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What is chipotle app? Like a tiny Chipotle that lives in your phone, our app lets you order real, delicious food for pickup or delivery. Plus, you can earn points and redeem Chipotle Rewards in the Rewards Exchange.

- Members bank points automatically for in-app orders.
- In-person, scan the app to earn points and redeem rewards.
- Redeem points on Food, Goods and Giving in the Rewards Exchange.
- Set a favorite reward to track points as you go.
- Get rewarded faster with extra point offers and early access to new menu items.
- Oh, and let’s just say… we won’t forget you on your birthday.

- Pick up quicker with mobile pickup shelves and Chipotlane.
- Or, get your order delivered straight to your door.
- Try tasty menu items you can only get in-app or online.
- Get your faves faster with saved meals and recent orders.
- Go crazy with unlimited ‘extra’ ‘light’ and ‘on-the-side’ customizations.
- Low gift card balance? Split the payment with another card.
- Pay your way with Apple Pay.
- See your sustainability impact with Real Foodprint metrics.
- Start a Group Order to invite your squad in on the fun.
- Save your go-to Chipotle locations and delivery addresses.

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Chipotle Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Chipotle Version 10.8.013 December 2021

Thanks for using the Chipotle app! Just a few performance enhancements and bug fixes this time around..

Chipotle Version 10.7.128 October 2021

Thanks for using the Chipotle app! We've made some changes that we think you're gonna like, here are just a few of them - - Select our convenient Walk-Up Windows as your pickup method of choice. - Earned enough points for a free entrée from the Rewards Exchange but forgot to redeem it? We'll remind you in the bag..

Chipotle Version 10.5.031 August 2021

Chipotle Rewards just got more rewarding with Extras, a fresh new way for members to earn extra points for free Chipotle. Chipotle Rewards members can complete Extras to earn points faster and collect all-new achievement badges. Not a member yet? It's never too late to join..

Chipotle Comments & Reviews 2022

- Love the app specifically, however

I think the app is very well rounded and very easy to use. I love the random names provided when shuffling through the different names to call your “usual” order, very thoughtful and detail aware. My only complaint/constructive criticism is to add a completion tracker, kind of like DoorDash or dominoes pizza tracker. Once I place my order, give me updates on when my order has been received, when it is being put together and the MOST import, when it is actually complete. I know chipotle stores are always busy, so I know things get backed up with rushes, so if there is a delay in the online order being completed, send a message/update on the app/cell phone number associated with the app to notify the online orderer. I’ve used the chipotle app three times and every single time I’ve showed up to the store location to pick up my food, it’s never ready. No matter how busy or slow the store is. I LOVE chipotle, but this would be a phenomenal improvement to the app and customer satisfaction. Thank you for your hard work and care, much appreciated! 🤍

- Generally good, but scrap the DoorDash Integration

Generally I have no major problems with the app. I have occasionally forgotten to select Delivery for my order when I’ve been in a rush, causing me to have to go pick it up (that should be an easy UI fix with a toggle or buttons that stand out) but aside from that ordering is easy. What I don’t like - related to delivery - is both the DoorDash integration and use of the DoorDash service generally. The integration provides only basic info, then links me out to a website for map “tracking”. It’s a terrible experience, plus while the app shows fairly real-time high level status, the website it takes me to for more advanced tracking g does not. I have to continually refresh the page, and I can’t see any driver activity prior to it leaving the store. Which takes me to the DoorDash service. They often can’t find a driver (I live in a major city so as a service it suggests they don’t have enough drivers to support demand. Plus their mapping system is terrible. It’s often inaccurate, plus I can’t see that my driver is actually making multiple ops unless I see him go the wrong direction. Totally bad customer experience. The drivers themselves are fine, but it would behoove them to spend a little extra to be supported by a better API/delivery app experience. In fact my meal was supposed to arrive 25 minutes ago, but because of DD it’s super late. This is a semi-frequent thing.

- Overall great but with flaws

Overall I love the convenience and layout but there are some essential flaws that really aggravate me. 1. The gift card management is AWFUL. Seriously awful. If the gift card you apply is insufficient you can’t use the gift card along with a credit card. You can only use one payment method. I’ve had a $2 balance on my gift card for months because I haven’t been able to use the full balance. Similarly you can’t add an additional gift card to the balance. I have a new gift card but the app won’t let you add to an existing gift card balance. So I can’t use my current gift card or new one unless I pay in store...which defeats the purpose of ordering via the app. Honestly this is the main reason for my low rated. It’s just stupidity and it’s the only restaurant app I’ve ever seen so this. It’s just DUMB. Did I mention it’s dumb? 2. The app always defaults to a certain location, even if you set a certain location before going to order. I have ordered from the wrong location after the app defaulted without me realizing. There are multiple locations on the same street in my area so I thought I had the right location until o got to the store and they didn’t have my order. The people were understanding and gave me my order with no additional charge.

- Your App Earns an F- , zero stars

Why? Your app was designed to order food, no? It FAILS MISERABLY at it. On top of that, management in store FAILS to make up for your colossal App failure. Double whammy. Why bother with an App when they say I should have ordered in store? Defeats the purpose. I eat at Chipotle every week. I try to simply add my birthday reward to my mobile order pickup. HOW DIFFICULT CAN THIS BE? Apparently it confused your App so much it gave me the “We’re having some technical difficulties. Our bad, not yours” Yeah no kidding. After that it kept on giving the message “Sorry your bag does not meet the reward or promo requirements” when it clearly did. I have screen shots to prove it. My order was for a chicken bowl $7.95 (clearly exceeds the minimum $5 requirement) I explained my issue when I arrived at Chipotle, who could have easily remedied the problem and saved the day but no. They say the only way to get my reward was to place a completely new order in store and then they can add the reward to that order. You gotta be kidding me. Basically I have to place my same order twice because of your App’s horrible design that can’t even follow its own rules it was designed for. Like I say why make an App when it fails and they make me place a complete new order in store for the same darn thing!!! Instead of a birthday reward it is more like a birthday Slap in the Face. Either fix your App or get rid of it.

- Very frustrating

This app would not let me move on until I selected one of 3 ways for The App (not me) to select which location I want IT to chose. None of the 3 are how I want to place an order. I would prefer to manually select a store each time because if I’m picking up I am out for work and may want to pick up either close to a location I will be, close to my office or home. None of the 3 options will let me do this. AND mark my words I guarantee I will place an order, glance over it and miss something because I’m in a hurry and the order will be sent to a store I did not intend (because I have done this before on similar apps). I know that’s ultimately my fault but it wouldn’t happen if I could manually select the store location I want. Also the app should tell us if the location is out of something or the team should have a way to update it to remove options they don’t have. I order crunchy tacos only to get there and discover their fryer was down and had to make a different choice. Clearly not the end of the world but i didn’t find out until I went up to the counter to pick up so obviously the order wasn’t ready, the point of the app is to save time when I’m in a hurry and if that can happen it would have been faster for me to just go through the line and place an order the regular way. That way it easy to say light salsa too. I’m not sure I’ll use the app again...

- Frustrated

I ❤️❤️❤️❤️this place & eat here so much That I switch restaurant locations at times cause i go so often! I love getting points each visit they build up fast .. but that’s about all I can do with the app is scan at the check out . I can’t order from app , can’t put a favorite in off the menu into app even after I’m home page its an option because it does not store my orders in its memory! Never any specials in my area EVER( to get faster points) Even with ordering from 3-4 places in south jersey and two places in Manhattan.. almost daily ! IF I could place an order with my app ... when I go to check out in app ( I think you can pay with a card only) it charges me more .. says ordering for the first time $2.50 or a little more . Another way for getting faster points .. “try something new ... or favorite something new... well that’s stated on the home page only but no place in the app opens that offer up to use. I’m ok with walking in to order If I had to rely using this app to order.. I would Not be able.. like what if .. who Knows if something happened and I was unable to walk in and my cell speaker was broke .. i could not call an order in .. I couldn’t order via the app .. I’d miss chipotle hugely .. I’d have to go elsewhere! Thinking 🤔 how many missed costumers... due to issues with this app ?

- Lacking basic functionality

I love the convenience of being able to order food by an application and have it ready when I get there. However, the chipotle app leaves a lot to be desired.I had purchased a gift card and loaded it onto my app, but when it got down to only seven dollars, it proved to be very frustrating because I couldn’t make up the rest of my order with another payment. I had to go to the store and have them scan the app in order to remove the remaining balance on the gift card and clear it out. The problem is, the folks in the store are not that well trained and it took three times of doing that in order to make it show properly. Also, even if you have more than one gift card, you have to remove one before you can add another. Once again, very inconvenient. It’s also very frustrating that you can’t order a vegan salad without the guacamole and get credit for that. If you aren’t ordering a two dollar add-on, then your order should be two dollars less. And finally, you should have the option to make something light or extra for every option. Sometimes I can and sometimes it says I have exceeded the number even though I basically ordered the same thing almost every day.

- Location selection and cancelling orders

You’d think I’d have learned the first time this happened but I didn’t. I was out of town, but wanted to place an order for my kids and hubby who were at home to go pick up. I have a favorite location selected so it should default to that location, right? (Otherwise, what’s the point of having a favorite location?) So I place my order and it doesn’t ask me which location I want until the very end. And of course I missed it so now my order is going to the location near me, NOT my favorite location (near home). THERE NEEDS TO BE AN OPTION TO CANCEL AN ORDER IN THE APP!!!! I should not have to search to find the phone number of the wrong location to call them and tel them to cancel my order. But then again, if it would just DEFAULT TO MY FAVORITE LOCATION, this wouldn’t even be an issue. Or at the very least, in BIG BOLD LETTERS ask me BEFORE I PAY to confirm which location I want my order sent to. I enjoy the convenience of ordering on the app and my god being ready when I arrive, but you really need to fix this. Either make it say “DO YOU WANT YOUR ORDER MADE AT YOUR FAVORITE LOCATION” before paying, OR as the option to cancel an order on the app. I called that store that my order went to and told them I made a mistake and I needed to cancel my order, but somehow I never got reimbursed. And that is why I give this app 1 star.

- Continued Gift Card Issues

The app just doesn’t seem to want you to use gift cards. There has been a problem for weeks of it not showing any gift card balance, which support told me was going to be fixed. Still not fixed. The bigger issue for me is that I can’t load multiple gift cards. I LOVE Chipotle, so family and friends often give me gift cards for birthdays or Christmas. But when I have a $5 balance on a card thru the app (when it was actually working!), I can’t load another gift card to get it high enough to actually make the purchase, and there is no ability to split the payment between the gift card balance and credit card. The “response” to this is to use the small gift card balance toward a purchase in store...which makes the app pretty pointless! If I can only make 50% of the orders I would like to via the app, and the app itself is apparently unreliable, what is the point of the app? It is not a tall task to add the capability to load multiple gift cards or split the payment between a gift card and credit card (in fact I think the early versions of the app HAD that ability), so why is this still not a thing? I will eat Chipotle either way, but the point of the app is the convenience, and I find the continued neglect of the payment portion of the app supremely disappointing.

- the app itself is pretty cool but chipotle do better.

we ordered off of this app only to realize 30 Minutes later our order had been canceled... no notification or explanation as to why. I had to click on the “where is my food?” Option to see (since it hadn’t came even past the estimated time!) where it was at. When we investigated further we saw that the app had charged the money anyway?!? Like what? If the order was canceled, refund the money. We then called up the chipotle we ordered from and they told us, a door dash employee had came to pick up the order but the chipotle location said they didn’t receive it...🤔hmm. How could that be, if the door dash employee received it & went to that chipotle to pick it up... how could they not have received it? If Chipotle is the one billing us.. how could they not have received it? come to find out they did have it in their system. They were just lazy and didn’t want to take the time to search for our order or make it. We ourselves had to leave the house to pick up the food/ get out money back. all in all Chipotle make sure your employees don’t try to scam people and act as if it’s all door dashes fault when in reality, they are at fault. Period.

- App Restrictions

I absolutely LOVE chipotle and my closest store is fantastic!! However, I have some specifications in my order that are not options on the app making it impossible to ever have a seemless ordering process!! I get my rice plain since I cannot have cilantro. Plain rice, however, is not an option when ordering over the app or in other online or food delivery platforms. I also like to get a side of sour cream. Outside of salsa, guacamole, and queso you’re unable to get additional sides of sour cream, cheese, lettuce, etc. I typically get a chicken bowl and order the meat on the side, this is also not an option. I would prefer to get a large bag of chips (with no dipping sauces), also Not a choice. The app also doesn’t offer any type of “special instructions” section. This leaves me having to place an order as close as possible and then I have to call the store and request my updates. This didn’t seem to be an issue but recently the stores added an automated system that answers all lines. Not only has it become a lengthy and anything but convenient process, but sometimes I’m unable to get through and my order is made incorrectly. This isn’t the stores fault , but the system doesn’t allow for orders outside of the norm. I would love to have a more seemless process in the future!!

- Good thought, poor execution

Generally speaking, I love the app! However, the app should reflect when the store is unable to fulfill an order due to being out of an item or ingredient. Several other restaurant apps have no issue keeping up to date what’s actually currently in stock. Chipotle on the last several orders has called me to say they’re out of white rice, out of a specific drink, or even out of tortillas. There’s also no way to get a refund through the app when my whole order just got jacked up due to poor stocking issues at the store and a complete lapse of communicating that to customers. After tonight’s experience, I’m seriously considering scrapping the online ordering or delivering until some major changes have been put in place to remedy the refund issue as well as notifying customers what’s unavailable. I shouldn’t be able to place an order when the store is missing half of it. Especially when I can’t be reimbursed for it. Great concept, but a LONG way to go. Definitely am sticking to Panera at this rate who has an actual functioning delivery platform and exceptional customer service when they do make any errors. They certainly aren’t robbing people by refusing to refund food they quite literally can’t serve you.

- Bare bones works well

Overall that app is OK - because at the end of it I get my Chipotle! 1.Frequent issues with Chipotle app needing me to log in again. This is quite inconvenient considering the only time I’m using the app is when I’m about to pay for my order and get the rewards; this ends up with me either furiously trying to figure out my password again in the moment or just saying “screw it” to the rewards points. Solution: might be helpful to have a TouchID option for sign on - or reduce the frequency you have to log in to use the app. 2.You can only load one gift card at a time! As a hungry healthcare worker trying to get some food on the fly for my family and me, this is impressively silly because I usually need to pay in amounts larger than one gift card, but also have other gift cards I can add if only I was able. So now I basically always have to pay with my credit card some small amount, even though I have gift cards available...which is an upsetting flaw. Other large chains like Starbucks and Chick Fil A have figured out how to keep a sum of money on the app accounts. Solution: might want to try to do the same thing as other large chains

- Delivery option needs work

I ordered for my office through the app. This is my first attempt at delivery option, I have used the pickup option in the past. First, I put in the address to my work place. There was no option to select which Chipotle store to order from, but it said it delivers to my location and showed Chipotle locations on the map. I placed my order. I need to add to my order (I later find out I can’t, which is fine), so I call the Door Dash Support number. They tell me my order was sent to a location 11 miles away, the one near my home. The closest location to my work is less than 2 miles away. The outsourced cal support person asks what I want to add to my order. I tell him a burrito. He says he’ll communicate with Chipotle that I want to add a burrito (nice, specific). I get my delivery and the Door Dash dude says he got it from the location near my work. Well that’s good! I order another delivery for the additional items I need. Even though it says it was sent to my “home” location, I trust that maybe it was actually sent to the location near my was not. This poor Door Dash lady drove 30-40 minutes to delivery two burritos. Why wouldn’t it be sent to the nearest store? Obviously the delivery feature needs work. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

- App works fine, stores do not

Often when the store is busy it’s quicker to just wait in line. At lunch time the store I go to brings out app orders 15-30 minutes later than promised while keeping the walk in line moving instead. They do a terrible job of managing the front and back. If orders are taking that long they should be bringing some up to the front so online orders are not slower than walk-ins, or send some employees to the back to help catch up. I go in with a friend, we order at the same time with the same promised order ready time and our orders come out 10 minutes apart, 10-20 minutes later than promised, cold and missing ingredients. My last trip my burrito was cold by the time I got to eat it, had very little chicken and was missing salsa, or at least so little I couldn’t see or taste it. When we entered the store we made note of the person at the back of the line. When she paid we started a stopwatch, and our orders didn’t come out for another 10 minutes after that. We could have made it through the long line twice and still got our food quicker than using the app to order. App orders only make sense when the store isn’t busy, because management seems unable to handle both app and in store orders in a timely manner.

- Add all options

Possibly the most avid Chipotle eater of all the Chipotle eaters. Strictly writing a review based on your app- 1) PLEASE for the love of all things burrito, add an “add vinaigrette” option for ALL things (not just salads- even if you have to charge, trust me, it’s that good)! It is so delicious and it is the maker of my meal! 2) PLEASE allow a large quesadilla to be ordered via the app! I know it “may not travel well” but that’s the risk we take when getting Togo instead of dining it. It’s just as delicious to me no matter what! These two things keep me from using the app and I eat chipotle 3-4 times a week! Being in this business as well, I know all the apps and delivery services do relieve some labor from the in store and phone calls, the app is very user friendly and I’d like to use it as much as you all would like guests to use it, but us Chipotle addicts need a little bit more options on it! Thank you! Also it could use a “problem with order” option. I know it sends through DoorDash but it doesn’t link to their app to let you review, so you all may want to add it.

- Card Scan Issues

Aesthetically, functionally, and in just about every way, I think the Chipotle app is excellent. That said, I have an issue with the “Scan Card” feature when adding a payment type: I place my card within the border of the green lines, they all sync up for just a moment, and then... nothing happens. I have tried on probably 30 or 40 different occasions to use the Scan Card feature to add a payment, and it has worked exactly 0 times. Am I the only person who has had this issue? I skimmed the reviews and couldn’t find the same complaint but it’s entirely possible I just missed it. I’ve tried different cards, surfaces, lighting levels, and holding the card(s) different ways, all to no avail. At this point I feel like it must be a software issue. That one blemish on an otherwise stellar app is why I drop a star. (Realistically I’d give it 4.5 and not dock a whole star, BUT this is a pretty common feature in other apps and I can’t imagine it to be a difficult fix. Seems like the app software equivalent of a typo in a professional email.)

- One Line

Psychological research has been done that shows that people in a situation where they have to wait their turn almost unanimously prefer that there be only one line. Otherwise they generally feel frustrated and like they have no idea when their turn will finally come. You have created the latter type of system with your online ordering app. The food is never ready when you say it will be, usually being late by 15 minutes or more. Then people getting into the store line are able to order and receive their food before the online orderers receive theirs. Also, there clearly is no system for employees at the store to indicate to the app system when the orders are actually completed. So your system cannot improve, because there is no feedback and no accountability. You need a reader board in the store with customers’ names and order placement times, promised pickup times, and estimated actual completed times (if the promised time has passed). Then users could see that orders are being handled in a first-come, first served order, which would alleviate some of your chaos. Deleting app. Probably not returning to your stores. Love the food, though.

- Not synced with store hours

I placed an order using the app, but when I went to pick up my food, though there were employees in the restaurant, the door was locked. I called the restaurant and they said they closed early and the app should not have let me place an order. They were wrong and it did. They said I’d receive a refund in about 5 business days. No refund. I called 3 weeks later and the employee (who would not transfer me to a manager) said he’d take care of it. Still no refund. It’s been almost two months now and still no refund. Who has $55 they can just give these days. I’m extremely disappointed. I was a regular, but I’ve stopped because the service has been disappointing, especially when it comes to giving refunds when refunds are due. I know this is a rating for the app and not a particular restaurant. The app needs to know when stores are closing earlier than posted. Also, it’s disappointing not all menu items are on the app. The way orders are handled are wrong too. On another occasion when trying to pick up food, someone else took my food and nothing was done and I was not compensated for my long wait for them to make my food again.

- Easy to use

I like that they save all your previous and most ordered food items. It makes it easy just clicking ‘order again’ instead if clicking through all the menu options. I wish they’d add an option where you can purchase the taco shells soft and hard on the side with your burrito bowl, how they do with the normal big tortilla, that would be nice! I also wish it was more clarified on the app that the delivery is through doordash. I try my best to not order through doordash, and try to order the restaurants that have their own delivery people on site since I feel like everything just runs 10x smoother that way, as just the other day doordash cancelled my order for I’m not sure what reason but Chipotle still had my order. On the app it also gives a tip option, I never know if that’s for the staff or for the driver since its not specified. In the off chance it’s for the staff I make sure to tip the driver cash as well because I’d never want to stiff someone, which then makes me order like $20 + :/ after all the tip and fees.

- The App does what it’s suppose to do

I usually don’t leave reviews because it just takes a lot of time. But as I was going to cancel the option to leave a review, a review titled “pathetic app” caught my eye. Someone was bashing the app saying that the food is good but the app is not this, and the app is not that. What do you want the app to do? Something provocative? I have used the app for about a year and I love it. When I go to chipotle there’s so many different options and I usually hold up the line. But with the app I get to sit in my car, take how long I want, pay, rack up rewards,and go in to pick it up off the rack at the time that it said it would be done. And with COVID I feel that much more safer knowing I don’t have to stand around waiting to order. Also, I get excited when I get a guac mode notification. Even if I don’t make it in that day it’s still pretty cool. I saw a review giving the app 1 star saying that the app wasn’t robust. Please , bust this 🤜 and thank you chipotle 😁

- Customer Service

The app works as expected. I have to say I was let down by the restaurants customer service which’s why I am giving a bad review. Once I arrived to the location the store seemed slow and there was no one in the line. I was able to pick up the food quickly in this situation but the employees were definitely taking advantage of the slow period as they were grouped up talking between them self’s. Also when I went to the soda fountain they were out of sweet tea. There however was an employee there picking up a few items so I asked her if they had ant sweet tea available. The employees replied “I honestly don’t know...” and shrugged her shoulders. I work in customer service and this is definitely not the answer I was looking for as it does not help me. She would have been better off telling me they ran out and were working on a new batch. I however let her know I would ask one of her colleagues. When I went back to the register the employees were standing around the register talking casually to each other. They glanced and me and continued there conversation. After a little bit one of them were finally able to assist me in getting a sweet tea. I believe the customer service at this location needs to be addressed.

- Always leaving off Honey Vinaigrette for delivery

Service is fast and on time however I always enjoy the salad bowl from the Conyers, GA location and after my 4th-5th order they continue to leave off the salad dressing. I check my receipts it is on the receipts. I have called complained, left notes for them not to forget and they can never grant me a completed order upon delivery. I get mistakes are made but every singe time like this is what makes the salad good, now I’m like ugh I can’t eat it so I’m wasting money. Then the managers never respond or resolve the issue. I have never experienced this continuously awful experience from an establishment ever before. Like EVER!!!! Seems as if they do not care to fix it! I can see after reading reviews I’m not alone with the dressing always being left out the order. Please do better or compensate your customers. This is horrible. S.T.R Addendum: my latest order was perfect and even received my vinaigrette after many tries!! Food amazingly good as always!!

- Needs more work

As an ex-chipotle manager, I would say that the app definitely can use a lot of help. Obviously I never needed to order my food when I used to work there but now that I dont work there but uses the app to order food, customizations should be a lot more flexible. I have had customers who prefer plain brown or white rice. Some customers like half protein, some customers like their protein in a portion cup. There should be an option to buy large bags of chips separately. Also a lot of customers like the vinaigrette with their bowl or burrito just not with their salad. A lot of customers like their burrito double wrapped. If you listen to your customers more you’ll know that the app can be a lot better for customization. App can also coincide with DoorDash so that we can track our order better watching our doordash driver. The past few times I ordered the notifications were so off. I didn’t receive the notification that my food was here until 20 mins AFTER I got my order. Definitely not convenient.

- Points

The application isn’t consistent with recording points at all. I’d like to trust it by scanning my application before I make a purchase to think my points will be awarded but I can’t so I ask for a receipt to insert the info later on the application to get the points. It’s a 50/50 with the application. Because when I scan my app before paying by then my receipt will say “points are in on the way” and then nothing comes (and this is me waiting for about a week) so then I decide to use the receipt info to enter in the app and still nothing gets awarded. And on the flip side, I purposely won’t scan my app before purchasing my order and get the receipt to enter in the info later to get the points and yet I won’t get them. And you can’t contact Chipotle through the app by messaging them to prove or disprove you’ve made your purchase to get those points by showing your recipes or something, so people lose out a lot. Buffalo Wild Wings app has section to where a person can message them for concerns such as points or something and BWW is really good about responding and providing those points to the customer so long as the customer can take a pic to prove their purchase. Something to think about. Thanks

- Ok most of the time

So the app is super easy to navigate and use, however, there always seems to be some sort of an issue. Like, I will try to put in an order and a notification will randomly pop up and say “oops, something went wrong”. What do you mean something went wrong? It has the strangest error messages like: the store isn’t open (when in fact I know it is as it’s the middle of the day and nowhere near closing time), or the app can’t find a store near me? Which also isn’t true, as there’s a store less than five miles from my house. Another irritating issue is how sensitive the app is when choosing options to add to your meal. I now have to double/triple check my order in the cart to make sure I didn’t accidentally brush over something I don’t want. I’ve had random crap added to my food and didn’t realize it until it was too late. So, all in all, the app works fine a majority of the time, minus the sensitivity of choosing the add ins. It’s just frustrating when it does the stupid meltdowns! I never have issues with any other app I use, that’s why I felt compelled to write this.

- Embarrassing

I spent probably 30 minutes trying to order a barito through this app just to end up not getting anything. I finished my order and when I placed it and tried to get my order delivered it said they don’t deliver unless it above 10$ so I went back and bought a drink just to see a new error that said they don’t deliver drinks.... anyways I didn’t think much of it at the time so I went back and just put a side of queso (which is very over priced) then went to see if my long list of demands meet their requirements and it did just for me to find out that they were “unable” to deliver to my house.... isn’t that the hole point of DELIVERY (I was 3.3 miles from the store) so I just decided to pick it up because it wasn’t that far and the whole point of me ordering here was because I had 2 gift cards but when I went to pay for my order it said my balance in the first card was 0.00$ but it still had money in it!! So I assumed it was another stupid glitch and went to add my other card that I hadn’t even used yet but hey guess what? The balance on that card also said 0.00$ so now at this point I’ve spent half an hour trying to order food and have got 0 progress all because of this stupid app.

- Forget to scan?

Forget to scan option needs some tweaking. the system already knows how many times you have scanned in a 30 day period even, before you click “forgot to scan”, so why not make that more apparent to the end-user? Why not tell you BEFORE we go through the trouble of manually typing in the info - why not barcode the receipt for easier scanning? Additionally why not tell us exactly when we can start accumulating reward points again? You type all the info in and it says sorry you’ve reached the max for a 30 day period. Then the kicker - it asks you to please try again. Put all the info again per their request and the whole thing happens again. It’s a vicious stupid loop that is totally avoidable if the developers where to grey out the button or tell you once you click the button that you are already maxed out. It would be nice if they included more info as well. For example you can’t scan again until (provide you with date when you can start scanning again ). My findings show that there is no support option or leave feedback feature - hence feeling bad about having to be so negative in a publicly visible review.

- Getting it Right

I use the Chipotle app often and for various stores. I love an app to order for my food prior to entering a restaurant. For the most part this happens. There have been several occasions in the past few weeks where this has not happened. Last Saturday I ordered and I waited in my car until our pick up time. When I entered the restaurant and went to the pick up station the food was not even on the line yet. I mentioned it to the cashier and she didn’t seem to care. Another woman came over and asked if she could help me and I explained to her our food situation. She went to the back and the manager came out and apologized. I explained this was the 4th time we’d had this issue. She gave me the money back for the order. I explained I didn’t want the money back I just want them to get it right. She agreed, they needed to do a better job. Fast forward to today, I ordered dinner and when my daughter and I got the pick up station our food was ready to go. Good job Chipotle for fixing the issue promptly. Thank you!!

- Stressful annoying app don’t bother using it the benefits are good

Chipotle is Very frustrating compared to other food chain apps I’ve used also when I try to get support or go into a location the employees and manager don’t even know how to use their own app very disappointed especially if you work there you should be familiar with the company. I have 2 free queso or guacamole with chips coupons I try to use 1 there is no limit purchase total and the second one has a $5.00 or more purchase and when I add it to my cart purchase with my tacos or burritos and get ready to pay it tells me it’s not added to my purchase order any more then I delete the whole order and the workers tell me at the store they can’t scan or offer the coupon unprofessional for a huge company I always thought the customers are always right and they just walk away and refuse my order. I think everyone who works at chipotle should go through a training to help customers with the app when needed. Because getting support online and trying to go through texting pepper is pointless and never helps with any questions I rather speak to a live representative on a phone then getting the run around .

- Good app

I hope chipotle adds a “cancellation” button soon, it’s a weird process to cancel your order and money being refunded etc. I placed an order for pick up and, my mistake, I ordered it at the wrong restaurant location. I tried to look for how to cancel it and resend it to my desired location and couldn’t find anything! I ended up calling the restaurant location I submitted my order to and asked if I could cancel and have my order sent to the location I wanted. The employee was helpful but told me a HUGE process of how to cancel on the “feedback” page and how I would still have to wait days for my money to be refunded and then still have to place an order on the app for the new location... it was an inconvenience because of my specific situation but I think it’ll be a helpful tool to have in the long run if say someone else needed to cancel an order... just thought I’d share and I’m hopes they read this review and add the button! Lol thanks, I still love this company and app and food. 🥰👍🏼

- Delivery Not Intuitive

You’d expect to be able to go into your “profile” or “account” and set your delivery address to your home address, but no. So you try to go to the map and search, but honestly, it’s hard to tell if they’re asking for a home address to deliver TO or for you to choose a Chipotle you want them to deliver FROM. So you favorite Chipotle’s, you search for your address, you try to save addresses... nothing works. Finally, I figured it out (after Googling.) Went through the order process, chose my Chipotle, and tried to enter in my home address for delivery... still no way go save it. Just on a whim I entered my parents’ home address, and the app said, “Sorry, we can’t deliver to that location.” At least it recognizes it as a location! So now my question is... was it actually straightforward all along? Were the things I was trying supposed to work? Either way, neither my apartment complex nor the complex I lived in last year (when I tried this the first time) was recognized as a delivery address (despite the fact that it did show up as a lil pin on the map)... so do they only recognize houses? I can’t tell if I’m just stupid or if the app is seriously flawed lol

- Love but could use some improvements

I love love love Chipotle, I order from the app often on my way to work so I can just stop and pick it up. The problems I have is there’s no way to write in text to customize your order further such as to mix my burrito up before wrapping it. Also in store you can order a quesadilla but there’s no option for that in the app. Recently I ordered a burrito with just cheese and steak hoping someone would figure out I really wanted a quesadilla but, no one did I got a burrito full of cold cheese and steak 😐. I knew it was a potential so not upset just wish there was a way to order a quesadilla. Also since they came out with carne asada it seems when you order steak which I always order sometimes you get steak and sometimes you get carne asada they don’t taste the same and I’m not a fan of the carne asada so it’s always dissatisfying when that happens. Overall I would say it’s a great way to save time but there are definitely changes that could be made.

- Good app but some issues

So I like the app because it makes it easy to get in an out really quick but it has a couple problems, for instance when it asks you your experience the only options it gives you is a smiley face or a frowny face. If you click on the frown it just says “sorry about that” and throws you back to the menu. I find that so careless, you may as well not even ask. If you have something negative to say you should be able to say it. There’s nowhere on the app that I’ve seen to leave feedback on the order. On this specific order they were very nice and understanding because of traffic we had to pick up an order after close that I had placed before close. When we arrived they were very kind and understanding about the situation, however they forgot our tacos and didn’t realize till we got home. It’s after close so there’s no one at the store anymore. I wanted to leave my experience on the app so hopefully the store would see it but I could only give a frown, which is inaccurate because it wasn’t all bad.

- Love Chipotle...but the app needs work

I visit Chipotle three to four times per week for their salad. With the Coronavirus restrictions I am forced to use the app. I minimize certain things on my food for health purposes and there is no way to put special notes on an order. Fortunately, the workers know how often I go there and allow me to call to adjust my order. However, it is not fun to have to annoy them like that each time and I risk someone not remembering my request. Chipotle needs to add a “special instructions” field in the order process. They also need to allow more than one gift card to be loaded if the app has to be used (I use gift cards due to maximize credit card category incentives). Once your gift card gets low but not enough to cover your meal, you have to pay with a credit card instead of loading another card (which I don’t want to pay with a credit card alone as a one-payment option let alone for efficiency sake...don’t ever store a card on an app.). Please improve the app in these areas Chipotle.

- Had to drive to the store for wrong delivery

Was delivered the wrong order. Those of you familiar with having an issue at Chipotle will notice that getting in contact with a human to help you resolve your issue quickly is IMPOSSIBLE. The app is completely devoid of feedback where you can access help to correct THEIR ERROR. Called four times to the store until the call dropped each time. Was forced to drive to the store (what was the point of delivery???) because again, god awful customer service communications. Drove there (I’m in healthcare so in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis I could potentially be exposing others including your employees without even knowing it, it’s why I chose delivery instead) waited outside just to be told “Oh” by the employee as she turned around to request my order which was given to someone else I’m assuming since it had to be made. No acknowledgement of the error. This is past the point of unacceptable. Is Chipotle even taking what is happening seriously? Wouldn’t recommend to anybody. Abysmal customer service with zero option to be heard in any sort of timely manner. Order through the app at your risk.

- One word: MASKS!!! 😷😷😷

This was my first visit to a Chipotle since the pandemic. The app works just fine. Zero problem with that. The food was ready right on time & delicious as usual. So sincere THANKS to the Chipotle workers there.👍🏻. HOWEVER, in these dark & dangerous days, I expected two things that didn’t happen. 1. I thought there’d be curbside delivery. There was none. I still had to enter the store to pick up my mobile order. Obviously the less people you have going in & out of your restaurants the better! 2. Your employees had gloves on as usual. That’s good. They did NOT have face masks on of any kind. THATS NOT GOOD!! If the executives of Chipotle honestly care about the health & welfare of their employees, they need to provide them with face masks & any other PPE they request. Keep them as safe as possible. Keep your customers as safe as possible. We’re all in this nightmare together! Thx. PS: It was the 1st time I ever tried the relatively new “Queso” It was EXCELLENT. 🌯

- Love Chipotle but App is lacking

The interface of the app is really nice and easy to use. I also like the ease of adding orders to the the rewards program by scanning the app in store. I just tried ordering off the Chipotle app for the first time for my family of 6. I thought it would make sense to have our order saved for easy reordering instead of having to go through the line an explain everything each time. We ran into a problem right away. If you want anything done that isn’t standard on the menu, you can’t do it. There is no way to add notes or customize an order. For instance, I like them to mix up the ingredients in my burrito before wrapping it, but there is no way to ask for that. With the kid’s menu, I want to be charged for a quesadilla with meat in it, but have the meat on the side and have the other two sides be rice. Again, no way to make that fairly simple request in the app. Still love Chipotle, but a bit disappointed that we can’t order what we actually want through the app.

- Almost perfect

This app is really great and I have had no issues with it EXCEPT for one thing. The fact that you can’t add more than one gift card makes zero sense to me. I love ordering ahead because my location gets pretty crowded sometimes so i like to just walk in, grab my order and go. So 95% of the time I’m using mobile order. When ordering, you pretty much have to have either the exact amount or more on your gift card in order to place the order. This is beyond infuriating to me when I have $5 on my gift card and an $8 order and I should easily be able to use the $5 on the gc and then pay the rest off with my credit card. Unfortunately this is not the case and it seems as though this has been an issue with other customers for a long time now. I seriously hope they fix this soon because I would give this app 5 stars. But due to the gift card situation, it gets 3 from me. When and if they fix this, I will give an updated review with all the positives.

- Missing one thing

I love chipotle, I go quite often for lunch almost 2-3 weekly especially since I’ve been in the gym... unfortunately the Cov19 has forced customers to purchase only digitally per their email 3/17 in order to get your food today, you can still go in the restaurant and place their order to go! Well I got stopped at the door and there were signs saying digitally only. And I was told I had to place my order on the phone first & wait. well I only have 30 minutes for lunch and the only option that was available was the 30 minutes later option. So I ended up leaving and eating somewhere else due to timing & I had to wait for somebody to come in and out the front door. Not only does it not allow quicker food times but also you can’t leave notes for your personal orders. I’ve been using the super greens for lettuce so I can stick with the healthier options. And sometimes when you order in advance or deliver . My food is cold and always skimpy....please cov19 go away

- Cannot Log In

The App was working fine and I thought it was great until a few days ago. I cannot log in to my account. I tried resetting my password and got an email saying they don’t have my email in their system. I’ve been using it earning and using rewards just fine for over a year! I sent them an email explaining all this, even uploading a picture of a receipt showing a recent purchase with my rewards number on it. I have had NO response from them. Very disappointed. Edit: Finally heard back from them. They deleted my account because there was suspicious activity on my account. I won’t put my cc in my account so don’t know what suspicious activity that is. I just wish they had told me they deleted it at the time. To their credit, they say they will send me 2 coupons for free meals to make up for lost points. I added 3 more stars to rating since they are trying to make this right.

- Don’t enter a credit card!

There was a massive data breach in 2017. I didn’t have the app then. I only got it last year but apparently they haven’t done enough to prevent more hacked accounts. April 26, 2019, my app-based account was taken over by someone else & a large amount of food was ordered by a couple of people in different states and paid for with my cc. Luckily I found the fraud right the next day via purchase confirmation emails and shut down the card. I also tried everything to find a way to contact the company but the ONLY option available is an online form. I completed the form the morning after the fraud occurred. It’s been over a week and I have not heard from Chipotle and have no way to contact them other than submitting another online form they can ignore. Calling the corporate line ends with the system hanging up on you. I’m shocked by the lack of ownership of this problem and would never recommend this app or a chipotle account. Honestly, as much as I love the food, I don’t know if I can bring myself to give them any more of my money after this terrible customer service.

- Best thing since the burrito itself

Hi. I love Chipotle, as do many other people. In fact, the line for my local Chipotle is always SO LONG (although they do move pretty fast) that I avoided Chipotle almost entirely until I heard about the app. I’m a whole new person now. This is the most convenient food app in my arsenal, and it’s so easy to use! And the rewards? Oh sweetie, the rewards are phenomenal, especially if you like free guac. Or discounts. Perhaps my most favorite thing about the whole ordering on the app is the customizations you can make, without even having to interact with people. AT ALL. Seriously- a few taps and swipes and I have amazing food in minutes. Another cool tidbit is that the app will ask who each individual meal is for. If you don’t think that’s awesome now, wait till you pull a burrito out of your bag and it has your name on it. Literally.

- Mobile and Web App Review - new Rewards module

The Mobile IOS app’s rewards module is having trouble handling the additional user activity and/or is very poorly communicating an appropriate response back to the user that accurately identifies the state Of the user’s attempted registration as well as the next steps that should be taken. Additionally, I think this module was built well below any standard performance benchmark and there is no reason any user should have to wait 24 hours for the app to “process” my zero barrier to entry submission. The user should click “join” and immediately be registered and able to use the rewards card in that same moment. Lastly, as a software developer myself I feel this rewards module could of been a highlight for the company. But instead when I walked into the chipotle by my office today, like I do every weekday for lunch, the line of folks asking for help with the app was as long as the line for food. I would be more than happy to assist in any way free of cost.

- Almost good

The app is overall good. It lacks an essential feature, though. From my standpoint, it is a must having a checkin feature for mobile orders. Yesterday, I did my mobile order as usual and when I got to the store, I had to give my name to the clerk twice so he could track where my order was and the whole experience was a 1h waiting session... While I was waiting for my meal, people who were coming and going strait to the counter were able to get their food in just 5 min... is it really worth to have a mobile order in your app if your clients are going to wait 12 times more than a regular customer who goes straight to the counter? Not to mention that mobile clients have already paid for the meals, while regular customers have not until they reach the cash register, right? This only makes sense if I wasn’t there, which clearly wasn’t the case... so, pls, make my suggestion a priority so people won’t feel like fools while they’re waiting...

- Online order

I am very happy with my order and this location usually when you go to restaurant and they are getting close to the closing time employees are just tryin to get home and is understandable because I worked I the restaurant business for years and I know the feeling. But this location and their team very very profesional I ordered a meal for me and one for my husband but unfortunately they didn’t not had the meat he asked for it . But I am very happy with the way the team handle this because not just they offered me a different option but also the Manager was kind enough to give me a bag of chips extra and some queso to go with it and apologize because they didn’t not have the protein I ordered. Usually places don’t do that but this particular store did the best to make me happy and have a great experience. Thank you very much .

- Many Problems

Several issues wrong with this app- it takes your credit card and double charges you for one and the same order. You go in to the store to get them to refund the money for the order and then the store gives you a receipt showing they refunded it. But the app won’t display my order I placed and orders are wiped out. My credit statement doesn’t show where they refunded my money. The store couldn’t even pull up my account for the app. App also doesn’t allow you to add your birthday gift/ treat which was a free order of chips to the order you are placing online. Also takes forever to get your points and thats if they give them to you. The company truly needs to get the app fixed and the store managers should be able to do the refund correctly. Won’t be using this app again, if my money is not refunded then I am not EVER coming back, using this app or giving them any more of my business. Highly dissatisfied customer. Disappointed in Chipotle. Usually they are good at this, but that app issue is what caused all the problem I am having now.

- App sends your food to wrong stores

I love chipotle but unfortunately the app isn’t that great. I typically order lunch for my staff on weekends and various work days. The last time we ordered through the app, the app sent the order to a store 20 miles away vs the store I selected that was 7 miles away. I arrived at the store I selected to pick up from but was told my order wasn’t there. The manger informed me that this happens a lot and it actually sent someone’s order to another state. The closet store manger was completely professional and offered to help me with the refund, even helped me re order the crew of 7 people’s lunches. The store where there app sent my order was horrible. Their manger said nothing could be done, then I told the manger that I’m currently at the second chipotle store and their manger told me how to have my refund given. The farther store but me on hold and never answered. The call was disconnected, I reached out to the support/customer service but unfortunately I haven’t heard anything back. So Incase you want a wild goose chase to get your order, I would definitely not use their app.

- Reward program is whack af

You only get rewards if you “dine in”??? What kind of dumb promotion is that. So just to clear this up...because I prefer to pay more and have it delivered... I’m not deemed worthy of your sacred “points”. I like chipotle food, but I don’t like awkwardly standing in line behind four fat chicks who say “ummmm” 30 times each before ordering. So instead of subjecting myself to that horrid scene, I elect to place my order through the app to be delivery and yet, according to your policy, for me to be considered the same value of customer as to earn reward points, I need to subject myself to the idiots in public? Or for accuracy, I’ll be having to repeat myself seven times to your burrito maker because he doesn’t understand that I want half barbacoa and half steak. I ask and they look at me like I just handed a Rubik’s cube to a Bonobo. I want like a bajillion points for your idiocy and even having to make me construct this cleverly written review of a policy that could only have been devised by Bonobos in a conference meeting. Good thing no one threw them a cube. It would have been a long afternoon at Chipotle headquarters.

- Missing some key features

Now that some locations are still only accepting orders via the app, you are missing some key things. To start, why can’t I order a Cheese Quesadilla? You make Quesadillas and cheese is a pretty common option for a quesadilla so it’s ridiculous that it’s not on there. Do you not understand how many kids eat cheese quesadillas and the kid size is way to small for the picky eater that does not want the sides. Second, there is no notes or special request sections. My son gets the kids tacos but wants both of his sides to be cheese. Every time I order, they I only get 1 side of cheese. I’m paying for 2 sides, I get 2 sides when I order in the store but on the app I only get 1. If there were a notes section I could write in there that I want 2 sides of cheese. I love the food but it’s not inexpensive so I would like to get the food I’m entitled to. I think these could be easy fixes (especially the cheese quesadilla) and would like to see them very soon or tell all your stores to start taking counter orders again.

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- Could be better

So I see I can order a kid’s meal but then as soon as I choose a location that item disappears even though I’ve gone to that location many times and it’s available. Seems like no location wants you to order a kids meal!!! This has been a problem for over a year. Need a comment section also and your “live chat” isn’t live, it’s automated and is horribly and nothing but frustrating when you want to speak to a “live” person.

- Love the app but missing Menu items

I have 3 kids that live Chipotle but the app is missing my daughter’s favourite item Chicken Quesadilla. Please add so I can use the app to preorder as currently I still have to stand in line. Also for parents out there. Also missing kid combos.

- Delivery

I’m sorry but why can we not choose delivery in Canada ... this makes no sense

- App needs a pace for comments/notes

The app is very easy to use but I am Celiac and it would help if there was an area for comments so that I could ask them to change gloves for food prep to avoid cross contamination - especially now during Covid where there is no one to speak to.

- Dietary restrictions

The app is great except it doesn’t have any spaces to write or indicate dietary restrictions. Being gluten intolerant, the addition of this small feature would give me a lot more peace of mind.

- Where’s my money?

I placed an order and after an hour, it’s been cancelled. It didn’t tell me why, how and if I will be getting a refund. Terrible app with no customer service!!!!! 0 stars if I could

- Cannot find address

I’m giving it a 2 star because I love chipotle but not their app.

- No kids menu

The app doesn’t let you order from the kids menu. Why? Doesn’t make any sense. If you’re going to make an app, include your whole menu.

- Brutal

No driver so food was never delivered. Nice.

- Great app for pick up

App is easy to use and intuitive. Would be ideal to have the ability to order an additional dressing for the salad.

- No door dash

App interface is fine but I wanted to see if they got their own delivery staff like most pizza restaurants but no, it’s still third party namely door dash so deleted the app. I don’t want another meal with an ETA of 20 mins delivered to me in 50 mins.

- Don’t use!

They just use doordash to deliver and there is no way of contacting the “dasher”. I didn’t receive my order and there was no way of reporting it to ask where the “dasher” was or to receive a refund. Just order directly through Uber. At least they have customer service and my money isn’t gone.

- App is AWESOME!

The new version of the Chipotle app has been redone since summer of 2020 and it’s very smooth and fast! Great job, as this was well overdue. Thanks.

- There are cheaper options lol

I put the same order in this app as I did with Door Dash and Door Dash was cheaper. I could also tip higher for the driver and it was still cheaper.

- Log in problem

This app doesn’t work properly. I have tried 10 times to log in and can’t log in. Terrible app but their food is good 😝

- Pick up times

Ordering from app is not faster.

- Great food!

Love the app and love the food! Great work chipotle team!

- chipotle almost killed my friend

i I specifically ordered no beans and they put beans they mess up my order every time and my friends allergic to beans so she almost ate it and died they almost killed someone how does that make you feel about them?

- When Canada will have rewards

When Canada will have rewards? US already had reward system for long time, why Canada do not have it?

- Good app, but employees don’t follow it

The app itself is beautiful and easy to use, but it was a huge waste of time because the employees couldn’t keep up with the orders. When I arrived, it took 10 minutes over when I was supposed to pick up my order, and in that time multiple people walked in, ordered, and received their orders. On the plus side, I love that the app is connected to Apple Pay, it makes paying so easy.

- Bad experience

I couldn’t find my order on the app after I started to track. I had to log in again, by the way. Also, when I was registering the credit card, I had to do it all over again because the time has expired.

- Problems with delivery

It says free delivery when I try to order something that costs $10.50 And o ce I try to pay they say my subtotal has to be $10.00 min for delivery. But my order is already $10.50 So impossible to order. I ended up going to Red Burrito.

- Good app

The app is actually pretty good, I see that you guys had a problem with them not having the whole menu, but now they added a lot more stuff (: (but maybe it’s bc I’m in Toronto, idk?)

- App won’t download!

Won’t download

- Nice idea but pointless execution

I temporarily gave 3 stars because conceptually these types of order-ahead apps are nice. In practice, you end up waiting far longer than just ordering in person, which has always been quite quick. Also, the app asked for my credit card info, yet when I got into the store, I apparently still had to pay. At best that was a shady personal info grab. At worst, they just charged me twice, in which case this review goes to zero stars.

- More expensive than delivery apps




- Waste of time

I ordered 2 times at CF sherway gardens, nobody received orders

- No more comments on orders????

HOW 👏🏼 DO 👏🏼 I 👏🏼 ORDER 👏🏼 PLAIN 👏🏼 RICE 👏🏼 NOW?!??? You've taken away all functionality of this app now. Zero customization or comments. I can't eat cilantro and you have made it impossible for me to order now. Thanks for nothing 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

- Payment issues

The app doesn't appear to process your payment in real time. Twice it has failed on me (apparently it doesn't like Visa Debit, either) and I don't find out until I go to pick up my order.

- Never works

App never works or connects to the server. Absolutely useless app. Chipotle I love you but fix your app!

- Cannot Paste Password

Pasting of passwords to login doesn’t work.

- Good

Get it now.

- Signing in every time is irritating

I love the restaurant and that they have this app. I would have given 4 stars if every time I used it I didn't have to sign in again. I hate having to look up my password. Few apps do this. There should be an option to keep me signed in. I have a password on the phone for a reason. Also, I can't figure out how to make an order a favourite, so that kind of interface issue keeps it from being 5 stars even if they fix the sign in requirement.

- Great

The only app I've given more than 1 star that doesn't support iPhone 5.

- It works

Title says it all.

- Faster to order in store

Order was 5 minutes late (on top of the 20 minutes already scheduled). People who didn't use the app and ordered in store got faster service. Vancouver March 25, 2013.

- Doesn't launch

It doesn't launch on iPhone 5, in Japanese

- Canadian location(s)!

The fact that it locates the Canadian location and allows you to order makes me happy.

- This app is perfect and Chipotle is delicious!

App is so well done! Love that it syncs with online account! Easy to use, simple and great looking UI. Very impressed!

- Works like a charm!

I wish more fast food places offered this type of app. The menu & ordering instructions are clear and easy to use. The food is ready when you arrive, and you receive an emailed receipt. What could be easier?

- Great app!

Great app... Thank you!

- Great App!

And it includes the Canadian location too meaning I can stop standing in line for 30 seconds there before ordering my food!!

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Yippee Ki Yay MF🏁🏁

I had a dream I was eating a spicy chicken sammich, the chicken was dipped in honey chipotle sauce from Chili’s and the buns were toasted. Shit was HEAVENLY

Surreal Morning News Bot

Good morning! In today's news, snakes sadly appears around Chipotle. Be cautious of this today.


@LisaLouTweets there’s a few Chipotle’s in the UK as well, but they’re pretty spread out

rain king

he's ecstatic because they have chipotle in london (his favourite american fine dining)


"More than a dozen companies have filed for bankruptcy protection, including Ruby Tuesday Inc. and California Pizza Kitchen. Shake Shack Inc. and Ruth’s Hospitality Group Inc. returned millions of dollars of federal aid meant for smaller businesses..."

The World Isnt For Nuance

@SuckaFreeTee Them chipotle lines is just shortening up boiii. Ima start eating inside when all this over.

Celso Mendes

@Suns Chipotle, of course

Curly Red

@Matt9947296010 Boyfriend, penis and chipotle. I do like my food, to be fair 😂

Ebony Brooks

I can’t wait till chipotle open.

Sleepy Kayla

of course that'd mean ordering less chipotle with my money. So we're at an impasse

Sleepy Kayla

My dad judging me for getting chipotle with my money is what makes me think I really have to get out of here

moira 🦋

Missing chipotle 💭

Kevin Marengo

@rmarengo14 me trying to tell mom it's Chipotle not Chipolte

Meatless Farm

📣We’re launching a cooking club every Wednesday this month and you’re all invited! Kicking things off is (IG) justjessfood who will be making spicy chipotle enchiladas! Tune in Weds 6th @ 6pm👉

Cory Y

@B_McC2 Chipotle doesn’t do breakfast so what you talkin’ bout?

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Chipotle iphone images
Chipotle iphone images
Chipotle iphone images
Chipotle iphone images
Chipotle iphone images
Chipotle iphone images
Chipotle iphone images
Chipotle iphone images
Chipotle iphone images

Chipotle (Version 10.8.0) Install & Download

The applications Chipotle was published in the category Food & Drink on 2009-08-25 and was developed by Chipotle Mexican Grill [Developer ID: 327228458]. This application file size is 113.33 MB. Chipotle - Food & Drink app posted on 2021-12-13 current version is 10.8.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.chipotle.Chipotle