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Change the BPM of your music! Perfect for Runners, Cyclists, DJs, Music Instructors and Dance Instructors or anyone who wants to move to their own beat.

• Featured by Apple as a Fitness Essential
• Featured by Weight Watchers
• Featured as a Top Shape-Up App by Health Magazine
• Featured by Self Magazine
• Featured as one of Eight Great Diet and Fitness Apps by CNN.com
• Featured by IDEA as an essential app for Group Fitness Instructors

The best fitness app just got even better.

Tempo Magic lets you speed up or slow down the BPM (Beats Per Minute) of any song on your iPod without messing with the pitch. We won't ruin your favorite songs with high-pitched chipmunk lyrics or slowed down zombie vocals.

Tempo Magic adjusts the music straight from your iPod app - no lengthy uploads or importing required. Just pick your playlist and go.

Continuous play? No problem. Tempo Magic Pro features Gapless Playback for gapless albums and playlists so the beat never stops.

Skip to any point in your playlist without stopping the music.
Conceived and co-created by international fitness industry leader Petra Kolber and Yes! Fitness Music, the fastest growing fitness music company in the world.

• Change the BPM without touching the pitch
• Plays all unprotected audiofiles straight from your iPod Library
• Change tempo at any time
• BPM Lock Mode allows you to take a playlist with multiple tempos and play it at the BPM of your choice!
• Gapless Playback
• Hifi Mode for slowing or speeding up by 50%
• BPM Tapper to fine tune the analyzed BPMs of your tracks
• Jump to any point in the track
• Jump to any track in your playlist
• Shuffle mode
• Supports multitasking: Plays perfectly in the background
• Compatible with Nike+ and Bluetooth Audio
• Yes! Fitness Music Cloud Account Sync

The key to the perfect workout is the perfect music. The right song with a high-energy beat can turn a grueling workout into a great one. But you don't just want any fast music, you want your favorite music. With just a slide of your finger, you can change the BPM (Beats Per Minute) of your favorite songs to perfectly match your feet on the road, your pedal stroke on your bike, the movements of your Group X Class, or anything else you can think of.

With BPM Lock Mode, you can make sure your party playlist never runs out of energy. Sprinkle on a little Tempo Magic, and you won't need to worry about a slower song clearing out the dance floor.

Whether you want to match the music to your mood, or just play around with your favorite songs, Tempo Magic gives you control. Change the BPM of any song on your iPod with just a slide of your finger. You can even throw it into Ultra Shift if you really want to have some fun.

System Requirements:
Works with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5, and iPad 2 or greater. We support iOS version 5.0 or better

Tempo Magic App Description & Overview

The applications Tempo Magic was published in the category Music on 2010-09-09 and was developed by lolo. The file size is 9.68 MB. The current version is 3.1.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Keep the music playing! Performance enhancements for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

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Tempo Magic Reviews


Trash  Nickywick  1 star

Doesn’t work!!


Cancelled  gpass7  1 star

If I would’ve known that I can’t use my music from iTunes I wouldn’t have downloaded the app! I know it’s just $5.99, it’s the principle of the matter!


If I could leave 0 stars, I would!  Jaybone131313  1 star

None of my music will add to a playlist on the app. I use Apple Music, and every time I try to add a song, the app says it is removed because it says it doesn’t support music from 3rd parties. The 5 songs that did download won’t play. There is an error message that says “couldn’t get sample buffer”. This app is a scam. I want my money back!!!


Perfect for dance classes  RissaRose_  5 star

As I dance teacher, I must have the ability to slow down, and slowly speed up, songs at my whim. This app is perfect for this. Just add the song I need and play it as many times as I want to at different speeds. I can even slow it down or speed it up while the song is playing! Perfect for me.


Could Not Imagine Teaching Without This App  ESpinSpin  5 star

I have been using this app for nearly four years in my Cycling classes. It’s been nothing less than extraordinary. Have you ever wished a song was just a bit faster or slower without the quality of the vocals being affected? This app does this. You cannot use Spotify, Apple Music, or other services. You can only use music you purchase through sources like ITunes.


Disappointed  Danjaley  1 star

I bought the app because it said I could use music in my iTunes library. False! Every single song or album I tried to add came back with a block that iTunes does not allow third parties access to their library etc.


Great app, major exception  map0a  2 star

Love Tempo Magic because it is easy to import songs and modify beats per min — super helpful for organized exercise activities. However, it is NOT compatible with Apple Music. Had I known this sooner, I would definitely not have purchased the app. The majority of songs I want to speed up or slow down are Apple Music downloads, so this limitation is quite frustrating.


Great tool for classes  rekavaczy  4 star

Love, love , love this app. The only thing I really miss is being able to lock different pace for different songs during interval workouts. Once I can set it that way the fifth star will be added by me for sure


Worthless with iCloud/Apple Music  KLRcyclone  1 star

If you use and download substantial amounts of music from Apple Music beware those songs won’t work with this app. So essentially my entire library of music was rejected and won’t play in the app. Developer needs to provide clearer warning of this before wasting $5.


Great app  Laurie0927  3 star

I like this app very much. My suggestion to improve it would be the ability to change the tempo of songs individually within a playlist. I might take a CD that each song is 128 bpm but I want the first four songs to be 136, and then the remainder to be 120. I have to stop class and manually change it. If I could change each song’s Tempo individually and save it, it would be fabulous!

Freestyle Jedi

AJM  Freestyle Jedi  5 star

Great app for Freestyle Group Fitness Instructors. I would not be able to teach without it.


Waste of money  Aimee82830483)  1 star

I can't believe I paid $6.50 for this. I run at a pace of 180 steps per minute and thought this app would be great to set my playlists to this pace. Even when you 'lock' the BPM in the app however, it changes for every song and doesn't get anywhere near 180 BPM at it's maximum. Not sure how they claimed this would be great for fitness instructors etc??


What a cracker!  J&KP  5 star

Revolutionized my running on the cross trainer. Now it's all effortlessly at the same tempo. (Suggestion: Could you add something to this marvelous app to keep the sound level constant from song to song?)

AlanGomez MastersAthlete

Great tool  AlanGomez MastersAthlete  5 star

I teach group fitness and tempo magic allows me to change the speed of music quite easily in order to change my class intensity.


Been waiting for this app for ages  Busta>Move  4 star

Its a must have to spice up your workout. Would give it full marks if you could scrub through a track


Love, Love,Love this app  pepsal11  5 star

There are a few minor bugs (first song skipping thing) but by gosh, this app has revolutionized my aerobics, aqua, seniors and pump classes!! I can use my music across ALL styles of classes and change BPM's during workouts to suit my clients abilities and my new moves. I don't waste $ on different CDs so THANK YOU.


Keeps skipping to next song  Tjfyaya143  3 star

Why does it skip to next song b4 first song has finished playing & then plays next song over the top of the first song! Have airport on & no alarms! Didn't used to do this!!! Aggggh! Very embarrassing during a class! Pks fix! Thank u!!


Update  VJAY777  1 star

After new update it doesn't stay open anymore. Very frustrating when I need to use it to teach a dance class this morning. Used to be really good!


Please let us add songs to playlist without stopping the music!!!!!!!  Melissa&Rohan  2 star

Very frustrating.


Great app but could improve  JnrBurgers  3 star

I've been looking for an app like this for ages and as an aerobics instructor it really helps with getting the music right for my classes. So overall, thank you for developing this. However, when I press the playlist icon whilst a song is playing it stops the music and resets the BPM. Surely you can add songs on the go?? Anyway, thanks again.


Perfect  Laura789123456  5 star

Works great for running- can make almost any song 90 bpm

Henry B NYC

Works great  Henry B NYC  5 star

Tempo Magic is simple, to use, and works well, especially with the processing power of new iPhones.


Love Love Love it!  DrDLC2b  5 star

As a Group Fitness instructor I absolutely LOVE this app!!! I even use it doing my personal workouts.


Still the champ  lazy_b  5 star

Smooth playback, never crashes, easy to use, no complaints. When I'm live in class, this is the app that never lets me down.


Works perfectly!  electrogirl99  5 star

I'm a fitness instructor and music junkie and this is my FAVORITE app. I literally use it everyday. Whatever you do to workout - run, walk, bike, elliptical, yoga, pilates, strength (anything!) - can now be done at YOUR pace with any and all of your favorite music. I can easily create a fresh playlist for every workout, and I've never had a single issue with this app.


Best App!  B90000  5 star

Love the new features. Thanks for continuously making it even better. It was great before but the little touches improved it.


Works  CrazyBluOne  3 star

I found that the app works pretty well though it does seem to automatically pick the wrong tempo for songs. You can easily correct the problem manually.


Nice  Heavenzvoice1  5 star

Good app! Sometimes once Ina very rare blue moon others crazy. Instructors are always fascinated when they see I have pitch control for my music in class!!!


Best. App. Ever.  nscgm3166  5 star

Don't know how I ever worked out without it on the ever so boring treadmill. No longer limited to songs I can keep pace with. Now I make my favorite songs keep MY pace. 😎


Couldn't workout without this app  Sprice1234  5 star

I love this app. I do different Insanity workouts (Insanity, Max 30). I adjust the music to play at 140 BPM and it's perfect. 5 stars!!!!

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