when you brush his teeth there is a computer in his left eye is also true take my advice and don’t download this game this isn’t fake news it’s real so download this game at your own risk don’t download even though I said download at your own risk it is too risky 😰

- Okay, so this game..

I used to play this game all the time when I was little, and I genuinely had fun with the mini games in this app. I’ve been hearing rumors that there are creepy or unnerving parts of the game. So I re-downloaded the game to test it. It would constantly mimicking what I was saying, and it would look at me as if it was listening, like it does before it was about to copy you, but it only said a small amount of what I was saying, I felt like I was being recorded. Then if you look in his eyes, (just like all the rumors say-), you could definitely see a figure that appeared to be sitting in front of a computer/monitor. Overall, the app is creepy and made me uncomfortable. I wouldn’t recommend my worst enemy play it. PLEASE just get Minecraft instead.

- Don’t download this

I’m not here for putting fake reviews but just read my review and please don’t download this app okay now I’ll get to the point so there is a man in his eyes when he’s sitting there he has a white mask smiling me and my friend downloaded this game as a joke on FaceTime and when we brushed the teeth we saw a computer screen and something wrong but I do not hate this app but if they could pls change the man and the computer screen? But now i will talking Angela. So she has nothing in her eyes but when you put the makeup on her and go back her eye outline will leave her eyes for a second and then will go back to normal so if you get scared easily then I Suggest go and get a different app instead not from Outfit7

- I think it is just a glitch

I think it’s more likely it is just a glitch and Outfit7 is just a kid friendly web sight and game it’s more likely it is just a glitch because he would be arrested by now by the way for me I had a fantastic time playing this game there is nothing wrong with it is just a little glitch and nothing to be afraid of! I am positive about it and it’s just a little glitch I am so happy nobody got this game (mostly kids) because they would have nightmares of this little glitch

- It’s scary and bad

Ok so I’ve herd all the news about the talking Angela,Tom,and GINGER and I saw photos on the internet of a guy in gingers eyes and he looks like he’s a stalking and he looks like he is wearing the game masters mask and Ik he’s not real BUT every time ginger blinks his eyes or I see him after playing a game the man moves....and at first when I saw him I only saw a window but after I got back on the game I saw the head of the I don’t want to be like those people who just hype it up to make people more scared but I do recommend not getting talking Tom,Angela,AND especially Ginger so creepy the photos are real I didn’t believe it at first and I had this game as a kid and do not remember this at all!!!don't get it pls the internet has been true

- Please don’t download this app I just want you to be safe so that’s why I’m doing this

So I downloaded the game first things first I took a screenshot and I zoomed in on his eyes and there is the actual man and the other guy I mean in the other eyeI saw a girl and then when I went back on the app that popped up and then it said I’m coming for you and guess what then I got this link and I clicked on it and then when I pressed call it was talking Angela and then she said I’m tracking your address


DO NOT GET THIS APP I Have the app and the 👁 I LOOK AT IT now I’m just not sure what the heck I did Dunellen this up please please please please it's very creepy what did I say you guys download it so freaked out so I freaked you out and you freaking b wordsAre you gonna download this app and I bet you are going to get hacked because even time I tried this up give me a freaking look in the eye and I have tape over my tablet and you probably can't see tape so I read this a one star well now I'm just gonna write this a five star

- Alex

Hi so i love creepy stuff so i fownlowed talking angela and talking tom and now talking ginger an im 22 and when i was te 10 i loved talking ginger because I thought he looked cut but when i looked again I thought he was ugly but the i took a selfie and someone knocked on my door and i was so scared that i was telling everybody in the house did they order something they all said no and then i said to myself maybe i ordered something But then i checked I didn’t order anything my dad was at work and i thought he ordered something so i opend the door and it was a talking ginger plushie and I thought my dad ordered it for my 5 years old sister so then i called him and he said no than i took the box and saw a note and it said im watching you

- pls no

this app scares me so much why is there a weird dude in his eyes... I was hanging with my friends then all of a sudden a bunch of weird noises were on my little sisters iPad and talking ginger was so freaking loud we were in the 3rd floor and we could hear it- just to make it “better” we were home alone I just turned it off and didn’t think of it. my sis played the game later saying it was glitching. I went to go help her out and it wasn’t glitching it was like... I can’t even explain how scary it was. I played trying to check it out once and it said “microphone access I need to hear you for you to play” which I have heard recently that kids have gone missing bc this game 😱😢 ps not RECENTLY a while ago-

- Do not download this game

Me and my sister played this game like at 3 AM which was a few hours ago and we downloaded Talking Ginger I am talking Angela we played on a different phone so we how do each other and we promise there’s no man in first we look at talking Angela on my sisters phone she’s about 12 and I’m like 13 so sorry for the bad writing but anyways I saw a bookshelf in some type of man and then we looked at Talking Ginger and we saw a man with a clown face and when we fell asleep I saw the same man in my dreams picking me up and putting me into a van I still have dreams about him but I’m more scared of people calling me from different numbers almost called the police but I didn’t they are you know we’re talking Angela is

- There might be a man

This is not fake some of the reviews are but this isn’t I looked at all the comments then I played and first I saw a peachy blob in his eye then I took a screen shot and cleared it a little and I saw him and when I brushed his teeth then I saw a computer in his eye! But there is no man in Angela’s eye or toms or hank or Ben only ginger but there was a guy in Angela’s eye once but now the chat bar is gone so it’s safe but I can’t say if it’s completely safe he might hack my Angela again but be careful it takes a risk and don’t try it for fun it’s not a joke I was doing that but then I saw and deleted right away! And for your safety don’t download the app and message to the creator please fix the man in gingers eye bye


so I was looking for games and I found this I deleted when I was three I had it since I was 2 so I downloaded it again but look in gingers eyes there was a person getting kidnapped so I went of the app and then the power went of I was legit scared because there was a very deep voice it said My name I was very scared also I got a message from someone named “UNKNOWN” it said “I see you”and then I got a image of myself and my sister sleeping from them so. I deleted the app but it still happened again also one of my friends were missing please delete this app parents it’s dangerous for kids . Also my child heard a voice that said I’m always watching ...delete the apps kids/teens/parents..

- There is a man in his eyes!

So I played this game with my brother suddenly he screamed THERE IS A MAN IN HIs EYES I looked and there was a man in the eyes I told my mom and he freaked out I don’t know if she called 911 but the man in the eyes is stalking u and the news about a man in angla’s eyes are fake but ginger has literally different men in his eyes call 911 and be safe but also I don’t know if this is true but....when I sleep I feel like somebody is watching me..I feel like I will die but no matter what stay safe for the last time.

- Evil! Do not download!!!

Apart from Lawernzsides videos and photos on the internet, it could’ve been fake, so I decided to download the app for myself to see what is was actually about. At first I thought it was pretty fun! But I noticed mumbling that sounded like a 30 year old man, I did not understand a word it said, but it left me frightened for a long time. I go back about my month later and screenshoted gingers eye, and I found a desk/hacker setup in his eye. At that point I was really scared and deleted the app, I don’t like writing or reading fake reviews, this isn’t fake. This game is a road to danger, do not download! This is a warning. I am 10 years old, almost 11, it’s been a year and I’m still frightened.

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DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME IF YOU DO DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY!!!!!! i have heard a rumour about this a couple years ago and weren’t around like fire but i didn’t believe because i thought they were just trying to scare kids so i stubborn me downloaded it today and wanted to see if the rumour was true so i screenshotted ginger and was also weird to me that it repeated the sound the screenshotted sound and it creeped me out a bit then i zoomed into his eyes and saw images like camera sort things, idk i’m probably just overthinking and might be a reflection from shining from my phone phone. but for your safety i DONT recommend downloading any of the talking games!!!!! i don’t mean to be that person and over overexaggerate it but i really hope it isn’t true :/


Ok please DO NOT GET THIS GAME !!! If you’ve heard of some strange man the eye and you actually really want to see if it is their because you either don’t believe it is there or just because you want to act really stupid, it kinda gives it away in the pictures of this game, if you look at the very first picture of the ginger when he is cleaning his teeth, plz look into his eyes and you can see a room with a man in one eye and a room with a white window in the other! Plz listen this game is not safe and I know this from experience, I got this game when I was 5 or 6 yr old on my mums phone and I had just downloaded it when I was in my mums car and it was a very bumpy ride lol and my thumb kept blocking the camera, then I heard the cat, Ginger say “Please remove your finger from the camera” and of course I was young so I did what it said, then my mum kept getting these notifications saying that someone from THIS GAME was trying to see my mums photos, this game kept asking me REALLY personal questions when I was playing and I felt really uncomfortable, so listen to me when I say do not get this game!!! This is very dangerous to play!

- Pfff lollipop grr is right

Yes she is right I can’t see a man in Angela’s eye just ginger I have a feeling he is watching me I am NOT LIEING trust me man in he’s eyes outfit7 have you just put Color in the eye or a man I’m not trying to hurt your feelings outfit7 ok I like it just saying


OK LOOK! One day with this app and I think I was hacked! It is not funny and I am not joking when I say this game is bad! The eyes have a man in them and a window as you could tell. This is not a screen shot or a photo, it is a camera! I know this because I was getting lots of messages from a unknown user. I then saw a video of me sent to me. I freaked out and got rid of the app. But the messages didn’t stop they even started sending me photos of my family and my house. I found out a week later that I was hacked! Then I got a knock on the door when my family was out shopping, I looked out the peek hole and saw a man in a black suit and a bad. He knocked once more and I freaked out and called my family. They said they will be home but when they got home no one was at the door. In our house we have cams and in one of the cams a man stood there, I have not been down to see what is there, but I am telling you! This is BAD!

- I’m going died :(

So i was playing this game and me and my family had to go for dinner and when I was comeing back talking ginger say he comeing to my house so I run to my parents room I’m say he comeing my parents say I was lying and I say I was not I was going back to my room and he had red eyes I got scared so I try to sleep but I can’t and that night I hear something and I go to the live room I seen old man he called my name I run to. my room he seen me and come up and he got me bye PLS DONT GET IT 😭😭😭😭

- Don’t download this game

Hi do not download this game it is not good for kids there is a man in gingers eyes someone is watching you and when it say to lex go to the park don’t say yes because it wants to kill you and it knows which one is you so please please please please don’t download this game I’m telling this to you for your safety who made this game wants to get richer and richer please don’t download this game thank you to the people who listened to me your safety is way more important than you playing a game so please don’t download this game stay safe then sorry bye bye everyone stay safe.

- I dont know what to say?

Yet This game seems harmless but hearing others reporting about the man in angela's eye was going viral i was curious to see if the same thing would be in ginger too i really dont know what to believe people are saying that they saw a man in gingers eyes others say they saw nothing like i dont know what to believe. But i got a feeling they fixed the problem as quickly as they could before people would see it. This could be a theory i dont know for sure...

- Shut up liars

This isn’t dangerous my friend does not believe the liars because she’s not dead outfit7 isn’t a criminal he never wants to kill us he even made a show and this proves that it’s not dangerous it’s a safe app it has not been hacked on my screen and I played this since 2012 and I didn’t die it’s a safe app for kids I even look with my eyes closer to the eyes and I saw nothing

- I love making videos with ginger

You should always make fun cute little apps like this. Can you please make a talking egg exactly like this but not only repeat what you say, but he can say in actually voice whatever you say as well. After a while, the egg will hatch and out would come a flocked little character

- Why?

So I was quite interested in the rumour that spread like fire, so I decided to download the game as soon as I entered it I was kinda creeped to be asked for my “microphone”,so I just pressed ok which was very stubborn of me,I did some stuff and then I spotted something in gingers eyes that’s when I immediately screen shorted and went on to photos and widened up on his eyes suddenly and I don’t know why But in both eyes I spotted a masked man sitting kinda peacefully I was scared so I deleted the app so as to finish my experience DO NOT GET THE APP

- Do you not get this game

So I just downloaded this app right now and I looked into the eyes and in one of the eyes there was a window and the other I have a man with a mask please do not get this game is very dangerous I hope you guys listen to me because could be very very very dangerous so When I saw the bird in the eyes I immediately deleted it you should not have this game also when I was playing my hand was on the camera and it said please take your hand of the camera I recommend you don’t get this game please listen to me I hope you are safe👌🤗🙂

- Do not download

Hi don’t download this in one of the pictures for a quick look of the game and I zoomed up on that image and guess what That’s right I saw a window don’t download this and the other talking games like my talking Angela , talking Angela talking Ben talking hank and my talking Tom as well as this game actually don’t download anything from this developer group stay safe and subscribe to Clayton playz , midnight fox and the australian gasser say safe and don’t forget to be nice to each other and don’t download this app I’m begging you to not donload this app also some one got kidnapped by this app

- Ginger’s best app EVER

I think Ginger is the best app because he is so so so funny when he copy’s you when you say something and another thing why I like ginger is when you finish like all the brushing his teeth and going to the toilet and blow drying Ginger and having a shower and stuff like that so that is why I like GINGER


It was a very calm day and I was taking care of my little brother I downloaded that ginger game on my I pad and gave it to my lil bro. I went to the toilet and when I came back he was crying in fear I looked at the I pad and saw the man I was shocked and immediately deleted the app. A year later it was all good again and I was going to order something I went on my I pad and ginger was on my Home Screen and then it changed to my normal one again and I never saw it again there for do not download this app.

- Is this true? (Please read 🥺)

Hi is it true that there’s a man in talking gingers eye because that’s what i saw it just did not talk to me but for some reason the reviews on talking ginger 2 look safe but then why is it this game (I definitely saw something) so please write a review saying your opinion if you thing that there’s a man in gingers eye thanks

- OMG😱😱😱

U guys r scaring me so much but I will take a photo and zoom in on the eyes on Halloween because Halloween is supposed to be scary so if it's any time to do that and get scared if it's true than it should be on a scary day/night😱😱😇😇

- Fun but SCARY

Seriously there is a kidnapper in talking gingers eye’s I had this when I was 9because I was silly and wanted to see if this was true so I downloaded this app and brushed his teeth had some fun actually! Anyway, i did see something in his eyes this could just be made to look real so I’m only warning you that that might or might not be safe

- Not fake!

This game isn’t to bad. Somethings wrong with it are... practically all you do is hit him and waste toilet paper and kids might be learning off this. You can see something in the eyes it’s not a person more like a statue... but other than that it’s a really fun game


Well hi there well wants l got into the game l saw something in his eyes and it looked spooky it looked like a person and strat away l deleted the APP and it was hellocreepy so l recommend you to not get the game and this is still going around😱

- There is someone in the eyes

I can see the person in the eyes whoever created this it’s buying or not so every time I get online I speak to the hacker why his spying

- There is a creepy figure in talking gingers eyes

This is true download it for yourself or check out laurenzside’s channel I am not joking this is true😰 look for yourself

- Do not download the game!!!!

So me and my sister downloaded the game to see if it was true and we took a screenshot and zoomed into the eye and we saw a man with a hockey mask in the Flippen eyes so we immediately deleted this app I am warning you do not get it child stalker in the eye it also gives it away in the first picture where it brushing its teeth look closely you can see a window

- This is real

Ok, so it is true there is something in his eyes. But I don’t know about the other things. Please if you are a youtuber and you are TRYING to do bad this hear is what you should (don’t do this if you are not a youtuber or a adult). You want to look in his eyes and say yes to everything. I KNOW this is a BAD app, because they are not changing ANYTHING it is all the same. Please stay safe.

- plz don’t get talking Ginger

:Warning! Plz don’t get it bc there’s a man in ginger eyes! And Report or else he can warning you! please don’t download and Watch the news last you can die):

- Do not get it it’s the same as talking Angela

I once played this game and I saw a room and a man trying to look at my pictures .then I went on talking Angela and I dawns stalker I played it again I sawed to kid SO PLS DONT gET THIS GAME

- DONT GET THIS (please read🥺)

I saw a man in his eyes! Look in both eyes and you will see it... a head. I don’t know if he is wearing a mask. Get this game at your own risk😰

- Why ginger you just looking to everyone

Look this is a really bad game it’s...- HUNTED! By the way I must not buy this game real things happen in talking ginger and talking anlge it’s to bad if anyone likes ginger game are u crazy it’s the eyes the eyes with windows and a man with a mask. By the way really I’m like so sad😭 I hate this game why does u sapy at us?

- To all the people

Ok let me get this straight to all the people who say that there is a man in gingers eyes you guys are lieing stop trying to scare people there is a reason this game is 4+ there is no danger but overall it’s a great game

- I don’t like what is in Ginger’s eyes

The only reason I like the game is because I like watching LaurenZside

- I haven’t played this game for years


- Talking ginger

To much of a wast of toylet paper and he never goes to sleep or even school

- It is sill in ties game

Do not get you can get tide game if you want to make a youtrb widyol like me I get tide game to make a widyol

- Rate talking ginger

It is very fun to play and who ever made this game did a marvellous job 💩🤩😎🤓

- Liars

You’ve probably heard the rumours well I downloaded it and it’s fine there’s no man and you won’t die don’t worry guys just a rumour👍👍

- Do not play this game

Once I was playing this game I asked him a question and then he said are you with your mother and then I was like that no I’m not and also I can see a window in his eyes and a man and his eyes so do not play this game is dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Be safe

Guys be careful and don’t play at 3:00 ok

- Scary🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

To the person with demonic as there title I asked him have you been murded and he said I’m coming for u AAAAAAAAAAH HELP ME MY SISTER WAS PLAYING THIS I WATHCHED HER SHE SAID Bye bye and then she turned it off then I went to check it and a notification popped up and said bye bye to you soon IF U HAVE THIS APP DELETE IT


When I was brushing his teeth there was a different reflection in each eye... there was something big and white like a window and something like a sad I’m deleting this app rn


This game is creepy my cousin and me downloaded it and we saw something in the eyespls don’t get app it’s soo creepy I’m trying other apps like that hope kids don’t download it have the best day bye

- Demonic

Every time I said somthing like when did you die he chuckled and said 1955 what about you? This is a game not to be played for that reason i don’t know what secrets lie between this evil game!!!!!!

- This is so scary

I saw a man in ginger eyes and he was wearing some black rusty clothes and the wireless thing about the man is that he does not blink or have eyes and he does not even move his body in ginger eyes at all and the cat is SPYING ON YOU I AM WARNING YOU THE CAT IN THE APP IS SPYING ON YOU I MADE ME SO SCARED


Ok so I thought that this whole rumour thing I was just a lair so I downloaded the game and went in and I looked at the eyes to see if I could see anything....AND I did I zoomed in just in case it was nothing AND SOMETHING WAS THERE

- Wow you are better then talking be

#best game ever!

- What the hell!

This is actually SOO CREEPY! I saw a vid and thought it was fake so tested it myself and it is creepy, if u take screenshot of eye and zoom in there is a figure with a white mask and the other eye has a hand on it! NEVER GET THIS!

- It s okay This Game

I can see a man in ginger this game was a little bit boring but I love it to this app is amazing to

- ginger is not safe

i search on google and i saw that ginger has a window in his eye and angela has a man in her eye so their not safe only tom is safe

- DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

so as a kid I had this app and a deleted it but it keept downloading its self back. Today a downloaded it again and a saw a man with a white mask. Do not download any talking apps eg talking Angela, talking Tom and more. I AM WARNING YOU IT WACHES YOU AND WACHING YOU EVRY MOVE PLEAS DONT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Is it true?

I saw a thing in his eyes no hate just saying.

- Man in the eyes

If you look in the eyes you can see a man and wen you brush the teeth you can she his house I showed my mum and she fand it to she told me to git of the game is not safe


When you play it and you take a screen shot you can see a man wherein a white mask and a window

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I played this game with my friend I noticed there was something in his eyes so I took a photo and then soon as I zoomed in at the photo I saw a strange figure inside of the eye when I looked at the other one it stripped it looks like there was a kid in there so please don’t play this game some people say that I can even hear you and there’s a person that stocks this game so please don’t play this game trust me it’s evil!!!👿👿☠️☠️

- Do NOT download

I downloaded this when I was 7 and when I deleted the app strange things started to happen for example every time I went on a vacation with my mom there would be this blue and pink car following me wherever I go... I don’t remember the licence plate but all I know is that it kept following me till I turned 11 that’s when it stopped showing up to my relive. Then 2 more years later I looked at the app again and saw that there was a light pole and trash can inside gingers eyes. I was creeped out since it my my neighborhoods lamppost DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!⚠️


NEVER DOWNLOAD THIS GAME when I was little I loved talking Angela and more but when I downloaded talking ginger you can see a person with a white mask and you can see his arm but when I looked at the other eye I SEE A CHILD IT MAKES ME THINK HE GOT KIDNAPPED SO NEVER EVER DOWNLOAD THIS APP OR THE COMPANY APPS THAT THEY MADE

- Yes

Good game

- do not download for kids!!

When u was on the talking ginger app I zoomed in on his eyes then i saw a MAN! Wearing a white mask then I took a few screenshots then I zoomed in on it then I saw eyes and a mouth the background was black behind the man then when I was on the talking Angela app I saw a office with a brown big chair with nobody sitting on it and still the background behind the brown big chair was black and I went on google and searched up talking Angela eyes hacker then I saw the picture of the man that was in talking Angela’s eyes he was arrested but there’s still people hacking/stalking in ginger and stuff please keep ur children safe from this app! Be safe, and someone said they saw a window and a office in talking Angela’s eyes and then they saw a kid behind them so they thought they hackers/stalkers kidnapped that kid. Make sure ur CHILD is safe! If u wanna download the app please tell a parent it was all over the news before about a missing 10 year old and a kid who was missing after downloading the app and they say they record ur voice and did u realize that u can’t put the day ur birth was on so that’s how they wanna no about u and trick u so u can be kidnapped by them texting u. PLEASE BE SAFE!

- Never ever

Don’t Play


you can actually see people in its eyes and it is very unsafe i don’t recommend it stay safe

- 😑 best game ever🤥

So I was play this for YouTube and I did a screenshot of of him and zoomed in the eyes and say a blurry photo of man in the eyes not ginger no more anelga

- ⚠️There’s an old man in his eyes⚠️

Do you not download this app, there is an old man in his eyes, I took a screenshot of the eyes and it looks like a white face white arms and black shirt he’s staring at you and he can hear everything you say

- No man

It’s just a picture of Tom.It’s the same with talking Angela and there are no men in her eyes

- My sis downloaded this 😭

My sis downloaded this and 5 days later there were sounds from her room 😭🥺

- Don’t download for your child! Scary warning ⚠️ 😦😧😮

😈😈😈😈😡 do not download this game it has a dead child in the eyes and a man or the other do not buy it it is very scary do not download it is violence to children it will make your children be lost forever do not get this game for your child this is a safety message for you!

- Nostalgic

I remember playing all of the talking games on my iPad 2, Talking Gina the giraffe was the nicest one yet.

- Talking ginger

Hi when I got this game I read the reviews first but I still got this game and there is no mask in gingers eyesEnd it is not possible for any person do you know who you are so whoever wrote it was a pink and blue car following them that is not possible yes I have seen pink cars yes I have seen blue cars but they’ve never followed me and I’ve never seen them together so if you were just trying to scare parents and kids it is not nice thank you to those who say that but there’s not that many of you and I would like more people to download this game and be on my side because if the App Store is to any of these with me we’re real they were already deleteTalking ginger from the App Store and I don’t think they should just because of these weird nasty comments and you’re just trying to scare kids and adults

- It’s fine

I saw the man and said oh it’s just a glare but if you like the game and you saw it just cover your camera there is nothing scary about this game

- People say he has a person in his eyes

People are incorrect I zoomed in and take a screenshot and then there is nothing just a thing in his eye


I’m 7 and I thought it was a lay Iie about all the creepy stuff with games like this but affter it you read this delete the app I saw a broken movie screen in his eyes I took a picture to show my parents and deleted the app I showed them and the were proud of me for doing that DO NOT DOWNLOAD


So me and my friends were going to download it and just why not but then 10 minutes later I saw a MAN in his eyes we all freaked out so then we deleted the game.

- Glare in eyes

So when I downloaded this app I started to get a little bored doing the same thing over and over again. Then I saw the glare in the eyes. I always thought people were lying about it but they were not. I am only nine years old so do something quick to make it more fun and get the glare away or else I’m going to delete this app

- Omg

Do not download this app it as a man in his eye and a window and I Did not let it access to my microphone

- Do not download it’s too dangerous

When I saw all the review saw when they said there seven so I download the app I saw a And old Woman with there’s a window I delete the app just do not download it’s too dangerous

- What the f

The game is so bad omg someone is in his eyes omg omg this is a bad game


so my friend toledo me about a game called THE MAN you notice anything THE MAN IN HIS/HER EYES DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR ELS YOU CAN DIE😵😵😵😵😵😵😵


WE Can see A clown or a kid in his eyes

- This worries me a lot

I have been seeing strange things when I downloaded the app There was a fat man in his eye 👁 and my friend told me a pink car followed her when she went out of the city It scared me DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT HAS SCARED. ME FOR ALONG TIME



- Scary app dont ever download kids

I downloaded this and then i saw the guy it was scary i deleted it omg then me and my brother got scared😭 its scary DONT DOWNLOAD kids ;( but if u wanna get stalked or kidnapped this game is for u :(( Stay safe i got scared

- Don’t download this game pls

The cat

- Kids it’s ok

I know that somethings watching you but don’t be scared children I’m gonna help


This game is scary!! I looked at the reviews before I got it and I didn’t believe anything that they were saying, so I downloaded it. Right at the start it asked to access my microphone but the only answer to chose from, was “ok”. So of corse I said yes because I wanted to see the man in ginger’s eyes. So I took a screenshot and zoomed in and there was a man “ I think” wearing a white mask. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!


When I looked at all the comments that said that there are people watching you and listening too everything that you say and do I knew I had to check it out and when I did I went to the timer for brushing your teeth and if you zoom into the right eye you can see that there is someone watching you in his/her office and can hear what you say and he can trace where you go. Do not download I repeat do not download!

- Do not download

I was little I love talking Angela & talking tom & talking Ginger . But when I was older and I looked in the eyes there was a red light this is not safe .

- Believe me

I saw a man I don’t remember what he was wearing I deleted it last year never download and that’s creepy never ever ever EVER download the I was creeped out never ever going to download agin and also I heard a garbage truck when I talked with my friend and my sweater fell on the floor and I was in the top bunk and no one was there DO NOT DOWNLOAD


So I had this game when I was 8 I am still 8 but turning 9 and sense I deleted it my phone would get notifications and then I showed my friend and when I got it would say really scary and weird stuff and then next thing I know is when the back round changed and it said: do you want to be my friend I will give you candy! DO NOT GET IT!

- I saw someone or something in his eye

It sucks

- Liam

who ever sed that there was a men in gingers eye is crazy i chekt nothing is in his eye besides he is so cute

- Don’t download this game

I legit saw a window in gingers right eye

- This is real

Most of the time kids write fake reviews on the talking Tom apps but you can clearly see the man in the eye

- I do not know how to rate this

I played this game for like a long time I have never seen anything in its eyes I accidentally deleted it and today download it and for some reason it looks like there’s a man in its eyes then I deleted it right away I i’ve always looked in his eyes and there’s nothing but black and now there looks like a man in its eyes what happened to this game

- Not download no no

No download no

- Happy birthday to Gunjan.

Happy birthday to you my child with many blessings. Prabha 🌺❤️🌺 Prabhu ki Prabha

- Do not download

Do not download this game I saw window

- Please whoever is reading this do not download it

So I checked on Lyssy Noal’s channel that if you download ginger you can see someone in ginger’s eyes ok but like i’m not like joking around but I saw someone in his eyes I’m still freaking out because I just don’t want like hackers seeing me like it’s so scary I mean like I can already tell they are like people that are putting one star for this game but yeah just please do not download this app it is scary

- I saw a man that looks similar to Donald Trump in the eye don’t Dolla the game

Don’t download the game

- Do not download

Do not download this app and the other apps that’s the same as this app because you can see someone in gingers eye and they can steal your credit/debit card numbers and email address this is so dangerous because kids got kidnapped and stocked by this app and 5 girls was missing from is app do. Not download it ⚠️💢♨️


I SAW A MAN- IM NOt KIDDING- my little cousin watched a video about it and told me to download it to see if it was true. i then downloaded it expecting it to just be like some joke or something and im not joking i saw a man in gingers eyes. A GROWNASS MAN AND A WINDOW!!! do not download!!!! i repeat DO NOT download!!!!


I downloaded the game to simply see if the conspiracy’s and YouTube videos were true about his eyes, and THEY ARE. I don’t know why and what is in his eyes but it seems to be a man with a mask on. Again, I’m not sure why but please do yourself a favour and download different games. Better be safe then sorry.




I knew there were rumours I checked it out at first I was like aw cute cat then I took screen shot zoomed in and-WHAT THE FRICK IS THIS-I saw a literal OFFICE in his EYES OMIGOD CHILDREN OF THE WORLD DONT DOWNLOAD,POUR LES ENFANT DES MOND NE DOWNLOAD PAS(yes I know french to so I can warn them to)

- So boring

All you do is brush his teeth. Nothing fun, don’t download. Not fun at all. Trust me

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@TartagliaChan "The Fatui?" His brows furrow and he eyes the other up and down, looking for any signs or symbols to let him know what the ginger is talking about. It clicks then—the memory right outside the Mondstadt Cathedral. His expression immediately sours. "I know a thing or two."


@airboarders excellent!!! people say ginger is a good palette cleanser but they legit don't know that theyre talking about

ellie🌈 loves zara gf & lai

Y’all keep talking about blonde and ginger harry but


@ginger_guard “Heh... are, um- are you talking to me like this because you think I’m like... /babyish?/“


when i say i don’t drink soda never ever am i talking about ginger ale


@Ginger__Jordan @Brawlhalla You dont even know the name of weapon where are you talking bout


@MartinFoleyMP What, pray tell, is the “LGBTIQ+ sector” of the economy? That’s like talking about the “blonde sector” or “ginger sector. You do realize there isn’t a queer industry, right? This is so odd and stupid.


@erin_ginger I have to be in the mood- and it’s usually only 5 ppl that I actually enjoy talking on the phone with.


Kat and I held the lanky ginger bitch trials and immediately started talking to lanky ginger bitches afterwards...hmmm much to think about


@ginger_addams What you talking about I have some lol 😏


@ElliottBlackwe3 Those were my favorite cassettes❤️ Christmas TV -Slow Club, This Must Be The Place- Talking Heads, Martha’s Foolish Ginger-Tori Amos, My Baby Just Cares For Me-Nina Simone ❤️

Rachel (Ginger)

@finding_orbit @ADDeeCee I have a few people that I feel that way with. It's due to how they've treated me and got other people to join them in treating me like I don't exist... Any time they start talking I see red...


@RatchetSmurf Fela was a big influence in Rock music. Talking Heads, Ginger Baker, etc.

sierra phoenix 💋

@siIvercurls Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I enjoy seeing you on twitter and talking with you! You are beautiful and awesome! I love you! ♥️

Owain Glyndŵr

@RnRRugby @ref_ginger Yeah no offence lads. But I think Nigel probably knows what he’s talking about, however unpalatable that may be for England fans.

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Talking Ginger iphone images
Talking Ginger iphone images
Talking Ginger iphone images
Talking Ginger iphone images
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