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Is that three bend saddle at the end of the pipe? Don't you wish you could flip the bender around to make the bend easier? My Bender has your back. One of the key features is My Bender's ability to allow you to orient the bender to make your bending more practical, just tap on the bender to flip the orientation of the bender.

My Bender, offers the most accurate conduit bending calculations on the App Store. How? Because My Bender uses "your" bender, with its unique bending characteristics to do the math.

Most other calculators use the cosecant method which is simply an approximation, or a rule of thumb. But as pipe size and bend angle increase in size, the error introduced with the approximation also increases. This is because the benders' radius and pipe diameter are not taken into consideration, this is not the case with My Bender.

Currently My Bender can calculate:
-Offsets with predetermined locations on the conduit.
-Match an existing offset's angle.
-Three Bend saddles that fit like a glove.
-Four Bend saddles that "look like they grew there".
-Kicked 90° Bend that will make your heart skip a beat.
-Calculate the distance from your benchmark to the center of bend for any angle.

There are other conduit bending calculators on the App store, but none have the polish and attention to detail that My Bender has. My Bender allows you to "flip" the orientation of the bender to best suit practical bending, and then shows you the correct measurement for the benders current orientation.

My Bender helps the professional electrician keep track of all the conduit benders he uses. As you know every bender has its own bending characteristics. In order to account for these differences in benders it is necessary to have a log book where the bender's details are kept.

Add your own:
- Hand Benders
- "Chicago" Benders
- 555 Benders
- Cyclone Benders
- Smart Benders
- Table Benders

My Bender not only keeps track of your benders, it also calculates some very important characteristics:

-Take up (aka Deduct) for a 90° bend
-Gain on a 90 degree bend
-Centerline bending radius

How does My Bender calculate this?
Everything is based on the centerline bending radius. This is calculated by bending one 90° bend and making some key measurements. You select the pipe size and material. And that is all it takes for My Bender to "fingerprint" your bender.

Every key measurement also has a description page that uses diagrams to help you visualize the measurement.

Since I can not respond directly to reviews: Please email [email protected]

My Bender App Description & Overview

The applications My Bender was published in the category Productivity on 2010-12-14 and was developed by Francisco Alcala. This application file size is 29.42 MB. My Bender current version is 3.7 and works well on IOS 10.3 and high versions.

New Calculation - Compound 90° Bend around a Rectangular Obstruction in a Corner

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My Bender Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Trocken1   1 star

Not enough. Not enough benders

savage5006   1 star

Do not purchase. Developer will not update to iOS11. It won’t even open. Thanks for nothing!

updateking   1 star

Update needed!. This app needs to be updated on the designers end so it will work with the latest iOS on iPhones

El_dennis   1 star

No funciona iOS 11. Nesecitas actualizarla

Humberto1953   1 star

Ramón Hormaza. Really disappointed when I need to used the app and don’t work because it’s not updated

tamzandchristoph   5 star

Ios11. Please update so I can use this

Gdhshydhsvdjhfb   5 star

Can you please update the app to work with iOS 12. please

Jwhite0280   5 star

Great app. After easy setup this app is dead nuts on.

Rg1962   1 star

Nope. Not great

Jn_Hayes   2 star

User.. Wish I would have had looked closer. FUTURE UPDATES. I bought the app thinking it would do all that now. Now is when I need some of those features. Not a complete waste unless I buy something that does what this does now to. Back to the App Store. Maybe I will like the app better when and if its updated.

Igordnepr   5 star

Most precise I have tryed.. This app is the best I tried so far.

Beefus   4 star

Nice!. Excellent !!

JGarr_Veterano   5 star

Great tool. I am an electrician and I find this up very useful on the field.

Frankg909   5 star

Great App. Exactly what I needed , and the fact that you have different benders and conduit type and sizes makes it great ! Thanks !! 4 point saddle was a life saver !

Kpepin   3 star

Not bad for what it is. This version is not bad but it isn't great. If it included 90 degree and back to back I would rate it 4 stars. If this app had stubs and included the features of the ibend pipe app, it would be perfect. I love the fact that this app let's you choose the orientation of the bender and the reference marks change for you. I love that you can configure several benders. I wish you could actually take a photo of the bender to use instead of just selecting the stock photos.

MooreLightPhotography   1 star

Stay away. Only good for 1/2" EMT

Grouchorem   1 star

Just plain crap. Worthless Ap.

Omarlopz   5 star

Jman. Great app. best one yet

Drel26   5 star

Great App. Had it for a while. Never used it because I am use to using ibend pipe. Now that I have had a chance to use my bender, wow!! Once again another great app!

Amp480   4 star

Great app!. Four bend saddle missing. Otherwise 5 stars!

CiscoAlcala   5 star

From the Developer. Hope this app helps you keep track of your benders, and it should eliminate the need to make practice bends to find the center of bends for certain angles. Just remember to be precise with your measurements when adding a new bender. This is because the measurements are used to calculate the benders radius and all other important bender characteristics.

Advertorial    5 star

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Concerned Customer23   2 star

Nothing is preloaded.... I don't want to calibrate every hand bender or clock bender I use. I want to grab a Greenlee 555 bender and know the center of bends, not waste 10' of pipe to "calibrate it". I think the calibration is a neat feature but factory bender settings should be preloaded. Only a Ideal half inch bender comes preloaded. Most manufactures of hand benders provide the centerline radius. Most clock benders have the radius printed on the shoe. I know every bender is slightly different but at least preload some basic values. Given the centerline radius and size of pipe I can calculate the gain myself. The take up is usually printed right on the bender.

Parchment1013   5 star

Great app!. I found this app very useful! Very accurate once all bender info is submitted. Better than many other apps which use just one generic formula for all conduit sizes...

DarkStar Electric   5 star

Works!. Very helpful after 3+ years of not bending pipe!

Advertorial    5 star

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