Doximity [Medical] App Description & Overview

Doximity helps over 1 million healthcare professionals take the friction out of everyday challenges that are unique to clinicians. The tools you already use, conveniently in one place and designed to make your life a little bit easier.

"This should be on every physician’s phone.” AppStore Review
“A useful tool when you’re on call” -iMedicalApps

One-Click Patient Video Calls
Dialer Video is the simplest, secure telemedicine solution available for you and your patients. You start a call and your patient receives a text to join. It’s that easy.

Call Patients Without Using *67
"Love that dialer. Great to be able to call patients on a weekend without inducing avoidance by being anonymous or giving my personal cell number" - App Store Review

Send Faxes Without a Fax Machine
“So nice to have a secure fax for medical records and labs. I love getting results on the go and being able to respond in real time to information .” - App Store Review

Get Your News in One Place, CME Included
“Concise articles. Quick to read and relevant. Haven’t noticed any editorializing, which I greatly appreciate. Just the facts, ma’am.” - App Store Review

Search and Find Any Other Physician in the Country
“This Is an app I use regularly. It has allowed me to keep better contact with my colleagues and former medical school friends.” - App Store Review

- The social newsfeed for medicine
- Keep up with the latest clinical news in your specialty
- Earn free Category 1 CME
- Call patients without using *67
- Integrates with Epic Haiku and Amion Scheduling Apps
- Search the largest directory of U.S. clinicians
- Find clinicians based on specialty, location and clinical interests
- Send HIPAA secure faxes from anywhere
- Sign, date and annotate documents
- Let clinicians know what you do best with your digital CV
- Quickly look up office info for any other physicians, NP, PA or pharmacist
- Reconnect with former medical school classmates, co-residents, co-fellows or colleagues

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Doximity Customer Service, Editor Notes:

* Dialer Video Call Nudges: Now you can call your patient's phone to let them know you are ready to begin * Scan & Fax: You can now magically scan documents from the Fax tool * Post & Tap Links in Comments: You can now share and tap links in comments on articles. Join the conversation today. * Quick Actions: Start a dialer call, compose a fax, start a directory search- all by pressing and holding on the Doximity icon

Doximity Comments & Reviews

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- Clinical Psychologist

I’ve tried various apps to connect visually with my older adult patients, many whom don’t have WiFi or desktops or email. However, the majority have smart phones, and they are familiar with receiving texts. Patients click the link the answer just two simple questions by selecting yes or no. Then we are connected. Great product for technically challenged patients. Plus it’s secure and HIPAA compliant. Thanks Doximity for making my life as a provider easier during this pandemic. If only you could do something to upgrade cellular service for my rural patients!

- Excellent tool for health

Excelent tool for health workers.

- Frustrating to use care teams

I’m an NP who has two collaborating physicians. Never mind the lack of inclusivity related to establishing my own care team but I have found no way to join another care team. The support contact doesn’t seem to understand that there’s no intuitive way to remove yourself from a care team once you’ve joined or add a second one. This would be manageable if they didn’t limit the number of people on your care team to 20. Once that limit has been reached, there’s no easy way to remove people. It’s back to *67 unless you’re an MD or know some secret handshake to unlock admin features.

- Nurse practitioner

I am waiting for something like this for a long time Able to FaceTime, receive and send Fax Thank you Doximity for making my crazy life better, Love it

- Akram

Great service

- App

Works great

- Excellent resource

Very easy to use, patient friendly and protected

- Dox life easier

Doximity dialer video rescued televisits to Android users big time at a critical point in this whole crisis. Quality of calls slightly off lately-maybe due to volume. Very easy for patients to figure out. Thanks go to Doximity!

- Cell ID anonymity great!

So liberating to be able to make cell calls to patients w/o disclosing personal number! Brilliant!!

- Janice Tran

Wonderful app which has been a lifesaver for me when I have to call patients using my personal cell phone (especially during the weekends or after hours when I have already left clinic). With this app, the number that appears when I call patients is my office/clinic number, rather than my personal cell phone number. Prior to this, if I had to use my personal cell to call a patient, I would have to “call block” my number using *67 and patients would never answer or I would have to call directly. Often, some of those patients who I would call directly, not using the call block option, would save my number and later call me directly and/or text me. Also, I was able to fax an order to another physician’s office using this app on my cell! Wow!! Who would have thought we would ever be able to do this? To The individuals that developed this application, you have made a significant difference in how we can now communicate with patients and other providers!! You all are absolutely brilliant!! Thank you so much!!

- Bad update

It would be nice if the app would put my music back on after a call. It’s hard enough being indoors all day now I can’t even have music playing in the background without this app turning it off.

- Great App!

If only nommedical providers can use the dialer without having to join an medical provider’s team (PharmD, LCSW, etc)

- Call quality

Calls go through easily in the morning but as day progress, line gets jammed and calls not going through

- Best app for video visits

I have been very happy with this app. Great way to mask my number for phone calls when I’m on call. Also by far the best HIPAA compliant video app I’ve used for telemedicine. Very easy to use and patients find it extremely easy. Nothing for the patient to download, so you can connect on video virtually instantly. I highly recommend this and the app developers do a great job of taking feedback. Updates have been helpful and really improve the product each time. Very happy to now see an iPad version in the works too!

- RN Care Manager

Dialing out, the ring tones are scratchy.

- Dialer

Great Option!

- Review

This is an excellent program

- Greate app

Really useful app for fax and message communications, as well as televisit calls

- Easy peasy

This app helps me keep my patient information private.

- Not for healthcare professionals, for doctors.

Really only useful if you are a physician. I run a group psychotherapy practice and thought this would be a great tool for my practice only to find that the most useful features are unavailable if you are not a medical doctor.

- Saved my practice during Covid

I’ve been using this app for quite some time and have watched it go from great to excellent. I used to use it 2-3 times per day but during Covid I’ve started using it 10-12 times per day as we now use it for entire tele-visits, whether it be via phone or video. My hospital’s preferred tele-health solution is cumbersome for patients and we would have lost MANY visits had it not been for this app. The hospital’s concern is that this is so simple that patients may not realize it’s a visit but a little communication from the front-end staff has eliminated that concern. Keep up the excellent work and updates! Features in beta at the time of this review are needed and excellent so feel free to roll them out!

- Perfect app for providers

It is a perfect app. You may need to add more functionality to able to edit docs.There is a problem for faxing. no option to rotate any document for signing when I try to fax any document. I think that is the major problem you guys need to fix.

- Integral to medicine today

This app significantly improves my ability to reach out to my patients and keep him healthy and informed. I would recommend it for all healthcare professionals.

- Dr Carfora

So satisfied with this whole app. Thank you ! Through a busy crazy day , especially in a pandemic , you have made it simple , easy , and so streamlined for doctors and patients. Great job !

- Game changer

So nice to be able to call a pt - and the patient sees my office number and name, not my cell. Really convenient to have the option “straight to voicemail” so you can leave a quick message without chatting. Plus, of course, you can do a video visit from anywhere. Improvements to make it a ‘6’: Providing a number that the patient can take a photo or result form and text it to me. Also, couldn’t get the fax to work when I took a photo of the page.

- Chalian MD

Great to connect w our patient and be linked to our office number so he Mew it was us and not a distraction call. Thank you Doximity

- Excellent app, what happened to iPad video?

This app has been an invaluable tool for contacting and evaluating patients. Thank you for the changes to make it easier for patients to do the video interface. Holding me back from 5 stars is that I previously could forward my video calls to my iPad from my iPhone, but with the latest upgrade this ability seems to have disappeared. As I do neurological exams on patients it was highly useful to see patients on the bigger screen. I hope this comes back with the next upgrade.

- Great

Great service

- Dr. Janani

Poor voice quality during certain phone calls

- Pediatrician

I have enjoyed using Doximity for the past one week My favorite part is not using *67. With Doximity the office phone number is what the patient sees and they actually pick up the phone I don’t have to call 3 times or get a response where the patient is upset about a blocked number or there is an APP that can undo *67 and the patient will call you back on your phone Many problems solved

- Dentists Not Allowed?

Although i found this app in an ad on a dental discussion group, it apparently does not allow dentists to access the dialer feature.

- MD

For the most part I am very pleased. The telemedicine visits are better connections in general than other forms I’ve used including Zoom, Google Duo, and FaceTime. But, I have had recently several visits where the audio did not work well. Sometimes it’s on the patients end and sometimes it’s on my end. Each of those times the volume was both on and turned completely up on both ends of the phone call. Hopefully that something that can be corrected.

- Doximity dialer is awesome!

I love the dialer feature. I can call my patients without then thinking it is a spam call because my office number appears in the caller ID.

- Cool

Cool and convenient way to reach my patients

- Connectivity

Slow at times

- Practice aides work as advertised

Good content too

- Great addition to our practice!

I previously spent a little time using the program but since COVID this has become a very value tool for my practice. Th3 information keeps me up to date and the telemedicine interface has been of great use . AZDermDr

- Very useful

I love the dialing feature to spoof my office number from my cell on the go. Thea I lift to send a text message to the patients for directions or a reminder is wonderful. Haven’t tried the video feature yet. Excited to have a HIPPA protected way to send texts to fellow health care providers.

- Yes

Love love this app finally

- Doximity is an excellent tool

Easy, simple to set up and easy to use.

- It just works

This is one of those apps that surprisingly just works. After having a lot of frustration with various apps for calling patients or doing video visits, it was refreshing to find an app that simply works as advertised without a lot of workaround needed.

- Doximity a must have app for physicians

Great app. Thank you Doximity. I think that all physicians should start using this app if they have not done so already. Telephone Visits, Video Telemedicine Visits, Fax, Dialer, exchange of ideas with colleagues, social networking and knowledge base. It really has everything that a physician needs to function more efficiently.

- Great app but what about other professions

I’m a teacher and I could really use this app when I’m reaching out to parents and students.

- RN

BEST app! Happy to use it from home to call patients and continue to maintain privacy.

- Video call doesn’t connect

Audio call quality is good, but video call doesn’t work. There is glitch. I hope developer can fix it.

- Video call service is wonderful and good articles


- Video and phone calls work!

Ion this new

- Please add the call feature to the iPad app!

I absolutely love this app, and I use the iPhone and iPad app interchangeably, but one thing I notice that is lack Ing in the iPad app is that I cannot make the calls/video chats from it. That’s a bummer especially when my iPad has the stand that would free my hands. Please consider adding this feature, and it deserves to be a 5 star app!

- Unable to delete old files

Hey developers, can you guys work on an option to purge old faxes which otherwise are creating a lot of junk.

- Great service at a needed time

Amazing phone and video service Love the convenience and quality Excellent

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@sindhu_kunal: I wrote this before Step 2 CS was suspended. The pandemic made the test impossible to administer. But suspending the…

@docweighsin: Dialer Video is Doximity's new telehealth feature that allows doctors to connect with their patients on their own cell pho…

Dialer Video is Doximity's new telehealth feature that allows doctors to connect with their patients on their own c…

New #remote #job Senior Product Marketing Manager at @doximity #remotework #vacancy #remotejob

New #remote #job Product Marketing Manager at @doximity #remotejob #hiring #workfromhome

Hey @doximity would it kill you to stop pestering me with this archaic form of communication I am busy fighting for…

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Doximity 14.8.1 Screenshots & Images

Doximity iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Doximity iphone images
Doximity iphone images
Doximity iphone images
Doximity iphone images
Doximity iphone images
Doximity iphone images
Doximity iphone images
Doximity iphone images
Doximity ipad images
Doximity ipad images
Doximity ipad images
Doximity ipad images
Doximity ipad images
Doximity ipad images
Doximity ipad images
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Doximity (Version 14.8.1) Install & Download

The applications Doximity was published in the category Medical on 2010-09-29 and was developed by Doximity [Developer ID: 391582379]. This application file size is 155.9 MB. Doximity - Medical posted on 2020-06-03 current version is 14.8.1 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

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