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Army Survival Skills App Description & Overview

What is army survival skills app? The U.S. Army knows how to train their personnel to survive. Their field manual is the most authoritative guide on survival. This app provides a complete reference guide on basic survival, evasion, first aid and recovery information. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this app may be essential to your survival.

The Army Survival app is the U.S. Army Field Manual 21-76, titled “Survival.” We've added all new high resolution images for plants, animals and insects to make this manual even more useful.

Army Survival includes information on:

* Psychology of survival
* Basic survival medicine
* Shelters
* Water procurement
* Edible and medicinal plants
* Poisonous plants
* Dangerous animals, snakes, lizards, fish, insects and arachnids
* Field weapons, tools and equipment
* Desert survival
* Tropical survival
* Cold weather survival
* Sea survival
* Direction finding
* Signaling techniques
* Predicting weather
* Ropes and Knots

We've also included almost 300 pages of additional bonus information on:

* Survival Medicine (over 180 additional more in-depth pages)
* Communications
* Driving & Vehicles
* Health & Fitness Calculators
* Mountaineering
* Navigation
* Ropes and Lines Calculators
* Tracking
* Water Crossings
* Water Rescue
* Weather

As a lover of the outdoors you may be anywhere in the world. It may be a temperate, tropical, arctic, or sub arctic region. You expect to have all your personal equipment and or other members of your group with you wherever you go. There is, however, no guarantee that’s how your adventure will go. You could find yourself alone in a remote area— with little or no personal gear. This app provides information and describes basic techniques to enable you to survive and return alive should you find yourself in such a situation.

Bonus Material!
+ Survival Medicine
+ Communications
+ Driving & Vehicles
+ Health & Fitness
+ Mountaineering
+ Navigation
+ Ropes and Lines
+ Tracking
+ Water Crossings
+ Water Rescue
+ Weather

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App Name Army Survival Skills
Category Health & Fitness
Updated 02 December 2021, Thursday
File Size 212.21 MB

Army Survival Skills Comments & Reviews 2023

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Great information simply presented. The information given in this interesting guide covers a broad range of topics needed for survival. The diagrams are helpful, and the warnings are on target. This is the best guide Of this type I have seen.

Awesome stuff.. Just what is needed for today's outdoorsman and survivalist. Great app.

Survival. I do alot of camping and have picked up some great things from this app. You should read it before you need it though. pictures?. How can you identify poison plants w/o pictures? Buy SAS survival guide! It shows you how to survive. Waste of 2 dollars!

Zombies!. I actually believe the zombie apocalypse is gonna happen. idk if I spelled apocalypse coorectly xD

Great, but one omission. This is everything it purports to be. The only think it leaves out is how to charge your iPhone/iPad when stranded in the wilderness. Is that a poisonous plant? Oh darn, battery's dead.

Needs work. Has some nice pictures and information, but needs updating. Cooper head and rattle snakes are not in my area. I have seen both here. Cooper heads are very common here.

Interesting read!. A wonderful app which is really well organized with graphics and text and functionally searchable. Obviously, plan on a written copy for the field. Great job!

Survival help. I can't believe how much is packed into this survival guide. At first I thought it was very general not much information then I figured out you had to swipe to the right to get many many many more windows to pop up with lots and lots and lots of information glad I found this.

This app is awesome. It gives much information on survival, and shelters, and food, poisonous/ not poisonous plants or food, and various things. It's very useful the only thing is it could describe the creatures and maybe give a few more pictures, but mostly describing. I still give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Because many things are great... Almost everything. You should get it though! :)

Excellent Survival App. I have several survival apps in my collection. This app gets into more subjects more than the others.

Great Application. I have been hoarding ammo, weapons, food and water preparing for the impending Zombie apocalypse!! This application will now give me and my dog the tactical edge we need to be survivors! Seriously though this is a nice application and very thorough covering many different survival techniques.

Woo. Now I just need a solar phone charger and I'm all set! Bring on the zombies!

Good information. 5 stars for solid content but needs a better way to search the data (minus 2). Identifying that specific bug or plant could chew up a lot of time (and battery life). At least you should be able to go back to the previous menu without having to restart your search from scratch.

Review. Very informative. Would suggest for anyone to read through the material on a larger display device other than a mobile phone before you actually need it. Mobile phone version is great reference

Great survival for scouts and soldiers. The information here is very detail and thorough. The army didn't teach me all of these skills especially poisonous/edible plants and animals, traps and preparations... I taught them back to my scouts and referred to this app for reviews. Great app.

Survival. great app with tons of life saving and survival information. As a former 5th Special Forces Operator in Viet Nam, this app is more than sufficient for any novice on lightly trained hunter, hiker, explorer or anyone that may be lost or chased.

Thanks!. Well put together and easy to find topics. Step by Step instructions.

Clear and concise but needs improving. The pics of plants and animals are useful but if I am stranded out of coverage I need to first identify what is around me. It won't have name tags. I need a way to identify or at last narrow the possible plant names by characteristics first without internet coverage. Then this app would have true value.

Great. Buy it if you are an outdoorsman! Just got this for my iPad and loved it!

Great app. Great information for practical application and general safety.

the best iPhone/iPad you can get on survival. the best app you can get when it comes to survival and bushcraft. perfect for the average American who doesn't know much about survival. If you are more experienced this is a little too basic.

I like it. It's overall a great app

This is a very good app!. I used this when I got lost in the woods. A very good app!

Definetly Worth the Price!!!. Out of all the survival guides I have seen and read, this one is AMAZING! I can't think of anything that they left out. They discuss the many topics of building fires, treating injuries, building shelters, indentifying edible plants, etc. If you're out camping, and for some reason get lost of the like, this App could safe your life.

Great survival tool. Great app, very useful information. What I like is it's loaded on phone, don't need a signal. Pictures are color and helpful.

Great app!. Awesome info and pics!!

The goal is not to eliminate fear but.... I am loving this app and I have yet to get past introduction.

Army Survival. Excellent overall; great app to have while backcountry hiking/camping

Where's the meat?. I can't believe they got away with calling this a US Army anything. They suggest you do something but then don't explain how or show appropriate photos or diagrams. What a disappointment.

This is *very* interesting.... So this app is basically just a book, but it is a very cool book that might just save your life someday! Some of the stuff was ridiculously useful, like how to treat sunstroke or determine what plants can be eaten, and the rest of the stuff involved situations that you probably won't ever encounter, but it's still really interesting... like how to signal to a plane that you need help or that an enemy is approaching or whatever. I feel like I grew some new brain cells just reading this. It's so fascinating, and it makes me almost want to get stranded in the middle of alligator infested enemy territory with nothing but a knife.

Timely app. I'm learning new things about preparedness. This app goes over items you will need and scenarios for applications. I can learn at my own pace and review chapters as I need it. The pictures are very helpful.

Yeah, OK, but .... It is a book and that format isn't the best for an iPhone app. Say you are in the woods and spot a plant or bug that you consider eating. If you know the name then great, you'll get an answer quickly. Otherwise you flip through all the pages until you find or don't find it. If you really are lost for a few days you could easily use your precious battery charge for not much research. It needs to be redeveloped for smart phones and use a decision tree concept to help you quickly locate what you need. Due to the poor use of your battery life it is worth less than it could be.

Great information. Wonderful photos and diagrams. Excellent information.

Very useful book. Full color pictures of poison plants & fish. Full color pictures of editable plants. It's a good read as well as a good reference book.

Informative. Very helpful. I take this for hiking.

Great app. Great app for outdoor fans, it has a lot of useful information.

Great App. Very informative and useful information

Awesome Guide. Gives you step by step instructions

Potential For Many Uses. Great App and has many potential uses: healthy living suggestions, weight loss (metabolic information--calorie use by activity, water need), disaster survival planning (food requirements).

Awesome. I have tried a lot of the techniques implemented in this guide and they work like a charm.

Chock full of info. It's the US Army guide--huge file, lots of info in all different areas and environments.

Very useful. Great app

Lots of great information, works well on an iPod Touch. Well first of all, you should know that U.S. Army Field Manual 21-76 is widely available for free on the web, so if you have a pdf reader or similar app already installed on your device, you can import the files and save yourself $2. Now, that said, $2 is a small price to pay for all the great information here, presented in an easy to use format. You can skip ahead, browsing by chapter/appendix, or use the search function which provides a text-wide keyword search to help you find exactly what you're looking for. You can also bookmark pages for quick reference. The current version of this app, 1.0, does not rotate to landscape mode, and some of the text and tables are in a slightly slow resolution (but still readable). The developer is very quick to respond to support requests and suggestions, and says they plan to implement landscape mode and try to improve resolution in future updates. Best of all, this all stores locally and works offline. This will be a great companion should you find yourself stranded on a deserted island (providing the island comes equipped with a battery-charging USB port).

awesome. This app os great! I learn so much from this. Definity worth the $1.99

A Great Tool. No matter where you are this is a great tool to have. You will survive if you have this app on your phone and keep it nearby. From building shelters to finding water this has it all. Keep it handy and with you all the time so if the occasion comes that you need it, it can be utilized at a moments notice. I wouldn't leave home without this app!

GreAt app. I love being out doors and this will be great

Survival. Love this manual, most helpful. Everyone should have a plan and basic knowledge. A must read before the need.

Excellent resource!. Wow I'm so glad I got this app! I am a beginning backpacker and heard about this app. It's a great tool to have, the info is organized in a way that makes sense and covers such a breadth of topics useful for survival. A definite must-have app for outdoor people.

Excellent. Very good with details many survival books leave out.

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Very elaborate. Very well written and useful app.

Excellent reference. I was looking for a book like this one. The app is perfect in terms of content. Bear G. must have learnt from this book :) Some glitches on iPad preventing searches and page turns. Fix it and I would rate this 5 stars.

Best app. Very handy

Great!. So many pages of useful tips and tricks for anyone interested in outdoor adventures too!

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Helpful, easy to understand. Information is presented in a simple easy to understand format, and is applicable for survival and for those who would like to expand their back country bushcraft.

It's not the best, could be better. I've read and seen a lot of survival guides and this one has a few useless chapters that are just too broad and or can be overlooked because they don't offer too much usefulness. It also lacks diagrams in certain chapters. I don't think the app is worth $1.99, maybe 99 cents. I could be picky but I think your better off getting the SAS Survival Guide, but that's overpriced.

Good guide. Extremely good guide, is very informative, gives lots of examples and scenarios.

Great App. Lots of information and would be invaluable in an emergency situation.

sas survival. sas survival is twice as good even if high priced lofty wiseman knows twice what these people do and can explain it better oh well 1.99 wasted shoulda bought gum instead of this

Excellent app!. Great application with a very nice interface and search function. This is well worth the price.

Cool app. This app is my reading material.

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Great app. This is a great app

Great app!. This is a great application!

Reting. Awesome app

Weak. Stuff i learned in boy scouts. Nothing useful for the experienced improviser. Save your money.

Very informative.. Great app!

Disappointing. When I bought this app it was recommended on the prepper site. The information so general that it's almost useless. I guess if your complete novice maybe it's okay. But you can learn more in a YouTube video then you can reading this entire library. It's just so general so ambiguous so lacking in detail. I give it two stars because at least it doesn't start transferring you to Amazon to buy stuff. But anyway that's my review and unfortunately I hate giving bad reviews

review. I found this app helpful, but I'd recommend "SAS Survival Guide" by John 'lofty' Wiseman. that app was wonderful.

Survival app. Very great app.

Cool. Cool

Great App. Great info. Good for goto info.

Army survival. Great app

Army survival. Excellent, excellent, excellent! Complete, great photos, consise.

Can't find any photos or illustrations makes it useless.. Don't buy

the best!!!. The best app ever!!!

Awesome. The best survival app out there!!

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Language English
Price $1.99
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 4.1.5
Play Store com.doubledogstudios.survivalguide
Compatibility iOS 9.3 or later

Army Survival Skills (Versiyon 4.1.5) Install & Download

The application Army Survival Skills was published in the category Health & Fitness on 10 December 2009, Thursday and was developed by Calculated Industries [Developer ID: 370406449]. This program file size is 212.21 MB. This app has been rated by 143 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Army Survival Skills - Health & Fitness app posted on 02 December 2021, Thursday current version is 4.1.5 and works well on iOS 9.3 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.doubledogstudios.survivalguide. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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