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Epic Haiku & Limerick App Description & Overview

What is epic haiku & limerick app? Haiku provides authorized clinical users of Epic’s Electronic Health Record with secure access to clinic schedules, hospital patient lists, health summaries, test results and notes. Haiku also supports dictation and In Basket access. Haiku works on both the iPhone and iPod touch.

Your organization needs to license Haiku and will determine the exact feature set and any applicable charges for your use of Haiku. If you are unsure whether you can use Haiku, please contact your administrative staff.

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App Name Epic Haiku & Limerick
Category Medical
Updated 27 September 2023, Wednesday
File Size 350.16 MB

Epic Haiku & Limerick Comments & Reviews 2023

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Cannot even log in. App was working fine - able to log in, receive and send messages (which was all I wanted from the app). Now I can’t log in, Touch ID is unavailable, pw doesn’t work. Deleted and reinstalled app multiple times. Called my organisation IT help desk and they walked me through getting it to work with their admin capabilities. A few days later I’m back at square one - can’t get Touch ID, user name password not recognised...... very disappointing.

iPad version?. Medical information is very complex and full of details. While Haiku has done an admirable job of trying to squeeze all of that into the small form factor of an iPhone, it would be much easier to use if it was also available in an iPad version. In particular, order entry is exceedingly difficult in this small form factor, and I would love to be able to provide bedside order entry for my critical care patients.

Seriously. This is a joke.. In our day of age most of us have a smart phone that we use for just about everything possible. Furthermore most clinicians are constantly on the move and work on the move. You would think that getting Epic on the phone right would be a top priority. But this is not the case. Since this garbage app was released very few things have changed and almost no new features were added. The iPad version of epic is decent but again my phone is always on my pocket and not the tablet. Please focus on the development of this app bc using epic on the phone is very important for the modern clinician.

a little clunky but very useful. works for me as a hospitalist, especially adding orders while off campus. The secure messaging is very useful. But developers...please please please add customization for the app message alert sound in order to distinguish an alert on my phone from the 20 other hospitalists near me.

Limited but way better than Cerner. This is a useful adjunct to the desktop version, though obviously has limitations in capabilities. I use it mostly for the photo documentation feature which makes it very easy to add pics - though some fail to load (but adding any pics to cerner is so tedious no one bothers learning how); to quickly check labs and imaging reads, and now to actually look at images which is a game changer. Also nice to be able to add orders without getting out my laptop while on call (process is kinda slow but oh well). The cerner equivalent is literally the desktop OS but on your tiny screen- impossible to navigate.

Improving, but still needs work. Update. Version 5.4 was supposed to fix Siri dictation in the keyboard, but the app still crashes like crazy. I was so hopeful that this would get the app to a usable stay, but is now pretty unusable. Newest version of the app looks pretty, but it is getting more unusable. In iOS 11 Siri dictation causes the app to crash all the time. Epic claims that we should not be using Siri dictation because it is not hippa compliant however even sending messages to staff, when you don’t dictate in any patient indentifying information the app freezes and makes the app very difficult to use. Entire benefit of the phone and the app is to get work done with those little typing as possible. I should be able to forward a message that says “call patient and inform results normal “ or “please call the office for an appointment “ from the app using Siri without it crashing Also sending patient messages always autoadances to the next before you can mark the Messages as done which is really annoying. You have to double your work by reviewing all your messages a second time in order to clear finish messages from your inbox. This makes the app so awkward to use.

Vitals!!!. It’s actually not half bad, but what the actual hell, why isn’t vitals easier to assess. That’s such an easy fix that will make this app so much more useful. All we have right now is the last vitals, after clicking encounters, then scrolling down to open a pop up menu for only recent vitals. A really substantial improvement would be to assess the vitals easier and quicker with not just last vitals but a the trend. Thank you!

Good start but serious work needed. I have used Haiko for the good part of a year. I am in the move a lot around the hospital and it helps to quickly check a lab or someone else's notes as these things change constantly. Two issues for me are areas of improvement. I am not able to view all notes and sometimes that is frustrating. Other is I am unable to look up ahead schedule on status board all I have is today's board. And A lot of time I wanna see if a patient's procedure has been scheduled and what time like next week. I would be super valuable if we can dictate or addend notes using Haiko as I think it should be easy to make use of the phones keyboard and it will save valuable time and add usability of the app.

Just okay, no iPhone X support. I like that I can access some information about my patients without always going to a computer. That being said, not all data is available so I often still need a computer to find what I need. I would also like to be able to place orders for inpatients on the app, but that functionality doesn’t exist. Also, there is no support for the iPhone X display, so it doesn’t fill my entire screen. Overall, considering how much hospitals pay Epic for its software, this app should be substantially better. Lack of quality is likely a direct consequence of the absence of serious competition in the EHR field.

Some requests. Unsure how to give direct developer feedback so just rated 1 Star for attention. Sorry 1. Would be extremely helpful to have an easier way to access vital signs for patients who are currently admitted to hospital. Currently requires diving through multiple screens through encounters to get most recent vitals. But no way to trend them. If I get a call at 2am that a patient has abnormal vitals, I’d like to be able to quickly see a trend. Setting alerts for labs. In Epic on the computer I can enable an alert for when a result I’m waiting for is available. The alert comes through the Haiku app. This feature is amazing. However, why can’t I enable results through the Haiku app? If my resident ordered the test for my patient, I’d like to be able to quickly enable the lab-specific alert from within Haiku as well.

More Cowbell. The notification sound does not wake me up, although the phone lies about a foot from my head on my night table. (It doesn’t wake my light-sleeping, bat-eared wife either, so it’s not a problem with my hearing.)The app is therefore not a replacement for my pager, because a phone call is always needed to wake me on call. We need some louder and more obnoxious options for notification sounds.

Please add custom alert sound. This app is (slowly) improving. I can do simple orders, review most labs, and easily launch Doximity for tele visits. Our hospital has abandoned pagers for Epic’s secure chat, which is where Haiku is letting us down. Epic needs a way to prioritize messages (i.e., wake me up for the critical question, but not when someone replies “Thanks!”) and I need to be able to tell Haiku to play a much louder sound for those high priority messages in case I’m asleep.

Bring Haiku up to Epic Standards. Haiku could be a primary way to draft notes on rounds and clinic but it functions more as an afterthought as opposed to a primary resource. It is the best potential pathway to add dictated content to Epic. Almost all notes in Epic desktop are templated and pull data into the note. That Haiku does not allow creating templated notes is unacceptable. Look at other EMR vendors apps. Creating a dictated final form note is easy in at least one major vendors app and has lead to rapid adoption by more than half of the providers at one of our hospitals. Almost nobody uses Haiku to create notes in our Epic based hospitals. Make Haiku shine like Epic desktop and you will vastly amplify the utility and desirability of Epic in general.

Inadequate. Why is there no password support? I really have to manually type my complicated password in? Face recognition is somehow not okay? Why can’t 90% of the useless info be eliminated? It’s information overload of pointless lists. If I wanted to look at pointless information I would open the desktop version. Does an actual health care provider ever look at this before it’s released? This is the product of tech worker group think rather than a product made by somebody who ever sees patients.

Limerick has limited info, can’t even see chat messages. Limerick would be FAAAR more helpful if it would show chat messages and preferably allow you to respond to them!!! You can basically see some labs, and there is a note that’s often old & not even relevant…. But it’s basically useless except to let you know you need to find a computer to see if it’s urgent vs something you could have waited to respond to. (U can reply from your phone… but that’s still not as easy as just being able to reply from your watch…. That’s a point of the watch.

Endless alerts about push notifications. It’s not OK to remind me that I have push notifications disabled every time I open the app. I know I have push notifications disabled. I never enabled them. Worse is that if notifications are disabled, the app presents a modal dialog that can only be dismissed by tapping one of two buttons: return to settings, or remind me tomorrow. So I get this reminder daily since I refuse to ever enable push notifications. Absolutely ridiculous and disrespectful to your users. Apple should not have allowed this version to be approved in the App Store. Epic needs to fix this immediately. You might think it’s a feature, but it’s an absolute usability bug.

Can’t change way list is organized. Think criticism is about Limerick. For some reason I can only bring up one list (have to choose the ER list OR my group list OR my personal list). Also, my list always seems to organized alphabetically, even when I go into the Apple Watch setting to change it to location. I’d like to use the Limerick app to transcribe quick notes when I’m crosscovering on busy nights, but not being able to sort by location makes the patients difficult to find.

Nice design but poor function. The app is constantly kicking me off the network (and no it’s not my network). We all have the same problem. It should also be easier to delete old conversations. As it is they remain forever unless you “leave the conversation” in which case it notifies everyone that you’re leaving which is annoying and wastes others’ time & attention.

Sort of Okay...I guess ?. As a medical resident, I can present right off of my iPhone to attending which is good, that’s is the future of medicine ... however The security is a bit overboard with having to type in my system password so frequently, why have facial recognition software if it doesn’t work, I mean it doesn’t work now with these masks but I digress. It would also be good to use emojis in the chat with others.

Helpful for on the go rounds with orders. Would love an iPad compatible version where we could start notes and do more on an ipad!!

Awesome AMAZING I use my phone over desktop. I can't say it strongly enough Epic is great and the app is amazing I use my app over my desktop 95% of the time and IF the PACS system at your hospital is good, it is WAY faster to look at images when on call or walking the hallways

Great app but recent update has bug. Haven’t been able to access taking photos since the update. I believe there’s a bug on the most recent update since my colleagues have this too. It’s crashing at that stage. Otherwise great app.

iPhone 6 no longer supported. The iPhone 6 uses iOS 12.5.4. Because the Haiku “update” requires iOS 13, Epic just made patient care much worse as Haiku is used every day to take patient photos. iOS 12.5.4 should be supported until the new iPhone is available, not a month before the release date. iPhone 6 owners are now forced to purchase new phones in order to do our jobs. I was told when I called Epic a few months ago the iPhone 6 would be supported until August 2022. Thanks Epic for making an otherwise great phone obsolete, particularly when the new iPhone isn’t yet available.

No secure chat on Apple Watch. This is crazy that this function is not available on the watch app. Also when dictating notes on the watch they are difficult to edit and you have to cut the note and paste it into a properly formatted progress note. Why not just make this like the jot feature instead.

Inexcusable limited functionality. While I’m happy I can review my patients records it is inexcusable that one cannot document nor send scripts in from this app. I have dealt with many other EMR’s in the past many less sophisticated than EPIC, and many have that functionality- why EPIC is not able to do that through this app is very disappointing and would be much more efficient if it could!

Woefully inadequate. This is the rare app that seems to be getting worse with time. I am okay with the extremely limited functionality. What bothers me is that logging in is becoming increasingly difficult. There is no support for Face ID or Touch ID. Even when you use one of these features to access your list of saved passwords, it will not pull up the account information for this app at the top of the list as virtually every other app does. This means you have to search for it manually from your entire list of accounts. Even once you select the correct one, it frequently fails to actually input the password. This often leads to having to manually type it in, one character at a time, after several failed attempts to have it auto filled.

Idiotic log in process. I was excited to see the app introduce facial recognition for log it. I quickly discovered that the facial recognition feature becomes unavailable and unusable very quickly, forcing you to type in a password, followed by a Ping ID verification which never works. I was able to use it 4-5 times. Now it’s unusable because the log-in process gets stuck at the Ping ID verification point.

Desktop only section. The app appear to have lost a lot of function if I can’t refill medications on the fly . We should be able to decide what things are desktop only if you can’t abolish this creation completely. What doctors sits all day at a desk top? We move between hospitals etc. The categories that are desktop only appear random and poorly chosen. No part of the chart need more privacy than another.

Useless. A huge disappointment given this is the most comprehensive electronica medical record system available. One cannot edit or sign a previously started note in Haiku. Therefore you can only dictate a note if you start a new one. This particular feature is a critical one and makes this app terribly inadequate and frankly useless when you consider the importance of being able to edit and sign off on notes that are started in the exam room. The whole point is to make closing charts easier and this app does not allow you to do that all it does is give you more ways of being notified when you’re not at work to your inbox

Unable to use for more than one hospital and no vital signs. The app should allow you to toggle between multiple - (at least two) hospitals organizations so that you have access to patient care while you’re on the move. Realistically many physicians care for pts at more than one place and access makes it easier for us to provide pt care. Also, the app does not provide anything more than stagnant vitals (like a single not even complete set obtained during some point of the hospitalization). A tab for vitals (that can be customized [because maybe all I care about are MAPs, etc]) similar to the tab for lab results would go a long way in making this app much more functional for those of us tracking pts over the course of the day and making pt care decisions. The alert/notify me function is very helpful.

Horribly limited functionality. Unacceptable product from a world-class EMR like Epic. Can’t believe they haven’t put more work into this. The app tells you more about what it CAN’T do than what it can do (which is very little). People are typically using Haiku because they don’t have a readily available workstation, yet all it does half the time is tell you to go to a workstation to see/do what you need! Lack of EPCS capability is also outrageous. This app was a huge mood killer to discover during our highly anticipated Epic go-live. I can only hope it improves substantially in the very near future.

Smart links are a must have for Haiku. Haiku is the platform I use the most to interact with my institution’s EMR especially on the inpatient side. My rounding starts with it, and most of my work is done from Haiku, reviewing recent vitals, labs, putting orders, adjusting meds, etc.. I also start my notes using the in-app dictation feature right after I see a patient and even do my billing from Haiku but unfortunately I cannot finish my notes in Haiku because of the lack of smart links that are routinely used in notes (meds, vitals, labs, I/O) to be able to properly bill. Without smart links in Haiku one have to go to the desktop at the end of the day to finish notes. To improve rounding efficiency smart links have to be added to haiku note writing. ALL providers use their phone haiku apps to round, I have rarely seen any use canto on iPad and thus more improvements and development should be done on Haiku. Update: still one year later smart links for writing notes are not available on Haiku. The goal is to be able for some providers to be able t do all their inpatient rounding work in Haiku from start to finish. Also would help to hav the ability to build notes in Haiku that can be copied forward and easily edited where necessary and the smart links are automatically updated.

Disappointing app. Epic is the best EHR I’ve used (and I’ve used a few). I assumed the app was comparable to the desktop model. It doesn’t make sense that the app does not allow for templates which is one of Epic’s strong features. I downloaded the app thinking it would help me document part of the History and Physical’s template in real time and place orders while I’m with the patient. Unfortunately none of that is possible. If the app cannot be comparable to the desktop model like most other apps out there (banks and credit card companies for example)what’s the point of having it. At least call it Epic supplement or something that would not get users’ hopes up. Bottom line, this app has nothing to do with Epic. This really needs to be fixed or just remove the app. Mediocre should not be an option for Epic.

Missing major feature. Update: Still highly limited app. Can not view handoffs which contradicts the goal of being a paperless system. Also does not show certain notes written including “significant event” notes which are usually extremely important documentation of a recent emergent event. Wish they reviewed all these comments and attempted to make adjustments to the app but I have yet to notice any evidence of improvement based on user feedback. This app has very limited utility from a clinical perspective. You cannot review the medication administration history to determine if and when meds were recently given. You also cannot see the handoffs for the patients (let alone modify them) which in my opinion would be one of the most obvious and important functions to have on an EMR phone application. Also, face/fingerprint identification frequently is “unavailable” and requires you to manual put in your password. I have not figured out what causes this to happen. Doesn’t seem to be based on the type of internet connection and doesn’t seem to be based on how long it has been since you last signed into the app.

Terrible. When a company relies on the law to justify its own existence then mediocrity inherently pervades. Haiku, Canto, and Hyperspace are each a case in point. This app is a total mess and falls far short of expectations for the cost our healthcare systems and tax dollars have invested in this company. FaceID intermittently unavailable most of the time, and most other functionality is severely limited. But alas, these reviews are likely to fall on deaf ears as there is little incentive for the designers to improve this bad software.

Great functionality with login bug issue. Overall the app provides access to some key features in Epic and is something I use daily. Thank you for building an app to help facilitate patient care. One particular issue which has become an almost daily occurrence is with the login screen hanging. I’m not sure if it is a signal issue or something else, but the app frequently stops after login and instead of timing out if a login is not possible it just hangs on the login. This requires you to force quit the app and then login again. If the app developer could please address this that would make the app far more functional. Another requested feature is the ability to edit an incomplete note and sign within the app itself. Lastly, the results are limited to the current encounter. Is there a way to expand this to be able to access results and notes for any encounter in the patient’s record, that would be very useful. Thank you for your consideration.

Should be much better. Very tedious app and not very user friendly at all. Multiple steps to perform simple functions. Takes twice as long to answer messages vs the desktop version and it’s not that great either. Maybe one day they will get a software developer that actually practices medicine to design an EHR program and maybe then we can have something useful.

Haiku does work. As opposed to the previous review. Haiku does all the things the previous reviewer wished for. However the local shop has to turn on all the functionality for it to work. At our place many users do most of their work on haiku.

Need improvement. One thing I wanted to see added is the ability to read patient messages. Very frustrating when I click on them and they’re empty. What’s the point of having Haiku if I can’t respond to those messages if needed.

Integrated Companion to Epic EHR. While the functions will vary according to your healthcare systems configuration choices, this is a great app! Epic continues to surprise with finding ways to perform functions on a mobile device that normally are only available on a fixed device or larger screen.

No Available Jobs. Very frustrating to have doctors trying to send you things while you’re away and you can’t log in because it keeps saying “no available jobs”. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, updated my iPhone system and still nothing. So annoying!!! I really dislike this app right now.

Oh Epic. Well, I hate Epic, and I can go on a rant about all the things I hate about it, and Haiku is no different. It can be better in some ways. Nonetheless, I am grateful to have Haiku. It makes rounding easier, looking up recent results while talking to patients, and uploading photos of lab reports and physical findings in the record. Unbeatable!

Please Add access to patient emergency contacts. Great app - would be helpful if you were able to access and view the emergency contact numbers on the patient demographics page not just the patient numbers.

Recommendations. I recommend that allow for telephone encounters be an option for those who use this on the outpatient side. The app for the most part does basics but I hope that the plan is to allow for a little more mirroring of the outpatient side as well

Fix the room numbers. Recent update changed room numbers to bed number and floor only. So when arranged by room number it’s all over the place. Please fix this issue. Otherwise decent app. Has many features. Not perfect. Could be better but has made rounding life easier.

Why so many log ins. I have to log into my phone. Then I have to log into my haiku. It’s the same login. I’m still the same person. This hasn’t changed in the last 3 seconds between logging into my phone and clicking the app. Also, sometimes the app logs me out completely and requires me to re-enter my organizational password instead of just using the face login. Why. How does this help anyone. Also, do you guys understand that we work more than 24 hours at a time?

From 5 stars to 1; loved it when it was fully functional. Loved this app but now it doesn’t show me my patient schedule and a coworker’s is the same way. I noticed it once a couple of weeks ago and now it’s completely empty under schedule. I used to could go back on previous days and it showed me all the patients I had taken care of and absolutely loved that. Once this gets fixed I’ll be more than happy to update my review rating.

Basically offers no functionality.. I was so excited to use this app as I find the emr product using a desktop quite helpful and user friendly. How Epic can have such a good and widely used EMR yet offer such a woefully inadequate experience as Haiku or Canto is beyond me. All I really want to use these apps for is document review/co-signature. I spend a lot of my “downtime” reviewing notes from consults/admissions, etc...but what I really want this for is to review and co-sign notes from nurse practitioners/physician assistants on the fly without having to log into a computer. Please bring this functionality, which every other emr has provided through a mobile app, SOON.

Stacking effect on notes. Very annoying as notes are stacked one on top of each other. When you scroll, the stacking effect disappears. This was not fixed with the most recent update. App also needs user to click on faceID button every time app is opened. This can be done without having to press on the button every time. If faceID fails then can go to password, at rounds this is an extra unnecessary button to click.

Can’t install limerick. I have been using Haiku and Canto for months now, but the limerick app never seems to show up on my Apple Watch. Am I doing something wrong? That said, Haiku is super handy for looking up labs and X-ray studies but as of this writing has no ability to write notes or for order entry. I understand some limited CPOE is coming, but for my most common orders - admissions and discharges, Haiku (and I believe Canto, too) - mobile apps are a no go.

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Constant server issues. Constant bad server notification issues whether on mobile data or not

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Secure chat crashes. Secure chat keeps crashing after typing a couple of words

Secure chat crashes. Secure chat crashes after a few words are written, makes he function essentially non functional

Sizing. Sizing is way off for iPad. App only developed for iPhone

Secure chat keeps crashing on my iPhone 13. Some functionalities had improved (access to a greater number of orders now possible but still not to sets) however the Secure chat is unusable. The app keeps crashing whenever I use it for more than 5 words on my iPhone 13. I don’t see an update to fix this issue.

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Major problem since iOS 15. The app is sending me notifications of critical lab results, but when I attempt to log in I get a message stating “You have no available jobs” without being able to do so.

Note issues. No longer loads progress notes (only initial H&P during initial consult), so no more quick reference on the go when I need a brief refresher of daily specific details while working on the fly. This app has just become significantly less useful and doesn’t serve much of a purpose for me anymore.

Keep getting login failures. Despite upgrading the app and even having notifications turned on and still popping up it keeps saying that I don’t have any login jobs available and there is a login failure even after deleting the app and reinstalling. This is really concerning and frustrating.

Notification update delays. If I look at a chat message in hyperspace the notification within this app needs to fall off immediately or this tool becomes useless

No orders. Between haiku and Canto, one cannot place orders on patients. Great, I can look up the charges and the links, but as far as making this an app worthy of any kind of use... well, that it is not. Seriously, who did the epic people consult when they came up with this crap? VUMC has just rolled out EPIC and it has been a disaster. This is just one small but incredibly frustrating part of that.

Awful. This app is awful. How can this even be a viable option for those in the medical field? How are these apps not any better? Login failure is constant; at first I thought it was because I had an older iPhone, but even now with the 11, it still won’t let me login, and navigating through each chart is ridiculously painstakingly slow and awkward. Fix this app!!

Works sometimes. Works great when I need to do simple reviews but the app crashes and then have to reconfigure which is not the easiest process and that doesn’t always solve the problem

Needs improvements, BIG TIME. No significant improvements in the past few years. It is good that we can access patient charts but not being able to escribe meds is too big a drawback to ignore.

Lab result app, nothing more. You cannot write notes, you cannot see every note type, you cannot easily traverse or change list types. It seems like an app that was developed by people who have never actually had to use it. Virtually worthless other than checking labs

Recommendations. I recommend that allow for telephone encounters be an option for those who use this on the outpatient side. The app for the most part does basics but I hope that the plan is to allow for a little more mirroring of the outpatient side as well

Limerick needs “My patients” list. What would be really useful is if Limerick on the watch offers “My patients” list in addition to the entire Patient List. At our facility Patient List includes patients from all teams in our speciality so it is a large list made up of patients we are both responsible for and not responsible for. I create a “My patients” list on Haiku for my patients only, but cannot filter this out on the watch since there is no “My patients” option. Please add this. Thanks

Audio msg. Hello I like the App on IPhone but if you can ad audio msg it might help with communication between team members. Thanks

App crazh. Also having issues with app crashing as soon as it opens. Started happening over the last few weeks.

Perfect example of why mandatory techn stinks. This app is really only good for seeing what room your patient is in No ins and outs no vitals, limited ordering functions The Face ID logon is disabled every 24 hr — you have to re-login manually which makes no sense as Face ID is much more secure lol The point of the review title is that this is a glimpse of the quality when there is no competition. Epic is approaching monopoly status so why would they care how well their product works Remember this is government (ie our) money funding them (and exorbitant administrative salaries)

Please fix microphone note entry crash!. The app freezes and crashes every time you use the microphone in the note entry area. I would use the app much more if this didn’t happen. Would like to see more ability to view vitals and results on inpatients. Would like something similar to the chart review area of the desktop version.

Endless alerts about push notifications. It’s not OK to remind me that I have push notifications disabled every time I open the app. I know I have push notifications disabled. I never enabled them. Worse is that if notifications are disabled, the app presents a modal dialog that can only be dismissed by tapping one of two buttons: return to settings, or remind me tomorrow. So I get this reminder daily since I refuse to ever enable push notifications. Absolutely ridiculous and disrespectful to your users. Apple should not have allowed this version to be approved in the App Store. Epic needs to fix this immediately. You might think it’s a feature, but it’s an absolute usability bug.

Health care facilities should let go. Very primitive design. Very limited functionality, it is actually only a viewer. Very slow to respond to clicks. Login fails more than succeeds. Gives you the feel it is designed by someone struggling with codes. It should be redesigned from scratch with a different team who should be professionals only.

Changes. Consider going back to allowing physicians to co-sign in basket messages instead of only on desktop. This would be extremely helpful Update Now the app is no longer allowing you to view radiology reports. Downgrading review to 1 star

Surgical orders. It’s ridiculous you can’t add a surgical case request or consent by the app when other apps from other EHRs allow it.

Do not get !!! Drains battery life. Beware this app screws your battery and makes your phone hot when you charge it ... many other people have no to iced this since they installed this app in their phone ... it triggered something in the phones !!!! My phone isn’t the same anymore ....

Could be better. The functionality in the app is really helpful, but it hardly ever lets me log in. I commonly get “you have no available jobs” or another error message. The touchID feature is also nice, but again frequently does not work. Please fix these for the iPhone!

Difficult to use. I have used this app for years, it’s never been great. They “updated “ the app and since my phone is running on IOS 12, I will have to buy a new phone that runs on IOS 13! That’s garbage.

Feature request. Please give access to the rounding tab which is present in Canto, with the patient handoff. Bonus feature would be the ability to edit patient handoff from the app.

Limited usefulness. Not flexible. Available patent data is limited. Frequent glitches. Does not link with daily billing and cannot enter notations and reminders for other providers in the practice to facilitate rounding workflow as did previous similar apps I’ve used.

Bad App. Haiku/EPIC is terrible; it is difficult to navigate/create patient lists. Limited sorting capabilities; Requires an instruction manual to use. Just like EPIC proper, it is a non-intuitive program that requires you to waste hours looking for different functions, requires multiple calls to the help desk. I do not recommend you waste your time with this.

Additional functionality would be helpful. I find the app very useful while rounding. I would appreciate the ability to see future appointments in the summary.

Update Fail. I have been unable to log in since the last update. I have tried at least 50 times since the update. Prior to that, I also hate no password saving but assumed it was a patient privacy concern. I found it clunky in that if a pt has labs returning, I can see my orders easily, but navigation to other labs takes about 5 extra steps.

Need ability to login to multiple hospitals. In general haiku is a decent mobile way to review notes/results. With the popularity of EPIC, support for in app switching to other hospitals using EPIC is a must.

Latest Update 9.5.1. The “Status Board” (also known as “Snapboard” on Epic/Dimensions) has been deleted from the previous version. I work in the operating room and it was wonderful seeing the status of each OR - on time, delayed, room status etc. Not too happy!

Keeps crashing. Had been working well until about a week ago, now crashes constantly. My iOS is up to date, app up to date, so I don’t know what the problem is — but it’s been very annoying. Hope this issue is resolved ASAP!

Unlock using Face ID using Apple Watch. In the setting of the highly anticipated iOS 14.5 update, Haiku does not support unlocking with Apple Watch / Face ID combo while wearing mask. Please add this functionality, as needing to type a laborious password or needing to remove mask to log in each time during a busy ER shift is highly impractical.

Decent. I would like to see a vitals tab. Especially since that’s one of the most crucial information in the hospital setting.

Not a functional point-of-care app. Disappointing app: limited clinical features. While apps for other EHRs that I use (our clinic and each hospital to which I admit has their own EHR) allow me to do most of my work through my phone, this one doesn’t even come close to replacing my PC for documenting patient care, reviewing records, etc.

Too difficult.. Having access to EMR shouldn’t be so difficult. Multiple useless securities steps for doctors, and patient have access to their own information in a simpler manner. You guys need to understand that we don’t have all day and that at a regular practice we see patient every 15-20min. I can’t wait 20 min to access an EMR.

Okay. So the app serves the purpose of being able to make quick notes and look up simple labs or upload clinical media eg pictures and consents. However, it has problem with glitches and requiring frequent updates where you end up having to uninstall and re-install to get it to work.

Multiple hospitals?!. Please make it so you can toggle between locations! I work at several hospitals and so the app isn’t very useful to me since it is so inconvenient to set up different locations and log into them.

Can no longer do video calls from Haiku. Hello, We used to do video calls from Haiku but I am no longer able to find that option any longer. Was this removed or is it a bug?

Poor quality app. Crashes often, each link takes a while to load or does not even load at all (more often).

New update ruined haiku. Haiku was so helpful until our epic got upgraded this past weekend. Now it doesn’t show what rooms patients are in, I can’t even log on sometimes. Please fix and revert it back!!

FaceID login no longer working. FaceID used to work for multiple logins without entering password. I now have to enter my password every time I login, which is very inconvenient as my institution requires a long password.

You’ve done it again. It is frankly remarkable how you can continue to make this app worse with every update. Now the dictation stops if you happen to hold the phone in landscape mode. I don’t know how you continue to stay in business.

Often useless. This app has very limited functionality, most importantly, it does not allow the user to write notes. I find it often useless for reviewing inbox activity, since there is no way to sort, and new messages are not sorted to the top on the inbox.

Haiku crashes frequently. After being required to add VM Airware and Tunnel to be more secure and HIPPA compliant Haiku continually crashes on my iPhone despite uninstalling and reinstalling and restarting my phone. Formerly useful Haiku is nearly unusable now. My IT Department has so far been unable to solve this problem either.

Haiku crashes on launch. In iOS 10.3.3 on an iPhone SE, Haiku crashes on launch. And your "App Support" link here just goes to r main Epic web page.

App crashing constantly. Using iPhone 11 pro with updated OS. In the past 3-4 weeks app is crashing constantly. Seems to mainly happen when I try to view schedule on a future date.

Limited functionality. The fingerprint ID only works 50% of the time and the ability to anything more than look at some results makes this a disappointment.

Just bad. Who designed this? This is sad that this is the best our medical apps get. I mean games about orcs and tanks and shooting birds at blocks were programmed with more functionality. Non intuitive layout. Icons don’t reflect anything useful. Extremely difficult to navigate in a logical fashion.

Push notifications. I think the app is okay. It’s hard to get it to do what you want sometimes but it’s useful sometimes too. What I find incredibly irritating is that every day it tells me I don’t have notifications set up and the 2 options to respond are A- set up notifications and B- ask me tomorrow. How about C- don’t set up notifications and never ask me again!?!

Overall Ok. Overall ok to use but doesn’t allow supervisors to sign notes/charts which makes it very inconvenient to use

Helpful for on the go rounds with orders. Would love an iPad compatible version where we could start notes and do more on an ipad!!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 10.6.2
Play Store com.epic.haiku
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

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The application Epic Haiku & Limerick was published in the category Medical on 08 January 2010, Friday and was developed by Epic [Developer ID: 348308666]. This program file size is 350.16 MB. This app has been rated by 600 users and has a rating of 2.4 out of 5. Epic Haiku & Limerick - Medical app posted on 27 September 2023, Wednesday current version is 10.6.2 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.epic.haiku. Languages supported by the app:

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