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Voxer combines the best of voice, text, photo, and video with walkie talkie messaging (Push-to-talk PTT) in one free, secure messaging app. Featured by Apple in 50+ countries, loved by tens of millions of people, and now available on the Apple Watch.

Better than phone calls, faster than texting. Just push a button, talk and instantly communicate in real-time, live. You can also listen to saved messages later at your convenience, share text, photos, video, and your location.

Voxer works with other popular smartphones and over any 3G, 4G, or WiFi network in the world.

Join many who are using Voxer with family, friends, and teams at work to:
* Instantly communicate through live Walkie Talkie - PTT (Push-To-Talk)
* Send voice, text, photos, videos, and location messages
* Play voice messages anytime - they're all recorded
* Create messages even when offline
* Send end-to-end encrypted messages (Private chats) using the Signal Protocol

Upgrade to Voxer Pro for $3.99/monthly or $29.99/yearly for enhanced group communication, Voice-to-Text transcription, Admin Control, increased storage, walkie talkie mode, (instantly receive voice messages even when you’re not in the app), hands-free, extreme notifications, Dropbox integration and more. Voxer Pro subscriptions auto-renew.

Voxer Pro is built for remote, mobile teams that aren't sitting at a desk and need to communicate quickly. On-demand, delivery, logistics, hotels and hospitality, field service, NGO and education teams all use Voxer Pro.

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Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger App Description & Overview

The applications Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger was published in the category Business on 2010-07-01 and was developed by Voxer LLC. The file size is 71.51 MB. The current version is 3.21.5 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Bug fixes
Thanks for using Voxer! Please send us your feedback through the app Settings>Support>Feedback as we review all of it.

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Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger Reviews


Unreliable and Unpredictable  Sanity_Rose  2 star

I have tried to use this on multiple devices and platforms. Their app especially on the Samsung Gear S3 worked for a bit and stopped working. This is an unreliable system.

Roland @edtechminded

App works, but poorly coded  Roland @edtechminded  1 star

The service itself is fantastic and works. My Voxes go through. I get my Voxes. All is well. However, any time I play audio from the app, it makes the audio on my iPhone wonky in that it deletes any recollection of what I was listening to prior and the iPhone has to default to Apple Music, which I don't use. Every other app that plays audio will hand it back to whatever I was listening to before, if that makes any sense. Also, I have turned off notifications for some of the larger, more active conversations I am a part of. However, notifications still show up. Why give me the option to turn off notifications at the conversation level if it doesn't work? I have other, smaller gripes, but those are the ones that really bugged me enough to not renew my Pro account. I'm happy to support great software. Voxer, however, does not fall into this category.


Voxer deleted all my archived messages.  Aronjon  1 star

Works well and I use it a lot. Yet I give it one star because the original version saved all your messages and then they went ahead and deleted them. I understand trying to make money with their app and yet the fact that they didn't archive all of your messages before you upgraded to the paid version means the years of voxing archived messages are now gone.

Jurídico dióxido

Awesome  Jurídico dióxido  5 star

Perfect 👌🏼


Hi  Allstarkid  4 star

Awesome app i use it on my iphone but i have a suggestion for voxer people please please make a ipad version of voxer with landscape support please


Works for me  Wobiii  5 star

I'm in a group that chats a lot. It has its quirks but it's a great app.


Keeps prompting me to sign into iTunes Store  Geeksrsxy2  1 star

It's the only app that does that. I am using the free version.

I believe Yeshua is Messiah

Vower used to be great, now trashy GIFs! NOT KID FRIENDLY AT ALL!  I believe Yeshua is Messiah  1 star

Voxer used to be awesome, the whole family could use it. Now there are trashy gif pics. that make it impossible for families! So very disappointed! I'm a Voxer Pro user but will be deactivating my Voxer account unless you take the trashy gif pics. off!

Steele Watching

Great idea, but fatal flaw  Steele Watching  2 star

At first, I thought this was rather cool. It's like a walkie talkie for your phone. I had one chat with someone in Thailand. Much easier than trying to connect in other ways. The BIG HUGE problem, is that messages are not saved for long 😯😡. So any valuable information, if you don't write it down, you will lose it.


Perfecto!  1020102010201020102010201020  5 star

I love this app so much! Although many people my age don't have Voxer, I continue to persuade people to get it


App will not send anyyyyything  trapshooter122  1 star

App has taken a dump and will not send anything, uninstalled and everything still won't process a message


WHAT IS GOING ON!!????!  umbrella11  1 star

Can't use the app at all!! Won't send any of my messages and doesn't load anything!!! I need this app fixed ASAP or I'm taking my money somewhere else!! DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!


Not working  M2HnA  1 star

I use this app on a regular basis and now it's not working at all. Not just for me, but for everyone I communicate with that has Voxer. Please fix.


Won't load up  Cjcrump1997  1 star

The app isn't loading up correctly


Doesn't work  Aj3267  1 star

They better fix it quick, what's the point of having voxer that doesn't load or work

Christina Stone

Will not work  Christina Stone  1 star

I don't get service at my house and rely on voxer too much for it not to work 😵

Eli Loudenback

I want my voxer back!  Eli Loudenback  1 star

App isn't working. Won't connect. Very frustrating.


Connectivity  Lola&567,  5 star

Great app. Use it daily, recently there been a connection issues. Please fix and continue to provide good resources.

Mv bank user

Latest Update Epic Fail  Mv bank user  1 star

Waiting to connect.... Won't send!!


Won't connect  flyingponies  2 star

I've had this app for two years with glitches here and there but now it won't connect. Too bad, I really enjoyed it.

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